Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 1857

1857 Ouyang Mingjing’s Madness 1

He appeared pale, his hair disheveled, and he exuded an air of disarray. Fatigue weighed heavily on him, evident from his sunken eyes.


None of these physical signs compared to the anger etched across his face.

It was a rage that seeped deep into his core.

His gaze bore into Gu Chaoyan. “Do you have any idea what kind of assault Snow Territory has endured and the extent of the injuries suffered by our civilians?!”


“Snow Territory has enjoyed a peaceful existence for generations, and its inhabitants are accustomed to a life devoid of turmoil, shielded and protected.”


“But now? The Huayin School and other factions relentlessly attack us, showing no mercy until we are obliterated.”


“One-third of our guards lie dead, and panic engulfs the civilians. Countless skilled practitioners and maids have joined the battle, striving to defend a fragment of Snow Territory.”


“Yet, Longqing brought you here, and you remain inert.”


What was happening?

Ouyang Mingjing seethed with fury. He had never experienced such a humiliating defeat within Snow Territory. The only reason they could breathe a sigh of relief was due to Huayin’s forces retreating. Without that retreat, their relief would have been nonexistent.

And this Pheonix Girl…

The people of Snow Territory held them in high regard, treating them with utmost respect. She was meant to become the City Lord’s wife, yet she remained inactive.

Throughout history, the Pheonix Girl had been the guardian ensuring the safety of Snow Territory’s civilians.

True, she was currently afflicted with a moderate poison, limiting her capabilities on the battlefield.


She could still offer solace to the city’s inhabitants!

Had she provided comfort, the civilians would not have doubted him or placed blame on him. With the presence of the Pheonix Girl, the favor of the people began shifting towards Elderly Man Gao Xiu and the others. In that case, the Pheonix Girl would be utterly useless. He had invested so much energy and time into her, and this was the outcome?

Gu Chaoyan regarded him calmly.

The fact that Ouyang Mingjing was in such a state did not surprise her in the least.

Having assumed the throne at a young age and faced the formidable Elder Men of Snow Territory, Ouyang Mingjing had always harbored a deep fear of them. No matter how composed and experienced he appeared before the people of Piaomiao Pavilion, his emotions easily spiraled out of control when confronted with these Elder Men who posed a threat to his position as the City Lord.

Whatever had occurred the previous day must have undermined his standing as the City Lord, triggering his outburst.


None of those concerns should burden her.

“Snow Territory and Huayin School are adversaries, and their target is you. I have no involvement in that.”


“As for consoling the civilians of Snow Territory, what does that have to do with me? I am merely the Queen of the Saint Divine Land, and the affairs of Snow Territory are not my concern.”


“Ouyang Mingjing, even if we have a partnership, the only thing we agreed upon was for me to return to Snow Territory with you so that your people could witness your reunion with the Pheonix Girl. I never made any promises regarding a wedding or any other obligations to your people.”


“I have always adhered to our agreement without violating any stipulations.”


“But look at yourself! You forced a false marriage upon me and assigned someone to guard me, even at the cost of Qing’s life…”

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