Mushoku Tensei (WN)

Volume 3


    I dreamed.

    In the dream I am carrying Eris and flying.

    Even though my consciousness is hazy, why do I get the feeling that I'm flying?

    The scenery in front of me is changing at a frightening speed.

    It's like at the speed of sound or the speed of light, flying up and down irregularly.

    I don't understand why things turned out this way.

    I only believe that if I'm not careful, ah, no, even if I'm really careful I'll lose speed and fall.

    I concentrate in this endlessly changing scene and find a safer place to land on.

    Even if you ask why, I don't know either.

    I only feel that I will die if I don't do this.

    But I'm moving too quickly, the scenery in front of me changes faster than my eyes can keep up with, almost like a slot machine's spin.[1]

    I concentrate and pour mana into my body.

    And then, just for an instant, I slow down.

    This is bad, I'm falling.

    Just when I think of that, I see the ground. It is a land that's flat.

    Falling into the sea is bad, falling on a mountain is bad also, so is the forest, but if it's on a level land...

    As my hopes rise, I descend.

    In any case, I manage to successfully brake and land on the reddish-brown earth.

    My consciousness gets interrupted.

    The moment my eyes open, I find myself in a completely white world.

    There's nothing in this world, I immediately realize this is a dream.

    A lucid dream or something.

    And my body is really heavy.

    [....... Eh?]

    I look down at my body and get a fright.

    That's the 34 year old body that I got used to looking at it.

    And at the same time, I remember my past.

    Regret, discord, crude, and my naive thinking.

    Once I think that those 10 years were like a dream, the despondency in my heart grows.

    I've returned.

    I intuitively realized that.

    And I actually accepted that fact so easily.

    It was indeed a dream.

    Even though it has been such a long dream, I am happy.

    Born in a warm and loving family, being together with adorable girls for 10 years.

    Still, I want to enjoy it more.

    I see.

    Everything has ended.............

    I can feel my memory of Rudeus getting dimmer.

    This dream or whatever, it's something disappointing when I wake up.

    What am I hoping for, really......

    It's unthinkable for a happy and favorable life to be given to me.

    I suddenly realize there's a strange fellow over there.

    A blank white face with a grin.

    There are no special features.

    When I realize that's a face, my thoughts immediately escape me.

    I can't remember.

    Perhaps because of this reason, this person gives off the impression that he's covered completely with mosaic.

    But I feel like he's a warm person.

    [Hey, it's our first meeting it seems. Hello, Rudeus-kun.]

    Under my depressed status, I am chatted up by an obscene-like person covered in mosiac.

    This person has a neutral voice, I can't tell whether if it's a male or female.

    This person is wearing mosiac, it should be fine if I treat it as a female and think of the erotic side.

    [You can hear me right?]

    Ah, of course I can hear you.

    Hello, hello.

    [Good, good, it's a good thing you can greet.]

    Even though I can't make a sound, I seem to be able to communicate with this person.

    I'll continue talking like this.

    [Not bad, you adjust quite well.]

    That's not true at all.

    [Mmfufu. You do have it.]

    Well then, who might you be?

    [I'm just as you can see.]

    As you can see?

    Even though you are covered with Mosiac.......

    Are you the Matchless Warrior Spellman?[2]

    [Spellman? Who's that, is that person similar to me?]

    Yes, it's very similar, he's even covered in mosaic too.

    [I see, your world also has something like that.]

    But there's no one like you.

    [Is there no one like me...... Well never mind. I'm a God. I'm the Human God, Hitogami.][3]

    Haa. Hitogami[4].....

    [That's an indifferent response.]


    Why is this God talking to me?

    Also, isn't your appearance a little late hm?

    Shouldn't you come out a little earlier huh?[5]

    [Come out a little earlier....? What does that mean?]

    Nothing at all. Please continue.

    [The things about you, I've watched them all. That's quite an interesting life.]

    Peeping is a very interesting thing.

    [Yes, it really is interesting. That is why I have always been protecting you.]

    Protecting me.....

    Thanks for that.

    You're quite condescending hmm.

    I feel really irritated that I'm being looked down upon huh.

    [That's really cold. I thought you were troubled so I talked to you.]

    The people who talk to someone when they are troubled are not good people.

    [I'm your ally.]



    You're making me laugh.

    Back in my past life, there were people like these.

    I'm your ally. Hey, I'll protect you, so try your best.

    A bunch of people who don't have any responsibilities. Just think about what happened after those people chased me out.[6]

    Right now your words have this kind of vibe. I can't trust you.

    [I'm a little stumped if you say this much......

    Well, in any case, I'll give a suggestion.]

    I don't need any advice.....

    [Whether you want to follow my advice or not is totally your freedom.]

    Ahh. This type.

    Yes, yes there's also a type like this.

    About advice…Guiding my thoughts, not from the inside, but from the outside.[7]

    Really, I don't know the advice's true essence.

    Even if I try earnestly to move then there's no meaning to it.

    The era "if you have the heart to do something, you will be able to solve things" is already over!

    Anything positive that you achieved will only be added on in despair and thrown back at you.

    Just like this!

    What sort of dream are you showing me, what kind damned parallel universe is this!

    Doing something like reincarnating me, and making me feel good about life.

    Is this your way of doing things? To bring me back to my past life when I'm living my life to the fullest!

    [No no, please don't be mistaken. The things I want to tell you aren't about your past life, they are things related to your current life.]

    ... Hm? Then my body now is?

    [That's your spiritual body. It's not the physical body.]

    Spiritual body.

    [Of course, your physical body is also fine.]

    Then, this is just a dream?

    When I wake up, I won't go back to that shitty body again...... right?

    [Yup. This is a dream. When you wake up, your body will go back to how it looks like. Are you relieved now?]

    I am relieved. I see, so this is a dream.

    [Ah, but this isn't just a mere dream. I'm talking directly to your spiritual body. I'm surprised, you have such a difference between your spiritual body and physical body.]

    You're really direct.

    Well, what do you want me to do?

    Because I'm a foreign thing in this world, so you want me to go back to where I am?

    [What, how can that be possible? Even if it's me, outside the 6 surface worlds, I cannot send you back. Don't you even know such an obvious thing?]

    Huh... what's obvious and what's not obvious, how should I know that?

    [You are quite right.]

    Wait. If you can't send me back then you're not the one who transferred me to this world?

    [Well. In the first place, I won't do something like reincarnation. This sort of thing is what the evil dragon god would do.]


    The evil dragon god hmm.....

    [So, do you want to hear it? The advice.]

    ...... I don't want to hear it.

    [Ehh! Why not?]

    Even though the situation right now isn't anything good, you are too suspicious.

    I should not even bother to listen to anything at all from someone like you.

    [Suspicion.... hm?]

    Ah, suspicious. You have the smell of a liar. You're like a liar that I've seen in a net game. If one listens to a liar, one will be manipulated.

    [It's not a scam, really. If it's really a scam, I wouldn't say something like if you want to listen to my advice or stuff like that.]

    Isn't that just a strategy.

    [Just believeeee me.]

    Even though you're a god, you're crying in such a shameful voice.

    In the first place the God I believe in is not you. A real God is one who gives me a real miracle.

    When another God from another religion says something strange, of course it's suspicious.

    Also, people who keep bringing up things about trust are definitely liars.

    A book that I liked to read had that written in it, so it's definitely not wrong.

    [I won't say something like that, really. Just listen to what I have to say once.]


    What do you mean "just listen once", I know you're trying to deceive me.

    In the first place I have prayed so many times to the Gods during my past life.

    You didn't come to help me even with my death. Now you're giving advice?

    [No, no, your God and I are two different beings. I did say I will help you from now onwards right?]

    That's why I said I cannot trust you. It's not enough with just lip service. If you want me to believe you, show me a miracle and let me see it.

    [I'm already doing it. I'm talking to you in a dream right, no one else can do it except me.]

    You're just talking. Even if you don't use a dream to connect, you can use a letter or something.

    [You're right. You already say you cannot trust me, but you will die if I leave things like that.]

    ... Die? Why?

    [The Magic continent is a terrible place. There's almost nothing to eat, and in comparison there are many strong monsters there. Though you're capable of communicating, common knowledge is very different. Are you really able to continue from here? Do you have that confidence?]

    Huh? Magic Continent? Wait a moment, what do you mean?

    [You got sucked in by that huge area-of-effect Mana calamity, and you were teleported.]

    Mana calamity. That light?

    [Yes, it's that light.]

    Teleportation. So that's a teleportation.....

    It's not only me who got involved in this.

    I wonder if Philip is alright.

    Buina should be fine since it's quite far from there.

    Sylphy must be worried.

    ... What has happened there?

    [You're asking me, does that mean you're willing to trust me? You refused to believe me just then.]

    You're right. I got deceived so easily.

    [I can only say that everyone is praying for your safety. Praying for you to come back or something.]

    That's .... Anyone will do that.

    [Is that so? Somewhere in the corners of your heart, you have the thought that if you disappeared from this world, you would give others relief right?]

    ......It's a lie if I said I didn't think that. I disappeared in my previous world where I wasn't needed. Even now I still have that thought.

    [But you're not someone who isn't needed in this world. Please return safely.]

    Ahh. You're right.

    [But if you follow my advice, even though I won't say it's a definite thing, you have a very high chance of going back.]

    Wait. Before that I want to ask about your goal. Why are you obsessed with me?

    [You really talk a lot... It's because the way you're living is interesting. Isn't that enough?]

    The people who act simply because things are interesting are certainly bad people.

    [Is that how it works in your previous world?]

    Because the people who act because things are interesting only enjoy manipulating others on the palms of their hands.

    [Perhaps I have that part within me.]

    Also, what is so interesting about me.

    [Rather than say it's interesting, why not say it's meaningful. It's really rare to see a person from a foreign world. Giving you advice and letting you interact with all sorts of people. What kind of ending will it be...?]

    I see. It's like giving a monkey a vague order and watching how it accomplishes the task. That's really an exaggerated pastime you have.

    [Hah.... You. Have you forgotten my first question?]

    Your first question?

    [Then I'll ask again. Do you have the confidence? The confidence to live on in this completely unknown and dangerous place.]

    ...... No.

    [Then isn't it better to listen to my advice? Even though I'll say this again, it's your freedom to choose whether you want to follow my advice.]

    Fine, I understand. I understand. Advice or whatever, can you just say it already? In the end you've said so many things that are long and tedious. Just tell me one-sidedly and end it, isn't that good enough.

    [...... Yes, yes. Rudeus, listen carefully. When you wake up, please rely on the guy beside you, and then help him.]

    The mosaic god only leaves these lines behind, and disappeared while leaving an echo behind.

    When I wake up it's already evening.

    What comes into my view is a star-filled sky.

    There are wooden branches burning and crackling.

    The shadows made from the flames dance from side to side.

    I seem to be sleeping beside a bonfire.

    Of course, I do not have the memories of making a bonfire, and also do not have the memories of making a camp.

    The last memory that I have...... Ah.

    The sky's colors suddenly changed, and we were surrounded by a white light.

    And then, it was that dream.

    Damn it.

    I saw an irritating dream.


    I look down at my body in a panic.

    It is not that slow and fat body that was unable to do anything. The young and strong Rudeus has returned.

    As I confirm that fact, the earlier memory that was like a dream starts to fade.

    I exhale in relief.


    This damnable Human God really makes me feel unpleasant all over.

    But this is really good. It seems that I'm still alive in this world.

    There are many things that I have not done.... At least let me throw away the proof of being a Magician[8].[9]

    I try to get up.

    My back really hurts. Is it because I had been lying on the ground since the landing?

    Underneath the evening sky, the cracked land stretched out.

    There seems to be hardly any plants growing here. There is not even an insect here. Other than the bonfire's crackling I can't hear anything.

    Where is this?

    At least in my memories I didn't see a place like this.

    The Asura Kingdom is full of forests and grasslands.

    Did the white light change things to this scenery...?

    Aah, no.

    That's not it. It's not like that.

    Hitogami said it before, I have been teleported.

    To the Magic continent.

    Then, this place should be the Magic continent.

    It must certainly be due to that light.... Oh.

    Ghyslaine and Eris...!

    After I stand up I turn and look behind me. Eris is sleeping while grabbing onto my cuffs.

    Why is there a mantle covering her body?

    I didn't wear something like that....

    Well, ladies first, I guess.

    Behind her is the "The Arrogant Water Dragon King" Magic staff.[10]

    In any case, she doesn't look like she's hurt, and I feel relieved once again.

    Perhaps Ghyslaine did something for her.

    Even though I want to wake Eris up, I feel that she will find me annoying so I leave her alone.

    Where's Ghyslaine?

    I look around my surroundings once more, and there is someone at the bonfire that I didn't notice earlier.

    He sits there without moving a muscle, observing and staring at me.


    I realize in an instant that this person is not Ghyslaine.

    He's a male.

    He sits there without moving a muscle, observing and staring at me.

    But I don't feel he's being cautious of us.

    Rather, hmmm, ah that's right.

    Like an Onee-chan walking to a shy cat.

    Because we are children, he must be worried that we are afraid of him.

    So there are no signs of hostility.

    The moment I relax, I notice his appearance.

    Emerald green hair.

    Porcelain-like white skin.

    A ruby-like stone on his forehead that's like an eye.

    Under his arm is a trident.

    The Superd race.

    His face is full of scars.

    His eyes are sharp, his expression solemn, and there's a look of danger about him.

    I think back to what Roxy taught me.

    [Don't get close to the Superd race and do not talk to them.]

    In a second I prepare to grab Eris and escape with everything I have, but I remember Hitogami's words, and stop.

    [Rely on the man beside you, and help him.]

    That self-termed God's words cannot be trusted.

    After saying what he wanted to say, a strange man immediately appeared before us, so why should I trust him?

    Also, it is the Superd race.

    I heard from Roxy all sorts of frightening things about this race.

    Even if that God said something about "Relying on him then help him out", why should I believe him?

    Who should I trust?

    A Human God whom I don't even know, or Roxy.

    It goes without saying, the one that I will believe in is Roxy.

    So I should run away right now.

    No. It's precisely because of how this situation turned out, that it could be [Advice]. If I had no other information on this situation, I would definitely run away.

    With that result, if I run away successfully... What will happen after that?

    I take a look at the surroundings. This place is dark and it is somewhere that I have never seen before. The ground is full of cracks and covered with rocks.

    [Teleported to Magic Continent.]

    If I believe that line, then this is the Magic Continent.

    Come to think of it, I forgot about the fact that I saw a strange dream because of that Human God's impact.

    The dream where I flew everywhere around the world.

    Mountains, seas, forests, valleys.... Places where we would immediately die.

    If that dream is related to the current situation, then it might be possible that we have been teleported.

    Right now I'm not even sure where we are in the Magic Continent. If we run away, it could mean that we are stranded in this vast place.

    In the end, there is really no other choice to speak of.

    Escaping from this man or winning against him, the end result is Eris and I roaming the Magic Continent alone, which is a bad one.

    Or, should I bet on it? When the day breaks, I'll bet on the fact that there's a village nearby?

    Stop joking.

    Don't I clearly understand how difficult it would be when I don't know the way?

    Calm down. Breathe in deeply.

    I will not trust the Human God. But, how about this guy?

    Look closely at him. Observe his face. What's that expression he has right now?

    That's uneasiness. An expression that's mixed with uneasiness and resignation.

    At the very least, he's not a monster without emotions.

    Roxy says not to approach the Superd Race. But in truth she also said that she has never met with them.

    I know the concepts of <Discrimination>, <Persecution> and <Witch hunt>. There's the possibility that the Superd Race has been misunderstood. Roxy shouldn't have the intention to tell me something false, but it's a possibility that they are misunderstood.

    From my intuition, he's not dangerous. At least I don't feel any questionable vibes like that Human God from him. Even though, based on his appearance, one will still feel guarded towards him.

    Then, I'll talk to him.

    I make my decision.


    [... Aah.]

    I got a reply from him after I greet him. What should I ask next?

    [Are you the messenger of God-sama?][11]

    That man tilts his head after hearing the question.

    [Even though I don't understand the intention of what you asked, you fell from the sky. The children from the Human Race are very weak, so I made a bonfire to warm your bodies.]

    The name <Hitogami> didn't appear. Is it possible that the Human God didn't speak to this man?

    If I believe in the words [Because it's interesting.], then it's not just based on my actions.

    It is also based on that Human God's interest in observing our interactions.

    If that's the case, then this man can probably be trusted. I'll try talking a little more.

    [We're saved by you. Thank you very much.]

    [... Are your eyes unable to see?]


    I suddenly get a strange question.

    [No, I can see very well with both of my eyes?]

    [Then, you grew up without hearing stuff about the Superd's race from your parents?]

    [Leaving my parents aside, my Shishou told me to be alert against the Superd's race. Something like, do not approach them.]

    [... Is it fine for you not to observe your Shishou's guidance?]

    He slowly asks, as if to ascertain something.

    [You, even when you see me, are not afraid?]

    I'm not afraid. I don't feel fear, but I am suspicious.

    However, I don't need to say that out loud.

    [It would be very rude if I were to be afraid of the person who saved me.]

    [You're a really strange child.]

    He shows a baffled expression.

    Strange, hm.

    Well, it's probably normal to avoid the Superd Race.

    I read about the History on Laplace. After the war, the Superd Race was persecuted.

    Even though the persecution towards the other Magic races has faded, the Superd Race is very different.

    It's almost like how the American soldiers faced the Japanese soldiers, where every race here is prejudiced against the Superd race.[12]

    It is almost as if there is a statement like this: If there's absolute evil in this world, it's the Superd Race.


    He throws the dry branches into the bonfire. It makes a splitting noise. I'm not sure if it is because of this noise, Eris utters a [Nuuu] and seems to wake up. Perhaps she's already awake.

    Uh oh, that's a bad thing. If Eris wakes up she will definitely make a racket. Before everything turns to chaos, I'll at least introduce myself first.

    [I am Rudeus Greyrat. May I please have your name?]

    [Ruijerd Superdia.][13][14]

    Specific Magic races will take the Race's name as their surname.

    Using the family name or something is basically only what the Human race will do.

    Sometimes other races will ask that out of curiosity.

    Just to add on, Roxy's surname is Migurdia. It was written in Roxy's dictionary.

    [Ruijerd-san. I think that the girl here is about to wake up soon. Because she's a girl who's a little noisy, I'll apologize in advance. I'm sorry.]

    [It's fine, I have gotten used to it.]

    If it's Eris, it will not be strange for her to hit Ruijerd's face once she sees it. In order not to fight against him, it's important to stop her early.

    [Excuse me.]

    I glance at Eris's face and I think it's still safe for now.

    I look at Ruijerd again.

    Under the dim light, I can see he's wearing something that greatly resembles tribal clothes.

    The image is like an American Indian. Both his vest and trousers have embroidery on them.


    It makes me feel bad.

    He has a different feel from that Human God's forceful approach, I have a good impression of him.

    [Where is this place?]

    [This is the Northeastern area of the Magic Continent, Bigoya. It's near the Kishirisu city.]

    [Magic Continent...]

    If I remember correctly, the Kishirisu city is at the Northeastern area in the Magic continent. That is, if his words can be trusted.

    [Why did we drop here?]

    [If you don't know it yourselves, I won't know it either.]

    [Hmm, that's true.]

    Because it's a fantasy world, it isn't surprising if anything happens......

    Even someone as big as Perugius's follower making an entrance happened, this might not be the result of a coincidence. That is to say, the possibility that it has something to do with the Human God is very high.

    But if this is just a coincidence when we got involved, then we are fortunate to simply survive.

    [In any case, I am thankful for your help.]

    [You don't need to thank me. Leaving that aside, where are you heading?]

    [The Asura Kingdom in the Central continent, the city Roa in the Fedoa territory.]

    [Asura...... It's very far away, hmm.]

    [Indeed so.]

    [But you don't need to worry, I'll send you home.]

    The Northeastern Magic continent and Asura Kingdom. They are at the opposite ends of the world. It's as far as Las Vegas to Paris.

    Furthermore, in this world, ships only set off at specific areas. That is why we need to travel by land until we reach a suitable location to take a ship.

    [Do you have any clues as to what happened?]

    [Clues.... When the sky started to glow, a person called Arumanfi of the Bright came before us, and said he was here to stop the phenomenon. As we talked to him, white light gushed forth suddenly... The next moment I find myself waking up here.]

    [Arumanfi... Even Perugius is on the move? If that's the case, something must have happened. It's good that it ended with just teleportation.]

    [You're completely right. If that was an explosion or something we would have died immediately.]

    Even when Ruijerd heard the name "Perugius" he did not falter. Surprising. Perhaps Ruijerd is a person who is not affected by anything.

    [By the way, have you heard of the existence of Hitogami?]

    [Hitogami[15]? No. Is that the name of a human?]

    [Ah, no, it's fine if you have never heard of it.]

    I don't think he's lying.

    I can't think of a reason..... why he would hide the knowledge about the Human God.

    [Nevertheless, Asura kingdom hmm.]

    [It's very far right? It's okay. You can just send us to a nearby village......]

    [No, A Superd warrior will not change any decisions that he makes.]

    His words are stubborn but steady.

    Even without the Human God's advice, on just this point alone I might trust Ruijerd.

    But I'm still suspicious.

    [But it's the other end of the world, you do know that right?]

    [A child shouldn't worry too much.]

    He timidly places his hand and strokes my head.

    He relaxes when he sees that I didn't refuse him.

    This person, I wonder if he likes kids?

    But it's not like the trip is 10 minutes. Even though he said that he will send us back, it is difficult to believe him.

    [Are you able to speak the language? Do you have money? Do you know where to go?]

    He asks, and I reflect on his words.

    I have been using the Human Race language to speak to him, and yet this man from the Magic Race is able to reply fluently in the Human Race language.

    [I can speak the Magic God's language. I know Magic so I can earn money. If you bring me to a place with people, I can find my own way.]

    I try to steer the conversation into rejecting him. Even though this man can be trusted, I feel that things would advance how the Human God expects them to be, and I think it's better to avoid that.

    But after thinking through my words laden with suspicion, Ruijerd's steady reply comes back.

    [Is that so... Then let me be your guard. It will hurt the pride of the Superd Race if I leave children to fend for themselves.]

    [You really are a proud race.]

    [It's a pride that has been scarred.]

    With this joke, I laughed with a haha.[16]

    Ruijerd also curls the corners of his lips and laugh.

    It's different from the suspicious smile from the Human God, it's a warm smile.

    [In any case, we should first go to a village that I am familiar with.]


    Even though I don't really trust the Human God, perhaps this man can be trusted.

    At least until we reached the village, I'll trust him.

    After a while, Eris's eyes snap open. She sits up in an instant and looks around everywhere. She soon begins to feel uneasy, but shows obvious relief after meeting with my eyes. And then she meets the gaze from Ruijerd's eyes.


    A scream that is from the depths of her soul. She retreats backwards while lying down, and then she tries to stand up to flee, but falls down flat onto the ground.

    She's frightened to the point of freezing altogether.


    Eris falls into panic.

    But even if she doesn't struggle about, she is unable to crawl away.

    She crouches there, trembling and shivering, and raises her voice to scream.

    [No! Noooo! Scary! Soscaryscaryscary! Help me, Ghyslaine! Ghyslaine! Ghyslaineuu! Why aren't you coming! No, no! I don't want to die! I don't want to die! Sorry! Sorry! I'm so sorry Rudeus! Kicking you or something I'm so sorry! Because I'm such a coward I'm so sorry! I can't keep my promise So shorrrryyyyyy, wahhhh, wahhhhhhhhhh!]

    Finally she curls up like a turtle hiding in its shell and cries.

    I shudder after witnessing that scene.

    (That, Eris, is so frightened......)

    Eris is a strong willed girl. Her motto is most likely [I'm the queen of the entire world].

    She's really violent and selfish, and in any case she will hit you before thinking it through. She's pretty much that sort of child.

    Is it possible that I made a seriously huge mistake?

    Is it possible that the Superd Race is someone who absolutely cannot be approached?

    I look at Ruijerd. He's still calm.

    [That's the normal reaction.]

    How's that possible?

    [Is it because I'm abnormal?]

    [You're abnormal. But...]


    [You're not bad.]

    Ruijerd's face seen from the side looks terribly lonely.

    I reflect on that for a moment while I stand up and walk towards Eris. Hearing the footsteps, Eris quivers in fright.

    I slowly stroke her back. Thinking back, every time I cried whenever I was afraid of something, Grandmother would stroke me on the back just like this.

    [Al---right, don't be afraid, don't be afraid.]

    [Hicc, what do you mean don't be afraid! Th-that's a Superd!]

    I don't know why she's so frightened. Because, it's that Eris. She's the Eris that will bare her fangs when she faces Ghyslaine. There should be nothing that will make her afraid.

    [Is it so frightening?]

    [B, because, the Su, Superd race will! E, eat children! They will eat children right? Hiccc.....]

    [He won't eat you.]

    He won't eat us right? I look at Ruijerd, and he shakes his head.

    [I don't eat children.]


    [Here now, he says he won't eat children!]

    [B, b, because! Because he's a Superd! He's from a Magic Race!]

    [Even though he's from a Magic Race, he knows how to speak the Human Race language.]

    [It's not the language problem!]

    Eris raises her head up and growled at me. She's back to normal. As expected, this expression belongs to the real Eris.

    [Oh, are you fine with that? If you don't curl yourself up, you will get eaten right?]

    [Don't treat me like an idiot!]

    Eris glares at me after I speak to her with the tone of treating her like an idiot.

    And then she maintains her expression and stares at Ruijerd sharply.

    She shakes violently. Her eyes are also wet. If she stands up like her usual self, she will shake her knees, probably.

    [P, p, p, pleased. To meee-et you. I-I'm, Eris, Bo, Bo, Boreas... Greyrat!]

    Eris half cries while introducing herself.

    Introducing herself while acting haughty is a little funny.

    Ahh, no, if you put it that way I possibly taught her something like that. When meeting someone else, just introduce yourself to launch a preemptive strike.

    [Eris Boboboreas Greyrat? The human race has started to use funny names that I don't know of.]

    [No! It's Eris Boreas Greyrat! I just stuttered slightly! Compared to that, introduce yourself too!]

    After shouting, Eris goes [Ah!] and shows an uneasy expression. She finally realizes who she is yelling at.

    [Is that so? My apologies. I am Ruijerd Superdia.]

    Eris relaxes her tense expression, and shows off triumphantly.

    A "How about that, I'm not scared of him." expression.

    [So, I said it will be okay right? As long as we can communicate, everyone can become friends.]

    [Yeah! It's just like what Rudeus said! Okaa-sama lied to me!]

    So it's Hilda who taught her? It's just a folklore to express how scary it is. Oh, wait, even if it's me, if I see a spirit without legs or some namahage, I'll be frightened too.

    [What did Hilda say?]

    [If I don't quickly go to sleep the Superd race will come and eat me.]

    W, well it can't be helped! I, I'll become your friend!

    I see, to get a child to sleep she used superstition. Something like Shimacchau Ojisan.[17]

    [But he won't eat children. Why not become friends with the Superd race, so you can brag to everyone.]

