Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 29: Back To The Mansion

Chapter 29: Back To The Mansion

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“When you have the money, buy a salt-pickled chicken for my miss. Then she will be very happy.” Qing replied in a serious tone.


Everyone in the room burst into laughter.

Gu Chaoyan threw a helpless glare at Qing. It was a terrible idea! The worst ever! Since when she did like salt-pickled chicken?!

Gu Chaoyan went completely red with embarrassment.

Madame Wang was laughing but stopped when she saw Gu Chaoyan blushing with mortification. “Tong, will you remember that?”

“Yes, I will, Grandma!” Tong answered in a serious tone.

Gu Chaoyan wished that she could go under the ground at this moment.

Thankfully, the Wang Family members had good manners. They did not talk at the food table or chat when in slumber.

No one mentioned the salt-pickled chicken matter any more.

Madame Wang was still worried about Tong’s physical condition, so she asked Gu Chaoyan to take another look at him post breakfast.

Gu Chaoyan felt his pulse and said with complete assurance, “He is fine. His complexion is looking healthier. The disease seems to have been flushed out completely. He has not regained his health due to the constant sickness during the past few years. I will prescribe one more portion of medicine for him to partake.”

As she was talking, Gu Chaoyan started to scribble on the paper.

She had a great command on calligraphy. This was because in her previous life, she had practised writing with brush for a certain period of time.

Madame Wang nodded in satisfaction as she watched her write the prescription.

She sighed inwardly – rumor was, afterall a rumor. The real person was quite different from what those stories had claimed.

Madame Wang did not actively seek gossip, but there had been too many rumors about Gu Chaoyan for her to not be aware of them. That was why she let out a sigh inside her heart at this point.

She took a look at the prescription.

Madame Wang felt that the prescription Gu Chaoyan offered was quite different from the ones given by the other doctors.

Some items inside the prescription startled Madame Wang. “Isn’t carrot a vegetable? Why is it included in the prescription?”

Gu Chaoyan replied with a smile. “My prescription is more than for just medical purposes. Medicines, after all, can be quite harmful. What Tong needs right now are some supplementary things to strengthen his body. Items like ginseng might be too strong for a young boy like him. That is why I have used carrots instead. Carrots might look like an ordinary food item, yet they work well for the intestines.”

Madame Wang nodded in understanding.

Her words sounded strange, but she trusted her. After all, only Gu Chaoyan had managed to save her grandson.

Hence, she had faith in the prescription she had given.

After following the prescription for a while, Tong started to improve.

Gu Chaoyan finally left the Wang Mansion and returned to Gu Mansion.

Madame Wang had hoped that she could stay for some more days but Gu Chaoyan insisted on leaving.

Madame Wang had no other choice but to let Auntie Song accompany her back. She also stressed repeatedly that Gu Chaoyan should visit her soon in the future.

Gu Chaoyan left from there before lunch.

On the way home, she bought some medicinal items.

As they reached Gu Mansion, Chen Fu was waiting at the doorstep. Seeing the wagon approach, he came up to them and spoke in a flattering tone. “Eldest Miss is here! Madame Gu didn’t know when you were coming home, so she asked me to wait for you here. She has asked you to come to the front yard.”

Madame Gu? She had never cared about her, but now she wanted to see her?

She took a look at Auntie Song standing next to her.

Gu Chaoyan had no intention of getting the Wang Family involved in her family affairs.

“Auntie Song, just leave my luggage here to be sent to the Qiong Pavilion. Since Madame Gu is expecting me, I can’t take you to my yard right now.” Gu Chaoyan said with courtesy.

Chen Fu got a bit anxious. He was waiting here because the Gu Family wanted to be introduced to the Wang Family’s representative.

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