Murder the Dream Guy

Chapter 16 - An Unexpected Twist

Chapter 16: An Unexpected Twist

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At nine o’clock in the morning, the police held the first press conference on the 720 case to address the various issues that the public was concerned about.

First of all, the death of the local tycoon Zhao Jiahang, was it a suicide or murder?

The police said they obtained half of a fingerprint on the glare reducer on the deceased’s vehicle. That fingerprint matched the ones found on a deserted black car that had a fake car number plate. That car was the one that was spotted at Ocean Sky Hotpot. Both fingerprints belonged to the same person. The police also found that the two fingerprints were identified to belong to a technician working at a prestigious car modification club, his full name was Wang Tongsheng.

Last night, the police surveillanced Wang Tongsheng. Around four o’clock in the early morning, he came out of his rented home while carrying a luggage bag, preparing to flee. The police immediately arrested him and brought him back for interrogation.

Wang Tongsheng confessed to the crime.

Secondly, what was Wang Tongsheng’s motive?

Wang Tongsheng confessed that both he and Er Niu, whose real name was Tian Xiaoya, came from the same hometown, which was a remote village, and both had come to work in Jin City. Er Niu was working as a Tea Art Specialist at a teahouse which was nearby Wang Tongsheng’s workplace. He would often drive his customer’s car to the teahouse for tea. In no time, they got to know each other.

Wang Tongsheng liked the beautiful Er Niu and started to pursue her passionately.

But when he got closer to Er Niu, she told him that she was forced to be Zhao Jiahang’s mistress and had to conceive a child for the latter. She was unable to get out of the situation.

Wang Tongsheng also claimed that Er Niu was a simple and kind-hearted young woman. The reason Zhao Jiahang had chosen her to bear his future successor was exactly because she had no background, which meant she was easy to control.

He also confessed that Er Niu was unwilling to be Zhao Jiahang’s mistress and secretly cried on several occasions. He could not bear to see her grieving. Hence, he started to bear malicious intent toward Zhao Jiahang.

However, he did not tell Er Niu that he wanted to kill Zhao Jiahang. Instead, he just asked her to coax Zhao Jiahang to come patronage the club where he was working, exactly the place where he managed to modify Zhao Jiahang’s vehicle.

He wanted to avenge Er Niu, but it was a pity as Er Niu had not been able to wait until Zhao Jiahang meet his demise for she died shortly after.

She had a heart failure so unexpectedly that she didn’t even leave behind any last words.

Wang Tongsheng couldn’t bear the pain of losing a loved one. In addition, he was in constant fear due to the modification of Zhao Jiahang’s vehicle.

He knew that Zhao Jiahang’s vehicle would cause an accident sooner or later, but he didn’t know when would be the exact date.

Sure enough, after Er Niu passed on for slightly over a month, Zhao Jiahang had died suddenly.

Wang Tongsheng was extremely terrified and had prepared in advance—he had a car with a fake number plate, and was ready to flee. However, he also learned that there was a female author whose novel had almost the same story as the case. That really made him curious. He secretly went to check out the female author but heard that the police had taken her away for questioning. That was the first time. The second time was when he followed her to Ocean Sky Hotpot.

The above content was entirely from Wang Tongsheng’s confession.

The police said the case would still be subject to further review.

A stone could stir up a thousand layers of waves!

One wave passed and another comes along.

At that moment, Zhao Jiahang’s wonderful image collapsed!

Breaking news:

He was once the ideal husband, but now, he’s the worst amongst the scumbags!

Mrs. Zhao, who loved her husband as much as her life, are you alright?

“Murder The Dream Guy” is now the hottest topic!

Who is the female author who replicated Zhao Jiahang’s case into her novel?

All kinds of news headlines and topics caused a heated discussion among the public by the minute, attracting countless people to express their views and opinions.

Xiang Wan was dumbfounded!

The police press conference not only reversed Zhao Jiahang’s image, even his wife who laid a wreath at the entrance of the Municipal Bureau every day, left with shame and rage.

At the same time, Xiang Wan gained the advantages that Detective Bai spoke of.

