Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent!

Chapter 12: He Didn't Want to Owe her Anything

Chapter 12: He Didn't Want to Owe her Anything

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"Is there something else, CEO Xi?" Chang An turned around to ask.

Mubai's dark eyes shone slightly when he asked, "How is Xinghe's physical condition?"

Chang An thought about it and answered truthfully, "Ms. Xia appeared to be physically weak but mentally sound. She was very collected and her eyes held firm during our conversations. She should be fine."

Mubai was inwardly relieved. "Thank you, you can go now."


After Chang An left, Mubai stared at the returned cheque. He was pricked by guilt and felt that he had to do something for Xinghe.

Maybe he should clear his schedule, and hash it out with her personally.

Xinghe said clearly that she doesn't want his money but for Mubai, the money was originally hers, he didn't want to owe her anything either.

Mubai ruminated on it at length before collecting himself to focus on his work.

Xinghe, on the other hand, was stymied by Xia Zhi's insistence that she go to the hospital.

He insisted she go for a body check. He had tried both begging and intimidating but they were all to no avail until…

"Sis, if you still refuse to go to the hospital, I'll call Xi Mubai to ask for the one hundred million. I know your reluctance comes from your refusal to add to our financial burden so the cheque will come in handy!" Xia Zhi threatened.

Xinghe couldn't help but laugh.

She pulled herself up from her bed and surrendered, "Alright, you win. I'll go the hospital but on one condition."

Xia Zhi cheered. "Yes! Fine, name your price!"

"If I cleared the body check, you'll stop bothering me if I want to stay at home, I detest the smell of the hospital."

Xia Zhi nodded hurriedly. "It's a promise!"

His immediate mission was to get his sister to the hospital. Everything else that came later could wait.

Xia Zhi packed their overnight bags in a hurry, and escorted Xinghe to the hospital.

Xinghe returned to the hospital that she escaped from yesterday. The doctors and nurses that knew her scolded her lightly.

She accepted it with nothing but a smile, and they eventually stopped.

Xinghe's body check turned out to be fine, but the doctor wanted her to stay at the hospital for a few days for further observation.

An extended stay at such a prestigious hospital would burn a giant hole in their wallet.

Xinghe didn't admit it out loud but she planned to return home that day. It was not that she wasn't careful of her health but she didn't want to burden her uncle's family.

She was caught between a rock and a hard place because she knew she had to be physically healthy before she could go out and work.

However, lying there at the hospital with the IV feeding into her arms, she was wrenched by guilt and anger.

She might have dealt with it better if she didn't recover her memory but now that she had regained them, she was furious at herself for being so useless.

How she wished she could pull out the drip feed and start looking for work instantly.

As the saying goes, money isn't everything, but there certainly are many things that one can't do without money.

Xinghe at that moment truly felt the restrictions brought on by the lack of money…

Xia Zhi was also trying hard to earn a living. Even at the hospital, he was typing away on his four-year-old, budget laptop.

"What are you doing?" Xinghe asked.

Xia Zhi lifted his eyes off the screen and smiled. "Doing some freelance work. A senior requested my help writing a software program. It'll get us 300 RMB after I'm done."

Xinghe's eyes shone slightly. "You get paid instantly after the job is done?"

"Yup, the senior knows about our situation so he always pays on time. Actually, he wanted to offer me another project that pays for 2000 RMB but it's too difficult and he needs it done in two days. I'm writing him a message to tell him I can't do it."

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