    [I can brag e-even to Oji-sama and Ghyslaine...?]

    [Of course.]

    I look at Ruijerd, and he's showing signs of surprise. Good.

    [Ruijerd-san seems to have very few friends, I think if Eris requests to be friends with him, he will be on good terms with you.]

    [B, but..]

    Did I say something too much like a child...

    As I think back on what I said, Eris hesitates.

    Contemplating further, Eris doesn't have any friends, and... I'm a little different.

    Perhaps she's a little scared of the vocabulary word "Friend". Looks like she still needs a push.

    [Hey, Ruijerd-san too!]

    As I urge him, Ruijerd finally seems to understand the current situation.

    [Eh? Ahh. Eris.... Please treat me favorably.]

    [W, well it can't be helped! I, I'll become your friend!]

    Seeing Ruijerd lower his head, something in Eris crumbles apart.

    That's great.

    But seeing this, Eris is really simple. I feel stupid for thinking about this and that.

    But, if I don't mind the naive part about Eris, hmmm...[18]

    [Phew, in any case, let's rest for a little while today.]

    [What, you're sleeping already?]

    [Yes Eris, I'm very tired right now. I really feel sleepy.]

    [Is that so? Then it can't be helped. Good night.]

    I lie down and Eris stays beside me, laying a mantle-like thing (I believe it's probably Ruijerd's) over my body.

    I'm really exhausted.

    Before I lose my consciousness,

    [Are you not scared anymore?]

    [I'm fine if I'm with Rudeus.]

    I hear some lines.

    Hah, even if it's only Eris, I must send her back safely.

    As I consider that, I fall asleep.

    I saw a dream.

    A dream where angels were descending from the sky.

    It was different from yesterday, I was certain it was a good dream.

    But as I thought of that, there was mosaic covering over their crotch, and they were giggling with their repulsive faces with a [Fufufu].

    It seemed like a nightmare.

    As I became aware of that fact, I woke up.

    [It's a dream...]

    Recently I have been having bad dreams...

    In front of me is a world filled with rocks and earth, extending endlessly towards the horizon.

    The Magic Continent.

    A fragment of the Gigantic Continent that had been split apart due to the Human-Demon war. It had once been the domain where the Demon God Laplace gathered the Demon races.

    The area of this continent is about half the size of the Central Continent.

    But there are almost no plants here. The earth is covered with lots of cracks, the highs and lows of the land have a huge height difference. There are incredibly big boulders that hinder visibility, making this place a natural maze.

    Also, the Mana concentration in the Magic Continent is very dense, and there are a lot of strong Monsters. It had been said that if you go across the Magic Continent, you will take 3 times longer than crossing the Central Continent.

    It's going to be a long journey.

    When I am thinking of explaining it to Eris, I find her to be very energetic. Her eyes seem to be filled with stars when she looks across the Magic Contintent's land.

    (Rudi) [Eris, concerning this place, it is the Magic Continent...]

    (Eris) [Magic Continent! Then our journey is about to start!]

    She's really happy.

    Full of composure.

    Anything I say now will not make her insecure.

    Eris and Ruijerd became very close together. It seems that when I was asleep they were still chatting.

    Well, it's better than quarreling.

    Eris happily talks about the stories of her home, the stuff about Magic and sword lessons.

    Even though Ruijerd talks very little, he always makes an agreeable reply when she's talking.

    What happened to that frightened behavior at the beginning?

    Eris has actually became unafraid of this frightening man.

    Even though Eris occasionally says something dreadfully rude, which at times makes my back turn cold, Ruijerd doesn't particularly become angry.

    No matter what she says, Ruijerd turns it aside without hesitation.

    Who's the one who spread the rumors that the Superd race gets violent easily.

    But even though I put it that way, the current Eris is more or less capable of reading the mood now.

    Regarding this, I think Edona taught her properly not to mention things that might make people angry.

    I hope that's the case.

    But I don't know how much tolerance he has in regards to unfamiliar people, and I wish that Eris would be more prudent about it.

    Of course, Eris's patience is also very low and I hope Ruijerd is careful too.

    Just as I'm thinking about this, I can hear Eris's voice getting louder.

    [Is Rudeus your brother?]


    [But, isn't Greyrat a family name?]

    [Even though it's his name, he's not my brother!]

    [Half-sibling from the mother's side? Half-sibling from the father side?]

    [He doesn't belong to either side!]

    [Even though I'm not very clear about the Human race, but you should treasure your family member.]

    [I already said you're taking things the wrong way!]

    [It's fine, just cherish him well.]


    Eris falters and uses a strong tone.

    [I, I'm cherishing him....]

    Well, even though we're not real siblings.

    Eris is older than me.

    The Magic Continent is nothing but rocks, and the land elevation is very steep. The ground is also very hard.

    If you dig at the soil, it will splatter everywhere.

    There's no nutrients in it at all.

    The land is one step short of becoming a desert. If you keep living in this land, even the Demon races will fight amongst themselves.

    There is almost no vegetation and occasionally I see rocks that are like cacti.

    [Hmm. Wait a while. Absolutely do not move from here.]

    Ruijerd will do that every 10 minutes, and runs to the direction in front of us. He jumps lightly over the hills that are full of rocks, and disappears within moments.

    What incredible physical ability he has.

    Even though Ghyslaine is also amazing, if you were to convert their agility into numbers, then Ruijerd's agility points might be even higher than Ghyslaine.

    Ruijerd comes back within less than five minutes.

    [Sorry for the long wait, let's go.]

    Even though he didn't say anything there's a faint scent of blood on the tip of the trident. I guess he went ahead to clear the monsters blocking us from moving forward.

    Indeed, in Roxy's dictionary, the ruby-colored stone on the Superd's race has the use of a radar. With this ability, they are able to quickly find their enemies.

    Ruijerd preemptively kills the Monsters in an instant before they notice us.

    [Hey! What have you been doing since the beginning?]

    Eris rudely asks.

    [I cleared the Monsters in front of us.]

    Ruijerd tersely replies.

    [How do you know where they are when you obviously can't see them!]

    [If it's me I can see them.]

    Ruijerd says that and moves his hair out of his face. His forehead is revealed and we can see the ruby-colored stone.

    Even though Eris retreats slightly for an instant, she carefully looks at the stone, finding it pretty. She then shows an interested expression.

    [That's really convenient!]

    [It might be convenient, but I have thought of countless times where it's better that I don't have this.]

    [Then I'll help you wear it! Here, take it out!]

    [That's impossible.]

    Ruijerd laughs wryly. Eris has started to learn how to joke......

    It's a joke right?

    They seem to be having a lot of fun, I'll participate too.

    [On that subject, I have heard that the Monsters here are very powerful...]

    [There aren't many powerful ones here. The numbers of the creatures here might be on the high side because it's far away from town.]

    Indeed, there are a lot of them.

    From the start, Ruijerd would clear the monsters every ten minutes. If it's in the Asura kingdom, you won't even meet a single Monster even if you ride in a horse carriage for hours.

    For the Asura kingdom, the knights and adventurers will clear the Monsters at fixed intervals.

    But even if it's here, the number of encounters for the Magic continent is just too high.

    [From the beginning you have been fighting by yourself, are you really alright?]

    [It's fine. I killed all of them with one strike.]

    [I see... If you're tired please tell me. I can support you as I am able to use Healing Magic.]

    [There is no need for children to worry too much.]

    As he says that, Ruijerd places his hand on my head and strokes it timidly.

    Perhaps this person really likes to stroke children's heads?

    [You only need to stay beside your younger sister's side to protect her.]

    [I already said! Who's his younger sister! I'm the older sister!]

    [Hmm, is that so? My apologies.]

    Ruijerd says that and strokes Eris's head, but the conclusion ends up in his hand being smacked away.

    Poor Ruijerd.

    It has been almost 3 hours.

    Because of the road's elevation difference, we stopped countless times. To cross the snake-like roads, we also spent a lot of time.

    If you calculate it in a straight line, we probably have not even reached 1 kilometer.

    I'm exhausted. I was like that yesterday as well.

    I don't know why my body feels so tired. Is it because of the teleportation? Or simply because I don't have the stamina?

    Under Ghyslaine's guidance, I should have been properly trained to raise my physical abilities...

    [It's a village!]

    Eris looks as if she's not tired at all, and looks at the place with great interest. I'm jealous of her stamina.

    Even though Eris says it's a village, but this place feels more like a hamlet. A dozen houses gathered together and surrounded by roughly made fences. Beside the fence is a small cultivated field.

    Even though I'm not sure what it's growing, I think it's probably barren.

    With a place like this where there is no river water or something similar, it's probably a futile attempt.


    The entrance is being blocked. As I look closely, there seems to be a youth around the age of a middle schooler. His hair is blue, and reminds me of Roxy.

    [Ruijerd, what's with all these people!]

    He's speaking in the Demon God language. Looks like my listening ability for Demon God language is okay. I'm able to properly understand it, OK.[19]

    [It's the aforementioned shooting star] [20]

    [They are suspicious, you can't let these people into the village!]

    [Why. Where do they look suspicious?]

    Ruijerd's face tightens, and closes on him to press for an answer.

    What an earth-shattering bloodlust.

    If I saw him for the first time displaying that bloodlust, I would immediately run away without second thoughts.

    [T, they look suspicious no matter how you look at it!]

    [They were merely dragged into Asura's Mana calamity and teleported here.]

    [B, but-]

    [You bastard, are you forsaking these children......?]

    Ruijerd's clenches his fist. I grab his hand by reflex.

    [This is his job, please restrain yourself.]


    [I mean, for an underling like him, he won't be able to solve the problem. Isn't it better to find someone whose position is higher?]

    The youth's eyebrows knit together when he hears the word underling.

    [You're right. Robin, call the chief.]

    Ruijerd glares at the youth with his eyes stating, <Cut the damn crap out>.

    [Ahh, I'm also thinking of the same thing.]

    The youth called Robin closes his eyes, and keeps this appearance for over 10 seconds...


    What's this guy doing? Start going already.

    Closing your eyes or something, are you dozing off right here!

    Or are you waiting for a kiss?

    [Ruijerd-san, this is...?]

    [The Migurd race can talk with one another even if they are not at the same location.]

    [Ah, now that you mention it, I remember that my Shishou also taught me this.]

    To be more accurate, it was written in Roxy's letter. The Migurd race can correspond with each other if they are close by.

    Adding on to that, Roxy also wrote in order to get away from that ability, she left the village.

    Poor Roxy....

    That being said, this means this is the Migurd community.

    It might be better if I said Roxy's name. Ah, no, I still don't know what's the relationship between Roxy and this village, it's a possibility that I'm bringing unneccessary trouble to myself.

    [The chief should be coming soon.]

    [It's okay if we can go ahead to find him too right?]

    [How can I let you enter the village!]

    [Is that so?]

    Temporarily, the atmosphere turned uncomfortable. Eris softly pulls on my sleeves.

    [Hey, what's happening?]

    Eris doesn't understand the Demon God language.

    [He says that we're very suspicious, so he's letting the chief check the situation.]

    [What, where do we look suspicious...]

    Eris frowns and looks at her own clothes. It's the same clothes as when she goes out to the town and attends sword lessons.

    Even though it might seem to be a little light for dressing, but it's not strange at all.

    At least I don't think she's very different from Ruijerd. If she was wearing a dress or something, that would actually be suspicious...

    [It will be fine right?]

    [What do you mean by fine?]

    [If you ask me what it is, I also find it hard to explain clearly..... That is, you know....]

    [It's fine.]


    As expected, when we had the argument at the entrance, Eris seems to feel a little uneasy. But after I told her it will be fine she immediately turns meek.

    [The chief seems to be coming now.]

    There seems to be a boy-like adult walking with a cane coming out from the village. And there are two girls who look like they are from middle school holding on to him.

    Everyone looks young.

    Perhaps, even when a Migurd becomes an adult they still look like they are in middle school? Roxy's dictionary didn't mention something like that.

    Oh wait, the drawings on the dictionary resembles middle schoolers.

    I thought it's Roxy's self portrait, even her chest looks a bit fuller.... Perhaps that's actually the appearance of an adult Migurd Race?

    As I keep thinking, the chief starts talking with Robin.

    [These are the children right...?]

    [Yes, it seems that one of them can speak the Demon God language, no matter how you look at it, it feels suspicious.]

    [Language or whatever, anyone can speak it if they learn it right?]

    [Why would a human at that age learn the Magic God language!]


    The chief pats Robin's shoulders.

    [Well, well. You should calm down a little.]

    The chief walks slowly to my side. In any case, I lower my head.

    Not the nobilities' etiquette, it's the Japanese ojigi[21].

    [It is my pleasure to meet you for the first time. My name is Rudeus Greyrat.]

    [Oh, you're very polite. I'm the chief of this community, Rocks.]

    I make an eye signal at Eris. He looks like he's the same age as her, but the chief's mannerisms is completely different to her, and she doesn't know what to do.

    She crosses her arms and then places it down, and she looks like she's unable to calm down.

    She's hesitating whether to cross her arms and take on an imposing stance.

    [Eris, go ahead and make your greeting.]

    [B, but, I don't know the Demon God language?]

    [Just do the same thing that you're taught in etiquette class. I'll translate for you.]

    [Uu- I, I'm pleased to meet you, I am Eris Boreas Greyrat.]

    Eris follows what she had learned in the etiquette class to make a greeting. Rocks smiles after seeing that.

    [The young lady over there, is she making a greeting?]

    [Yes, this is our way of greeting in our hometown.]

    [Hoh~ But it is different from you?]

    [It is different from males and females.]

    Rocks nods in a [I see, I see] manner, and and imitates my example and lowers his head to Eris.

    [I'm the chief of this community, Rocks.]

    Eris looks at me in a loss when she sees the chief suddenly lowering his head.

    [Rudeus, what is he saying?]

    [He says, "I'm the chief of this community, Rocks."]

    [Is, is that so. Hm, Hmph. It's just like what Rudeus said, we can communicate with each other.]

    Eris says with a smile on her.

    Alright, it's fine with this right?

    [So, can you let us go into the village?]


    Rocks looks all over my body as if he wants to lick me.

    Please stop.

    If you look at me with such passionate eyes, I'll feel like I need to strip...

    Rocks's eyes stop in front of my chest.

    [Where did you get this pendant?]

    [Shishou gave it to me.]

    [Who's your shishou?]

    [Her name is Roxy.]

    I honestly state her name. Thinking it over, this is my respected Shishou's name, why do I need to hide that fact?


    Robin yells loudly. He hurriedly grabs onto my shoulders.

    Did I dig my own grave?

    [Y, you, j-just said Roxy!?]

    [Yes, she's my shishou...]

    As I reply him, I see in the corners of my eyes that Ruijerd is raising his fist, and I immediately stop him.

    Robin isn't showing anger but anxiety.

    [W-where is Roxy now?!]

    [I haven't seen her for a long time so I...]

    [Tell me quickly! Roxy, Roxy is my daughter!!]

    I'm sorry, what was that?

    [My apologies, I didn't hear what you said just now.]

    [Roxy is my daughter! Is she still alive?!]

    Pardon? No, I heard it clearly.

    Wait, I'm more concerned about this guy who looks like a middle schooler. Just looking at his appearance, you might say that he looks like Roxy's younger brother.

    But, I see, hm----.

    [Quickly tell me, she left this village 20 years ago, and there has been no word ever since!]

    It looks like Roxy has secretly left her home. I didn't hear this matter from her. Sheesh. My shishou's explanations aren't detailed enough.

    Erm, he said 20 years.

    Huh? How old is Roxy now?

    [I beg you, please stop being silent, quickly tell me something.]

    Oh, please excuse me.

    [Roxy is now...]

    I just realize that my shoulders are still grabbed by Robin. It feels almost like I'm being threatened. Although it's somehow different from being threatened.

    It's almost as if you're making me yield to violence right!

    If you want me to crack under violence, you need to at least use a baseball bat to destroy my PC, smack me with karate, and break my heart with profanities!

    If I don't show this firm attitude, I'll make Eris uneasy right?

    [Before that, please answer my question. How old is Roxy now?]

    [Age? No, compared to this...]

    [This is a very important thing! And please tell me the life span of the Migurd race!]

    This is something that I absolutely must hear.

    [Ah, ahh... If it's Roxy... She should be 44 years old. The life span for a Migurd is around 200 years. Even though there are those who die due to sickness, but if they grow old they should live till around this age.]

    She's the same age as me. I'm slightly happy.

    [I see... Ah, please stop grabbing me.]

    Robin finally releases his hands. Very good, very good, we can finally talk.

    [Half a year ago, Roxy should still be at Shirone. Even though I never meet with her face to face, but I communicated with her by exchanging letters.]

    [Letters...? That child knows how to write the Human race language?]

    [At least from 7 years ago, she was able to perfectly write in that language.]

    [I, is that so... Then she's alright?]

    [If she hasn't run into any accidents or gotten sick, she should still be very healthy.]

    As I say that, Robin kneels shakily on the floor. He shows a relieved expression with tears in his eyes.

    [Is that so... She's safe... She's safe.... Haha.... That's great.]

    That's great, Father-in-law.

    But looking at him reminds me of my father Paul. If Paul knows that I'm safe, he will probably cry out too.

    I feel like sending the letter out to Buina as soon as possible..

    [Well then, will you allow us to enter the village?]

    I look at the crying Robin with the corners of my eyes, while talking to chief Rocks.

    [Of course. How can we be cold to the people who informed us of Roxy's safety?]

    The effect of Roxy's pendant is extraordinary. If I knew this would happen I would have shown it at the start.

    Ah, no, based on the dialogue's progression, there's the possibility where they suspect me of killing Roxy and stealing the pendant.

    The Demon race is really long lived, and there must be people whose appearances are different from their age.

    If my real age of over 40 years old gets revealed, no matter how much I look like a 10 year old child, it will be suspicious right?

    I need to check myself. Do more actions befitting of a child.

    And with that, we enter the [Migurd race's hamlet.]

    If you use a single term to describe the Migurd's hamlet, it will be "extreme poverty".

    There are ten-odd houses. It is difficult to describe their appearances.

    It feels like the earth had been dug up and then covered up with tortoise shells.

    The architecture in the Asura Kingdom is much more advanced compared to here.

    Still, even if you get the Asura kingdom's architects to come here, there would be no way to gather the lumber required to build and they would also give up hope on this land.

    Even the neatly planted field outside the hamlet only contains shriveled vegetation.

    I wonder if it is alright for the plants to look so withered.

    There were no specific details in Roxy's dictionary at all in regards to agriculture. It was only written up till this part where she stated "The vegetables are bitter and not tasty at all."

    Incidentally, at the side of the field, there are flowers with teeth which looked similar to pakkun flowers[22], planted there.

    I am uncertain whether this thing is a plant or animal, the uneven teeth are making a chattering sound. They are definitely used to deter harmful creatures that invade the field.

    At the end of the hamlet, there are a few girls who look like they are in middle school surrounding a fire and grilling something.

    It looks like an outdoor school or something similar.

    The girls are preparing a meal and as they finish making it, they go to distribute it to everyone.

    There are nearly no men and there are only very young children playing around.

    Other than that, there's the gatekeeper Robin and the chief.

    If I'm not mistaken it should be like this: The men will go out to hunt, and the women shall stay at home to keep watch.

    The community's positions should be something like this.

    So it probably means the men are out hunting now.

    [Is there anything nearby that can be hunted?]


    Even though that reply did answer my query, it falls a little short.

    It is akin to asking a fisherman what he caught, and his reply is, I caught seafood.

    Well, I'll continue asking questions.

    [Hmm. Is the stuff covering the rooftops also from monsters?]

    [That's from the Great King Land Tortoise (Grand Tortoise). The shell is very hard, and the flesh is delicious. You can even make bowstrings from their sinew.] [23]

    Is their meat delicious?

    But I can't imagine the size of the tortoise. The biggest house in the hamlet is covered with a shell that looks like it's over 20 meters wide.

    Ruijerd and Rocks enter that same house as I entertain that thought.

    Biggest house = the chief's house, it seems that this world has the same rule too.

    [Please excuse us.]

    [T, thank you for inviting us in...]

    In any case, Eris and I make a greeting as we enter the house.

    The insides look wider compared to how it looked from the outside. The floor is lined with fur pelts, and there are colorful ornaments hung on the walls.

    The center of the house has something that looks like a fireplace, and a fire is slowly burning in there, lighting the house.

    The rooms are not separated, and one can simply cover up with the fur pelts at night and just sleep on the floor.

    At one end of the house, a sword and a bow are placed there, and it appears that this is certainly a hunting tribe.

    The two women who followed the chief earlier did not enter the house. Why did they follow the chief to the entrance just then?

    Well, whatever.

    [Then, let us hear your story.]

    Rocks sits down near the fireplace with a plunking noise and says that.

    Ruijerd sits in front of him, and I sit cross-legged at his side.

    I look at Eris standing up idly who does not know where to sit.

    [Are we going to sit on the floor even in the house too?]

    [Didn't you sit on the floor properly too during sword lessons?]

    [T, that's true.]

    Eris isn't the type to hesitate over whether to sit on the floor.

    But, it's probably because she's perplexed over this "gap" in the etiquette classes she had.

    She observes the etiquette rules in front of others, but the situation currently is different from the things that were taught to her, so she is confused.

    I really hope that these bad influences do not affect her when we go home...

    Before I start to describe my future goals, I dictate my name, age, profession and the location of our home.

    I also state the relationship between Eris and myself, Eris' social status, and how we mysteriously ended up in the Magic continent to the chief.

    I did not say anything pertaining to the Human God. I am not sure what position this God has with the Demon race. If he is treated as an evil god, then we might be suspected of something.

    [... And this is what happened to us.]


    Rocks holds a hand against his chin, contemplating as he listens to the things I said.

    His expression looks like a middle schooler being troubled by a difficult question.

    [...... I see.]

    Eris has already started to fall asleep while waiting for Rocks' conclusion.

    Even though it looks like she is still energetic, she has indeed expended a lot of energy because she is not used to the journey.

    It was the same as yesterday's night, and it seems that she has been awake ever since she met Ruejird.

    As I expected, she has nearly reached her limits.

    [I'll properly listen to the discussion, you can go to sleep if you want to.]

    [... What do you mean by going to sleep, how do you sleep here?]

    [Probably by using the fur pelts to cover up and sleep.]

    [But there's no pillow...]

    [You can use my lap for sure.]

    I said that like the Anpanman and smack my thigh, emitting a pa-pa noise.

    [W, what do you mean by lap ...?]

    [It means you can use my lap as a pillow.]

    [..... Is that so? T, thank you.]

    If it was the usual Eris, she would definitely say something about this and that.

    But it seems that her sleeping status bar is at MAX, as she brings her head down and lies on my lap without hesitation.

    It doesn't take more than a few seconds before she's sleeping like a log.

    She shows a tense expression and clenches her hands tightly, closing her eyes. It doesn't take more than a few seconds before she's sleeping like a log.

    Just like I thought, she's really exhausted. I gently stroke Eris's red hair and she twists her body as if she is itchy.


    Suddenly I feel someone gazing at me.

    [... What is it?]

    Rocks's grinning eyes pierces me and I feel a little embarrassed.

    [Your relationship is really good.]

    [That's true.]

    But I'm banned from touching her.

    Our Ojou-sama has a strong sense of virtue.

    So I'll also respect her wishes.

    [Then, how do you intend to go back?]

    [We will earn the money and go back by foot.]

    [You two children will be earning the money?]

    [No, it will simply be me alone who's going to earn the money.]

    I cannot possibly let Eris who is completely ignorant of the ways of the world earn money right?

    Well, I am almost the same in regards of being ignorant of the ways of the world.

    [Not these two alone, I'll be going as well.]

    Ruijerd cuts into the conversation.

    He's really a reassuring ally.

    Even though I really want to trust him, due to the incident with the Human God, it is better for us to bid our farewells here, and rid ourselves of any future troubles.

    Still, how should I go about refusing him?

    [Ruijerd, why do you want to go with them?]

    Rocks displays his disapproval with a troubled expression.

    Ruijerd looks like he has been offended.

    [There's no reason to it. I will protect them and simply bring them safely to their hometown.]

    The conversation doesn't seem to mesh together in a subtle way.

    Rocks sighs.

    [You're going to enter a town right?]



    You're not going to enter a town?

    [What's going to happen if you bring the children near a town? Didn't you get chased out by the soldiers 100 years ago, and even had a party formed to subjugate you?]

    100 years ago?

    [That... But.... if I wait outside the town.]

    [Then you're not going to be responsible for the things that happen in the town?]

    Rocks looks at him with an amazed expression.

    Ruijerd firmly grinds his teeth.

    The Superd race is hated by everyone. This fact is not changed even in the Magic Continent. But to form a party to subjugate or something is a little too much. Are they treating him like a Monster?

    [If there's something that happens in the town...]

    [What will you do if there's something that happened?]

    [Even if I have to kill everyone in the town, I will rescue the two of them.]

    His eyes are serious.


    This is really too frightening.

    This man will do anything and he has that resolution.

    [You have no discrimination at all when it comes to children..... Come to think of it, the beginning where you're accepted at this village was because you saved the children from the Monsters' attacks.]


    [It already has been 5 years, time has really passed by quickly.]

    The chief sighs in an exaggerated manner.

    Even though I am sorry for the chief becoming our ally in that manner, that is a considerably irritating action that he is making.

    He looks like a conceited middle schooler ridiculing an adult who committed a stupid mistake.

    [But Ruijerd. If you do something like this, can you really reach your goal?]


    Ruijerd knits his eyebrows together.


    This man seems to have some sort of goal on his mind.

    [What's your goal?]

    I interrupt the conversation.

    [It's a simple goal. I want to remove the infamy that the Superd race has, simply that.]

    I really want to say that it is impossible to achieve that goal.

    The problem of racial discrimination cannot be solved with the efforts of one single person.

    Even something small like a bullied victim in a class cannot be solved by one person.

    Even more so, when the persecution has been deeply rooted all over the world.

    Eris who met Ruijerd, is similar to how Vegeta met Broly.[24]

    He was already assumed to be a bad person since she was young, how can he change to become a good person?

    [But isn't it true that your race had launched attacks on both enemies and allies during the war?]


    [No matter what sort of ill repute you have, it's the truth that the Superd race is frightening......]

    [No! That's not true!]

    Ruijerd grabs me by the collar.

    He glares at me with a incredibly terrifying look.

    This is bad, I'm trembling.


    [That was Laplace's scheme! The Superd race isn't a terrible race!]

    W, w, what?

    Please stop you're scary.

    My body can't stop trembling.

    Eh, did he just say it's a scheme? This is a scheme?

    Laplace is someone from 400 years ago right?

    [W, what did you say about Laplace?]

    [That bastard betrayed our loyalty!]

    The strength used to grab me weakens. I tap repeatedly on Ruijerd's wrist and he finally releases me.

    But his hands are still shaking.

    [That bastard... That bastard...!]

    Ruijerd says through his grinding teeth.

    [Can you tell us that incident in detail?]

