Mushoku Tensei (WN)

Volume 2


    I'm currently running.

    I'm fleeing away with all my strength from the beast's claws.

    I escape with all my concentration, carrying with me a heart full of fear.

    Over the stairs. Jumping through the courtyard. Sometimes using magic to cling to the roof. Sometimes falling down.

    "Where are you?!"

    That fellow releases a roar and chases after me.

    No matter where I run.

    I'm quite confident in my physical strength.

    After all I have been running since I was 2 or 3, training in the sword.

    But this bit of self confidence has been shattered.

    That fellow, as if to mock my efforts, chases me without running out of breath, with blood red hair flying in the winds.

    That fellow does not know the meaning of "giving up". No matter how far I run, the instant I relax, will be the moment that fellow closes the gap bit by bit.

    "Haaa....... Haaa......"

    I'm starting to run out of breath.

    I can't keep running. I'm already unable to escape.

    I'll hide. There's only that option.


    I hide in the shadow of the stairs, observing from the area that allows observation of the plants, when I hear the beast roaring from the center of the mansion.

    "I will never forgive you!"

    This roar makes my legs tremble.

    I am Rudeus Greyrat. 7 years old.

    I have bright tea colored hair. I'm a robust bishounen, and a former 34 year old NEET.

    Because I didn't go to my parents' funeral and got chased out by my family, I got killed by a truck. But because of fate's bad joke, I have retained my memories and reincarnated as a baby.

    I have reflected on my past life acting as a horrible human being, and in these 7 years, I have worked hard to live earnestly.

    Learning how to speak and write, learning magic, training in the sword, establishing good relationships with my parents, and even meeting a cute childhood friend named Sylphy. To be able to go to school with Sylphy, I have complied to the job's request, letting me earn for two people's share for the school fees, and come to the city of Roa.

    If I complete the job for the young lady's education, the employer will pay for the school fees --------- Even though it's supposed to be something like that.

    "Come out wherever you are! I'll crush you into bits!"

    I look out from the observation area, and shiver from the beast's noises.

    Trembling from the violent incarnate that is in the shape of a young girl.

    ------ Why has it turned out this way?

    I'll have to trace it back to 1 hour ago.

    When we reached Roa, it had turned into evening.

    The distance between the village Buina and Roa is about a day's journey on a horse carriage.

    If you count the time, it's about 6-7 hours. You can say that's far, but if you said it's near, it wouldn't be untrue.

    The city of Roa, is indeed one of the largest cities around here, as it is a bustling place.

    The first thing that I see are the walls.

    They surround the city to about 7-8 meters high, and look very reliable.

    Around the city gate, there is an unending flow of traffic, and once we're inside, I immediately see all sorts of hawkers.

    And right at the place where we just entered, there are a series of inns and stables.

    The citizens are mingling with the merchants, there are people wearing armor walking by, and the entire place looks like a fantasy out of a storybook.

    There are some people carrying huge luggage sitting right at an area as if they are waiting for something.

    What could it be?

    "Ghyslaine, do you know what that is?"

    I ask the person sitting opposite me.

    Having beast's ears and a tail, and wearing very revealing leather clothes with chocolate-colored skin underneath them, is a huge guy with muscles ----- No, it's a female swordswoman.

    Ghyslaine Dedorudia.

    Third in the Sword-God style rankings, a formidable swordswoman having the title of a Sword-King, has agreed to teach me swordsmanship where we are going to.

    She's the second teacher to me.

    "....... Kid."

    She reveals an irritated expression to my question.

    "Are you treating me as an idiot?"

    Ghyslaine glares at me fiercely, scaring me.

    "Ah no. I'm just. I don't know what that is, so I wanted to ask......."

    "Ah, sorry. That's what you meant."

    Seeing that I'm about to break into tears, Ghyslaine swiftly replies.

    "That's the waiting area for the public carriage. Going from city to city requires that, and if you pay the driver money, you can take it."

    Ghyslaine points to the shop houses one by one, telling me that this is a weapon store, that's a bar, and over there is some trading association. Hey wait, that's a pretty suspicious shop.

    Even though her appearance frightens people, she's very friendly.

    We enter into a corner, and the atmosphere changes.

    After the numerous stores catering to the adventurers, as we progress forward in the horse carriage, we see many residential shops.

    There must be people dwelling deep in the alley.

    It looks like a planned placement.

    If there are enemies around, the people surrounding here will defend, while the citizens escape into the heart of the city, or escape from the opposite direction.

    Since it's this kind of concept, the more you go in, the grander the horses are, and even the shops are taller.

    The deeper you go into the center, the richer the people.

    And then, right at the center of the city, is the tallest building.

    "This is the owner's mansion."

    "Rather than saying it's a mansion, this is more like a castle."

    It is said that 400 years ago, this place was held as the last line of defense. It's a city with a long history.

    So this is the castle in the city.

    But only the part about history is true, the nobles that are at the capital deem this as a place where many low class adventurers reside in.

    "It seems that the Ojou-sama's noble status is quite high since we're coming here."

    "Not exactly."

    Ghyslaine shakes her head.

    But since the Lord's mansion is already in front of my eyes, based on the earlier deduction, the people staying around here are obviously high class.

    ........ Or maybe not. Staying in this area situated near the borders, the rank might not be anywhere high.


    As I think of that, the driver greets the person at the mansion's gate.

    And enters it.

    "Is that the Lord's daughter?"


    "Is it not?"


    Is there some deep meaning to it? I just don't get it.....

    The horse carriage stops.

    When we enter the mansion, we are brought into a room that looks like it is meant to entertain guests.

    The butler points towards the two sofas.

    This is the first interview for me.

    I'll do this carefully.

    "Please sit over there."

    I obey and sit down, and Ghyslaine leaves without saying a word and stands at the corner of the room.

    Which can oversee the entire area.

    If that happened back in my past life, I would think it was chuunibyou.

    "The young master is about to come. Please wait a moment."

    The butler pours a liquid that resembles red tea into a very high class teacup, and waits at the entrance.

    I drink the steaming liquid.

    It isn't bad. Even though I don't know how to sample the quality of red tea, this must be quite expensive.

    From the start, there was no beverage prepared for Ghyslaine. It seems like I'm the only one treated as a guest.

    "Where is it!"

    When I ponder over this stuff, a huge voice and angry footsteps travel from the side of the rooms.

    "Is it here?"

    A robust looking man roughly enters the room.

    His age seems to be around 50 years old, and his dark brown hair is mixed with a little white hair, but he seems to be in a pretty good shape.

    I place the cup down and stand up, bending my waist to 90 degrees.

    "I'm pleased to meet you, my name is Rudeus Greyrat."

    The man snorts in dissatisfaction.

    "Hmph, you don't even know how to make a greeting!"

    "Old master, Rudeus-dono has never left Buina village. He's still young and hasn't had the time to learn etiquette. Please forgive that small rudeness......"

    "Shut it."

    The butler doesn't speak after he gets shouted at.

    This old Master guy should be the one who hired me.

    He looks like he's really angry. As if I'm inadequate somewhere.

    Even though I want to greet with care, it seems that noble's etiquette has its set of rules.

    "Hmph, Paul doesn't even teach the formalities to his son!"

    "I heard that Father hated the stiff rules, and thus he purposely did not teach me."

    "An excuse right away! You're the same as Paul."

    "Does father always find excuses?"

    "What do you think? Whenever he opens his mouth, it's an excuse. If he wets the bed, he finds an excuse. If he quarrels, he finds an excuse. If he lazes in his studies, he also finds an excuse."

    I see. That's true.

    "If you want to learn something, at least know etiquette! You didn't try it at all and that is how you turned out this way!"

    But what he says isn't wrong and not without reason.

    I have only learned magic and the sword, and I never thought about learning something new.

    Perhaps my vision is too narrow.

    I must reflect on it earnestly.

    "You are right. This is indeed caused by my own hands. I apologize deeply for this."

    The old master stomps on the floor with his feet as I lower my head.

    "But it seems that you didn't use it as an excuse, and tried your best to present a formal pose! I'll allow you to stay in the mansion!"

    I don't really get what's going on, but it seems that I have been forgiven.

    After the old Master throws down this line, he turns his body vigorously and leaves like a storm.

    "Who is?"

    I look at the butler and ask.

    "The Lord of Fedoa. Sauros Boreas Greyrat-sama. He's Master Paul's uncle."

    So that guy's a lord.

    He's a little too overbearing. I really worry about his ruling. Well, there are many adventurers here, so if he doesn't have that imposing figure, he probably won't be able to handle the duties of a lord.

    Hm? Greyrat, Uncle......?

    "That means he's my Grandfather's brother?"


    I had already guessed that Paul utilized the relationship that he broke off.

    But come to think of it, his old home is amongst the high ranking nobles.

    That guy must have been a young master from quite a good place somewhere.

    "What's wrong Thomas? Why is the door always open?"

    Another person enters from from the other side of the door.

    "But father looks quite happy. Did something happen?"

    That guy must have been a young master from quite a good place somewhere.

    A man with a slender body and bright tea-colored hair.

    According to the way he describes father, he must be Paul's cousin.

    "Young Master. I am really sorry. Old Master has just met Rudeus sama and seems to be pleased with him."

    "Hoh, a child that Father took notice of....... Did he choose wrongly? Hmm."

    He says while walking to the sofa opposite of me, and sits down.

    Ah, that's right, I better quickly greet him.

    "Pleased to meet you, my name is Rudeus Greyrat."

    I lower my head with almost the same bow that I did earlier.

    "Ah, my name is Philip Boreas Greyrat. When nobles do their greeting, they will bring their right hand to their chest and lower their head slightly. From the way you did it, you must have gotten scolded."

    "Is it something like that?"

    I imitated Philip's actions and raised my head a little.

    "Something like that, but the way you greeted isn't bad. If a blacksmith greeted Father that way, he would have probably been happy. Sit."

    Philip sits back down with a plop.

    I follow his directions to sit.

    ............ Has the interview started?

    "How much exactly do you understand?"

    "He said that if I teach the Ojou-sama here for 5 years, I will be supported with the fees to go into the Magic University."

    "Is that all?"


    "I see......"

    Philips puts his hands under his chin, as if to think about something, and his eyes look at the table.

    "Do you like girls?"

    "Not to the level of Father."

    "Is that so? Okay. You pass."

    Ah? Ara?

    That was too fast, right?

    "As of now, that child only favors two people, Edena who teaches etiquette, and Ghyslaine who teaches the sword. Before this, 5 people have been sacked. One of them was a man who has even taught in the royal palace."

    Even if he taught at the royal palace, the way he teaches might not be good, but I didn't say that out loud.

    "........... Does this have anything to do with liking girls?"

    "Not at all. Because Paul is one who would try anything for a cute girl, I'm wondering if you're the same."

    Philip shrugs his shoulders.

    I'm the one who feels like shrugging. You actually grouped me together with that guy.

    "To be clear, I don't hold any expectations of you. Because you're Paul's son, I want you to try in any case."

    "Whoa. That's a little too clear."

    "What's the matter? Do you have the confidence?"

    I don't really have it.

    But even if I don't, I can't say it out loud in this atmosphere.

    "I'm not too sure until I meet her......."

    If I fail at this job and search for another, I'll be laughed at very hard by Paul. Saying something like you're still a child or something.

    Are you kidding me?

    How can I be laughed at by a guy who's younger than me?


    "If it doesn't work out in reality......, let's try acting it out."

    I'll use my previous life's knowledge.

    A method to tame the Ojou-sama.

    "Act out. How does that work?"

    I describe it cleanly.

    "When I'm with the Ojou-sama, we will get kidnapped by a certain family's bad guy. I'll use language, math and magic to escape with the Ojou-sama, and return with our own strength to the mansion."

    After listening to my words, Philip keeps quiet for a while, but quickly understands the plot and nods.

    "In other words, you want her to take the initiative to learn. Interesting. But will it be that smooth?"

    "I think that it has a better chance than the adults educating her."

    A plot that usually happens in anime and manga.

    After witnessing or living through an incident, a child who hates books will learn the importance of learning.

    Even if it's a self directed and self acted scene.

    "Is that something that Paul taught, whatever that you said, a method to having girls feeding from your palms?"

    "No. Even if Father doesn't do all that, he's still very popular."

    "Popu...... Pffff....."

    Philip snorts in laughter.

    "That's true. That guy always had the ladies luck. Even if he stands there, there will be a girl coming up to him."

    "Anyone that Father knows seems to have hooked up with him. Even Ghyslaine over there seems to be one."

    "Ah. That's really something to be envious of."

    "I worry whether he will lay his hands on my friend in Buina village."

    After I say that, I begin to really worry.

    5 years later, she will grow up.

    When I go back, Sylphy has become one of my mothers. Oh my god.

    "You don't need to worry about that. Paul is only interested in girls who are "big"."

    Philip looks at Ghyslaine in the corner as he says that.

    "I, I see."

    I look at Ghyslaine. She's huge.

    Zenith and Lilia are also big.

    What do I mean by big?

    Of course, it's the boobs.

    "If it's 5 years, it should be fine. A mixed elf blood. Even if they grow up, they won't be so big. Also, I think Paul wouldn't be so sick."

    Is that so?

    And this guy actually knows that Sylphy is an elf.

    Then, as a precaution, I'll treat everything that has happened in Buina village, to have been thoroughly investigated.

    "I should say something like, "Will you try and seduce my daughter"?"

    "What exactly are you worried of from a 7 year old kid?"

    That's really too rude. I won't do anything at all. At most, she will fall in love with me. (I'll lead her).

    "But judging from Paul's letter, you were playing too much with that girl in the village, and he had to forcefully make you leave. Even though I think it's a joke, after listening to your plans just now, this might not be fake."

    "I'm only just a friend of Sylphy."

    And I want to raise my only friend to be my obedient girl.

    ------ Even if you tear my lips apart, that will never be said out loud.

    Some things that don't need to be said, shouldn't be said.

    "Well, fine. Nothing will progress if we just talk. I'll let you see my daughter. Thomas, bring her!"

    Philip stands up as he finishes saying that.

    Just like that, she and I meet.

    --- This shrew is really haughty.

    The first time I saw her, I made this judgment.

    She's older than me by two years. The corner of her eyes are raised, and she has wave-like hair.

    Her hair color is crimson. It's as if it's a pure red that has been painted on.

    Two words. Totally explosive.

    Perhaps she will become pretty, but most of the guys will think [It's impossible between me and her].

    Maybe a natural M........ Nah. Not even that low class.

    In any case, she's dangerous.

    Every cell in my body is screaming for me to not get close to her.

    "Pleased to meet you. My name is Rudeus Greyrat."

    But, in any case, I can't run away.

    I'll use what I learned just now.


    She snorts the same way her grandfather did from the first look.

    She stands with both of her feet planted to the ground, looking at me with a condescending attitude. Looking down from above.

    She's taller than me.

    She displays an unhappy attitude after seeing me, and says:

    "What the heck? Aren't you smaller than me!? Are you joking to let someone like this teach me!?"

    Wah wah blah. Her pride seems to be really high.

    But I can't retreat from this.

    "I think that it doesn't have anything to do with age."

    "What did you say!? You dare to argue with me!?"

    What did you say!? You dare to argue with me!?

    Her voice is so loud. My eardrums are about to shatter.

    "It's merely something that Ojou-sama can't do, that I can do."

    With that said, Ojou-sama's hair seems to turn straight,

    I have never seen anger that can materialize.

    This is utterly frightening.

    Guh. crap. Why do I have to be scared of a child who hasn't turned ten?

    "What? You're too arrogant. Do you know who I am?"

    "You're my older cousin."

    I hide my fear, and answer.

    "Cousin......? What's that?"

    "My father's cousin's daughter. You can say that you're my Granduncle's daughter."

    "What kind of confusing rubbish is that!"

    Was it something incorrect?

    Well, maybe saying the name of the relative is easier.

    "Have you heard of the name Paul?"

    "How can it be possible that I heard it before!?"

    "Is that so?"

    I feel surprised that she doesn't know the name.

    In any case, I'll talk to her.

    You must keep on talking. The god of walkthroughs once said that.

    The next instant that I think of that.

    Ojou-sama raises her hand.


    "........ Eh?"

    That was too sudden.

    The Ojou-sama suddenly strikes me.

    My mind is a little confused, and I ask her.

    "Why did you hit me?"

    "Because you're so arrogant when you're smaller than me!"

    "Oh, I see."

    The cheek that was hit stings.

    That really hurts.......

    The second image. Violence.

    I really have no choice.

    "Then, I'm hitting back."


    I didn't wait for her reply and slapped her.


    That sounds really weird.

    It is probably that I'm not used to slapping. Well, never mind. It probably still hurts.

    "When you hit people, it hurts."

    Do you understand now ------? As I prepare to say that, I saw that Ojou-sama raising her fist in fury.

    The Deva King. Exactly the same.

    Without waiting for me to think, she hits me.

    I stumble backwards, and she continues with a kick.

    My entire body flies backwards, after that impact to my chest.

    The next moment, she has mounted me.

    My hands are sealed with with her legs.

    A, ara? I can't move?

    "Wait, hey."

    My awkward voice is covered by the Ojou-sama's roars of fury.

    "You actually attacked me! I'm going to make you regret it!"

    The punches come flying at me.

    "Ow, owww, s, stop, eh, no, stop that."

    After the 5th punch, I finally use magic and escape from under her.

    I hold my trembling legs together and stand up. Raising my hands, and preparing to use magic to engage her.

    I use a wind magic shock wave aimed at the Ojou-sama's face.

    ".......No, longer can be forgiven."

    The Ojou-sama's face receives the blow and flies upwards, but she doesn't stop for one moment, and comes running like a monster.

    After seeing that expression, I realize I am wrong.

    I quickly run away in a tumbling manner.

    That isn't an arrogant Ojou-sama.

    That's like the protagonist in a delinquent manga.

    Maybe I can use magic to beat her senseless.

    But she will absolutely not listen to me.

    And once that Ojou-sama is revived, she will find me for revenge.

    I can try using Magic to bring her down every time.

    But she will not feel any setbacks.

    And she's different from the protagonist. Regardless of how despicable an act is, she will definitely use it.

    Like throwing a vase from the second floor, or hiding in some corner and using a wooden sword to cut me........

    She will use everything that she has, and return ten times the revenge.

    And she will not have mercy.

    This isn't a joke. I can't use healing magic if I don't chant it.

    And the battle doesn't end, she will never listen to me.

    Using brute force against her.

    That is not an option I can ever choose this time.

    And then, we go back to the beginning.

    After that, Ojou-sama gets tired and gives up looking, and returns to her bedroom.

    She didn't discover me.

    But she nearly found me. When that red haired devil walked in front of my eyes, I couldn't feel that I was alive. I have never thought I would experience the feelings of the protagonist in a horror movie.

    When I return to Philip in exhaustion, he smiles wryly to me.

    "How was it?"

    "Nothing works."

    I half cry when replying.

    When I got hit by her, I almost thought I would be killed. When I escaped, I almost cried out.

    I haven't experienced that for a really long time, and when I think about I remembered that, such a long time, which means I had experienced something like this before.

    Still. This isn't psychological trauma.

    "Then, are you giving up?"

    "I will not give up.]

    I haven't done anything.

    If I gave up so soon, wouldn't that mean that I got hit for nothing?

    "I need to request something from you."

    I lower my head to Philip with force.

    I need to let that beast know the meaning of true terror.

    "I got it. Thomas, go ahead and do the preparations."

    Philip instructs the butler, who then leaves the room.

    "But on that topic. The idea that you thought of was really interesting."

    "Is that so?"

    "Yes. You are the only one amongst the tutors that came up with such a big plan."

    "........... Do you think it will work?"

    I feel a little uneasy.

    Can I settle that Ojou-sama with my petty tricks?

    Philip shrugs.

    "That will depend on your efforts."

    He's completely right.

    With that, the plan is executed.

    I enter the room that has been allocated to me, and it seems to be filled with high grade goods everywhere. A huge grand bed, intricately designed furniture, beautiful window frames, and modern bookshelves.

    If I had coke and a PC, I could live here happily for the rest of my neet life.

    It's a good room.

    Perhaps I have the Greyrat name, and it's a room specially prepared for me to stay in, instead of giving me a servant's room.

    Speaking of servants. I don't know why there are are so many maids that are from the beast races.

    In this country, I heard that the demon races are discriminated against. Are the beast races an exception?

    "Haa........ Darn you Paul. You actually sent me to this crazy hell."

    I sit on the bed with my strength leaving me, and I hold my head that has a dull ache.

    The place that I was hit still stings.

    I mutter the chant to cast healing magic, and heal the wounds.

    "But, compared to my previous life, this is fine."

    The process of kicking me out of my home was the same, but this time it's different, and I don't need to roam the streets. A complete difference.

    Paul has arranged my life properly. A job and a place. Also, isn't there pocket money? That's an amazing level of care. If my siblings could've done that in my past life, maybe I could've pulled together.

    Helping me find a job, providing a place for me to stay, and watching over me and not letting me run.......

    No, that's still insufficient.

    A 34 year old neet without work experience. They had no other choice but to abandon me.

    Plus even if they suddenly do something like that, I can only vent. I probably wouldn't even want to work.

    Pulling away from my love (computer), I might even commit suicide.

    Only now works.

    The job that has been found, and the determination to earn money. The current now.

    Even though it was done by brute force, the timing was picked very well. I might have blamed Paul wrongly. But what's with that? That crazy violent creature. This is the first time in my 40 year life that I have seen that.

    It can't be used by two kanji characters. It is the incarnation of violence.

    That was like a boiling water hardware.

    It nearly caused me to have a trauma. I nearly, or maybe you can already say I peed my pants.

    "I feel like whatever I do, she will go crazy."

    It even seems like she will just view me as "The enemy" and go crazy.

    For that Ojou-sama, I'm merely a target.

    I will be quartered.

    "........ No wonder she got chased out of school."

    The way she attacked people can only be deemed as well practiced.

    That is a way to beat down people. Regardless of whether the opponent can or cannot retaliate, she will just hit them without care.

    Even though she's only 9 years old, the process of how she makes people feel helpless is too practiced.

    Can I teach someone like her.

    Philip and I discussed it over.

    Let her get kidnapped and experience helplessness.

    And then, I'll rescue her. She will then respect me, and obediently receive my guidance.

    The plan sounds simple, but I know the basic process.

    If she doesn't do something unexpected, it should progress smoothly.<another example of probable reversed meaning, found a number of these>

    But will it really be smooth?

    That level of violence is beyond my imagination.

    Using all her strength to roar and yell. Biting down on her prey, and then tearing it to bits.

    A violence that triumphs will.

    If she gets kidnapped, will she not feel a thing?

    If I rescue her, will she do an expression as if all this was to be expected and say, "Why didn't you come earlier, trash."?

    It's possible.

    It's possible if it's that Ojou-sama.

    She might do something unexpected, and I must think of a solution for everything. I must put down my determination.

    No matter what, this cannot fail.

    I keep thinking it through.

    The steps to make this plan work.

    But as I think about it, my thoughts are sinking into a marsh.

    "God. Please bless me to succeed......."

    I can only pray at the end.

    I don't believe in God in the slightest.

    But, just like many Japanese, when something happens, we seek God's protection.

    Saying something like, "please let me succeed".

    When I discovered that my divine artifact, (panties) was left in my room, I cry.

    My god (Roxy) isn't here.


    Name: Ojou-sama

    Profession: Granddaughter of the lord of Fedoa

    Personality: Violent

    When talking to her: Doesn't listen

    Language: Only able to write her name

    Math: Single digits

    Magic: Not even a scintilla

    Sword: Elementary ranked in the Sword-God style

    Etiquette: Boreas's style greeting

    The people that she likes: Grandfather, Ghyslaine

    When I woke up, I found myself inside a small and dirty warehouse.

    The sunlight was pouring in from the window with metal bars installed it.

    My entire body hurt, and after I ensured that there weren't any broken bones, I started to chant Healing Magic in a small voice.

    My hands were tied behind my back, but this was not really any trouble to me.


    I am completely healed, my clothes are not torn.

    Very good. The strategy is progressing smoothly.

    The plan for convincing Ojou-sama was this.

    1) First of all. Going with Ojou-sama to the clothing store.

    2) Because Ojou-sama is very mischievous, she will want to run out of the store by herself.

    3) Usually Ghyslaine will be beside Ojou-sama as her guard, but she will not notice Ojou-sama by 『coincidence』.

    4) Even though I'm following her, to her, I'm just a brat who's weaker than her and submitted into being beaten on the follow after quarreling with her, so Ojou-sama doesn't take notice of me at all.

    5) I will be treated as her follower, and move with Ojou-sama around the area. Gradually moving to an isolated place in the city (She seems to admire adventurers).

    6) At this point, the bad people that the Greyrat family arranged will appear.

    7) Easily knocking Ojou-sama and me out. Then kidnapping and bringing us to the neighboring city, and locking us up.

    8) I will use magic and escape from the area.

    9) Realize that this is a different city.

    10) Using the money hidden in my underwear, and taking a horse carriage back.

    11) Teach Ojou-sama when we reach home.

    Up until now, it had gone smoothly until step number 7.

    The next thing would be me using the Magic, knowledge, wisdom, and courage to escape from here in style.

    To keep the realism, I still needed to improvise an act.

    I don't know if it will succeed, and feel slightly uneasy......

    "..... Hm?"

    But this place is slightly different from the arrangement.

    The entire warehouse is full of dust, and the corner has a broken chair and an armor full of holes.

    Didn't they say the place wouldn't be shabby......?

    Well, even though it's an act, there's a need to bring out the real stuff. Let's just take it.

    "Urgh...... hmm......?"

    After a while, Ojou-sama also woke up.

    Opening her eyes. Realizing she's in a foreign place, and trying to get up, but also realizing that her hands are bound behind her, and in the end, falling to the ground like a worm.

    "What is this!?"

    Ojou-sama discovered that she couldn't move and started making noise.

    "Stop joking with me! Don't you know who I am!? Let go of me!"

    What a terrible yell. I had once thought of it back at the mansion, but she has never tried to control her voice at all.

    Can it be that she does it so that she can cover the entire house with one yell, in that incredibly big mansion?

    No. She probably has never thought about it. The Ojou-sama's grandfather, Fedoa's lord, is the type that also uses a voice to pressure others. The grandfather had used his voice to intimidate both the servants and Philip, and Ojou-sama must have witnessed it countless times.

    Kids like to imitate things, especially the bad stuff.

    "You're too noisy, you shitty brat!"

    While the Ojou-sama was creating a racket, the door got opened roughly, and a man entered.

    He has ugly clothes. His entire body stinks with a face full of stubble, and a bald head.

    If he presented a name card with bandit written on it, it would be quite persuasive.

    The acting is quite good. Now I don't need to worry about my acting being seen through.

    "You stink. Don't come near me. You stink too much! Don't you know who I am? Ghyslaine will immediately come and cut you into half!"


    With a noise that sounded like it hurt very much, Ojou-sama got kicked by the man.

    She uttered a noise that a lady will never make.

    Her entire body flew up and finally knocked against the wall violently.

    "Damn you! What are you trying to be arrogant for!? I know you two are the grandchildren of the lord!"

    The man mercilessly stepped on the immovable Ojou-sama whose hands were bound behind her back.

    Hey. Isn't this a little too much?

    "Ow...... It hurts a lot....... Stop...... Ah.......... Stop...... Ow........ Stop......"


    The man kicked Ojou-sama for a while and finally spat at her face. Then he turned around and glared at me. As I avoid his eyes the next instant, I got kicked in the face once, and I flew out.

    "....... Ouch!"

    That really hurt. Even though it's an act, can you please not hit so hard?

    Even though I did say that, I can use Healing Magic to heal wounds.

    "Hmph! Acting like you're happy.......!"

    The man walked out of the warehouse.

    I heard that as he walked out of the door.

    "Quieter now?"


    "You didn't kill her right? If you injured her too much, the money will go down too."

    What? Their dialogue is really strange.

    If it's just great acting.............. that is fine, but it doesn't feel like that.

    Could it be, you know, that?

    "What? Well there's nothing much to it. At most, it's good enough for that boy to be alive."

    It's not good at all.


    After I couldn't hear their voices anymore, I counted a full 300 seconds, and burned the ropes with Fire Magic, and moved over to Ojou-sama.

    Ojou-sama still had blood flowing from her nose. Her eyes were unfocused, and she kept muttering something in her mouth.

    When I listened closely, it was something about, absolutely cannot be forgiven something, I'll complain to grandfather something, and afterwards, some dangerous words that weren't really suited for the ears.

    In any case, I'll check her injuries and confirm it with my hand.


    Ojou-sama met my eyes, and trembled, as if she felt that pain.

    I used a finger over my lips, and signaled her to be quiet.

    I confirmed the positions of the injuries from her reactions.

    Two of her bones are broken.

    "Oh merciful mother of Gods, please heal this one's wounds, and let her recover with a healthy body."

    I quietly chant the intermediate ranked magic, and heal Ojou-sama's body.

    Healing magic isn't effective by pouring more mana into the spell. I don't know if it will completely heal her.

    Hopefully the bones are not set wrongly......

    "Eh? Ehhh? It doesn't hurt......"

    Ojou-sama looks at her body in surprise.

    I go closer to her and whispered in her ears.

    "Shh. Don't be so loud. Your bones are broken, and I just used healing magic. Ojou-sama, we seem to have been kidnapped by bad people. They are the sworn enemies of the lord. Our next step should be......"

