Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 1856

1856 For What 4

She could not reveal the existence of the hidden space to anyone.

Quietly, she tucked the book under the pillow and began sorting through its contents.

Her mother’s untimely demise was a result of a malicious poison coursing through her veins, a toxic inheritance.

The burning desire for vengeance welled up within her, fueled by both past grievances and new ones.

Lost in her thoughts, Gu Chaoyan drifted off to sleep.

The following days passed by peacefully, albeit with her confined to the palace like a prisoner. Except for when Ouyang Mingjing was present, she was forbidden from venturing beyond the palace walls.

Nevertheless, she maintained secret communication with Elder Man.

Unbeknownst to Ouyang Mingjing, Elder Man possessed profound cultivation skills. It was fortunate that he remained unaware; otherwise, Ouyang Mingjing’s anxiety would have escalated further.

On that particular day…

Chaos erupted in Snow Territory, surpassing the previous disturbances in intensity.

Gu Chaoyan sensed the heightened commotion and understood that the enemies from Snow Territory had returned. It had only been a few days, yet they launched another assault. Snow Territory seemed destined for ruin.

Lost in her thoughts, Gu Chaoyan’s musings were interrupted by the opening of the palace gate. It was Longqing.

“Pheonix Girl, come with me,” Longqing urged, prompting Gu Chaoyan to follow.


Longqing led her to the gate of Snow Territory.

Gu Chaoyan observed the fierce battle unfolding before her, where skilled practitioners clashed with their magical powers.

It was evident that Snow Territory was at a disadvantage.

“Pheonix Girl, you must aid us in Snow Territory!” Longqing pleaded.

Gu Chaoyan glanced at the warring factions, her expression calm.

She stood there like an outsider, detached from the outcome. The victor or the vanquished held no significance to her.

Consequently, her emotions remained concealed.

“When I arrived in Snow Territory, my agreement with your City Lord was solely to assume the role of the Pheonix Girl, providing reassurance to your people. Our collaboration did not involve intervening in Snow Territory’s conflicts. We never discussed it. Therefore, I cannot involve myself. Please understand,” Gu Chaoyan murmured quietly as she observed the scene.

It was as if she were uninvolved, distant from it all.


Was she refusing to help?

“Are you truly so callous?” Longqing asked Dao Seeking in disbelief.


Gu Chaoyan had no intention of responding.

Was she callous?

Then they must have forgotten who killed Qing.

That was precisely why she remained inactive today.

Besides, what right did he have to tell her what she ought to do?

Gu Chaoyan turned on her heels and departed without a word.

Enraged, Longqing disregarded everything else and plunged into the midst of the battle.

This time, the situation differed from before. The tranquility outside Snow Territory would not be restored until nightfall.

The court had fewer maids, and a significant portion of them possessed magical abilities.


None of that concerned her.

As usual, she fell asleep that night.

The next morning, Lingyun assisted her in combing her hair.

With a resounding bang, the door flew open, and Ouyang Mingjing burst into the room in a rush.

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