Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife

Chapter 19: Beat Her To The Ground

"Miss, that's a beautiful song you're humming." The driver spoke up after hearing the woman sing to herself.

Zhao Lifei blushed. "Thank you, it's a new song from Sun Lee's newest album," she said, taking off her headphones.

The man curiously nodded. Sun Lee? Wasn't that the infamous singer who smacked and beat her husband's mistress to the ground? The internet had been raving and criticizing her brutish behavior that was completely unexpected from the Nation's Beloved Singer.

The cab driver eyed Zhao Lifei's charismatic appearance. She was well-dressed in professional attire; nothing too scandalous and revealing, which made her look like a white-collared worker. Why would a woman like her listen to a singer like that?

"Oh, is that so?" He said neutrally, not wanting to offend Zhao Lifei and receive a lower tip, so he became quiet and focused on driving.

After a few minutes of silence, he spoke up. "Ma'am, we've arrived at your destination."

Zhao Lifei looked out of the window where First Hospital stood proud and tall. There was a path leading up to the front entrance, with a fountain in the front.

"Thank you." She smiled and handed him two red hundred bills. The man's eyes flickered in surprise.

"Keep the change," she said, before stepping out of the car.

Zhao Lifei closed the door, walked into the hospital, toward the reception desk.

"Hi, what floor is the VVIP room located in?" She asked one of the nurses, who exchanged glances with her coworker.

Seeing their skeptical looks, Zhao Lifei smiled. "Oh, don't worry. I'm a friend of the patient's sister," she reassured.

The nurse eyed Zhao Lifei's expensive blue blouse and white pants, then the outstanding purse on her arms. The patient in the VVIP room was someone from an extremely wealthy background, and this woman seemed to come from the same one.

So the nurse replied, "I cannot disclose the room number without proof of identification, but the VVIP rooms are located on the 11th floor." She knew each of the VVIP rooms was heavily guarded and figured if Zhao Lifei was a fake, she would never be able to enter the room anyway.

"Okay, thank you." Zhao Lifei didn't have any proof of identification, so she took the nurse's small piece of advice and walked into the elevator.

When it reached the 11th floor, Zhao Lifei walked out of it and down the clean and polished elevator hallways. She turned the hallway to see a few patients in VVIP rooms and figured she wasn't that far from the VVIP room.

True to her belief, as she turned down another hallway, there were four VVIP rooms. But from where she stood, she could only see two rooms and one of them had a group of bodyguard standing in front of it.

She smiled. This should be the room where Yang Feng resided.

Zhao Lifei walked up to the men and noticed how suspicious they were of her. They stood like soldiers with their head raised, arms to the side; in clearly protective stances. But something was off about them. Where had she seen those badges on their breast-pocket before?

She heard a low murmur from the room and instinctively realized it was a pair of male and female voices. Guessing it might've been Yang Ruqin and Yang Feng, Zhao Lifei said, "Excuse me, I'm here to visit Yang Ruqin?"

Neither of the men budged.

Because their shoulders were wide and the men were incredibly tall, Zhao Lifei couldn't see the door's sign, so she couldn't see the room number. Then again, who else would be in a VVIP ward with so many bodyguards?

Obviously, it would be Yang Enterprise's highest shareholder, the CEO himself.

When the men didn't move, Zhao Lifei figured it was because they wanted some sort of proof. "Uhm, I don't have any written proof of my relationship with Yang Ruqin, but I do have pictures taken of me and her together—"

"Huh? Feifei, what are you doing standing outside that door?" Yang Ruqin's voice echoed down the halls. Zhao Lifei turned to see her walking towards her.

"This is not your brother's room...?" She asked, awkwardly standing there.

"No, my brother's room is on the opposite side of the hall," Yang Ruqin laughed, looping her arm through Zhao Lifei and guiding her away from the room.

Zhao Lifei didn't think much of her honest mistake and apologized to the men with unwavering stony faces.

She was completely oblivious to Yang Ruqin's dark expression while walking down the halls.

As Zhao Lifei walked with Yang Ruqin, she couldn't help but wonder who was residing in the other room… Well, whoever it was, it must've been someone extremely important to have such high security around their doors.

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