Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife

Chapter 90: There Is A Limit To My Patience

Yang Feng understood the expression on her face all too well. The proximity between their faces gave him a clear view of the look in her eyes. He could practically see the gears turning in her head as she started overthinking.

"Look at me." He ordered, not wanting her to jump to conclusions anymore.

She refused to listen and dared to look away from him, making a loud "Hmph!"

His eyes narrowed when he saw how stubborn and childish she was behaving.

"There is a limit to my patience." He warned her, despite the fact that his brain was screaming at him for saying something so foolish. Was there a limit to his patience? Yes. But was there a limit when it came to this daring girl in front of him? There was none.

A simple rejection like this was enough to cause a sharp stabbing pain to spread in his chest. But regardless of his frustration, the overwhelming affection he had for her was enough to suppress his anger.

The moment she had stepped foot in his office, it seemed that the sleepless night he had endured with her running through his mind had vanished. It was then that he realized just how much of a tight grip she had on his heart.

"I don't care about your stupid patience. Let me out!" She demanded, refusing to meet his gaze. She gasped when he suddenly slammed his palm against the door while his other hand harshly grabbed her chin to hold her in place.

"That hurt!" She half-lied, purposely making him feel bad. It worked and he immediately loosened his grip.

"I hurt you? Let me see." He roughly asked her, but the glacier in his eyes had slightly thawed out. He wanted to rub his thumb over the chin he was holding, but she pulled away from him.

"Why do you care?" She stubbornly replied, deliberately pressing all of his buttons. She knew she was being incredibly irrational right now, childish even, but she was still hurt from the familiar scene she had just witnessed. It made her not care about the consequences anymore.

At her bratty tone and words, the glacier in his eyes got even colder. His free hand gripped her arm tightly this time, causing her to wince.

Yang Feng stared down at her, analyzing her guarded face. "Why are you so angry today?"

"I'm not angry." She glared back at him like he was the at the top of her kill-list.

"I didn't think you'd be the type to hurriedly jump to conclusions. It's as if everything I have done is not enough for you to trust me." His voice was filled with disdain towards her, each syllable digging into her heart.

He thought back to the photographs he had gotten this morning of Wu Yuntai and Zhao Lifei together. He is aware that the paparazzi purposely manipulate the way they take photos, but the smile she had on her face directed towards some other man had driven away his rationality. While he had been agonizing over her words, she had the gall to be wrapped around in another man's clothing!

"Why do I always have to be the one to chase after you?" He voiced his thoughts out in a whisper only she could hear. He was angry at their circumstances which caused him to lose control of his temper.

She rapidly blinked at his words that were like a slap to her face. Her heartbeat started racing and an ache was building up in her chest.

"Then don't chase after me! You should've just left me on the ground of the banquet! You should've just let me faint on the ground and walked away when you had the chance! You should have gone home instead of staying the night with me!"

He looked at her, crestfallen that she would even think something like that.

"Is that what you truly think I should've done? Do you think I would've been foolish enough to let a woman like you slip out of my fingers?" He released her as if he was tired of the chase, as if he was ready to give up on her right then and there.

"In your eyes, what do you see me as?" He whispered to her, this time, his gaze softening. When he reached out to brush a few strands of hair covering her eyes, she flinched as if she thought he was going to strike her.

"You thought I would hit you?!" He harshly asked her, his anger coming back again.

She refused to meet his gaze. Her body would flinch out of instinct when a man raises his hand while he's angry. It seems that her body still remembers how she had been slapped by Zheng Tianyi both in private and in public when he loses his temper. She also couldn't forget the times her father used to slap her around when she was younger for making the simplest mistakes or for aggravating her sister.

"Don't do that. I don't like it when you look away from me." He gripped her chin again, turning her face to look into his.

He maintained eye contact with her eyes that shined like the universe. Every time he looks into her eyes, he would be immediately sucked in. Her iris was a reflection of the galaxy's nebulae. He had never fallen in love with anyone else before. Do people in love usually feel this helpless?

"So now you can hold your tongue? Are you going to just stand there without speaking? Don't make me the villain when you're the one who started it." He took a few steps back, as he waited for her to respond.

Zhao Lifei blinked at his words, guilt momentarily passing by her. The distance between them made her instantly miss the warmth he provided.

Her heart was aching, the burning pain a torture for her. It spread from her chest and felt as if someone was twisting a knife into it.

She hugged her stomach and bit on her bottom lip. He had been there when she was last hit by Zheng Tianyi, and she knew he would understand why she would flinch. But truthfully, she wasn't scared of him. She was scared of what he might do to her poor heart.

As he looked at her with disinterest and his lips slightly curled back, she couldn't find the right words to say.

The sound of his cold laughter sent shivers down her spine. "It seems I've spoiled you too much for you to be angry just because I'm in the same room as another woman. As you said, you're neither my wife or my girlfriend. You're not my woman. You have no right to be angry."

Each word he said to her was a painful jab to her heart, so much that her face nearly crumbled. Zhao Lifei couldn't handle the prickling feeling in her heart anymore.

She ignored her years of therapy and finally allowed her anger to get the best of her. She saw red and her fingers curled around the envelope she was holding.

"You know what, you bastard? You're right, I'm not your girlfriend or your wife and that's why I don't care! You can go f*ck all your secretaries and it won't affect me!" In her rage, she did not realize that she had rushed to him while screaming, and had proceeded to hit him with the manila envelope again and again.

He didn't even flinch from her beating. He grabbed her tiny wrists to force her to stop hitting him but that wasn't enough to stop her crazy temperament. She roughly kicked him, taking him by complete surprise.

"Then why are you so angry?" He wanted to force her to realize her emotions, and above all, force her to finally face the truth.

"I don't know!" She screamed at him, the back of her eyes burning as she became overwhelmed with emotions.

"You don't know?" He loudly repeated, his eyes flared at her words. With both her wrists in his hand, he towered over her knowing she can't escape from him.

"I don't know!" She confirmed. She had wanted to raise her voice louder than him, that her face was beginning to flush from the volume.

"Then I'll tell you why." And without waiting for a reply, his lips crashed down to hers.

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