Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 1855

1855 For What 3

Huang Fu, who had been selecting books, paused momentarily upon hearing Gu Chaoyan’s request. After a brief pause, he resumed picking up his chosen books.

He was more knowledgeable about what had befallen her mother in Snow Territory than anyone else. But what difference did it make?

Huang Fu seemed to have gathered a collection of worn and tattered books, placing them on the table before taking a seat himself.

He then spoke, “I know. That’s why I won’t prevent you from coming to Snow Territory.”


“In any case, the Fire Lotus flower is just one part of the equation, and I can find a solution for that,” he continued.


“I believe it’s important for you to experience it firsthand,” Huang Fu said with a serious expression.

For instance…

He couldn’t change the fact that she had no recollection of him.

He longed to share everything he knew with her, including their grudges. However, with her lacking any memories, it felt like giving something that didn’t rightfully belong to her, even if he were to disclose everything.

So he decided to wait until she recalled everything on her own before delving into their past grievances.

Having expressed his thoughts, Huang Fu showed no inclination to say anything further.

Instead, he inspected the books in his hands.

In contrast to his red attire, the worn and shabby books seemed out of place.

Gu Chaoyan comprehended his intentions clearly.

It appeared that Elder Man had been correct.


Gu Chaoyan possessed the ability to differentiate between gratitude and grudges, and she knew what her course of action should be in the future.

The animosity between her and Snow Territory was not a simple matter confined to Qing’s death alone!

Huang Fu paid no heed to her contemplation of revenge. Opening the books, one by one, he spoke, “Since you’re working with Elder Man, he will surely procure the Fire Lotus flower for you as soon as possible. Hence, you should begin your cultivation. I’ve gathered these books for you during these days to assist you. Once you’ve finished with the previous ones, read them in the designated order.”

Huang Fu arranged the books meticulously.

Gu Chaoyan picked up the first book and commenced reading it attentively.

“I’ve finished reading the book you gave me, and I’ve memorized it,” Gu Chaoyan casually responded. Without pausing, she continued to delve into the pages.

Huang Fu was slightly taken aback.

However, he swiftly regained his composure and remarked, “You’re still as intelligent as ever.”

“As intelligent as ever?” Gu Chaoyan emerged from the pages, gazing up at Huang Fu. “When was that?”

“When you remember me,” Huang Fu candidly replied. He reached out and gently caressed her head, refusing to delve into the past. Instead, he added, “Take these. You’re so clever, and it seems I need to prepare everything for you.”

Having said that, Huang Fu departed on his own.

Gu Chaoyan was left alone with the books he had given her. She stepped out of the space, feeling perplexed.

She typically didn’t spend much time in that space.

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