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Chapter 29: Now We're Even

Chapter 29: Now We're Even

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What triggered this change?

Mubai finally understood Chang An's earlier report.

Chang An mentioned the change in Xinghe, specifically her unwavering gaze that was hard to ignore.

Mubai had brushed it off then but now he understood what he meant.

Her eyes communicated an inner wealth of confidence and composure.

It was not something that could be faked, it was something like a natural born instinct…

Simultaneously, he saw something of himself reflected within her.

Mubai couldn't understand what had instigated this sudden change.

Regardless, it meant that he held her in a different light and treated her differently than before.

"This is what you're supposed to take from our divorce. I've personally brought it to you because I believe that is the respect you deserve. Please accept it." Mubai took out a cheque and handed it to her respectfully. There was not a shred of condescension in his action.

Xinghe though didn't even look at the proffered cheque when she replied, "Thank you but I don't need it."

Mubai said with a raised brow, "Whether you need it or not is your business but whether to present it to you or not is mine. I owe you this much. Take it or we'll never be even."

In other words, he would keep harassing her if she didn't accept.

The old Xinghe wouldn't stand for it much less the new Xinghe.

To his satisfaction, Xinghe accepted his cheque. Before he could offer her a smile, Xinghe tore the cheque into pieces!

Everyone was shocked.

It was a cheque for one hundred million!

She tore it up without batting an eye!

Even Tianxin felt sorry for the money. The dumb Xinghe sacrificed her uncle's life for the sake of her pride; how foolish!

Xinghe tossed the shredded pieces into a nearby dustbin.

"Now, we're even." Xinghe said unhurriedly.

There were storms gathering in Mubai's eyes but his expression remained measured. To be honest, he was rather inflamed by Xinghe's actions.

His good upbringing prevented him from bursting out.

"Fine." He left the scene after leaving behind the single word.

Tianxin and Chang An rushed to follow. Tianxin was over the moon noticing Mubai's forceful, retreating steps.

Xinghe's insensibilities had done her in this time. She had truly angered Mubai.

Xinghe was as dumb as she was before, so easily angered with a few play-acted words. That was how she chased Xinghe away in the first place. She said a few words or did a few things here and there, and the stupid Xinghe would obediently be led into her traps.

Even though Tianxin felt from the bottom of her heart that the Xia Family wasn't worth her time or attention, she couldn't let them go so easily especially after the dressing down Xia Zhi had given her. It was her payback time!

After Mubai entered the elevator, she remained outside of it. She said, "Mubai, can you wait for me at the lobby? I don't have the heart to leave Xinghe helpless like that, I'll be back in a bit."

Before Mubai could reply, she turned and took the way back.

It sounded like she was bothered by her conscience.

She was definitely bothered, but it wasn't by her conscience.

When they spotted Tianxin's return, both Xinghe and Xia Zhi frowned unhappily. Wasn't their business finished, why did she return?

"Xia Xinghe, this is for you," Tianxin said patronizingly as she shoved a credit card into Xinghe's hands, "The password is tacked onto the back of the card. There's 500000 RMB inside it. Consider it my kindness to you. I know you don't want my money but can you afford to reject it? Just take a look at yourself."

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