Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 30: Legendary Immortal Palace

Chapter 30: Legendary Immortal Palace

This piece of jade is indeed too mysterious, and no one can give him an explanation. How could the horsemen he killed channel bloody light, and imprint on the large green stone in the piece of jade? What effect does this bloody spirit aura have?

This made Chu Mo’s heart filled with bewilderment.

He didn’t even know if this change is good or bad.

Chu Mo shook his head, and his face revealed several traces of annoyance. His brow slightly wrinkled, and he took out the secret envelope inside of the Da Qi special envoy’s storage ring.

The beginning of the secret letter contained something unexpected to Chu Mo. It was the arrangements Da Qi had with grassland, including their methods, and which people belong to Da Qi……it was all extremely detailed.

Chu Mo looked at the decapitated special envoy of Da Qi. He secretly thought: ‘This person’s status doesn’t look low! Not only does he have a storage ring that is rare even in large sects, but he also carries this type of secret letter. It looks like he isn’t a nobody.’

The positions of all of Da Qi in the grasslands seemed to be on the secret letter. This made Chu Mo think of all kinds of actions, and gave him enormous confidence.

When anticipating the enemy, the most important isn’t a person’s judgement, but rather (spy) intelligence!

Chu Mo silently memorized the contents of the letter, then he casually turned to the second page.

At one glance, his face revealed a shocked color.

Because the second page were almost completely unrelated to the things on the first page, but it made Chu Mo’s heart beat like crazy!

There was a map on the second page of the letter. It was a map of the grassland. On the bottom there were some words that gave an explanation. The position on the map is the hidden location of an Immortal’s palace!

The fist-sized Yuan stone sucked in by the piece of jade came from outside the legendary abode of the immortal.

The letter said that location exists in an extremely mysterious place. Although it is there in this world, but yet it seems self-contained.

A door opens every full moon, but the location the door opens is different every time. And not just any person can enter.

This location has already been discovered for two years. Da Qi has sent over a hundred men to enter the door, but they were all defeated.

A couple people actually entered, but they have never come out. Odds are they died inside.

The secret letter said Da Qi’s three princes entered the grasslands. They were personally in charge of destroying the Wang Court and searching for the immortal palace.

Immortal palace!

These two words are enough to make someone’s blood surge.

Legends say the founder of the Immortal Sky was an almighty person near immortality. Two hundred years after establishing the sect, he broke through the sky and levitated heavenwards!

This matter was completely recorded and widely circulated.

Members of large sects like the Immortal Sky and a couple others all call themselves cultivators. In their eyes, the secular people of the world are all common people. They are ignorant and lacking a spiritual aura.

Only cultivators are entitled to seek the faintly visible immortality path.

But speaking of, for the past several hundred years, there hasn’t been a single immortal person appear and break through the heavens.

Because of this, if an immortal palace was truly discovered on the grasslands, then don’t mention the people of the secular world, the large sects would even be jealous.

“This is startling news!” There was flickering light in Chu Mo’s pupils.

Then he suddenly thought, the elusive Qi Xiaoyu. Chu Mo couldn’t help but guess: This girl disappears every day without a trace, don’t tell me she……is also seeking this immortal palace?

He believed this is a real possibility. Like this, it could explain how she is such a remarkable young girl, able to appear in such a desolate location.

Chu Mo calculated how far away the next full moon is. There are still eight or nine days. The secret letter only showed one location, but this is already enough for Chu Mo.

Because he has a superiority over other people that cannot be compared!

That piece of jade!

Chu Mo believed if that place really has an immortal palace, there must certainly be good things inside. The jade would certainly give him a sign. After all, both the Yuan stone and a withering shrub didn’t get past the jade.

Gathering up the secret letter, Chu Mo walked over the Ge Erzha. He looked at him without saying anything, then he walked to the side. Chu Mo sat cross-legged on a piece of felt and started silently cultivating.

Including attaining experience in battle, everything needs time to digest.

Chu Mo isn’t like those disciples in the large sects with masters giving point by point instructions and direction. He had a lazy master, and everything could only be grasped himself bit by bit.

It is very bitter, and somewhat arduous, but every acquisition made Chu Mo extremely happy.

He could clearly feel himself quickly increase and grow every day.

Early the next morning, the east revealed a gray dawn. Nuo Yi’s guard woke up and saw Chu Mo sitting there guarding the whole night. His face immediately revealed a color of shame.

“Son Lin, quick go rest a moment. I’m truly sorry. We made you stay here doing night watch for us.” A bodyguard looked at Chu Mo and spoke.

Chu Mo opened his eyes, waved his hand, and said: “No harm, I needed to cultivate.”

Several more people woke up soon after, and they buried all of the corpses.

Nuo Yi woke up after everything completed. She lead along that little six or seven year old boy before Chu Mo. Her whole manner was several times better than last night.