    [It's a long story.]

    [I don't mind.]

    Ruijerd begins to describe what really happened back then in history.


    He was the hero who won the authority back from the Human race, and unified the Demon races.

    The Superd race had been Laplace's subordinates at a very early stage.

    The Superd warrior group. They possessed high agility and a fiendish ability to detect unseen enemies.

    This group that possessed extremely high combat prowess became Laplace's elite force.

    Their specialties were surprise attacks and night raids.

    The eye on their forehead is like a radar that sees through the surroundings. They will never be ambushed by others, and will definitely be able to execute surprise attacks and night attacks.

    They were simply the elite force.

    The Superd race's name in the past was treated with both fear and respect.

    During the middle period of Laplace's war, just when they started to invade the Central continent, Laplace brought spears with him and visited the warrior group.

    The Devil's spears.

    Ruijerd did not say the formal name of the spears, and only called them the Devil's spears.

    Laplace bestowed the spears to the warrior group. The spears looked like the Superd's tridents, but the body was painted with an ominous black, and one glance at it revealed that it was a Magical spear.

    Of course, there were many who objected to accepting the spears, as the spear was the representation of the Superd's soul. They were unable to throw away their own spears.

    But these were the things that Laplace prepared as the lord.

    In the end, Ruijerd as the leader forced everyone in the warrior group to use the spear as a sign of loyalty to Laplace.

    [Hmm? Leader?]

    [Yes, I was the leader of the Superd race's warrior group back then.]

    [... How old are you right now?]

    [I stopped counting after I was 500 years old.]

    [Ah, is that so...]

    Did Roxy write about the Superd race's longevity?

    Well, whatever.

    The Superd warrior group threw their spears aside and continued to battle with the Devil's spears.

    The Devil's spears possessed incredible power, strengthening the users' bodies several times, and were able to render the Human race's magic useless, and even make their senses keener.

    They brought about an overwhelming sense of omnipotence.

    Soon, the users' appearances gradually turned into evil devils. The more blood the users' Devil spears absorbed, the darker their souls would be.

    No one suspected any problems, because everyone's soul was eaten away at the same rate.

    And finally, tragedy happened.

    The warrior group started to attack everyone indiscriminately, regardless of friend or foe.

    It didn't matter whether they were men or women of any age, or even if they were children. There was no mercy shown. Without distinction, everyone of them was attacked.

    Ruijerd states that he can still remember these memories vividly.

    Before one knew it, the Demon races started saying [The Superd race had betrayed the Demon races], and the Human race also started saying [The Superd race are heartless devils].

    At that time Ruijerd and the others listened to the reports with ecstatic expressions, viewing it as an honor.

    In the midst of the battlefield where there were enemies everywhere, the Superd race carrying the Devil's spears was exceedingly powerful. There was no one who was capable of defeating the Superd warriors, where one of them could easily match a thousand.

    They became the most feared army in the world.

    But there is no such thing where an army is not exhausted in a persistent war.

    Due to the situation where they fought both the Human and Demon races, battling day and night, the number of people in the warrior group started to dwindle.

    They never suspected anything. To die in battle was the ultimate honor to them, and they reveled drunkenly in that thought.

    Amongst the rumors they received, they heard a Superd race's settlement was attacked.

    It was Ruijerd's hometown.

    Even though it was an obvious trap to lure the Superd race, they no longer had anyone with judgment to see through it.

    The Superd warrior group who hadn't gone back to the settlement in a long time, launched............. an attack.

    They thought, since there were people still there, they must kill everyone.

    Ruijerd killed his parents, his wife and his sisters.

    Finally, he stabbed his own son to death.

    Even though his son was still a child, but he had continuously trained to become a Superd warrior. Even though it didn't end up as a life and death fight for Ruijerd, his son managed to break his Devil's spear at the final moment.

    At that single moment, the pleasant dreams ended, and at the same time the nightmares commenced.

    There was still something that made a crisp sound in his mouth during that moment, and once Ruijerd realized that it was his son's finger he spat it out.

    He immediately thought of suicide, but cancelled that thought instantly.

    There was something that he had to do before dying.

    For example, he needed to tear apart his enemies that were still living in this world.

    At that time, the Superd race's settlement was surrounded by a punitive force.

    There were only 10 people left in the warrior group.

    Back then when they received the Devil's spears, there were 200 odd people, and only 10 of these courageous warriors were left remaining.

    There were those who lost one of their eyes, and there were those who lost one of their hands, and there were those who lost their Magical stone on their forehead.

    These were the warriors who battled unto this crumbling state.

    And even when their bodies were completely scarred, they still glared at the punitive force that numbered nearly a thousand with belligerent expressions.

    Ruijerd realized they would die in vain.

    The first thing that Ruijerd did, was to break the Devil's spears that his comrades were carrying.

    One by one they slowly returned, and they found themselves in a stupor.

    There were those who groaned sorrowfully over the fact they had attacked their own family, and there were those who broke into anguished sobbing.

    But not one of them said they still wished to continue having that pleasant dream.

    There was no one there who was a weakling.

    Everyone swore revenge on Laplace, and no one blamed Ruijerd for his mistake.

    They were no longer devils, but they were no longer warriors with pride.

    They were only sullied ghosts who desired revenge.

    Ruijerd does not know what happened to the 10 people. He states that they are most likely dead.

    After the Superd race laid down the Devil's spear, they were only warriors left who were just a little stronger than the average fighter.

    They weren't even carrying their familiar spears. Using spears that belonged to others to fight, it should probably be impossible for them to survive.

    But Ruijerd managed to break through and ran away, barely alive. After that he walked the fine line between life and death for three days and three nights.

    The spear that Ruijerd carried belonged to his son.

    His son broke the Devil's spear, and used his own soul to protect Ruijerd.

    After that incident, Ruijerd finally got his revenge after several years of hiding.

    He interfered in the battle between Laplace and the three heroes, and finally got his revenge.

    But even if Laplace was defeated, there was no way to change the things that had already transpired.

    The Superd race was persecuted, and their remaining settlements, beside the one that Ruijerd and his warriors destroyed, scattered everywhere due to that persecution.

    In order to allow them to escape, Ruijerd continued to kill the Demon races' people.

    Now Ruijerd doesn't even know if the Superd race has been completely annihilated or they lived on to build a new village.

    He says that he hasn't seen another Superd for around 300 years in the Magic continent.

    The persecution that the Superd race faced was terribly severe.

    Ruijerd's counter offense was also like a raging fire.

    The culprit to all this is Laplace.

    [But I am also responsible for the Superd race's ill reputation. Even if I'm the only one left alive, I wish to erase this.]

    And Ruijerd brings his story to an end.

    The way he described things was inarticulate, and he did not use any words that conveyed or elicited his feelings.

    But Ruijerd's regret, rage, disconsolation and all his other emotions have been relayed to us.

    If all of these are made up, or his tone and speaking tone are all an act, I might respect Ruijerd in some other areas.

    [This is really a terrible story.]

    Simply put, it is a mistake to think the Superd race is an evil race.

    It is unclear as to why Laplace would give the Devil's spears to the Superd race.

    Considering the aftermath of the war, the Superd race might have been treated as a scapegoat.

    If that is really true, Laplace is the lowest kind of creature. To the loyal Superd people, you should at least say something. Even if you treat them as a sacrificial pawn, you did not need to use a method like that to drag them down and abandon them.

    [I understand. I'll help you as much as I can.]

    Somewhere in my heart, the other me speaks up.

    (Where are you going to find the time to help him?)

    (Do you have the room to even care about someone else?)

    (You didn't put in all your effort to do your own things right?)

    (This journey is much harder than you imagine)

    But I didn't stop speaking.

    [Even though I don't have any good ideas, I think that as a child from the Human race I can help out and there might be some positive changes.]

    But this is not just simply because of my kindness or sympathy, I also have plans in my mind. If the things that he said are true, this Ruijerd should be extremely powerful, possessing the same strength as a hero.

    We are protected by someone strong like him. At the very least, the situation where we would be attacked and killed by Monsters shouldn't happen.

    If Ruijerd accompanies us, we will have peace of mind during our journeys outside of town, but at the same time we will be at risk inside of town.

    However, if we can eliminate this risk, then he will become our strongest fighting strength.

    No matter what, he had bragged that he is a warrior who will never be taken by surprise attacks or night raids.

    The possibility that we will be targeted by pickpockets or bandits will be greatly lowered as well.

    Other than this, even though it's not something important and there's no proof to it. I believe that Ruijerd is one who doesn't know how to lie and can be trusted.

    [I will make a promise with you, and I will do my best to help you.]

    [A, ahh.]

    Ruijerd shows a surprised expression, but it might be due to the suspicion disappearing from my eyes.

    It doesn't really matter. I have decided to trust Ruijerd.

    My trust has been cheated away so easily.

    The past me would laugh through my nose even when I listened to a tear-jerking story, but I trust him easily.

    A voice keeps resounding in my heart.

    (It's fine even if I got deceived right?)

    [But, the Superd race is really...]

    [It's fine, Rocks-san. There will be a way.]

    Ruijerd will protect us outside of town, and we will think of a way to protect Ruijerd inside of town.

    It is a give and take situation.

    [Ruijerd-san. I look forward to working with you from tomorrow onwards.]

    Next Day.

    "Good morning."

    When we were leaving the village, Robin started a conversation with me.

    It seems he will be standing near the gate again today.

    "Good morning, are you guarding the gate again today?"

    "Ah, at least until the guys who went out to hunt come back."

    Come to think of it, even after last night the men never returned.

    If that's the case, could it be he was standing out here all night long?

    It reminds me of the guards in an RPG.

    A simple job where you just stand there, whether it's morning, afternoon, or night.

    Nevertheless, I wonder if he is the only guard that stands here until they come back.

    Ah, the village chief is here as well.

    Since it's this kind of village, the chief probably works quite a bit as well.

    "Are you already going to leave?"

    "Yes, we wrapped up everything in the conversation last night."

    "Though, I still wanted to talk about my daughter?"

    "I really want to do that, but we can't afford to take our time out here."

    "Is that so?"

    Unfortunately, that is the case.

    I especially wanted to hear more about Roxy's childhood.

    "After I'm back I'll try getting into contact again."

    "I'll leave it to you."

    After lowering my head, I wrote it in the memo of my heart to not forget the next time I meet Roxy.

    "Ah, that's right, wait here just a moment."

    It seemed like Robin just remembered something and ran back into the village.

    After going into a certain house (most likely Roxy's house), several minutes later.

    He returned with a girl who looks a lot like Roxy.

    If you just wanted to call someone out, you could have just used telepathy is what I was thinking, but he seemed to be holding a sword.

    I wonder if he's going to give it to me.

    "This is my wife."

    "I'm Rokari."

    She seems to be Roxy's mother.

    "I'm Rudeus Greyrat. You are quite young."

    If it weren't for these people, I would never have been able to leave my house.

    When I think that, my head seems to naturally lower into a bow before them.

    "That can't be, young? This year I'm already 102 years old."

    "That...that's still quite young."


    It seems the Migurd race stop growing at their adult height when they are around 10 years old and from there only start to grow older again around 150 years old.

    "Roxy sensei looked after me quite a bit."

    "Sensei? For that child to be teaching people, I wonder if something happened."

    "She taught me about a lot of things I didn't know."

    I laughed and said that, Rokari while blushing while saying "I see!"

    I wonder if there's some sort of misunderstanding.

    "However, it's great that you came right around the time I was the guard."

    "That's right. It's really great we met. Roxy sensei really did take very good care of me. Since that is the case, would it be alright if I were to call you father-in-law?"

    "Hawwa wa? Please stop that."

    He rejected me with a serious look.

    It was a bit of a shock.

    However, his serious face look is a bit like Roxy and is quite nostalgic.

    "Putting aside the jokes, please take this."

    After saying that Robin handed me the sword he was holding.

    "Even if Ruijerd is with you, if you're unarmed then it must make you feel uneasy."

    "I'm not really unarmed though?"

    While saying that I had already accepted it and drawn the sword from the scabbard.

    A wide single sided blade.

    The edge was 60 centimeters or so, on the small side.

    It seemed to have a bit of a curved blade.

    A machete? No, it's closer to a cutlass.

    I can tell there are scratches all over showing it's long years in use, but the blade isn't damaged at all.

    It appears to be well taken care of, the blade is beautiful, but I feel something like killing intent seeping out from it.

    The entire thing appears to be dark grey, but when it reflects light it has a bit of an emerald green glow shining out.

    "In the past, I received it from a blacksmith who stopped by in the village for a while. It's so sturdy that it hasn't rusted abit even after many years of use. If it's alright with you, please use it."

    "I will gratefully accept it."

    No need to hold myself back here.

    This isn't a situation I can hold back in.

    It's better to take whatever I am offered.

    Putting myself aside, it's pitiful if Eris is unarmed.

    She uses the Sword God style as well.

    If she has at least one sword then it should help her feel a bit at ease.

    "Then take this money as well. It's nothing great but it should get you two or three days stay at an inn."

    Yay, an allowance.

    After opening the bag I found a coin that was roughly carved out of stone and another coin made out of dark grey metal in it.

    If I recall right, the currency used in the Magic Continent are small green coins, iron coins, scrap iron coins, and stone coins, these four types.

    In terms of value they are the worlds lowest, even the most valuable small green coins are only about the same value as 1 of Asura Kingdoms large copper coins.

    Iron coins are the same value as the common copper coins of Asura.

    Incidentally, if you were to convert Asura Kingdom and Magic Continents currency into Japanese Yen it would give you an even lower impression.

    The very cheapest stone coins are one yen.


    = = = = = =========================

    Asura Gold Coin - 100,000 Yen ($1,000 USD)

    Asura Silver Coin - 10,000 Yen ($100 USD)

    Asura Large Copper Coin - 1,000 Yen ($10 USD)

    Asura Copper Coin - 100 Yen ($1 USD)

    Small Green Coin - 1,000 Yen ($10 USD)

    Iron Coin - 100 Yen ($1 USD)

    Scrap Iron Coin - 10 Yen (10 Cents)

    Stone Coin - 1 Yen (1 Cent)

    = = = = = =========================

    They are numbers that will tell you how great of a world power the Asura Kingdom is and how harsh of a place the Magic Continent is with a single look.

    Although, the Magic Continent has its own market prices for goods.

    Therefore, the magic races aren't really as poor as they may seem.

    "Thank you very much."

    "I really would have liked to take the time to have a good long talk about Roxy."

    Rokari and Robin both said roughly the same thing.

    After all, they're probably quite worried about their daughter.

    She may be 44 years old, but if you convert her age to human values she's only about 20 years old.

    If you call it worry, it's definitely concerning.

    "If you want, we could probably stay for at least another day."

    I made that suggestion, but Robin shook his head.

    "It's fine. Now that I know she's safe. Right?"

    "Yes. That child really couldn't handle living very well in this village."

    She couldn't handle living very well here.

    I guess that would be because of that one telepathy problem.

    In the village you basically can't hear any conversation.

    Everyone is silent.

    I guess they are all talking with telepathy.

    Roxy said she was unable to use or hear this telepathy.

    If you can't talk to others and can't hear the conversations of those around you, that would certainly make you want to run away from home.

    "I understand. Then, let us meet again someday."

    "Ah, but, please excuse me from being your father-in-law?"

    "A wa wa... of... of course."

    He completely hammered the matter down.

    I don't know if I'll ever see Roxy again, but eventually I'll return to pay back this money at the very least.

    It will supposedly take at least three days of walking to reach the nearest town.

    On the first day I immediately realized how much of a necessity Ruijerd was.

    I'm glad he became our ally.

    Since Ruijerd has spent a long time traveling alone, he knows all of the routes, and his preparation for camping outside is perfect.

    Of course, he also has the living organism radar so keeping watch is his own forte.

    This person is way too useful.

    "If possible, could you please teach us a bit?"

    "What will you do after learning?"

    "We will make ourselves useful."

    For that reason these next three days Eris and I set out on the path of camping mastery under the teachings of Ruijerd.

    "First off is the campfire. However, there are no trees to be found for campfires on the Magic Continent."


    Come to think of it, the first time we met Ruijerd there was a campfire.

    "Then what do we do about it?"

    "Hunt monsters."

    On the magic Continent anything and everything leads up to hunting monsters to get by in the end.

    "There's one nearby just in time. Hold on just a minute."

    "Whoa, wait just a moment."

    I grabbed onto Ruijerd's shoulder and stopped him.

    "What is it?"

    "Do you plan to fight alone?"

    "Ah. Hunting is the job of a warrior. Children wait here."

    I see.

    It seems like Ruijerd was planning to keep going like this from here on out.

    Well, for someone who is over 500 years old like Ruijerd, putting aside children we would be even younger than grandchildren.

    Furthermore, Ruijerd is insanely strong.

    Even if we just left it to him we would probably be fine.

    However, if the worst case ever happens.

    If for some reason or other Ruijerd is unable to move.

    Otherwise in the case where if he were to die.

    Eris and I with almost no actual combat experience would be left alone.

    That could happen inside of a deep forest.

    It could happen in front of a brutal monster.

    In order to prepare for that time we should start gaining combat experience now.

    Therefore, we need him to start teaching us how to fight the monsters.

    No, that way of thinking about it isn't good.

    Our relationship is Give and Take.

    An equal relationship.

    We aren't going to have him teach us how to fight, we're going to construct a method to coordinate our fights together.

    "We aren't children."

    "No, you're children."

    "Listen here, Ruijerd."

    I called out to him in a strong tone.

    It seems he has misunderstood the situation a bit.

    It won't be good if we don't state our standing clearly.

    Neither side is above the either here.

    "We will help you and you will help us. Even though our motives are different we will fight together as allies and as equal warriors."

    Then I stare into Ruijerd's eyes.

    With as stern of a face as possible.

    Several tens of seconds passed.

    Ruijerd came to a conclusion quickly.

    "I understand. You're a warrior."

    It was an "Oh my, what am I going to do with you" sort of feeling.

    However, for now we've cut the guardian relationship and can take part in dangerous practice.

    "Obviously, Eris will be fighting as well, right?"

    "Of..Of course!"

    Eris was staring with a bit of a blank face but she nodded as well.

    Alright this is fine, good girl.

    "Now then, Ruijerd-san. Please lead us to the monster."

    The time for acting strong is over.

    After all when it comes to negotiations you have to get your point across strongly.

    The first opponent we came across was a monster called Stone Treant.

    If you were to put it into a single word, Treants are a type of tree monster.

    Trees that suck up magic power, turn into some sort of variation then attack people.

    People bundle all beings of that nature into what they call Treants.

    Even though it is known as a tree monster there a number of classifications and roughly two divergences.

    First the type that has been confirmed all over the world, Lesser Treants.

    This is when a sapling undergoes changes, continues to camouflage as a tree, and starts attacking people.

    They are weak and slow, even a common young man wielding an axe could defeat it with no training at all.

    Then there are the Elder Treants, trees that absorb magic power and nutrients from fairy springs in great forests then undergo changes.

    Thanks to the overwhelmingly dense amount of magic power that is in a fairy spring, they gain the ability to use water magic.

    In the case that a massive tree changes, Older Treant.

    In the case that a dead tree changes, Zombie Treant.

    On and on.

    There are a lot of classifications but fundamentally they have the form of trees and attack whatever is nearby.

    If you defeat the body and leave the seed, they will just keep multiplying on their own.

    This behavior pattern doesn't change.

    However, this Stone Treant is a bit of unique classification.

    Of all things it mimics a rock.

    I'm sure you're wondering how in the world a tree does that.

    There's nothing strange about it at all.

    Stone Treants turn into monsters from the time they are still seeds.

    Normally they appear to be giant seeds, then when people get nearby they change into trees in an instant and attack.

    Even though they are still seeds, it's not like they are as easy to discern as seeds from a Sunflower.

    They appear just like rocks sitting around here and there, rough and round around the edges.

    The thing they look the closest like would probably be a potato.

    "Do you have any points that we need to be aware of when fighting?"

    "Rudeus, you are a magician right?"


    "If that's the case, then don't use fire."

    "It doesn't work?"

    "If you burn it then it won't work as fire wood."

    "I understand now."

    "Don't use water either."

    "If it gets wet it will become difficult to use as fire wood?"

    "That's right."

    I see.

    Ruijerd sees this monster as nothing but fire wood.

    "Then we'll give fighting it a try with just Eris and I. If Eris gets into a dangerous situation please save her."

    "Is there any purpose in not having me fight?"

    "For the time being it's because you don't know how Eris and I fight. After that, Ruijerd-san will fight alone and we can use that asa reference."


    Then for that reason.

    Eris is the vanguard and I'm the rearguard is the shape we ended up fighting.

    I need to be careful of Eris' skill with the sword from here on out.

    I don't feel really good about sending the cute, cute Eris out as the vanguard.

    However, she wouldn't be very useful protecting from the inside.

    She can't really match up with other people very well after all.

    Also, taking the chance to say it, we don't need Ruijerd as support either.

    Therefore, Eris is free to fight as she wishes while Ruijerd and I support.

    That sort of shape seems to be the most desired.

    "Then Eris, I'll hit with a single attack from long range, then you go in while it's weakened and beat it down. For the most part I'll be saying out loud the name of the magic I'm going to use, when you hear that try to avoid getting in the way of it."

    "I understand."

    Eris took out the sword she just got and gave it a good swing to confirm the condition, then nodded ready to go.

    Quite a bit of fighting spirit.

    Alright I'm ready with my staff.

    Fire and water are no good.

    Going off the shape, wind doesn't seem like it would be very effective, so I'll go with earth.

    I'm strong with earth.

    After all, I've made a ton of figures with it.

    However, this will be the first time I've ever faced a monster with it.

    Let's go all out for the first time.


    One deep breath.

    Gathering the magic power in my hands.

    An operation that I've done many tens of thousands of times.

    In my current condition, even if my legs were to be cut off I could still use magic.


    Rock Bullet, Stone Cannon!

    Creation. Rock Bullet model.

    Hardness. As hard as possible.

    Transformation. The tip of the shell with be flat with a small indentation in the center and the sides will have some notches.

    Variation. High speed rotation.

    Size. A little bit larger than a fist.

    Speed. As fast as possible.

    "Rock Bullet, Stone Cannon!"

    There was a loud noise from the tip of the staff and the rock bullet went flying.

    The rock bullet flew almost level with the ground at an amazing speed and impacted with the Stone Treant still in its camouflaged form.


    A noise loud enough to make you cover your ears rang out and the Treant was blown into pieces.

    Eris started running at the same time the bullet was fired off, but she stopped her feet at the same time it hit.

    Then she started glaring at me.

    "What was that about weakening! Do you want me to cut a corpse?!"

    "So...Sorry, this is the first time so I don't know how to hold back."


    After having water thrown on our very first battle together, Eris was raging mad.

    However, I couldn't imagine that it would die in a single hit.

    Normally I would arrange Rock Bullets with a Hollow Point.

    As expected of something I took from the example of my previous world, the idea was quite dirty.

    Then I felt Ruijerd staring in my direction.

    "Is that staff a magic item?"

    He was staring at my staff.

    "No, it's just a normal staff. Though, the materials it's made of are rather expensive it seems."

    "Even though you didn't use any Magic Circles or Incantations?"

    "If I don't use it without incantations then I can't make variations to the bullets shape."

    "I see."

    Ruijerd went silent.

    Even though he has lived for 500 years it seems voiceless incantations are rare even here.

    "Then, is that your greatest magic?"

    "No, I can make the bullet explode on impact as well."

    "It seems like it would be better not to use your magic when your allies are nearby."

    "That seems to be the case."

    That was the first time I had ever hit something with it, but the destructive power exceeded my expectations.

    Even if it just grazed it would probably be instant death.

    It would be good if there was some kind of magic that I could use for support, but probably because I've always fought alone I can't think of anything.

    I wonder how do the magicians in this world fight.

    "Ruijerd-san, what kind of movements would be best to support when fighting with magic?"

    "I don't know, I've never fought together with a magician."

    Well, Ruijerd is a Superd race with a long history.

    He probably has no need to try and copy other parties.

    I'll just think about how to coordinate our movements from here on out.

    For now let's just think about gaining some actual combat experience.

    "I'm sorry for the trouble, but could you once more search for an enemy?"

    "Ah, but, before that we have something to do."

    "Something to do?"

    Is he going to pray for the killed opponent or something?

    "Gathering firewood. It's scattered around quite a bit after all."

    I used wind magic to gather up all the fire wood.

    After that, until the sun went down we got into four more battles while moving.

    Stone Treant, Great Tortoise, Acid Wolf, Pack Coyotes.

    Ruijerd finished off the Great Land King, Great Tortoise in a single attack.

    It was a single attack directly on to the crown of its head.

    A very smart and simple fighting style.

    This is the skill of a man who has always fought monsters solo for 500 years.

    I started to feel a bit embarrassed for feeling good about destroying a Stone Treant in a single hit.

    Acid Wolf is a wolf that has acid coming out of its mouth.

    There was only one so Eris defeated it.

    She sent its head flying in a single cut while stepping in to attack at sharp speed.

    If you were to compare it to Ruijerd it would be rough, but it's still a single hit.

    Eris was covered directly in the blood that came out and made a bitter face.

    I was thinking if it breathes acid then its blood might be dangerous as well, but it seems to be alright.

    If this is how it is on the first combat experience then it's plenty.

    Incidentally, the second Stone Treant was sent to an instant death by me as well.

    I had intended to weaken the magic quite a bit when I used it, but the control is difficult.

    Just enough to deal some damage but not enough power to kill it.

    I wanted to get Eris some actual combat experience, but all my magic is too powerful so it ends too fast.

    Until I can properly adjust the magic it seems like it's better if I don't aim any towards people.

    Unless it's a situation where I have no choice but to kill I don't want to see something like a splatter movie.


    We are in battle with a herd of Pack Coyotes.

    Pack Coyotes gather together into groups exceeding several tens of individuals.

    It's not like they are always in a herd.

    They sometimes split off individually.

    Though it's not like they just keep increasing in number while fighting either.

    They separate once every couple of months, increase individually, then one of them creates a pack and becomes the leader.

    Just like that they keep increasing in number.

    Even if you defeat them one after another, the leader will just keep switching as they are defeated and the battle will continue.

    Numbers are power.

    Just the fact that they can control such a herd so well makes them quite strong monsters.

    Twenty Pack Coyotes.

    It's such a number that an average adventurer would lose their life if they fought.

    Eris is swinging her sword while learning all sorts of things from Ruijerd.

    It seems she's having quite a bit of fun learning from him.

    Even though today was Eris's first actual combat experience she doesn't seem to be bothered by it.

    She continues to cut down one Pack Coyote after another with a confident expression as if to say it's only obvious with all the practice she does.

    She has absolutely no hesitation to cut down living things it seems.

    Well, I knew she wasn't such a sweet young girl since quite a while back.

    I just continued to watch.

    If it ever came down to it I thought about jumping in to support, but with Ruijerd supporting there was no place for me.

    If I had done something it would have most likely just caused more problems than it fixed.

    Nevertheless, I feel bored.

