Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 2: Below the Lonely Mysterious Mountain Peak

Chapter 2: Below the Lonely Mysterious Mountain Peak

For the following half hour, the man in black used no less than ten methods to torture Chu Mo. He wanted to make him beg to be spared.

He even created several types of demonic fantasy environments from thick qi to frighten the teenager.

Every time, Chu mo was scared half to death, and his eyes filled with fear. The fantasy world was honestly extremely real, and he was scared half dead.

But at the end……he still spoke three words: “I will not!”

“Hey……” The man in black was seething with anger, spouting smoke from the seven orifices. He had roamed the world several years. What kind of person hadn’t he seen before? But today he had no way to break the brat.

Who knows how many people would be alarmed to death if word of this got out.

The Grand Demon Lord takes the initiative to recruit a disciple. The opposite party is not only ungrateful, but flat out refuses him. Furthermore he is tortured, and refuses to relax his mouth.

This is an anecdote that could absolutely shake the world.

“You……you are wicked!” Chu Mo was weak, collapsed on the ground, lacking even the strength to move. Who knows how many pieces his bones were shattered into.

But he still didn’t have any idea to admit defeat, he angrily said: “How can you be like this? If other people aren’t willing, do you still force them to be your disciple?”

“You, are you really not afraid of death?” With an awe-inspiring tone his cold pupils stared at Chu Mo.

His eyes flashed a murderous intent, it seemed anything could happen at any time, finishing this young obstinate life.

“Afraid……extremely afraid.” Chu Mo honestly answered. This man in black was extremely terrifying to Chu Mo.

More terrifying than all the nightmares he had experience.

“Afraid, yet you still dare refuse me?” The man in black coldly said, casting a sidelong glance at Chu Mo.

“I, I must go to the Immortal Sky. My grandfather rescued the Seventh Elder of the Immortal Sky!”

“The Seventh Elders gave my grandfather a keepsake. I only need to bring the keepsake to the Immortal Sky……”

“The Seventh Elder will certainly accept me as a disciple!”

“The Immortal Sky is the world’s number one upright sect!”

“In the Immortal Sky, they are all grand heroes, knights who rescue the world from pain, and immortals!

“They aren’t like you, who forces people to be their disciple”

Chu Mo’s blood began rise, crackling and spattering a pile as he spoke, putting the man in black opposite of him into a daze.

After a long time he uttered a laugh: “Immortal Sky is the number one upright sect?”

“Everyone inside is a grand hero?”

“They all are knights who rescue the world from pain?”

“They are all immortals?’


[TL: Pei = to spit in contempt.]

“Simply bullshit!”

“Every upright sect if filled with good people? Foolish!”

Chu Mo is a child built of stubborn strength. No matter if his whole body was in pain,feeling in so much pain he would rather be dead, and endlessly weak, he still raised his head. He steadily looked at the man in black: “You speak nonsense!”

“Immortal Sky is definitely not like you said!”

The Demon Lord upon hearing this, the corners of his mouth violently twitched. If it were not for his aptitude and meridians being a rarity in all the world. If he were not inflicted by the poison of the seven demons. Time is running out, he needs to pass on his body……at an earlier time he would have spanked this disobedient child and killed him!

“You said the Immortal Sky is soo amazing. I’ll ask you. Have you seen a person from the Immortal Sky?” The Demon Lord sucked in a deep breath, looking at Chu Mo.

“No, but my grandfather has met them!” Chu Mo said: “furthermore, the world’s reputation of Immortal Sky is also outstanding!”

“If one person says it is good, it is possibly not good, but if many say it is good, then it must certainly be good!”

The Demon Lord smiled: “Many people say it is good, then it is certainly good? If many people say it is bad, then is it certainly bad?”

“The world has become benighted because of too many imbeciles like you. Following the herd, although the leader has eyes, each person behind is a blind child.

“Boy, did you not say the how good the Immortal Sky is?”

“You wish to enter the Immortal Sky and become a disciple no matter what right?” The Demon Lord looked at Chu Mo and asked.

At this point Chu Mo didn’t have strength left to speak. He only slightly nodded.

“Then, Do you dare make a bet with me?”

“I’ll bet you, even if you bring that piece of shit keepsake of the seven elders, you absolutely won’t become an Immortal Sky disciple. even……You want to enter the Immortal Sky sect. It is not that easy!”

The Demon Lord coldly stared at Chu Mo: “If you win, not only will this deity give you an apology, furthermore I’ll give you amazing wealth. So much wealth, that you will easily become the richest man in the mortal world!”

“Don’t you want to be a cultivator? You should know……when cultivating, wealth is one of the most important factors!”

“Don’t think the poor will have any success on the cultivating path!”

Chu Mo’s black painted pure eyes looked at the Demon Lord. With great effort he said: “And……if……I lose?”

“Ahahahaha, didn’t you say, I will certainly enter into Immortal Sky?” The Demon Lord couldn’t help but coldly laugh.