Nui Yi’s pair of water pupils fell on Chu Mo, and she softly spoke: “Noble son, did you not rest all night?”

Chu Mo laughed and said: “As for me, cultivating is rest.”

A trace of worship appeared in Nuo Yi’s pupils: “People cultivating are really different from the masses!”

At this time, the little boy lead by Nuo Yi suddenly looked at Chu Mo and loudly said: “How about being my sister’s husband?”

“……” Chu Mo was immediately speechless. The corners of his mouth twitched, and he didn’t know what to say.

“What did you utter!” Nuo Yi’s face turned bright red, and she softly patted her little brother’s head.

The little boy looked at Chu Mo and said: “You’re so fierce, the thing us grassland people worship the most are heroes! I don’t want an older brother from Elder Hao Yue’s household to be my sister’s husband. I hate them!”

“Don’t speak carelessly!” Nuo Yi chided her little brother, and turned to Chu Mo with a red face: “I’m sorry, little children don’t understand things……”

“I’m no longer little……” The little boy protested: “You aren’t much older than me!”

The boy looked again at Chu Mo: “We are both men, you give the happy words, yes or no……”

“You little fart child, what man?” Nuo Yi angered a little, and she kicked the little boy’s behind. Then she pulled his ear, and dragged him back into the tent to teach him a lesson.

It is often said children’s words carry no harm, but Chu Mo isn’t a grown up himself. He could only dumbfoundedly maintain silence when facing this kind of matter.

Weddings and what not are currently far away from him!

But if this were a different time and place, I’m afraid he would have already excitedly replied.

Thinking of that brother of his own in yellow flame city, Chu Mo’s eyes revealed a trace of sadness, but it was quickly replaced by a resoluteness.

“The things I do here will be beneficial to all of Da Xia!”

“Wait until I finish the things here, I will return home!”

The group of people once again got on the road soon after. The whole unit’s atmosphere was several more times relaxed than before.

The people going through life and death revealed a dull smile, burying the injuries of the past in their hearts.

Nuo Yi seemed to be somewhat brooding over the earlier matter, and she didn’t really dare look into Chu Mo’s eyes. The little prince of the Wang Court furtively glanced in Chu Mo’s direction, but he didn’t dare be too wanton. His sister probably didn’t let him off easy earlier in the morning.

After a night’s rest, Pang Zhongyuan’s vigor recovered for the most part. He enjoyably talked with Chu Mo along the road.

Pang Zhongyuan gave Chu Mo an introduction about several affairs on the grassland, including the distribution of each power, even the local customs of the grasslands.

Chu Mo discovered Pang Zhongyuan’s knowledge to be very profound. He carried an air of authority when speaking. Chu Mo reckoned Pang didn’t have a nameless history in Da Xia. He was sure there was a story behind coming to the grasslands.

But Pang Zhongyuan seemed unwilling to mention Da Xia, and Chu Mo didn’t pester.

Chu Mo was pleasantly surprised to discover that the road to Elder Hao Yue’s clan was actually the same direction as the location of the immortal palace!

This made him very happy. At least Chu Mo now didn’t have to find a reason to go off on his own and find the immortal palace.

Only having to go a little distance, he would have several opportunities to search.

There is no need to worry about this matter, because there is an opportunity every month. The immortal palace would have already been snatched up a long time ago by others if it was that easy to enter.

Nuo Yi and the others didn’t kill or interrogate Ge Erzha along the road. They only tied him up, and carried him on a horse. Chu Mo curiously found out from Pang Zhongyuan, Ge Erzha is actually a close nephew of Elder Hao Yue!

Strictly speaking he could be considered a younger generation of the grasslands Wang Court!

Pang Zhongyuan quietly told Chu Mo: “In fact the large majority of the Wang Court imperial guards are all related to the Wang Court, otherwise it is very difficult to become one of them.”

“This time, the Wang Court suddenly changed, and such a large unexpected event occurred, but there weren’t many actual traitors in the imperial guard. Those few real traitors were all the close subordinates of prince Jin and Yin. Furthermore the families of others were seized by prince Jin and Yin, and they didn’t dare disobey.”

Chu Mo said: “Is Ge Erzha also in that type of situation?” Chu Mo’s impression towards Ge Erzha became a little bit stronger after last night.

Chu Mo didn’t care if others knew he took something from the body of the special envoy, but he would be a little embarrassed if Ge Erzha told this secret.

But Ge Erzha didn’t say anything. The same as if he forgot the matter. Throwing away his prior deeds, this person……he could be considered a man.

“Elder Hao Yue is relatively mindful of kin. This is the reason we begged you to hold back the blade at that time.” Pang Zhongyuan spoke, then he looked far away and lightly said: “We will soon arrive, continuing on I must temporarily take my leave from noble son Lin!”

Chu Mo laughed: “No matter, the situation is serious.”

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