    I feel so left out.

    I need to quickly think up some sort of good formation.

    However, Eris is quite strong after all.

    In the end, she did make it to Advanced level of the Sword God style just before my birthday.

    Recently I've felt that I can't win at all without magic.

    If we're talking about Advanced then it's the same skill level as Paul.

    Even though I say that Paul should still be stronger with Advanced level in Water God style and North God styles as well.

    There's also the difference in actual combat experience.

    Although Ghyslaine did say Eris has more talent than Paul.

    I'm sure she'll eventually overtake him.

    In your face Paul.

    "Rudeus! Over here!"

    Ruijerd called out to me.

    Before I realized it the Pack Coyotes were annihilated.

    "We can sell the fur from Pack Coyotes. We'll skin them. We have quite the good luck for there to be this many of them."

    Ruijerd said that while taking out a knife.

    In his mind the fact that there was a larger number just meant that the spoils were greater.

    "Please hold on just a minute."

    After saying that to Ruijerd I approached Eris.


    After skinning her third fur Eris' breathing was starting to become disturbed.

    It wasn't even five minutes of battle in terms of time, but Ruijerd was only acting as support, almost all of them were defeated by Eris.

    Obviously it would tire you out.

    "Oh merciful mother of gods, please heal this one's wounds, and let her recover with a healthy body, Healing."

    For the time being I healed her wounds.

    "Thank you."

    "Are you alright?"

    "Hnnhn, too easy!"

    While laughing proudly her face was covered in spilled blood so she wiped it off on her sleeve.

    However, Eris was really calm even though it was her first battle.

    I wonder if it's a natural disposition.

    Just the smell of blood makes me feel like I'm going to vomit.

    "Too easy, huh. Today is your first real combat experience, right?"

    "There's no difference. It's all the same as Ghyslaine taught me."

    Practice like it's the real thing.

    The real thing is like it's practice. Or something like that.

    Since Eris is honest, whether it's practice or the real thing she can put out 100% it seems.

    Even if you do as you practiced and blood comes spraying out there's no real difference.

    "Really now."

    I returned to where Ruijerd was while wearing a bitter smile.

    He had just been watching our exchange.

    "What do you intend to do by making Eris fight?"

    "It's not like she's always going to be protected by me. When the time comes she needs to be able to protect herself."

    "I see."

    "Speaking of which, Ruijerd-san. How was Eris' skill?"

    I asked that while skinning the fur in the way I was taught.

    Ruijerd nodded.

    "If she trains with diligence she will become a first class warrior."

    "Really?! Yay!"

    Eris was jumping up and down. So ecstatic.

    I guess it would make you feel pretty happy if you were praised by a historic hero.

    That wasn't too bad for me as well.

    If Ruijerd recognizes her talent.

    From here on out it will be easy to come up with formations we can do.

    "Ruijerd-san, from here on out what do you think about Eris taking the vanguard and I will be the rearguard, that sort of formation?"

    "What would it be good for me to do?"

    "Cover the middle ground. Please, freely move around as you see fit and cover our blind spots. Then, if anything dangerous happens, give out orders."


    Just like this the formation was decided.

    In several days of time Eris and I gradually built up our combat experience.

    As well as camping.

    Dinner was meat from the Great Land King Turtles.

    There was too much to eat so more than half was turned into dried meat under Ruijerd's instruction.

    Great Land King Turtle Meat.

    Putting it quite frankly, it's not good at all.

    It's quite raw tasting and hard.

    Supposedly it's something that you cook for a long period.

    However, Ruijerd grilled it in the fastest possible way.

    Grilled by the campfire.

    Speaking of campfire, when the Stone Treants die they gradually dry up.

    For that reason they can be quite useful for drying clothes as well as making the campfire.

    I think I understand now why Ruijerd doesn't see that monster as anything but fire wood.


    In any case, this meat is terrible.

    Who was it that said the meat from these turtles was good.

    Ruijerd it was you.

    This kind of meat is hard to eat unless you use spices or something to take away the smell.

    Ah, I want to eat beef.

    I want to eat rice and beef.

    There were these lines in a manga I read in my previous life.

    "Fried meat is great. Great because it's good."

    The reality of those words reveal how there's nothing great at all about fried meat that doesn't taste good.

    Remembering back to it, the meals in Asura Kingdom were good.

    The meals were usually centered around bread, but meat, fish, vegetables, and dessert were all like a three star restaurant.

    If someone like me born in the middle of nowhere is like this, Eris is probably feeling it pretty hard with her upbringing.

    While I was thinking that she was eating them right and left with no problems at all.

    "This works surprisingly well."


    No, this is that, isn't it.

    A child who has only ever eaten the best of food one day finally gets to eat junk food and feels it's delicious.

    "What is it?"

    "No, nothing, is it good?"

    "Yeah! I always wanted to try something like this."

    It seems like after hearing stories from Ghyslaine she always longed to grill meat by a campfire and eat it.

    She's admiring some really strange points.

    "It can still be eaten if it's raw."

    After hearing Ruijerd's words Eris's eyes were sparkling.

    "Please stop."

    I desperately tried to stop Eris who had put some into her mouth ready to try it out.

    What are you going to do if there's a parasite in it, really?

    Just before we were going to sleep Ruijerd taught Eris how to manage repairs on the sword.

    For the most part I was listening to it as well.

    Although, the spear that Ruijerd uses isn't even made of metal and the sword Eris is using is made of a special kind of metal that won't rust either way.

    However, repairs are a necessity it seems.

    If you just leave the blood on it as it is not only does it attract monsters, but the cutting ability goes down a bit.

    Even more so, if you're a warrior you need to be able to take care of your weapon yourself.

    Or so Ruijerd was telling us.

    "Come to think of it, what is that spear made out of?"

    Since I just thought of it I asked that question.

    The Superd race's 3 pronged spears.

    It's a pure white spear.

    There were no ornaments, the blade and grip seemed to be one individual piece.

    "It's me."


    "Superd make their spear from their soul."

    It was a philosophical answer.

    I see I see, I understand now.

    That's the case I guess, life is in other words your soul.

    The spear is your soul, life.

    Life in other words Heart.

    Heart in other words Love.

    I guess it means that spear is filled with Ruijerd's love.

    "Superd race have a spear from the time they are born."

    While I was in the midst of confusion Ruijerd started to teach me about it.

    It seems from the time the Superd race are born they have a three pronged tail.

    Then as they grow taller it grows with them, around the age they start to walk it hardens and then separates from their body.

    Even after it separates from their body they can use it as if it were a part of their whole, the more they use it the sharper it becomes.

    Never breaking, able to crush anything, the ability to pierce through any number of things, the strongest spear.

    Or supposedly that is how it is supposed to go, depending on the individual in question.

    "Therefore, until we die we don't let go of our spears."

    That was the face of a man remembering his mistake from 400 years ago.

    Most likely his spear was far harder and sharper than any other of the Superd race.

    How dependable.

    However, that sort of thinking is not very good you know?

    To be stubborn, is to be unwilling to accept others.

    If you are unable to accept others then it means others will be unable to accept you.

    That way of thinking is dangerous.


    In no time at all three days had passed and we arrived at the town.

    The Town of Rikaris.

    One of the Magic Continents Three Great Towns.

    The town that the Great Demon Emperor Kishirika Kishirisu used as a headquarters during the Great Human-Demon war.

    Another name is Old Kishirisu Castle.

    The first thing that those who see this town are surprised by is the location of it.

    Of all things, it was built right in the center of a giant crater.

    The crater acts a natural wall, no matter how many times enemies attack it will never fall.

    Even now this naturally occurring barrier is still preventing monsters from invading.

    In the center of the town is the partially destroyed Kishirisu Castle.

    This castle was destroyed during the Laplace Campaign era.

    It still proudly shows traces of the battle between the Kishirika Faction Demon King of that era and the Demon God Laplace.

    Truly reliable outer walls, and a black gold castle with the shadow of its glorious past.

    Those two icons tell tales of the past Great Demon Emperors' authority, and of the struggles of the Demon Races people.

    The town of Rikaris is an honest town filled with history.

    And finally, travelers should wait until night to behold the true beauty of this town.

    - Excerpt from the book [Walking the World] by Adventurer Bloody Count

    That is my knowledge of the place known as the Town of Rikarisu.

    There are three entrances to the town.

    A tear straight down the crater is one of them.

    The crater is very high, unless you can fly through the sky it seems all other entrances are difficult to get in through.

    Then, the second entrance has two guards.

    In other words this town's security is strict.

    I look at Ruijerd.

    "What do we do?"

    I remember the conversation from the Migurd race's village.

    "Ruijerd-san. This town? They will let us in right?"

    "I've never entered it. They always chase me away."

    Leaving the human race aside, the Superd race is hated quite a bit.

    That hatred is already at the genetic[27] level at this point.

    After seeing Eris' reaction I understood.

    I thought things might be okay on the Magic Continent, but it seems that is not the case.

    "Incidentally, with what kind of feeling do they usually chase you away?"

    "First, when I approach the town the guards start yelling, a little while after a large number of Adventurers come running out."

    The flow of events was playing out in my head following his words, starting with the guards yelling out "Stop!" and then a large number of muscular men running out in succession to attack.

    "Then, it seems like using a disguise would be a good idea."

    After saying that Ruijerd showed a sullen face and was glaring at me.

    "A disguise you say?"

    It seems there's something about that idea he doesn't like.

    "Please calm down. First we need to enter the town."

    "No, what is a disguise?"


    It seems he didn't know what a disguise was.

    A difference in culture I wonder?

    No, in the first place if he had known, they would have let him into the town.

    "A disguise is where you change your outer appearance in order to hide your identity."

    "Ho? How do you go about doing that?"

    "Let's see? For now, let's hide your face."

    For now I sat down placed my hand on the ground and started gathering magic power.


    There were soldiers positioned at the entrance of the town.

    A shameless looking man with the face of a pig and a stern looking man with the head of a snake.

    "Who are you! What did you come here for!"

    The snake man was asking us our identity while holding the ken at his waist.

    The pig man was looking at Eris with an indecent expression.

    This pig is a lolicon bastard? Seems like we would get along.

    "We are travelers."

    Just as planned, I was standing in the front.

    "Are you adventurers?"

    "Huh? No, that's not the case. We're just travelers."

    I almost immediately responded with a Yes, but we have nothing to prove it.

    It wouldn't be strange to say we wish to join the Adventurers guild with Eris and my age.

    "That man over there is? He appears suspicious."

    Ruijerd was hiding his face with the full coverage helmet I just made from rock.

    We wrapped his spear with cloth, so it looks quite similar to a staff.


    However, it's still better than the appearance of a Supard race.

    "He's my older brother. He tried putting on the helmet of a strange adventurer, and he was unable to remove it again."

    I think in the town there would be people who try to remove it for him, but?

    "Hahha! That's the story of an idiot! If that's the case then it can't be helped. Try asking the old lady from the tool shop and I'm sure she'll lend you something to get it off."

    The snake headed man took a step backwards while laughing.

    They're not really all that cautious.

    In Japan if a man wearing a full face helmet appeared, they would be pretty suspicious.

    I wonder if it's because he's leading children.

    Or else, the guy with a helmet on his head would be suspicious in his mind.

    "By the way, is there a place to work in this town?"

    "A place to work? What are you going to do after hearing about something like that?"

    "It would be horrible if we couldn't get the helmet off my older brother and they demand money in return, we would have to work to pay for it."

    The snake man then whispered to himself, "I see, that old lady might actually do that."

    The tool shop must be quite the profitable business.

    Well, not that it matters to us.

    "Then, try the adventurers guild. If it's that place, even with no funds outsiders can earn daily wages."

    "I understand."

    "The adventurers guild is straight ahead in this town. It's a large building, so you'll quickly notice it."

    "Thank you very much."

    "If you register for the Adventurer's Guild, the inn cost will be a little bit cheaper. It would be a good idea just to register either way."

    I made a suitable nod and pass through the gate.

    Then, I come to a stop.

    "Come to think of it, is this town always that strict with guarding?"

    "No, recently, it seems [Dead End] has been spotted nearby. We've got to be cautious."

    "What was that! That sounds frightening?!"

    "Yeah, that's right, I'm praying it'll quickly go off somewhere."

    "If you meet it you will certainly die, Dead End."

    It's a scary name.

    It must be quite the frightening monster without a doubt.

    After entering the town.

    A town with a bit less activity than Roa was spread out before our eyes.

    However, I got the feeling that I had seen a similar organization to this town somewhere.

    Near the entrance to the town were the merchant related inns, related stables, and stores all connected.

    "Now then, adventurers huh?"

    If I put together all the things I've heard about them so far, adventurers are similar to dispatched company employees.

    A wide variety of people seeking jobs go to the Adventurers Guild and take on jobs to increase their status.

    People call jobs given by the Adventurers Guild commissions.

    Adventurers with confidence in their abilities are dispatched to take care of the job.

    "I don't know if we'll be able to earn money, but would it be a good idea to register for now? It seems like they would ask for something to prove our identity, what do you think Eris?"

    "Adventurers! I want to! I will!"

    I noticed Eris' eyes sparkling.

    Come to think of it, Eris has heard of countless stories from Ghyslaine's adventuring days.

    Unexpectedly, it seems she longed to be one.

    "Ruijerd-san, are you already an adventurer?"

    "No, I've never been allowed in a town big enough to have an Adventurer's Guild."

    I see.

    I understand now, Adventurer's Guilds are only in larger towns.

    "Well, if that's the case then it's better I guess?"

    Plans are steadily being worked out in my head.

    He can't be expected to always wear that heavy looking helmet after all.

    If he always has to hide his face, then he'll never clear up the Superd races reputation.

    If only we could do something great and then all of a sudden say it was a Superd all along!

    It would be good if there was that sort of flow, but supposedly all the lowest rank adventurer jobs are in the town.

    Rather, instead of trying to do something big, going around and doing a large number of these small tasks could be a better way to change the opinion of people.

    If you do it well enough, his trust all around the town will go up.

    There are no problems with Ruijerd's character.

    If he could suddenly save the town from a strong monster, he might even be received well!

    Speaking of which, saving a lost child, that sort of scenario could work as well.

    That was proven in the Migurd village.

    Rather than defeating monsters, it seems we should focus on saving people.

    Come into contact with people with no prejudice.

    If it was just Ruijerd's character, then that would be plenty.

    However, for saving people this helmet is not very good.

    Being unable to see his expressions is a minus.

    Even I wouldn't be able to trust a guy whose face I can't see.

    Should we go with a helmet that only hides the hair?

    No, that would still be suspicious.

    I don't know if there's culture in this world as well where people remove things they are wearing on their head or not, but I would find it quite rude.

    However, doing small things here and there would take quite a bit of time.

    It should be something that can spread the existence of Ruijerd throughout the entire town.

    "Hmmm? What should be done."

    First off is gaining a degree of popularity.

    It doesn't matter how good of a thing is done, if it is done by a nameless young man, then there's no point.

    As expected, in order for his name to be remembered, the first should be a large monster extermination.

    In this world those with power are accepted is the tendency.

    If we were to exterminate a monster with quite a bit of infamy, a good amount of popularity is likely to arise.

    Although, in the case of the Superd race, it's already well known how strong they are, so it could have a reverse effect.

    Wait a minute, but, in the case that there is a crisis approaching the town what would happen.

    While everyone is hiding from the dilemma, singing songs of their fate, the one who appears before them is Magic Continent's Beautiful Young Man, Ruijerd, kind of feeling and then he defeats the enemy in one hit.

    Oh, doesn't that sound kind of good?

    The problem is, what that enemy would be, just before we heard a name that sounds relatively good.

    "Ruijerd-san. Do you know what this being known as [Dead End] is about?"

    If we could lure this monster known as [Dead End] into the town.

    The town would then panic.

    Then Ruijerd appears and defeats it.

    A completed story of good defeating evil.

    It's perfect.

    However, the answer I heard was outside of my expectations.

    "It's about me."

    "What does that mean?"

    What is that?

    Wait, was that a philosophical answer?!

    Is what I was thinking when...

    "In this region that is how they call me."

    Ruijerd = [Dead End].

    Is what appears to be the case.

    I see now.

    I comprehend it now.

    If you saw a Superd race walking around near the town, then you would definitely be quite cautious.


    Nevertheless, to be feared to the extent that he would have such a dangerous sounding second name.

    Exactly how afraid of him are people?

    Jeez, gate guard do your job a little bit more properly would you.

    Surely, they don't even see the Superd race as people in the first place.

    They're a Demon race that are out raging about, so there's no way they would possess enough intelligence to disguise themselves is what they must think.

    "What is there that can be done?"

    However, this second name, it seems to be quite well known.

    We could be able to make use of it.

    "There's not some sort of reward out for your head is there right?"

    "Ah. That is alright."

    Is that the truth?

    That's the truth right?

    I'll believe in you?

    It would be bad if you were lying.

    For now, a small change of plans.

    First, we should check out the open air shops before we head to the Adventurers Guild.

    The open air shops in the vicinity of the entrance are all the same no matter where you go.

    Even though I say that, the market price was largely different.

    Furthermore, the things that were being sold were largely different.

    For example, a place that would be like a stable selling horses in Roa, is selling creatures similar to lizards.

    I'm sure with all the rocks and hills in the Magic Continent, these sorts of creatures are more useful than horses.

    Also, there are no large multi-person carts, but merchants all have their own individual carts.

    For the long journey ahead, there are a number of things we want.

    It's seems there's a necessity to buy things one at a time.

    However, the things to buy this time are already decided.

    After looking around at the market price and picking the cheapest place possible.

    It's not like we're in a particular hurry, but we also don't have all that much time to spare.

    The items I have my eyes on are dyes and a hood. Also, if possible something like a lemon would be good.

    "Old man, aren't these dyes a bit expensive? This isn't a showcase?"

    "Don't say stupid things, it's a reasonable price."

    "Is that the truth?"


    "Though, they're selling the same thing for half price over there?"


    "The quality seems to be a bit lower over there though. Ah, this hood is good. If I buy this and that lemon looking thing over there together, will you give me a discount?"

    "Boy, you're quite skilled in this business. I understand. Take it."

    "Ah, that's right. Buy this from us. It's fur from Pack Coyotes and fangs from Acid Wolves?"

    "There's quite a few there. Hold on a second. Two, three, four. How does 3 scrap iron coins sound for the lot?"

    "That can't be the case. Shouldn't it at least be 6 coins?"

    "There's no way that's the case. Then 4 coins."

    "Okay, let's go with that."

    After going through some browsing and negotiations, we can buy and sell all at the same time.

    Since I don't know what the market price is, I have no idea how much money this really is.

    Honestly speaking, just going by looks of things during negotiations, I got the feeling we just barely got a reasonable price.

    Our remaining funds are 1 iron coin, 4 scrap iron coins, and 10 stone coins.

    It's the money we received from Roxy's parents.

    I need to make sure we use it carefully.

    We entered an unpopular back alley.

    It would be good if we didn't get involved with any weird guys.

    No, if we get involved with them they could be willing to give Ruijerd all their money.

    It could be a chance to increase our money.

    "Ruijerd-san. If anyone tries to mess with us, let's go with half killing them."

    "Half killing? All but dead, but not quite killed is what you're saying?"

    "No, you can just normally dust them off."

    However, unfortunately, no one came to mess with us.

    No, honestly it was unfortunate.

    Although, there were some pretty rough looking guys.

    They most likely had no money though either way.

    "Ruijerd-san. First let's dye your hair."

    "Dye, my hair?"

    "Yes. With this dye."

    "I understand, you're going to change the color of my hair. You sure think up some interesting things."

    I was admired.

    It seems in this world there are no customs of dying hair a different color.

    No, it could just be that Ruijerd doesn't know?

    It doesn't seem like he's gone near very many human villages after all.

    "However, wouldn't it have been better to go for a much different color than that?"

    The color I selected was a blue color.

    I chose the one as close as possible to the color of Migurd race as I could.

    "No, there's a Migurd race village a three day walk from here. There should be quite a few people who know that. Since that's the case, from today forward Ruijerd-san is a Migurdo race."

    "Then you guys are??"

    "We are henchmen numbers one and two that you picked up somewhere around here."

    "Henchmen? Not equal warriors?"

    "It's that sort of setting. There's no need for you to remember it, but in order for others to think that is the case, I will be acting as such."

    What we're going to do from here is an act.

    I told Ruijerd of the setting.

    From today on, Ruijerd is now the Migurd race young man Roisu pretending to be Superd races [Dead End].

    The young man from the Migurd race known as Roisu has always wanted to be an existence feared by people.

    Then one day he picked up two children.

    Children who could use magic and swordsmanship.

    They adored the Roisu who saved them.

    "Do you adore me?"

    "I don't particularly."

    "I see."

    These two were fairly strong.

    Then watching them Roisu thought of something.

    In the Migurd race I'm quite tall.

    If I call myself Ruijerd the [Dead End], it would be easier to make everyone fear me.

    Now feel free to go out and fight, the two of you go out and incite others well.

    These two were children, but they were quite useful.

    Using the two of them, he could quickly become quite famous.

    "He's pretending to be me and using my name, an unforgivable man."

    "That is true, certainly he cannot be forgiven. However, if the false Ruijerd does good things. What would people think about it?"

    "What would they think about it?"

    "He's very obviously a fake, but he's quite the good guy even so, is what they would think."

    What is necessary is comedy and mismatch.

    He's the type of that would deceive others, but he's actually a pretty good guy.

    It's important to make others think that.


    "The fake Ruijerd is a good guy. If those sorts of rumors float around then it's in the bag. Eventually the rumors will become vague and turn into a "Ruijerd is a good guy" sort of shape."

    "That is certainly amazing, but will it really become the case?"

    "It will."

    I can assert that it will.

    At the very least, the current Ruijerd here can't lower his current reputation any lower.

    The current point is the lowest possible reputation after all.

    "I see, is it alright if it's something as simple as that?"

    "It's not simple at all. I'm not sure if we can make it succeed or not."

    Plans are things that are always certain to fall apart at some point.

    The more detailed and thorough you are, the easier it is to come up with further plans in the following half.

    However, if all goes well, rumors will become rumors, gathering up, and Ruijerd's true nature will become clear to everyone.

    "However, what if the lie gets out?"

    "How could you say that? Ruijerd-san there's no lies at all about it."

    "What do you mean?"

    A Superd race calling himself as such while pretending to be a Migurd race.

    If everything goes as planned, doing things that everyone likes is a good thing.

    Even the name isn't false.

    Roisu doesn't want it known that he's a real Superd race, so he calls himself Ruijerd in front of others.

    Ruijerd of the Superd race.

    The people looking at it from the outside will at their own convenience be mistaken that it's the Roisu of the Migurd race pretending to be Ruijerd.

    That's why there's no lies about it.

    The only one lying is me.

    However, Ruijerd seems like he'll resist standing behind lies, so I'll stay quiet about that part.

    "The other side will come to the mistaken conclusion that you're of the Migurd race at their own convenience."

    "Hm? Ah, I see. I'm pretending to be myself, while Roisu is the fake? My head is getting all mixed up. What do I need to do?"

    "Just continue as you do normally."

    Ruijerd made a complicated face.

    This guy certainly couldn't make it as an actor with his acting skill.

    "However, please don't snap and kill anyone who comes at you with cheap provocations."

    "Hmm? That is, are you telling me not to get into any fights?"

    "It's fine if you do, but please act as if you are struggling. Let a few hits get in, slump your shoulders and make it appear like in the end you somehow or other won."

    Even if I say that, I'm not sure if he could manage that sort of acting.

    Is what I thought, but,

    "Do you mean to go easy on them?"

    It seems that will be alright.

    "There's no way the real Ruijerd could be this weak, while at the same time, if it's the real thing he's pretty amazing, right? Is what we want to make them think."

    "I don't really get it."

    "It will make them think that this side is a fake and at the same time make the enemy feel better about themselves."

    "After making them feel better about themselves then what."

    "Rumors that the Superd race is weak will start to flow out."

    Then, Ruijerd made a very grim face.

    "The Superd race is not weak."

    "I am aware of that. However, you are feared, because you are strong. If people feel you are a bit weaker, they could feel a bit more relieved like right now."

    Even if I say that, we can't really let them think we're all that weak.

    If there are still Superd race living in some unknown place.

    They could start being persecuted again.

    Balance is important.

    "Is it that sort of thing?"

    Well then, it's this sort of thing.

    If we just keep wandering around aimlessly, we'll eventually give ourselves away.

    "I'll be doing my best to support, so where we fall will depend on how much effort Ruijerd puts into it."

    "Ah, I understand. I'm counting on you."

    I used the fruit juice received from the lemon-like fruit to bleach Ruijerd's hair.

    The original emerald green color was successfully bleached.

    Then the dyes were applied for the coloring.


    It's not really very pretty.

    Rather, it's pretty dirty looking.

    But, at the very least it's not a greenish color.

    It doesn't really look like a Migurd race though? The difference in height is too big.

    However, he doesn't really look like a Superd race either I guess.

    Well, disguises are just right when they are pretty vague I guess.

    A Migurd race like person naming themselves as a Superd race, but something that feels like neither or so.

    "Also, I'll let you hold onto this."

    I removed the necklace and put it around Ruijerd's neck.

    "This is from the Migurd village, huh."

    "Yes. It's something I received from my shishou as a graduation gift. Since then, I've always had it on me."

    If he wears it then at the very least he will seem a bit more like someone with a relation to the Migurd race is what I think.

    For those who are aware at least.

    "It's a precious item. Make sure to return it. Absolutely, return it."


    "If you lose it I'll seriously try to beat you up."

    "I understand."

    "In regards to what I will do specifically, I'll use earth magic to completely seal up the entrances to the town, then make magma flow into the town until the crater is completely full."

    "Even if it involves other people? There's children among them as well."

    "If you want to save the lives of the children, make sure you absolutely don't lose it."

    "Hmm? If you're that worried about it, shouldn't you just keep holding onto it in the first place?"

    "No, it was a joke of course."


    Now then, I'll have Eris wear the hood.

    Her red hair stands out quite a bit.

    We need to try and focus the gazes on a single point.

    "Eris, it's about this hood, but?"

    After saying that and spreading the hood out, I noticed there were holes for ears.

    How could this be.

    It's like the kind of hood monks in Final Fantasy III would be wearing.

    The color is not quite white, but it has a mantle like part flowing out the back.

    It seems to be something for the Beast race.

    This could have been a mistake to buy.

    Eris isn't normally bothered by clothes very much.

    However, if you see that Boreas style greeting you would understand.

    She probably doesn't want to wear anything that associate her with the beast race.

    "Um... Eris, it's about this, but..."

    "Th! That! Wh, what are you going to do about it!"

    "'s for Eris, could you somehow.... wear it?"


    Is what I thought, but it seems she was really happy about it.

    That pose doesn't seem to be one of dislike.

    "I'll treat it carefully."

    After quickly putting on the hood, Eris had on a full face smile.

    Well, it's that, right.

    I don't really get it, but anyways, alright!

    Now then, first off is the Adventurer's Guild.

    What is necessary is comedy.

