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Chapter 21: Where to Find 300000 RMB?

Chapter 21: Where to Find 300000 RMB?

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"The total fee is about 300,000 RMB."

"300,000‽" Xia Zhi could barely wrap his head around the astronomical figure.

Even if they sold everything they had then, it would only add up to less than 5000 RMB.

They had been surviving on a budget of 2000 RMB each month so this 300000 RMB was a number that he couldn't even envision.

However, he knew his father's health was at a critical juncture.

He had been watching his father's condition deteriorating before his eyes for the past 2 years. As much as he dreaded this day, he knew it would eventually come.

Furthermore, a kidney transplant was practically impossible to find. The fact that there was an opening available even at such short notice was something that only occurred in fiction. In other words, there won't be another chance like this that would come around.

But, where would he find 300000 RMB?

Xia Zhi suddenly thought of an idea and he told the doctor, "Doctor, could you please keep the option open for us? We'll give you an answer after we have our discussion."

The doctor nodded, "Of course but if you intend to go on with the operation, please remember to pay the hospital bill and operation bill at the billing counter. I don't mean to rush you but you should know that this kind of opportunity is extremely rare."

"Thank you, doctor. We'll get back to you as soon as possible," Xia Zhi said with a series of nods. After the doctor left, he told Xinghe, "Sis, we can't pass on this transplant. I've got an idea, since senior already promised me he'll let me work at his company, I'll sign a lifetime working contract to him in exchange for a quick loan!"

Xinghe sat quietly looking at the unconscious Chengwu.

When Xia Zhi addressed her, she turned to him and said, "How much money do we have left?"

A downcast Xia Zhi replied, "Not much, after paying the hospital bills, we're only left with 50 RMB…"

"Give it to me," Xinghe said as she extended her hand.

Xia Zhi was surprised but still gave his last remaining money to her.

"Also give me your bank account number," Xinghe added.

Xia Zhi finally asked, "Sis, what are you planning?"

"I need to go out and do something. If you receive messages from your bank citing incoming money transfer, approve of the transaction," Xinghe explained.

Xia Zhi was instantly alerted. He stopped her, "Sis, what are you planning? Don't do anything crazy, I swear I can find us the money, my senior is rich and he has been looking out for me, I'm sure he'll grant me my request."

"You worry too much, I won't do anything illegal. Give me your account number, we're running out of time," Xinghe entreated.

Xia Zhi had his doubts but he also believed his sister wouldn't do anything she would later regret so he gave her his account number.

Before Xinghe left, Xia Zhi asked apprehensively, "Sis, what are you planning on doing? Computer crime is a criminal offense…"

Xinghe left him with a smile and an assurance, "Zhi, all I can tell you is that your worry is completely unfounded. Remember to approve of the transaction."

Xia Zhi couldn't figure out how she could earn 300000 RMB in such a short period of time. Her programming skill was impressive but it shouldn't allow her to earn a large amount of money within their time constraint.

After all, if the profession was so lucrative, everyone would be a programmer.

Like every other profession, it was a slow paying job.

However, Xia Zhi was left with no other choice but to have faith in his sister.

The memory of Xinghe's calm countenance kept him sane as he fidgeted in the hospital, tossing an outdated phone between his hands.

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