    Ojou-sama completely doesn't listen.

    "Ghyslaine! Ghyslaine, save me! They are going to kill us! Quickly save me!"

    I quickly hide the ropes underneath my shirt, and run to the corner. My back faces the wall, and I hide my hands behind my back, acting as if I'm still tied up.

    The man breaks open the door in response to Ojou-sama's full efforts in screaming.

    "Shut up!"

    And he kicks Ojou-sama even longer than before.

    I'm really speechless over her learning capabilities.

    "Damn it. If you scream again, I'll kill you!"

    I even get kicked twice.

    I didn't do anything at all. Please don't kick me. I really feel like crying.......

    I think of that while I move over to Ojou-sama.

    "Urgh....... Uuuu....."

    This is too much.

    I'm not sure what happened to her bones, but judging from her mouthfuls of puked blood, it seems that her organs have ruptured. The bones in her hands and legs have all been broken.

    I don't really know too much about medical stuff, but if she's left like that, she will probably die right?

    "Let the power of God be converted into a bountiful crop, and bestowed into one's who had lost their strength to stand up once again. 『HEALING』"

    In any case, I'll use elementary ranked magic to cure her a little.

    Ojou-sama isn't vomiting blood anymore. She probably wouldn't die now...... Maybe.

    "Uuu.... I-it still hurts, h-help me heal..... Ah.]

    "I'm not doing that. If you're healed, aren't you going to get kicked again? Please use your own magic."

    "H-how do I know to use...... that?"

    "If you learned it from before, you can use it right now."

    I throw down a line like that and move towards the door.

    I then place my ear against the door, wanting to listen to what they say.

    The more I think, the more I find this to be strange. No matter what, hitting Ojou-sama till she's half dead is over doing things.

    "Then, are we going to sell to that guy from the last time?"

    "No. It's better to ask for ransom."

    "Wouldn't we get caught?"

    "It doesn't matter. We will go to another country."

    Judging from their words, they really plan on selling us.

    Requesting someone familiar to pretend to attack the girl, and in the end, we meet the real deal. That sort of development?

    Where did it go wrong? Did the ones who were supposed to kidnap us get targeted by them? Did they target us from the start? Or did Philip really intended to sell his daughter?

    That last possibility isn't really possible.

    ....... Whatever. I'm not going to think about this now. No matter what, the things I'm going to do aren't changing.

    It only lacks the 『safety』.

    "Compared to selling, ransom is higher right?"

    "In any case, we better make a decision before tonight."

    "No matter which decision, it is right."

    They seem to be discussing whether to sell us or seek ransom from the lord. They look like they are planning to leave here tonight.

    In that case, I better move while the day is still bright.


    But, what should I do?

    Break out of the door and subdue the kidnappers? After beating the kidnappers to a pulp, Ojou-sama will respect me......

    I don't feel like it will happen that way though--.

    I think she will feel that she would've won, if not for the part where she was tied up.

    And in the end, she will think that violence is the only way. That will not work.

    I must teach her that there's no advantage to using violence, otherwise, I'll get hit in the future.

    I need to let her feel helpless.

    (...... Ah. It's possible that I may not beat the kidnappers anyway.)

    I'm pretty sure that I will lose if the kidnappers are as strong as Paul.

    In that case, I will be killed. Without a doubt.

    Alright. No matter what. Without contact with the kidnappers, we will escape from here.

    I look back and check Ojou-sama's condition.

    She's glaring at me in anger.


    I'll do my assignment in any case.

    First, I'll use earth and fire magic and seal the gaps on the door. Then, slowly use fire magic to melt it slowly, making it unable to move.

    This door will become a door that does not open, but it won't last if the door is kicked hard. This is only a precaution.

    After that, I move towards the window. Even though I consider focusing and melting one of the iron bars with fire magic, I think it will be too hot and give up.

    After trying different solutions, I use water magic and change the earth surrounding the window into mud, and successfully take the entire bars down. The hole is large enough to allow a child to slip through.

    That way the escape route is ensured.

    "Ojou-sama, it seems this time we have been kidnapped by the sworn enemies of the lord, and they are discussing to wait till tonight to bring their companions and torture us to death."

    "You are l...... lying..... right?"

    Of course I'm lying.

    But Ojou-sama's face turns green immediately.

    "I don't want to die yet, so I'm running on my own...... Goodbye."

    I push myself up where the metal bar was previously on the window.

    At this time, there's a sound coming from the direction of the door.

    "Hey, why isn't the door opening!? What the hell!?"

    Fierce banging comes from the other side of the door.

    Turning her head back, Ojou-sama looks at the door in fear-like despair, and looks to me again, repeating this a few times.

    "Ah...... D, don't leave me behind...... Save me....."

    Ara. You calmed down so fast. That's a surprise.

    Even if it's Ojou-sama, you would still get scared under these circumstances.

    I immediately go near Ojou-sama and whisper in her ears.

    "..... Before we reach home, you must completely listen to me. Can you promise me that?"

    "Listen, I'll listen, I'll listen okay......?"

    "Can you promise not to shout? Ghyslaine isn't here."

    "I promise, I promise...... H, hurry, coming in...... they are, coming in......!"

    Ojou-sama nodded forcefully.

    Her entire face is full of fear and anxiety. Completely different from the time when she hit me.

    It's most important that she experiences the emotions of being hit one-sidedly.

    "If you break your words, I will absolutely leave you behind."

    I say something that sounded as cold as possible, while I bury the door with earth magic.

    Then I burnt the ropes with fire magic, and completely cured Ojou-sama with intermediate ranked magic.

    Finally, I climbed onto the window and pulled Ojou-sama up.

    After climbing out of the warehouse, I found that this was a different city.

    No walls. At least this isn't Roa.

    It's not the size of a village, but can be considered as a small town. If I don't continue moving to the next step, we will immediately be discovered.

    "Phew. I think it should be fine if we escape to this place over here."

    The Ojou-sama talks loudly. Does she think she's safe now?

    "Didn't you promise not to speak loudly before we reached home?"

    "Hmph! Why should I keep your promise!?"

    Ojou-sama says it like it's a natural thing.

    This damn brat.[2]

    "Is that so? Then I'll part here. Goodbye."


    Ojou-sama snorted without a care and turned around. Right at this time, an angry roar came from far away.

    "Bloody brats! Where did you run away to!?"

    Either they kicked the door down, decided to check the window to see the situation and found that the bars were missing, and discovered that we escaped and chased us right away. It should be something like that.

    "...... Ahhh."

    Ojou-sama gave a small scream, and runs back immediately.

    "I-I was just kidding just now. I won't talk loudly anymore. Bring me back."

    "I'm not Ojou-sama's servant, and I'm not a slave."

    I'm a little pissed over this condescending attitude.[3]

    "W, what, aren't you the home tutor?"

    "Aren't you mistaken?"


    "Ojou-sama said you were not satisfied, so I'm not officially hired.'

    "I, I'll hire you....."

    She turned her head to one, as if she's very unwilling.

    I need to make a definite promise with her.

    "You're saying that now. But once you reach the mansion, you're going to break that promise like just now right?"

    I used a cold voice as much as I possibly can.

    Without any emotions, I plainly said that.

    But my tone was saying that you would never fulfill that promise.

    "I won't. I won't break that promise..... Save, please save me....."

    "If you promise to not talk loudly and listen to whatever I say, you can follow me."

    "I, I got it."

    Ojou-sama nodded obediently.

    Very good.

    Then, I'll move on to the next step.

    First of all. I take out 5 Asuran Large Copper Coins from my underwear, which is my entire fortune now. Just to add one, the copper coins are 1/10 of a silver coin. It's a sum that doesn't make people be at peace. But it should be enough with this.

    "Please follow me."

    I moved away from the angry roars, and moved towards the town's entrance.

    At the entrance, there was a guard lazily standing at the watch tower.

    I gave a copper coin to him.

    "If you see someone looking for us, please tell them that we went outside of the city."

    "Huh? What? Kids? I understand that, but are you playing hide and seek? Hmm, so much money....... Are you from some noble families? Really now....."

    "Please do that."

    "Ahh. I got it."

    I found his reply to be perfunctory, but at least that will buy us some time.

    Then we just go straight to the area where the public horse carriage is at. I have already confirmed the price against the wall. I also check the current location.

    "This is a town next to Roa called Widin."

    I whispered in Ojou-sama's ears, and she seemed to hold true to her promise, whispering to me too.

    "How do you know that?"

    "Isn't it written there?"

    "I can't read it......"

    Very good. Very good.

    "It is convenient if you can understand it. Because the way to use the public transport is also there."

    Honestly. We were transported here within a single day.

    Coming to a foreign city makes me feel really uneasy. My trauma is about to reemerge.

    No. No. I'm already different from the time where I didn't even know where "Hello"[4] was.

    Come to think of it, Paul sounds like Hello on the letters.

    When I was thinking of nonsensical things, I felt that the angry roars were approaching.

    "You bastards! Where have you been hiding at!? Get out right here!"

    "Let's hide....!"

    I grabbed Ojou-sama, hid behind the toilet at the waiting area, and locked the door.

    Footsteps transmitted from the outside.

    "Where did you go you bastards?"

    "Don't think you can escape!"

    Woahhh. That's really scary.

    Can you not make that noise while you're searching? You should at least use a gentler voice. I might even be lured out. Although, it's probably impossible.

    Finally, the voice goes distant. I can temporarily relax.

    But I can't be careless. Sometimes people who panic will search the same spot several times.

    "..... W, will it be alright?"

    Ojou-sama covered her mouth with a shivering hand. Her body is in jitters.

    "Well, if we get found, we'll have to fight for our lives."

    "I, I see...... Alright.....!"

    "But we probably can't beat them."

    "Is, is that so......?"

    Ojou-sama suddenly got her fire back, and I corrected myself a little.

    If she suddenly runs out and fights them, I'll be troubled.

    "But just then, when I looked at the fees to take the carriage, I saw that we will need to change horse carriages twice if we set off from here."

    "........... Change?"

    Ojou-sama showed off a face with "so what."

    "The horse carriage starts off at 8 in the morning, and 1 horse carriage sets off every 2 hours. It is the same in other towns. Therefore, setting off from here needs 3 hours. It's about to reach the 4th carriage. Which means....."

    "Which means?"

    "Even if we get to the next town, there's no horse carriage heading to Roa. We will need to stay a night at the next town."

    ".......... I, I see, ah."

    Ojou-sama looked like she was about to shout out, but she still held it in at the end.

    Be careful. Don't make huge noises, okay?

    "I have 4 Asuran Large Copper Coins to get from here to the next town, rest a night there, and set off from there to Roa, using the money here will barely."

    "Barely....... be enough right."

    "Yes. Enough."

    Ojou-sama exhaled with relief.

    But now is not the time to relax.

    "That is if we're not lied to in coin change."

    "Coin change......?"

    What's that? Ojou-sama showed off that expression.

    Perhaps she has never used her money to buy something before.

    "The boss at the inn and the station will think that we can't count as we're children. Then, they might not give us the correct change. At that time, we can point out the error, and they will give use the correct sum. But if we don't know how to count......"

    "What will happen if we can't count?"

    "Then we won't be able to get a horse carriage, and we'll get caught by those men......"

    Ojou-sama trembled again, as is she was about to pee.

    "Ojou-sama. The toilet is right there."

    "I, I got it."

    "Then, I'll take a look outside."

    The moment I wanted to exit the room, my sleeve was pulled.

    "D-don't go."

    After excitedly witnessing Ojou-sama's peeing, we go outside from the toilet.

    The men seemed to be gone.

    I'm not sure if they continued searching for us outside, or within the city.

    If we got discovered, I could only use all my magic to immobilize them.

    I prayed in the hopes of defeating them, and waited at the corner at the same time. Once the time was up, we handed over the money to the driver and got onto the horse carriage.

    We finally reach the next city.

    To show Ojou-sama how cruel the world is, I found a run-down place for lodging, and slept on the haystacks.

    Ojou-sama seemed to be agitated to the point where she couldn't sleep.

    Every time she heard a sound, she would sit up and stare at the door in fright. After a while she found nothing, and would sigh with relief---- Repeating this process constantly.

    On the 2nd day, we took the first carriage out.

    Ojou-sama's eyes were bloodshot. It was perhaps due to insufficient sleep, but she didn't dare to close her eyes and alertly watched behind the horse carriage.

    A few times, there were riders that caught up to the horse carriage, but they were not the kidnappers.

    Perhaps they were left behind in the distance. Perhaps they gave up.

    I thought that without care.

    After a few hours, nothing happened, and we were back at Roa.

    After passing through the reliable city walls, we could see the mansion from afar, and my heart was set with the emotion of safety.

    My thoughts subconsciously believed that it was safe already.

    After getting down from the horse carriage, we walked to the mansion. Our steps were fast and light. After traveling in the horse carriage and sleeping on the hay for the first time, I also felt tired.

    And as if to catch this weakness ---- Ojou-sama suddenly got pulled into the alley.

    Too careless.


    I realized only after 2 seconds.

    My eyes only left for 2 seconds, and within that time, Ojou-sama had gone missing.

    I really thought that she disappeared into thin air. At the corners on my eyes, there was a strip of cloth that had the same color as Ojou-sama's clothes on the wall.

    I immediately gave chase.

    Entering the alley, I saw two people's figure's carrying Ojou-sama.


    I immediately casted the earth magic to make a wall.

    From my hands, the magic created a huge earthen wall in front of them.

    They could only stop in front of the sealed pathway where the earthen wall suddenly appeared.

    "What the heck!?"


    Ojou-sama's mouth has been covered. There were tears in her eyes.

    They are really too good at this, covering her mouth within seconds.

    And Ojou-sama seemed to have been struck, her face is red.

    The opponents are two humans, and they are male.

    One of them is the violent person who kicked me. The other one is probably the person that he talked to. Both of them look like bandits, and both of them have a sword on their waist.

    "So it's this brat. You could have quietly gone back to your home......."

    The two people got a shock from the sudden wall, but once they looked back at me, they smiled.

    The violent person walks towards me without caution.

    The other one carried Ojou-sama. Is there anyone else.......?

    In any case, with the intent to intimidate them, I cast a small fireball on my fingertip.

    "What? You bastard!"

    Looking at this, the violent person pulled out his sword.

    The other person became alert, placed the sword on Ojou-sama's neck, and slowly retreated.

    "You damn brat. I was wondering why you were so calm. You're actually a bodyguard magician....... No wonder you escaped so easily. Damn it. I was fooled by your appearance! Are you from a demon race!"

    "I'm not a bodyguard. I haven't been officially hired."

    Even though I'm not from a demon race, there's no real need to correct it.

    "What? Then why are you interfering with us?"

    "No, I'm supposed to be hired after this."

    "Oh, it's for money?"

    For money.

    He's right about the money. I do intend to earn the fees for university.

    "I don't deny that."

    The violent person's mouth curled at the corners after listening to my reply.

    "In that case, come help us. Among our customers, there's a perverted noble who wants to buy girls with high social standing. If we're to get a ransom that's also possible. I heard that she's the very precious daughter of the lord here. They will give whatever we want."


    I made a sound of being impressed, and Ojou-sama's face immediately turned green.

    Perhaps she knew that I was becoming her home tutor to pay off for the university fees.

    "Then, how much can we get?"

    "It's not pocket change like 1 or 2 gold per month. It's a lump sum of 100 gold coins."

    The violent person said proudly.

    Even though I don't know how much that really means, it feels like the person is saying, "Wow 1 million dollars". "That's really amazing right?" He's like a kindergarten kid.

    "Hehehe. kid, you might look young, but you're actually of a considerable age right?"

    "Hmm? Why would you think that?"

    "With that magic and that calm attitude, one look and we know it. The demon races have those kind of people. You must be troubled over your appearance right? Well, you should know the importance of money right?"

    "I see."

    From a person that doesn't know anything, he would treat it that way. Indeed. My mental age is past 40 years. You're totally right. As expected from Mr bandits.

    "Indeed, living to this age, I know the importance of money. I was even thrown into a foreign land without any money."

    "Hehehe. You see right?"

    Even though, before that, I was living without any worries.

    Nearly 20 years of neet life. Full of Eroge and internet games. It was half of my life.

    From there I learned something.

    I can betray Ojou-sama.

    Or my scenario with Ojou-sama can start here from helping her.

    "Therefore, I'm very clear, that there are things more important than money."

    "Don't talk about these pretty words!"

    "They are not pretty words. You can't buy 『Dere』[5] with money."

    Oh shit. I said the truth in my heart.

    "Dere? What is that?"

    The violent person seems to be confused, but the reality of the negotiation has broken down. His irritating smile was gone, and he placed the sword at Ojou-sama's neck with a solemn expression.

    "The hostage is with me. Throw away the fireball in your hand!"

    "........... Can I throw it into the air?"

    "Do it. But don't think of throwing it at us. Even if you're fast, you won't be faster than the sword in my hand. I'll cut this bitch's throat and use her as a shield."

    He didn't let me dissipate it. No. Perhaps he didn't know.

    From the time to cast the magic out is automatic.

    He wouldn't understand this part if he had never learned magic before.

    "I got it."

    I manipulated the mana of the fireball before shooting.

    I created a special type of fire ball, and then fired it with a strange sound accompanying it.

    A massive explosion happened in the air.




    An ear splitting explosion struck the ears. During the instant when everyone looked up, there was a glaring flash of light, and a temperature that seemed to burn the skin.

    I began to run.

    Casting magic as I ran, I created two types of magic that I used the most.

    On the right hand was the wind magic "True Sonic Boom."

    On the left hand was the earth magic "Rock cannon."

    I released them at the two of them.


    The sonic boom struck the one carrying the Ojou-sama.


    Ojou-sama fell from his arms and I caught her safely. Princess-style carrying.

    "Tch! Don't look down on me!"

    I looked at the other person, and saw him cut the rock in two.


    Crap. He actually managed to split the rock. Even though I didn't know his style, it's a terrible thing. If he's as good as Paul, it will be troublesome. I might not be able to win against such an opponent.


    I used wind and fire melded magic and created a shock wave near my feet, and flew towards the opposite direction.

    This shock wave is strong enough to make me feel like the bones in my legs have snapped.

    In the next instant, a sword struck the place where I was just at earlier. The blade slices across the tip of my nose, leaving a wind-splitting sound.

    That is too dangerous.

    But he's not as fast as Paul. Then I just need to concentrate and handle him. I have already done countless fights against swordsmen in my mind. If I just follow according to what I practiced, I will be able to handle it.

    I prepared the next magic spell in the air.

    First is a fireball aimed at that guy's face.

    The speed is slightly slow.

    "Just this alone!"

    That guy discerned the fireball clearly and prepared to face it by raising his sword.

    At the difference in timing when he strikes it, I use water and earth magic, and create a quicksand at his feet.

    Even though he handled the fireball, his feet are completely buried in the extremely viscous mud. Sealing his movements.


    Very good. We have won.

    I am sure of that.

    The enemies are unable to run, and although they managed to deflect the fireballs, I'm already out of their range. Even though I'm carrying Ojou-sama, once I find somewhere with people, it's our victory. Otherwise, I can call for help.

    ---- Just when I think of that.

    "Don't think of running!"

    That guy suddenly throws his sword.

    With that, Paul's lesson springs to my mind. The technique of throwing the sword in the Northern-God style if their legs are injured.

    It's a technique to throw the sword at an opponent far away.

    The sword flew straight at me with high speed.

    I instinctively felt that I was unable to escape from it.

    The sword flies like a slow motion cutscene.

    The destination is my head.


    The word "dead" flashes across my mind the next instant.

    A brown tea colored something flew in front of my eyes.

    At the same time, something like a vase crashed onto the floor, and the sword fell onto the floor.


    Leave the rest to me.

    In front of my eyes is someone's back.

    A wide back. I raised my head, and saw ears on the head.

    She's Ghyslaine Dedorudia.

    "Leave the rest to me."

    As she said that, the instant her hands moved to the sword on her waist, ----- a red flash cut across the air.

    "....... Ah?"

    The head of the guy stuck in the quicksand falls onto the ground.

    Even though he was so far away. Even though the sword couldn't possibly reach there.

    "W, where did you come from ......"

    The instant Ghyslaine's tail moved, the other person's head fell down onto the ground as well.

    Smack. A sound like that. I can even hear it from here.

    My mind couldn't even catch up with that.


    I looked at the two collapsed bodies a few meters away in a daze.

    This really doesn't feel like something real. What happened? I really have no idea.

    Eh? They died?

    These questions floated up my mind.

    "Hm, Rudeus. There are only 2 enemies?"

    I came back to my sense when I was questioned.

    "Ah, yes, thank you, Ghyslaine, nee-chan."

    "Nee-chan is not needed, Ghyslaine is enough."

    Ghyslaine turned back and nodded to me.

    "I suddenly saw an explosion in the air, and I came running to check it out. Looks like my judgment was correct."

    "F-fast. You just defeated them so quickly......"

    It didn't take more than one minute since the first time I used magic.

    That was too fast no matter how you look at it.

    'I was nearby, and it wasn't very fast. As long as it's a Dedorudia's warrior, an opponent like that can be killed instantly. But Rudeus, is this your first time fighting the Northern-God style?"

    "This is the first time that I experienced in trying to kill each other."

    "Is that so? You must take care. These guys won't give up before they die."

    Before they die.

    Indeed. I was at death's doorsteps.

    My legs trembled when I recalled the instant when the sword flew towards me.

    A moment where we tried to kill each other.

    That was just what happened.

    "L, let's go back."

    If I had made one wrong move. It would've been death.

    I haven't considered before. This is a different world.

    A world with sword and magic.

    What will happen to me if I die the next time......?

    The unknown fear turns my blood cold.

    When I return to the mansion, Ojou-sama sat on the floor as she just lost all energy.

    Her body seemed to be in a heap after the tension had been released.

    The maids ran to Ojou-sama in panic.

    Looking at the maids intending to help her, Ojou-sama knocked away the outstretched hands and stood up shivering like a newborn deer.

    She stood up with her arms beneath her chest like the Deva King.

    She seemed to have regained her aura after reaching home.

    The maids stopped moving after discovering her strange posture.

    Ojou-sama suddenly pointed her finger at me and said loudly.

    "It was a promise before we reached home! I can talk now right!"

    "Mmm, yes, you can talk now Ojou-sama."

    I felt that I failed after hearing her extremely loud voice.

    An incident to this extent wouldn't be able to bring a violent and arrogant child back.

    Especially after that first brawl to the death. My entire body was trembling. Perhaps Ojou-sama had realized that. Thinking that I'm only good with talking, but actually very weak.

    "I'm especially allowing you to call me Eris!"

    But Ojou-sama's sentence throws me by surprise.


    "I already said I'm especially allowing you to call me that!"

    ----- That means. Is it, Ok?

    I can be a home tutor?

    Wo, woah, are you serious!? D, did I succeed? That's amazing!

    "Thank you very much, Eris-sama!"

    "You don't need to add -sama! Call me Eris!"

    Eris imitated Ghyslaine, and maintained that posture while sitting down on the ground with a plop.

    With that, I became Eris Boreas Greyrat's home tutor.


    Name: Eris Boreas Greyrat

    Profession: Granddaughter of the lord of Fedoa

    Personality: Violent

    Talking to her: It's not completely impossible

    Language: Only able to write her name

    Math: Only addition

    Magic: Is interested in it

    Sword: Elementary ranked in the Sword-God style

    Etiquette: Boreas's style greeting

    People she likes: Grandfather, Ghyslaine

    The mastermind behind this kidnapping event is the butler, Thomas.

    He had some ties to the perverted noble that the earlier bad guys mentioned.

    That perverted noble had an interest long ago in Ojou-sama, and wanted to "mistreat" that arrogant and violent beast.

    Thomas got brainwashed by the money, and let the two men arranged by the perverted noble into the plan made by me.

    Really. There's this sort of traitor around.

    If you want to do this sort of thing, please inform me okay?

    But he miscalculated, as he didn't think that I had the capability to escape from the two men. And they aren't as loyal as he thought.

    The perverted noble denied it all, and there was no way to punish him.

    Saying something about insufficient evidence based only on Thomas's testimony, and that there was no proof with the two men's deaths. With no other evidence pointing towards that perverted noble, something like that, whatever.

    The parts that are dubious cannot be used as evidence. I think this is the so-called politics.

    The incident was treated as if Ghyslaine handled it all.

    Letting the whole world know that the Greyrat family had hired Sword-King Ghyslaine as their mercenary, making this incident as a deterrent, and also showing off the family's power and wealth.

    After I was questioned, they ordered me not to participate in this matter, and let Ghyslaine handle it all.

    If my presence is found out by other Greyrat family members, things will become complicated.

    This is also politics right?

    But to think that there are other Greyrats.

    "This is how it's going to be. It's fine with you right?"

    "Yes. I shall obey respectfully to~.... it."[6]

    Philip explains the above to me in the reception room.

    I only know that Philip is the lord's son, but in reality, he's handling the duty of being the mayor of Roa. This incident is fully handed to Philip to settle.

    "In spite of your daughter being kidnapped, you're really composed."

    "If she was still missing, I'd be anxious."

    "You're quite right."

    "Well. Regarding the matter about Eris's home tutor......."

    Philip starts to talk about the future matters, when the door is once again kicked open violently, and the energetic Jii-san enters the room.[7]

    "I heard it!"

    The person who barged in is Sauros.

    He makes a rude entrance into the room, and grabs my head.

    And roughly strokes me.

    "I heard it was you who rescued Eris, right!?"

    "What are y-y-y-you saying? It's the secretary (Ghyslaine) who did it by herself. I didn't do anything!"

    Sauros' eyes flashed. The eyes of a beast.


    "You bastard. You dare to lie to me!?"

    "N, no, it's Philip-sama who wanted me to do that........"


    Sauros spins around and gives Philip a round-house punch.[8]

    Bogun~ a sickening sound like that resounds in the room.


    Philip gets knocked over behind the sofa after his face receives the punch.

    That is really too fast. The speed of that punch is something that Eris can't even match.

    "You bastard! You don't even have one word of thanks to your own daughter's savior! Are you teaching all this silly acting from the nobles?"

    Philip who is laying sprawled on the floor calmly replies.

    "Father. Even though Paul has disowned his ties, he still holds the Greyrat's family blood. With this, his son Rudeus has naturally inherited the Greyrat's family blood and is a member of our family. Compared to some material rewards, I think it's better to treat him like a family member would."

    Even if Philip has been beaten onto the floor, his tone is exceedingly indifferent.

    He might already have gotten used to it. Getting punched by Sauros.

    "If it's that, then good! Don't do the crap that the nobles do!"

    Sauros drops onto the sofa after hearing Philip.

    It seems he won't apologize when he hits someone. He's someone like that I think. This is a world of physical punishment.

    Come to think of it, Eris didn't apologize to me after hitting me.

    She also didn't thank me after I rescued her......... No, I'll leave this matter.


    Sauros crosses his arms and raises his chin. His eyes sweeping down over me.

    I seem to have seen that somewhere.

    "I have something to request of you!"

    Is that the attitude to request something from someone?

    He's really like Eris in this regard. ---------- No, this is the real deal. The kid is just imitating.

    "I hope that you teach Eris magic."

    "About this."

    "Eris just asked me of that. She said that Rudeus's magic has left a deep impression on her[9] and she doesn't want you to go."

    Actually. It's exactly as it sounds. You want to learn a magic that burns the eyes right?[10]

    "Of course........."

    I actually planned to immediately agree, but I shut my mouth in an instant.

    It might be possible that Eris turning out that way is because of Sauros's pampering.

    Even though it can't be completely put that way, just looking from the fact that she imitates Sauros, she should have been influenced in a pretty big way.

    For Eris's maturity, she cannot be pampered anymore.

    Even though I don't have the obligations to make Eris grow up well, I can't teach anything when she's like this.

    Looks like I need to correct her bit by bit, starting from where I can see her problems.

    "This matter should not be requested from Sauros-sama, but to let Eris herself come over to request personally."

    "What did you say!?"

    Sauros suddenly raises his fist up like a volcano about to erupt.

    I cover my face in panic. This Jii-san is really a nuclear bomb.

    "S-she obviously has something to request of people, but she doesn't want to lower her head. Do you want to raise Eris to be like that as an adult?"

    "Oh! That was well said! You're right!"

    Sauros knocks his fist back onto his knee with a noise and nods forcefully.

    And then, with an incredible volume.

    "ERI----------S! Come to the reception room right now!"

    I feel my eardrums nearly shatter.

    How much lung capacity do you need to be able to let out such an incredible sound?

    But Eris is the same way. Is there no civilized way to transmit a message like using the servants?

    These damnable rural hicks.......

    Philip sits back on the sofa again, and that butler (I think his name is Alphonse) who replaced the former one closes the opened door. I hear that Sauros always comes and goes like the wind, so the door won't be immediately closed.

    He really likes to push open the door with force, but he doesn't really like to pull it. This is really a selfish Jii-san.


    A reply comes from somewhere in a room.

    Within a moment, I can hear the pit-pat noise of running.

    "I'm coming in!"

    Even though she doesn't have her grandfather's aura, Eris also pushes the door forcefully and enters the room.

    It's like all of Eris's actions are based on using her grandfather as a standard. Kids really like to imitate. hmm.

    If it wasn't for the first day that I got beaten, I might have felt touched by this, but I need things to be clear today.

    This bad habit must be changed.


