Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife

Chapter 4: Han Wuting

Elegantly climbing out the car, one seductive foot at a time, the onlookers gawked in awe as two beautiful women stepped out of the black car. The host at the front immediately came to greet them when the two walked in. He must've been new because his eyes never left the legendary supermodel, Yang Ruqin.

Playing into the poor boy's obvious desires, she leaned on the counter, her long slender arm out for him to see. Because the red dress didn't leave much to hide, the boy visibly gulped.

Presenting him with a sultry smile, Yang Ruqin was easily able to make him blush. "I made a reservation under YR?"

The boy snapped out of his daze, clearing his throat in an attempt to hide his growing blush. "Y-yes, Ms. Yang. R-right this way please." He stumbled over his words, barely able to keep his composure.

Yang Ruqin looped her hand into Zhao Lifei's arm.

Zhao Lifei couldn't help but stifle her laughter, feeling sorry for the boy who was being severely played by Yang Ruqin.

Later on, he guided them to their private room.

"That was mean." Zhao Lifei chided when he left the room as if he had stumbled upon a den of lions. This poor kid...

As soon as he left, the waiter walked in and handed them the menu with two hands.

"I know." Yang Ruqin shrugged, flipping her hair over her shoulders.

"This room is quite large for just the two of us." Zhao Lifei commented as she opened the menu.

Suddenly, Yang Ruqin, who was sitting opposite to her, stiffened. "The bigger, the better, my dear." She winked.

Zhao Lifei who was already used to her friend's perverted jokes rolled her eyes. Whereas, the waiter handling them nearly choked.

Luckily, he was able to fix his composure in time. "G-good evening, I will be your server for this evening. May I take your drink order?" Unlike the boy who had guided them into the room, the waiter was much more experienced.

"Mm, I'll have some white wine from your best bottle." Yang Ruqin said while opening her menu and skimming through 'Today's Special.'

"Just lemon water for me, please." Zhao Lifei quietly said, skipping the alcohol page of her menu.

The waiter nodded, memorizing everything in his head. After a few seconds of ordering their food, the two closed the menu. Then the waiter took it, bowed, and excused himself.

After he was gone and the two of them were alone in the big private room, Yang Ruqin finally spoke up. "You sure you don't want a glass of wine? They have some of the best collection in the city." She mused, faintly remembering the previous Zhao Lifei who drank wine like it was water.

"No, I promised Grandfather I'd stop drinking so much." Zhao Lifei explained with a small smile.

When her mother and father abandoned her two years ago, the day she fell from Shenbei's grace, Zhao Lifei was left to fend the evil alone.

Her parents canceled her credit cards, tossed her out of their house, and practically disowned her without legal papers, which left her with no resources. Her grandfather was the first to offer her a helping hand. She was surprised to see this, as he placed business over family and was rarely known to perform favors for others, regardless if she was his kin. Little did she know, her grandfather valued her more than the others and it was for a very particular ability she possessed.

"Hm, speaking of Elder Zhao, how is he these days?" Yang Ruqin drummed her fingers onto the table, with her perfect chin resting on her hand.

Zhao Lifei chuckled at the recent memory of her grandfather in his Kung Fu outfit sparring and beating up men a fraction of his age.

"He's as lively as ever." She mused, a twinkle in her eyes.

Just then, the door to their private room opened and a different man walked in.

"Sir, I think you have the wrong room." Zhao Lifei frowned, her hand secretly reaching for the pepper spray she always carried.

The man was dressed in casual clothes but upon closer inspection, Zhao Lifei noticed that his clothes were from the latest season collection of men's clothes by Hermès.

"Oh no, he's not. I invited him." Yang Ruqin smiled.

Zhao Lifei blinked in confusion.

"My dear, meet Han Wuting. He's one of this country's leading doctors." Yang Ruqin gestured the man to sit down on the opposite side of Zhao Lifei.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Zhao Lifei." The man's voice was surprisingly very soft and smooth, like milk chocolate.

"Please, the pleasure is all mine." Zhao Lifei warmly smiled, gesturing the man to sit down. Although she was all smiles and sunshine on the outside, an angry storm was brewing within her.

She was tired of being set up on blind dates without anyone telling her! She knew that she should've been suspicious when Yang Ruqin insisted she wears a beautiful dress, instead of her usual dress pants.

Just when Han Wuting sat down, the waiter walked in with the drinks. He was slightly surprised to see that a new guest had joined the table, but he immediately regained his composure.

"Would you like a menu, sir?" The waiter asked while placing down the drinks.

"No, I'll have what she's having." Han Wuting nodded in Zhao Lifei's direction.

The waiter nodded and passed out the drinks.

However, Han Wuting was surprised when he saw that the wine glass was for Yang Ruqin and not for Zhao Lifei. He might've not been very informative on the high society, but when he researched into Zhao Lifei, he was sure that she liked to drink alcohol.

Noticing his curious gaze, Zhao Lifei smiled. "I'm trying to cut back on the alcohol. It's not the best thing for my kidney." She lightly laughed, taking a sip of her water.

"Ah, is that so. Well, as a doctor, I wholeheartedly agree with you." He winked, rolling up the sleeves of his cashmere sweater to reveal the expensive Rolex watch on his wrists.

Zhao Lifei hummed in reply but didn't say much. She knew he was deliberately showing off his wealth, but growing up in the high society, a simple Rolex was not enough to impress her. She had seen better, in particular, Zheng Tianyi's magnificent collection of watches...

The entire conversation between the three was light and uneventful, despite Han Wuting's constant chatter where he would often try to invite Zhao Lifei into the conversation. Although she was very polite and would always respond, her answers were purposely dry. She didn't want to lead him on as he seemed to be very interested in her.

Han Wuting was not a bad looking man. His hair was half combed back on one side, the other was neatly shaved into a fade, and his features were light on the eyes. He was very polite and respectful, but nothing about him screamed interesting.

Although Zhao Lifei has exchanged her number with him, she was reluctant to do so and, purposely gave him the wrong number.

The lunch was uneventful and when they walked out, the sun was beginning to set.

"Have a good day, Han Wuting." Zhao Lifei bade him goodbye with Yang Ruqin doing the same.

"Have a good day, ladies." He smiled, revealing his perfect white teeth. With a final nod, he climbed into his car and drove off.

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