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Chapter 20: Not an Easy One to Cross

Chapter 20: Not an Easy One to Cross

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Chengwu felt his world spin…

"Dad—" Xia Zhi screamed as he ran to catch Chengwu before he fell.

Chengwu had a sickly pallor and his eyes were fluttering.

Xinghe caught up to them and ordered, "Xia Zhi, call the ambulance."

"Okay" Xia Zhi said with a shaking voice. As he pulled out his phone to call the hospital, Xinghe tried her best to resuscitate Chengwu.

She had no first aid knowledge but she carried Chengwu over to the sofa, laid him down flat in the hopes of easing his breaths.

The landlord and gathered crowd were shocked by the sudden turn of events.

The crowd slowly dispersed afraid that they would be roped into a nasty situation if anything serious was to befall Chengwu.

"This has nothing to do with me, I barely touched him. He fainted on his own," the landlord said hurriedly as he made to leave.

Xinghe lifted her head and shot him a withering glance. It stopped him in his tracks.

The startled landlord said, "Told you I had nothing to do with it, I won’t let you pin it on me!"

"If you leave now, I swear I will use every ounce of my energy to take you to court. Leave if you dare," Xinghe said with a smile. Her tone was eerily friendly considering her threat.

The landlord wanted to argue some more but Xinghe had already turned her head away.

Flustered, he stood right there, heeding her warning…

After the ambulance came and Chengwu was carried away on a stretcher, Xinghe took deliberate steps towards the landlord.

Sizing up the small and thin woman before him, the landlord inexplicably heard his inner voice telling him that this woman was not to be crossed.

Then, he started to have second thoughts. He was physically so much stronger than her that he could possibly strangle her with just one hand, so why was he so afraid of her?

Before he could do anything though, Xinghe opened her mouth to ask, "Who ordered you to do this?"

"What?" the landlord was taken aback.

Xinghe didn’t have the time to chase circles with him so she repeated, "Tell me who ordered you to throw us out of our home and I’ll let you off. Or else the next time we meet would be in the courthouse."

This woman is not kidding. She isn’t bluffing.

This was what his instincts told him. He decided it was best to come out with the truth.

Even though he was advised against revealing the real instigator but Xinghe was obviously not going to let him off if he didn’t give her a name.

He measured everything in his mind and concluded that it was not worth getting himself into a lawsuit for the sake of shouldering another person’s problem.

The landlord shrugged and said, "It was a woman who gave me the money to chase your family away. I know nothing about her except that her surname is Wu."

Wu Rong!

The name appeared in Xinghe’s mind immediately. She already had plans to deal with that despicable woman but Wu Rong found her first.

Since she yearns for an early death, I’ll give it to her!

Xinghe turned swiftly and got into the ambulance. The landlord let go of the breath that he didn’t know he was holding.

At the hospital, Xinghe and Xia Zhi were told that Chengwu had already missed two dialysis sessions.

Earlier, Chengwu told them he did come.

Turned out he was saving the money from his own treatment to pay for Xinghe’s recovery.

His illness was exacerbated and they almost lost him.

The doctor explained to them in a somber tone, "The patient’s situation has stabilized somewhat but he can’t survive much longer without an immediate transplant. Thankfully, there is a last-minute opening, so with your agreement, we would like to schedule the operation for tomorrow."

"Doctor, how much is the operation?" Xia Zhi asked with a heavy heart.

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