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Chapter 30: Don't Deserve to be Xi Lin's Mother

Chapter 30: Don't Deserve to be Xi Lin's Mother

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"I don't think even Xi Lin wants to admit you're his mother. Don't talk to me about pride, the thing you need the most now is money, so take my money and shut the f*ck up. This is the last time Mubai and I will ever come to see you, you don't deserve anything more than that. And by the way, I'm going to marry Mubai soon, don't you worry, I will take especially good care of that son of yours."

After saying her piece, Tianxin turned to leave.

"Stop." Xinghe called after her.

Tianxin had been waiting for Xinghe to get angry. She spun around and said gloatingly, "Why? Am I wrong?"

Xinghe dropped her credit card by her feet and said, "Take your trash and leave!"

"Xia Xinghe, I'm trying to help you here. You're as poor as a beggar now, so why are you still so stubborn? Why won't you accept our kindness? I know you couldn't swallow your stubborn pride but think of your poor uncle. How are you going to provide him with the treatment he needs without money? Or do you want to see him die?" Tianxin purposely aimed at what she assumed to be Xinghe's sore spots.

Xinghe would have to bend down and take the card from her feet because she knew Xinghe wouldn't leave her uncle for death. She could barely contain her glee just from envisioning that.

To her surprise, Xinghe didn't even move a muscle. She said, "Chu Tianxin, who are you to lecture me. I'll repeat myself because it would appear that you're too dumb to understand human speech, take your trash and leave, you're stinking up the hospital."

"You…" Tianxin was angry beyond words, "Xia Xinghe, don't bite the hand that wants to feed you! You think I really want to help you? I'm doing this because you're Mubai's ex-wife and Xi Lin's mother, so don't think too highly of yourself."

"Why are you creating such a scene? This is the hospital!" Suddenly, Chengwu's main doctor sauntered over and rebuked the two of them.

Tianxin turned up a smile when she saw the doctor, "Long time no see, Doctor Wong."

Doctor Wong did a double take before he also smiled in return, "So it's Miss Chu. But why are you here, did something happen to your family members?"

Tianxin didn't forget to throw Xinghe a gloating glance before resuming her conversation with Doctor Wong, "Oh no but thanks for asking. I'm here because of Xinghe, she's an old friend. How is her uncle doing?"

Doctor Wong thought the two of them were actual friends so he replied truthfully, "It's not looking well for the patient, he's in need of a kidney transplant or his condition is going to worsen."

"Oh my, I didn't know it was so serious that he requires a transplant. The operation must be expensive, right?" Tianxin said as she faked a worried frown.

Doctor Wong nodded and explained, "It is indeed not cheap. The operation costs 300000 RMB."

Tianxin almost broke out in gleeful laughs.

She held back a smirk and said, "Doctor Wong, as I've said, Miss Xia is an old friend of mine, I'll pay for her uncle's operation fees. No matter how much, I'll be willing to pay so don't give them a hard time. It's the least I can do - as their friend."

Doctor Wong replied in a surprised tone, "But the patient's fee has already been paid."

The shock was reflected in Tianxin when she said, "What did you say?"

"300000 RMB operation fee, they've paid the full amount. Didn't they inform you, Miss Chu?"

Tianxin gave an awkward laugh.

She shot Xinghe an unbelievable look, adding, "How is that possible? They have no money, where would they get 300000?"

Tianxin knew 300000 would be an astronomical for the beggar family Xia.

Xinghe's outfit was assembled at the night market and they lived in a slum, so there was no way they would have the 300000 RMB to pay Chengwu's medical bills.

Doctor Wong repeated, "But they have really paid the full amount, I have no reason to lie to you."

Tianxin eyed Xinghe suspiciously. Her immediate thought was that Xinghe had done something shameless to gather the necessary funds.

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