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Chapter 24: Daddy is Very Happy Today

Chapter 24: Daddy is Very Happy Today

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Xinghe had announced herself with such a bang and so out of the blue that she had attracted the attention of a few malicious hackers!

However, after a whole night of online tussles, no one got any closer to her identity. She had completely bested them…

The bunch of hackers had a feeling that Hwa Xia's online world was going to be turned upside down soon.

A phone call woke Mubai up to inform him of this momentous happening.

A dumbfounded Junting said through the phone, "It was unbelievable. Without any warning, 001 hacked through our new security system. They took down other companies' products as well. They even released a calling card to the top 50 hackers in our City T, saying he would take on any of them. I heard the news through the grapevines and asked him for a challenge, guess what happened?"

Mubai spoke into his Bluetooth earphone as he slowly put on his shirt, "He got you beat, left, right, and center?" There was mounting interest in his voice.

"He sure did. The biggest issue is he had me served in just half an hour!" Junting declared as he felt shame rushing to his face.

At the very least, he could be considered a programming expert.

The fact that he was taken out in less than 30 minutes proved how big of a monster his opponent was!

One thing was for sure, it was the best hacker Junting had ever encountered.

Actually, that might not be true. He had met another hacker that was equally crazy in his life, and that person was Xi Mubai.

Adding insult to injury, Mubai added jokingly, "Are you sure you're not lying to me? Telling me it was 30 minutes when it was actually 10."

"CEO Xi, is that how you treat your friend?" Junting feigned offense.

He considered closing his phone.

In the end, Junting only laughed. "Well, can't say I feel bad losing to him, he was one crazy genius. However, it would appear that this 001 was in need of money. He wasted no time for small talks after taking my bet money, so after our one-on-one, I left him a message with your company's name. As long as he's willing to come work for us, I promised him that we will pay him any salary that he wants. I hope you don't mind me borrowing your company's name. I had to act quickly lest he get snatched up by our competitors."

Mubai replied, "Of course I don't. We need talent like this 001."

"Remember you owe me a meal if he does say yes."

"Fine… Talk to you later."

Mubai came off the conversation with a thought, who is this 001?

A new character to the scene and after such a hub-bub, the only thing they were looking for was something as menial as money?

Regardless of his intention, Mubai was going to try his best to pull this 001 over to his company.

As the saying goes, it takes one to know one. In Mubai's case, it took one to appreciate one.

Mubai had to meet this 001 in person.

The fact that there was another hacker as talented as he was in the world made his mouth curved involuntarily up into a smile.

At breakfast, Xi Lin felt something was different about his father.

"Daddy, you seem happy today, did something good happen?" Xi Lin peeked out from behind his bowl and stared at his father.

Old Mr. Xi and Mrs. Xi too turned their heads towards Mubai.

Mubai was a taciturn person, who faced the world with one expression, it was that of indifference. Therefore, it was hard to tell when he was happy or sad.

Only his close families could pick up on the non-verbal cues that allowed them to discern his mood.

"Lin Lin is correct. But that something good did not happen yet, it's going to happen later today. Your father is accompanying Tianxin to go try out her wedding dress so of course he's happy," Old Mrs. Xi explained.

Mubai said in way of a question, "Wedding dress?"

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