Murder the Dream Guy

Chapter 15 - The Fish Took the Bait

Chapter 15: The Fish Took the Bait

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Xiang Wan was slightly creeped out by the young girl staring intently at her. It was as though she was on pins and needles, and she felt like going to the ladies’ room to relieve herself.

Apparently, Bai Muchuan had the same thought as her by not bothering to explain as that would just make things worse. He immediately changed the subject.

“Since it’s already here, then eat it! No more next time!”

It was around half past three in the morning, so everyone felt a little hungry, but as Detective Bai did not look glad about it, no one dared to touch the food.

Now that their boss had given the go ahead, the detectives felt as though they had received amnesty and swarmed over to the food happily. The anxious atmosphere was now relaxed and lively.

Due to the case, they had been very tensed up, and it was rare to relax for a bit. Everyone offered their thanks and started digging in.

“Auntie, where did you get this sauce duck? It tastes very good!”

“I made them myself.”

“Auntie can cook so well! Woah, there’s also black chicken soup..”

Detective Tang Yuanchu kept singing praises about the soup after drinking it, “Nice, really nice! It must have been tough on you to prepare so many dishes, auntie!”

Tang Yuanchu was the number one mascot of cuteness in the Criminal Investigation Unit, Hongjiang Division… He had acted like a young girl when he praised Nanny Li’s cooking. Nanny Li was smiling from ear to ear.

“It’s not tough, not tough at all. I’m glad all of you like the food. Your health won’t be able to take it even if you’re made of iron by pulling all-nighters frequently. Don’t disregard your body just because you’re young. In the future, if you want to eat something, just tell me, I’ll make them for all of you…”

Nanny Li was dressed like an elegant lady rather than a nanny. Her sincere words made her feel amiable; her words were right on the heart of the group of detectives.

Yes, it’s really tough!

But even if it’s unbearable, we still need to do our work!

The moment they made up their choice to become a detective, it meant they had chosen a hectic lifestyle like this.

The atmosphere was stagnant for a while, and only the muffled chewing sounds were heard.

Xiang Wan saw this and smiled toward Nanny Li as she wanted to drive the heavy atmosphere away. “Nanny Li, this soup is so fresh! It’s very nice!”

However, this was a case of “go for wool and come home shorn”.

Several gazes landed on her…

Detectives were sensitive people. By calling “Nanny Li”, Xiang Wan had given herself away.

When Xiang Wan noticed her mistake, it was beyond repair.

She wished that she should have bitten her tongue before she spoke up.

Bai Muchuan suddenly chimed in, looking stern, “Eat faster! There’s still work.”

With their boss’s order, they started to talk again, enjoying their little break.

Everyone laughed and chatted around; they did not seem to be tired nor sleepy although they had stayed up till three o’clock in the morning. Huang He even cracked jokes.

Unexpectedly, Detective Huang He was a professional joker, Xiang Wan laughed so much that she felt cramps on her face.

At this time, in the roaring crowd of laughter, Bai Muchuan’s little niece quietly sat beside Xiang Wan.

“Hi sister,” she tried to speak softly, “you’re the one my little uncle brought back home right?”

This is so sudden!

So straightforward!

Are the eyes of young girls nowadays made of titanium alloy?

“Well…” Xiang Wan cleared her throat; she suddenly felt her tongue was dry. “Not really.”

The young girl seemed as though she was scanning Xiang Wan with her X-ray eyes. That made Xiang Wan really uncomfortable.

“My name is Bai Lu!” she said.

Her surname is Bai too? Isn’t Detective Bai her mother’s younger brother?

Xiang Wan was confused. Bai Lu smiled and explained, “I took the same last name as my mom and little uncle.”

Oh yes! That sounds normal now. But Bai Muchuan’s niece is so big already? How old is he, and how old is Bai Lu’s mother?

People who engage in creative writing are curious in nature. However, Xiang Wan was not that close to nose around their family matters. She returned a smile and continued to drink the soup.

“Sister, what’s your name?” Bai Lu seemed really interested in her and was still studying her. “You’re not a detective, are you?”

Is it so obvious that I’m not a detective? Xiang Wan was perplexed.

The detectives in the office wore casual clothes, and the word “detective” was not written on their faces. How did Bai Lu conclude that she was not a detective?

“You look like a suspect!” Bai Lu exclaimed suddenly.

“…” Xiang Wan felt like sewing Bai Lu’s mouth up.