    We can't go forgetting that.

    I'll be praying it goes well.

    The Adventurer's Guild.

    A place where men of great strength and valor gather.

    Those with confidence in their strength, those with confidence in their magic.

    Those with swords, those with axes, those with staves, and those with fists.

    Those who boast they are stronger than others, and those who laugh in the face of death.

    Swordsmen clad in armor, lightly equipped magicians as well.

    A man like a pig, a woman with the lower half of a snake, a woman with legs like a horse.

    A place where a great number of races gather and congregate.

    That is the Adventurer's Guild of the Magic Continent.

    The Adventurer's Guild in the town of Rikarisu.

    Its large door violently swung open, making a loud bang.

    The Guild's gazes gathered towards the entrance, wondering what was going on.

    There are very few who would open the Adventurer's Guild door so violently.

    Did a party from somewhere return?

    Are the guards here to request for backup for monsters attacking the town?

    Otherwise is it just a trick of the wind?

    Come to think of it, it was said that Dead End was seen nearby, but it can't be?

    Thinking that, three people appeared in the eyes of the Adventurers.

    The one in the front was a boy.

    Still young. However, he had an expression full of confidence. A staff covered in cloth and clothes that appeared to be high class though covered in dirt.

    Without flinching or wavering a bit he walked straight into this place filled with adults and those with frightening visages.

    Several people thought to themselves what is going on here. His appearance was so different from his actions.

    Or maybe it was a race that had an appearance different from their actual age.

    The one hidden in the shadow of the boy, was most likely a young girl.

    She had a hood covering her face so low that you can't even be sure.

    However, in comparison to her age she was wearing a sharp and stubborn expression.

    One could tell at a glance that she was used to the sword worn at her waist.

    A number of men here recognized her as a skilled swordsman.

    The final one was a tall man with a large build.

    On his forehead was a red gem and on his face a cross shaped scar.

    It matched perfectly with the physical traits of [Dead End]. There were those who were about to let out a cry.

    However, that blue hair.

    They quickly realized it was a mistake. It was a different person who looks very similar.


    Completely bizarre.

    It was a group with not a single normal looking person.

    It was eerie to even wonder why they would come here.

    The boy yelled out with a loud voice.

    "Heyhey, heyhey! Stop staring you bastards! Who do you think you're feasting your eyes on here?!"

    No no, who is that, we have no idea, is what everyone was thinking.

    "How could it be, that devil of the Superd race! Ruijerd-sama the Dead End! Be silent, be afraid, or run away!"

    No no, there's no way that's the case, is what everyone was thinking.

    The Superd race's hair is green enough to sober one on the spot.

    It's not that dark and filthy blue color.

    "Brother! It seems that they don't recognize the face of [Dead End] out here in the middle of nowhere. Jeez, if they just moved their legs a bit they could tell, but even after hearing the rumors no one can recognize you."

    It seems that the boy is trying to assert that this young man is the [Dead End].

    After thinking that, the boys loud performance starts to appear humorous.

    In an instant the eerie atmosphere disappeared.

    That young man who he called older brother.

    Indeed, that face with the scar and red eyes certainly looks similar to [Dead End].

    However, an important point is totally wrong.


    Who was it that let out the voice?

    "What was that you bastard?! What are you laughing at?!"

    The boy yelled loud enough to be heard in every direction with a face filled with anger.

    That appearance was so entirely humorous that the entire guild was filled with stifled laughter and smiles.

    Then someone said it.

    "Puusuu..ckkhaha... But... you know... the Superd race... have green hair right?"

    After those words the lobby of the Adventurer's Guild broke out into a huge fit of laughter.

    After hearing all the laughing voices, I clenched my fist and thought "Okay" to myself.

    The Adventurer's Guild.

    I had a mental image of something like this, but it was quite a bit rougher than I expected.

    Probably because there's a wide variety of races on the Magic Continent.

    A man with the face of a horse, another man with sickles like those of a praying mantis, a woman with wings similar to a butterfly, and a woman with a lower body similar to a snake.

    Many of them are similar to humans but somewhere there's a large difference.

    Even more, those who don't have any parts similar to animals, aren't exactly human looking either.

    There are those whose skin color is completely blue, as well as those with something like thorns coming out of their shoulders.

    There are even those with two heads and those with four arms.

    Quite similar to humans, yet something is quite different.

    Thinking about it a bit, Migurd race and Superd race are quite similar to the Human race in comparison.

    "D...Don't be making fun of brother! You know, brother saved us when we were being attacked by monsters in the wastelands!"

    Without being overwhelmed, I started up the acting again at an appropriate moment.

    "Did you hear that?! Dead End saving a person he says!"

    "Hyahahahaha! Am...amazing?! He's a great guy!"

    "Seriously! I want him to save me as well! Gyahahaha!!"

    Normally I would be cowering with this number of people laughing and scorning around me, but because of the acting or otherwise because the people laughing are lacking so much reality, I was able to endure.

    Or else, maybe, I've grown up a bit?

    No, no.

    Growing arrogant won't help.

    In the first place, they aren't laughing at me right now, but they are aimed at Ruijerd.

    There's no reason for my legs to tremble.

    I'll be able to feel a bit more confident when the hostility is aimed directly at me and I can cope with it.

    For now I'll check things out.

    Taking a moment to check out if anyone in here thinks Ruijerd is the real thing.

    Then, going with plan A that I prepared in advance.

    "These guys can't be forgiven! Brother! We should do them all in!"

    "Fuu...It's fine to let the guys who want to laugh do it."

    By the way, plan B in the case no one started laughing was also prepared.

    "Is it fine?? Really now!"

    "Already, already pretending to be a big shot!"

    "It..It's dangerous?! I feel like I might be apologetic!"

    These guys, if they knew Ruijerd was the real thing would they apologize?

    "Hnn! You bastards should be grateful for brother's leniency!"

    I said that out loud and continued to check out the surroundings.

    On the left there was a large notice board covered in an overflowing number of papers.

    On the right there were four counters with staff members staring at us dumbfounded.

    On the right then.

    I lead the other two up to the counter.

    After exchanging glances with Ruijerd, I raised my voice again.

    "Hey staff! We want to register as Adventurers!"

    I yelled it in a voice loud enough for the gallery to hear.

    There was another burst of laughter from behind us.

    " End is going to be a completely fresh newbie he says?!"

    "ge..ha..gggeho.??! My stomach hurts!"

    "Amazing... I... I'm going to be the senior of that Dead End!"

    "Th...That is certainly something to brag about!"

    Alright, that's about enough I guess.

    "Shut up you all. I can't hear the voice of the staff members!"

    After yelling that all the Adventurers quieted down while grinning to themselves.

    "Un...Understood. We get it."

    "Th...The first explanation is important after all, right?! Pususu"

    "kuku ku"

    Alright, everyone is still busy laughing to themselves.

    This is fine.

    Now then.

    It was a long 44 years.

    Finally I have arrived at the homestead "Hello Work"[28].

    Even though I have the qualifications of a Water Saint Class Magician, met allies on the way, and became known as "100 years of unemployment, Hundred NEET[29]" finally?!

    If it weren't for supporting the selfish young girl behind me...

    Those who don't work, can't afford to eat!

    Putting that aside.

    "Then staff member-san. I'm sorry to make such a ruckus. Please treat me well."

    A female staff member with orange hair grown out fangs.

    A large chest with clearly visible cleavage in the clothes.

    Although, there were three breasts lined up, so two cleavages were visible.

    If you increase it by one, it's something that doubles, what's this.

    "Eh? Ah, yes. Registering to be an Adventurer? Right?"

    She hesitated for a moment after my attitude completely changed.

    Well, if I keep acting like that then it will eventually blow our cover after all.

    Just enough acting so they don't look down on us is, okay!

    "Yes. Anyhow, we are newcomers after all."

    "In that case, please fill out these forms."

    We were handed three pieces of paper and a piece of charcoal.

    All the papers were the same.

    A section for writing your name and job, as well as things to be aware of and a code of conduct.

    What are people who can't read supposed to do?

    And, the moment I was thinking of that.

    "If you can't read letters, would you like for me to read it to you?"

    I see that's the case.

    "No, that won't be necessary."

    I read it out loud for Eris to hear.

    Summarizing it out something like this.


    One. Use of the Adventurer's Guild

    If one registers with the Adventurer's Guild, they will receive services available to Adventurers.

    Two. Service Content

    All Adventurer's Guilds throughout the world offer these services: job offerings, delivery of compensation and rewards, purchase of raw materials, and exchange of currency.

    Three. Registration Information

    Adventurers receive a card with their own information under their control upon registering for the Adventurer's Guild. It is possible to re-issue it if lost, but rank will be reset to F. Also, each area has it's own fine for it.

    Four. Withdrawal from the Adventurer's Guild

    If you request it, withdrawal from the guild is possible.

    Re-registration is possible, but rank will restart at F.

    Five. Prohibited Conduct

    The below actions are considered prohibited.

    1. Actions which go against a countries laws.

    2. Actions which disgrace and cause the reliability of the guild to fall.

    3. Actions which interfere or obstruct other Adventurers jobs.

    4. Buying, selling, and trading of jobs.

    If prohibited actions are discovered, a fine will be applied and Adventurers guild qualifications will be revoked.

    Six. Breach of Contract Compensation

    If you fail a job you have accepted you must pay compensation for the breach of contract, two times the amount of the job reward compensation. Repayment period is half a year. If compensation is not paid, Adventurers guild qualification will be revoked.

    Seven. Rank

    There are seven ranks from F to S based on Adventurers proven skills. As a general rule of thumb, you can only take jobs within one above or below your current rank.

    Eight. Rank Promotions and Demotions

    It is possible to raise your rank by succeeding a regulated number of jobs. However, if you feel that your ability isn't up to standard it is possible to remain at your current rank as well. Also, if you fail a certain number of jobs in succession, your rank will be demoted by one.

    Nine. Obligation

    In the case that a country is under attack by monsters and a request for assistance is made from the guild, you have an obligation to obey.

    Also, if an emergency situation arises, Adventurers have an obligation to obey the guild staff members.


    Midway through Eris started to show a fed up face.

    She's not good with stiff rules like these.

    I'm not really all that great with them myself.

    However, these sorts of things you need to properly read after all.

    For now, it doesn't seem like there will be any problems.

    But, before that.

    "Staff Member-san, I have a question."

    "What is it?"

    "These words, do you have them prepared for any place?"

    "Have them prepared for any place, for example?"

    "Human language."

    "Ah, if that's the case then it's alright."

    "If that's the case."

    I wonder if the language a minor race uses would be alright.

    I'm sure, Japanese is probably impossible as well.

    I wrote using Demon God Language.

    It would be better if they believed me to be a Demon race who has the appearance of a youth, rather than a Human race.

    "Eris please write your own as well."

    I told Eris to write her own.

    In the case of these contracts, it's better if you write them yourself.

    Incidentally, all the conversations within the guild are in the Demon God Language.

    She was wearing a quiet and sullen expression because she can't understand any of the words going on around us.

    If she had heard and understood the scorn from earlier directly, she probably would have drawn her sword and attacked.

    "We have no intentions of using one, but in the case that a false name is used, what would become of it?"

    "There are no regulations. It's limited only to a registration name after all."

    "Even in the case that a criminal were to write their name?"

    "There is no set definition for criminal in the Magic Continent, so long as you do not cause any trouble with the Adventurers Guild there is no problem. However, if you were to have your Adventurers guild qualifications revoked, you will be unable to register anywhere within this continent."

    "Is that alright?"

    "There would be a problem if someone who never received a name from the time they were born in the Magic Continent. For that reason, it is not prohibited to use a false name when registering."

    I understand now.

    Each continent has a different jurisdiction and some differences between them it seems.

    I considered the possibility that Superd race wouldn't be able to register and he should use the false name Roisu, but it doesn't seem like that will be a problem.

    "In the case that we register on this continent, then go to another continent will there be a necessity to register again new?"

    "No that won't be the case."

    As expected right.

    "After you have written, then please place your hand over here."

    And what was prepared was a transparent board the size of an ero game box.

    In the center of it a magic circle was carved.

    Underneath it, metal looking cards were scattered.

    Hmm. I wonder what this is.

    "Like this?"

    For now, starting with me.

    Then I placed my hand down.

    After the staff member confirmed that, they pressed the edge of the board with their finger.

    "Name: Rudeus Greyrat" "Job: Magician" "Rank: F"

    The staff member indifferently read out the contents of the paper prepared and then pressed the board again.

    Then, the magic circle shined with a red light and quickly went out.

    "Please kindly take this card, it's your Adventurer Card."

    A completely normal iron plate.

    Written there with shining letters was:

    - - - - - -------------------------

    Name: Rudeus Greyrat

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human Race

    Age: 10

    Job: Magician

    Rank: F

    - - - - - -------------------------

    Is how it was written. In human language.

    However, I understand now. It's that sort of Magic item.

    Rather, if you were to use this, wouldn't it be simple to produce books with magic?

    If they're using it in such a public place as the Adventurers Guild, shouldn't it be spread around in more places?

    No, there might be some sort of mechanism to the plate here.

    Name, job, rank were written on the paper provided by the staff member, but gender, race, and age can be read from the hand?

    This is bad.

    I thought to hide my race as human, however, not only age but race are exposed now.

    Well, whatever. Something can be done about it.

    - - - - - -------------------------

    Name: Ruijerd Superdia

    Gender: Male

    Race: Demon Race

    Age: 566

    Job: Warrior

    Rank: F

    - - - - - -------------------------

    Ah, could it be, this will show Superd race?

    And the moment I thought that, Ruijerd card showed Demon Race in letters.

    That's quite convenient, I feel a bit relieved.

    Even though his age was known, the staff member doesn't seem to particularly mind it.

    Is it not really all that strange for the Demon Races?

    She didn't seem to mind the name Ruijerd Superdia as well.

    I wonder if she thinks it's a false name or something.

    That's rather rude, I even said we wouldn't be using false names just now.

    Otherwise, could it be that it's not known Ruijerd Superdia is the real name of [Dead End].

    For a while I've been hearing words related to dead end, but nothing related to Ruijerd.

    Incidentally, his card was written in Demon God Language.

    - - - - - -------------------------

    Name: Eris Boreas Greyrat

    Gender: Female

    Race: Human Race

    Age: 12

    Job: Swordsman

    Rank: F

    - - - - - -------------------------

    After Eris received her card, registration was completed.

    Eris card was written in human language as well.

    "My card and his are using different letters, but?"

    "Yes, letters change based on the race."

    I understand now, human language for the human is how it works.

    "What about in the case of a half?"

    "There are cases where races are mixed, but generally blood is stronger on one side and those letters are shown."

    "In the case that a human were to get a card with Demon God Language and couldn't read it, wouldn't that be a problem?"

    "In that case, place your finger on the center of the back of the card, then specify the language."

    In order to test it, I pressed the center of the card, and said "Beast God Language".

    Then, the letters changed.

    I see. Interesting.

    Demon God Language. Fighting God Language.

    I kept changing it, then the staff member told me off.

    "If you go too overboard, the Magic power in the card will disappear faster, so please be careful."

    "In the case that it goes out what happens?"

    "The guild will replenish it if necessary."

    As expected there's some sort of mechanism within the card.

    There's probably some sort of small Magic crystal embedded within it.

    "If the Magic power disappears, is there no change to the information?"

    "That is the case."

    "If you keep using the same card for a long period, does the electricity decrease faster?"

    "Electricity? If it's Magic power you're talking about then that isn't the case. The Magic power will normally last one year, when you complete a job it will replenish as well, so normally it will never disappear."

    "How much does it cost to fill it up from empty again?"

    "It doesn't cost any money?"

    Then why were you telling me off about it a while ago, is what I was thinking, but there might be some guys out there who come in yelling that their card information has suddenly disappeared.

    There will be "Claimers" in any world it seems.

    "I understand, I will be careful."

    Nevertheless, electrical charging mechanism, huh?

    I don't know who came up with it, but it uses quite the interesting system.

    If you were to make use of this, I think you could do quite a few other things here and there, but?

    The Adventurer's Guild might have monopoly on such techniques.

    Well, I won't think too much about it for now.


    Eris was grinning broadly while looking at her own card.

    I know you're happy, but don't lose it?

    "Would you like to register a party?"

    "Party registration? Ah, we will."

    I realized when the staff member said it.

    It wasn't written on the paper, so I forgot about it.

    We had planned to form a party from the start.

    "Before that, I would like to inquire about the details of a party?"


    And the staff member gave me an explanation.

    .Party can have up to seven members.

    .Only members within 1 rank above or below of the party leader can join the party.

    .The party rank is decided by the accepted job.

    .The party is averaged based on all party members.

    .On completion of a job, all members of the party receive equal status.

    .It is possible to take individual jobs while in a party.

    .The party leader and a guild staff member are required to join a party.

    .In order to withdraw only the guild staff member is required.

    .The party leader has authority to forcefully withdraw members.

    .In the event of the death of the leader, the party will automatically be dissolved.

    .It is possible to create a clan with more than two parties.

    .Clans in good standing with the guild will receive a number of privileges.

    The clan portion doesn't really matter for now.

    For the time being it's not really related to us.

    "Then, what would like the party name to be?"

    "[Dead End] please."

    The staff members face stiffened up.

    However, as expected of a pro. She quickly returned to a smile.

    "I understand. Please allow me to see your Adventurers card."

    We take out the cards we just put away and hand them over.

    The staff member takes them for a bit and places them down then hands them back.

    "Yes, please confirm it."

    - - - - - -------------------------

    Name: Rudeus Greyrat

    Gender: Male

    Race: Human Race

    Age: 10

    Job: Magician

    Rank: F

    Party: Dead End (F)

    - - - - - -------------------------


    However, seeing the letters for Dead End is a bit embarrassing.

    Even though it sounds that frightening when it comes from someones mouth?

    The (F) attached to it would be the party rank I guess.

    "That would be all for registration. Thank you very much."

    "Yes, thank you very much."

    "In the case that you would like to take on a job, please tear off the paper from that notice board, and return it to the reception counter please."


    "The purchasing building is in the back so please be careful not to mistake them."

    "In the back I see. Thank you very much."

    Fu... Finally over.

    Right away, we went over to check out the notice board.

    The jobs we can accept are from F to E.

    There aren't many jobs for that rank. Pretty much all of them are jobs within the town.

    Storehouse organizing, food preparation assistance, registering forms, searching for a lost pet, extermination of harmful insects.

    All of them appear simple and they all have low pay.

    Incidentally, the jobs are written in this sort of form:



    .Job: Storehouse Organizing

    .Reward: 5 stone coins

    .Job Details: Transporting heavy objects.

    .Place: Rikarisu town, house number 12, storehouse with a red door

    .Period: half a day - full day

    .Deadline: No deadline

    .Job Owner Name: Dogamu of the Orute Race

    .Notes: There are many things to move and not enough hands. Somebody help me. The more there are with power the better.




    .Job: Cooking Preparation Assistant

    .Reward: 6 stone coins

    .Job Details: Washing dishes and transporting meals.

    .Place: Rikarisu town, house number 4, bottom floor

    .Period: full day

    .Deadline: Until the next full moon

    .Job Owner Name: Shinitora of the Kanade Race

    .Notes: Setting appointments for customers when they enter. Help is needed. As a side note, taste testing would help out as well.




    .Job: Searching for a lost pet

    .Reward: 1 scrap iron coin

    .Job Details: Searching for a pet that has disappeared. Capture.

    .Place: Rikarisu town, house number 2, Kiribu House, room 3

    .Period: Until it's found

    .Deadline: No deadline

    .Job Owner Name: Meiseru of the Houga Race

    .Notes: Our pet has disappeared and hasn't returned. I saved up my allowance and made a job request. Somebody please help me search.


    None of them are jobs which you would party up to take on it seems.

    Lower rank jobs are probably generally done solo.

    Since the completion of jobs is shared equally, if you divide up labor of low rank jobs with a number of party members, you could rank up relatively fast I guess.

    "For now, should we take on something simple?"

    However, I wonder why searching for a lost pet is E.

    Ah, probably because the town is large.

    Also, the "until it is found" sounds pretty strict.

    Since it's possible it could have died already.

    However, she saved up her allowance, it's certainly a sweet little girl requesting.

    If no one appears to help it's so pitiful right?

    "There's none that let us fight a dragon or something?"

    "There's an S rank. It's this."

    "Really?! I can't read it."

    "In the northern area a stray dragon has settled down is what is written."

    "Can we win I wonder?"

    "It would be best if we stop there. Dragons are strong."

    "I see. However, subjugation type is good right?"

    "Subjugation type are C rank."

    "There's none lower than C rank?"

    "It seems that is the case."

    "I heard that in the start you usually fight goblins and stuff, but?"

    "There are no monsters as weak as that on this continent."

    Eris has Ruijerd read her the details of each of the jobs and said something rather dangerous.

    It's good when Ruijerd takes care of things.

    "Heyhey, pukuku, everybody of de...dead end...ha... That is... fufu, just a bit, kuku, high of a rank for you isn't it?"

    And then the guy who has been grinning at us for a while approached the two of them while laughing.

    A buff muscle macho man with the head of a horse.

    Your brother is that Superd race [Dead End] right?

    In an instant I moved in front of the two and cut off the horse faced man.

    "Shut up?! We'll properly take an F or E rank job!"

    "Heyhey, you can't do that. Aren't I giving you advice here?"

    "What was that?"

    "Here, this job here. The lost pet search."

    Rip, what was torn off was the job I was just looking at.

    "This is a higher rank because the town is a huge area to cover."

    "Heyhey heyhey hey. Your brother is that Superd race [Dead End] right?"

    "So, what if that's the case!"

    "Is the eye he has up here just for show? Even if the place is huge, with that eye it shouldn't even take a day to complete, right?"


    I see now.

    Now that I think about it that certainly is the case.

    If it's the type where we're looking for a living thing, with Ruijerd here it will be a simple matter.

    For example if it's a cat, if it's him then.

    Rather, what does he mean by advice?

    Isn't he just trying to stir us up because he thinks we're fakes?

    "Shut up! Leave us alone!"

    Is what I said while rejecting him away, however with Ruijerd's ability the lost pet search will go well.

    We should probably probably pull back for today.

    "Brother! Let's go!"

    "Hm? Is it alright if we don't take a job?"

    "It's fine! If we were to take a job in this situation nothing good will come of it!"

    Either way, all I had planned for today was to show our faces and register anyways.

    Also, to check what kinds of jobs there are posted as well.

    Activity will seriously start from tomorrow on.

    "Let's go."

    After we left the Adventurers Guild a huge roar of laughter started up.

    "Heyhey, you're just going to leave without taking a job?!"

    "As expected Dead End-san takes it easy!"


    Ruijerd was showing a bewildered expression.

    Wondering if this was really okay.

    This is okay.

    For now we have succeeded.

    Even after hearing the name Dead End, rather than feeling alert or nervous, they break out into laughter.

    It might not be the ideal situation.

    However, without a doubt we've taken one step forward.

    At the very least, I am confident in that.


    Thus, we became Adventurers.

    After coming out from the Adventurers's Guild.

    It has already become quite dark out.

    Even though the sky is still a bit light, only the city is strangely dark.

    I noticed that it was because the city is inside of a crater only a few seconds later.

    There's a shadow cast over the city because of the high walls.

    It will soon be pitch black.

    "We should quickly find an inn."

    Is what I suggested, but Eris was wearing a strange face.

    "Wouldn't it be fine if we just camped outside of the city?"

    "Well, don't say that. Don't you want to get a nice rest in the town?"


    Ruijerd said that it didn't really matter either way.

    More often than not we just leave it to Ruijerd to keep watch when camping out.

    He can notice things approaching even when half-asleep.

    I wake up hearing the sound of something exploding in the middle of the night and realize it's the sound of Ruijerd fighting monsters.

    It's bad for my heart.

    Well, the choice would be an inn.

    I'm hungry as well.

    I would like to buy something, but there's still some dried meat leftover from the other day.

    In order to keep food expenses low, I guess we should restrain ourselves here?

    Even though I say that, if our stomachs feel this unsatisfied, it makes me want to just eat until I'm full.

    "Hey Rudeus, look!"

    Eris said something sounding really excited.

    What is it, where should I be looking?

    The moment I thought that while raising my face, the inner wall of the crater was giving off light.

    After the sun set, the light shows strongly.

    "Amazing! This is amazing! This is the first time I've seen something like this!"

    When the sun completely sets, the inner walls of the crater light up the entire city.

    Almost like an amusement park when it lights up at night.

    "Hmmm, this is certainly quite amazing."

    Since I've always experienced living in places that are never completely dark out, I wasn't particularly moved by the sight.

    However, I have to admit it was a rather luminous view.

    Though, I wonder how it's shining.

    "That is, magic light stone."

    "Uh, you know about Raiden?!"[30]

    "Raiden? Who is that? I think some generation of Sword God had a name similar to that or something?"

    Obviously the joke didn't get across.

    Knowing that in this world there's no one who would get those sorts of jokes is a bit lonely.

    "Excuse me. Among my acquaintances there's a person with a name similar to that. He's a fairly knowledgeable person, I made a bit of a mistake."

    "I see."

    My head was stroked gently.

    It's an expression almost like trying to appease a young child remembering his dead father.

    It's not like Raiden is my fathers name.

    My fathers name is Paul.

    He's not bad as a father, but he's pretty bad as a person.

    "So, magic light stone is?"

    "It's a variety of magic stone."

    "What kind of effect does it have?"

    "During the day it gathers energy from the sun and when it becomes dark it shines like that.

    However, it doesn't shine even half as long as the daytime."

    I see, Solar Charging.

    I didn't see anything like this in Asura Kingdom.

    It seems useful so they should use it more often.

    "Since it shines so well during the night, shouldn't it be more commonly spread around places?"

    "No, it is a relatively rare stone."

    "Eh? Then, what is over there?"

    There appears to be more than enough to light up the entire town here, but...

    "During the Great Demon Emperor's rule it was gathered here, supposedly. Look."

    Looking where Ruijerd was pointing I noticed a partially destroyed castle.

    "It was gathered just to make that castle look beautiful."

    "They thought of something amazing, huh?"

    The image of the Great Demon Emperor-san floated into my mind.[31]

    Eris dressed in bondage fashion yelling out, "Light is a necessity in order make me appear more beautiful!"

    "No one tries to steal it?"

    "Generally, it's considered a taboo, I don't know the specifics."

    Well, supposedly it's the first time Ruijerd has been able to enter the town after all.

    It's shining at a relatively high point, unless you can fly it probably wouldn't be very easy to take.

    "It was supposedly quite the selfish request at the time it happened. Now, as you can see it's proven quite useful."

    "Surprisingly, it might have been gathered for the sake of the people in the end."

    "Impossible. The Great Demon Emperor is famous for being quite lazy and selfish."

    I see, Lazy and Selfish.

    If they are still alive, I'd love to meet them.

    It's surely a Succubus-like bitch[32] older sister type I'm sure.

    "I guess this would be the case of, reality is stranger than fiction."

    "Is that a saying from the human race?"

