Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent!

Chapter 11: Cheque for One Hundred Million

Chapter 11: Cheque for One Hundred Million

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Xia Zhi asked curiously, "Who could that be?"

They weren't used to entertaining guests so his interest was piqued.

He opened the door to find a young man in a sharp business suit.

"Excuse me, does Miss Xia Xinghe live here?" the man asked politely.

Xia Zhi nodded, "She does but who are you, why are you looking for my sister?"

The man smiled, "I'm Mr. Xi Mubai's personal assistant, my name is Chang An. CEO Xi wants me to send something over to Miss Xia. May I know if she's home?"

The moment Chang An revealed he worked for the Xi Family, Xia Zhi's expression dimmed.

However, his good manners still compelled him to say, "My sister is not feeling so well at the moment, but please come in."

"Thank you."

The horrible sound proofing of their apartment's walls and the apartment's cramped overall space meant that Xinghe could hear their exchange even though she was inside her bedroom.

Their apartment only had two rooms and one living area. The living area was barely big enough to fit the little furniture they had.

Xia Zhi led Chang An into Xinghe's bedroom where a sickly Xinghe laid slumped against her bed's headboard.

Chang An's measured expression slipped for a moment to reveal his shock.

He couldn't believe the fragile looking woman in the room was the same woman he once served as his boss' wife and the young master's mother…

His temporary shock was quickly covered up by his good training, and he deferentially presented a cheque to Xinghe.

"Nice to meet you again, Miss Xia. CEO Xi wants me to present this to you. He said this originally belongs to you so please accept it."

Even before Xinghe laid her eyes on it, she knew it was a cheque for one hundred million RMB.

She guessed correctly that Mubai had just found out the alimony cheque given to her three years ago was rejected.

She rejected it three years ago and she was going to reject it again.

"Tell your boss I'm thankful but I can't accept this. He doesn't owe me anything so I won't take this from him," Xinghe said nonchalantly.

Chang An was surprised. Confused, he added, "Miss Xia, aren't you going to check how much money is on it first?"

"It's one hundred million, right?"

"Yes…" Chang An's shock only deepened. Since she knew how much money was on it, why would she reject it outright?

Xinghe noticed his confusion so she answered, "I didn't take the money three years ago and the thought to claim it hadn't even crossed my mind, so I won't accept it now. Go back and tell Mubai the only thing he owes me is to give our son a good life."


"Xia Zhi, please help me show Mr. Chang out. I'm tired."

"Mr. Chang, you heard my sister. We won't accept your money," Xia Zhi echoed as he moved to lead Chang An out.

Before Chang An left their home, he tried to persuade Xia Zhi to accept the cheque on his sister's behalf but his offer was firmly rejected.

Staring at the closed wooden door, Chang An couldn't help but be intrigued by this family.

It was obvious that they were in need of money so why wouldn't they just accept his offer?

It was one hundred million RMB! Is it possible that their integrity couldn't be bought or they felt the amount offered was too little?

Chang An couldn't figure out an answer.

He rushed back to the company and reported everything to Mubai.

Mubai was not surprised by Xinghe's response. He added, "That's all she said?"

"Yes. Miss Xia said she won't accept anything and her only request is that CEO Xi takes good care of the young master."

Mubai chuckled, "Lin Lin is my son, I will take good care of him without her telling me to. Since she doesn't want the cheque, then leave it be."

"Alright, CEO Xi. If there's nothing else, I shall take my leave now." Just as Chang An turned to leave his office, Mubai suddenly said, "Wait…"

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