    Eris sees me sitting down, and raises her chin and stares at me.

    Is this the Boreas's family intimidation posture that's taught?

    "Ojii-sama. Have you helped me request the matter?"

    Boreas stands up with a flourish, and crosses his arms while looking at Eris.

    The exact same pose.

    "Eris! When you have something to request from others, you need to lower your own head and request it!"

    "Even though Oji-sama promised to help me just now......"

    "Cut the crap! If you don't request it yourself, we're not going to hire Rudeus!"


    W, what!?

    Ah, but, that's true, that's........

    Oh shit. Did I just dig my own grave!?

    "Urgh, urgh......"

    Eris stares at me red-faced. That isn't out of embarrassment, but fury and humiliation.

    If it's wasn't for Ojii-sama here, even if you went into the depths of hell, I'd find you and turn you into minced-meat. That kind of expression.[11]

    That's utterly terrifying....

    "P, please...."

    "Is that the attitude of requesting someone!"

    Sauros yells.

    Are you really qualified to say that?


    Eris suddenly grabs her red hair after hearing that, making twin-tails out of it. Improvised twin-tails. And she winks.

    "P,please teach Eris magic, nyan~☆"[12]


    Is this a dream? My consciousness has flown to the clouds, like I'm in a nightmare.

    "You don't need to teach me language, nyan~☆"

    Whhooaatt~~ Am I dreaming!?

    W, what's happening. What's going on?

    Extra dimension machine is activating!?

    Quickly install the 2 dimension machine and transport me into the world of Manga!

    "You also don't need to teach me math, nyan~☆"

    In conclusion. Very scary. Bloodcurdling.

    Despite her cute expressions, my heart has fear written all over it.

    The corners of her lips are smiling, but there's no smile in her eyes. That's the eyes of a predator.

    Is this this world's attitude in requesting someone!?

    I can't believe this.......

    "Just teach me magic only, nyan~☆"

    What did you say? You're joking right? Did your attitude turn for the worse?

    Please look at Eris' expression again.

    Her face is flushed with anger, written on it is if it's not for this situation. I'll punch you so hard that you will fly straight to heaven from the deepest depths of hell.

    Anger 8, humiliation 2, there's actually 0 in embarrassment........?

    S, Sauros Jii-san please smack her head and tell her off.

    "Mmm. Eris is really cute. That's okay right? What do you say Rudeus?"

    There's only the doting Jii-sama on the side.


    Where did that fierce reliable Granduncle run to!?

    "Old master is very fond of the beast races. The time when Ghyslaine was first hired too, he had the final word."

    The butler reminds me seriously. Oh, that's how it is. That's not twin tails, but ears. And that really does look like drooping ears. Come to think of it, there are a lot of maids who are from the beast races.

    Ehhh, so that's how it is?



    Eris' father steps into the spotlight!

    Oh. You're still here! Quick. Please smack her head and scold her, Philip-san!

    "It's not good enough if you don't twist your waist up!"

    Well, this side is useless too.

    OK, I see. This is how it is.

    The Greyrat family, including Paul, are people like this.

    Actually, Paul is considered to be more normal, right?

    "Excuse me, Sauros........Sama, can I ask a question.......?"

    "Ask what?"

    "G, guys also have to do something like that?"

    "You big moron! Guys have to be like guys!"

    Even though I'm completely confused, let's just end things that way.

    This is seriously normal. The most normal in terms of sexual fetishes is Paul.

    That guy just likes big boobs.

    B, but wait a moment. Just think about it carefully.

    This is the most normal thing to me, but this is still a mistake.


    I once again quietly observe Eris.

    I only see her face full of anger and humiliation, like a lion biting the metal fence.......

    But this is also okay if I don't think about the future right?

    No, wait a moment. If I turn it the other way around. Think about the future.

    Doesn't Eris hate something like this!

    She also rejects this formality!

    If she tries requesting something from me in the future in the same manner.

    A minute later, a small fry (me), will most likely get torn to shreds.

    Very good. I'll do the exact opposite and end this habit!

    "Is this the attitude of requesting something!"

    My loud voice echoes in the mansion.

    After that, I spend a long time with a huge speech explaining.

    They are finally moved with my words. And from then onwards, the Boreas's style of "Request" is abolished.

    On one hand, Ghyslaine praises me for the efforts, while Eris starts to look at me with cold eyes.

    It has been a month since I have taken up the job of a home tutor.

    From almost the very start, Eris was unwilling to attend classes.

    When it comes to math and reading, she will immediately disappear into thin air and wouldn't appear until it was time for swords lessons.

    There are of course situations with exceptions. She will only pay full attention to the magic lessons.

    The first time she used the spell Fireball, I can't find any words in my vocabulary to describe how happy she was. And while she looked at the curtains that were burning intensely, she said,

    "One day I'll cast huge fireworks like Rudeus."

    I extinguished the fire, and strictly warned her not to use fire magic when I'm not around. The ignited curtains' light cast a glow over her. No matter what angle you view it from, she has a face of an arsonist, but she looks quite spirited to learn. Just basing on her looks, her other subjects should be fine.

    That's what I thought, but my prediction was completely off the mark.

    Eris hasn't the slightest interest to come to class when it comes to language and Math.

    If I teach her the lesson, she will immediately run away. If I try to catch her, she punches me before running away.

    If I continue to chase her, she will turn around and beat me up before continuing to run away.

    I think she understands the importance of Math and language due to the incident that happened a while ago, but it seems that she still really hates it with a passion.

    When I complain to Philip, he indifferently shrugs it off with,

    "It's also the home tutor's job to make the student listen in class."

    I can't refute that.

    I start to find Eris.

    Even though Ghyslaine comes earnestly to learn language and Math, she's ultimately a companion.

    How can I teach Ghyslaine alone?

    But, it's not easy to find Eris.

    Compared to me, who just came one month ago, Eris has stayed here for many years. Her familiarity with this area compared to me is just too large a difference. Don't even talk about hide and seek.

    The previous home tutors have expended tons of effort on this matter.

    However. No matter how big the mansion is, the area is still limited. In the end, she still can be found.

    The teachers who found her got beaten by Eris without exception.

    At first the teachers quit over this.

    But there's also a home tutor who in reverse beats Eris. Violence against violence. It was something that I initially planned.

    But that teacher got attacked in the middle of the night by Eris with a wooden sword and received injuries that would have taken months to heal, and therefore quit over this.[13]

    The only one who can fend off Eris's day and night attacks is Ghyslaine.

    I have no confidence in fending her off.

    Even if I do find her, I'll be destined to be sent to the hospital.

    If it's possible, I don't want to look for her.

    I don't want to be beaten beyond recognition.

    If she attends magic lessons, isn't it okay to just teach her magic? But Philip orders me to teach her Math and language. He also says that it must be around the level of what I teach her in magic. Even stating,

    "Compared to magic, other classes are actually more important."

    I can't argue against that.

    Perhaps I should re-enact another kidnapping incident.

    Kids who don't listen have to be punished.

    When I think about that, I finally find her.

    Her whole body buried in the hay located in the stables, with her stomach revealed to the air, sleeping comfortably.

    "Fuuu~........ Fuuuu~........"

    She's in deep sleep. That face is really like an angel's.

    But, if you're just lured in by the outer appearance, that's a Devil Reverse.[14]

    That is if you get punched by the Devil's fatal fist, and then vomit huge amounts of blood.

    Yet when it comes to that, I must wake her up.

    In any case, I pull Eris's shirt down to cover her stomach to prevent her from catching a cold.

    In the mean time, I massage her chest area.

    My hermit living in my heart gives out an assessment.

    "Hmm I see, it's still only AA, but the chance of growth is very high. When she grows up she will rise to above E grade. You need to massage them everyday for them to grow. This is also part of training. Hoh, hoh, hoh."

    Thank you very much, mister hermit[15].

    After I thoroughly enjoy it, I greet her in a small voice.

    "Ojou-sama. Please wake up, Eris Ojou-sama. The time for the pleasant Math class is up."

    She doesn't move at all, well I have to hand it to her.

    It can't be helped that the panties are taken off from kids who don't listen, you know?

    I slowly reached for her loose dress, and at this time.


    Thank you very much, mister hermit.

    Eris's eyes suddenly open.

    Her gaze slowly moves from my hand on her thigh, to my face.


    A face that has the signs of sleeping, is accompanied by the grinding of teeth.

    The next instant, Eris raises her fist.

    The face!? I quickly bring my hands to block the face.


    The impact comes from my solar plexus.

    I kneel down in agony.

    There's no Reverse. There's only the Devil.


    With a snort, she kicks me again.

    Stepping over me, Ojou-sama leaves the stable.

    I have no other options.

    I turn to Ghyslaine for help.

    Even though, from Paul's mouth, Ghyslaine's brain is also made of muscle. From her recent of learning Language and Math, her persuasion level will surely be higher. If it's her, Eris should listen.

    This is my easy way out.

    Ghyslaine expresses an indifferent attitude from the start, but I use water magic and cry to plead with her, and finally got to her to reluctantly agree.

    She's so easy to bluff.

    Right, show me what you got.

    We never discuss it specially, and I leave everything to her.

    Ghyslaine's actions start during the magic lesson's break time.

    "I used to think that the sword in my hand was enough."

    She suddenly talks about the past.

    She used to be a spoiled brat, and found a teacher who accepted her, and how she became an adventurer, the first time having comrades ----- A long introduction and the tale spinning from there...... all of them are a troubled past.

    "When I was an adventurer, everything was left to others. Weaponry, armors, food, expenditures, the daily necessities, contracts, maps, directions. The importance of the weight of filling and carrying a water bottle, the maintenance of fire coals, the torch sealing the use of the left hand...... These are the important things that I found out after leaving my comrades."

    Based on her story she left her party 7 years ago.

    In other words, it's because Paul and Zenith left to retire in a rural place, and thus the party disbanded.

    Even though I noticed signs, but to think they are really from the same party.

    "Even though there are other party members' thoughts, but Paul's who in charge of the vanguard and the only healer Zenith, have left the party. Even if the party doesn't disband, they will split up in the end. That's a natural thing."

    That's a 6 men party.

    Warrior, swordsman, swordsman, magician, priest, thief.

    If you use the professions to explain, it's that kind of combination.

    Even though Ghyslaine is only a Swords saint during then, but her attacking power is very high.

    Warrior (Unknown): Tank

    Swordsman (Paul): Tank and attacker

    Swordsman (Ghyslaine): Attacker

    Magician (Unknown): Attacker

    Priest (Zenith): Healer

    To add on, the so called thieves, using Ghyslaine's words, are in charge of miscellaneous stuff.

    From opening locks, checking for traps, constructing camps and trading with the merchants.

    A literate person with a flexible mind, usually handled by smart people.

    These people are usually from merchant families.

    "Calling them treasure hunters would be correct right....."

    I say that, but Ghyslaine snorts and replies:

    "That fellow always steals the party's fund to gamble, calling him a thief is good enough."

    "Stealing from the fund, wouldn't he get beaten up when he's discovered?"

    "No, that fellow is very talented in gambling, and he always wins money and return, it's very seldom that he will lose below half of the funds. When times are tight he's also very prudent."

    It seems to be something like that.

    But even if you can increase the funds, how can you forgive something like that......

    I can hardly understand it.

    I don't mean to brag, but I have never got the bad habit of gambling.

    Although I spent over ¥100,000[16] on the internet.[17]

    Well, there's already a Paul who's loose with women in the party, the ethics in the overall party probably isn't that strict.

    Everyone has a different baseline. There are more rules when there are more people.

    "But what's the difference between Swordsman and warriors?"

    I ask that as I'm slightly interested.

    If they are in the front lines, there shouldn't be a need to differentiate.

    "If you use a sword and your style belongs to the 3 main styles, you're a swordsman. Anyone else who uses a sword and doesn't belong to the the 3 main style, you're a warrior. Even if you are from the 3 main styles, you're a warrior if you don't use a sword."

    "Ehh, a swordsman actually has something special like this."

    Or rather the 3 styles are special.

    The technique that Ghyslaine used was incredible

    I don't even know when she used her blade.

    Just moving a little, and the opponent's head rolls.

    After I ask her about it, it seems that it's named as 'Light of the long sword', a secret technique from the Sword-God style.

    "Then a knight is?"

    "A knight is a knight. If you're under the kingdom or lord's employment, you're a knight. The educated ones knows language and math. Some of them know simple magic. But most of them come from nobility, and their pride is very high."

    They are educated because they attended school, probably.

    "Was my father a knight at that time?"

    "I'm not too sure about that, I remember Paul called himself a swordsman."

    "I hear there's magic swordsman and magic warrior?"

    "These are people who knows magic, and they give their own titles. Regardless of what profession, it's their personal freedom to call themselves whatever."


    Eris's eyes seem to be glittering and she listens attentively.

    She will not ask me or Ghyslaine to bring her to a nearby dungeon right?

    This really makes me uneasy. Compared to adventuring, I would rather to be surrounded by girls and have an Eroge-like lifestyle.

    Ah, oops, the original plan is to let Ghyslaine talk about the importance of Language.

    I let my curiosity get the better of me without me knowing, and cause her to divert from the topic.

    But the fortunate thing over this unfortunate incident is, Eris coming in the second day with her asking for Math and Language lessons.

    This is all thanks to Ghyslaine. After that she continues to talk about her troubled past.

    Just listening to her will make stomachs get upset, but thanks to that, Eris might have already recognized that this must be something to be learned.

    Although it's possible that she's attending classes to listen to Ghyslaine's stories, finding it to be interesting. In any case, it's good enough if it works out.

    I did consider about the possibility of doing this earlier....... but, without that incident, I think that Ojou-san wouldn't listen a single word from me.

    Before that incident, she used a look like she's looking at ants.

    So that time is not a wasted effort.

    No matter, ending like this is good enough.

    First of all, as the first lesson, I teach her the basic arithmetic operations.

    Because Eris has gone to school, and hired home tutors, she still knows the basic addition.


    "What is it, Eris-kun."

    I point to Eris who raises her hand vigorously.

    "Why is it necessary to learn division?"

    She doesn't understand the importance of division and subtraction.

    Before that, she's very poor in subtraction.

    I always feel that she will get stuck at the changing of digits and give up math.

    "Instead of talking about the importance, this is basically just the reverse of multiplication."

    "I'm asking you what use this has."

    "Alright, if you have 100 silver coins and you need to share with 5 people, what should you do?"

    "You're talking the same stuff like that previous teacher!"

    Eris smacks the table with force.

    "That is why! Why! Do you need to share! Is there a need to share!"

    Ah, yes, the children who don't want to learn will have excuses like this.

    But, truthfully this really isn't important.

    "Who knows, go ask the 5 people. It's only convenient when you want to share equally."

    "You said convenient, that also means that you don't need to use subtraction right?"

    "When you don't wish to use, of course you don't need to use it. But not wanting to use and not being able to use, these two are very different indeed."


    When I said the words "can't use", the prideful Eris shuts her mouth. But, this isn't solving the problem right now. If I let her continue with this line of excuses, there's no need to learn Math anymore.

    At this time I can only rely on Ghyslaine.

    "Ghyslaine, did you have problems when it comes to dividing equally?"

    "Hmm, there was once when I lost some of my food supplies, and wanted to distribute the rest of my food over a few days, but I failed. In the end, I didn't eat and drink for 3 whole days. I thought I was almost dead.

    Halfway through the road, I really couldn't stand it anymore, and picked up the monsters' dung to eat, and caused a stomach upset. I resist the urge to vomit, pain in the stomach and the diarrhea, and I still needed to fend off the surrounding monsters----"

    The past story lasts for 5 minutes, making my stomach twist.

    I listen to it with a pale face, but it seems that in Eris's ears this is a heroic tale.

    Her eyes are glittering as if there are stars in them.

    "So, I wish to learn division, please continue to teach."

    Since Ghyslaine has already said something like that, Eris can only become obedient.

    The Sauros family seems to have much affection for the beast races, even if they don't show it, Eris also keeps on approaching Ghyslaine.

    If it's from Ghyslaine, Eris will listen obediently. Like a younger brother following his elder sister, no matter what she does he will imitate her.

    "Then, we will progress with the boring repetition practice. Please answer all of these questions. If you don't understand something, please ask."

    Things progress step by step just like this.

    Ghyslaine is exceptional as a teacher, as well.

    She will----- point out where I didn't do it right, and give her sincere opinions.

    Paul points out mistakes, as well, but he only states that it is not right. Never even implicitly suggesting what my mistake is, he did not teach me how to get it right.

    Today is the same as usual; Eris and I are holding swords facing each other, training and receiving guidance simultaneously.

    "Remember the pose when stepping out, and keep your eyes on the opponent."


    The wooden sword in my hand has been knocked away by Eris' wooden sword.

    "If you step out earlier than the opponent does, look closely at the direction where the opponent moves, and cut in that direction. If you're slower than the opponent, he will escape from the sword's path."

    Unable to react, I am hit squarely by Eris's sword.

    The heavy impact passes through the defensive armor stuffed full of cotton, and effectively transfers to my body.

    "You must react to your opponent's steps and eyesight to predict their actions!"

    I get hit again.

    "Rudeus! Don't use your mind and think! Just think where the enemy will step to and swing the sword!"

    Do you or do you not want me to think?

    "Eris! Don't stop! The opponent hasn't given up yet!"


    There's a clear difference between us.

    Eris makes a vivacious reply. I construed her reaction as meaning that she has energy remaining; unfortunately, I do not have a drop of vigor left.

    Admittedly, this girl has enough energy to thrash me incessantly. She demonstrates this until Ghyslaine stops her.

    Not allowing me to counter attack, Eris seems to be trying to vent her anger that had accumulated in the Math class.

    Damn it.

    But this month I have felt the rise in my abilities quite clearly.

    Having Eris, who is around my level, as a competitor has been a great help.

    No matter what it is, having someone around your level will substantially aid your growth.

    Although Eris is a hair's breadth stronger than me despite our similar abilities, her strength is relatively insignificant compared to Paul or Ghyslaine.

    I can still understand what the opponent does.

    If I can understand my opponent then I can defeat him/her.

    I was hit earlier with that strike, so I will guard on that area.

    I do a deliberation based on my aforementioned syllogistic reasoning.

    Against Paul, the difference in ability is too much so my prudence vacillates. I am incapable even following his moves, so I get knocked out rather pitifully and quickly.

    Even if I were listen to his advice, there's too much of a difference in the basics, so it can't help at all.

    hence I have always questioned my every move.

    When Ghyslaine teaches me something, even if there's a problem like the one mentioned above, I understand her explanations well enough to make do. But she talks about countering and handling at the same time, so I hesitate when using a technique.

    But, with Eris as an opponent, there will inexorably be different results if I do something different or use tricks

    Even though I hesitate, the difference in technique is minute and I can still attack her.

    Perhaps it won't work the second day, or Eris will use a different technique, but the things that couldn't be done yesterday are accomplished today, or the techniques that have not been experienced yesterday are shown today, with the small incremental experiences adding up, we are definitely growing.

    As expected, having a rival has great advantages, with overlook-able demerits.

    There's a target to chase and surpass is all.

    Perhaps the ability value has only increased by 1 or 2 points, but, to the people whose differences are very slight, this is of utmost significance.[18]

    Without our conscious knowledge, we have become stronger.

    But in terms of growth, Eris is much faster.

    If you let a goat and lion train together, of course the lion will get stronger quicker than the goat.[19]

    But having been trained by Paul every since I began to walk, I feel unsatisfied by this.

    "Rudeus is still not good enough!!"

    Eris crosses her arms and looks condescendingly at me lying sprawled on the ground.

    In the end, she gets scolded by Ghyslaine.

    "Don't brag, Eris. You have been learning the sword for much longer."

    Only during the sword lessons will Ghyslaine call her name directly.

    She says it's a must.

    "I got it! And Rudeus also knows magic!"

    "As you say."

    Only my magic standard is recognized by her.

    "But it's really strange. Rudeus's reactions become slow when the opponent attacks him......"

    "Because I'm scared. I'm afraid of the opponent in front of me attacking me."

    Just as I finished speaking, my head gets smacked by Eris with a punch.

    "What are you talking about! You're useless! Because of that you're being looked down!"

    "No, Rudeus is a magician. This is enough."

    Ghyslaine immediately adds in, but in the end Eris nods like a know-it-all.

    "Is that so? Then it can't be helped!"

    Eh? Why do I have to be hit?

    "I'm sorry, I don't know how to correct your bad habit about your legs trembling. This is something you need to overcome yourself."

    "I got it."

    As I am now, my legs tremble regardless of who I am facing as an opponent. I still have a long way to go.

    "But after I began to receive Ghyslaine's instructions, I have definitely been improving."

    "Paul belongs to the instinctive type, he's not good at teaching others."

    An instinctive type!

    Ah, so something like this also exists in this world.

    "What is this "instinctive type"?"

    "Any person who does not grasp techniques consciously, and instead chooses to rely on his gut feelings and instincts is an 'instinctive type'."

    I answer her question, and Eris immediately pouts.

    She probably belongs to the instinctive school.

    "What's wrong with being instinctive?"

    It's really difficult to answer Eris's questions in the first place due to her obstinate characteristic, but now I am asked whether being an "instinctive type" is good or not.

    Because we are learning the technique of the sword right now, I let the teacher answer.

    I look at Ghyslaine.

    "It's not that it's bad. But even if ones's talented, if one doesn't use his mind to think then one won't become strong. In addition, the 'instinctive types' are not suited to teach others either."

    "Why aren't they suited to teach?"

    "Because they do not understand the techniques that they use. And if one doesn't understand everything, one precludes the prospect of learning a subsequent harder technique."

    Based on the Sword-King, everything up to the advanced rank are related to the basics. Only by establishing all the basics, and by being able to handle different situations with different reactions, can one become a Sword-Saint.

    To climb higher up, one can only rely on tiring diligence and talent.

    In the end, it's still talent.

    "I also belonged to the instinctive type, but after I began to think with my mind and got the theory down, I became a Sword King."

    "That's amazing."

    I'm impressed from the bottom of my heart. Correcting the actions that have always been done, and succeeding in it.

    This isn't something that can be easily accomplished.

    "Isn't Rudeus a Water-Saint ranked magician?"

    "I'm actually the instinctive type...... But magic and the sword techniques are different, as long as you have magic you can do it."

    "Oh, is that it...... But, the basics are important too right?"

    "I understand that. But rather, it's because of my teacher teaching well that I was able to become saint ranked."

    Come to think of it, I always remind myself that the basics are important, but I heavily favor the "Voiceless incantations".

    So what's the basics of magic?

    Roxy's classes are more towards development rather than the basics.

    All things considered, Roxy is also a genius type, and doesn't really favor the basics either.


    "In any case I don't plan to become so strong, so it's okay!"

    Eris interrupts my thoughts with her confident line.

    In middle school, I said something like that about not becoming number 1, and didn't put in effort.

    I plan to correct her thoughts,

    "But I will try hard to become strong like Ghyslaine and Rudeus."

    Unnecessary. She has a clear target.

    She's different from the past me.

    After the lessons from morning and afternoon are over, it's time for a break.

    That day, I decide to head to the library.

    That's because I saw Eris and Ghyslaine carrying magic teaching materials, so I thought the library might have a magic textbook.

    Because I didn't know where the place is, I let the maid with dog ears bring me there.


    I meet Philip's wife halfway on the road.

    Her name is Hilda, and has the same flaming red hair like Eris, and a tsunami-like chest. Looks like I can expect good things from her daughter's growth.

    I was once introduced to her, but I didn't really interact with her.

    Let me think, I think it's a single hand placed on the chest......

    "Madam, today's a good day......"


    Hilda scoffs at me and ignores my greeting.

    I freeze in the same posture.


    "No, it's okay."

    The maid with dog ears tries to console me, but I stop her with my hand.

    But I still received a little shock. Did I get hated by her. But I didn't seem to do anything right.......

    Come to think of it she doesn't have any other child other than Eris.

    No, I feel like if I find out and there's really one, and if the case is worse than Eris, I feel like my job load will multiply 3 or 4 times.

    I can't dig my own grave.

    When I reach the library I see Philip in there.

    "Are you interested in the library?"

    Philip looks expectantly at me.

    I don't know what he's expecting.

    "Hmm, yes slightly."

    "Then go ahead and take your time."

    I accepted his offer, and looked around the library, but there's nothing I am hoping to find.

    I was hoping to find a magic textbook like the one Roxy had, but all the documents are related to politics and are restricted from being taken out of the library. Magic textbooks are rare in this world, and it's not like you can find one anywhere.

    It did not go well at all.

    But I find some History books in the corner. If I'm free I'll skim over them.

    After a day's work, I'm in my own room preparing material for tomorrow's work.

    Basically it's questions for math and listening notes for language-

    -as well as the practice for teaching magic.

    I didn't prepare a learning schedule, and if I don't have anything else to teach within these 5 years it will be trouble, so the lessons are not progressing too fast. In any case, to prevent anything unclear, I carefully reviewed the plan for education.

    It was the same feeling when I taught Sylphy.

    Magic practice is very important. Because I don't chant when I cast magic, I keep forgetting the mantras.

    The only time when I earnestly memorized the words are from the detoxification and healing magic, and I have never memorized Attack Magic.

    The teaching materials are the same as the textbook in my home.

    Eris and Ghyslaine also have that.

    Based on the explanation, there were hundreds of books that went on sale that were written a thousand years ago.

    Before the appearance of the book, there's a need to find a teacher to learn from, and the so called teachers are mostly able to only use all the elementary ranked magic. One can find a teacher after much trouble, but there's nothing to be learned, cases like these are plentiful.

    Even though it's on sale, the books available are really low in quantity, and even if you sell them in the market, the people who aren't interested in magic will not take a look at them.

    There's no printing technology in this world either.

    This book that sold in a large volume was 50 years ago.

    Thanks to the materials that can be cheaply bought, the numbers of magician have increased by a great amount.

    The magicians are conquering the world....... no, but amongst the Asuran nobles they are taught a substantial amount.

    But, what's the reason that led to the increase of the magic materials.......

    I think as I flip the pages, and written on the book is [Published by Ranoa's university.]

    They are really good at business.

    Just like that, the days as a home tutor, quickly flies by.


    Name: Eris Boreas Greyrat

    Profession: Granddaughter of the lord of Fedoa

    Personality: Violent

    Talking to her: She will listen a little

    Language: Able to write her family names

    Math: Has trouble with subtraction

    Magic: She wants to work hard on it

    Sword: Elementary ranked in the Sword-God style

    Etiquette: Knows the common greeting

    The people she likes: Grandfather, Ghyslaine

    Another half a year has passed by again.

    Recently Eris, who had turned a little meek, has started to get violent again.

    Why, why, who's the one that caused this mess?

    Even though I feel a little flustered, I notice something.

    There are no holiday breaks.

    After the evening meal, I call Ghyslaine and the etiquette teacher into my room.

    To add on, the etiquette teacher isn't staying inside the mansion, and she comes from her own house from the city to work.

    So I had the butler notify her.

    "First of all, I'm pleased to meet you, my name is Rudeus Greyrat."

    "My name is Edona Leilon, I'm in charge of teaching Eris-sama etiquette."

    I place my hand to my chest and casually introduce myself, but Edona returns with a proper greeting. [20]

    As expected of an etiquette teacher.

    Edona is a middle-aged female and one can see the fine lines on her face.

    She has a plump face, with a gentle smile that matches her warm image.

    "I'm Ghyslaine."

    Ghyslaine is the same as usual with muscles. I point to the chairs to suggest that they be seated. After the two of them sit down, I pour the drinks that the butler had prepared before hand, and go into the topic.

    "Today I looked for the two of you for one reason, to discuss the schedule for Eris-sama's lessons."


    "Yes, right now she is, training the sword in the morning, has free time in the afternoon, learns etiquette in the evening, it is something like this right?"

    "As you say."

    Eris subjects have Language, Calculation, Magic, History, Sword Training, Etiquette, 6 subjects in total.[21]

    Using modern terms, it's national language, math, Physical education and moral education.

    Even though there's no clock, lessons don't continue to progress for hours and hours. Usually lessons are split into three sessions, with breakfast, lunch and tea time as the indicators for breaks.

    After breakfast > Lesson > After lunch > Lesson > After tea time > lessons > After dinner > Free time.

    There is no hired History teacher, when Philip is free he will come to teach her.

    "Because I'm here, even the time during evening can be used, and we have completely made use of the entire day."

    "Indeed, the Ojou-sama's lessons have been progressing smoothly, and the Old master is also very concerned."

    Isn't that right.

    "It is true that the lessons have been progressing well, but there's a problem."


    "Yes, learning everything day after day, has caused Ojou-sama to accumulate a lot of stress."

    Eris is always in an irritated mood during the lessons in the Math class, after facing some questions that are slightly difficult, she will rush at me.

    That's too dangerous.

    I don't know when I will be mounted on.

    That's too dangerous.

    "Even though everything is normal right now, she might lose it in the future, and run away from the lessons or something."


    Edona covers her mouth with her hands, nodding earnestly in agreement.

    I have never seen etiquette lessons before, but Eris should be paying attention in class.

    I heard that Edona is Eris's nursing mother, but I don't know why Eris likes her.

    "So I'm proposing that we pick a day and not teach anything every 7 days."

    To further add on, there's a calendar in this world, and there are also months and days, but there's no concept of 1 week.

    A year has several days that are deemed as rest days, but Sunday doesn't exist.

