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Chapter 25: To Visit Xia Xinghe

Chapter 25: To Visit Xia Xinghe

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It was obvious that this was not the source of his happiness.

Old Mrs. Xi tutted with a frown, "Don't tell me you've forgotten about this completely?"

He most definitely did.

Mubai shrugged and said, "When will this be?"

"After you finish your breakfast, go fetch Tianxin and take her to the bridal shop. After the fitting, the two of you can enjoy a lunch together," his mother suggested with smile. She was more than glad to encourage the two youngsters to have a little quality time.

Mubai nodded slightly, "Sure."

Mubai wasn't one to have lots of opinions in terms of relationships, he was more than willing to leave everything to his parent's arrangements.

Just like how he listened to his father about marrying Xia Xinghe, he was going to obey his mother's wishes to marry Chu Tianxin.

Neither of them knew Mubai treated his marriage as a mission, it was fine as long as it was completed.

He only set store by his family and he didn't consider his future wife part of it so he was indifferent to whoever it would be.

Other than his family, there was only one other thing that could pique his interest and that was computer science.

He fascinated by anything computer-related.

Even when he was beside Tianxin, all he had in his mind was 001.

"Mubai, what are you thinking? You've been exceptionally quiet since the dress fitting," Tianxin asked.

Mubai snapped out his reverie and lightly offered, "Oh, it's nothing important."

"Tell me, I want to help if I can," Tianxin continued, hoping to draw the conversation out.

Mubai simply tossed her a bone, "It's about Lin Lin. He said he wasn't feeling well this morning, I'm just worried about him."

To be fair, Mubai wasn't completely lying because Xi Lin did mention he was feeling under the weather…

However, Mubai knew he was throwing a tantrum because his father was leaving him to go dress fitting with Tianxin…

Dissatisfaction crossed Tianxin's face temporarily when she realized Mubai treated her with less importance than his ex's child.

She had worked hard to make him love her but all he cared about was that son of his!

Then again, she consoled herself, it was good that he was family orientated. She planned to have many children by his name.

Then, Xi Lin would be nothing but a distant memory.

"Don't fret, Lin Lin has so many people looking after him. I'm sure he'll be fine," Tianxin comforted with a smile, afraid that Mubai would ditch their lunch to go home to his son.

To prevent Mubai from dwelling on the subject, she said, "Mubai, I received no updates about Xinghe after our encounter that day. I worry about her and, by the way, have you told Lin Lin about her?"

Speaking of Xinghe, Mubai too became a little interested in her latest update.

"I didn't bring her up in front of Lin Lin, it's still too soon. Actually, I've been far too busy lately to bring myself up to date on her current situation. Since we have some free time now, why don't we pay her a visit?" Mubai decided suddenly, giving Tianxin quite a shock.

"You want to visit her now?"

"Why not? I have something I need to give her and if I'm not mistaken, she lives nearby."

Chang An who sat in front quickly added, "CEO Xi is right. Miss Xia's residence is close by, it's only 10 minutes away."

"Then it's decided, we shall pay her a visit."

"Yes, sir." Came the reply as Chang An turned the steering wheel towards Xinghe's house.

Tianxin choked on her words.

Things were definitely not going down the path she was planning. Weren't they supposed to go for a romantic lunch? Why should they pay that hussy, Xia Xinghe, a visit‽

Plus, based on Mubai's exchange with his assistant, it sounded like Mubai already had prior contact with that ex-wife of his, or else how would he know where she lived.

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