Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife

Chapter 422 - Mother and CEO

"Ma...Ma!" A toddler waddled into the room, barely the age of one. Despite that, he was always a ball of energy and insisted on walking without the company of a helper.

Ling Yunai, ever the worrywart when it came to children, was nervously trailing behind Yang Bincheng. Her arms were slightly out as if she was going to catch the child should he fall.

"Little dumpling," Zhao Lifei let out a small laugh, bending down yet again to hug another child. The little dumpling's eyes lit up at her gesture as he picked up speed, charging towards his mother. He saw her dress as a cloud and something to cushion upon.

However, before the poor lad could come even remotely come close to her, he was scooped up by his father. A gurgling and small growl left his mouth as he futilely struggled against his dad's iron-grip. Tiny hands began to push at his face when Yang Feng attempted to kiss his cheek.

"Donor! Donor!" Yang Bincheng babbled out, mimicking the words of his older brother.

Yang Feng scowled at his words and to spite the child, squeezed him in a tight, bear hug. "Both of my sons are not adorable at all." He stuck his tongue out at Yang Wenxu who did the same before the two rolled their eyes and looked away.

"Daddy! Daddy!" Yang Rina struggled in Yang Yulong's arms after running out of cheeky and witty comments. She reached for her father, but Yang Yulong turned his back before Yang Feng could see.

"Aw, Xiao Na, are you bored of uncle already?"

"Yes!" Yang Rina answered in a heartbeat, her words breaking Yang Yulong's heart. He faked a sob and wiped away an imaginary tear.

"That's alright, everyone abandons me."

"Nuh-uh! I always come to you after I grow less bored with you!"

"Do you hear yourself, little troublemaker?" Yang Yulong retorted. Her temperament was just as bipolar as her father. She was adorable and warm like summer rays whenever she felt like it, but cold and unbothered afterward. He could tell she would undoubtedly be a heartbreaker when she grew older.

"Now let me down! I want daddy!" Yang Rina kicked her little legs in the air, but they were like small pokes to Yang Yulong who let out a mighty laughter. "Make me," he childishly replied, squeezing her in his arms.

"What are you doing to my princess?" Yang Feng growled, taking the child into his arms before Yang Yulong could protest. "She wanted to be let down."

"Did she now? I didn't know," Yang Yulong responded, pretending to be blind when Yang Rina glared at him. "Don't you know? I've been growing old and deaf these days. My hearing has gotten worse."

"I can attest to that. He still pretends to be a town fool when I ask for another daughter-in-law!" Yang Qianlu snarkily said when he walked into the room.

"But dad," Yang Yulong whined, "I said I don't want to be tied down so quickly. I still have things to do—" Yang Ruqin's ears perked as her face scrunched into displeasure at the dirty thoughts that came up, "—and places to travel."

"Besides, you already have three grandchildren and probably another few coming soon after Xiao Qin gets married next year!"

Yang Ruqin's cheeks lit up at his words, "Shut up!"

"What? Don't pretend to be innocent," Yang Yulong scoffed before throwing her a smug glare to which she gave him a scathing one.

"Just you wait! Once the kids are out of sight, I'll give you a beating!" Yang Ruqin huffed while angrily crossing her arms. She jumped when a figure hugged her from behind. Huo Qiudong rested his chin upon her head, "Now, little fawn, violence is not the answer," he calmly told her, behaving as the mediator between these two bickering children again.

Yang Ruqin scrunched her nose, "It's always the answer for dimwits like him."

"Why, you little brat—"

"Daddy, daddy, uncle said a bad word." Yang Rina innocently smiled up at her doting father before blinking her adorable little lashes at him.

"But brat isn't a bad word if it describes you perfectly!" Yang Yulong stuck his tongue out, ignoring his brother's brooding stare.

"That's why your uncle is going to be single for life." Yang Feng answered her, pressing a loving kiss upon her cheek. She merrily giggled before wrapping her arms around him but found that they couldn't go around his entire shoulder.

"Remember, my little princess, you shouldn't date ugly and foul-mouthed guys like your uncle. Okay?" His heart was warmed by her small action as she snuggled deeper into his arms. This was exactly why having daughters was the best. He hugged her tighter. She was cuter than his sons for sure.

"Mommy said I should date guys like daddy. Handsome, nice, and pampering!"

"Yes, yes, mommy is right." Yang Feng couldn't wipe off the foolish smile on his face. Even a blind man could tell how much of a fool this father was for his daughter.

"So is the wedding going to start or should I wait another year?" Zhao Moyao grumbled at the lack of attention from his Xiao Ri. He was bitter that she didn't hug him like she usually did. Despite sharing the same features as her father, her behavior and cheekiness heavily resembled her mother. Not a day went by where he didn't love her a little bit more.

- - - - -

Everyone had left the room to take their respective places outside of the wedding hall. Only Zhao Moyao remained in the room with Zhao Lifei, his eyes tearing up the longer he stared at her, dressed in white, something new, something old, and something blue. His heart swelled with pride upon seeing how much she had grown throughout the years.

Nothing made him happier than seeing her happy, and she was practically brimming with happiness. Every day was filled with laughter and every day, she genuinely smiled at least once.

Like every marriage, she certainly had her ups and downs with Yang Feng and on very, very rare occasions, there would be small fights and bickering. But in the end, she was still happy and content with her life.

"Xiao Fei, have I ever told you how proud I am of you?" Zhao Moyao spoke up, his voice heavy with rippling emotions. He didn't know if he should laugh with joy that she was going to walk down the aisle with him or cry with joy that she was living the blissful life that she deserved.

In the past four years, she had dutifully performed her role as a loving mother and respectable CEO. It was just as he had predicted. She had uplifted Zhao Corporation in every aspect, whether it was improving the lives of the employees or doubling the company's revenue. To this day, it still amazed him how well she was able to balance and maintain her work and personal life. There were times he thought she would've resigned and become a stay-at-home wife, but both of them knew, that such a life was not suited for her.

None of her children suffered from their parents' work life. They came home at normal times and were always there to have breakfast and dinner with them. Zhao Lifei made it a priority that they share at least one meal a day. She swore she would never allow her children to suffer the same lonely meals she and Yang Feng had to endure as children. That was precisely why the house was filled with laughter and glee. There wasn't any air of melancholy dangling in the house, for all of it was swept away by the energetic giggles of the children.

"You don't have to tell me, grandfather." Zhao Lifei gently answered as she placed her hand onto the nook of his bent arm.

He let out a ripe chuckle, deep and hearty. "You have come a long way, Xiao Fei."

"No, grandfather. We both have."

Zhao Moyao cleared his throat when a rock formed in it. He resisted the urge to cry in front of her, but undoubtedly, he knew he would cry today. Just the sight of her in the wedding dress was enough to dampen his eyes. But watching her walk down that aisle, ever so gracefully, he would cry tears of joy in silence, for his dream had come true: she had found her forever happiness.

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