    I use 7 as the number because it's easy to remember, although I don't know why it's so special in this world.

    It's seen as a lucky number, and there are 7 ranks in the sword techniques too.

    "And the rest of the 6 days, we can proceed with Language, Calculation, Magic, History, Sword Training, Etiquette with 6 subjects."

    "Can I ask a question?"

    "Please go ahead, Edona-san."

    "If you distribute it like that, the lessons for Etiquette will only become 3 times, the wages......."

    You're actually thinking about money! But I don't want to blame Edona, since I'm also working for the money.

    Edona is concerned about the part where "Will the wages be cut since the lessons are lesser?".

    I have discussed this with Philips earlier, and there's no problem.

    Furthermore the wages are paid monthly, even if there's a class missed, the wages are still given.

    Of course, if there's not even a single class taught, there will be probably be someone being fired the next month.

    You don't really need to say it out loud right?

    The people who don't understand the world should be sacked earlier.

    "Of course things wouldn't be distributed like that, Language and Math only need to be taught twice a week. However there's no meaning if you don't train in the sword everyday, even though magic lessons need to be learned everyday But there's a limit in using mana, so you don't need too long to train it, so I plan to spend the extra time for Language and Math classes."

    Even though this was planned out, it starts out like this.

    "Today I use the waterball X times, the water fell down Y times. Then how many times can I still use the waterball" -- A question like that.

    A question based on the number of times Eris and Ghyslaine used.

    Compared to staring at the numbers in the room, I am using more of the practical stuff, since it's something that is related to them.

    Since you can't see the number of times you used mana, the right answer is that it is difficult to answer it with certainty.

    Well, the more mental calculation you used, the more you will get used to it, making the brain is the goal.

    The lesson for voiceless incantations and science is also planned to start in the near future.

    But I need to wait for her to grasp Language and Math first.

    "I'm a little sorry to Edona-san, the etiquette lessons have to be cut to 3 to 4 times a month."

    "I understand."

    Edona nods readily to agree.

    And thus, 1 day has 3 lessons, 6 days 18 lessons. The distribution for Etiquette is 5 lessons, Sword Training 6 lessons, Language 2 lessons, Math 2 lessons, and Magic 3 lessons.

    I feel there's not enough time for the lessons, but since the lessons are mostly about repetitive training, I'll think about it later.

    "If there are situations when you are unable to teach, please inform me."

    "Can you explain in detail?"

    "I'm always at the mansion, once I'm free I'll do classes, so if you want to go on a long leave that's also okay."

    "I understand."

    Edona keeps smiling, I don't know if she really understands.

    "Furthermore, I want to have a meeting every month on the first day."

    "And why is that?"

    "If we teachers can coordinate better, we will be able to handle things once there are things that have gone awry. That's what I think. Even though there's no real need to, but this is to raise effectiveness, just in case. Is that not possible?"

    "No, I didn't mean that."

    "Rudeus-sama is actually so small, but you're very considerate of Eris-sama's well being."

    I kept feeling that she's finding me funny in her eyes. Oh, whatever.

    With that, I get a break.

    After 1 week, we come to our first rest day, and Ojou-sama sits uneasily, fidgeting.

    It's the first time that she's free the whole day.

    After I greet Philip, I decide to go to the city to have a walk, and I didn't know when Eris and Ghyslaine are at the door.

    "Where are you going?"

    "Roa's city 'Let's sight see~'."

    Hey! I did that in a pose like that.

    "Let's sight see..... That means you're going to the city alone?"

    "Do you see anyone else?"

    "You're too mean, I have never gone out alone before."

    Eris stomps on the floor angrily.

    "If it's Ojou-sama alone you will get kidnapped by someone right?"

    "Didn't you get kidnapped too!"

    Ah, it's something like that, I got kidnapped, too.

    But I'm also a member of the Greyrat's family, perhaps I can be ransomed for money.


    "If I'm kidnapped, I can escape on my own."

    I smile as I say that, and see Eris raise her fist.

    I quickly take a pose to defend myself, but the punch didn't seem to come.

    This is rare.

    "Take me too!"

    Oh, so it's something like that. Up till then the punch has always come first before talking, Ojou-sama has grown up.

    Of course I didn't have any reasons to refuse, compared to moving alone, two people are safer together.

    "Then, let's move out now?"

    "Is it really okay?"

    "Ghyslaine will be coming along right?"

    "Yes, my duty is to protect Ojou-sama."

    Right at the meeting, Ghyslaine doesn't understand the idea of a rest day at all.

    Therefore, it's better to let her stick closely to Eris.

    She's originally hired to be a guard, that's something to be expected.

    "Wait a while for me, I'll go prepare, Alphonse! Alphonse!"

    I look at Eris running wildly in the mansion, her piercing yells are like before.


    I turn my head around as I hear Ghyslaine call me, she's standing right beside me.

    I look up, and she's nearly 2 meters tall, I think even when I grow up I can only look up at her.

    "Don't be overconfident in yourself."

    I am given a warning.

    Was it because I said I am able to return on my own?

    "I know, I just wanted to make Ojou-sama more hardworking."

    "I see, then if there's anything just call me out, I'll save you."

    "Hmm, at that time, I'll release another huge firework."

    I think back to the kidnapping incident.

    "Ghyslaine, have you told Ojou-sama something like that?"

    "Hmm? Tell her what?"

    "You should add on, that she can only scream at places where she can be heard."

    "I got the message, but what is it for?"

    "During the previous kidnapping, Ojou-sama's yells nearly got her killed."

    "...... If I'm able to hear them, I would have gone over."

    But, she was really absurdly quick during that time, if it's Ghyslaine she will make it in time no matter where she is, and her ears are very good.

    Furthermore, Eris's call for help is not Philip and Sauros, but Ghyslaine.

    This woman is really reliable.

    "You need to inform her that under certain circumstances she cannot call for help."

    Just as I finish talking, Eris is back. Are these clothes for going out, I have never seen them before.

    I praise her clothes, and I get a punch in the head.

    What did I do wrong?[22]

    The city Roa in the Fedoa territory is the biggest here, but even though it's the biggest, compared to the entire wheat fields in the village Buina, it's much smaller.

    You only need to spend 2 hours to walk one full round around the city's walls.

    But this is a walled city, and the 7-8 meters tall walls surround the entire city.

    But it's not a perfect circle, due to the ground's shape, and I can't confirm the exact length.

    It's probably around 30 kilometers.

    It completely doesn't feel big, and cities that are surrounded like this should be very few. Even though I have never been to any other walled cities, I am very clear that it's not an easy task to create a wall this big.

    If there's a magic to create walls like this, it will certainly be king ranked or emperor ranked.

    Or is this built by hand from scratch?

    As I think about it I leave the noble's gathering area, and arrive at the wide space where many people are passing through.

    This stretch is the area for the merchants, because it's very close to the nobles' territory, there are many beautiful shops.

    But I can see some rare open field merchants.

    I peek a few looks at the expensive merchandise that is lined up.

    "Welcome young master, young lady, please take your time and peek."

    I enjoy the RPG-like item shop's Ossan's words, and look at the merchandise.

    I record the goods down onto a piece of paper, and truthfully, it's all strange products.

    The aphrodisiac is 10 gold pieces, record, record.

    "What are you writing, I can't understand it at all!"

    Eris screams in my ear, on that day that ear nearly went deaf.

    I look down, and realize that I have subconsciously written in Japanese.

    "I just want to write down a little, it's enough for me to understand it."

    "Just tell me what you're writing."

    Ojou-sama's really peremptory, but I don't have any reasons not to tell her.

    "That's the name of the merchant goods and prices."

    "Why are you investigating that?"

    "Investigating that is the basics of the net game."[23]

    "Net..... what is that?"

    I think even if tell her she will not understand, and I just turn to another topic and point towards a product; a small accessory.

    "Look, you see this? That stall is selling for 5 gold coins, you can buy it here for 4 gold coins and 5 silver coins."

    "Ohhh, young master, you have good eyes, the things that I'm selling is cheap right?"

    I ignore the Ossan and turn towards Eris.

    "Eris if you haggle the prices here to 3 gold coins, and then sell at the other stall for 4 gold coins, how much can you earn?]

    "Hmm, let me think, 5-3+4, 6 gold coins!"

    Oh my god, what are you counting.

    "No, wrong, the right answer is 1 gold coin."

    "I, I got it already!"

    Eris pouts to one side.

    "Do you really understand it?"

    "We originally have 10 gold coins, isn't this 11 gold coins now."[24]

    Woah, you finally got it. Wait, isn't this addition?

    Well never mind, I'll praise her in any case.

    Her pride is really strong, she will only improve if she gets praised.

    "Woah, you got it right, wow, Eris's really smart."

    "Hmph, of course."

    "Erm, young master, that's called resale, it's not something to be praised, you can't do that."

    "Don't worry, I won't do it. If I really want to do it, I'll tell the other side you're selling 4 gold coins here. I'll take 1 big copper coin as information fee."

    The Ossan shows an exceedingly unhappy expression and looks at Ghyslaine for help, but Ghyslaine is paying full attention to the things I'm saying.

    Having understood that saying anything else is a waste of time, the Ossan droops his shoulders and sigh.

    Sorry about that, since we're just looking around, please let us off.

    "Even if we're not doing any buying or selling, we need to know the various prices of things."

    "So what if you do know the prices!"

    "An example, even if you don't go to a shop, you can guess the price."

    "What use does that have?"

    What use?? Erm, when you resell you can earn money.... ah no. Alright, I'll leave the spotlight to Ghyslaine.

    "Ghyslaine, what use do you think this has?"

    "......No, I don't know."

    Oh shit, really? You don't know? I thought you really understood it. Whatever, I'm not teaching anyway.

    "Is that so, then it really might not be of any use."

    In the end this is a lesson for myself, even if I don't understand it's okay.

    If I see a market, I'll first investigate the products' information.

    I have always done this so it can't be wrong.

    Even though I think of it like that, this is the first time I'm personally checking prices out, so I can't really be sure whether there's any use to it.

    "If it's possible there's no use to it, why do you still need to do it?"

    "Because I think there's a use for it."

    Eris has an expression that looks like she can't accept it.

    It's not like I can answer every question.

    Some of the things require your own thoughts instead of them being taught to you.

    "Try thinking on your own, if you think it's useful, then learn from me, if you don't, just laugh at me."

    "Then I'm the one who's going to be laughing at you right?"


    "Why are you laughing now!?"

    I get punched again, sniffle.[25]

    I check out the surrounding merchants, but the prices at the higher classed merchant doors are too high, I'll give it up.

    I slowly move towards the outer city, and the prices of the merchants' goods have a distinct change, going down from the price of 5 gold coins to around 1 gold coin.

    It's still a little expensive, but it's something that I can afford.

    The customers have certainly increased, from people who look like nobles to adventurers.

    Since it's around 1 gold coin, I can still barely afford that price.

    When I record down the prices to my notes, a shop suddenly enters into my eyes; it's a bookshop.

    When I enter the store, I notice that it's surprisingly quiet.

    You can say that it's a shop that mainly sells erotic books.

    There are two bookshelves that have the same titles with 2-3 books placed together.

    A book is roughly 1 gold coin, with some of the books kept in a glass cabinet.

    The average is around 8 gold coins, with the most expensive with a price tag of 20 gold coins, is that the shop's most valuable treasure?

    The owner recognizes me as a person who's not a customer, and he doesn't greet me.

    His judgment is correct.

    I take down the book's title, and the owner looks at me with suspicion.

    Arara, there's no problem, I didn't touch the books.

    Plus I didn't take photos.

    An encyclopedia is around 7 gold coins, if 1 gold coin is around ¥100,000, you need ¥700,000[26].

    On my home's mother, what sort of absurdity is this......

    But as expected, the encyclopedia books seem to be really expensive. The must-see book <<Shigu's Summoning Magic>>, needs 10 gold coins.

    My monthly salary of 2 silver coins doesn't allow me to fulfill the conditions of buying this.

    The most expensive book is the <<Asura's kingdom royal court's etiquette>>, this book has no meaning at all to me.

    "What are you looking at that's so interesting?"

    Eris asks me, probably bothered by the fact that I'm only looking and not recording.

    "No, I'm thinking they aren't really interesting books."

    "I heard that people say that you like books?"

    "Where did you hear it from?"

    "From Otou-sama[27]."

    Philip hmm? I did ask him to let me look at the study.

    "I, I can help you buy a book."

    "You're saying it so easily, do you have any money, Eris?"

    "Oji-sama[28] will give me!"

    Indeed. But spoiling her too much isn't good.

    Even though I want it.......

    Even though I want it!

    "I don't want it."


    Eris pouts, she does that when she's unhappy.

    If her mood continues to deteriorate, she will come after me like the devil.

    But it's still fine for now, she still has her senses about her.

    "Eris cannot give out money freely."

    "What do you mean?"

    Eris eyebrows knit together, she's getting more irritated because she doesn't understand.

    Lately I can gradually gauge Eris's Fury-O-Meter.

    How should I go about this. When it comes right down to it, is there any meaning to let the girls from noble families learn the importance of using money?

    "I'm teaching Eris right now, do you know how much money I get?"

    "....... 5 Gold coins right?"

    "2 silver coins."

    "That's cheap!"

    Eris shrilly exclaims, and on one corner is the owner with an you're-too-noisy expression.

    "Not at all, my achievements are poor and my age is small, as well, it's quite appropriate for me."

    Plus there's the fact I will be paid the fees to go to university.

    "B, but Ghyslaine has a salary of 2 gold coins. Isn't Rudeus teaching me a lot of things?"

    "Ghyslaine has the accomplishments and the rank of being a Sword-King. She's even acting as your bodyguard, therefore Ghyslaine's salary is higher."

    Plus there's the bad habit from Boreas Greyrat's family.

    If it's from them, they will do something like 「Girls from the beast races shall receive special treatment!」.

    "Then, how much salary can I get if it's me?"

    "You don't know magic, your sword techniques are not up to par, and without any accomplishments, Ojou-sama's salary even if it's the highest it can go, it won't cross 1 silver coin."

    Eris's becomes speechless, and in addition to the above, she has never received pocket money before.

    "When you want to buy something for someone, please earn the money with your own hands and talk about it later."

    "I got it......"

    Eris's droops her head with a rarely seen cheerless expression, if she's always like that I will have an easier time......

    "Well, you can ask Philip-sama for some pocket money."


    Eris raises her head, I feel as if her affection-O-meter to me has gone up.

    Well, even if she's not given any pocket money, giving her anything whatever she wants is spoiling her too much.

    It's best to give her a bit of money and let her learn it herself.

    After recording some of the important book names I walk out of the book store.

    I have an overall impression after spending a day to take a look at the things I want to buy.

    When I look up to the skies, there's a castle floating up.

    It's mixed amongst the clouds, but the fleeting appearances are definitely there.


    I point up to the skies, and the surrounding people look up to that direction, but soon lost interest in it.

    Hah? You saw that right? Only me? The only person who saw that Castle in the Sky is me?[29]

    Father's a liar?[30]

    "Are you seeing that for that the first time? That's the 『Armored dragon king』 Perugius's sky fortress."

    Do you know that Lady...... Ghyslaine!

    But coming back to the topic, sky fortress.

    Woah, that's really damn cool-.

    "What's Perugius?"

    "Don't you know that?"

    I seem to have heard it before, but I can't recall it.

    "What's that?"

    Ghyslaine, with a little surprise on her face, tries to choose her words.

    But this time Eris crosses her arms and appears in front of me.

    "Let me teach you!"

    "If you would please teach me."

    "Alright! Perugius is one of the three heroes that defeated the Demon-God Laplace."

    Eris says that with pride. The Demon-God Laplace, I seem to have heard from somewhere....?

    "He's really, really strong, leading 12 followers in the sky fortress to Laplace's fortress."

    "Wow, that's really amazing."

    "Incredible right!"

    "Ojou-sama is really learned, thank you."

    "Ufufu! Rudeus still can't make it!"

    If I refute her now, I will definitely get beaten. I learned that a long time ago.

    Due to that, I went back to investigate.

    After inquiring Philip, I got to know there's a book with information somewhere around here, and after much effort I finally find it.

    And once I see it, it's actually the same book as the one back in the village Buina.

    <<Perugius's legend.>>

    I once firmly thought that it's a fairy tale, but it seems to be History.

    "Armored Dragon-King" Perugius, no one knows where he comes from or where his upbringing occured. That year, the young him without any fame, was brought in by the Dragon-God Urupein to the Adventurer's guild, this was the earliest record.

    Perugius shows his might within a very short period of time, partying up with the Dragon-God Urupein, North-God Kaaruman, the Twin-Emperor Migus・Gumis, and defeated every enemy.

    Because Perugius is treated like a younger brother, it wasn't known when he was given the title of "Armored Dragon" amongst the "Five Dragon Warriors" working for the Dragon-God.

    He's used his abilities during the Laplace battle without reservations, and he used his token magic, creating 12 familiars, which are

    - Void

    - Darkness

    - Brightness

    - Wave

    - Life

    - Earthquake

    - Time

    - Roaring storm

    - Destruction

    - Observation

    - Insanity

    - Atonement

    Controlling the strongest familiars and summoning the ancient sky fortress called "Chaos Breaker", they began to fight Laplace to the death.

    But even with all that, it still fell short and didn't manage to kill Laplace, ultimately they were only able to seal him.

    After seeing his strength and the "Chaos Breaker's" dignity, the title "Armored Dragon King" started to spread.

    The Asuran kingdom for the reason of acknowledging his efforts, decide to establish a new age title.

    This is the current "Armored dragon year". (To add on, this is the Dragon Age year 414.)

    The "Armored Dragon King" isn't working for any kingdom or governing any territory, and flies around the world with Sky Fortress "Chaos Breaker".

    Nobody knows his intentions.

    But really 400 years, hmm, is he really still alive?

    It's not an empty fortress flying around aimlessly with no directions right?

    If there's a chance I will definitely take a look.

    The second day.

    Eris mood is good enough to reach the point of surprising people, perhaps it's the reason of playing the entire day yesterday.

    Or perhaps it's related to just going only to the higher class stores.

    Regardless, looks like setting a rest day is a correct thing to do.

    "Bring me out to play the next time!"

    Eris does her usual pose, her face slightly blushing.

    What's the reason for blushing?

    Anger? Humiliation? What? Can it be embarrassment?

    How's that possible, it's that Eris!

    "I say...."

    My expression is a little troubled, and Eris grits her teeth, and twists her waist, both her hands grabbing her hair and says.

    "P, please bring me out nyan?"

    "Okay, b-bring you out, I'll bring you out alright, please don't do that."

    I stop her in a hurry, that's really quite cute, but it's terrible for the heart.

    I feel that I will be receiving a karma-O-meter for that, and when the karma comes back to haunt me it will be paid by punches.

    "Hmph! It's good that you understand."

    Eris brings her hair back, and before the hair settles, Eris sits back on the desk with a plop.[31]

    "Then, you can continue with the lessons."

    "You're full of energy today."

    "Because, if I'm not a good child, you won't bring me out right!"

    O, Ojou-sama is so sensible!?

    "T, that's right, I'll bring you out if you're obedient!"

    I finish the lesson today with moved emotions.


    Name: Eris Boreas Greyrat

    Profession: Granddaughter of the lord of Fedoa

    Personality: A little violent

    Talking to her: She will listen for a while

    Language: Able to read many things

    Math: Knows subtraction

    Magic: Currently learning the elementary rank

    Sword: Elementary ranked in the Sword-God style

    Etiquette: Knows the common greeting

    The people she likes: Grandfather, Ghyslaine

    A year has passed by.

    Eris's education is progressing smoothly.

    Her talent for the sword seems to be pretty good, before she was 10 she had already reached the standards of the intermediate rank.

    The intermediate rank can be said to be able to contend with an average knight.

    Ghyslaine says she can reach the advanced rank in a few years time.

    She's only 9 years old and yet...... Is our Ojou-sama a prodigy?

    What about me? If you ask me, I'll turn away my eyes.[32]

    Eris in regards to language, well you can say it's going fine.

    Particularly because Ghyslaine talked about her terrible past ordeals because she couldn't read.

    She was unable to do anything because of that, got deceived by all sorts of bad people, and in the end ended up as a slave for sale.

    That's why Eris desperately tried to learn by heart.

    The improvement in math isn't very apparent. I'm not sure what sort of things will happen to Eris in the future, but this world doesn't seem to need the usage of advanced math, so I feel that it's best to take things slowly.

    In 5 years to be familiar with the 4 basic arithmetic operations, I'll make this my goal.

    The magic lessons are progressing smoothly too, but there's a feeling that we're reaching the bottleneck soon.

    She can basically use all the elementary ranked magic, and she's familiar with all the magic systems other than earth magic, and in comparison Ghyslaine only learned fire magic.

    They both attended the same classes, but why is there such a difference?

    Is water, wind and earth magic something that Ghyslaine isn't familiar with?

    In any case, there are some things in the magic textbook that cannot be used even if you chant it.

    Regarding this part, I also did not work hard in memorizing it, so I don't really understand.

    Also, I tried to let them learn voiceless incantations, but the return is meagre.

    Sylphy immediately caught on to it, perhaps this is an issue of age.

    Or perhaps Sylphy has that sort of talent.

    I don't really know, maybe I have taught them something useless.

    It's about time to go into the intermediate ranked magic, but Ghyslaine and Eris are both sword fighters.

    It should be enough to learn the elementary ranked magic to clear some unimportant miscellaneous stuff.

    I think this is fine if it's done this way.

    I believe one day it will be of use.

    Although I feel that in regards to every subject, it's progressing smoothly, but it seems that Etiquette classes has run into a problem.

    Eris' 10 years old birthday is fast approaching.

    The age of 10 years old is special, and according to noble customs, the 5 years old, 10 years old, 15 years old birthdays will be done with a grand party to celebrate the birthday.

    The mansion's courtyard will be open, and receive the citizens' gifts, and will also invite the nobles from the city to participate.

    Because Sauros is a boorish officer, the earlier plan was to have a self-help buffet style party with plenty of wine.

    But Philip intercepts the idea, and changes it to a dance party, reasoning that it's easier to allow the nobles to attend it.

    When it comes to the party, the one with the biggest headache is Eris.

    At any rate, she's unable to dance. She can't even do the easiest dance steps.

    "This is too big of a problem if the main actress is unable to dance."

    Edona says this during the staff meeting day held at the beginning of the month.

    I asked about Eris when she was 5 years old, and received the reply that dance classes are only necessary after the Asuran nobles are reaching 10 years old. This means there was no need to learn dancing.

    The sword and magic schedules are all suspended to hold an emergency training session for Etiquette classes.

    The sword training in the morning still doesn't change, and after having lunch, a little bit of magic is practiced to allow the food to digest, and after that every class is practicing dancing.

    The more I see Eris' appearance, the more I feel that she's under a cheerless and irritated mood.

    "Pardon me for asking, does Rudeus-sama know how to dance?"

    Edona who just turned up after the magic training ends, asks me.

    "No, I can't do it."

    "Then if you can't, please join in the practice. Rudeus will also attend the dance party also right?"

    "A, ah-. I will, participate?"

    I look at Eris, and she nods in a matter-of-fact manner.

    "Of course Rudeus will attend." (Polite)

    Is this due to the Etiquette classes? Eris's used some strange words.

    No, it's not something important.

    "I seem to be required to attend."

    "Then if you need to attend, it wouldn't be too good if you don't know how to dance."

    "No, it will be okay if I stay in a corner and act as a young child."

    Edona doesn't even show a strained smile.

    She always has a gentle smile on her face that doesn't break.

    I notice that other than this expression, this person doesn't show any other expressions.

    In other words, a poker face.

    "If one is attending a party for the first time, that person might feel more nervous than the usual self. There might be a moment where one steps on the dance partner's toes, furthermore the guests might feel discouraged looking at Ojou-sama's tender age. To resolve the tension, if it's possible, I wish you will become....."

    Edona looks at me several times, but she still has a smile on her face.

    After beating around the bush, you just want my help right?

    Eris' dance lessons are progressing with such difficulty.

    There's no helping it, even though I don't want to lend help in something that I'm not familiar in, but since she already puts it that way I can't refuse right.

    No matter what I'm still the head teacher.

    "I see, alright I understand. But I won't pay for the fees okay?"

    "Of course, but in reverse I will be troubling Rudeus-sama."

    Because of this dialogue, I also join the dance lessons.

    And I finally understood clearly, her dancing is too fast and rigid.

    Edona's teaching methods are really too lousy, no, as a teacher it's roughly like that.

    You must do this, that's how you do that, in any case you should remember it. Something like this.

    What's important, what's the crux, and points to take note of, all of that aren't taught.

    I also met a teacher like that during my middle school, whatever, I'll just think of my own if I don't understand, since I'm not a child anymore.

    "I got it."

    After 3 days, I have grasped a few different dances.

    The so called dance is only to match the rhythm and do the fixed footsteps.

    You don't even need to practice for the simplest dance.

    Maybe it's because I actively used the experience when I played dance dance revolution during my middle school, there's not much of a problem.

    "That's magnificent, Rudeus-sama really is a genius."

    Eris frowns when she sees Edona praising me.

    Something that she is unable to do for months has been easily done by someone else, her heart cannot remain calm for sure.

    But I haven't been slacking for the past 3 days learning the dance steps, I have been observing Eris's problems.

    And I finally understood clearly, her dancing is too fast and rigid.

    Even though dancing is very compatible with the Sword-God style, but things are contrary to expectations, one is supposed to do a graceful step according to the rhythm, but she does it in the fastest speed possible, completely disrupting the dance partner's rhythm.

    Eris' base instincts feel repressed by the rhythm that is disrupting her. No matter what it is she will insist on her own steps, without being affected by others. This is a talent in combat, but it might disrupt one's self during dancing.

    After all you need to match your dance partner's actions.

    Edona has secretly told me, that she has never met such a talentless student, but the truth isn't like this.

    If she's capable of moving at high speeds, it means that she's able to dance, it's just the method of teaching her isn't very good.

    Even though correcting it is a little troublesome, but I have a card up my sleeve.

    "Eris, close your eyes, let your own rhythm control your body movements."

    "... What are you thinking of, when you're asking me to close my eyes!"

    "... Rudeus-sama?"

    Edona's poker face crumbles slightly.

    No, it's not like that. These people are so rude, you're actually suspecting a gentleman like myself.

    "I'm going to use a magic trick to let Eris dance."

    "Eh! Is there a magic like that?"

    "No, it's a magic trick, not magic. It's a miraculous phenomenon."

    Eris tilts her head in question, but she listens to me and closes her eyes.

    During the sword lessons, she has seen countless rhythms, high speed, finely tuned, sharp, but there's no orderly rhythm.

    Since you can't make an accurate prediction, it's easy to disrupt the opponent's rhythm, and I definitely can't do that sort of whimsical natural rhythms.

    "I'll clap my hands now, please use your dance steps in place of evading an attack, and follow my lead."

    With that I clap with an orderly, pan~, pan~, pan~.

    Eris matches me step by step by moving her body.

    This continues for a while, and I added a noise in a random interval.

    "Haii! Haii!"

    The timing is before the clapping, and Eris slows down for a slight moment, and only reacts to the claps.

    "T, this is!"

    Edona raises her voice in surprise.

    Eris continues to do the dance steps, even though it's still a little fast, but it's not at a pace that cannot be followed.

    "You did it, you did it Ojou-sama!"


    Edona grasps her hands and expresses a rarely seen excited smile, shouting.

    Eris opens her eyes in delight and replies with a large smile plastered on her face.

    "You're not done yet, don't open your eyes, you need to remember that feeling okay?"

    "Remember what, it's just seeing through the false actions and avoiding the attacks!!"

    That's right, this is also taught in the sword lessons.

    In Ghyslaine's evading the attacks lesson, she will demonstrate a false movement with a noise, and we need to avoid the real attack without getting confused by the false movements.

    Compared to reacting Ghyslaine's false movements that's full of bloodlust, following my simple sound is much easier compared to that.

    Just to add on, on this topic my results are better than Eris.

    She's too honest and easy to fool with false movements.

    "Eris, the things you learn on a lesson, can be applied to other lessons. Sometimes if there are things that you can't do well, try thinking if other lessons have something similar, please think about this okay?"

    Eris opens her eyes wide, an unusual thing, but she doesn't argue and nods.

    With that, dancing should have no issues.

    "As expected of Rudeus-sama, you only spent 1 year and managed to teach Ojou-sama math."

    Edona seems to be certainly impressed with me.

    You actually said that, did you consider Eris learning math to be utterly hopeless?

    Hm, but I did receive a lot of trouble for that. Still, half of that success belongs to Ghyslaine and I can't be conceited.

    "I say, Edona, I think this is a revelation, the sword has similarities with dancing."

    Edona shows an expression of disbelief, I have seen a miracle, ohhh the god out there, you're actually in front of me right now with expression right? You're exaggerating too much.

    "But, there's a dance that specifically swing the sword."

    "Ara, is there something like that?"

    "Y, yes, I read it on a book."

    Sword Dance is a common thing in my Chuunibyou knowledge, but it's possible that this world doesn't have something like that.

    "Did that literature book write where it comes from?"

    "T, the book says it's seen in a desert country."

    "The desert...... Is it the Begaritto continent?"

    "I'm not sure. Unexpectedly, it might belong to the demon races in the demon continent. I heard there are many small tribes, and there are people who can use the sword and dance."

    I say something irresponsible.

