Murdering Heaven Edge

Chapter 29: Bloody Spirit Aura

Chapter 29: Bloody Spirit Aura

“Establish our own group?”

Princess Nuo Yi’s pair of star pupils flickered brilliant rays of light in the sunset, but she immediately bitterly laughed: “Can we stand up on our own like this right now?”

“Given that I truly start up my own group, but with only a dozen men……what use is it?”

“And those clans, would they listen to a down and out princess’s words?”

“When my uncle gets the news, I’m afraid he would be the first to send troops and destroy us!”

Chu Mo’s head shook: “Your highness, you are wrong!”

“Ah? that son says I am wrong?” Nuo Yi’s pupils landed on Chu Mo.

“We won’t give your uncle that opportunity!”

“I said establish our own group. We will absorb Elder Hao Yue……after your uncle, it will be officially announced!”

“You continuously think no one will react to you and help you……it is not true.”

Chu Mo’s voice carried a hint of tenderness of a juvenile, but the words he spoke made Nuo Yi and Pang Zhongyuan completely shocked.

“Because, right now you are a down and out refugee princess! Who could respond to you at this time? Who dares respond to you?”

“But…….if it is a righteous vengeful princess, with the support of Elder Hao Yue, think, would those clans who haven’t joined Da Qi choose to support you?”

“They haven’t turned their backs, don’t tell me they are afraid to die?”

“They are actually waiting!”

“Waiting for the Wang Court’s action!”

“Admittedly there are traitors, but I believe the majority of the strong men on the grasslands are blood natured!”

“Including among those betraying clans. There are certainly some who don’t wish to be lackeys of Da Qi!”

“But everything, only you……your royal highness, only you can do it!”

Nuo Yi looked at Chu Mo: “Elder Hao Yue……”

Chu Mo looked at Nuo Yi and plainly said: “You don’t need to worry about the problem of elder Hao Yue supporting you……he naturally won’t support you.”

“Yes!” Nuo Yi’s feminine face revealed a trace of bitterness. She lowered her head and said: “Had Father and mother still lived, right now under these circumstances, uncle he……he wouldn’t support us.”

Chu Mo smiled at this time: “Then attack until he supports!”

Nuo Yi was slightly startled.

Pang Zhongyuan’s eyes ferociously lit up to the side, looking at Chu Mo: “Don’t tell me son Lin……wishes to help us?”

Nuo Yi also responded, and looked upon Chu Mo expectantly.

Chu Mo smiled: “Mr. Pang, wise men don’t speak ignorant words. Is this not what you wanted?”

Pang Zhongyuan’s face revealed a trace of awkwardness, but it was quickly cast away. He eagerly looked at Chu Mo: “Son Lin, elder Hao Yue’s strength isn’t weak. Using military force to scare him isn’t an easy thing!”

Nuo Yi spoke: “Uncle has two guards at his side that have broken through the Yuan Closure. A single one’s strength is extremely powerful, moreover, those two are practically inseparable from uncle.”

“Those two even keep guard outside when uncle sleeps!”

Chu Mo laughed and said: “I never said forcefully attack. I’m afraid we don’t have enough people here. We would be shot up into hedgehogs!”

“Then……” Pang Zhongyuan and Nuo Yi looked at Chu Mo confused.

Chu Mo called the two closer, then spoke in a low voice.

Pang Zhongyuan’s eyes revealed a clear excited color.

Nuo Yi was yet a little hesitant. She looked at Chu Mo with a fluid glance: “Wouldn’t that be too dangerous for you?”

Her clear black and white beautiful eyes flickered a complicated sparkle: “This matter, doesn’t have anything to do with you after all, I…….”

Chu Mo looked at her, then plainly said: “Why would I come down the mountain to get experience if there wasn’t any danger?”

Nuo Yi and Pang Zhongyuan finally recalled this youngster comes is a disciple that cultivated in a large sect. They couldn’t help but shake their heads and bitterly smile.

Right now Chu Mo’s expression, too stunning.

Although they had heard of the legend in ancient time of the eight year old master, but seeing with their own eyes is a completely different matter.

[TL: It doens’t actually say eight year old young master. This is just what I believe it means. I believe they are saying that Chu Mo reminds them of a young master of legends, and and they wouldn’t believe had they not seen with their own eyes. Any help on the translation would be appreciated ‘有八岁拜相的传说’]

“Only like that……we would owe you too much. How would we repay the noble son?” Nuo Yi gazed at Chu Mo and lightly asked.

Chu Mo laughed, then said: “I am a person of Da Xia!”

“Ah?” Nuo Yi was slightly startled at first, then immediately reacted, smiling and saying: “You are disturbing Qi to rescue Xia!”

“Disturbing Qi to rescue Xia?” Chu Mo repeated, then nodded calmly: “Like that, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

“Then, let us happily work together!” Nuo Yi revealed a glittering smile. Only deep in her pupils was a faint loss of touch that no one else noticed: Originally, the things he did was for his country!

Pang Zhongyuan never thought of that aspect in the past. Because according to him, joining a large sect is basically the same as being cut off from the world.

Pang didn’t wish to admit he is an ordinary person. There are few……like Chu Mo would they openly admit they are doing it for their motherland? That is why Pang Zhongyuan looked even higher upon Chu Mo.

Sensing this teenager’s high IQ, extraordinary strength, passionate sense of justice, complete sincerity, and future prospects, he is absolutely limitless. Pang sighed as he looked to Nuo Yi at his side: I don’t know if our princess is that blessed……

The group of people made camp by the lake that evening. The people were on the edge of crumbling apart after several continuous days of fleeing. They relied only on will for support. Today’s danger has been temporarily relieved. Each and every one was too tired to move. No one ate after making camp, they all went straight into their tents and fell asleep.