    "Yes, it is. For example the Superd race are really a kind race after all, right?"

    My head was stroked.

    Having my head stroked at this age feels a bit odd.

    Is what I was thinking, but after giving it more thought.

    A mentally middle aged man in his 40s, having his head stroked by a man whose real age is 560 that sort of situation.

    I don't really know?

    Then, taking out a zero.

    The situation would be a child with the age of 4 having their head stroked by a man with the age of 56.

    Wouldn't that be a situation one could gently smile at?

    "Hey! I want to see the castle!"

    Eris pointed her finger at the partially destroyed Demon Castle of Darkness.

    However, I reject that option.

    "We can't today. Let's go find an inn."

    "Why not?! Isn't it alright, just a bit?!"

    Eris was swelling up her cheeks.

    Seeing that I felt it might be fine for just a bit.

    However, Ruijerd said it wouldn't be light for as long as the day.

    It wouldn't be funny if by the time we arrived at the castle it stopped shining.


    "Recently, I've been feeling really tired. Let's go to an inn."

    "Eh? Are you alright?"

    Feeling tired.

    That's right.

    Travelling around to all these places I'm unfamiliar with is tiring, but my body also feels quite heavy lately.

    It's not a problem to move around while fighting monsters, but it feels like I get tired faster than normal recently.

    I wonder if it's anxiety?

    "I'm alright. Just for a little bit."

    "I see? Then, I'll be patient for a bit."


    Those words would have never come from the Eris of a little while ago.

    Eris is properly growing up a bit.

    Is what I was thinking while we were moving towards the inn.

    The Wolf Claw Inn.

    One room.

    One night. 5 stone coins.

    The building is pretty decrepit, but it's a fairly decent price aimed at beginning adventurers.

    If you pay 1 more stone coin it also includes breakfast and dinner.

    Also, if a party of more than 2 adventurers is staying in a single room, meals are free.

    Since it's aimed at beginners, there are a number of beds and the price is meant to be split evenly.

    The entrance is a lobby combined with a bar.

    There aren't a large number, but there's both counter seats and table seats.

    Just as expected from an inn aimed at beginners, there was a table with three young adventurers seated.

    Even though they are young, they should still be older than me, and about the same age as Eris.

    All are young men.

    They were staring at us rudely.

    "What should we do?"

    Ruijerd was waiting for my response.

    It was a look asking if we should keep up with the act even here.

    "Let's not do it here."

    I thought about it for a bit then stopped.

    "I don't want to have to worry about it at the place where I'm going to sleep."

    I don't know how many nights we're going to have to stay the night here.

    However, they are still children.

    If the place we stay is the same, then they should realize Ruijerd is a good person from seeing his actions.

    "Our party has three people. For now, we'll go three nights worth."

    "Alright. What are you going to do for meals?"

    The innkeeper is rather unsociable.

    "We'll count on you for meals."

    For now we paid the cost of three nights at the inn.

    It's good that the price of food is nothing.

    Left over was, 1 iron coin, 3 scrap iron coins, and 2 stone coins.

    Converting it to stone coins, it would be, 132 stone coins.

    "Ar..Are you guys beginners as well?"

    While I was listening to the rules from the innkeeper, the newbies nearby called out to Eris.

    The guy in the back.

    His hair was white, well, you couldn't really call him bad looking.

    I'll give him an above average.

    The other two were... well, bishounen[33] types I guess?

    One was a rather strong built 4 armed boy, who looked like he was raised quite proudly. Another was a boy with a beak and feathers on his head.

    Well, yeah.

    I guess you couldn't really call them bishounen.

    The type was quite different.

    If the first guy was "normal", the remaining two would be "rough type" and "light type" I guess.

    "W..We are as well. How about we have a meal together?"

    Really, flirting?

    These kids are getting in over their heads.

    However, his voice is trembling a bit.

    I can't say it's not humorous.

    "We could discuss tricks when taking on jobs and such."


    Eris sighed while looking away.

    As expected of Eris-san!

    Completely ignoring someone trying to flirt with you!

    Well, I guess it would be because you can't understand the words as well.

    "Hey, just a little bit is good. That little brother over there you can join as well."


    I was about to go in to help her, when Eris started to move away from them.

    I know that technique.

    It's something Edona-san taught her in manners class.

    [Methods to avoid nobles you don't want to interact with. Basics chapter!]

    What are you going to do, boy?

    A gentleman would fall back here.

    "Don't ignore me."

    The boy was not a gentleman.

    Getting irritated he grabbed onto Eris hood and pulled it strongly.

    Eris was getting pulled backwards, but she didn't move very far.

    Her legs had been trained pretty well after all.

    The boy didn't stop pulling as he was getting annoyed. (!)

    Since he's an Adventurers he must be pretty proud of his strength.


    The cheap hood made a bad sound and ripped.


    After hearing that sound, Eris looked at the ripped hood.


    I certainly heard that sound.

    The sound of Eris snapping.

    "What are you doing?!"

    Eris yelled out with a voice loud enough to shake the inn.

    Using Boreas Punch while turning around.

    The punch taught by Sauros and trained by Ghyslaine accurately landed on the face of the boy.

    I thought his neck would rip to the point his face twisted around in the direction of the punch.

    His head hit the floor while falling and he lost consciousness in a single hit.

    Even an amateur like me could tell it was a punch that had quite the destructive power.

    If the "Strongest Executioner" was here right now he'd be saying "What a punch!" I'm sure.

    I guess that's the fate that awaits one who tries to forcefully hit on someone.

    Learning from this danger, I'm sure he'll remember not to try and hit on Eris again.

    Lesson learned.

    Now then, before the other two jump in to fight, I guess I should jump in to stop it.

    "Who do you think I am? Learn your place!"

    However, Eris didn't stop with only one attack.

    Boreas Kickkkk~

    The kick which she was taught by Sauros, trained and completed by Ghyslaine solidly landed in the solar plexus of the second victim.


    The boy with four arms groaned in agony and fell to his knees.

    There she finished him off with a knee kick.

    The boy was blown away with his jaw sent flying upwards.

    "Eh? Eh? Eh?"

    The last bird boy couldn't understand the situation that was happening.

    Even then, he was preparing for Eris's attack by going for the sword at his waist.

    Going for his sword is a bit overboard.

    I was going to use magic to seal their movements. (!)

    However, the attacks Eris was making were several times more overboard.

    Faster than the bird boy could draw his sword she solidly landed a hit on his jaw.

    Even though the bird boy shouldn't even have had whites in his eyes, he showed them.

    In an instant all three had become powerless.

    Then Eris walked to the first boy and started kicking his head like it was a soccer ball.

    After the first hit the boy regained consciousness, but he was unable to do anything so he just rolled up into a ball.

    Eris just kept kicking the boy time and time and time again.

    "This is! the very first! thing that Rudeus ever bought for me!"

    Oh my! Eris-san!

    She thinks that much about me! (!)

    Even though it was just that cheap thing we bought because your red hair would stand out?!

    This old man is feeling tight in the chest!

    "I'll make you regret it forever! I'll crush them!"

    What will you crush?

    I don't know what is what, it's too scary to listen.

    Eris kicked the boy over onto his back, grabbed one of his legs, and said something frightening with a frightening look.

    The boy who had just woken up had no idea what she was saying in a different language, but most likely he knew what she was about to do.

    He tried to apologize, begging for forgiveness, and run away.

    However, Eris wasn't willing to listen.

    Eris wouldn't let him get away.

    She wasn't such a sweet woman.

    Eris does it thoroughly.

    That boys fate is the same as mine was three years prior, such a sad fate.

    "Eris, wait!"

    Here, I finally stepped in to stop it.

    It all happened so fast I was a bit late to step in and stop it.

    "Hold it back! Eris, you can't go any further than that! House!"

    "What are you doing, Rudeus! Don't get in my way!"

    I grabbed her from behind to stop her.

    My hands were trembling as I grabbed her chest.

    It was a soft sensation.

    However, I didn't have the leisure time to enjoy that.

    Eris was still struggling about to crush the boy.

    The boy didn't understand.

    He didn't know what was what and was just afraid.

    "Sew it, it will be fine if we sew it! I'll sew it! So, let them go! Going that far I feel bad for him!"

    "What?! Hnnnn!"

    After desperately trying to stop her, Eris finally stopped struggling, but still was showing an angry expression.

    After letting go of her, she shrugged her shoulders and walked towards Ruijerd.

    Ruijerd was sitting in a seat at the bar watching us as if he had seen a laughable spectacle.

    "Ruijerd-san as well! Please help me stop them next time!"

    "Hm? It's a fight between children right?"

    "It's a guardians job to stop a child's fight!"

    The difference in ability was clearly too large in this case, wasn't it?(!)

    "Are you alright?"

    "Ah, ah... I'm alright."

    I used healing on the defeated boys and woke them up.

    Somehow, there was a feeling of comradery.

    "I'm sorry about that. She can't speak in Demon God language."

    "Th...that was scary... Wh... why did she get angry?"

    "She hates being annoyed and her hood was important to her, I guess?"

    "I... I see? Can you tell her I'm sorry about that?"

    I looked at Eris and she was staring at her hood, glaring, and grinding her teeth.

    She was making a face that said she will never forgive them.

    It's been a while since I had seen that face.

    Putting it into words, it's a face I hadn't seen since the first time I met her.

    A face like she's on the verge of snapping at any moment, that sort of face.

    "If I talk to her right now, I'll probably be beaten as well."

    "I... I see. She's cute, but scary."

    Recently I had been thinking she was more graceful but...

    I guess she was just putting on that sort of face as a front.(!)

    Even though I thought she had grown a bit, it's a bit of a shock.

    "That's the case. She's cute. So, you shouldn't call out to her so leisurely."

    "Yea..Yeah... That's right."

    "Also, if you ever think you want to get revenge for this time, you should reconsider it. This time was an unavoidable accident so I stopped it, but next time you might lose your life."

    I completely nailed in the matter of fact.

    Shortly after the boy woke himself up, checked the back of his head for a bump, and calmly told me his name. (!)

    "I'm Kuruto. You are?"

    "I'm Rudeus Greyrat. The girl from before is Eris." (!)

    After he named himself the other two boys came over.

    The two who got beaten up because of Kuruto.

    "Bachirou" the rough four armed type.

    "Gaburin" the bird-like type.

    The two said those names, walked over to Kuruto and all three took a pose.

    "We three combined are thus called, "Tokurabu Village Gang!""


    Ah? The three took a pose like Naekusukurameshon[34].

    I honestly thought it was lame.

    What do you mean by gang? More like band of thugs.

    Speaking of which, where is Tokurabu Village anyways?

    "We will soon be rising to D rank, and we wanted a girl who is a magician so we called out to her."

    "A girl who is a magician?"

    Where is such a person here?

    The only magicians here is me.

    It's not like anyone is wearing anything similar to a magician as well.

    Hmm? Something similar to a magician?

    "Could it be, you thought Eris wearing the hood was a magician?"

    "Yeah. After all, the ones who wear a hood are magicians, right?"

    "She's wearing a sword right?"

    "Eh? Ah, it's true."

    It seems the sword on her waist didn't enter their sight.

    Certainly, they are the types who only see things that are convenient for themselves.

    "You're a magician right? If you can use healing magic that's amazing."

    "Well, for the most part."

    "How about both of you joining us?"

    The gang?


    Don't even joke about that.

    Rather, after Eris beat them down that hard, these guys still haven't learned their lesson?

    "If I were to join, that person over there would be joining as well."

    I pointed my finger at Ruijerd.

    The two of them were talking about something at the bar table.

    It seems like Ruijerd was instructing Eris on something.

    Eris was silently listening and nodding to that.

    "Eh? That person is in your party as well?"

    "Of course. His name is Ruijerd."

    "Ruijerd?? What's the party name?"

    "Dead End."

    After hearing that, they made a face that said, "Huh?"

    What kind of things are you calling yourself?

    "That name, is it alright?"

    "We have the real thing's permission after all."

    "What does that mean?"

    I meant that as a joke.

    However, it's the truth.

    "Well, isn't it alright. Since that's the case, we can't join together with you guys."

    It seems pointless to join together with these guys anyways.

    It's not like we want to do the "friendly Adventurers play games" thing, after all.

    "I see, but, don't regret it. We're going to become famous in this city after all. We won't let you into our party after the fact, okay?"

    Famous you say?

    No, but, is it that sort of thing?

    They've just made their Adventurer's debut in the city. Youngsters with a future full of hopes.

    I'm sure they received a very joyful welcoming from the Adventurer's guild just now.


    "You can say that quite well, for all three of you not being able to do anything to Eris."

    "Th...That was us letting our guards down.."

    "Are you going to say the same thing on the plains of the Magic continent?"


    He's admitted defeat.

    It's quite a good feeling.

    As expected, the Pack Coyote Lions of the Magic Continent Savannah Plains, their power of persuasion is different.[35]

    I parted with the "Tokurabu Village Gang".

    After finishing our meals we went to our room.

    It was a room with three fur beds.


    I silently sat down on the bed.

    I'm tired.

    Today was tiring.

    My condition isn't all that great right now, but with meeting, being laughed at, and made fun of by people, I'm feeling mentally worn out now.

    Even if that was acting.


    Eris was looking out the window.

    There was the gradually darkening view of the city.

    The partially destroyed castle is certainly a luminary view, but you have quite the leisure to enjoy that view in the background.

    There are a lot of things that we need to think about right now.

    Even so, you're going to throw it all onto me, huh.

    How easygoing.

    No, let's stop with the negative thoughts there.

    The reason she's not thinking about it is because she trusts me.

    As proof of that, she's not really being very selfish right now, right?

    (She's not being selfish, but she is getting into fights though...)

    I started to think after laying down and staring at the ceiling.

    What are we going to do from now on.

    The things we need are, that's right, first is money.

    Three nights in this room costs 6 stone coins.

    Thanks to the service towards Adventurers it's 5 stone coins.

    For the three of us, that is 15 stone coins a day.

    We have to earn at least that much at the very least, if not more.

    However, from what we saw on the jobs board, the rewards from F rank jobs are roughly 5 stone coins.

    E rank jobs are all roughly 1 scrap iron coin.

    If it's just one person, taking one F rank job per day, it will pay for the cost of the inn, as your rank goes up the rewards for jobs increase, and you save up money.

    F and E rank jobs are fundamentally all jobs around the town, however, D rank and above the number of harvesting jobs increases.

    Save up money from E rank jobs, buy equipment for yourself then go off to do a D rank job.

    It's that sort of system. It's well made.

    [One day worth of lunch costs. Including consumption costs, it will be around 20 stone coins. We have to take at least one job per day, and earn 10-15 stone coins. The current amount of money we have converted to stone coins is 132 coins.]

    It won't even last two weeks.

    It will disappear in the blink of an eye.

    We won't last unless we take two or three jobs per day.

    If we were to divide up the labor we should be able to do at least 20 stone coins per day.

    However, if we were to let Ruijerd work on his own, his identity could be exposed.

    Eris can't understand the language so it would be a pain for her to take on a job as well.

    It's the quick tempered Eris after all.

    She could get into a fight at the work place.

    Even more so, if we work in different places, the amount of publicity Ruijerd gets won't increase.

    If we rank up the problem of money will be solved.

    If it's combat based jobs, Ruijerd and Eris are made for them.

    We could quickly get onto the tracks.

    On the other hand, the subjugation jobs are fundamentally C rank.

    If we could get to D rank within two weeks, we could probably manage it.

    However, it would be impossible to do that with one job per day.

    I missed the chance if there was some way to take on multiple jobs at once, but...

    It seemed like there was no method to jump up multiple ranks based on ability.

    The only way to progress is to follow the straightforward path ahead.

    Also, my condition hasn't been very good lately.

    I think we'll be alright, but it is possible Eris or I could catch some illness that can't be healed with detoxification magic.

    Moreover, we don't know in what situations or for what purposes we might need money.

    We need to keep buying dyes to color Ruijerd's hair as well.

    We can't just keep wearing the same clothes as we have been as well.

    Though our clothes were originally pretty durable and I can clean them pretty quickly with magic as well.

    Forcing the moisture in clothes to evaporate is simple after all.


    Using magic to clean clothes is causing quite a bit of damage to the cloth.

    They could tear in the future.

    I'd like to find a change of clothes sooner rather than later.

    I'd like some soap as well.

    Lately Eris and I have only been wiping ourselves down with hot water after all.

    Life necessities are going to keep on appearing from here on out.

    Money is here.

    Should we go into debt?

    If we look we could probably find a loan shark even in this city.

    No, we should avoid going into debt as much as possible.

    At the very least while we have no method to pay it back.

    Might as well sell, "Arrogant Water Dragon King, Akuahatia" now?

    No, that would be a final resort.

    It's something Eris gave me for my birthday, not something I can so easily let go.

    [I can't believe I'm having to worry about household expenses?]

    It reminds me of my previous life when I would cheat my parents into giving me money.

    It was a painful scene.

    I don't ever want to remember it again.

    It also reminds me of several years ago, when I asked Paul to pay for two peoples worth school expenses.

    It seems I was a bit naive about money.

    [Rather than reflecting back on that, go out and earn money]

    What can we do to efficiently earn money.

    Take jobs everyday.

    No, rather than doing jobs, it might be better to go out and hunt monsters on the plains.

    However, we can't spread the name of "Dead End" if we do that.

    In order to spread the name of "Dead End" we need to raise our Adventurers rank up.

    Surely, it will help out in the future as well.

    The guild pays well for materials from monsters as well.

    However, do we have the free time to do something like that?

    Putting aside the matter with Ruijerd, first we need to save up money and build a foundation for our survival, right?

    [My thoughts are going around in circles?]

    Save up money, raise Ruijerd's fame.

    The hard part is that we need to do both of them at the same time.

    [It would be good if there was some sort of method to do it]

    Unable to think of anything, I quietly fell asleep.


    A white place.

    A place with nothing.

    And an obscene guy is standing there.

    Simultaneously, I feel disgust rising up within me.

    Again, I sigh.

    What is it this time.

    I ask the mosaic bastard while feeling irritated.

    I'd prefer if you make this as short as possible.

    "This time it's not complicated right? Since you were relying on Ruijerd, you made it to the town right?"


    However, consider Ruijerd's personality.

    Even if we had run away on the spot, he would have followed after and protected us.

    "It seems you trust him quite a bit. Yet, why don't you trust me?"

    You don't know why?

    Even though you call yourself God?

    "Well now, rather than that, it's the next advice."

    Yes, Yes, I understand.

    Let's end this as quickly as we can.

    I don't like this sensation and I don't like hearing the mosaic bastards voice.

    During Rudeus' dreams it had become thinner, this sensation of being a shitty NEET that was his previous life that is.

    If I'm going to be forced to listen to it in the end, I'd prefer if you just tell me it from the start.

    "That's mean."

    Either way, I'll just end up dancing in the palm of your hand anyways, right?

    "That's not the case. How you move depends on you."

    No need for pointless talk, quickly tell me and get this over with.

    "Yes Yes. Rudeus take the job to search for a missing pet. If you do that your worries will be resolved."

    Resolved. Resolved. Resolved.

    My consciousness sunk while hearing that echo.

    Middle of the night.

    I wake up.

    I saw a bad dream.

    Honestly, I wish I wouldn't see those visions.

    He comes out with such a good timing.

    There's no mistake he's an evil god.

    A skilled evil god who is good at manipulating the weakness in people's hearts.



    I look to the left.

    Ruijerd is sleeping there.

    Rather than on a bed, for some reason he's sleeping in a corner of the room holding his spear.

    I look to the right.

    Eris is awake.

    Sitting on the bed while holding her knees, looking outside of the completely dark window.

    I quietly get up and sit down next to her.

    I look out the window.

    There's only one moon in this world as well.

    "Having trouble sleeping?"


    Eris nods while staring out the window.

    "Hey, Rudeus."


    "Will we be able to return?"

    A worried face.

    "That is..."

    I feel embarrassed about my own uncertainty.

    I thought she wasn't thinking about it at all.

    She is thinking about this situation as an Adventurers with no worries at all and just enjoying it is what I thought.

    That's wrong.

    She was worried as well.

    However, she was acting so that I wouldn't find out about that.

    She's got to be feeling stressed as well.

    That's why she got into that fight.

    I didn't realize it.

    How can this be.

    I gently embrace her and she rests her head on my shoulder.

    "We will be able to return."

    I gently embrace her and she rests her head on my shoulder.

    Eris hasn't taken a satisfactory bath in a few days.

    It's a completely different scent than the one she used to give off.

    However, it's not a bad scent.

    Since it's not a bad scent, it seems like my kikanbou[36] is going to go wild.



    Until we get home I'm the thickheaded type.

    The situation is different from that time with Sylphy.

    This time, I have a reason I have to be patient.

    It's a flimsy reason, but I don't want to take advantage of her while she is feeling uneasy.

    I don't want to do something so underhanded.

    "Hey, Rudeus. Is it alright if I leave it to you?"

    "It's okay to feel safe. I'll make sure we can return no matter what."

    Ah, lady Eris is so cute when she is meek like this.

    I understand old man Sauros' feelings.

    This will make you want to spoil her.

    Rather, what happened to the old man I wonder.


    Right now, it's better not to think about it.

    "Let's give it our best. Eris you should go to sleep. It's going to get busy starting tomorrow."

    I pat Eris on the head and return to my own bed.

    I meet eyes with Ruijerd.

    He overheard us it seems.

    It's a bit embarrassing.

    However, he closed his eyes soon after.

    It seems he's going to pretend he didn't hear us.

    Ah, he's a good person.

    If it was Paul he would have gone straight into teasing us.

    After all, it seems I can't just put off things about this person.

    However, Paul, huh.

    I wonder if everyone in Buina Village is doing well.

    I wonder if Paul and Sylphy are worried.

    I need to send a letter.

    I don't know if it will make it there though?

    [Even so, searching for a lost pet?]

    I have no idea what that Hitogami is plotting, but this time only I'll just obey without thinking about it.


    Thus, this is how our first day as Adventurers peacefully ended.

    The city Rikaris, house address number 2 in Kiribu's Row.[37]

    The architecture of the first floor is constructed as a long building that has 4 entrances.

    The people who live in there cannot be seen as rich, but they are not poor to the extent of struggling in the slums, and are the average populace of the Magic continent.

    In that place, there are 3 shadows moving about; 2 small shadows and a big shadow. They slowly lumbered around, arrogantly as if there is no one around.

    And they stopped in front one of the doors without incident.

    [Hello. The people from the adventurer's guild have come--]

    A young boy's voice rings out loudly while he knocks on the door.

    It is strange.

    There are no adventurers in this area who will use such a courteous tone. Where adventurers are concerned, they are basically people who belong to the rough type.

    But the resident of this house is deceived by the gentle voice and opens the door with a clank. What emerges from the door is a young girl who's about 7-8 years old, with a long tail behind her like a lizard and she has a forked tongue, carrying the traits of the Houga race.

    The young boy smiles at the young girl and speaks.

    [My sincere greetings, is this Meisel-san's residence?]

    [Yes, w, what is this regarding?]

    [Ah, my sincere apologies for not saying this earlier. I am Rudeus from <Dead End>, indeed.]

    [D, Dead End?]

    The girl also knows the name of <Dead End>, the evil devil from the Superd race that killed indiscriminately, accomplishing many military exploits in the Laplace war.

    He is the most brutal individual.

    If anyone meets him, they will only have a dead end. Anyone who had encountered him would say [If I didn't run away with everything I had, I would have died long ago].

    This name is the definition of fear, and even amongst the adventurers who claim they are capable of defeating any Monsters, will tremble violently when they hear the name <Dead End>.

    Meisel also knows the special traits of <Dead End>, and he is definitely not this pipsqueak.

    [We have accepted your request to find your pet. I would like to inquire about the details, may I know if you have the time?]

    Dead End.

    This is a frightening name, and the two people behind him are also strange, but after looking at the young boy who has used excessively polite words, her fear diminishes.

    Furthermore, they are adventurers who seem to have accepted her request.

    [Please help me find my Mii.]

    [Yes, the name is Mii-chan right? It's a really adorable name.]

    [It's a name that I picked.]

    [Ah, your naming sense is really wonderful.]

    Meisel becomes very pleased after hearing these words.

    [Well then, what does Mii-chan look like?]

    Meisel slowly describes the appearance of the pet, and how it disappeared three days ago without returning home. Usually when she calls for it, it will come running, and how it should be hungry now, and so forth.

    She speaks in a way befitting of her age as she doesn't get to the point.

    The average adult will find her speaking manner to be annoying, and most likely return without listening to what she has to say. But the young boy finishes listening to everything that she has to say with a smile, nodding earnestly in response to every sentence.

    [I got it. Then we will set off to find it. Please leave it to <Dead End>!]

    The young boy suddenly gives a thumbs up, and strangely, the two people behind him also give a thumbs up. Meisel imitates them by also giving a thumbs up even though she doesn't understand what's happening.

    Confirming this, the young boy turns on his heels to go back. The hooded girl beside him also accompanies him. The biggest man squats down and place his hand on her head and speaks.

    [We will definitely help you to find it, please wait without any worries.]

    His face has a very long scar, and there's a gem on his forehead. His hair color is a speckled blue, and his face is very frightening. But the hand on her head is very warm, and she nods lightly.

    [I, I leave it to you.]

    [Aah, just leave it to us.]

    To the three people who are leaving, Meisel looks at their backs and asks the biggest person.

    [Excuse me, what is your name?]


    He makes a short reply and turns his back to her. Meisel's face is dyed red, and she mutters the name Ruijerd.

    --Rudeus's point of view--

    After meeting with the client, I certainly grasped the crux of the request.

    It seems that I had imitated the worker who does door-to-door sales in my past life pretty well.

    It's fine if I get laughed at by other adventurers, but we must give the clients a good first impression.

    We need to use a respectful attitude to speak with them.

    [As expected of you, to have such acting skills.]

    When I feel relieved over how things turned out, Ruijerd speaks to me.

    [No, no, Ruijerd-san, the final thing that you did is just too amazing.]

    [The final thing? What are you talking about?]

    [Didn't you say something after you placed your hand on that child's head?]

    That was completely ad lib.

    It made me fear for a moment, but it seemed to have gotten unexpected results.

    [Ahh, you're talking about that, what's so good about it?]

    What do you mean by "what's so good about it"?

    That young girl was looking at Ruijerd with her face completely bright red. If I am looked upon by that type of expression in her eyes, my reasoning would have flown away to the skies.

    But if I say the following words with a straight face, the Ruijerd who likes kids will probably warn me with a sullen face.

    [Haha, that girl is completely infatuated with Aniki, gwehehehe.]

    So I pretend to use a joking tone and use my elbow to poke Ruijerd's leg, and he smiles wryly and says without confidence.

    [That's not true.]

    [Ohohoho, if Aniki gets serious, that lass...... Ouch!]

    My head gets knocked with a bashing sound, and when I turn my head back I see Eris pouting.

    [Stop that strange laugh! Isn't it just acting skills?]

    It seems that she's not used to my sleazy behavior. She has started to hate low-life people ever since the kidnapping incident. Every time when she sees people who look like bandits in the city Roa, she will frown.