    "I see, with such an accumulation of knowledge, Rudeus-sama is really a fountain of intelligence."

    Edona uses her poker face, seemingly accepting my made up stories.

    "That's right, Rudeus is amazing!"

    I don't know why Eris proudly replies that.

    That's great, praise me more.

    I'm the type that will improve if you praise me, fuhahahaha!

    On the day of the party, I take my position at the corner of the courtyard.

    At the beginning of the party, Philip and his wife are handling the visiting middle class and lower class nobles to the Greyrat's family.

    I should say that these two are fighting, no matter how it is they won't show any sign of weakness.

    In the case of Sauros receiving the guest, they are frightened by his wild attitude and loud voice, and there are quite a lot of people scuttling to escape.

    The final chance to catch the people escaping, is the place where the main actress is at.

    Eris has no authority, doesn't understand politics, and regardless of anything she will say "Please refer to Otou-sama".

    There are a few good looking youths introducing themselves, as well as middle aged people introducing their sons to her.

    There are a few children who are about the same age, but almost all of them are fat.

    They must be living in comfort at home, I feel like I'm seeing myself as I once was before.

    When I feel a sense of familiarity, the party starts.

    As planned, I'm Eris's first dance partner. We're going to do the simplest dance for children, but because she's the lead, we are standing right in the middle of the courtyard.

    Just treat it like it's during practice, hopefully we don't fail.

    "W... w... w... what the heck...!"

    Eris is extremely nervous and moves stiffly like a robot.

    I decide to mix slight feints into my steps. Afterwards, Eris quietly mumbles [what the heck.] And returns to her usual condition.

    After the dance is over, Edona finds me to speak with me.

    Looking at Ojou-sama from afar, one can see that she's not tense anymore.

    She asks me what I did, and I reply that I did the same thing during practice.

    I added that it is originally the training for the sword.

    Hearing that, the amazed Edona laughs secretly.

    Since my mission is accomplished, I can go out and seek food.

    There's some highly uncommon food here.

    Examples include an unknown fruit that's made into a sour pie, or a meat dish that uses the entire cow's head, and beautifully arranged cakes.

    When I was eating these food with relish, my eyes met with Ghyslaine.

    She was not hinting anything to me in her eyes, but she was drooling.

    I'm also a guy who can understand the situation.

    I packed some of the food with a napkin and had a maid send it to my room.

    The bodyguards and maids can eat something better than the usual fare, but there wouldn't be any food like what's here right now.

    When I am about to finish transporting the food, I suddenly spot a young adorable girl in front of my eyes.

    She took the initiative to talk with me, announcing her name and saying a small speech.

    She seemed to be a girl from the middle class nobles, but I forgot her name.

    She invited me to dance, and after I told her I only knew some basic dancing, we move to the free courtyard area.

    I felt that I danced pretty well.

    After the dance, another girl came up to me and asked for another dance.

    What the hey, am I popular?

    While I was self indulgent with that, the girls keep on inviting me one after another.

    There's even a Obaa-san who's over 30 years old, and even a kid smaller than me who doesn't even know how to dance.

    Other than the people with a really large difference in height, I basically danced with every one of them.

    I'm a Japanese person who knows how to say NO, but after saying OK to the first person, it's not convenient to refuse other people.

    Even though I have the mind to do it, but I'm not really good at remembering faces and names, and it is exhausting.

    When everything is about to end, Philip came over to me to explain.

    It seems that Sauros heard someone inquire about the identity of the youth who danced with Eris in the beginning, and Sauros proudly revealed that the youth was a person holding the name of Greyrat.

    Which means, it was all Jii-san Sauros' fault.

    Even though it's something like that, I can't blame him.

    That child who successfully squashed Ojou-sama's tension, is that Sauros-sama's illegitimate child?

    He must have felt happy when he was asked that.

    At first it was planned not to reveal my Greyrat's surname, but after 3 rounds of wine it can't be helped.

    This means I'm treated as a branch family member, where I will become famous sooner or later, and they send their daughters or granddaughters to me.

    But I asked Philip, if that's the case isn't it strange to send them when the party is about to end?

    He sees me packing the desserts with the napkins, and waits for me to finish before talking.

    Whatever I do is reflected in someone's eyes.

    I ask Philip on how to handle the girls who come up to talk, and he says that I can just vaguely respond to it.

    Looks like he doesn't want me to participate in politics in the future.

    Or is he planning to let me rely on someone else to become a political power.

    But I don't have any interest in that, so today's popularity is just a bubble dream.

    No wait, but if I become someone amazing, I can eat all kinds of cute girls using money.

    "But, I suggest you don't do anything that will disgrace the Greyrat's name."

    That sudden inspiration that I have is immediately doused by Philip's icy remark.

    The person who comes to find me last is Eris. To add on, she's not wearing the lively outfit like her usual self, it's a water-blue colored dress.

    Her hair is tied up with flower ornaments adorning her hair, and she's considerably adorable.

    Because it's the first party, guests after guests keep greeting her, and I think she's quite spent.

    I'm not sure if it's because the main actress is herself or because the party is very successful, she's a little excited.

    "May I have a dance?"

    In front of me isn't the usual Eris who's loud, unlady-like, cheeky, and rude.

    Inviting me to dance is someone who wouldn't lose to any of the girls who have approached me so far, and is acting out the part of a graceful lady.

    We come to the middle of the hall, and the music playing is something that we have never practiced before, with a slightly difficult, brisk rhythm to it.

    "Ahh, uuuu......."

    Eris immediately shows her discomfort. This is all because you forced yourself to act mature.

    Eris casts a glance at me to plead for help, and I add in feints that match the music.

    Even though it's different from usual, a rhythm like this should actually be easier for Eris.

    Since these dance steps are vague, I'm not sure if Edona will be surprised or angry when she sees it.

    We held our hands together, and step in and move back like we're practicing sword training.

    We held our hands together, and step in and move back like we're practicing sword training.

    This is very irregular combined with the music, and it must be quite unique to the viewers.

    But, Eris is completely into it, and she smiles.

    The girl who constantly wore a sullen expression was laughing with an expression that matched her age.

    Just being able to see that made attending this party worth it.

    The dance ends and is followed by applause.

    Sauros comes running and lifts us both onto his shoulders, and merrily runs laps around the courtyard while laughing.

    What a spirited grandfather. Seeing that, the people around start laughing too.

    Yeah, this has been a fun party.

    When the party ended, I called Ghyslaine and Eris up to my room, actually calling Ghyslaine is enough, but when I invited her she's together with Eris, so I brought her along as well.

    Seeing there's delicious food on the table, Eris's stomach growls. She was nervous and excited during the party, so she didn't eat anything at all.

    I brought out the cheap wine that I bought from the city from the cupboard.

    Even though it's prepared for Ghyslaine, Eris says that she wants to drink it as well, so I prepared 3 cups, cheers.

    This country requires one to be above 15 years old before you can drink, but I'm going to put that aside today.

    Sometimes it's good to let loose.

    "The timing is just right, so I'm going to give the two of you gifts."

    I bring out two magic wands[33] from the dresser beside the bed as I talk.

    "W-what is that?"

    "It's considered as a birthday gift I guess."

    "Ehh, but I want this!"

    Eris points towards the things that I practiced making using magic, using earth magic to create many intricate models.

    There's a dragon, ship, and one might say a 1/10 sized figurine of Sylphy placed there.

    Not to praise myself, when I was 20 years old back in the past, I was into making models, and even created my own coating paint.

    But the painting materials are expensive here, and there's no spray paint equipment to apply it.

    But since I did it with passion to create a panties for the model, the overall structure is quite detailed.

    Even though it's something like that, it's still done by an amateur...

    By the way, a 1/10 sized figurine of Roxy is sold to a merchant for 1 gold coin.

    She must be touring the world right now.

    Well, returning to the topic.

    "This is my shishou's custom of giving disciples a magic wand. But since I didn't know how to make it and I didn't have the money to buy the materials, so I'm a bit late with that. If it's acceptable please take it."[34]

    Ghyslaine stops after hearing that, stands up and kneels down on one knee with respect.

    Ah, I know this, this is the pose of Sword-God style for showing respect to the teacher.

    "Yes! Rudeus-shishou. I receive this with much gratitude."

    "Umu, there's no need to be so formal."

    Ghyslaine accepts it with humble respect and looks at the magic wand, seemingly happy.

    "I can call myself a magician now."

    Ah, is that it, you can call yourself that now?

    I didn't hear Roxy talking about it, no, in any case you're still elementary ranked, you're not counted right.

    Or can you call yourself a magician if you start practicing magic?

    My shishou has never explained it to me in detail.

    "Erm, Eris do you want this?"

    I half jokingly bring the 1/10 Sylphy's figurine to my hand, but I see Eris shakes her head.[35]

    "No! I want, that magic wand! I want that magic wand!"

    "Okay, here."

    Eris stretches her hand to take it, but perhaps because she saw Ghyslaine's attitude, she immediately corrects her posture, and receives the magic wand with both hands respectfully.

    "T, thank you very much, Rudeus-shishou."

    "Umu, please take good care of it.]"

    Eris glances at Ghyslaine next, and after Ghyslaine notice her glance she pauses for a few second blankly, then shakes her head.

    "I'm sorry, my race doesn't have a custom like that, and I didn't prepare anything."

    I was thinking of what it was, it's actually asking for presents. Come to think of it, this was happening when I was moving the food back.

    Ah, Eris sits back at the sofa with disappointment.

    The servant giving the owner presents, even though there's no custom like that, but receiving nothing from her favorite Ghyslaine-oneechan, she's indeed a little pitiable.

    Let me correct the situation a little.

    "Ghyslaine, there's no need to prepare something special, if there's anything on you, or a lucky charm that can be used as a present too."


    Ghyslaine thinks for a while and then removes a ring from her finger.

    A ring carved out from wood, with the signs of age on it, I'm not sure if there's any magic added to it or the material itself, there's a green light slightly emitting from it.

    "This is a charm that my tribe passed down, if you wear this it's said that you won't be attacked by evil wolves at night."

    "Are you really giving me that?"

    "Yes, it's just a superstition."

    Eris carefully receives it, wears it on her finger and hugs her hands tightly to her chest.

    "I, I'll take good care of it."

    She's even happier compared to receiving the magic wand from me, well, since it's a ring, girls, probably will like it more.

    At this time a question rises from me.

    "Superstition, huh? That means Ghyslaine has been attacked by evil wolves at night?"

    "Yes, that was a difficult night to fall into sleep, Paul invited me to swim......"

    "Aaah, it's best not to say anything else, I can guess what happens next."

    Not good, if this topic continues, my stock valuation will fall, damn this Paul, that wanker is always in my way.

    "Is that so, well, you probably won't want to listen about the things that your father did."

    "Isn't that right, here, go right ahead and eat. Even though it's already cold, enjoy the food. You're my students so there's no need to restrain yourself.]"

    Eris's memorable birthday passes by without incident.

    The second day I find Eris lying beside me.

    Wooah, I have become an adult, nooo (shy).

    ....... How's that possible.

    Thinking back about it a little.

    She suddenly wanted to sleep, and collapsed in my bed in exhaustion.

    Seeing that, Ghyslaine said she should also go back, and in the end left Eris behind and returned to her own room.

    You're not a man if there's food in front of you and you still don't take it.

    Gehehehe, it's time to be a baaaad boy.

    I licked my lips in an evil manner and approached the edge of the bed.

    Then I saw Ghyslaine's ring being worn on her finger, and she's hugging the magic wand tightly that I gave; Eris' figure with a satisfied smile, sleeping away.

    The Big Bad Wolf with the despicable face had been drawn away.

    "That charm is really useful....."

    I mumbled without touching Eris one bit, and slept quietly on the edge of the bed.[36]

    It's still quite early now, looking out of the window, the day is just about to break, but it's still very dark.

    I went outside to walk for a bit. Even though it's not bad to look at Eris's sleeping face, once she wakes up I'd get punched.

    I don't want to get beaten.

    I walked silently outside the room to the slightly cold corridor, pondering on where to go next.

    The mansion's main gate will not open until a certain time, so I can't go out and there are very few choices.

    I have basically searched everywhere for the past year, but there are some areas that I still don't know, for example, there's a tower isolated from the mansion.

    Even though I was told not to approach there, I'm still interested in it.

    Or perhaps, I might be able to receive something good, for example I might get someone's panties that has been dried by the wind.

    Thinking about the good stuff, I climbed up to the top of the mansion, after searching around at the top, I finally find a spiral staircase that pleased me.

    That's probably the entrance to the tower.

    As I climb up I hear something enticing like nyan, nyan voices, so I climb up without trying to make any sound.

    Sauros is at the highest level, in a room that I'm not sure can be entered, doing something very naughty with a Nekomimi maid.

    I see, so that's the reason why you don't allow people to come here....

    I wanted to enjoy things till the end, but Sauros discovers me.

    The maid has already discovered me from early on, after the maid finishes the business, she immediately passes by me and climbs down the staircase.

    "...... Is that Rudeus?"

    He's different from the usual voice, small and stable, sage mode?

    "Yes, Sauros-sama. Good morning."

    I just wanted to greet him with the noble's formalities, but Sauros's hand stops me.

    "No need, what are you doing here?"

    "Because I saw a ladder, so I wanted to climb up."

    "Do you like high places?"


    Even though I say that, if I look out from the window, I'll tremble in my legs.

    Like and satisfaction is different, even if I conquer the world and make the highest tower, my room will be built on the first floor.

    "Come to think of it, what is Sauros-sama doing here?"

    "I'm praying to that gem."

    Ahh? This mansion's praying culture is quite decadent, I think to myself but I really don't mind that.

    He's usually so strict but he's also a Greyrat's member, birds of the same feather.


    I look outside the window, and there's a red gem floating in the air. It's pulsing with a faint light, and I can see some changes from inside.

    What's that, amazing. Is that floating in the air by magic?

    "May I know what is that?"

    "I'm not sure"

    Sauros shakes his head.

    "That was discovered 3 years ago, but, it's not something bad."

    "How can you be so certain?"

    "It's better to think that way."

    I see. That's true, since you can't grab a hold of it. If you think it's something bad, it's bad for the health. Why not think that it's something good and pray towards that, maybe gem-san's mood might turn for the better.

    Let me pray too, please drop a pretty girl from the skies.

    "Rudeus, I'm going to ride horse to travel for a while, do you want to come?"

    "I'll go too."

    Sauros's jii-san just did it once, but he seems quite spirited. Today's a free day, it seems I'm permitted to play for a while.

    Oh yeah! ............ Sounds like it will be very tiring.

    "Come to think of it."


    "Is Sauros-sama's wife not here?"

    I hear a gritting sound, and discover that Sauros is grinding his teeth, and I feel cold sweat on my back.

    "She's dead."

    "I see, I am very sorry for asking something like that."

    I apologize earnestly, he just did the birds and the bees with the Nekomimi maid, I might have made him remember something unhappy.

    Looks like it's best not to ask why Eris doesn't have any siblings.

    "Then, let's go."


    Today will be a rest day, and I'll let Eris work hard from tomorrow onwards.


    Name: Eris Boreas Greyrat

    Profession: Granddaughter of the lord of Fedoa

    Personality: A little violent

    Talking to her: She will listen with attention

    Language: Able to read things almost perfectly

    Math: Remembers the multiplication tables up to 9*9

    Magic: Roughly knows the elementary rank

    Sword: Intermediate ranked in the Sword-God style

    Etiquette: Will not be embarrassed at a party

    The people she likes: Grandfather, Ghyslaine

    After Eris' 10th birthday she became more obedient. She also listens attentively in classes, and the number of times I get hit has lessened.

    I am released from the fear of domestic violence, and my heart is more composed.

    Because of that, I started my own studying.

    First of all, I started a rough investigation into the world's history from the history book I found in the library.

    According to the book, the world started 100,000 years ago and it's a really fantastical history.

    Based on the chronological table, it's something like this.

    -- 100,000 years ago --

    There were 7 worlds back then, and governed by each god. They are called "The Gods of Ancient Times."

    The gods are different from each world.

    The human world, the Human-God.

    The demon world, the Demon-God.[37]

    The dragon world, the Dragon-God.

    The beast world, the Beast-God.

    The sea world, the Sea-God.

    The heaven world, the Heaven-God.

    The void world, the Void-God.[38]

    At that time, there's something like a barrier that isolates the world, and there is no easy way to travel through and from.

    The citizens of one of the worlds don't even know the existence of other worlds.

    The only people who knows the existence of the other worlds are a portion of the Gods, and individuals that have very strong powers.

    -- 20,000 - 10,000 years ago --

    An evil Dragon-God was born in the dragon world. He possessed exceptional power, and destroyed the barriers between the worlds, and he commanded the <<5 Dragon Warriors>> to destroy the other worlds.

    The citizens of the worlds had their worlds destroyed and were continuously chased, until finally they escaped to the human world.

    After that, because of these events the <<5 Dragon Warriors>> betrayed the Dragon-God, and the leader of the <<5 Dragon Warriors>>, the Dragon-Emperor, teamed up together with the 4 Dragon-Kings and battled with the exceptionally powerful Dragon-God. A death match of 5 versus one, and in the end it ended up as a tie.

    Because of the battle, the dragon world was destroyed. In the end there's only the human world left, which is this world.

    -- 10,000 - 8,000 years ago --

    This era is called the Age of Chaos. The ancestors of the human race here enter into a chaotic war between the other worlds' citizens.

    There's almost no data contributing to this era, but according to the scholars, after a very long time, each race is respectively segregated.

    The beast races stayed in the forest, the sea race governed the oceans and the heaven race controlled the high grounds. The dragon race was nearly destroyed and they went into hiding. The void race can live anywhere, so they were everywhere.

    And then, only the human race and the demon races were fighting ceaselessly on the plains. At that time, the Central continent and the Demon continent were linked together, and was called the Grand continent.

    -- 7,000 Years ago --

    With the advancement of magic and martial skills, the population also increased.

    At this time, there was the human-demon war, and just like the meaning of the words, this was a huge head on collision between the human race and the demon races.

    That's something like the world war back then in my previous world. The war not only included the human race and demon races, other races were also involved in this long war.

    -- 6,000 years ago --

    The human-demon war had repeated a regular streak of fierce battles for 1,000 years, and the hero Alus and his 6 companions defeated the <<5 Great Demon-Kings>> and the <<Demon Worlds's Great Emperor Kishirika>>.

    From the words alone the Great Emperor is probably a female, my mind suddenly has an image of Eris laughing in high pitch, wearing a full set of SM clothing.

    Talking about the Hero Alus... Isn't it the Hero vs the Evil Dragon?[39]

    -- 5,500 years ago--

    With the human race's naivety and ignorance, as well as believing themselves to be powerful after defeating the demon races, frequently picked fights with the other races.

    There were civil wars happening too, and fights were commonplace. Also, the demon races were treated as slaves to be used.

    This nearly went on for 500 years.

    -- 5,000 years ago --

    The 2nd human-demon war exploded out, as if to avenge the 1000 years of hatred, the <<Demon World's Great Emperor Kishirika>> raised the banners again.

    Again with Kirishika, is that a succession of a title name? But it seems that it's not that, the Demon World's Great Emperor is an immortal, even if she dies, 1,000 years later she can be revived.

    Being called as the Great Emperor, that means she's much more powerful than the other emperors.

    The demon, beast and sea races formed an alliance to surround the human race, driving the human race to a corner.

    -- 4,200 years ago --

    The 2nd human-demon war ends, the human race that's fond of wars, finally overturns the situation after 800 years of bitter battles.

    It's thanks to the accomplishments of the golden knight Aldebaran.[40]

    This fellow was a serious cheating bastard, he vanquished an army of 10000 by himself, defeated all the important people and fought the Great emperor on a 1 on 1 duel.

    He released a special move at the end, separating the Grand continent by piercing a great hole, and created the surrounding Ringus sea.[41]

    Based on one theory, he's called the Human-God. The Aldebaran that I know is able to kill anyone if he uses his ultimate skill, but this world's Golden knight is ridiculous.[42]

    Even though there's a lot of suspicious details, but at the end of the war's conclusion, the continent is split into 2 and it's the truth there's a new ocean formed in the middle.

    In any case, it's lucky that the continent split into 2, and the long-awaited peace has finally arrived.

    -- 4,200 - 1,000 years ago --

    The era goes over quickly, the world is at peace, but the demon races are driven out of the central continent.

    The human race used cunning methods and sealed the demon races on the Demon continent.

    The soils at the central continent are very fertile and extremely suitable to stay there. But the Demon continent is a place that easily gathers mana and is infertile.

    The human race slowly forces all the lowly demon races to the Demon continent, as if twisting the ropes slowly to tighten the noose on the neck, sealing the Demon continent away.

    They developed a silent agreement with the other races, to avoid another human-demon war.

    The Demon races might have tried some resistance, and used foreign ties to pressure their opponent, but no war broke out.

    It's uncertain when it happened, but it became truth that the Demon races were unable to go out from the Demon continent.

    Due to the harsh surroundings and the competition over finite resources, the demon races easily fell into a state of civil war.

    The demon races adapted to the environment, but the population had decreased by a lot.

    -- 1,000 years ago --

    The Demon-God Laplace, in this long History, there are quite a few Demon-Kings and Demon-Emperors, but the only Demon-God that's known is Laplace[43].

    Laplace immediately brought the demon races together, and subjugated the Demon continent. The records of this war still exist, and it's handed down from the military history.

    Even now, Laplace is the idol within the Demon continent. Laplace created a united demon kingdom, and proceeded to nurture the demon races with a tough hand.

    -- 500 years ago --

    Laplace suddenly starts a military campaign.

    The beast race and sea race took a long time to persuade, and Laplace begun to attack the central continent.

    The human race was in for a bitter fight that cannot be compared to anything in that came before. First Laplace's army invaded from the south, and the Human race's forces gathered there.

    Red dragons were placed at the central continent, and the mountains could no longer be passed through.

    With the Northern area being attacked as well, the human forces were split up, and the southern area fell all at once.

    The situation soon turned into a flanked attack, proceeding from 2 directions attacking west area.

    -- 400 years ago --

    The cornered human race finally brought out the their trump card, the 7 heroes persuaded the sea race, released the ocean's blockade and allowed the access to Milis continent.

    The reasons that the Milis continent isn't being attacked are many, there's a holy Milis barrier and robust holy knight army, and there are poor conditions to allow the army on land, etc.

    Also the reason why they are trapped was due to the Grand Forest on the northern side. The demon and beast races had formed an alliance, and did not allow the Milis kingdom to easily move.

    Thus the 7 heroes persuaded the beast races, but even if you say "persuade", it's the 7 people who kidnapped the various tribe's children as hostages and threatening them. After much editing, this was actually written as receiving the children's help.

    Are you trying to deceive me?

    On the day of the final battle, the final kingdom left behind in the human race is the Milis Kingdom, who rallied the entire army to resist. After a short time, the 7 heroes led the holy knights and the beast races, and assaulted the Laplace army.

    After the fierce battle, 4 of the 7 heroes died, but the entire main Laplace army was completely routed, and successfully sealed the Demon-God Laplace.

    The only 3 survivors are, Dragon-God Urupein, Kaaruman, the Armored Dragon King Perugius.

    They are called the <<The three heroes who vanquished the Demon-God>>.

    ...... You didn't vanquish right?

    Laplace was defeated, but the human race was also exhausted and it was impossible to continue fighting. Therefore a treaty was signed with the moderate's Demon-king.

    They will remove the blockade from the Demon continent, and the demon races can travel freely to other continents.

    Also the discrimination towards the demon races are all banned.

    In other words back in my world, it's the Universal declaration for human rights.[44]

    -- The current era --

    The discrimination towards the demon races' society is still as deep as before, but overall it can be said as peaceful.

    Based on this I finally made things clear.

    1) The reason why 7 is a lucky number.

    This is due to History. 7 Worlds, 7 heroes. Lucky number is 7, unlucky number is 6. The <<5 Dragon Warriors>> and the <<5 Demon-Kings>> plus the boss is 6.

    2) The long eared race (elves), charcoal race (dwarves), the small human race (halflings) and many races are associated with the demon races, and there's even a theory about the Age of Chaos creating a new race.

    Perhaps there's something related to the void race which appeared the earliest, and some races that are unrestricted by age.

    The Demon World's Great Emperor Kishirika is like this, and there are many undying devil kings.

    Maintaining an undying body status, perhaps it's a magic in this area.

    Because of the time spent on learning history, I know more or less the languages in this world.

    The common languages in this world are:

    - The Central continent, the human language

    - The Milis continent, the Beast-God language

    - The Heaven continent, the Heaven-God language.

    - The Begaritto continent, the Fighting-God language.

    - The Demon continent, the Demon-God language.

    - The entire sea, the Sea-God language

    In any case the various continents use names that are related to their gods.

    But only the human race isn't the Human-God language, be wary of divine punishment.

    The human language in the central continent can be split into 3 types, there are some differences in the various human languages.

    But the only differences are something like American English and British English.

    I'm using the western area's human language in the central continent, and the western area's language is also used in the northern side. But it's best not to use that elsewhere.

    It's common knowledge that the western area has rich people, so bad people will be attracted to them.

    The Milis continent is split into Northern region and the southern region, the northern region uses the Beast-God language, and the southern region uses the human language.

    There are sea people residing in the ocean, although I don't know where I heard of the term sea people, I've never seen their city.

    Besides my monthly salary, and selling my figurines, I do part time jobs in my free time (doing misc stuff for Philip, and reselling things that I bought several months ago.)

    Every day is a busy day, and I finally earned some small change.

    The money is enough to buy [Shigu's summoning magic], but that book was bought by someone else already.[45]

    I'm interested in the summoning magic, but I can't help it. I can't buy something that's already gone.

    I think of spending the coins in my hand, and what kind of things can be bought with 5 gold coins. This time, a book about foreign languages comes into my eyes.

    After looking at the stories in history, and seeing the languages in the stories, I suddenly think that it is important to learn about languages.

    So I start to learn about other languages.

    First of all, I start from Ghyslaine who also knows the Beast-God language, and wanting to learn about the Demon-God language, I write a letter to Roxy, letting her tell me what she knows.

    I'm 9 years old, it has already been 2 years since I became the home tutor for Eris.

    I spent a year to learn the Beast-God language, which Ghyslaine helped out a lot. There's also no need to spend a lot of time, the words to remember aren't a lot, as long as you know the formula, holding a conversation is easy.[46]

    The past me was terrible at foreign languages, but this body's memory isn't bad. Right now I'm learning the Demon-god language, and the demon races' language books are very cheap.

    The bookstore's owner also said before.

    "I don't know what's written on top alright?"

    It's 7 silver coins, but after bargaining it's 6 silver coins

    After that, another 3 months pass by. The job of translating is quite difficult. In other words, no, I'll just say it straight. I don't even know what's written on it.

    At least tell me the topic and perhaps I can fill in the gaps.

    But I don't even know the contents of it, and I can only give up when I don't know it at all.

    It's easy to learn the Beast-God language thanks to Ghyslaine, but it doesn't end there. Because the book that I used as a teaching material "Perugius's legend".

    Even though it's just a supplementary aid, with the book "Perugius's legend" next to my hand, picking up the vocabulary is much easier.

    But I don't understand the Demon-God language at all.

    How did the archaeologists read the words? I believe it's picking the vocabulary.

    Trying to seek out the vocabulary, considered all sorts of possibilities, hmm it should be something like that.

    Hmmm, well, I don't know what vocabulary at all. I completely have no idea.

    One day I finally receive Roxy's reply, I didn't receive any news for over a year, and I thought that something wrong happened to the letter, or Roxy isn't at Shirone's kingdom anymore.

    I finally receive it, just having the letter alone makes me feel overjoyed, is Shishou still well?

    I suppress my impatient feelings, and receive the letter from the maid.

    The letter.... or it's more like a package. Inside is a heavy wooden box, not really big, it's about the size of a telephone directory.

    I take out a letter and a relatively thick book from the box. There's no title on the book, and there's an animal leather covering the cover. It feels like a cover for a telephone book.

    I'll take a look at the letter first.

    Before I opened it I take a sniff at it, and there is Roxy's personal scent to it.

    "To Rudeus-sama

    I read your letter that you sent, it has been some time, and you're already all grown up.

    I didn't think that you managed to become the Fedoa's lord granddaughter's home tutor, that really made me astonished.

    Coincidentally, I failed at the interview for this job. Perhaps it has to do with connections.

    If I weren't undertaking the job of the Prince's home tutor right now, perhaps I might be jealous.

    Not only that, you actually got to meet the Sword king Ghyslaine, and you are even taken in as a disciple.

    Ghyslaine is a very famous character, no matter what, she's number 4 in the Sword-god style.

    Sigh, the 5 years old Rudeus who peeked at me showering is gone.

    You're a person that has become distant now.

    I'll get to the real topic.

    You want to learn the Demon-God language right? There are many people in the various demon tribes who have their own unique magic that the human race don't even know.

    There probably isn't any documents to them, if you know how to converse in the Demon-God language, once you go to the tribes in the future, you might learn something. Of course, you need to build a good relationship.

    Even though it's impossible for average magicians, but if it's Rudeus you should find it easy.

    With my hopeful expectations, I wrote teaching materials for Rudeus which I written by hand. I spent quite a bit of time on it, and please keep this well, and I'll be happy if you don't throw it or sell it away.

    If I see this in a bookstore I will probably cry.......