However, just one look at her and Xiang Wan knew that this was just a spoiled young girl. Add to the fact that she was also the niece of Detective Bai, she pondered for a while and returned an awkward smile instead.

“Why don’t you say anything?” Bai Lu’s nose wrinkled. “Are you guilty?”

Another overbearing question! Xiang Wan started to get frustrated.

“Am I familiar with you?” She looked at the exquisite eyebrows of Bai Lu with an unhappy face. “Since you’re so good at physiognomy, why not ask your little uncle to let you take over his position as Captain of the Criminal Investigation Unit? You only need to point out the criminal with one finger, and you’ll be able to save a lot of funds for the country!”


Bai Lu did not expect that Xiang Wan could make such a sharp retort, and was slightly taken aback. Her dainty face immediately went red.

Fortunately, a sharp ringing sound of a phone relieved their embarrassment.

Bai Muchuan answered the phone call, “Hello!”

“Okay! Keep your eyes on him!”

Xiang Wan did not know what the person on the other end of the phone said to Detective Bai. When he put down the phone and looked over, although his face was still as cold, a hint of smile flashed past his pair of dark, deep eyes.

“The fish has taken the bait! Prepare to retrieve the net!”

What kind of hook is the hook? What kind of bait is the bait? thought Xiang Wan.

“Great! This is awesome!”

“Brothers! Cheers!”

“After ‘retrieving the net’, we’ll go for a celebration!”

The detectives cheered with excitement and delight.

Xiang Wan sat at her place, looking at them all, totally clueless.

The desks in the office were now in a mess. Nanny Li was busy cleaning up. No matter if the detectives had finished eating the food or not, all of them put down their food and cutlery as they hurriedly got back to get their work done.

Bai Muchuan was checking the gun holster on his waist as he prepared to go out on a mission. When he walked past Xiang Wan, he stopped and turned to Nanny Li.

“Bring Teacher Xiang back to the house, put her up for the night.”

And so, he walked away without further explanation.

Xiang Wan was like a boiled shrimp as her face flushed red with embarrassment. “There’s no need for that. Detective Bai, I can return…”

Bai Muchuan’s cold gaze landed on her. “You’re not afraid?”

It’ll be weird if I’m not afraid! Thinking of that creepy, chilly alley and being home alone in my house… My knees already feel weak, but… Xiang Wan thought in her head.

It was almost four o’clock in the morning, and she did not want to bother anyone at this time. She had to admit that Bai Muchuan’s order to put her up for the night was actually a timely help in hour of distress although it was not appropriate. Nevertheless, she couldn’t come up with a good excuse to refuse that.

Of course, he didn’t give her a chance to reject either. “You’ve not cleared of suspicion yet. If something happens, at least you’ll have an alibi.”


Xiang Wan felt a sense of desperation overcoming her.

She couldn’t get out of the situation and had to face Bai Lu.

How embarrassing was it for her as she lied to Bai Lu earlier, and now, she got exposed right in her face?

The young girl looked at her with disbelief and disappointment that Xiang Wan felt a little regretful.

Why didn’t I admit it directly just now? At least I won’t be exposed publicly now!

Nanny Li drove an SUV. She was a cautious person, and she drove carefully. She hardly took her eyes off from the roads on the way back.

Therefore, Xiang Wan and Bai Lu fell into a tricky situation of silence.

Xiang Wan wanted to explain, however, Bai Lu’s initial warmth like a titmouse bird earlier, was gone. She behaved like a lump of ice, and did not even spare Xiang Wan a glance.

That night, Xiang Wan tossed and turned in bed.

She didn’t know when she managed to fall asleep.

When she opened her eyes in the morning, she was awakened by all the sudden sounds of many messages that were coming in.

Among the people who texted her, besides Fang Yuanyuan, there were also several readers who knew her phone number.

All of them said the same thing—the book reviews and comment section of “Murder The Dream Guy” were going to explode!

All of them asked—how did you know the details of Zhao Jiahang’s case beforehand?

Xiang Wan was bewildered.

Is this popularity? Just like that?

But somehow, it doesn’t feel right?

She rubbed her face, her messy hair was like a lion’s mane. She quickly picked up the phone to browse the latest breaking news.

There was an overwhelming amount of internet news, but mostly similar.

Xiang Wan only took one simple look and was astounded as if she saw a ghost. She couldn’t believe her eyes.

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