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Chapter 15: Burning Desire

Chapter 15: Burning Desire

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No one in this country knew about her past.

They only knew she was a star student from the Mathematics Faculty of Academy S.

"I was a computer whiz since I was young, my technique only got better after years of learning," Xinghe shrugged like it was no big deal.

Understanding dawned for Xia Zhi. He said, "Sis, you grew up overseas so none of us were particularly clear about your history before you moved in with us. We tried to find out more from you but obviously you couldn't remember. Regardless, Sis, you're still mighty impressive. You finished writing the piece of software in an hour when a programming student like myself needs at least a few days to complete it, and that is after six years of amnesia…"

Xia Zhi's head slowly lowered in shame.

His results had always been the top of his class, but he was handily beaten by his amateur programmer sister.

"Sis, how professional exactly are you? Based on your level of proficiency, I dare say you're at least ten times better than my senior," Xia Zhi asked eagerly but was hesitant to hear the answer.

Xinghe shook her head, "I have no idea honestly because computer science is a constantly evolving subject. If we're just talking about the theoretical aspect, I believe I know less than you. Since I've got nothing else to do at the moment, could you bring me some textbooks that were published in recent years?"

Xia Zhi laughed, "Sis, you're too modest. I've just tested your software, it was bug free. I've sent it to my senior and he said the same. The only comment he gave was that even though the coding method was a bit outdated, the technique was definitely superb. He realized immediately that it isn't my handiwork. I told him it was by a friend when he asked."

Xinghe nodded affirmatively. "It's good that you didn't mention me because that'll be hard to explain."

"I agree. I have no intention of going into your history and amnesia with him so I opted for a white lie."

"Then, has he banked the money yet?" That was Xinghe's only concern.

Xia Zhi said excitedly, "He just did! Sis, do you have anything that you want to eat? I'll go buy some for you. I'll stop by the library to get some of the books you want as well."

"I don't mind anything, why don't you buy something that you like to eat? We can share."

"Okay, I'll be right back!"

Xia Zhi shouldered his bag and left the hospital with a spring in his step.

His first pit stop was his school. He checked out several programming textbooks from the library before going to purchase a bowl of meat porridge and some fruits for Xinghe.

After a quick lunch, Xinghe started on the books.

Xia Zhi's advice that she should take some rest, inadvertently, fell on deaf ears.

She was filled with a burning desire to absorb all the knowledge, to restart her life.

If not for her weak body, she would have been out there looking for work.

However, she knew certain things couldn't be rushed. Health was one of them. Overexertion might exacerbate her head injury. She decided to use the downtime to catch up on the six years of progress that she had missed.

"Sis, your reading speed is so fast…" Xia Zhi whispered in shock as he took a bite out of his apple. Xinghe finished reading two-thirds of a book in half an hour.

Xinghe replied without taking her eyes off the page, "I'm speed reading just to familiarize myself with current technology. I'm not reading the details."

Since Xinghe already had a good foundation, she could figure out which parts of the text she needed to focus on after just a quick scan.

This way, she didn't have to waste time reading about things she already knew…

She put down the book she had in her hands and picked up another.

Xia Zhi studied her quietly. He still had trouble accepting the reality that his sister was a computer programming master.

"Sis, how come I've not seen you near a computer in the past three years?" Xia Zhi asked curiously.

Xinghe's amnesia shouldn't have wiped out her motor memory or go so far as to eclipse her computer knowledge completely.

There wasn't a lack of conversational topic on computer science in their household because that was what he studied, so why hadn't she said anything in the past six years?

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