    Talking about stores, a few days ago the Prince secretly ran to the city and bought a figurine exactly the same as me.

    The robes are removable, and even the mole on my body is the same, I really don't get it at all.......

    If there's nothing that happens, I will send this letter out.

    From Roxy

    PS: If you carry a magic wand in an adventurer's party, you're usually recognized as a magician."

    I see.

    That incident about you bathing is a misunderstanding, I didn't peek at you. I only saw it by coincidence, it's really, a coincidence.

    Even though I know the timing to Roxy bathing, the fact that I saw it was a coincidence, and that moment where I consciously went to jog at that timing, totally a coincidence.

    But going back to the letter, Ghyslaine's number 4?

    Sword-God, Sword-Emperor and Sword-King?

    Ah, there are 2 Sword-Emperors right? So there's only 1 Sword-King?

    Since there are countless people in this world using the Sword-God style, I thought there are over 10 people who are Sword-Kings, but I didn't expect there would be only 1.

    Also Roxy's statue seems to be sent there by coincidence, the prince really has some great eyes.

    Ahh, compared to this thing.

    The book that's sent over is hand written by her. I'm not sure what's written in it, but you don't really need to spend half a year right?

    It's specifically written for me, so I'm sure it's a guide to read the Demon-God language, so I'll work hard on learning it.

    I sit down properly and open the book.


    Hehe, Rudeus is entering reading book mode.

    "This is, really too amazing."

    I look at the book's contents, and I really find it hard to suppress my emotions.

    This is a book of teaching materials, and it resembles more like a dictionary. It translates all the Demon-God language to be human language.

    This is probably referenced from Shirone's palace's dictionary books and written out.

    Each word has a detailed description, even the pronunciation is also there, a complete coverage.

    But this isn't as moving just like that, the latter half in the book contains all the knowledge of the tribes.

    You can't do this in this tribe, you can't do that in another tribe, and there's a somewhat badly done side drawing explaining "This is a special trait!!".

    The fact that Roxy wrote this with all her heart is really charming

    The most detailed content about the Migurd's tribe actually filled 5 pages.

    Roxy for the sake of letting me learn about her tribe has put in effort, and I really feel her charm.

    "Basically the Migurd's tribe is fond of sweet things."

    Are you serious?

    But coming back to this book, I really have to take my hat off to Roxy if this book is written in less than a year.

    If there's a chance to meet her, please let me lick her feet.

    I'm sure it will be delicious.

    Well then.

    This book can be said to be my strongest teaching material, even though my results weren't good in the past, but this body's memorizing power is unusually good.

    Within another half year, I should be able to completely grasp this book. At least I want to say a few simple sentences.

    I'll work hard.

    --Ghyslaine's Point of view--

    Rudeus is starting to seclude himself in the room, he's trying to do something again, every time that youth will make me feel astonished.

    When I first met him, I felt that's not really a reliable youth, and it's that overconfident Paul who's over doting his child and forcefully pushed him over to here.

    I have a duty to Paul.

    I don't have any other feelings other than that, but I have a duty. Even if he can't be Eris Ojou-sama's home tutor, I will express my wishes to have him stay in the mansion.

    This is what I thought would happen.

    But he successfully gained Ojou-sama's trust within the blink of an eye, and managed to attain the post of the home tutor.

    The kidnapping incident was planned by Rudeus alone, although I heard the butler was greedy and made use of this incident, when I rushed to the scene, Rudeus was fighting the two men that were hired by the butler on equal grounds.

    Even though I'm not completely certain, despite facing an advanced ranked North-God style swordsman, he used two different types of magic or possibly a combination of it and overwhelmed them in a truly unique way.

    While it might be that they underestimated him as a child, carrying that battle sense at that age is an innate thing. [47]

    Even if it's me, if I start a battle at over 100 meters, I will most likely lose.

    Not only his combat ability, he compiled a learning schedule or something for Ojou-sama, and effectively progressed the classes.

    His classes are also very easy to understand, I didn't even think that I could also learn how to read and write and do maths, to even receive a magic wand....

    I'm labeled as the delinquent in the village, I was taken away by a journeying swordsman even before I reached 10 years old, became a Sword-Saint but was ostracized by my party.

    I managed to find a party that accepted me with much difficulty, but I was told by a frivolous man who's full of bad ideas, that my brain is made of muscles and thus I don't need to think.

    If I go back now, what expressions will the people in the village show, just thinking about it makes me curl the corners of my lips and smile.

    I did not think that I could learn so many things from a child who's young enough to be my son.

    After the party disbanded, I led a life where I was robbed everyday, getting robbed until I was penniless.

    Since Shishou disciplined me strictly not to take from other people things, I did not steal anything.

    Without any job and on an empty stomach, on the time where I nearly starved to death, it was Sauros-sama and Eris-sama who saved me.

    The respect I have for the two of them, is also extended to Rudeus.

    Shishou...... Sword-God-sama will probably get angry and say something like "Is that brat worthy to be ranked equally as me!?", so I'll just call Rudeus Sensei.

    I'll treat Rudeus with the respect of a sensei. He really has a lot of patience, being able to teach me Maths and Magic.

    Even though I tried working hard on it, but I'm not a person with good memory, I'll commit the same mistakes over and over again.

    Even if that's the case, Rudeus has never shown any signs of annoyance, and will sincerely and earnestly teach me.

    Also every time he teaches me, it will be a different method to allow me to understand the concept.

    Thanks to his efforts, I am able to completely grasp the elementary ranked fire and water magic within less than 2 years.

    I'm not sure if it's Rudeus education plan, he didn't immediately start lessons to teach the intermediate rank, but started lessons to train us to use voiceless incantations.

    Under the situation of not being able to use both hands, one can still use simple magic. It's quite logical.

    So it's very easy to understand, and once I can understand I can put effort into it.

    But no matter how hard I try I am unable to do so.

    My shishou who's Sword-God-sama has told me countless time to be "Logical".

    "Being 'Logical', refers to the foundations."

    This is the golden advice from Sword-God-sama (Shishou), training in the foundation after a long period of time, will logically allow me to attain the essence of the sword.

    The young me who hated training in the foundations, my Shishou tirelessly trained me. He kept repeating lessons to let me practice.

    I finally attained a sword king's strength that I don't deserve.

    Rudeus's training closely resembles Sword-God-sama's training.

    "I want to use a prettier magic."

    I feel that this is enough.

    In a practical combat, the most reliable thing isn't an advanced magician who takes a long time to chant to use a powerful magic, but an elementary or intermediate ranked magician who can use magic ingeniously according to different situations.

    I always felt that a magician was useless during duels against people, but I have changed my mind completely after seeing Rudeus.

    Moving at high speeds while using magic spells to attack and hinder the enemy, this kind of opponent is an unimaginable strong foe for a swordsman.

    I heard that he was always facing Paul as an opponent, that immature Paul will definitely go after Rudeus and knock him over with his full strength during training.

    From the conclusion, Rudeus has obtained perfect experience in handling a swordsman. It's a fluke, but Paul sometimes will do something useful.

    However, this could be a misstep, and Rudeus might find it meaningless to battle, and end up burying his talent.

    He doesn't have the talent in the Sword-God style.

    He overly seeks rational things, and overthinks too much.

    Training the foundation in a rational manner, and executes it with even more rational ways, and ends up with an illogical conclusion.

    Although it's not a bad thing when I consider Rudeus's character, but I'm afraid he's training the sword based on his knowledge in magic.

    Still, this is completely different in the Sword-God style where things are decided in a heartbeat, compared to preparing the endless possibilities when one takes the first step.

    Paul probably didn't tell him that he's best suited for the North-God style.

    Unfortunately I only know how to use the Sword-God style so I can't teach him. But I have my connections, if 3 years later Rudeus wants to learn the sword, I'll point him to a North-God style user.

    The only thing that I did is to continue teaching him in the basics of the Sword-God style.

    If he has the basics down, he should improve in the North-God style if he learns it.

    In the end, it's whether he decides he wants to to continue training in the sword.

    Even if he didn't meet any famous teacher to teach him, he will probably still succeed as a magician.

    Reaching the god rank isn't something humans can understand, but he can probably reach the emperor rank.

    The magician named Roxy must have agonized over on how to educate him for the future.

    Even though I think that she's quite embarrassed from running away from Rudeus, but I don't intend to blame her.

    I probably should even thank her, because of her, I'm able to use magic.

    Learning from a dumb teacher will only curb the student's growth. Perhaps one day will arrive where I will agonize over who can teach him the sword.

    The more I think the more I get lost.

    I don't know what Rudeus is doing. Even though it's a rest day, he's different from the carefree Ojou-sama, and he usually does something novel.

    Recently he said he wanted to learn the Beast-God language, and after dinner he would carry a book in his hand and come to my room.

    A language that can only be used in the huge forest, even if you learn it what can you do with it?

    But Rudeus only spent half a year learning it, it's not difficult to express yourself in the Beast-God language, and he can probably hold a daily conversion perfectly.

    "With that, I can probably go to the 'Grand Forest'."

    Why does he want to go there to the sealed area, I ask him.

    "Eh? No, erm how should I say it? Ah, I can probably meet some cute girls, the nekomimi ones."

    That moment I believed it, this child is indeed Paul's son, inheriting the Greyrat's blood.[48]

    That's right, the Greyrat family members always cast me strange glances.

    As a woman, even though I'm being stared at I won't feel bad about it, but it's not that case.

    The points where they look at are strange.

    Most of the males will look at my chest. They will first look at the face, then pretend to look elsewhere while looking at my chest.

    Then they will cast their eyes further down, to the stomach, between my legs and my thighs, and if my back is facing them they will look at my butt.

    Even though I don't really mind.

    But the Greyrat males were different.

    I thought at first they were looking at my face and butt.

    Well, it's okay to just take a look, since I don't expect them to move on to the next step.

    Paul is also that kind of person who is curious.

    Even though I thought something like that, but I felt their eyes were looking at somewhere strange.

    The glances were slightly above my head, if you say they were looking at my butt it's a little off position.

    I was thinking where they were looking, and they were actually the ears and tail.

    Eris ojou-sama, Sauros-sama, even Philip-sama.

    Before I went out to receive Rudeus, I asked Philips why they looked at the ears, and he replied without any changes in his face while looking at my ears.

    "Because the 'Boreas' family likes the beast races."

    And he said even though he didn't inherit the noblity, he's different as he's a [Notus]. [49]

    "He's Paul's son, the fact that he likes pretty girls won't be wrong."

    He added on.

    At that moment, I thought it will probably be something like that.

    But I couldn't believe Rudeus is Paul's son after seeing how gentlemanly he is.

    Furthermore he's a hardworking person that Paul can never match, and he's a diligent person that Paul can never match, and he's a austere person that Paul can never match................. which is not true.

    In any case, I thought he might not be Paul's son, that's the truth.

    But I changed my mind, he's absolutely from Paul's blood.

    "You're indeed Paul's son. The same human race with the common language is unable to satisfy you."

    "Stop with the jesting. Please don't say that kind of stuff.]"

    No, actually this isn't a joke.

    He will definitely become a playboy.

    Lately the looks that Eris give Rudeus are becoming strange.

    Even if I don't understand the relationship between men and women very well, I still know it.

    It's the same when Zenith was attracted to Paul.

    Lately Rudeus seemed to have learned the Demon-God language. After the beast races it's the demon races?

    That youth is planning to conquer the entire world's girls.

    Paul also said something similar, saying that he will run all over the central continent and establish a harem or something.

    In the end Zenith caught him and he gave it up, but that will seems to have passed on.

    Really, these pair of worthless father and son.......

    No, I should respect Rudeus.

    The only one that I should despise is Paul. Rudeus is just saying that, and he hasn't done anything yet.

    Hasn't done anything yet.

    He's a respectable youth.


    "What's wrong Ghyslaine?"

    When I was thinking about this, Eris ojou-sama appears before me, she has grown up a lot in these two years.

    The first time I saw her was around 5 years ago, at first I thought she's an uncontrollable willful girl.

    The first time she attended sword lessons, I gave her so much [painful love] that she couldn't even stand up.

    She took a wooden sword in the middle of the night to attack me.

    Even though she didn't get her revenge and was more obedient, she was waiting with sharp eyes for the next few months to get her revenge.

    I was a bad apple back in the past, and I felt an affinity for her actions.

    I was like that too.

    At first when she practiced the sword, she always grumbled about "This is not good", "I don't want to do this". But she's becoming obedient recently.

    After last year's party, she basically wouldn't make a fuss and won't get her dress dirty.

    Rather than saying that she's learning it from the etiquette class, I think it's fairer to say she's imitating Rudeus.

    Did Rudeus say something during the 10 years old birthday?

    He must have said some Paul-like ensnaring words that sent shivers to her womb. [50]

    But on that 10 years old birthday, Eris ojou-sama did sleep in Rudeus room.

    It's not possible...... No, it's possible.

    But in any case I wouldn't be surprised if something did happen that night.

    The guys who can handle Eris ojou-sama can be counted on one hand.

    "I'm thinking about Rudeus stuff."

    "Hm? Why?"

    Eris tilts her head and asks.

    Her eyes are a little jealous. Don't worry, I won't steal him away.

    "I don't know why he's learning the Demon continent's language."

    "Didn't he say it before!"

    He said something? I try to remember what Rudeus said, but I don't remember since he abruptly started learning languages.

    "What did he say?"

    "He said it might be useful in the future."

    Come to think of it, he said the same things when he recorded the shop items and the prices.

    In the end what use did it have?

    I think back about the past parties where the thief is quite familiar about the necessities pricing.

    The thief suddenly found a shop and said that the healing medicine was at half price compared to market rate, and I remember past events about buying fake goods.

    No, now that I think about it, if you don't know the market rate, you might buy inferior goods for 2-3 times the price and still not discover it.

    At that time I was unable to state it clearly, but now that I reflect on it, it's best to know the information.

    Thanks to the Maths that I learned from Rudeus, I won't be scammed about the change I received back from merchants, but I really did get deceived many times in the past.

    Even though I learned maths, I can't see myself as a merchant.

    "Don't talk about the stuff on Rudeus, even if we keep thinking we won't understand, if you're free Ghyslaine help me train with the sword."

    These few days she's paying full attention to the sword.

    I don't know what happened, but perhaps she feels something that makes her anxious.

    Rudeus is only 9 years old now, and compared to the Ojou-sama then, the current Rudeus is easily seen as more mature.

    Never mind about studying, Math and Magic, he even has the ability to hold conversations and has the social experience. Even though he's not following the etiquette policies but he's very polite.

    His actions are proper like a merchant and is a little humorous.

    Even though one can't really get used to his pranks of sexual harassment, but it can be seen as his charm.

    Is he really only 9 years old?

    Even for a normal conversation, it's easy to believe he's 40 + years old.

    Now that I think about this, the Dragon king's country will frequently have a con like this.

    The bandits who know how to write will pretend to be a noble youth and send letters to children nobles, and after getting their trust and meeting on a random day, they will catch them and sell to slave merchants.

    I think that Eris Ojou-sama will have at least one thing that will win over Rudeus, which is the sword.

    I will be satisfied with that.

    "Alright. Eris, we will go to the garden."


    Eris ojou-sama nods enthusiastically.

    Eris ojou-sama is one who's talented in the Sword-God style. If she earnestly continues the path of the sword, she might surpass me one day.

    She might only be the intermediate rank, but with the result of teaching her the foundation for 3 years, there's a recent manifestation.

    When she steps out sharply and swiftly, her body's already covered with "Fighting Spirit", and if she can self consciously use the "Fighting Spirit", she can easily reach the rank of an advanced ranked Sword-God style swordsman.

    If she can completely control it, she will become a Sword-Saint.

    That will probably be something not too far away, even though I'm not sure how much Eris ojou-sama will grow, but if she can become a Sword-Saint during the time I teach her, I'll let her meet with Shishou.

    If it's possible, I'll bring Rudeus along.

    What sort of reaction will Shishou make when Shishou meets them?

    Haha, this really makes one look forward to it.


    Name: Eris Boreas Greyrat

    Profession: Granddaughter of the lord of Fedoa

    Personality: A little violent

    Talking to her: She will listen with attention

    Language: Improvement in writing too

    Math: Still weak in division

    Magic: Can't use the voiceless incantation

    Sword: Intermediate ranked in the Sword-God style (almost advanced ranked)

    Etiquette: Imitation of a lady

    The people she likes: Grandfather, Ghyslaine, Rudeus

    After experiencing various things, I'm about to reach 10 years old.

    I spent the entire year on learning languages, Demon God Language, Beast God Language, as well as the Fighting God Language.

    The Fighting God Language is similar to the Human Language, learning it isn't very difficult, and it feels like it is English mixed with a little German in it.

    The only differences are the vocabulary and the way of how things are expressed.

    The grammar is basically the same as the Human Language.

    This world's languages aren't very hard.

    Once you remember one thing, the others are easy to apply.

    Perhaps it's affected by the fact the world has been deeply involved in war.

    But there are no literary contributions to the Heaven God Language and the Sea God Language, along with no people who know how to use it, so I am unable to acquire them.

    In regards to using the sword, I'm finally at the intermediate rank. Eris has already risen to the Advanced rank within less than 2 years, so I'm already not her match.

    I experience a distinct difference in talent.

    But she's also training on her rest days, so she's also affected by that.

    I spent time learning on languages while she trains in the sword. It's a natural thing that there would be a difference.

    In regards to Magic, I am training in it to the extent by making figurines.

    I'm capable of making minute details so I should have improved.

    But even if that's the case, I have certainly reached a bottleneck.

    Well, since I'll be going to the Magic University to study, there's no need to hurry.

    With all things considered, I have already been here for nearly 10 years and I feel deeply moved.

    Just before a month away from my birthday, Eris and the people in the mansion start becoming busy, did something happen?

    Something like an important person visiting, or some person in the Greyrat's family, or Eris's fiancee......

    No, surely not, that can't really be. How can Eris have a fiancee (Laughs).

    But I still felt a little uneasy, so I started to investigate.

    I tailed behind Eris magnificently, and found her happily talking to the maids.

    Ghyslaine was also there as well, and it seems that she didn't notice me, staring at the food (fresh meat) meant for dishes.

    "I want to see Rudeus surprised, he will probably be overjoyed in tears!"

    "That's difficult to say, even if Rudeus is surprised, it is unlikely he will show it on his face."

    "But he will be happy right?"

    "Of course, he has probably had a lot of great hardships since he's from the branch family."

    Actually I didn't go through a lot of hardships.......

    But what are they talking about?

    Are they talking behind my back? Even though I'm confident I did pretty well, but perhaps I'm the only one who thinks that way.

    Did I affect the members in this house?

    If I did that I'll be confident that I'll cry.

    "We won't be in time for Rudeus birthday!"

    "But if we hurry too much we won't be able to do it well."

    "If we don't do it well, he won't eat it?"

    "No, if it's Rudeus-sama, even if it turns to cinders he will eat it."


    "Yes, if Sauros-sama is there."[51]

    Oh, so that's what it was? Preparing for a birthday party?

    "If Rudeus wasn't born in that family......"

    Eris says with pity in her voice.

    I see, after I grasp the contents of the conversation, I leave the place.

    In any case it seems that I'm not a person who can really be shown to the public.

    That's true, now matter how you cut it, I'm still that fellow's son.

    But I don't mean it that way.

    This is something I know after staying here for a few years.

    Paul's original name is Paul Notus Greyrat.

    "Notus" is Paul's noble name, and he broke off ties from the Notus family.

    Right now it's his cousin or younger brother that's the head now.

    Well it's fine if things come to an end like that.

    However, some people don't think that things have come to an end, because the current head of Notus is even worse than Paul, and they are keen to change that.

    The current head is very sensitive, and is spending great effort to eliminate possible candidates who can replace him.

    Even though I'm not interested in this area, but there are people who might be thinking that Paul's son has the Boreas' family backing him up, and he's planning to back the Notus family name.

    The so-called authority wielders will jump at shadows. The worst case will be assassins being sent over, so there's a need to stay low.

    Well going back to the earlier eavesdropping.

    About Rudeus's pitiful status.

    I could have originally received a standpoint that's not below Eris, but I'm given a treatment like a servant, so it's pitiful.

    And in the custom amongst the nobles' custom......

    As a very special day for a 10 years old, the party cannot be overdone. Pitiful, that's really so pitiful.

    Eris who has not asked Sauros-sama for a selfish request in a very long time, requested him of this, and it's decided that there will be a birthday organized for me privately.

    A small family party that only the people in the mansion will attend.

    A party for me.

    Don't say something that will make me cry.

    And to be honest, that's really dangerous.

    Even though I know it, but I didn't realize the birthday when you reach 10 years old is so special. Also the party that I commonly know of, isn't as grand as Eris's birthday, it's just a small party.

    To the party that my family participates in, I will go [Ah, it's like that, thanks yeah.]

    That kind of response.

    This is planned by Eris, and she doesn't have anyone the same age as her, and everything is done for the first time.

    If I'm not happy she will be very disappointed. Looks like I need to train more in Water Magic to fake crying.

    I'm also a guy who knows how to read the mood.

    On that day, the mansion is busy.

    After classes are over, Ghyslaine comes to my room. It is rare to see her to be so tense, her tail is standing up really, really high.

    "Well, I have some questions that I want to ask in Magic."

    She shifts her eyes away, looks like she's sent to keep me in the room, OK, OK, I'll follow along with this card.

    "Hoh~ What's the question?"

    "Can I see a saint-ranked magic?"

    "I can do it, but the city will be in rubble if I do it."

    "What? What type of magic is that?"

    "The saint-ranked magic is violent winds with lightning storms, pouring too much power into it will drown this city."

    "That's really too powerful, I need to see that the next time."

    I rarely see such praise from her, this is probably a trick for preparing the battle.

    Alright, I'll tease her a little.

    "I understand. Since you already put it that way, alright. If we travel on horse for 2 hours, we will be able to go outside the range of the magic, let's set off now."

    Ghyslaine's face vibrates like a string.

    "N, no, wait. If we set off now it will be late when we come back, there are monsters in the wild, and it's very dangerous out in the plains."

    "Is that so? But it should be fine with Ghyslaine, you said the beast race is very sensitive to sounds so it should be okay in the night."

    "B, being overconfident is forbidden."

    "That's true, using saint ranked magic also requires a lot of mana, we will go on the next rest day."

    "A, ahh, that's good, we will do that the next time."

    Things ended naturally.

    It's quite interesting to tease Ghyslaine who doesn't normally react to things.

    When she's panicking her tail will stand up with a swoosh, when I say something her tail will move, just looking at that alone makes me feel happy.

    "Ah, come to think of it there are no drinks here, except hot water....."

    "N, no, there's no need, don't move. I'm not thirsty."

    "Is that so."

    Well, I can create hot water, but if she doesn't discover that I won't say it.

    Very good, with this rhythm, it seems like she's still not prepared to let me go out, I'll do some sexual harassment.

    "You know what, I'm making figurines nowadays."

    As I say that I take a 1/10 Ghyslaine figurine out. Compared to the earliest product, I'm confident I have improved a lot.

    The outlines of the muscles can be said to be on a professional level.

    "Hoh. Is this me? You did it quite well, compared to the figurine you made of Eris ojou-sama...... Eh, where's the tail?"

    "I don't have enough knowledge on that area, and I always based it on my imagination to make it. This time this one came out well so I'm particular about it to make it life-like."

    Ghyslaine seems to fall into deep thought as her tail wags.

    Hah, I'm looking forward to what expression she will show.

    "Can I look at it? The tail and the area where it's connected."

    "That's easy."

    With that, Ghyslaine stands up straight and let me see her butt, without any hesitation.

    Amazing! As expected of my Ghyslaine!

    You're so manly!

    I can't win against her!

    Wait, don't back off! It's not over yet, being able to do a little bit of erotic things to the usually alert Ghyslaine, this is a chance.

    "C, can I touch it a little?"

    "Ah, go ahead."

    I almost grab it by slamming it down.



    Wait, this is the butt right? Butt?

    What exaggerated muscles, you can say it feels almost as hard as an iron board.

    But I feel like there's some softness to it, how should I put it, the ideal type?

    But it's still quite hard to think this as erotic.

    The muscles that one will yearn for.

    This is the ultimate kind of muscles that any male would yearn.

    The pink colored type muscles that has both types of red and white colored muscles![52][53]

    This is a blessed existence of super-bro and ero-goddess!

    Please grant me this kind of muscles.....

    "Okay, I'm done."

    With the feelings of utter defeat, I move my hands away from Ghyslaine's butt.

    "I once saw Eris hiring an artist to do her portrait. I also want to leave behind an image of myself, I look forward to your complete works."

    She smiles with delight.

    I feel like I lost.

    In being a man.

    In being manly.

    Dammmmn it, can't I win against Ghyslaine.........

    ".............. It's about time for dinner."

    "H, hmm, I think it's still early?"

    I still want to see her tail go up in shock, but the maid comes in to inform the food is ready.

    The moment I enter the dining room, applause rings.

    This is the first time time that everyone has gathered. This of course includes Sauros and Philip, and the rarely seen Hilda.

    "T, this is....?"

    I turn back and Ghyslaine is also clapping.

    "Ehh? Ehh?"

    The acting of being flustered.

    "Rudeus! Congratulations on your birthday!"

    Eris carries a large bouquet of flowers and says to me. She's wearing a fiery red dress.

    I receive it, with the acting of being flustered.

    "Ah, is that it. I'm, 10 years old, today......."

    After saying the words that I prepared for today, my face darkens.

    I bring my sleeve up to cover my eyes, and use water magic at the same time to create tears to overflow from them. Not long after, my nose is stuffed.

    "S, sorry. I, I'm....... like this........ for the first time........ I come here...... always thinking I can't fail........ and I'm unpopular........ If I fail, I'll disgrace my father....... I, I never thought...... I'll be cong......ratulated."

    I move away my sleeve, and Eris looks dumbfounded.[54]

    Philip and Sauros and everyone else in the mansion stop clapping, and everyone blanks out.

    Uhoh, my acting is too poor......?

    N, no, it's probably the opposite. The acting is too darn real, what an epic failure, I simply want to stop at a reasonable area.

    Haaa. When I think about this, have I become a hateful adult......

    Well whatever.

    I'll keep on carrying on acting.

    Eris asks the butler in panic.

    "What should we do, what should we do?"

    Looks like it's a big thing for me to cry.

    She's so cute that I hug her. I softly whisper a thanks in her ears with a stuffy nose.

    "Eris, thank you......"

    "I, it's totally good! Rudeus is, is family, that's a natural thing! G, Greyrat's family member right, Otou-sama, Ojii-sama!"

    If it was the usual Eris, she would've said "You should be grateful!".

    But it seems like she's trying to find a reason to get Philip's agreement. But I only see Sauros roaring.

    "T, to battle! We're going into battle with Notus! We will kill Philemon and install Rudeus as the family's head! Philip! Alphon~~se! Ghys~~laine! Follow me now!! Gather all the troops!"

    And just like that, the war between Boreas Greyrat and Notus Greyrat raises its curtains.

    The blood feud drags the remaining two Greyrat family in as well, and pulls the Asura kingdom in a long chaotic civil war, recorded into the annals.

    ............. Something like that, of course didn't happen.

    "F, father, restrain! Please restrain yourself!"

    "Philip, are you trying to block me! Just look at it yourself! Compared to that shitty idiot, don't you think Rudeus is more suitable?"

    "I think that too, but please calm down! Today is supposed to be a joyous day! Having a war is also bad, we will be enemies with Eurus and Zephyrus!"

    "You fool! I'll win this on my own! Move away, move away!!!!!"

    With that Sauros drags Philip out of the scene.

    Everyone's dumbfounded.

    "A, ahem."

    Eris coughs.

    "L, leaving Ojii-san things aside...... Today is specially prepared for Rudeus!"

    Eris raises her chest, her face blushing.

    Lately her chest has grown so she she started to wear a bra, and she's quite cute when she puffs her chest out.

    Sennin once said that it's now very cute, but once she grows up it will become brazen.

    Thank you, sennin[55].

    "About that, is there, a surprise?"

    "What do you think it is?!"

    The things that are a surprise.

    What are they.

    The things that I like.

    Computer and Eroge. No, no.

    Eris is thinking about my circumstances. I have left my family, been alone all these years, and must feel lonely. On this birthday, if it's Eris herself what sort of gifts will she be happy with?

    Ghyslaine and her grandfather by her side, celebrating.

    If it's me........

    "Could it be, Otou-sama is here as well.....?"

    Eris' face darkens, and not only her, the butler, maids and everyone else's expressions change to a sympathetic look.

    "P, Paul...... san, is, he said, the monsters in the forest have started becoming active recently so he couldn't come, b, but he said if it's Rudeus even if he's not here it will be fine.......... Zenith-san also said that the children have a sudden fever and she couldn't come......"

    Eris replies, perplexed.


    Well since they already notified, it's something that can't be helped. The village relies quite heavily on Paul, and if the sisters are sick, it can't be possible for Lilia to take care of everything.

    "I, I say, about that, Rudeus, I......"

    Eris can't seem to find the words and frets once again, the cat who's usually so confident is really cute when she encounters something troubling.

    Don't worry. You might even say it's better if Paul isn't here.

    "I see, Father and Mother didn't come......."

    I pretend I didn't mind, but when I try to do that, I sound quite despondent because of the nasally voice and teary eyes.

    At this time, there is someone amongst the maids who starts to sob, what a failure...... I didn't think I would make the atmosphere to be this terrible.

