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Chapter 16: No Question that She Can't Solve

Chapter 16: No Question that She Can't Solve

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Xinghe stared at the space before her vacantly…

The brilliance in her eyes dimmed as she said, "I felt so useless…"

"Huh?" Xia Zhi had trouble understanding her.

"After my memory loss, I became so useless, it felt like I was suspended from reality." Now that Xinghe thought about it, the past six years seemed like a long dream.

She had no idea memory loss would be like that.

Her brain appeared to have emptied, leaving only an empty husk behind…

She would fail at everyday chores and she didn't seem to be conscious of the world around her.

If she was to describe her past six years with one word, it would be lost.

Xia Zhi thought back to how things were six years ago when Xinghe first moved in with them. She would stumble over the simplest of things. In fact, it took great courage for her to go looking for work.

The process was long and difficult because she needed to overcome great psychological pressure every step of the way.

She even had trouble remembering his name in the beginning much less her computer science knowledge. She was like a puppet, her very essence gone.

Afraid that it would lead her down a dark path, Xia Zhi quickly changed the subject, "Sis, I'm sorry for bringing up the past. Now that you've recovered your memory, let's focus on the future. With your impressive skills, I'm sure things will only get better from now on."

"You're right," Xinghe said with a slight smile before resuming her reading.

Within the shortest amount of time, she managed to get herself updated to the latest IT information…

With the project payment in Xia Zhi's account, Xinghe no longer hurried to leave the hospital.

Xinghe was a practiced spender because she only spent on worthwhile investments.

She needed a fully recovered body before she could go out to earn more. Money can be earned but health can't be squandered, that was her philosophy.

Xia Zhi's graduation was approaching so he was only needed at school for a few days of rehearsals. He decided to stay at the hospital to look after Xinghe and worked on some small paying projects.

Xinghe's dedication to her studies inspired Xia Zhi. He also picked up a few books to study in between his programming downtime and whenever he came across things that he didn't understand, he would ask Xinghe.

After two days like this, Xia Zhi realized Xinghe had an almost encyclopedic knowledge on computer science!

There was no question that she couldn't solve!

Instead of dampening his spirits, it made him push himself much harder so that he could one day catch up to his genius sister…

However, there exists a large gap between a genius and a commoner.

Over the past two days, Xinghe finished reading ten reference books…

Xinghe shook her head and sighed as she put down the last book. She didn't look satisfied.

"Sis, what's wrong?" Xia Zhi asked, "Something wrong with these books?"

"No, there's nothing wrong with them. It's just that these are all textbooks for programming students. Does your school have anything for professionals?" Xinghe enquired.

Xia Zhi pouted. "These are recommended readings by my professors and I couldn't even understand half of them. Sis, you're really something else."

"At the end of the day, these are intended for classroom reading, the information provided is only at a rudimentary level. Do you have any place in mind where you can borrow books on this topic other than your school library?"

Xia Zhi thought about it and said, "How about my senior? He's the director for an IT company, I'm sure he has some literature that is more your level."

"That's not a bad idea," Xinghe agreed.

"Okay, I'll go find him now."

Xia Zhi knew she was anxious to get her hands on new material so he immediately went into action.

He called his senior, Tang Junting to state his intention. Junting readily agreed and asked Xia Zhi to meet him at his company.

Xia Zhi rushed to his company. He was going ask the receptionist to send a message to Junting when Junting walked out of the elevator.

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