Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 1: Icefield

Chapter 1: Icefield

The bone-chilling north wind whistles, engulfing and sweeping the large snow.

On the ice and snow that stretches for thousands of miles is a frail and fading youth. Draped by a piece of leather cloth, he is lurching along, lost between heaven and earth.

Every step appears extremely difficult.

But he walks very resolute.

Facing the direction of the wind, he continuously advances forward in deep and shallow steps.

The month is July, and it should be a scorching summer.

But here, there is goose feather snow swirling the whole sky.

Between heaven and earth is a vast expanse of whiteness.

It goes as far as the eye can see, not knowing east and west, unable to distinguish north and south.

The leather cloth draping the young man was originally black, but now the original color is indistinguishable. It’s covered in a layer of snow. Even if he frequently shook it, knocking the snow off, another thick layer would quickly accumulate.

The youth appeared to be thirteen or fourteen. He is tall and handsome with white skin, carrying a young, inexperienced, and innocent appearance.

But his eyes are persevering, bright, and extremely pure.

These type of eyes are rare, especially in this type of vile environment. It was a little out of place.

“So long as I find the Immortal Sky, then I can use the keepsake grandfather gave me, and give respects to the Immortal Sky’s Seventh Elder.”

After visiting the Seventh Elder, I can study an ability, then…….”

The youngster rubbed off the freezing ice and snow on his face, and mumbled: “Then, I can……go seek my father and mother!”

“When I find them, I must ask, ‘why have you been so heartless all these years, not paying any attention to me?'”

“If it were not for grandfather taking me in at that time……”

“Grandfather wouldn’t let me go seek them, only letting me study skills, but I will not!”

A color of resolution flashed in the clear pupils of the youngster.

“I want to find them, ask them……since birth, why didn’t you regard me!”

“They gave me the name Chu Mo, pledged I am their son, and left a piece of jade to prove my status. Then why didn’t they pay any attention to me?”

“Why do I have to wait until growing up, gather achievements, and rely on this piece of jade to be recognized?”

“What kind of thinking is this?”

“Such irresponsible parents exist under the heavens?”

“I must ask for an explanation!”

Chu Mo extended his hand from his sleeve, unconsciously feeling his chest. The piece of jade his mother left him was still stuck there.

Creak, creak……

Boots stamp in the snow, leaving behind footprints, and then they are quickly concealed with the snow from the sky above.

The slight gasping breath is also covered up by the whistling wind.

The lonely figure stubbornly moves forward, although slow. However, each step continues without stopping.

Unknown to Chu Mo at this time, a figure is flying in the empty sky at high speeds, unseen in the clouds.

It flashed by in a moment from far to near.

The figure was wearing all black robes. A fluttering sound blew from the high altitude winds.

His face was angular as if carved by a knife.

Eyes like a hawk emitted a fierce light.

Casually draping waterfall hair gave this person a reckless and unrestrained feeling.

This person appeared to be only 30 years old. But he carries an aura of being matchless under the heavens, looking out the corner of his eyes with disdain.

But his face was extremely pale, without a trace of color.

This person was speeding through the snow in the blink of an eye, and he appeared five kilometers away from where Chu Mo was lurching along on the ground.

Although the man in the air wearing black robes, and the young inexperienced Chu Mo were under the same sky, they were people in two different worlds.

There would be no intersection between these two people under normal circumstances.

But this man wearing black clothes suddenly stopped after inadvertently looking down.

Like that, he stopped in the void sky, turned his body around, and stared at the ice five kilometers away.

The thick clouds and a sky full of snow couldn’t block his fierce eyes. His vision directly fell on the youngster.


The man wrinkled his brows, letting out an expression of surprise.

Although this land of ice and snow is deserted, running into a couple figures isn’t an extremely strange event.

From the perspective of the man in black, it is merely an ant. He didn’t have the slightest bit of interest.

But he didn’t know why. Today he suddenly was hit by an impulse, and he casually watched.

In this world, there are curious coincidences. This glance let him discover a precious treasure.

His pupils suddenly lit up!

“Hey, My entire life I didn’t believe in the god of thieves, but now……did god open his eyes contrary to my expectations?”

“Knowing I will die, god sent me a present?’

“Casually glancing, I unexpectedly discover a genius practitioner?”

The man’s hawk pupils, suddenly revealed a hint of a smile.

Without carefully watching, he absolutely wouldn’t have seen.

The he directly strode in towards Chu Mo.

Every step carried him ten feet in the empty sky. In the blink of an eye, he appeared in the sky over Chu Mo.

On the ice and Snow.

While Chu Mo was trudging north into the wind, suddenly, he felt a burst of extremely cold and piercing chilliness suddenly attack him, making him unable to restrain from shivering.

“Why is it suddenly so cold?” Chu Mo mumbled.