    My apologies, I, really can't read the mood after all......

    Just when I'm thinking of that, suddenly Hilda runs over to me and hugs me tightly, and the flowers slip out of my hand accidentally.


    I almost never speak to Hilda.

    She has the same fiery red hair like Eris, and she's like a beautiful young woman that carries an air of [The Widow].

    Like one who appears in the Eroge or a married woman who got widowed at a young age.

    Of course, if Philip is alive she's not a widow.

    But the important thing is......... That is, her chest is amazing!

    Is it possible that Eris will grow up to this level......!?


    "Don't worry Rudeus, you can be at peace. You're my son too!"

    Hilda hugs me tightly and uses a voice that's almost at the level of shouting.


    Doesn't this person hate me?

    "No one will object to it! Adopted child....... No, marry Eris! That's it! A great idea! Let's do that!"

    "O, Okaa-sama!?"

    Hilda suddenly lost her cool.[56]

    As expected Eris is also shocked.

    "Eris! Are you unsatisfied with our home's Rudeus!"

    "Rudeus is only 10!"

    "It has nothing to do with age! Stop finding excuses and polish up on being a proper girl!"

    "I'm doing that!"

    The rampaging Hilda.

    The retorting Eris.

    Even though she married into the family, this person is also a Greyrat's member, she is the same type like Sauros.

    "Alright, we will talk about this later!"

    "Kyaa! Dear! What are you doing! If I don't save the poor child!"

    Philip who just came back, controls Hilda and exits the place with grace.

    Even under a chaotic scene his heart is serene, calmly observing the situation.

    That's so cool, he's definitely a great wizard. A reliable man, and he can be seen as a reference for all guys.

    Well now, time to pull myself together.

    "W, what is it? About that, surprise?"

    Eris brings out her arms, puffs up her chest and raises her head, her chin protruding out a little.

    I haven't seen that classic pose in quite some time.

    "Hmph hmph! Alphonse, bring that!"

    Eris snaps her finger, making a crisp noise.

    Eris has her face red, but Alphonse doesn't pay attention to it, and brings out a wand from behind the statue's shadow where I couldn't see it.

    This is similar to the wand that Roxy has.

    The wand is made from a rough and bony wood, with the tip of it adorned with a large Magical stone that appears to be quite expensive.

    I know from the first moment I see it, this rod is very expensive.

    A wand's rank is determined by the wood and the Magic rock.

    The properties of the wood will affect the affinity of each Magic system.

    The Fire and Earth system is good with the Kurogaki,

    The Wind and Water system is good with the Injyuga material.

    But even if it's not compatible it shouldn't reduce the strength of the magic, so any material is fine.

    The most important thing is the Magical stone, with Mana transforming into a Magical stone, it's not known why the power of the Magic is greatly increased even if the output of the Mana is the same.

    Comparing the price, the wands that I gave to Ghyslaine and Eris, have a Magical stone that costs 1 silver each.

    Even though there are cheaper ones, I remembered back then that Roxy gave me a wand with something about that size, so I chose the same.

    It's about the size of the front tip of the last finger.

    With this fist sized Magical stone, it's at least over 100 gold coins.

    Furthermore, the Magical stone is slightly blue colored and it has water affinity. With this there will be a very strong enhancement of the magic used.

    How much does this really cost.........

    To add on, the crystals that you get from dungeons are also a type of Magical stones, but the difference is that it doesn't add the enhancement effect.

    To that aspect, that Magical crystal is holding Mana in it, and it's not used for making a wand but creating magical items and Magic spells that use a lot of Mana.

    Eris watches me who's looking at the wand, and nods her head with satisfaction.

    "Alphonse, explain it."

    "Yes, Ojou-sama. The material is from the Milis continent, in the eastern region of the large forest where a tree called the <<Elder Treant>> grows. The wand's body is made from that arm. I believe the well learned Rudeus-sama must know that it will become a subspecies after drinking from the fairies' spring. It will be capable of using water-ranked magic, an A rank monster. The magical rock is from a stray dragon located in the Begaritt continent, an A rank gem. The maker is from the Asura's kingdom palace's Magic team, a wand maker "Rod Director" called Chein Procyon."

    Woah, that's amazing. It sounds like it specializes in Water Magic.

    But it should be really expensive right?

    No, now is not the time to think about this.

    Even though I keep teaching Eris not to keep spending money, I'll let it go for today.

    This is specially made for me, it will be embarrassing if I refuse this.

    "The wand's name is called <<The Arrogant Water Dragon King>>."

    When I prepare to receive it, I stop my actions in an instant.

    Just then, did I hear something about Chuunibyou?

    Eris watches me who's looking at the wand, and nods her head with satisfaction.

    "Take it! This is the gift of the Greyrat family! I requested with Otou-sama and Ojii-sama to get this! Rudeus is actually an amazing Magician, if you don't carry a wand it will be too weird!"

    After hearing Eris's voice, I accept the <<The Arrogant Water Dragon King>>.

    It's different from the appearance, this is pretty light. I play around with it with both hands. Even though the Magical stone is very big but the overall balance is very good.

    As expected of an expensive item.

    But the name is a little.

    "Thank you, not only did you hold a party for me, and you gave such an expensive......"

    "Don't care about the money! Quick, let's continue with the party! It's a waste if the dishes are cold!"

    Eris cheerfully leads me, and brings me to a giant cake that's sitting in front of the front seat.

    "I helped out too!"

    What did you say!?

    After the party started, Eris keeps talking like a machine gun for a while.

    I keep listening with a, mmhmm, about in the middle of it Eris starts feeling sleepy, and finally is in deep sleep.

    Is she too tense? Or should I say it's because the taut strings have been cut off.....

    Ghyslaine carries her in a princess hold and retires to her room, thanks for your hard work.

    Sauros and Hilda also retired during the middle of the party.

    Sauros wanted to let me drink wine, but Philip persuaded him not to do it, and I was a little disappointed. It was Hilda who actually drank quite a lot, and became terribly drunk, her face full of smiles and laughing boisterously and went back.

    Before she went back, she gave me a goodnight kiss, and walked back to her room.

    The food is basically all eaten up, and the maids remove the empty dishes with sleepy expressions, and the only people left behind are Philip and me.

    Philip is drinking quietly by himself. Is that grape wine?

    I got to know during Eris's birthday, that the wine drank in the Asura's kingdom are different in various regions.

    The wine that are made from wheat here are quite plentiful, but the wine used in celebrations are made from grapes.

    "I lost during the family battles."

    Philip quietly says.

    "Do you know why Eris doesn't have siblings? Have you noticed it before?"

    I nod solemnly, I notice it before, but in the end I never asked.

    "The truth is there are. Eris has an older and younger brother, and the younger one is as old as you are now."

    "....... Are they dead?"

    Philip looks at me, startled. I accidentally cut right to the point. That is rude of me.

    "Not long after they were born, they were taken away by my brother who's living in the capital."

    "Taken away? Why did this happen?"

    "The superficial excuse is to let him become an adopted son and go to the capital to study, but in truth...... it's just a continuation of tradition."

    And Philip begins to describe the Boreas's family tradition. Boreas's family tradition is a continuous battle to inherit the head title, as well as the other traditions.

    Sauros has 10 sons, and amongst them are 3 people.

    Roa's mayor, Philip.

    The son-in-law, Gordon, who married into the Eurus Greyrat family.

    Then James who's currently holding the Cabinet Minister position, and is considered to be too young to hold that position.[57]

    There's a name that is as long as a train.

    Well, aside from that. Sauros decided to let them fight each other to decide the next head.

    From the conclusion, the winner and the current head is James, with Philip and Gordon losing.

    The first half of the power struggle.

    First of all, James manipulated from behind the shadows to let Eurus' daughter and Gordon be involved.

    With this plan without knowing each other's identities, the sparks of love burst into flames.

    Gordon occupied himself with love and finally married into the Eurus's family unexpectedly with James's help.

    The route to Boreas' head was over for him.

    The latter half of the fight.

    At that time Philip and James were about equal, fighting each other in the dark, using all their connections to continue the fight. There was nothing dramatic, Philip simply lost.

    If there's something of a difference it'd probably be in the area of ability.

    James is older than Philip and had ties in the capital, and was the right hand of an important minister.

    He had connections and wealth, and holds considerable authority as well.

    Even though Philip can be said as very good too, but it was hard to fill the 6 years age gap.

    He arranged Philip to be the mayor of Roa, and chased him away from the capital.

    Even if James becomes Fedoa's lord, he continues to plan to have Philip handle it.[58]

    He's a cabinet minister, and doesn't plan to leave the capital. Philip's in the rural areas, and for him to rise up again will be very difficult.

    Later on, James made the request if Philip had male children, they had to be adopted and sent to the capital.

    "Taking all the male children away, isn't that too barbaric?"

    "That's fine, I don't really care, it's tradition anyway."

    All the males born in the Boreas Greyrat family are raised to be the next head.

    This is to ensure that the people who failed in the competition will not have their sons participate again.

    Helping the sons attain the authority is a common thing, and this is to prevent such a problem.

    Gordon has their own rules in the Eurus family, but Philip must obey the tradition and hand over the males to James.

    Before the children have the ability to understand things, they will recognize James as their father.

    "If I had won, the situation would be reversed."

    Philip seems to have accepted this. It might be possible that he's not Sauros' real son.

    But Hilda can't seem to accept it no matter what.

    She's the daughter of an ordinary noble who's attached to Philip. Before Eris was born her emotions were unstable, but she calmed down temporarily after Eris' birth.

    However she became unstable again after Eris's younger brother was taken away.

    "She hates you. She said, her own son isn't here, so why is there another kid walking around in this mansion."

    I always felt that she had ignored me, I see, so this is the reason.

    "Plus, the Eris who's left behind is the exact opposite of a lady and is a hag. I thought it couldn't be helped."

    "It couldn't be helped, refers to?"

    "Using her to overthrow James will be difficult."

    Ah, this person, he hasn't give up yet?

    "But, recently, looking at you, I think there might be some hope."


    "You even managed to cheat Father and Hilda with your acting skills."

    Is it really necessary to use a word like "cheat".......

    I only did some stuff so that the atmosphere wouldn't be so awkward.

    "Not only do you know the importance of money, you also know flattery. To obtain someone's heart you will risk your life without balking."

    Are you talking about that incident back then, or are you talking about the part where I got smacked continuously for the past few years.

    "Compared to these, it's thanks to you that Eris grew up so well."

    Paul said that this was not foreseen.

    He has heard from Paul that I'm a excellent kid. But considering that Paul has only been flipping girls' skirts as his existence for life, his son would only be a brat who's slightly better.

    If Eris interacted with a brat like him, there might be some interesting chemistry reactions. He only expected that much.

    "That's really a nostalgic memory, the day that Paul cried to me."

    With that, Philip starts to recite to himself.

    When I ask about it, Paul needed money, a place to stay at and a stable job, but he didn't want to go back as an upper class noble, and cried to Philip.

    He even kneeled and pleaded to Philip for my sake. Even during Lilia's incident he didn't do that.

    Well whatever, that's something to be thought of later.

    "But even if I'm not here, Eris will change somehow right?"

    "Somehow? There is no way that's possible. I have considered Eris to be completely hopeless. I already thought it's impossible for her to be a noble, and would become an adventurer with Ghyslaine teaching her the sword."

    Continuing, Philip tells me about the Episodes Of Eris. The Episodes that are not suitable for the ears. At the age of 9 years old, she had perfectly attained the status of a violent kid.

    "How about it? Marry Eris and take on the Boreas name? If you agree, I'll tie her up right now and throw her into your bed."

    That's quite attractive of a proposal.........

    Tying Eris up and letting me have my way with her. Lately I have been feeling a fire in me that's causing an arousal, it's unthinkable that I cast away the best kind of situation.

    No, no. Wait, wait.

    Are you kidding me.

    Read the previous line.

    Take up the name of Boreas?

    "What are you making a 10 years old kid do......"

    "You're Paul's son right?"

    "I'm not talking about that."

    "The takeover will be done by me. You can just sit on the position. How about this, I'll send you other girls."

    He's probably trying to seal the deal with chucking girls at me.

    Paul's ill reputation is detestable.

    "...... I'm going to pretend that's harmless chatter during drinking."

    Philip laughs quietly upon hearing that.

    "That's right. That will be good. But taking away the stuff about Boreas, you can go ahead and like Eris, and you don't need to hold any responsibilities. In any case, if she marries she will come back."

    Philip laughs again after that.

    Marrying off to someone, after a few days Eris beats her husband to death.

    I can imagine that easily.

    But if I lay my hands on her, I can imagine myself being manipulated on Philip's hands.

    "It's about time for me to rest."

    "Yes, good night."

    And with that, Eris' sponsored birthday party closes its curtains.

    "W, w, welcome back.......!"

    When I return to my own room, the Eris who's supposed to be asleep is sitting on top of my bed.

    She's wearing a red nightgown.

    From the past till now she probably has never worn something like this.

    What's going on? That's a little overreaching for her. Heck, didn't she go to sleep already?

    "What's wrong, it's already at this time."

    "R, Rudeus will be lonely by himself, so I'll sleep together with you today!"

    With that, Eris turns her face away blushing. She seems to be mindful of the fact that she told me that my parents won't be coming.

    Eris is still sticking to her family even at 12 years old, and once she thinks that I have not seen them for 3 years, she probably feels that I am unable to stay on.

    No, maybe this is something Hilda planned, waking her up and sending her here in a nightgown.

    With this, Eris is already 12 years old, even though she can't really be seen with a female's figure, but she barely makes it to my strike zone.

    My body still hasn't undergone puberty, so the day I will become a man isn't here yet, but it will probably be time soon.[59]

    My first time of the first time with a tsundere Ojou-sama doing it for the first time.......

    When that phrase crosses my mind, the 34 years old jobless me (with the slight atmosphere of a lolicon) controls me.

    (De~gwehehehehofo ohhohodopffhohoho pffffhahahahou)

    Looking at that illusion of an acne-scarred face with a disgusting smile attacking Eris brings me back to my sense.

    No, no.

    I can't lay my hands on her.

    I will be manipulated by Philip.

    I'll be sinking into the power struggle battles, that Philip lost in and Paul ran away from.

    "T, today I'm really lonely, so I might do something ecchi okay?"

    This is my polite way of hoping that she will leave.

    Normally Eris hates sexual harassment the most, so I say something like that she will escape. That, is what I'm thinking of, but I receive an unexpected reply.

    "J, just a little, i, it's okay!"

    Are you serious!?

    T, today Eris-san is really forcing herself.

    T, telling something like that to this old mister, I, I will be unable to hold on.

    I move beside Eris and sit down, and the bed answers with a small "kii" sound.

    If it's the past me in my previous life, I would have surely make an amazing "gigigi" sound, completely spoiling the mood.

    My mind has already turned blank, unable to think deep thoughts.

    Being manipulated on someone's hands? What's so bad about it?

    The Eris from 3 years has become so dere, of course it's a natural thing to have some risks involved.

    "Your voice is shaking you know?"

    "Y, you're imagining things."


    I stroke Eris's head, feeling the sleek hair. Even though she's an upper class noble, but there's no bathtub in this mansion, so she can't wash her hair everyday.

    The Eris who spends all her time to do nothing but train in the sword, who's usually so crude, has dressed herself up for my sake today.

    "Eris is really cute."

    "W, what are you, saying all of a sudden........."

    Eris' blush extends to her ears and lowers her head down.

    I lightly grab her shoulders, and kiss her on the cheek.


    "I'm going to feel, okay?"

    I couldn't help but extend my hand to her chest. Even though it's very small, but that's definitely a chest right there.

    I have been given the permission to have the forbidden fruit.

    It's completely different from the usual time, where I always tried to timidly prepare myself to be smacked , because I tried to have the forbidden fruit.

    Even though it's through the clothes, I'm definitely commanding the Lolita's ship.[60]


    Eris can't possibly be feeling anything from it.

    She just feels that she's doing something embarrassing, I know that.

    Suppressing her troubled and embarrassing feelings, shutting her mouth tightly with slight tears in her eyes to look at me.


    I feel her back, and because she constantly trains in the sword, there are really firm muscles there.

    It's not to the extent of Ghyslaine, and it's more of flexible muscles belonging to a kid.

    Eris shuts her eyes tightly, and grasps onto my shoulder as if to implore me.

    Ah, is that a, that's an okay?

    Okay right?

    I can do it to the end?

    I'm going to continue?

    O, okay.

    I, itadakimasu.

    With that judgment, my hand reaches for her inner thigh. The first time that I touch a girl's thigh. It is filled with warmth, but it is not soft but filled with firm flesh.



    I am knocked away.


    My face is slapped.


    I'm kicked to the floor.

    Blam! Blam!

    2 extra hits got in.

    The perplexed me is defenseless and received every single blow.

    Eris is standing up with her with a crimson face and her eyes are glaring at me.

    "I only said a little! Rudeus is an idiot!"

    Just like that, the door is left open as if it has been smashed through and she leaves like the wind.

    I stay like that, and stare at the ceiling in a daze.

    The something that had seemed to possess my overheated brain, has cooled down completely.

    "That is to say this virgin......"


    I completely read it wrong.

    I was too anxious, and forgot the person in front of me is still a kid, and I just made a terrible mistake.

    "Ahh, damn it, what the hell am I thinking......."

    Don't I know the feelings of heroines very well after playing so many Eroge?

    It's true that when I look at the donkan protagonist types, and finish things quickly by pushing them down, that sort of irresponsible thing.

    In the end the conclusion is that.

    With the gamer's viewpoint, you can see the heroines' lines. But as the protagonist, you can't know that.

    The world of donkan protagonist types.

    I'm certain that I'm being liked, and from the things that are possible to occur, I'll pretend not to notice them and shorten the distance.

    Am I doing things that are too superficial compared to the other real donkan protagonists?

    Compared to them, am I too shallow?

    Especially after a talk like that with Philip.

    What happened to the nonsense about harmless chatter during drinking, huh? Didn't I do something that's completely the opposite of what I said?

    If I really did do it with Eris, I know what's going to happen.

    Boom, did it, got married. 3 strikes and I become Boreas's little partner.

    During that time I'll say something that I don't want to join in a terrible shitty mess of political fights?

    Trying to be irresponsible? Because that's a one night stand so I'll make an excuse?

    Utterly stupid.

    At that time I'll be like a damn monkey sticking to Eris night after damn night.

    The past me was quite active in the previous life although it can't compare to Paul.

    This cannot be satisfied with just one time. Today she initiated things, the next time will be me actively seeking her.

    Both Philip and Hilda wish for me to do it, and no one will stop me. Just because of a moment of pleasure, I'll be dragged into the chaos of political struggles.

    Sweeping my eyes around, I see the wand in the corner of the room.


    That's right.

    I have completely forgotten about Eris's feelings.

    Even though it's Philip and Sauros who came up with the money, the person who wanted to give me the wand is probably Eris.

    Planning a party to make me happy, concerned about the dialogue that we had, even coming to console me before I went to bed.

    She has done everything for me today, but I am swallowed up by my own desires, intending to ravage her.

    Having my way with a child whose head is filled with me.

    Just think about the happy expressions that she had when she's talking to the maids.

    The things that I'm doing are designed to trample on that.

    "............. Haha."

    I'm the worst.

    I don't have any right to tell Paul off.

    I don't have any right to teach anyone anything.

    Trash that enters a different world is still trash.

    I'll pack my things up tomorrow and leave. I should die like a trash halfway on the way back.


    When I become aware of it, Eris is standing at the room's door.

    She's showing half her face. I quickly stand up in a hurry, up strai.........

    ......... No, I'll lie my whole body on the floor!

    "I, I'm really sorry about that earlier."

    I lie on the floor like a turtle.


    She sneaks a glance at me and moves away, squirming in a small voice.

    "T, today is a special case, so, I'll forgive you...!"

    S, she forgives me......!

    "Rudeus is very perverted, I know that!"

    Who's the one who told her that....!

    No. I'm perverted. I'm sorry, it's me. I'm a perverted man. It's my fault. Oswari-man[61] is right over here. Me.

    "But, this kind of thing is too early...... 5 years! After 5 years, when Rudeus is all grown up, that time....... J-Just be patient!"

    "Y, yes.....!"

    I prostrate myself to the ground.

    "T, then, I'll be going to sleep. Then, Rudeus, good night, I'll be troubling you tomorrow."

    Eris finishes stuttering and goes back to her room, until I can't hear the footsteps that are further and further away, I close the door.


    I sit down behind the door with my back facing it.

    "Oh, oh yeah..."

    Today's birthday is really too amazing!

    Today's special situation is really too amazing!

    Nothing happening worse than that is really too amazing!


    5 years later! The promise!

    With that Eris! The promise!

    Alright. I'll never do something like that again. 5 years later means I'll be 15 years old. Even though it's a long time, but I can hold it in. Since I can definitely receive the goods, I'll persevere.

    Before that I'm a gentleman, not a pervert but a gentleman.

    The usual sexual harassment will be refrained as well, the older the wine, the deeper the flavor will be.

    If I keep drinking it bit by bit, maybe 5 years later it will be tasteless.

    Charge shot that's pressed as long as possible will increase in power.

    I'll become a strong man who won't bend to ero.

    This time I must become a donkan protagonist.

    The A button that I'll press for 5 years, will be released 5 years later.

    I take an oath in my heart.

    Yes lolita, do not touch.[62]


    Wait, 5 years later......? Donkan type? My mind suddenly has Sylphy's pale face smiling appearing in it.


    When I wake up, my underwear has turned into a terrible state. Looks like I released the A button.

    I, I'll work hard tomorrow.

    I tell the maid who comes in to collect the laundry not to tell Eris. She might giggle at me when she sees me.

    That's a little embarrassing.


    Name: Eris Boreas Greyrat

    Profession: Granddaughter of the lord of Fedoa

    Personality: A little violent, obedient in certain places

    Talking to her: She will listen with attention

    Language: Almost perfect

    Math: Knows division too

    Magic: Can't use the voiceless incantation, finds intermediate ranked magic difficult

    Sword: Advanced ranked in the Sword-God style

    Etiquette: Learning the difficult rules in the palace

    The people she likes: Grandfather, Ghyslaine

    The person she loves: Rudeus

    Shirone Royal Palace.

    Roxy casually looks outside the window and knits her eyebrows.

    The colors in the sky are very strange, grey, black, purple and yellow.

    The usual blue color is gone.

    But the colors have been seen somewhere before.

    "What is that......."

    Even though she has seen the colors before, but she has never seen the sky change before in that way.

    But anyone will know just by looking at it, that it is an unnatural phenomenon.

    Most likely it is due to some reason that caused the Mana to rampage.

    That scale. From afar, it looks like like a Mana whirlpool.

    Roxy finally remembers where she has seen this. That shining location was seen at the Magic university back then. It is similar to Summoning Magic.

    "That location is from Asura....... Could it be Rudeus?"

    Roxy gets reminded of the image of her student, a young boy that she has once taught.

    That young boy had created a tempest without breaking a sweat at 5 years old.

    At that time he already had complete control over his Mana.

    He's now 10 years old. It might be possible for him to do that now. Even though he mentioned that he was unable to learn Summoning Magic in his letter. But he might have gotten teaching materials by chance.

    "Your guard is down!"

    When she's deep in thought, she gets hugged from the back, and her chest gets massaged, at the same time she feels something hard on her butt.


    Roxy becomes weary. Pushing and massaging against such a thick robe obviously won't have any feeling to it.

    Furthermore, even if the attacker feels anything, the victim will not be happy.

    "Bursting flames cover my body, <<Burning Place>>!"


    The barrier covered in flames sends the person behind flying.

    Even though she can't do the same level of voiceless incantations, but she has managed to shorten the chants within these 5 years by a lot.

    Rudeus has also let his students train in voiceless incantations, and after knowing that Roxy started training in Chanting Omission, but it's not something so simple to use.

    That talented youth must be expecting quite a lot from his students. But it doesn't mean that everyone else has his talent.

    "Your highness, you can't rub a female's chest from behind."

    "Roxy, are you trying to kill me? I will throw you into prison!"

    The current 7th prince who's 15 years old, Pax Shirone is a brat.

    At first he was charming, but lately he seems to become more perverted, as he's bluntly showing off sexual desire in the daytime.

    "Please excuse me for that, if you die at that level, it looks like Your highness is lower than a fly."

    "Nggghh! The crime of disrespect! This is not forgivable! If you want to beg for mercy roll up your robe and let me see your pantsu!"

    "I refuse."

    Some of the maids have already been attacked by him and the king is tormented over that.

    And lately he has been targeting the royal court tutor with his sexual harassment.

    (What's so good about this unfashionable girl?)

    Roxy doesn't understand.

    But she doesn't need to obey any of the prince's orders no matter what requests he makes.

    It's written clearly on the contract. Even if the prince demands something selfish, the tutor can use her own judgment.

    In this castle, there are very few people who will listen to the prince's orders directly. Since he's the 7th prince, the possibility of him becoming king is very small, and he has almost no authority.

    If it's about authority, Roxy, who is appointed as the royal court magician has more authority.

    "Roxy, I know you have a lover."

    The prince begins to use other methods.

    "Dear me! When did such a exaggerated thing happen where I have a lover?"

    Roxy tilts her head and asks, facing the prince who is suddenly talking in his sleep.

    Lover, even though she considered finding one, but there wasn't anyone suitable that she met.

    Even when she did meet someone, they didn't even took a look so she gave up because of the Migurd's racial trait.[63]

    The prince is a little special and seems to want to try that kind of body, but Roxy doesn't intend to sell herself out so easily.

    "Hehehe, I entered your room secretly and found a letter amongst the piled up stuff in the shelf! I don't know who it is, but I can use my authority to smash him up! If you don't want to see him be cruelly executed, become my woman!"

    The other methods are something like that.

    Using the target's lover as a hostage and threaten them with their bodies as ransom, violating them in front of their lovers, and experience the pleasure from dominating them.

    The prince naturally has no authority. Nevertheless, he's still a prince, and he has his own troops, and in truth there were rumors where the maids' lovers were kidnapped as hostages.

    (Bad taste. There's only feelings of revulsion, hmm.)

    Roxy thinks that's it's good that she has no lover. The letters are all written from Rudeus, and he's only a respectable student and not a lover.

    "Go ahead and do what you wish."

    "Wh! What! I'll really do it! If you want to beg do it now! If you beg for mercy it will be paid with just your body!"

    The prince isn't even thinking. Plus he doesn't even know where Rudeus is.

    With that approach, he definitely has not read what's written in the letter.

    "If you can do something to Rudeus, you can have my body if you want to."

    "W, why are you so confident...... Don't you know my authority!?"

    Roxy is very clear of it, the authority that he has as royalty is at a degree where one can laugh scornfully.

    "Rudeus is under the high class noble, Boreas, in the Asura kingdom."

    "Boreas....? As a prince why would I be scared of a mere high class noble?"

    He doesn't even know the names of the high class nobles in the Asura kingdom. Roxy sighs at that fact.

    (What are the other tutors teaching him.)

    Asura's four feudal lords, Notus, Boreas, Eurus and Zephyrus are famous.

    Once war happens to the Asura kingdom, these military officers are the ones in every generation who bear the full brunt of the attacks.

    If there are any ceremonies in Shirone, it wouldn't be strange for the nobles carrying these names to visit.

    They are nobles who must be remembered.

    "Asura is a country that is ten times bigger than Shirone, if you want to send their members to the gallows under suspicions, you need extremely high political power and strategy. With your highness authority, it is impossible."

    "A, assassin! I'll send my imperial guards...."

    Hearing the words imperial guards, Roxy's heart sighs again. Truly, this prince doesn't think at all.

    "The Imperial guards cannot leave the borders right? Even if they passed the borders, the Boreas family has hired Ghyslaine. To sneak into the mansion inside Fedoa's territory's fortress city, under the eyes of Sword king Ghyslaine, and kill a Master Magician? Do you think that's possible?"

    "Grr, grrmumu......"

    The prince grinds his teeth and stomps on the floor hard, and Roxy sighs again looking at him.

    (Haaa. Really, he's already 15 years old and he still can't read a single word.)

    The Eris Ojou-sama who's under Rudeus, was like an unrestrained beast. But it was heard just recently that she has turned quite demure.

    In comparison to the prince right now that she is teaching.

    He was quite cute and had the potential in the past. But after realizing he could use his authority, the will to improve himself quickly diminished.

    Recently he's mostly sleeping in the class. Roxy deeply feels that she lacks the capability as a teacher.

    "Also, soon I'll no longer be Your highness' home tutor, even if you send assassins you won't make it in time."

    The prince raises his voice in surprise.

    "Wh! Whaaat! I didn't hear anything about this!"

    "You are to be blamed for not remembering."

    The promise was to teach him until he becomes an adult. At first Roxy thought that she would continue to stay if she got invited to stay, even after the contract ended.

    But there were many people who saw Roxy's existence as an eyesore.

    Retreating from here would be a wise decision.

    "This is a good chance, hmm."

    "What good chance?"

    "The western skies have some sudden changes, I want to take a look."

    "W, what is this......."

    "I want to see Rudeus whom I have not seen for a long time", that line is not said out loud.

    If she did, he would become enraged.

    "I, I still need Roxy! My lessons are still in the middle of teaching right!"

    "What do you mean by middle of teaching, aren't you always sleeping?"

    "It's Roxy's fault for not waking me up."