    Even though it's just a joke, it seems that she is unable to stomach it.

    [I'm sorry.]

    [Sheesh! The Greyrats mustn't make vulgar smiles like that.]

    I nearly snort in laughter when I listen to her words.

    I have heard it, Madam.

    Eris is talking about elegance.

    That Eris who won't give up until the door is smashed down has become so graceful.

    But even if you say that, you shouldn't do something like how you suddenly assaulted someone yesterday.

    No, just look at Sauros and you should understand. Is it possible that violently beating someone all of a sudden is considered graceful?

    No, that can't be possible, right?

    ............ I'm not sure how Asura nobles classify grace.

    [By the way, are we capable of finding the pet?]

    Since I'm not clear about it, I'll just change the topic. From what I gather, the pet seems to be a cat. Its color is black, and it has been with her since she was young. The size seems to be large as the young girl gestured by spreading her arms wide apart. Judging from that, it's about the size of a Shiba inu, which is big enough for a cat.

    [Certainly. We already promised to find it.]

    Ruijerd clearly asserts it. How reliable.

    Just like that, Ruijerd walks in front without any hesitation in his footsteps.

    However, I am a little uneasy. Even if Ruijerd has a radar, it will not be easy to find a small animal in the city.

    [Do you have a plan?]

    [The movements of animals are simple, take a look.]

    Ruijerd points to an area, and even though it's not distinct there, it certainly has the sign of paw prints. That's too amazing, I didn't even notice that at all.

    [We can find it using the paw prints?]

    [No, this is another cat, it's smaller than what she described.]

    I see, indeed the size of the paw print belongs to an average cat, well, even though I think the young girl has exaggerated with her gesturing.


    [There's something that entered the prey's territory.]

    [Is that so?]

    [Absolutely. The scent has gotten faint.]

    The scent? Is this guy dividing the territory using his sense of smell?

    [Over here.]

    Ruijerd walks in the inner alley as if he understood something. I followed him silently, even though I don't really understand it, I have a hunch that things are looking up. The assistants of famous detectives probably have this sort of feeling.

    Chasing and cornering the criminal, do a frightening interrogation and use magic to torture them into confession. In any case everything will be solved quickly, meet the infamous detective Ruijerd.

    Just kidding.

    [It has been found, I'm afraid it's this guy.]

    Ruijerd points at a corner in the alley. You found what? What do you mean by "I'm afraid."?

    I completely have no idea what's going on. At least I can't see any signs of paw prints.


    Ruijerd smoothly advances in the alley without any hesitations in his footsteps. He continues deeper into the alley that keeps on getting narrower, until it is an area where only cats can pass through.

    Even though I don't know how he is able to do what he's doing, perhaps he's tracking the prints successfully.

    [Look here, there are signs of a battle.]

    Ruijerd stops at the end of an alley and calls me to look at it. I am unable to see any signs, there is no blood there and the ground does not seem to have been affected whatsoever.

    [Over here.]

    Ruijerd continues to walk in front of us. What a wonderful job this is, since Eris and I only need follow him.

    Going out of the alley, cutting across the road, entering and exiting repeatedly, and finally going back into the alley again.

    We hurriedly advance forward at the areas where we feel we might get lost.

    After exiting a certain alley, the surroundings have started to change. There are a few more signs of desolation everywhere, the houses are more dilapidated, the walls more exposed, the building materials cruder.

    There are people who glare at us with frightened expressions and many dirty kids around.

    This is the slum area, but I slowly start to think that this is maybe not the case.[38]

    It feels more like we have entered a secret path and gotten lost somewhere. In an instant, my alertness level rises up.

    [Eris, please get ready to use your sword.]

    [..... Why?]

    [It's just a precaution. Also, if there is anyone who passes by, be wary of your back.]

    [O, okay, I got it.....!]

    I caution Eris in advance.

    There is also Ruijerd around so I don't think there will be problems. But the results will be disastrous if there is a mistake made due to completely relying on someone else.

    One's own safety has to be guarded by themselves.

    When I think up to this point, I tightly hold on to the bag containing the money. Even though there is not a lot in it, I cannot allow it to be pickpocketed.

    From time to time, a few of the ruffians would glare at Ruijerd, but they would immediately avert their eyes away when Ruijerd glares back at them.

    The power behind his eyes is not just for show.

    Never mind about the adventurers in the city, they are probably even more wary of the strong people.

    [Is it really in this place?]

    [I can't be certain.]

    Ruijerd's reply is really unreliable. Did you not move around without any hesitation earlier?

    No...... Even though he is a person with few words, Ruijerd must have discovered something, I will trust him. After walking a certain distance, Ruijerd stops in front of a house.

    [This is the place.]

    In front of us is a staircase going down, and at the end of the staircase is a door. It feels like a bar where the Visual-kei musicians would gather. Of course, there is no popular rock and roll music coming out from there, and there is no bald bouncer wearing a pair of sunglasses to welcome people.

    Instead, what emits out from that place is the stench of animals.

    It's like walking past a pet's store, and there's a certain animal stench wafting about.

    And then, there's the stench of crime here.

    [How many people are there?]

    [There's no one inside, but there are a lot of animals.]

    [Then let us go in.]

    Since there is no one around, there's no special need to hesitate.

    I walk down the staircase intending to push the door open. But the door is locked so I use Earth Magic to open it.

    I first confirm the surroundings to ensure no one is inside and enter the room.

    Just to be safe, I lock the door from the inside. It feels like we are thieves.

    We continue down towards the dark corridor.

    [Eris, protect our backs.]

    [I got it.]

    If anyone enters, Ruijerd will probably be aware of it immediately.

    Under Ruijerd's lead, we enter the inner section of the house.

    Deep into the corridor's area, there is a door which leads to a small room and another door. After passing through these two doors, I hear the chaotic cries of animals in my ears. In the innermost room, there are various cages placed close to each other. A large number of animals are trapped in these cages.

    Dogs, cats, and animals that I have never seen before all packed densely in the same room, that's about the size of a classroom.

    [..... T, this is......]

    Eris utters a trembling voice.

    As for me, at the same time that I'm thinking on what had happened in this room, I consider the possibility of finding the pet to be high since there are so many animals here.

    [Ruijerd-san, is the cat we want to find here?]

    [Yes, it's that one.]

    He immediately makes a reply and I follow his finger.

    .................. There seems to be a cat that looks like a black panther.

    Huge, that's really huge, it's two times bigger than when the young girl spreads out her arms.

    [I, it's really this guy?]

    [Definitely, take a look at the collar.]

    The black panther's collar does indeed have <Mii-chan> written on it.

    [Looks like it's really Mii-chan.]

    Alright, the request is indeed completed, we just need to get the panther out of the cage and finish it by bringing it to the young girl's home.

    No, wait, what about the other animals?

    Taking another look, there are many animals wearing collars and leg bands, and are written similarly like how <Mii-chan> is written. No matter how you look at it, they are pets.

    At the corner of the room there are rope-like things placed there, and the word that I associate with ropes is "catch".

    Catching someone's high grade pet, and selling it somewhere at a high price, there seems to be this form of business.

    Although I don't think there's any law regulating this in this world, it's certainly not something good. If I have to define it, it's thievery.


    Ruijerd turns his face to the entrance, and Eris also notices it.

    [Someone has entered.]

    I did not sense that since I am drowning in the animals' cries.

    Leaving Ruijerd-san aside, Eris has also clearly understood someone entered.

    Alright, what should we do, there isn't much time required to go to the entrance from here. Should we run away? No, there's nowhere to run, and there's only one single path.

    [For the time being, let's catch them.]

    We're illegal trespassers so the negotiation option is abandoned. This place is highly likely to be a crime scene, but it's also possible that this place is legitimate.

    In any case we should tie them up, and if they are good people we will attempt to negotiate to seal their lips. If they are bad people, we will beat them up to seal their lips.

    After a few minutes.

    I look at the three people lying at the corner of the room. Two men and one woman. Ruijerd knocks them out cold in an instant, and I use Earth Magic to handcuff them, and rouse them up with water.

    Due to one of the men shouting loudly, I use a cloth that is lying nearby to stuff his mouth. The other two are actually quiet, but I stuff their mouths as well to be fair.


    My heart suddenly has a query as to why things have turned out this way.

    The request we accepted should be an E-grade job, finding a cat that has lost its way. We followed Ruijerd since he said to leave it to him, and we soon lost our way in the slums without knowing it. We entered a house, found many captured animals and when we finally come to our senses, for some reason we have tied people up.

    Our request is obviously not to catch people.

    The way how things have turned out is absolutely that Hitogami's fault, he must have predicted that things will end up this way.

    The situation has become a little troublesome. If only we did not accept the request to find a missing pet.

    I start to inspect the three people.

    Man A, Demon race.

    There are no eye whites in his eyes, and he has compound eyes and looks a little disgusting. It's that guy who made a racket earlier. He gives out the vibe of a crude person who's used to fighting. I seem to remember seeing the name of the race in Roxy's encyclopedia, but I am unable to recall it.

    I only remember that there's poison in their saliva, and I had a question back then which was, what's going to happen if they had to kiss someone.

    Man B, Demon race.

    He has a face that looks like a lizard and his appearance is a little different compared to the guard. Since it's a lizard's face, I can't read his expression. But judging from his eyes, they show signs of reasoning and he is wary of us.

    Woman A, Demon race.

    She has eyes that are similar to compound eyes and her frightened expression looks really disgusting. But her body figure is quite good so it sort of cancels it out.

    Well then, it's useless to just stare at them. If I'm to question them, who should I pick?

    Who's the one that will be most likely to spill out the information we require, the males or the female?

    Woman A looks like she's terrified, perhaps if we just threaten her a little and she might confess to everything.

    No, women are prone to lying. In order to allow herself to survive she might weave up some lies that don't connect things together. Even though I don't think all the women in the world are like this. At least Ojou-sama is that kind of person.

    But if I listen to these lies and get angry, I will not be able to differentiate the truth from the lies. So Woman A is eliminated.

    Then, which guy should I pick?

    How about Man A? He seems to be easily agitated and has the strongest body out of the three, as well as a scar on his face. I feel that he's best at fighting and has a simple mind, and even said [What the hell are you doing], and [Take this pair of handcuffs off.].

    How about Man B? I don't quite understand his expression and he is closely observing us. He does not look stupid and if he's not an idiot, he might think up of some lies in this situation.

    I pick Man A.

    Since he easily lost his cool earlier, with a little provocation and leading, I feel that he will divulge the important things to us.

    Well, if that does not work out, there are the other two people that we can interrogate.

    I remove the cloth from Man A, but he only glares at me without saying anything.

    [I have a few questions that I want to ask, and I want you to speak honestly, and I won't--- wha!?]

    I get kicked flying out easily all of a sudden, partly due to my unsteady balance because I am kneeling. I fly towards to the back and roll on the ground, knocking my head onto the wall, and I feel like I am seeing stars

    Damn it, that really hurt.

    This person really is a simple fool. At this situation he actually dares to kick the person who captured him, it seems like he probably did not consider at all what will happen if we get angry.

    [Eh? Hey! Stop!]

    Eris starts crying out and I immediately jump upwards. He removes his handcuffs during the moment that I started thinking in my mind.

    Man A is probably doing something to Eris, trying to take Eris hostage under Ruijerd's watch......


    No, what enters my eyes is the short spear stabbed into Man A's throat. Ruijerd has stabbed Man A to death, and Eris watches him in stark astonishment.

    The short spear is twisted horizontally before being pulled out and the blood spatters everywhere, staining the walls with crimson red speckles. Man A rolls backwards, his face hitting on the ground, and his blood continuously gushing out from his throat. The blood slowly oozes out from his back and spreads out on the ground to become a red pool.

    The scent that gets released to the air is the smell of blood.

    That man's body had convulsed once in that single moment and didn't move again.

    He died. He didn't even utter a sound and died, killed by Ruijerd.

    [W... W....... Why did you kill him?]

    My voice starts to tremble.

    It's not the first time seeing a dead person. Ghyslaine had killed someone in order to save me, but this is a little different. Why is my body shivering and my heart filling with dread.

    (What's wrong, what am I scared of?)

    Afraid of someone dying? That's impossible, people dying in this world is a daily occurrence, and I know that clearly. But even if my mind understands that fact, perhaps it's different in reality when I see it for the first time? Then if that's the case, why didn't I feel anything when Ghyslaine killed the kidnapper?

    [Because he kicked a child.]

    Ruijerd uses a matter-of-fact tone, and says it indifferently.

    Ah, so that's it. I understand now, I'm not afraid of someone dying.

    It's a small matter to be kicked once, but I'm afraid of the Ruijerd who killed him as naturally as breathing.

    Didn't Roxy once say it before?

    [The Human race and Demon race differ a lot when it comes to common sense, and something might detonate because of what you shouldn't say.]

    That's right. What if Ruijerd points his spear towards me? This man is incredibly powerful, even stronger than Ghyslaine, can I win with my Magic?

    I should be able to resist. I have attempted many simulation battles against the people who are used to close combat. Paul, Ghyslaine and Eris. The people amongst me are close combat experts, and Ruijerd is probably the strongest amongst them. Therefore I have no confidence that I can say that I'm capable of a [Victory], but if he really wants to kill me, I have a number of ways to resist. But, what if he aims at Eris? Can I protect her at all?


    [Y, you can't kill him!]

    I say that in a panic.

    [Why is that? He's a bad person?]

    Ruijerd gets a huge shock after listening to me, completely unable to understand it from the bottom of his heart.


    How do I explain it properly?

    What do I want Ruijerd to do?

    But going back to the bottom line, why must he be killed? I don't have a good heart and I'll definitely snort in derision at the people who says something like [You can't kill people.].

    When my parents died I was exactly like that, I thought to myself that how bleak my future will be, and also thought "what does the funeral have anything to do with me", and compared to that, fulfilling my carnal desires is more important than the funeral.

    If I use an excuse like [You can't kill people!], the contents and meaning of that sentence will be distorted by my own personality.

    [There are reasons as to why you can't kill him.]

    I'm shaking. Get a hold of yourself.

    Right now I'm at the ends of my wits, I need to get a hold of myself before thinking.

    First of all, why am I trembling? Because I'm afraid. From the beginning I have thought Ruijerd is a gentle man, but he killed someone so easily. I had firmly believed that the Superd is a race that's just misunderstood.

    I am wrong.

    Even though I don't know what that race is like in reality, but Ruijerd isn't like that at the least. He has continued to kill the enemies since the Laplace war, and this is just another incident to him.

    Also, there's the possibility that he will point his spear at me or Eris; there's no eliminating that possibility.

    I'm not the pure person that Ruijerd thinks I am. Sooner or later I will anger him with my words. At that point of time I'll just leave the fact aside that he might get angry, as it's something that cannot be helped if our opinions differ. It's a type of quarrel that we might have, but I have never thought that we would fight to the death.

    No matter under what circumstances there is, there's no need to kill someone. Right now, at this very stage, it's an absolute necessity to correct Ruijerd.

    [Just do this, Ruijerd-san, please listen to me.]

    But I have not formed my words, what can I say? What can I say to make him understand? Plead with him not to kill us?

    Are you serious?

    Didn't I say a few days ago we are warriors that will fight along with him and not be under his protection? We are equals, and thus pleading is useless.

    I can't tell him, we have to give the other party a chance to explain himself, because Ruijerd himself doesn't recognize that logic.


    Why are we with Ruijerd?

    Because we want to get rid of the Superd's infamy. If Ruijerd kills someone, the image of the Superd race will turn for the worse, and that is without question.

    So there is a need to persuade him not to fight with other adventurers. The image of the Superd race is absolutely horrible, and no matter how many good deeds that he does, they will not be recognized once he kills someone.

    All that effort will come to naught and Ruijerd will be seen as a notorious individual.

    That's right, therefore he must not kill. We must not let people associate the Superd race with the word fear.

    [If Ruijerd kills someone, the Superd's infamy will spread.]

    [......... That means I can't kill bad people too?]

    [It doesn't matter what person is killed, it matters who the killer is.]

    I carefully pick my choice of words.

    [I don't understand.]

    [If someone from the Superd race kills, the meaning is different, it's like a Monster has killed someone.]

    Ruijerd turns a little sullen after hearing that, it might be possible that he considers that as an insult to his race.

    [.......... I don't understand why that is the case.]

    [People consider the Superd race as a race that only kills, and they are evil devils that will immediately kill someone if they are slightly unhappy.]

    I might have worded that a little too heavily, but the world does view it that way and I'm trying to change that point.

    [It's easy to just claim that the Superd race are not evil devils. But if you use actions to demonstrate it, many people will change their views.]


    [But once you kill someone, everything will fail to come to fruition and people will certainly view the Superd race as evil devils.]

    [That's absurd.]

    [Don't you have any knowledge of it? That you saved someone and become good friends with them, only to have their attitudes changed quickly?]

    [............. I do.]

    I finish the conclusion in my heart and round things up.

    [But if you don't kill anyone at all without exception......]

    [What will happen?]

    [People will think that the Superd race have reason in them.]

    Will it really be like that? Not killing someone in this world will be perceived as having reason?

    No, now is not the time to think of this. I should not be wrong. Ruijerd has killed too many people, and they will naturally treat the Superd race as one who will kill people indiscriminately. If he doesn't kill anyone, this viewpoint should change, it's a coherent expectation.

    [Please don't kill anymore, for the sake of the Superd race.]

    To kill or not kill, must undergo judgment. But I do not know the standards of this world's evaluation criteria. Ruijerd's judgment is probably over the top. Amongst the two extremes, it's too difficult to see where this line lies, and if that's the case, it's better to completely forbid all future actions.

    [Since no one can see what happened here, isn't it fine?]

    Ruijerd's words nearly make me want to flip a table and cry in dismay.

    "Since no one is watching me so I can commit atrocious deeds", may I inquire where did this elementary school student come from?

    This fellow over here, have you really lived for more than 500 years?

    [Even if you think that someone hasn't seen you, there will be people who have seen it right?]

    [But there's no one around here?]

    Oh shit, I have forgotten about the stone on his forehead.

    [There are people who have seen it.]


    Right here.

    [Didn't Eris and I see that?]


    [Please don't kill anyone anymore, we don't want to feel scared looking at Ruijerd-san.]

    [...... Very well.]

    At the final end of everything, I seem to have persuaded him with my tears forming up.

    I really don't have confidence in my words.

    But Ruijerd nods.

    [Then I shall entreat you to do this.]

    I lower my head to Ruijerd and state that. I look at my hand that keeps on shivering. Calm down. This thing is normal.

    Alright, breath in.


    But I still cannot calm down, my heartbeats are still not slowing down. What about Eris, is she afraid?

    I glance at her and she looks composed, even though she was surprised at what had happened, but she soon shows an expression that his death is justified.

    No, I feel that she completely doesn't think that's it's a brutal affair.

    But her crossed arms with parted feet, and a jutted chin is her most common posture. Even if her heart shakes, her actions are the same as usual.

    Since she's already that composed, how can I be trembling?

    My hands stop shivering.

    [Then, let's continue with the interrogation.]

    I forcibly smile in this room thick with the stench of blood.

    Well, it's time for the interrogation to begin.

    Who should I interrogate first, the man or the woman?

    The bug-eyes woman looks quite frightened and she is desperately making muffled cries, wanting to escape from us. Looking at that frightened expression is truly stimulating...... but I will leave that aside.

    If I remove her gag, she will start screaming and every word that comes out from her is going to be incoherent.

    If she is to be interrogated, it is best to calm her down a little before doing so.

    The lizard-face man over there has a face that is difficult to analyze, and I am unclear to what his expression means when his face changes.

    I only feel that he is somehow turning pale.

    He meticulously observes his surroundings and our various expressions in turn. I am certain he is contemplating deeply on how to survive this.

    Ruijerd is repenting on how things had transpired where he ended up killing someone. It's easy to speak to a simplistic person.

    Preferably, it should be better if I question both the man and woman after removing their gags right?

    I'll move one of them to another room and separately cross-examine them, and then compile the information later on.

    Alright, I'll do this.

    [Eris, please watch over that woman.]

    [I got it.]

    Eris gives a strong nod.

    I bring the man to the corridor, and I get Ruijerd to assist me since I am unable to carry him up by myself. I bring him to a place in the corridor where sound will not be able to transmit over, and I carefully remove the gag in order not to get bitten by him.

    [Please answer my questions.]

    [I, I'll talk, I'll tell you everything, please don't kill me.]

    [Very good, I'll let you off if you tell me.]

    [E, eek--!]

    I smile in order to assure him but he becomes frightened. I thought that he is a calm person but it seems that it is not the case.

    [Where did the animals in this house come from?]

    [W, we picked them up.]

    [Wo~~ah, that's amazing! Then...... where did you pick them up from?]

    [No, that's........]

    His eyes wander everywhere, looking at me first, then at Ruijerd. Is he still trying to lie?

    [I, it's around here.....]

    His lying skills are terrible. I thought that he looked clever from his expression but it seems that he is not.

    [I see! The animals are raining down everywhere in the city! .......... You bastard, are you treating me like an idiot because I look like a child?]

    I threaten him a little.

    [N, not at all.]

    It is still not working. Using this body to threaten someone feels really foolish. I am only ten years old after all. Oh well, I will threaten him a little more.


    A snapping sound emits from my finger, and at the same time a mini explosion happens in front of the man's eyes.


    The tip of the man's nose burns.

    [Wh, what are you doing!?]

    I ignore his complaints.

    [Hey, think about your answers a little more thoroughly, you don't want to die, right?]

    The man trembles all over, perhaps he has recalled the person that just died. I suddenly remembered the exchange between Ruijerd and me was done in the Demon God language. They were able to clearly hear about the Superd race and what not.

    Well, that's fine. Since they already know about it, I'll use it as much as possible.

    [I must say, you already know this right? That man, even though his hair is dyed blue, he's the real <Dead End>. As for me, my age doesn't match my appearance.]

    [The real <Dead End>......?]

    [I'm the same type like you, just quickly tell me the truth, and perhaps I will help you out.]

    The dialogue progresses into this direction.

    [But..... Eek!]

    The man casts a glance at Ruijerd but immediately moves his eyes away, he probably had been glared at.

    [Please tell us. What are you, doing, here?]

    [W, we kidnap the animals.....]

    [Oh, kidnap the animals?]

    [We then pretend to search for the animals if the request to search for the pet is up.]

    [I see.]

    This is probably true although I am unable to verify it. The things that have happened so far seem to fit the circumstances and it is believable. Though this particular request we received belongs to an innocent girl, there is also another request [The search for a rich madam's Christine-chan] that was up.

    Even though there is a minimum and maximum reward limit for each request's rank, but it might be possible there is an additional reward from the person who made the request.

    If there is enough luck, just searching for pets alone will be able to make someone strike it rich.

    [Then, what do you do with the pets if there isn't any request to search for them?]

    [We will release it after a while......]

    [Hoh, isn't it worth much more to sell it to a pet shop?]

    [Hah! If we did that it would be traced back to us.]

    Just as the man wanted to scorn me, Ruijerd smashes the butt of his spear onto the ground, making him shake.

    As expected of Ruijerd, your timing to threaten him to make him remember his position when he is about to get conceited is completely perfect!

    [You've certainly paid a lot of attentions to the details.]

    [O, of course.]

    [If it's me, I'd sell the animals that have been caught. I'd chop it up into pieces and sell to a butcher. That way things won't get divulged right?]

    In this world that deems the Monsters' meat as a delicacy, even if it's not reared it can be sold. Ah, the lizard man is showing me an expression of "I can't believe this".

    Why is he doing this?

    Is the great king land tortoise meat different from the pet tortoise meat?!

    [Rudeus, are you planning to sell these guys to a butcher?]

    As I turn my head around, Ruijerd states this dangerous notion out. I see, so this lizard man is also thinking in this direction.

    [That might possibly be a great idea......]

    I decide to threaten him, and the lizard man's face spasms.

    Ahh, I know of this expression.

    How nostalgic.

    I have seen this expression very clear before in my past life.


    Ruijerd-san, please don't glare at my back that way. Your glare is strong enough to burn a hole in me. I am just kidding, I will not do that again.

    [Well, we're just looking for a cat and we're not the champions of justice, so we can pretend not to have seen anything and leave.]

    [R, really?]

    [But since you know Ruijerd is a real Superd, what should we do with you?]

    [W, we won't tell anyone! Besides who will believe us if we say that <Dead End> is in this city?]

    [No, they will believe it. Because as you know, bad news travel fast.]

    Particularly the bad news that are unfavorable to us. If we maintain that mentality to avoid this there can be no harm done.

    [To me, killing everyone here and burying you is the most convenient method.]

    [P, please let me off..... I'll do anything, please let me off......!]

    Since I received such a plea, I can stop the threats. But what should I do? They are the culprits behind the pet kidnappings and are bad people. Even though that's the case, they are just small time villains who will not become a big threat. If we leave them alone, there should not be any trouble as well.

    But they saw Ruijerd killing someone, and thus may possibly become an obstacle for Ruijerd to become a popular person. I really want to remove them to prevent any impediments in the future.

    But killing them is not acceptable, as I just told Ruijerd that we cannot kill them.

    Then how about sending them to the city guards? No, no matter how it is, they are simply just kidnapping pets. If we hand them off to the police, they will not receive harsh punishments. If they are just given a fine, they might remember this incident with hatred.

    Even though if their attitude now is laudable, they might forget everything once the danger has passed.

    If it's possible, I want to observe them from somewhere and threaten them from time to time, but at least they will feel that they are safe. Still, doing something like this has a certain risk to it. They might accumulate resentment to us if we continuously threaten them, and end up as a pure grudge against us.

    After all, we were the ones who killed a person on their side.

    It can be used as a material for threatening them right now, but sooner or later it will become fodder for resentment.

    If they cannot be killed and cannot be handed to the police, then should we win them over? Perhaps we can have them by our side to earn money and raise our levels. We can gather information in the city and assign them to miscellaneous stuff.

    If it's necessary we can take over the business of pet abduction.

    But if I do this Ruijerd's attitude will probably turn for the worse. In his eyes, the people here are considered as evil, and it will be fine even if they are killed. He will most likely not work with them.

    Hmmm----- I'll rearrange these various solutions' risks and return.

    1. Kill them.

    Risk: Ruijerd becomes confused + we will adopt a bad habit of killing everyone if there are any problems.

    Return: There is no need to worry about the future + we are able to steal their money.

    2. Sending them to the guards.

    Risk: They might bear hatred for us.

    Return: We might receive some fame.

    3. Leave them alone.

    Risk: They might bear hatred for us

    Return: None at all.

    4. Win them over.

    Risk: My companion will be upset and be seen as a handler for doing bad deeds.

    Return: Close surveillance of them + we will be able to receive help from them as henchmen.

    I feel that "1" is not a good solution to our future plans. Even though I am not a champion of justice, to kill someone will mean that any other considerations have been cut off. I believe that sooner or later there will be retribution to this.

