Ms. Doctor Divine

Chapter 30: Change

Chapter 30: Change

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Chen Fu was just about to speak up when Auntie Song started instructing the servants to bring out the gifts from the wagon. She said to Gu Chaoyan, “Miss, Tong and Madame Wang adore you deeply. Please come and visit us whenever you have time.”

Gu Chaoyan replied politely and then entered the mansion.

Seeing Gu Chaoyan’s figure move further away, Auntie Song found herself liking the girl more. She had not shown any arrogance because of her status as Tong’s savior. Even at her own home, she did not intend to show off the Wang’s gratitude towards her.

But Chen Fu did not like how the matters were unfolding.

He thought that the Miss was so stupid that she did not even understand that the Wang family’s representative should be invited to speak with Madame Gu.

Instead, she drove the guest away!

He would like to see how an idiot like her would face the Gu Family now.

As they came to the front yard, she noticed that everything looked the same. The begonias were still blooming. Many servants were busy taking great care of the flowers because Gu Ruxue loved them. But there were a few subtle differences. Those servants, who used to display arrogance and curse at her or kick her, were completely silent in front of Gu Chaoyan now.

Gu Chaoyan smiled briefly. She was quite satisfied with these miniscule changes.

Her life’s direction was slowly but surely beginning to shift.

“Here is our Chaoyan.” Madame Gu was seated in the middle seat. Her aged face was stretched into an affable smile.

But for the memory in Chaoyan’s mind, she would have assumed that Madame Gu was a friendly person...

“Greetings, Madame Gu and Father.” Chaoyan said politely. She stood there calmly, sounding distant.

Madame Gu frowned, feeling a bit displeased.

All children of the Gu Family would try and flatter her everytime they saw her.

But Gu Chaoyan was clearly not one of them.

Due to her relationship with the Wang Family, Madame Gu did not show her dissatisfaction. Instead of frowning, she maintained her friendly expression and beckoned Chaoyan closer. “Come to me, Chaoyan.”

Gu Chaoyan did not feel like complying with her command but after a moment of hesitation, she still did as Madame Gu said.

In this era, as a woman, she was on a backfoot. Although she was under the protection of the Wang Family, she still didn’t have a strong background to go up against the whole Gu Family. So, she had to seek protection from Madame Gu at this moment.

Madame Gu was a woman who only cared about profits and her own interests.

Anyone who could bring benefits to Madame Gu, would get protection and preference from her.

“Grandma.” Chaoyan said softly. Although she looked a bit indifferent, she still called her by her title. Madame Gu smiled brightly and patted Gu Chaoyan’s hands. “Good, good, you have worked hard at the Wang Family. I have asked the servant to clear up a new yard for you. You can move in today itself.”

That surprised Chaoyan.

She had not expected that the Wang Family was so important in the Gu Family’s eyes. Just because she had some connection with the Wang Family, she was being given a new residence?


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