She had become a “supernatural writer” who could predict the details of the case ahead of time. People was surprised and suspicious. They flocked in groups to her novel’s reviews and comment page to find out what was going on.

The novel, “Murder The Dream Guy”, had an unprecedented number of hits!

Nonetheless, when Xiang Wan looked at her reviews and comment page, where there were thousands of messages, she fell into a trance. She was not happy at all.

“This is irrational. There are too many illogical areas.”

She sat on the bed in Bai Muchuan’s guestroom and dialed his number. “Detective Bai, is that considered a conclusion of the case? What about those things that are still unexplained?”

“Hm?” His relaxed tone was slightly raised.

“Did Wang Tongsheng explain why he abused the cats?”

“He didn’t abuse the cats.”

“But the cat abusing act…”

“The death of cats are not within the jurisdiction of the police.”

“…” Xiang Wan quickly raised another matter. “What about the flowerpot?”

“It’s a coincidence!”

“What about my plot outline? Why did all five of my readers lie?”

“Maybe you’re the one lying!”

Bai Muchuan’s unconcerned tone infuriated Xiang Wan so much that her face was black as charcoal.

“Fine! If Wang Tongsheng never saw my plot outline, how did he know the details of the case? Explain it to me.”

“Hm?” Bai Muchuan seemed to sniffle a laughter. “Why should I explain it to you?”

D*rn it!

This person really needs a bashing!

Xiang Wan felt unlucky to have met this detective.

I must not have enough oxygen! She took a deep breath, smoothed her hair, and forced herself to stay calm. “Detective Bai, I feel that it’s too hasty of the police to close this case like this. I’m sure I’ve seen a woman at the alley the other day. And my instinct tells me that the case is not that simple.”


There was no sound from the other end of phone.

A long while later, Bai Muchuan suddenly puffed a sigh. “Who said that the case is closed? You closed it?”

D*rn it!

Xiang Wan knocked on her head. She didn’t want to always be so helpless and be led around the nose when talking to him.

“Detective Bai, I suddenly have a bold conjecture.”

“Tell me about it?” came the reply from the other end.

So finally, I can voice my opinion? Xiang Wan thought.

Xiang Wan curled her lips up, her tone gradually becoming serious. “Wang Tongsheng is lying! He’s not caught because you have trapped him, but he deliberately exposed his whereabouts… so you detectives can arrest him. And that means…

Hmph! hmph! “Who’s actually the mouse and who’s the cat, it’s still not certain.”

“Well,” Bai Muchuan did not have any strange reaction, but replied indifferently as usual, “his mental results are normal.”

How can a normal person plead guilty to manslaughter so easily and he seemed to deliberately get arrested by the police?

Xiang Wan squinted her eyes, her brain was thinking fast. “If a person is not afraid of being in jail and not afraid of being shot for the death penalty… there is only one possibility. There must be someone he wants to protect out of love.”


“This is reasoning from a romance fiction author.”

“Oh? Not a mystery fiction author?”

“Detective Bai!” Xiang Wan snorted seriously as another bold idea came to her mind. “Is it possible that Er Niu is not dead at all? As I wrote in the novel, the murderer is actually Er Niu. Wang Tongsheng had pleaded guilty as he wanted to protect her without any qualms. So, he put up with a show and did everything by himself in this ‘detective blockbuster’?”


“Didn’t you say so yourself and the dead can kill too?”


“Hello, Detective Bai? You trust my instincts.”

There was silence for a while. Bai Muchuan suddenly spoke, “I only believe in evidence.”

Xiang Wan felt helpless.

Why is this person so stubborn?

Maybe right in the beginning, he had wanted to close this case without addressing all the suspicious points of the case?

When she paused for a moment, Bai Muchuan’s voice was heard again. “Therefore, in order to get more evidence, I need your cooperation.”

Eh? Did he believe it? No, he might also have doubts and other considerations about the case as well?

Xiang Wan finally relaxed and spoke in a cheerful tone, “Okay! How do you want me to cooperate?”

At that moment, two knocks were heard on the bedroom door. “Open the door!”

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