    "Is that so, then this terrible teacher will be gone soon. Please hire a teacher who can wake you up, as for me I'll be declining."

    Roxy feels that she is unable to teach him.

    Teaching one thing to Rudeus will have him learning 10 to 20 things on his own. After meeting such a pupil by chance, she doesn't have the confidence to be a teacher ever again.

    With that, Roxy set off from Shirone, in the middle of the journey she was attacked by the 7th prince's knights, but they were all driven back.

    The 7th prince claimed that Roxy attacked him, and it's a violent act that couldn't be forgiven, and should immediately issue an arrest warrant for her.

    But the Shirone king ignored him.

    Rather, he scolded the prince for not being able to retain the [Water King Magician <<Roxy Migurdia>>], and severely punished him.

    It wasn't only Roxy who noticed the changes in the skies, those abrupt and unusual changes, every powerful being in the world has noticed it.

    --- In the Crimson Dragon mountain range ---

    The 100th generation "Dragon God" Orsted looks up to the western skies.

    "The mana is gathering there...? What, has something amiss happened?"

    He shows a puzzled expression.

    "Well, I'll know if I go there."

    And he progresses directly to the west, stepping over a red dragon's corpse that he killed in a single strike.

    Countless dragons are revolving around him, but none of them makes any move. They know what being is walking on the ground.

    They know that even if they attacked together they would be killed by him. At the same time they know they won't be killed if they don't do anything.

    That's a dragon god, an existence that's abnormal in the world's common sense.

    An existence that no one should fight.

    Another arrogant young dragon without any sense attacks Orsted, and is turned into a mass of flesh instantly.

    The red dragons know, if they don't raise the ire of this existence, then flying in the skies is safe.

    The red dragons are definitely the strongest in the central continent, but not because they have the combat ability, it's because they are intelligent and thus seen as powerful.

    The red dragons know.

    This is the strongest person in the world, even if they joined forces together they wouldn't beat him.

    He slowly walks down the mountains, under the eyes of the red dragons........ No one knows his goals.

    --- In the sky fortress ---

    One of the 3 heroes, "Dragon King" Perugius looks down from the northern skies.

    "What is it, that thing? It looks like the same light as when the Magic world's great demon emperor is about to be revived.]

    Standing beside him, is a Heaven race female with black wings wearing a white bird mask.

    "The quality of the Mana is too different."

    She quietly says.

    "Yes, it looks more like the light from a summoning."

    "But the size of that summoning light...... I seem to have seen it somewhere."

    "It's very similar to when this Sky Fortress was created."

    Perugius moves.

    Right now Perugius is sitting on the Sky Fortress' (Chaos Breaker) throne. He leads 12 servants and continues to observe the skies with only one goal in mind.

    Revenge. Once the Demon God Laplace revives he will defeat him.

    He's only waiting for the moment where the seal is removed, and he awaits in the sky.

    "Could it be the seal for the Demon God is removed by the Magical world's Great Demon Emperor?"

    "It's possible. The great demon emperor has been quiet to the point of ominous, after being revived for 300 years."

    "Alright. Arumanfi!"[64]

    "I'm here."

    The man dressed in white and wearing a yellow mask, kneels quietly in front of Perugius.

    "Set off now, investigate...... No, since it's surely something evil being done. If there are any suspicious people, kill them."


    "Armored Dragon King" Perugius takes action.

    12 followers accompany him.

    For the sake of revenge for his 4 dear friends.

    This time for sure, to kill Laplace.

    --- At the Holy land of the swords ---

    "Sword God" Gull[65] Farion looks at the southern skies.

    "That sky is....... I say."

    During the moment where he is concentrating on something else, his two cute students attack at the same time.

    "When I'm watching don't attack."

    In comparison to students feeble breathings, he is composed.

    The Sword god feels that they have no sense as usual.

    Even though they are called as Sword Emperors, they only reached to this extent.

    Boring, boring.

    You don't need to be famous for sword techniques.

    You only need to become strong, that is all.

    If you want fame it's only for money and authority.

    Those things have no value at all, and these things that can be gotten so easily by anyone, I'll cut them into two with my sword.

    If you become strong you can do anything you want.

    You can consider yourself as living if you can do anything you want.

    Ghyslaine knows this the best, but she's becoming soft gradually.

    She doesn't advance after reaching the Sword King.

    Even if a greedy person is weak, he doesn't need to swing a sword to become strong.

    Once you attain power your greed wanes.

    The Ghyslaine now is unable to make it, her greed isn't enough.

    These two fellows aren't without talent, but with the drab desires they have will only bring them to reach only the Sword emperor rank.

    To live on through do-or-die battles, you must have infinite desires.

    "Oi, oi, quickly get up. Even if you defeat me and fight each other, don't think you can get the sword god's title! Money can be thrown around in buckets, women can be lined up from slaves to princesses with their butts lined up for you to poke in, names can be brought up to scare anyone witless, you can even split the sea of men into two equal parts with every single step you make, right!"

    "I'm not learning the sword for these reasons!""Shishou! Don't look down on me!"

    That's right.

    Be more honest to yourself.

    With that you can surpass and kill me easily, stealing the Sword god title.

    The Sword god has already forgotten about the things in the southern skies.

    --- In the Magical continent's unknown area ---

    The great emperor Kishirika Kishirisu[66] looks up to the sky.

    [Hah! Even if I[67] have my back faced to it I can still see it! How's that! Amazing right?"

    But no one replies, because there's no one around her.

    "You're ignoring me! Wahahaha! Fine, fine, I'll forgive all you humans! Come to think of it, it's all because of this peaceful era that no one is approaching me so there's no choice but to forgive the humans! Wahahaha, fuhahahaha, fuhah cough..... cough cough cough."

    Kirishika is alone, how do you put it, because no one cares about her.

    The moment she revived she yelled [The great demon emperor Kirishika is here! I made everyone wait! Fuawahahahaha!], but nobody was around her.

    She ran to the streets shouting that, and someone cast a pitying eye on her. After that everyone ignored her.

    She found her old friends, but she was told that it's now the era of peace and she needs to more reserved.

    "What the heck are the human astrologers doing? In the past when I was revived, there would suddenly be a gatagata noise that's going to come from the window, a freedom fall performance that would be done.

    Without that opening performance it won't fit the grandness of my revival......

    Haaa, sheesh. What are the young ones doing recently."

    Kirishika kicks the pebble on the ground and looks up at the Mana whirlpool in the western skies. The great demon emperor is also named as the "Magical Eyed Demon Emperor", having over 10 magical eyes, and knows what's happening with a single glance.

    No mater how far it is, she will see it clearly. She will see the powerful Mana energy, the familiar summoning light, and the person controlling it.

    "What, I can't see through it, there's a barrier huh. Doing something so big like this without showing the face. That person must be shy......."

    Kirishika's magical eyes aren't almighty. So she will only stop at Great Demon Emperor, and no matter long time passes, she will never be called Demon God. But she doesn't mind it.

    "Calling the heroes over is pretty interesting, but recently everyone is following Laplace......... Huh, Kirishika? Who's that?

    Isn't that how it is......

    They must have gone to find the heroes or gone over to the good looking Laplace dude....... Ahh, I'm so jealous, I really want to parade in the limelight again."

    Kirishika travels on with a sigh.

    Moving towards a casual direction that she sees fit.

    --- At the same time, Rudeus' point of view ---

    I walk up to a small hill outside the Fortress City Roa.

    In order to fulfill the promise from my birthday, to show Ghyslaine Saint-ranked Water Magic.

    Eris naturally comes along too.

    The Magic stone on the wand and my hand that's holding onto the wand are both tied up.

    Even though it looks ugly, compared to hiding the Magic stone, I'm thinking of covering up the Mana away.

    Thieves will approach if they see something expensive like this.

    Before I use the Saint ranked water magic, I test out the <<Arrogant Water Dragon King.>>

    I use the same Mana output that I use normally and create a waterball that's a few times bigger than the usual size.

    "Woah, that's really big."

    When I try adjusting it, the waterball is too small and cannot be seen with the naked eye.

    Looks like I have to change it bit by bit.

    After 30 minutes of experiments, I begin to understand it's around 5 times the effects.

    The Attack Magic becomes stronger, and to achieve the same strength as before, I can reduce the Mana output.

    If you use numbers,

    Without Staff: Output 10, Strength 5.

    With Staff: Output 10, Strength 25.

    With Staff: Output 2, Strength 5.

    Which means it's like a telescope or microscope, it's a little difficult to do detailed adjustments, but it will probably be fine if I get used to it.

    "W, what is it?"

    "It's a little difficult to adjust it, but this thing is amazing."

    Eris looks worriedly over me.

    Don't worry. I'm in a trance with this new toy.

    After that I did more experiments. I got to understand that Fire Magic is 2 times the effectiveness, Earth and Wind Magic is 3 times the effectiveness, and it seems to be difficult to use Melded Magic with this Magic wand.

    No, I'll probably get used to that too?

    "Alright, sorry for making everyone wait. Rudeus Greyrat will show you my strongest ultimate Ougi move!"


    Eris happily claps.

    Ghyslaine is also greatly interested.

    I'm also stoked. Alright, I'll do it here.

    "Fuhahaha! Gather now Mana! Oh great Water spirit ascend to the skies....... Ara?"

    When I start to chant the words of the spell Cumulonimbus, raising both of my hands and raising the wand to the skies.[68]

    Everyone looks at that sky, and we see that.

    "The color of the sky is starting to change........ What is that!"

    The sky's colors are changing into uncomfortable colors. It seems to be mixed with grey and purple.......

    Ghyslaine takes off her eye-patch, showing a deep green eye, what's that.

    You mean to say your eyes are different?

    "What's that?"

    "I do not know. That Mana is extremely powerful.........!"

    That eye can actually see mana.

    I only know after 3 years, Ghyslaine's true strength.......

    Ghyslaine immediately puts her eye-patch back.

    "In any case, let's go back to the mansion first?"

    "Even though I don't know what this unusual premonition means, we should find a place to hide before something happens."

    "No, the Mana gathering near the city is even stronger, it's best to leave here."

    "If that's the case, we should warn them!"

    We should tell Philip to get the people in the city to avoid this situation.

    "Then I'll go back........ Rudeus! Down!"

    I get down with reflex. I hear something slice the air with a whoosh sound, something flew over me in high speed.

    Cold sweat gathers on my back.

    What, happened. What happened just now?

    In front of me, Ghyslaine's hand that is on her sword swings out in an instant. After that I only see Ghyslaine keeping her pose after swinging.

    The Sword god style ultimate technique "Light of the Long Sword", and named "Art of the Sword of Light".

    I have seen that many times.

    After swinging your sword to the limits, the tip of the sword reaches the speed of light[69], the the ultimate technique in the Sword God style.

    Ghyslaine tells me because of this technique, the Sword God style is the strongest amongst the styles.

    Ghyslaine knits her brows tightly, and I finally turn my head back over.


    A man is standing over there, his hair golden, and wears something like a white colored student's uniform, buttoned shirt and long pants.

    The yellow colored mask is probably masking an ikemen's face. The mask is probably based on a motif of a fox or related animal.

    His right hand is holding on to a dagger. It is probably what flew over my head just now.

    Then, the guy's face releases a tremendous amount of light that washes the view completely white in an instant.


    I hear Ghyslaine roar.

    The metallic sounds that collided together.

    The sound of someone running.

    2, 3 times of metallic clashes.

    When I can see again, Ghyslaine is in front of me. Her eye patch has been taken down.

    I see, during the instant of that blinding light, she took off her eye patch to use her other eye to look.

    You bastard. Who are you. Are you an enemy of the Greyrat's family!

    "You bastard. Who are you. Are you an enemy of the Greyrat's family!"

    "Arumanfi of the Bright. That is my name."[70]


    "I have come for this unusual phenomenon. This is the order of Perugius-sama......"

    I heard of the name Perugius, he seems to be one of the "Three heroes that vanquished the Demon god" (Didn't vanquish). He is a summoner who controls 12 familiars.

    I also remembered the name Arumanfi. He's one of Perugius' 12 familiars, Arumanfi of the Bright.

    "Ghyslaine, be careful. It's said in the books that he moves as fast as light."

    "Rudeus, retreat with Ojou-sama."

    I follow the orders and block Eris behind my back, and move away to somewhere that will not interfere with them. But it can't be too far either, in case there are any abrupt situations Ghyslaine can still aid us.

    If that's really Arumanfi of the Bright, using a sword probably won't hurt him.

    But where was this person hiding?

    ....... No, I remember that Arumanfi of the Bright is one who governs the light spirits. As long as he can see the place, he can move there instantly no matter how far the distance is.

    When I read the book I thought to myself that's impossible, but he suddenly appeared behind us.

    I believe Ghyslaine is not careless enough to make a mistake, and Arumanfi has no reason to hide here either. He flew over, exactly as the words described, at the speed of light.

    "Woman. Step aside. If I kill this boy perhaps the phenomenon will stop."

    Regarding that, what did you say? Phenomenon, did he mistake something?

    "I'm the Sword king Ghyslaine Dedorudia. That has nothing to do with us, leave us!"

    "Why should I believe that. Show me the proof."

    "Look! This is one of the sword god's 7 swords Pillar of Peace 'Hiramune'[71]!

    The sword king and this sword is right here, do you still not believe me!"

    Ghyslaine extends the sword in her hands, and shows Arumanfi it. That sword also has a name, hmm.

    Hiramune. That weapon's name[72] is completely unsuited for Ghyslaine.

    "Swear upon your Shishou and tribe."

    "I swear upon my teacher Gull Farion and my tribe's name Dedorudia!"

    "Very well. If you are not innocent, Perugius-sama will sentence you in the future."

    "Go ahead."

    Arumanfi puts his dagger away. Even though I don't know what's going on, he seems to have agreed to things.

    In my past world, saying something like that and swearing cannot be easily trusted, but it seems to be different in this world.

    To think that he will completely trust Ghyslaine's oath. It's almost like the faith of the pope believing in God.

    "If it's not you, then forget it."

    "........ Are you not going to apologize for attacking us all of a sudden?"

    "You are to be blamed for appearing in a place like this."

    Arumanfi of the Bright prepares to leave.

    Right at this moment.


    My eyes capture this moment.

    The moment the light touches the ground, the white light devours everything like a tidal wave.

    The sky has been painted white from the beam of light firing at the ground.

    The moment the white light touches the ground, it devours everything like a tidal wave.

    The mansion disappears.

    The city disappears.

    The walls disappear.

    In this instant where every single flower and plant gets devoured, and the light approaches us.

    Arumanfi turns his head and sees it. In the next moment he turns into a golden light and escapes.

    Ghyslaine rushes to us after seeing it, but disappears amongst the white light rushing towards us.

    Eris stays without moving in blank amazement after seeing this.

    I want to at least protect Eris, and cover her.

    That day, Fedoa disappeared.

    Half a year after the territory Fedoa disappeared.

    Roxy finally reaches Fedoa, she opens her eyes wide to look at the empty [Grasslands].

    She is dumbfounded.

    Roxy is now standing at the main road that the Asura kingdom had maintained with stone paving.

    The stone-paved road extends from one end to the other.

    It should have been like that.

    But, the road in front has disappeared from sight, as if nothing existed there.

    There are only grasslands here.


    There was something here. That point is understood.

    What happened here. That point is not known.

    What she knows is only the conclusion.

    The conclusion that only the Fedoa territory disappeared and the village Buina disappeared.

    That youth called Rudeus, and the warm family who easily accepted a Demon race like herself, have all disappeared.

    That is the only conclusion that she knows.

    She has heard this story many times on the way here. She thought that it was impossible and she was being lied to.

    In any case, she had never believed in it.

    Until she had seen the truth with her own eyes, she bet on the last sliver of hope.

    Roxy crumbles down to her knees.

    [Did you lose your family member too?]

    Before she knows it, the driver who brought her here is standing behind her.

    [An excellent student.]

    [Student hmm, but if it's a magician's student, you should have already been prepared that he would lose his life anytime right?]

    [He is only 10 years old.]

    [That's really...... very young.....]

    The driver pats her shoulders as if to comfort her, and sighs while saying.

    [Actually there's a survivor camp for Fedoa. Do you want to go there? Well, it is difficult for a 10 years old to survive, but there's the possibility that he's there.]

    Roxy raises her head.

    [I'll go!]

    Rudeus and the others are surely fine.

    He definitely survived with his quick wit, and must be living happily in the camp.

    Roxy once again hangs onto this sliver of hope.

    The camp is made up of several wooden houses. Rather than say it's a survivor's camp, it looks more like a village.

    But this place has a depressing atmosphere.

    (To think I would experience such an atmosphere in the Asura Kingdom.)

    The Asura kingdom that Roxy knows is a country that's very abundant.

    It is a place where everybody's face is full of energy and smiles.

    The food is plentiful and the Monsters are very few, it is a place that's like a paradise.

    But right now, there are no smiles here.

    Even though there are no hungry people here. This is a place of abundance, you can even pull up grass to eat and not starve.

    These people who are not starving should be smiling. Even though there are things that make people unhappy, but it isn't like the atmosphere in the Magic continent full of killing intent.

    It should be something like that.

    But the scenery in front of Roxy only makes her frown.

    The temp adventure's guild in the survivor camp.

    In front of the notice boards for making requests there's an incredibly gloomy atmosphere.

    The men who lost their family members and their homes have been crying and shouting for half a year on the way back, asking why this had happened.

    A priest has thrown the Milis cross, which is the definition of his work, onto the ground.

    He no longer believes in anything.

    A merchant tries to slit his throat with a knife, but the surrounding people stop him.

    He has lost something more important than life.

    This is a living hell, and it's probably hopeless.

    Roxy gets affected by the atmosphere, and starts gathering information in a mood as if she's about to break into tears.

    In about an hour, Roxy has gathered enough information as to what happened.

    After the sky's unusual phenomenon, a huge area Mana Calamity started.

    With something that resembles a giant area-of-effect spell, but not a huge explosion, all the people in Fedoa were randomly teleported all over the world.

    The buildings and forest simply vanished, only the people were hurled everywhere.

    And the people who made it home after so much trouble found that nothing was left and despaired.

    Roxy looks at the notice board.

    Roxy looks at the notice board. Right there is a list of dead people, and on the other side is a list of missing people. Another notice board has messages left for family members.

    [If you see this person during your travels, please send them here], numerous requests similar to this message are lined up together.

    The dead and the missing.

    Perhaps people who journeyed here have seen them.

    But because the contents of rumors about hurling people through the air are too ridiculous to believe, no one has paid attention to this.

    Roxy starts looking at the list of dead people. They aren't too many, and she doesn't know any of them.

    In comparison, the number of missing people is overwhelming to the the eyes.

    They have been teleported to everywhere, and it is very likely that many have been killed by Monsters without leaving even a single bone behind.

    There are many people who probably died immediately after they were teleported to the mountains, air or sea.

    It is already considered to be good enough just to be able to gather information about the dead.

    [I found them......]

    Roxy knits her eyebrows, and finds Rudeus and the others in the missing people list.

    Rudeus Greyrat.Zenith Greyrat.Lilia Greyrat.Aisha Greyrat.

    She knows about the incident where Lilia became Paul's wife. Rudeus's letter had mentioned it before.

    This person called Aisha, probably should be the sister, and there should be one more sister.

    After discovering that Paul and Norn are not on the name list, she ponders with sadness in her heart, and checks the list of dead people again.

    They are not there after all.

    They are probably alive. No, it's possible that some information could have been omitted, it's too early to be happy.

    [In any case, I should be happy that they didn't die......]

    Roxy looks at the message board in a daze. From the contents she can imagine how much effort everyone has put into it.

    She feels slightly envious of them, if she is the one missing, no one would come to find her with their utmost efforts.

    She thinks about her parents. It has been a long time since they quarreled and she rushed out from the village.

    To the Migurd's race, this isn't very long ago.

    Time really flies. She thinks that it's better to write a letter.

    [This is.........]

    She finds a message, and the author is Paul Greyrat.

    [To Rudeus

    Zenith, Lilia and Aisha are missing, Norn is with me.

    Though I don't know where you are, but I think you will find your way here. So I have pushed back the thought of finding you.

    I'm going to Milis continent, that place is where Zenith was born.

    I also left a message at Lilia's hometown, go ahead and search there. If you find them, go ahead and contact me with the method below.

    If you're Zenith or Lilia, use the same method to contact me too.

    Also, if you know me or my family members, or you're a former member of the [Fangs of the Black Wolf], please help me find them too.

    The former members of the [Fangs of the Black Wolf] still remember me right?

    I won't say something like "forgive and forget". It's fine if you scold me too.

    I'll lick your shoes if you want me too, but all my properties are gone so I can't pay you.

    Please, I beg of you, help me find my family.

    Contact Details.

    Milis continent, capital of the Milis holy kingdom, Milishion's Adventurer Guild.

    Party Name [Buina's Search party]

    Clan name [Fedoa's Search group]

    From Paul Greyrat]

    Paul is still alive.

    Roxy feels a little more relieved to know that Paul is still alive.

    Even though Rudeus has described him as worthless in his letters, he's still quite reliable under this situation.

    She carries on thinking whether she should join a party.

    That family had taken her in and she had lived with them for 2 years. Even now she still has fond memories of them.

    On various levels, there's no need to hesitate on whether to help them.

    (Alright, I'll join a party to find them.)

    Roxy decides.

    But how will she find them?

    [Fangs of the black wolf] is probably Paul's old party . They probably haven't met with Rudeus before. They probably didn't meet with Lilia too.

    She considers finding Rudeus first.

    Paul seems to think that Rudeus is capable of coming back, and that boy is capable of adapting very well.

    He might even have settled down somewhere else before the teleportation.

    If that's the case, she needs to tell him what happened and bring him here.

    Still, where will she look?

    Paul has gone to the capital of the Milis Holy Kingdom. Which means that he would have left behind messages along the way.

    Asura's borders, the dragon king's country's East Port, Milis Holy Kingdom's West Port. At least these 3 areas will probably have messages left behind.

    Then, it will probably be best to search around there.

    The northern area of the central continent, Begaritto's continent, the Magic continent. It should be around these few areas.

    Even though she has never been to Begaritto's continent, she has heard that there are many Monsters and dungeons there.

    She's a little familiar with the Magic continent, but it's dangerous to travel alone. To be safe she should go to the northern area.......

    No, it's because it's dangerous she should go there.

    The reason is because very few people will explore because it's dangerous.

    (I'll slip into a party for those two places.)

    Alright, since I have decided I won't stay very long here. I'll go to the Dragon king's country's East Port.

    And from there, I'll find a party to travel to the Magic continent from Begaritto.

    Roxy decides with that plan, and travels to the south.

    Rudeus is alive.

    She firmly believes that.

    1. The Japanese Chapter Title (自作自演) does not have an English equivalent.
    2. (TL: Rudeus finally gets angry.)
    3. (TL: Actually when I think about it, Rudeus only gets angry a few times in the entire ReadNovelFull.)
    4. Hello Work is the Japanese government agency for seeking jobs.
    5. Dere = fawning affection or being lovestruck/lovey-dovey. Used in the compound words Tsundere and Yandere. Imagine Ojou-sama being affectionate to Rudeus.
    6. Rudeus being overly polite.
    7. (TL: Jii-san = 爺さん, you address a male senior citizen OR Grandfather as Jii-san.)
    8. (TL: 振り向きざまに拳を振るう > Lit. means spins around in that manner and punch.)
    9. An idiom is used here and the literal meaning is "burned into eyes".
    10. (TL: 魔術が目に焼き付い, the magic has left a deep impression in my eyes, but it can also mean, literally, the magic has seared/burned into my eyes.)
    11. (TL: Even I'm scared -.-)
    12. Cat sound. Equivalent to the English Meow.
    13. (TL: Well, Healing Magic probably would have healed that instantly.)
    14. A Hokuto no ken reference.
    15. Refers to a person who is not bound by earthly desires. Can also refer to a deity like person.
    16. About $1,000 in USD.
    17. (TL: That's 100000 in the original text, I assume it's YEN and not USD. This probably means that he has spent that amount on a single product, multiple times. Probably.)
    18. (TL: So much descriptive text in the novel chapters. Not sure if the ReadNovelFull is this tedious.)
    19. (PR: Won't the lion eat the goat?)
    20. (TL: Literally Edona Reiruun エドナ・レイルーン)
    21. (TL: This is the Kanji used in the Japanese side that Rudeus uses for describing Eris' Maths lesson, 算術, I think "modern maths class" kanji is 算数, both of them mean "arithmetic", but in any case, I used calculation to pinpoint the probable contents of the lesson, but thereafter it will be maths class. It's still maths, damn it. *Grumble* *Grumble*)
    22. (TL: ...)
    23. (TL: Net game, Japanese slang ネトゲ)
    24. (TL: Don't rush your kids at maths, there will be more harm than good, really. >_> Once upon a time, I was an Eris. *Grumble*)
    25. (。_°☆\(- - *)
    26. About $7,000 in USD.
    27. Polite way to say Father.
    28. Polite way to say Grandfather.
    29. A reference to the movie "A Castle in the Sky".
    30. A line from "A Castle in the Sky".
    31. (TL: You read that right, it's the desk, not the chair.)
    32. (TL: I'm not sure if he's refering to his own talent in magic or his potential in the sword.)
    33. staffs?
    34. (TL: If you read the earlier chapters Rudeus prefers to use the term Shishou rather than Sensei.)
    35. (TL: Oh my god. The figurine is probably going to sell well if Mushoku Tensei gets made into an anime? This author is a genius. Maybe.)
    36. (TL: . . .)
    37. Note, this can be read as Magic or Devils/demons. For the sake of defining the "evil" forces that are against the humans in this chapter and the past ch, I'll use devils. Technically I would rather use magic race rather than devil race to describe Roxy... But I'll TL for the rulers of the magic world as devil king/emperor/god.
    38. (TL:







      無の世界、無神。You can't tell whether it's singular or plural, so I just put everything as plural for the latter.)

    39. A Dragon quest reference.
    40. (TL: アルデバラン, Hmm... did I use this name before....)
    41. (TL: Uhoh, I'm starting to forget all the terms that I used before, this sounds familiar too... リングス)
    42. A Saint Seiya reference. There is an Aldebaran as well.
    43. Laplace's demon
    45. (TL: 5000 USD equivalent is not frigging small change!)
    46. (TL: Japanese structure in the order of Sentence Topic, Time, Location, Subject, Indirect Object, Direct Object, Verb. There's quite a lot of stuff on grammar, but once you understand the format, you can read things with software aid for vocabulary.)
    47. (TL: not very sure if this line is TLed correctly. まだ子供なせいか詰めが甘かったが、あの歳であの戦闘センスは天性のものだ。)
    48. (TL: You know for a (Grey)rat to be pervy for a cat............. Ah. It even rhymes.)
    49. (TL: ノトス Literally Notosu)
    50. パウロ直伝の、子宮の奥を痺れさせるような言葉で篭絡したに違いない。 (TL: Holy........! Sorry guys, the text here is a little TOO adult in describing "weak knees". Minor adjustment filter on.)
    51. (TL: These bunch of sadists....)
    52. (TL: Apparently there's some form of colored expressions, but I don't know what it means. It might refer to the manga Strongest disciple kenichi or something though...)
    53. This was definitely mentioned in Strongest Disciple Kenichi. Red muscles are big and release explosive power but have only little stamina. White muscles are slim and enduring but can't give off as much force at once. A mix of them (translated as pink in the anime version I watched) has the best characteristics of both. They are slim, enduring and capable of explosive releases of power.
    54. (TL: Keikaku spinning. Note to self, Rudeus is a scary tactician who's well suited to become a political minister. He managed to have a lion eating out from his hand (ERIS) and will continue to excel.)
    55. Rudeus' perverted hermit inner-self.
    56. TL: テンパりだした, In mahjong, a tile game, when you are about 1 step away from winning, you may declare tenpai. What does this have to do with the text? I have no idea. Either it's something to do 1 step away from marriage, or something so shocking it's like tenpai. Or both. I don't know.; EDIT: テンパる also means "to be at the limit of one's mental capacity" as in "to be at a loss" or "to lose one's temper"; in this context, I'd say that Hilda "reached her limit and started bahaving like a doting mother or a girl before something cute"
    57. (TL: 大臣職, I wrote cabinet minister, but you should replace it with an equivalent title in your own country. If anything, just see it as a minister of very high rank.)
    58. (TL: I think Sauros is the lord of Fedoa, Philip is the mayor. James might one day become Fedoa's lord?)
    59. (TL: Well the original line is more crude here...)
    60. (TL: Use your imagination and replace ship with something else.)
    61. A hentai/pervert from a Japanese pun on the phrase "policeman patrolling the area, come here please".
    62. A reference to the lolicon magazine LO's tagline.
    63. Looking as a child due to slow aging.
    64. (TL: アルマンフィ)
    65. (TL: ガル=ファリオン) changed from Garu to Gull to match future usage
    66. (TL: キシリカ=キシリス)
    67. She uses the pronoun Warawa.
    68. (TL: ..... I nearly wrote wang instead of wand.)
    69. So the light isn't a luxon in this universe? Cool.
    70. (TL: 光輝のアルマンフィ, Previously the bright is brightness, but for English localization purposes, )
    71. (TL: 平宗(ヒラムネ) lit. Peace, Pillar (hiramune))
    72. There is a pun here. The kanji reads as Pillar (Hira) of Peace (Mune), but it can be read as Flat (Hira) Chest (Mune).

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