Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife

Chapter 424 - The Vows

The fallen flowers scatter in the sky,

If love is a nightmare, I will dream it with you,

What shall I do to take back your sigh?

Step by step, hand in hand, everything remains true.

A knot that ties the strings of fate,

The fallen flowers that lead to you.

Every laugh, every tear, an unknown path known only to us.

As soft music began playing, the conversations died down. The breeze was slow, never once picking up the weight of air, or disturbing a thing it touched. Waves crashed in the distance and the distant church's wedding bell began to ring.

The arches of wisteria turned the place into a whirlwind of lavender, pearl pink, and shell white. The canopy of drapes was strung in the air, all of which welcomed the ring bearer and flower girls.

Generously, Ling Yunai and Yang Rina scattered the flower petals upon the evergreen grass leading to the raised white platform. Yang Feng stood upon it, his hands at his side, a stoic expression on his face. He was accompanied by Ling Fulei, Yu Pingluo, and Yang Yulong as his groomsmen and to the left were Yang Ruqin, Su Meixiu, and Bai Rinuo.

A gold wedding band sat on Ling Fulei's finger and his eyes couldn't help but stray to Lu Minhong every few seconds, who was sitting on the other side of the front row seats. Their wedding announcement had shocked the Ling family and was met with many uproars, but in the end, they had conquered all of the obstacles.

A large white archway completely covered with white roses with multi-colored tipped petals turned the place into a wonderland of beauty. Despite it being an outdoor wedding, there was still a hanging garden above them, with string lights, ribbons, and silk merging it.

Yang Feng's emotionless face dispersed when Yang Rina took her seat beside her grandmother. Yang Wenxu stood beside the groomsmen with a plump pillow holding two sterling silver bands. The smaller band had a sizeable diamond surrounded by smaller ones whereas the larger band had a sole engraving upon it in the roman numerals of the day their relationship started.

Yang Feng's breath hitched when he caught sight of Zhao Lifei walking down the aisle with Zhao Moyao. Their eyes locked together. The world around them blurred into nothingness. A slow smile spread across her lips, revealing the dip of her dimples and reaching her eyes that was lit up in magnificent hues of amber and copper.

Zhao Lifei could see the iciness of his face begin to melt. His facade was washed away at the sight of her dressed in white. Her heart picked up pace when his lips parted in awe, his roughened eyes softening. He looked completely and utterly in love with her as if nothing in this world could break them apart. Nothing could come in between them.

Zhao Lifei didn't notice she had reached the altar until Zhao Moyao squeezed her hand before parting from her to take his seat in the front row. When he saw Hua Yuxi, Zhao Lifei's grandmother from her mother's side, he couldn't help but chuckle a bit. The vows weren't exchanged, but she looked as if she had already gone through a pile of tissues. Her eyes were puffy and moist. And then Zhao Moyao saw Jiang Zihui.

Zhao Moyao was previously going to sit next to Hua Yuxi, but now, he decided it would be a great time to speak to the young Seargent. For Jiang Zihui to have been invited to the wedding and granted a seat in the first row, closest to the bride and groom, it meant all was well between him and the couple.

"Young man," Zhao Moyao began but paused upon seeing the unfamiliar woman beside him. Indeed, Jiang Zihui had moved on and it was with a woman who looked and behaved nothing like Zhao Lifei.

Perhaps it was by chance or purpose, but Yang Rina was sitting directly beside him. "Wow, uncle you're really handsome!" The thing about Yang Rina's bubbly behavior was that she didn't mind calling everyone uncle and aunties. As long as they treated her well, she would respond with the same kindness.

Jiang Zihui paused and glanced at the small child with features like her father, but the eyes of her mother. She was evidently Zhao Lifei and Yang Feng's child. His gaze softened. He had always been fond of children. "Thank you, little riceball. What is your name?"

"Yang Rina! What about you?"

"Jiang Zihui." He chuckled at her energetic behavior. From their small interaction alone, he could already feel the threatening eyes centered on him, daring him to do her wrong.

"Oooh, I have heard about you! Mommy said you were originally a villain but then you became a good guy! She said you were an admirable soldier that she had trained side-by-side with!" Yang Rina's eyes widened with curiosity.

"Yes, your mother's a great fighter. You should never anger her, she packs a mean punch." Jiang Zihui chuckled, patting her on the head. The temperature had dropped. He turned around, expecting to meet Yang Feng's glowering eyes, but came in contact with a boy who looked exactly like Zhao Lifei. The genes were strong with this family.

Yang Rina opened her mouth to say something else but closed it when she saw that everyone had stopped talking and the wedding was about to begin.

Zhao Lifei could feel every pair of eyes laid upon her, but all that she could focus on was Yang Feng.

"I love you." The words left her mouth before she could contain it. His eyes flickered with something that she could make out as tender adoration.

"Forever and always, my beloved." He whispered, taking her hand in his, engulfing it with the customary warmth she had dearly loved about him. He raised her hand to his lips and kissed it.

"For you, my darling, I would part the mountains, split the sea, and cause havoc on Earth just to have you. I pledge to you, my love, that for as long as I live, and to the lifetimes beyond this, I will love you without boundaries and cherish every part of you. For all of the days of my life, I vow to hold and comfort you, protect and shelter you, and give you my all."

"Thank you for creating a home filled with laughter, compassion, and happiness. I will share your dreams and nightmares, stand beside you in the face of trouble which will never touch you, and share with you all of life's joy and difficulties. Together, let us live as many lifetimes as Heaven will grant us, and even beyond the foolish limit they dare to give us."

Zhao Lifei didn't realize the hot tears that had slid down her cheek until he wiped it away from her. She couldn't help but laugh at her tears of joy, her shoulders shaking a bit as she said her vow, "I swear to take you as you are, loving you until all of eternity, and accept who you've yet to become. Even when I draw my last breath, this heart will beat only for you. I will celebrate your triumphs and withstand your losses as if they were my own."

She squeezed his hand, "Thank you for filling my life with understanding, patience, love, and joy. It is with you that I understand what love is, it is with you that I laughed the most, and smile the biggest. Thank you for bringing the best three things that have ever happened to me."

The officiator was blown away by their vows and confessions. Everyone shared the same profoundness as him and not many could resist the tears that broke out.

"Do you, Yang Feng and Zhao Lifei pledge to be the partner who learn and grow together and to respect and love each other unconditionally? Do you swear to recognize each other's individuality and celebrate the strengths but guard the weaknesses while at the same time create a life of understanding, support, and motivation?"

"I do." Yang Feng answered in a heartbeat whereas Zhao Lifei paused.

Her silence terrified others, all except for him who was used to her mischievous behavior. "Hmm, do I?" She teased, tilting her head, he let out a gentle laughter that caressed her heart.

"Do you, my love?"

Yang Feng dropped her hand and wrapped his arms around her waist, tugging her closer, despite her faux hesitation.

Zhao Lifei stared deeply into his eyes and cupped the side of his face, and leaned up to kiss his cheek. "With every fiber in me," She whispered into his ears, "I do."

"Bold as ever." Yang Feng placed a hand over the one resting on his cheek. He gently stroked the top of her hand before leaning in to kiss her on the forehead, the kiss lingering forever.

"Mr. Tycoon," She teased, "If I wasn't so fearless, then how could I be your daring wife?"

The end.

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