This is the first time he felt happy since meeting the small child.

“You are a little brat who wants something for nothing. What could this master be scheming against you? There are countless people who want this master to become their teacher. You can’t tell good from bad!”

“If you lose, you must honestly become my disciple!”

“Pass on my Legacy!”

“I…..can I not bet with you?” Chu Mo weakly said.

The Demon Lord became angry. He understood. This little bastard is convinced he is evil. No matter what the child didn’t want to become his disciple.

You don’t want to?

This master couldn’t believe this evil!

I will yet receive you as my disciple!

Coldly looking at Chu Mo: “You feel like you have a choice?”

Chu Mo shook is head. He also didn’t believe he had a choice. Even if he is young, he still saw this clearly. This demon really wanted him as a disciple, otherwise he would have been killed long ago.

Who would waste so many words with him.

Asking was only his final attempt.

Chu Mo wasn’t stupid. Although he lacked experience, he still had intelligence.

He finally nodded: “Fine, I’ll gamble with you. But I have one condition……You mustn’t interfere. You cannot get in the way!”

“Humph, this thing is extremely shrewd.” The Demon Lord showed no expression, but coldly laughed in his heart: But, how could you be my match? I am evil, of course I want to interfere. Of course I want to get in the way!

But He now knew this child’s temper. If he didn’t promise, he was afraid his hopes would be dashed.

In order to receive this disciple, the Grand Demon Lord decided to be completely open.

He decided to bring out his most disdainful methods he had never used before.

“Fine, I promise you. I will change into an ordinary person from head to toe. I won’t interfere with your matters!”

“If you succeed in entering the Immortal Sky, I will respect my promise. I will turn around and leave!”

The Demon Lord coldly smiled looking at Chu Mo.

In his mind he thought: If that happens, I will snatch him and leave!

The disciple I want, how could he enter another sect?

He wants to enter the Immortal Sky group of idiots, how could he struggle against me?

Chu Mo said: “If I can’t get into the Immortal sky, then I’ll go with you. I’ll become your disciple!”

The Demon Lord nodded, although he was angry in his heart he thought: Would this master slip below the Immortal Sky one day? It is simply ridiculous!

But he thought about the ability of this youngster. Under normal conditions, he could easily enter the Immortal Sky. He could even become the head disciple!

After all, with this kind of talent, who wouldn’t be envious? Who wouldn’t want to snatch it up?

Thinking like this, the Demon Lord became at ease in his heart.

Soon after, he used several methods to seal up Chu Mo’s natural ability and meridians.

The Demon Lord could see this youngster is extraordinary, so naturally the Immortal Sky could also see this.

As a result, this so called non interference was a joke from the start.

This young man didn’t know how much he was worth!

But there were several people who could see his worth at a glance!

But a person who could see through the Demon Lord’s methods were indeed very very few.

In the Immortal Sky, perhaps the Sect leader or a few old bastards could see through the Demon Lord’s seals.

The other people……would not have that ability!

Therefore, after finishing everything, the Demon Lord laughed in his heart. Pleased with himself he thought: “Boy, after this, how could you enter the Immortal Sky?”

If a normal person brought a keepsake of the Seventh Elder, even if it was a keepsake of the Grand Elder, I’m afraid they would be rejected by those fake dignified and noble bastards.


Since when did the Immortal Sky do that?

You cannot escape from my hand!

Soon after, the Demon Lord hauled away Chu Mo. His image suddenly entered the sky.

In a moment the two people appeared high in the sky.

Chu Mo stared with fierce wide eyes. Although he saw this person come out of the sky, but flying with him in the sky was a completely different feeling.

Looking at Chu Mo’s curious appearance, the Demon Lord couldn’t help but say a little pleased: “How is it? Become my disciple, after a few years, you can fly in the sky yourself!”

“Humph! After a few years in the Immortal Sky I will!” Chu Mo said

The Demon Lord couldn’t help but roll his eyes. He was afraid that today he had shown more emotions than he had in the past ten years.

This little thing, although his strength is weak, but he has stubborn vigor…….an absolute rarity in the world.

Crying out he is afraid of death, yet refusing to bow down……he really is a little monster!

“But, I still like this spirit!”

“As if a fierce commodity, this master still won’t look at him!”

The Demon Lord refused to recognize him, grabbing him by the collar, he sped along the journey.

The 10,000km ice and snow field would have taken Chu Mo several years to traverse, but the Demon Lord only needed a few days.

After five days, the Demon Lord turned into an ordinary youth. The had carried Chu Mo, appearing at a place 10km outside of the Immortal Sky mountain gate.

A huge snowy mountain towered before the two.

The large snow mountain was magnificent, beautiful, tall, and straight. There were clouds located about halfway up.

The gate at the foot of the mountain was 300ft high and 200ft wide.

The gate was made of stone, and full of character. It is unknown how thick it is, but it gave people a feeling it was indestructible.

On top of the gate there were two words written——Immortal Sky!

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