Chu Mo suddenly felt the air around his body become very thick.

A cold atmosphere emitting matchless murderous intent wrapped him up.

Although Chu Mo wasn’t especially clear on what the murderous intent was, but he still could feel the deadly aura.

It was the same as that thing he experienced in the past.

Suddenly without knowing why, the swirling snow in the sky quietly stopped.

Chu Mo raised his head, staring into the clouded sky.

In the air, a black figure was standing there, faintly looking at him.

Chu Mo was immediately frightened.

He forcibly blinked and looked again.

The person was still there.

It’s not an illusion!

That is a pair of ice-cold eyes!

Chu Mo swore he never saw such a terrifying person before.

His heart incessantly started thumping with just one look, like it was going to jump out of his throat!

He even suspected death was imminent!

The restraining pressure made him want to cry out, but he discovered that he couldn’t speak.

His mouth couldn’t open!

Seeing this person, he didn’t know why, but he suddenly felt the urge to kneel down.

Chu Mo resisted, straightened his body, and stared at the person.

The figure in the sky flashed at that moment, appearing directly in front of Chu Mo.

The pair of ice-cold pupils fell on his body, squinting up and down……carefully measuring him up.

Finally he opened his mouth and spoke: “Not bad, I never imagined. Not only is the aptitude exceptionally good, but the meridians…….they are also outstanding!”

“Boy, come with me!”

Following with the man in black’s words, Chu Mo suddenly felt light, and the stifling feeling immediately went away.

But facing the suddenly appearing man in black still gives a lot of pressure, like facing something not human.

But rather……a mountain!

A large mountain!

Chu Mo looked at the young man at a loss, then said with a look of astonishment: “Why do I need to follow you? Who are you?”

The man in black’s face was completely emotionless, and an eyebrow slightly peaked: “Respect me as Master. You are my disciple!”

Chu Mo immediately stared blankly, foolishly looking at the man for a long time. After confirming the man wasn’t joking, he finally shook his head saying: “No!”

“Huh? The man in black’s brows slightly wrinkled, and a humming noise came from his nose.

Chu Mo could clearly feel the deathly aura……once again it enshrouded him.

Furthermore this time it was clearly even more severe than before.

He even could distinctly feel the man before him only needed to enact a thought, and he would immediately die.

A teenager suddenly encountering this type of thing, to say he is unafraid would be an absolute lie.

Chu Mo used great effort to gasp for air, but, he still used his pair of bright eyes. Staring at the man in black, he used all his force to shake his head: “No, I can’t……agree to you!”


“Traveling the world for so many years……no one before him had ever dared say this word!”

The man in black coldly looked at Chu Mo: “Why don’t you try speaking again?”

Chu Mo looked at him a little scared and pulled back his neck, but he still shook his head: “No……”

“To not shed a tear until one sees the coffin!” The man in black coldly spoke. Without any movement from the man, Chu Mo’s body suddenly rose several meters above the earth.

“Do you agree or not?” The man in black coldly asked.

“No……I don’t agree!” Although Chu Mo had an appalled expression, and his body body couldn’t stop from trembling, he still shook his head.


Chu Mo felt his body ruthlessly fling towards the ground!

But it wasn’t falling…..rather, it was accelerating to the ground.

Just like a small child playing with mud, grabbing a clump……then ruthlessly throwing it to the ground.

Right now Chu Mo is that ball of mud……

“AH!” Chu Mo couldn’t help but let out a scream.

Then……he finally stopped upside down a few feet from the ground.

Chu Mo felt his heart quickly jump, and his eyes filled with fear.

“Do you agree or not?” The man in black asked.

“No……I don’t agree!” Even though the three immortal souls and seven mortal souls were scared half to death, Chu Mo still refused.

[TL: In Daoism, there are three souls. The heaven soul, earth soul, and life soul. When one is born the life soul splits into seven chakras which form the seven mortal souls.]

“Then die!”

The man in black coldly sounded, and Chu Mo fiercely sent out a miserable yell.

He felt the all the bones from head to toe suddenly want to scatter, wanting to be removed from his body.

Then, a feeling like ten million ants crawling over every inch of his body, madly biting him, tearing and pulling at his flesh.

That kind of feeling is simply a living death.

Perhaps not much time passed, but to Chu Mo, it felt like a lifetime.


His body lost control, and he dropped a few feet to the ground, followed by the sound of bone cracking.

An arm was broken.

Chu Mo limped in the snow, his entire body soaked in sweat.

The man in black coldly looked at him: “Do you agree or not?”

“No……I don’t agree. Kill me……” Chu Mo looked weak, and he feebly said.

“You still refuse?” The space between man in black’s eyebrows rippled a touch of hostility. This time he was really a little angry.

“Well then I want to take a look and see. How hard are your bones?”

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