There were only two guards on watch when Chu Mo and the others returned to the camp.

“You all go rest. You have suffered bitterness these days.” Nuo Yi commanded to the two guards on watch.

“It is more important for the princess to rest than us. It is no problem. We can hold our own!” The two guards refused, shaking their heads.

Pang Zhongyuan also spoke: “Princess, go rest. This is no problem. Tomorrow we will continue hurrying on the road.”

Nuo Yi looked at Chu Mo, and Chu Mo spoke: “Don’t worry about me. I am not as weary as you all. You all go rest. I will stay here and be on alert!”

“That’s no good.” Nuo Yi refused. In her viewpoint, this teenager had already become a crucial point in the life or death of the Wang Court. He couldn’t be neglected.

Chu Mo waved his hand: “I need to cultivate.”

“So it is like this!” Nuo Yi understood, then immediately made those two guards go rest.

Chu Mo was already like a god character in the eyes of the guards. Adding on their extreme exhaustion, it even further surged their veneration of Chu Mo as they returned to go rest.

In the end Chu Mo was the only one remaining in the whole camp. There was also the silent Ge Erzha tied to a pillar.

All of the other people who died in battle, including the special envoy of Da Qi cut down by Chu Mo in one slash, were all dragged back. This is the custom here. Hate abolishes after a person dies.

Only if there is a deep seeded hatred, otherwise, they wouldn’t leave the corpses exposed to the elements.

But none of these people had any strength left. They temporarily piled them over there, and they waited until tomorrow to bury them.

Each of the corpses appeared somewhat terrified.

Chu Mo didn’t admire the view of the corpses. He only remembered the past encounter when he met the group of people, and the jade gave him an indication.

But he never had an opportunity to search afterwords. What did the jade fancy.

Sounds of snoring rose in the camp. All the people were extremely exhausted and dead asleep. Otherwise, Chu Mo would be embarrassed to search.

He looked over at Ge Erzha, and Chu Mo slowly moved over to the group of corpses. Ge Erzha, tied up to the pillar, suddenly lifted his head at this time. His voice was very light as he hissed: “There is a ring on the special envoy of Da Qi. He showed it off to me. He said it is a ring of the gods that can store objects!”

Chu Mo turned and looked at Ge Erzha in his difficult situation.

“I’m not claiming any credit, or asking to be spared. I only want to tell you the grassland children of the Wang Court aren’t trash. They aren’t little people that sold their honor.” Ge Erzha spoke, and suddenly let the tears flow down: “They seized my parents, wife, and children. If I didn’t listen to their words, they would have killed my family……I know I should die, but I would never betray the Wang Court!”

[TL: Ge Erzha is referring to himself/grassland people in general when he says grassland children of the Wang Court.]

Chu Mo didn’t answer him, and he walked to the side of Da Qi’s special envoy. He saw there was indeed a pitch black ring on his hand. It was lusterless and unremarkable. He took of the ring, then used his spirit power to open it.

The ring had hardly any resistance to open it. The space inside was very small, only three square feet and four feet tall. It completely couldn’t compare to the jade space.

But this was already an unobtainable sacred object to the secular world.

Especially given that the amount of storage rings in the large sects is even uncommon.

There were several weapons and sets of clothes inside the ring. There was also a secret letter, as well as fist-sized……completely white stone.

“Yuan stone?” Chu Mo felt a burst of Yuan power fluctuating from the stone. At once he understood this is a Yuan stone.

But this object was unexpected. It is several times larger than the stones he has seen in the past!

Chu Mo took out the Yuan stone, and as expected, the jade around his neck slightly heated up. The fist-sized Yuan stone was directly sucked into the jade space.

Chu Mo’s consciousness followed into the jade space, because he was very curious what kind of changes would take place.

That piece of jade was hung above the gray colored shrub. Millions of strands of Yuan power flowed down like a waterfall, extremely beautiful!

It all flowed into the little tree.

“It is watering the little sapling……” Chu Mo mumbled. He looked at the Heaven’s Will My Will book on the stone, thought a moment, and withdrew it out.

After opening it up, he discovered there were actually a couple more words on the second page.

“Don’t tell me this is that piece of Yuan Stone’s power? It made Heaven’s Will My Will have even more words?” Chu Mo slightly wrinkled his brow, and felt somewhat not right, because followed the Yuan stone into the jade space.

He saw the power of the Yuan stone flow into the small tree’s body. It shouldn’t spread to the Heaven’s Will My Will.

Chu Mo thought, and put Heaven’s Will My Will back inside. There were only a couple more words, not enough for cultivation.

When he used his conscious to prepare and leave the jade space, Chu Mo suddenly discovered a blood colored mark on the stone where Heaven’s Will My Will was placed.

I would have never noticed that blood trace if I didn’t carefully look.

Chu Mo was certain it wasn’t there before!

Carefully looking, he discovered the fingernail long blood colored mark. The lowest part of the mark had the deepest color, practically the same color as blood.

Practically only a hair width wide. The top color is extremely light, practically impossible to see.

“What is this thing?”

Chu Mo muttered. All of the sudden, an intense blood aura erupted from that blood colored mark. Chu Mo jumped back in fright. The scene of Chu Mo killing all of the horse riders today appeared in front of him.

Then he saw a bloody light suck into the piece of jade, and it imprinted onto the stone.

The scene disappeared as quickly as it came.

But Chu Mo was shocked into not speaking for a long time. He was in a daze until he retreated from the jade space.

“This blood spirit aura……what is it?”

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