    With "2" and "3", there are low risks and low returns. Even if we're hated by them, it's a simple thing for Ruijerd to catch them, but it will ultimately end with their deaths. This will end up as double effort.

    Then I can only pick 4? Ruijerd's impression of me might turn for the worse, but we have the realistic issue of desperately requiring money. That's right, it is money. We need money now.

    With these henchmen we can earn money and even have them kidnap pets. If they join our party, we can distribute the burden for Rank F jobs. It's important to raise our ranks, and we will only be stable if we can do jobs that are Rank C and above.

    ............ Hm?

    [Earlier, you said that you returned the pets back, are you adventurers?]

    [Y, yes.]

    They are actually adventurers.

    [Your ranks?]

    [I, it's D rank.]

    And their ranks are higher than ours.

    [Why would a D rank receive an E rank job.]

    [Ahh, we can go to C rank, but we can stabilize our income if we search for pets at E rank.]

    If they reach C rank, they will not be able to receive E rank jobs, and so they keep staying at D rank. There are people like this who would do E rank jobs without any worries? Their actions are the definition of fraud.

    If it is us, we will quickly raise our ranks to do C and B rank jobs.

    But there are adventurers out there who are not good at fighting, right?

    Hmm, perhaps we can just get them to receive C jobs and we will help finish it and share the rewards equally.

    Wait, if that's the case we will not raise our ranks.


    Suddenly a flash of lightning streaks across my mind.

    Ah, I thought of a good idea.

    [Hey...... Are you still able to do this job without that guy?]

    [N, no, we won't do something like this anymore, we will do legitimate---]

    [Just tell us the truth.]

    [We can do it! That guy has been overseeing our work, threatening us to get his share!]

    Are you serious? That is pretty good luck...... That means we can get the 1 out of 3 share.

    That is Hitogami's intention.

    [Alright, let's party up.]

    Ruijerd roars behind me as I finish speaking.

    [Party up!? What are you talking about!]

    [Ruijerd-san, can you be silent just for a little while?]


    [I won't do anything bad.]


    Looking back at him, Ruijerd's expression is indeed a terrible one. Even though I think this is a good idea, should I stop this plan? But this plan is perfect, we can earn money, raise our ranks and Ruijerd's reputation will improve. A plan that completely covers everything...... Supposedly.

    I turn back to the lizard man.

    [You just said earlier that you will do anything right?]

    [I, if you spare my life, I, I'll give you money.]

    [I don't want it. In replacement, get a higher rank.]


    I start to explain.

    [Listen, we're all fighters, and even though we're not bad at finding pets, our efficiency will go up if we do jobs to suppress monsters.]

    [I, I see..... but why do you want to do this job?]

    [Because of certain events we became adventurers.]

    [O, oh......]

    [Well, leaving this aside.]

    The topic seems to be digressing, I should move it back to the original intention.

    [We can accept job requests for fighting, but our levels are too low and we can't receive it. In reverse you can receive fighting requests but you won't accept them. Do you understand what I'm talking about so far?]

    [Y, yes.]

    [So we will exchange our jobs.]

    The lizard's head tilts a little upon hearing these words.

    [W, what do you mean?]

    [You will receive the C or B rank jobs, and we need to raise our ranks by searching for missing pets. We will do the job requests that you receive, while you do the job requests we receive.]

    [P, please wait a moment. If other party report on the jobs we receive.......]

    [Fool! When we report we will switch and report on our own jobs!]


    Man B finally gets it.

    We will: Receive E rank jobs, do B rank jobs. Then report E rank jobs to receive the rewards.

    They will: Receive B rank jobs, and do E rank jobs. Then report B rank jobs to receive the rewards.

    With this process, we will exchange our rewards at the end. This might present a problem in the rules, but I heard that higher ranks can help complete a lower rank request. We only reversed this rule a little, and we did not do anything illegal.

    [We want the money and the rank, while you want a stable life. This is a win-win situation. How about this, we can take a portion out of the reward from B rank and give it to you.]

    [A p-portion from the B rank......]

    The lizard man swallows. The reward from the B rank is very high. The carrot and the stick. If only the stick is used we will get betrayed, so it's necessary to give them the carrot. We must get them to join us on their own volition.

    [But there's a condition.]

    [C, condition?]

    [Yes, spread the name of <Dead End>.]

    [Spread..... but everyone knows the name already right?]


    [Spread the name <Dead End> to be good. Spread the good deeds that we do even if you have to lie.]

    [Why do you need to do that......?]

    Why, hmm. If I tell him Ruijerd's long history, will they believe it? No, that's impossible. This person had just watched his party member killed by Ruijerd. Even if they are not on good terms, but it is likely the fact of the Superd race being a terrifying race has taken root in this person's heart .

    [It's good to not know certain things, you understand that right?]

    [..... I, I got it.]

    I find a random excuse, but he seems to have understood.

    [It's enough to spread your name?]

    [Yes, but don't spread any bad stuff about us alright? We have someone here that will pursue things until the end.]

    The man looks at Ruijerd once and nods.

    [Then help us raise our ranks as much as possible, let's have a nice partnership.]

    [A, ahh.]

    [We will meet at the adventurer's guild tomorrow morning, don't be absent, okay?]

    I pat his back.

    In any case, I questioned the female as well to gain additional information.

    They are experts at finding pets. It seems that they have been doing something like this from the beginning. Sometimes they will protect pets that have obviously lost their way.

    They thought they might save a lot of effort if they caught it. As they rose in rank they went in the direction of kidnapping them.

    At first they did it carefully, but Man A found out when they were catching the pets one day. Man A forcefully entered their party and stated himself as a bodyguard. He became the leader and expanded the operations. By claiming that he's getting bodyguard fees and to entertain himself with women, he took a larger share of the money when it comes to splitting up the reward.

    At least this woman doesn't mind if we killed him. Our luck is really too good.

    Just to add on, the lizard man's name is Jalil, and the woman's name is Veskel.

    After a short chat with them, I remove their handcuffs.

    During the time when we bring the cat out of the house, Ruijerd glares at me.

    [Hey, what was that supposed to mean!]

    [Hmm, what do you mean by that?]

    Ruijerd grabs me by the front of my shirt, and my legs are left dangling in the air.

    [Don't feign ignorance! They are bad people! You actually partnered with them!?]

    Ruijerd is really angry. Looking at that terrifying expression makes me recall the fact that he just killed someone.

    [T, they are indeed bad people, but they are just a little bad. They didn't do something terrible.]

    [There are no differences when they do bad things, bad people are bad people!]

    I already knew things will end up this way, but why are my legs and voice trembling, and the corners of my eyes tearing up?

    [I, I just want to say, this plan, kills two birds with one stone......]

    [...... So I'm asking you what do you mean by that!]

    Ruijerd seems that he is unable to accept it.

    Trouble. I'm so frightened that my thoughts are shut down. My mind is rattled and controlled by my chattering teeth.

    [Bad people will not keep their words!]

    Ruijerd glares and roars at me.


    I have already considered that possibility. But this incident is considered a good thing for them too, and they have been threatened after all, so things should be fine temporarily.

    [What are you thinking, to actually party up with them!]

    I hesitate upon hearing that.

    Indeed, there is no real need to cooperate with them or anything like that. Just spend a bit of time to do jobs, and if there's no money we can simply hunt Monsters, accept requests one at a time and raise our ranks bit by bit. That will work just as well.

    Even if we don't make use of them we can still accomplish things, so the road is just only a little further.

    Should we give up on this? Should we go back and kill them all right now? Let us swim in a sea of blood?

    I am hesitating.

    Am I right or wrong?


    A loud voice cuts my hesitation off.

    That ear shattering voice and Ruijerd's shaking body.

    [Take your hands off Rudeus!]

    Eris kicks on Ruijerd's butt, kick after kick.

    [What are you unsatisfied with!]

    Eris's loud voice is numbing my eardrums, and the surrounding people look over at us wondering if something has happened.

    [I don't like to work with bad people.]

    [Because you don't like it you're grumbling!? He's doing it because of you and me!]

    Ruijerd eyes open wide, and my feet touch the ground with a thump. Eris stops kicking, but her loud voice isn't stopping.

    [In the first place it's just catching animals!]

    [No, that fellow also kicked a child.]

    [So what if he did, I have also kicked before!]

    [..... But, a bad person is a bad person.]

    [Didn't you do something bad in the past too?]


    I'm grateful that you helped me out, but cutting deeply into the heart of the matter is not too good, you know that right?

    [Rudeus is amazing! If you let him do it, everything can be accomplished! So just be silent and do it!]


    [Don't complain because you're a little unhappy over something!]

    [I don't mean that.]

    [If you want to complain then go back! Rudeus and I can finish things on our own!]

    Ruijerd is clearly faltering before Eris's frantic expression.

    [...... I got it. I'm sorry.]

    In the end Ruijerd apologizes to me. It feels that he is forced by Eris's spirit and absolutely not because he has come to an understanding about this.

    [N, no, don't do this.....]

    Even though things ended like this, it feels like the difficulty has gone up by a lot, and this atmosphere makes me hesitate.

    It might have been too rash to cooperate with them, but since things have turned out this way, I am unable to change this outcome already. I feel like there are butterflies in my stomach but I can only proceed.

    I can only trust in this plan that I considered a good one from the beginning.

    Even if it is not because I don't trust myself.....

    After sending the cat back, the owner of the request is ravished with delight. The moment she sees the cat she dashes over and hugs it tightly in tears. Looks like it is greatly cherished.

    The cat is certainly docile.

    Even though it's really a black panther.

    [Thank you! Oh right! Here, have this!]

    A card that I'm not sure if it's made of metal, is passed into Ruijerd's hands.





    Words are written on it.

    [What is this?]

    [Adventurers actually don't know about this!?]

    The young girl's face is full of disbelief.

    I will not object you if you are willing to teach me.

    [If it's possible, please tell me.]

    [Well, if you bring this to the adventurer's guild, you can exchange it for money.]

    Ah. I see. D040023 is the request's number, even though I don't know what rule is used to create this number.

    In translation, [Putting a finger onto it and say a word of "Completed", the request's status will change to "Completed".]

    Is this a measure for theft prevention?

    No, if I do something like this wouldn't it be completed? Stealing this card and exchanging it for money...... No, it will definitely get revealed quickly. There should be some form of prevention.

    [But isn't this card written as completed from the start?]

    Isn't it normal to finish the card's completion only when the request is done?

    [Yup! I believe Ruijerd will be able to find it, so I completed it first!]

    Oh my, this child is really so adorable. A little girl that trusts someone else is really beautiful!

    Ruijerd strokes the girl's head.

    [Is that so...... Thanks for trusting me.]

    [Yeah! I believe that Evil Devil-san can be a good person too!]

    Ruijerd's expression seems to freeze upon listening to the words Evil Devil. I understand your feelings, but this is the reality amongst people's opinions.

    [Then Ojou-san, please do not forget about <Dead End>'s Ruijerd.]

    [Yup! If I lose my pet again, please help me!]

    This young girl's words slightly hurt my chest.

    When we return to the adventurer's guild the sky has already turned dark. We spent quite a bit of time, and we will go broke very soon if this happens every time.

    [Woah, they have returned.]

    [Oi, oi, did they find the missing pet!?]

    Once we entered the guild, the fellow with a horse head starts stirring things up. He's like a minotaur but his head is a horse. I can remember him because his features are distinct. Come to think of it, does this person stay in the guild all the time?

    [Oh? You're the person with a horse face from this morning...... You don't need to work today?]

    I find this type hard to handle. He's similar to the people that bullied me in the past. How should I say this, if I bully him now, everyone will say no.

    [W, what's with you? You're suddenly so courteous, it feels kind of strange......]

    Oops, damn it, I forgot about my acting skills. I'll manipulate him instead.

    [Isn't it Senpai who requested me to be respectful?]

    [O, oh, is that right?]

    The horse-faced man turns embarrassed.

    This person is really simple.

    [Thanks to you, the request has been completed.]


    I wave the completed card in front of him, and he shows sincere admiration.

    [Amazing. It's not easy to find a lost pet in this city you know?]

    Isn't that right. The reason for missing pets is due to people.

    [Well, to <Dead End>'s Ruijerd it isn't a problem.]

    [Are you serious..... The fake is actually pretty amazing.]

    [I already said it's the real deal!]

    In the end after acting it out, I go over to the counter and pass the completed card and our adventurers' identity cards over. After a while, along with our adventurers' identity cards, a coin that is alike to an old 100 yen coin is passed over to us.

    Hm, that's certainly cheap looking.

    [Hey--- How did you find the pet? Let me use it as reference too.]

    [I merely used some hunting techniques.]

    [Hunting! What's your tribe?]

    [....... Superd race.]

    [What, come on, I know the truth from looking at this necklace.]

    The horse-faced man eyes are concentrated onto Ruijerd's chest where Roxy's necklace is hanging from.

    [I'm Nokopara[39], Rank C.]

    [I'm Ruijerd, Rank F.]

    [I know you're Rank F. Well, if there's anything you don't know go ahead and ask, I'll teach you everything as a Senpai, gahahaha!]

    Ruijerd is happily talking to the horse-faced man (Nokopara). It's a good thing for the feared Ruijerd to be talking to someone. But I'm a little worried, if someone says something that he shouldn't say, will Ruijerd suddenly attack him? I hope this doesn't concern things about children.

    I'm also worried about Eris who is sitting beside me. I sneak a few glances at her, and at times there seem to be people coming up to talk to her, but since she is unable to understand them she ignores them.

    [Hey, your sword is pretty good, where did you get it from?]


    [Hey, say something will you!]

    I can see a female warrior looking a little agitated after being ignored by her.

    [What is it?]

    I immediately rush over to stop the fight, but the female warrior throws a [Tch, nothing at all] and leaves. In exchange Nokopara comes along to chat.

    [Have you gotten the money?]

    [Yes, a single scrap iron coin. It's our first work.]

    [Haha, that's really cheap.]

    [It's normal that a little girl won't have the money, you shouldn't say that.]

    [Cheap is cheap.]

    [Only on the money side.]

    The young girl breaking her piggy bank to search for her cat. If this image appears in my mind, I can understand that this scrap iron coin is not a cheap thing.

    [You won't understand the value of it. Please go away, shoo, shoo.]

    [What, you're so cold. Well, work hard!]

    Nokopara starts shaking his arms and loiters around in the guild. What does this guy really do here.......

    In any case we ended our first job here.

    On the second day when we were outside the guild, a lizard-faced man's voice reached out to us.

    [Ah, hello. We have raised our rank.]

    Who is this guy?

    Just when I am thinking of that, the bug-eyed woman stands up and I finally remember they are the kidnappers from yesterday.

    I think their names are Jaril and Veskel.

    Recognizing faces is difficult because there are many lizard-faced people in this town.

    One of the reasons why I did not recognize them is also because they are wearing different clothes from yesterday.

    Yesterday, Person A wore clothes that were ordinary.

    Today, Adventurer A is wearing leather armor that is ordinary.

    Even though these two attires are ordinary looking, the impressions they give to others are very different.

    [Ah, Jaril-san, thank you for your efforts.]

    [W-what's with, the way you're talking, this is uncomfortable.......]

    [It's keigo. Should I not use that?]

    [N-never mind.]

    He stares at me for a moment and moves his eyes away.

    [Veskel-san, please give me your guidance from today onwards.]

    [Ah...... Yes.]

    Veskel is still afraid of Ruijerd.

    Ruijerd is still glaring at them.

    Well, that cannot be helped. Just to add on, she is also wearing an adventurer's outfit.

    [Then let us go in.]

    [Ah, sure.]

    Jaril displays an uneasy expression and nods at my words.

    When we are about to enter the guild, the sharp eyed Horse-faced man sees us and walks over.


    [....... Hi.]

    This guy is also lurking at the guild today......?

    He's really not doing any work at all, right?

    [Ara, today you're with 『P-Hunter』.]

    [Y-yo, Nokopara, it's been a long time.]

    It seems the horse-faced guy and lizard face know each other.

    [It certainly has been a long time. I heard about it, Jaril. You raised your rank to C. Are you fine with that? If you are Rank C you won't be able to find pets anymore right?]

    Nokopara says that and compares us together with his eyes. The horse-faced man neighs.

    [I see. No wonder you did well with the job, your request was done with 『P-Hunter』's help right?]

    P-Hunter seems to be Jaril's party name.

    I see, this is good!

    [Yes! We met each other yesterday when we were searching for the pet! They also taught us the technique to search for the pets!]

    I randomly throw in a few lines of lies.

    [Ha, ha, the cowardly Jaril finally has his own student! And it's the fake Superd, hahaha.....!]

    This misunderstanding is really good for us.

    This fellow is really simple.

    The horse-faced man laughs for a while and suddenly looks behind Jaril.

    [I say, where's Roman, what happened to him?]

    [Ah, hm... Roman is... dead.]

    [Is that so, that's really a pity.]

    Roman should be the guy's name whom Ruijerd killed yesterday. Nokopara only reacted faintly after hearing about that guy's death.

    Among the adventurers, it's probably not a big deal when someone dies. Could it be only me who is finding it to be a big deal?

    When it comes down to it, Jaril and Veskel were not particularly concerned when Roman got killed as well.

    [But since Roman is dead, why are you raising your rank up? Isn't he the strongest in your party?]


    Jaril looks at me once.

    Nokopara neighs, no, he snorts and nods.

    [Ah----- Hoh-----, I see, you don't need to say anymore. So it's like this----. Since you have an apprentice, even if it's just a little it's still pride!]

    Nokopara arbitrarily comes to an understanding on his own, noisily pats on Jaril's back and returns to the interior of the guild. Jaril sighs with relief.

    But what's with that guy, sticking to us from day to night. Could it be possible that he likes me...?

    No, maybe in his eyes there's only Ruijerd, meaning...

    No, I am just kidding.

    [Well, let's take a look at the requests.]

    When we enter the guild, there are still people who cast curious glances at us.

    I should just ignore them for now.

    It is better to behave like we are apprentices. I ask Jaril as we both look at the requests from D to B ranks.

    [What's the difference between gathering and harvesting?]

    [Eh? Ah, hmm, harvesting is pointing to plants, gathering is most likely pointing to monsters...]

    Jaril gives a vague reply, but it certainly seems to feel that way.

    Gathering refers to living creatures, and non-living creatures is harvesting.

    As examples, the request for gathering is written as,



    - Job: Gather fur pelts

    - Reward: 6 Iron coins

    - Job Contents: Pack coyote fur pelts * 20

    - Location: Outside of town

    - Duration: None

    - Time limit: None

    - Name of Requester: Adventurer's guild.

    - Notes: The fur pelts are running low. Please assist us. Do not take down this request, just bring your gathered fur pelts to the counter.


    As I read I suddenly remember, the materials that were sold to the merchants are 4 iron coins. They really underpaid us...

    No, perhaps this request's rewards are overly high, usually the transactions for such materials are not that high.


    [What is it?]

    [I must apologize, I think we should earn money and raise our levels at the same time.]

    [... Why are you telling me this?]

    [If we do this, we need to postpone that matter for a while.]

    Even though I informed Veskel and Jaril to spread Ruijerd's name, I do not have high expectations for them.

    I have considered it.

    They have courteously received our mission, and so I will basically not interfere with their actions.

    Without interfering, I will not be able to oversee their actions.

    If someone sees them do any criminal acts and their claims are made that Ruijerd forced them to do those acts, they will be laughed at because their ranks are higher than him, as well as the fact that he is also seen as a fake by others.

    [I see. I got it.]

    After receiving Ruijerd's assent, Jaril and I discussed the requests that we received.

    After greeting the gatekeeper, we walked outside of town.

    Pack Coyotes, Acid Wolves, Grand Tortoise and Giant Rock Turtle.

    These Monsters are our targets at the outskirts of the town.

    We are to gather the fur pelts of the Pack Coyotes, Acid Wolfs fangs and tails, the Grand tortoise's meat, and the Magical stone from the Giant Rock turtle.

    First of all, we will ignore the Grand Tortoise as the meat is too heavy.

    The priority will be the Giant Rock Turtle, as the Magical stones from them are small and it can be sold.

    Even though our priority is on the Giant Rock Turtle's Magical stone (which is a pretty good conversion for money), but there are just too few. They will also not appear near the town.

    In the end, the Pack Coyotes were chosen as our focus, since a single battle allows us to hunt them in a group, thus it's easier to earn money from them.

    Our request is gathering the Pack Coyotes fur pelts. The advantage in hunting them is to allow us to gather the materials quickly, and considering the time to search for the enemies and skin them, hunting them is like hunting the Acid Wolf.

    Of course, once we see an Acid Wolf we will also hunt it. Even if we did not receive requests related to the Acid Wolf, it is better to gather the materials first before waiting for such a request. When we do receive a request, we can simply bring it to the counter and finish everything.

    The largest group for Pack Coyotes is at most 10 of them together, and considering the time to search and skin them, we can't hunt very many in a day.

    At first I thought that it would turn out that way.

    After we killed the initial batch of Pack Coyotes and skinned them, Ruijerd collected their bodies and brought them to one spot.

    When I was contemplating what he was doing,

    [Can you use Wind Magic to carry the scent of blood?]

    Ruijerd's query answered my question.

    It is to use the scent of blood to lure them.

    I follow his request and use Wind Magic to change the wind directions to blow everywhere.

    [Even though we can't hunt the Giant Rock Turtles in this manner, the surrounding Pack Coyotes will gather together.]

    It ended up how he just said.

    On that day we ended up hunting over 100 Pack Coyotes, and it feels like we have hunted all of the surrounding Pack Coyotes.

    Well, that possibility should be zero.

    But this is hard labor.

    Ruijerd and Eris kept killing the endlessly approaching Pack coyotes, while I skinned them for their fur.

    After 30 of them, my hands felt like lead and my shoulders started to hurt, and I was a little nauseous from the smell of the blood.

    It would be much easier if we killed them and they all turned to Magical stones....

    Even though I kept complaining, I still continued to work.

    But after 70 of them I reached my limit and exchanged with Eris.

    Using Magic to kill the Pack Coyotes was much easier than skinning them.

    In order to take them down and not do any damage to the fur, I made a minor adjustment to lower the strength of the magic, and killed them carefully one by one.

    As expected I am more suited to use my mind to do such work.

    After skinning around 30 of them, Eris started complaining.

    She is indeed unsuited to do this type of laborious work.

    I considered to have Ruijerd skin the rest of them, but there was enough at hand, and we needed to separate them into batches to carry to town.

    [Wait, we need to burn the bodies first.]

    Ruijerd says before we started moving them.

    [Burn? Are we going to eat them?]

    [No, Pack Coyote tastes terrible. We need to burn the bodies and bury them.]

    If we leave the bodies, other Monsters will eat them and increase in population. But if we just simply burned them, they would still get eaten by other creatures.

    Also, if we simply bury them deep down in the ground, they might become Zombie Coyotes.

    In order to prevent such a thing, it is necessary to follow the procedure of burning first and then burying it.

    Just cleanly take their fur pelts > Take the risk of letting them become Zombie Coyote > The guild does a request of suppressing them > Remove them.

    I am thinking of this money linked process, but I am stopped by Ruijerd.

    It seems that it is forbidden to intentionally increase the number of Monsters.

    I wish that someone would write this local rule somewhere.

    [But we didn't do this step along the way right?]

    [If it's just a few there should be no problem.]

    Even though I am uncertain of where to draw the line, the current amount of bodies here might be the start of a plague.

    Since there is no special reason to refuse, I burn the bodies into charcoal.

    The sun has already set when we finished transporting all the fur pelts. Today's hunt should end here.

    I worked a lot today, and I really want to go back to the inn and rest.

    But do we need to continue doing this endless gathering tomorrow?

    Even though I really want to take a good rest tomorrow.

    [We really earned a lot today! Let's keep at this pace tomorrow!]

    Eris is full of energy.

    I can't complain in front of this Eris.

    Three days later, [Dead End] rose up to E rank. That was pretty fast.

    [Good work.]

    I say an appreciative line to Jaril, and handed 10% of today's earnings to him.

    [T-thank you...]

    I do not think it is a big figure, but this amount of money should be enough for them.

    After I inquired about a few things from them, I got to know they are different from the other adventurers.

    They seem to have a fixed job in this town.

    [What kind of job?]

    [It's a pet store.]

    I see. To sell them and kidnap them later on.

    They are really corrupted merchants.

    [Don't do too many bad things.]

    [I know.]

    In the beginning, they captured the wild animals in the town and gave them a little training to become pets in their pet store.

    His race, the Lugonia, seems to be quite good at training wild animals. Their training methods have been handed down from ancient times, and they are able to make everything from wild dogs to the most prideful beast submit.

    Hmm, hmm. They are really an incredible race.

    If Ruijerd and Eris are not here, I would not have stayed silent and would have certainly said [Please teach me this technique at any cost], nuzzle my head against him and become his apprentice.

    Well, leaving that aside, the pet shop is certainly a good job that combines the job of removing harmful animals too.

    The adventurer's guild should be their side job.

    [You already have such a good job, why do you need to kidnap the pets...?]

    [At first it was to protect them, but it ended up getting too tempting.]

    They got tempted into this and became intoxicated with it, thus ended up like this?

    [But it must be tiring to operate a pet shop and become adventurers right?]

    [Not really, since there are a lot of pets.]

    It seems they open the store until afternoon, then do requests until evening.

    [Well, we won't say anything else as long as you accomplish the requests.]

    [Just leave it to us. We're still low tiered adventurers after all. We're also spreading the Dead End's name properly.]

    Is that really true?

    Our current wealth ---- 6 Iron coins, 8 Scrap Iron coins, 5 Stone coins.

    We're slightly richer now, so we head off to buy some common defensive equipment.

    To start with, we will go to the peddlers to buy some everyday clothes.

    Eris buys things very quickly. She chooses attires that are durable and easy to move in as the rationale. She did not buy any dresses, and all of them are long pants.

    Although they are suited for young people to wear them, it is not very fashionable. These clothes were chosen under a situation she has considered thoroughly, but she should buy at least one dress that's a little more feminine.

    So I look around the store and find a pink frilly dress, and try recommending it to her, but the result is her showing an obvious expression of distaste.

    [... You want me to wear something like that?]

    [Is there anything bad about you buying one?]

    [Then Rudeus should buy something more manly.]

    Eris forcefully hands me a leather skin vest that looks like bandits attire.

    For a moment, I think that it is a good exchange for me to wear this if Eris wears the frilly dress, but after imagining the two of us standing together wearing that, I gave up.

    After buying the clothes, we walk to the armor store.

    Right now, Ruijerd and Eris do not have any major injuries. Any small injuries can be immediately healed if I use Healing Magic.

    So I asked if it is fine if we do not use armor.

    Ruijerd replied with a [It's better if we have them.].

    My Healing Magic is unable to heal life threatening injuries and any missing body parts. Since Eris does not have much experience in real battles, it is possible to sustain life threatening injuries due to a moment of carelessness.

    So buying the armor seems to be necessary. It's better to listen to Ruijerd on this point.

    The shop space for the armor store is quite big, but it is really different compared to the Asura's stores. This place has a more rustic feel to it.

    Once we are in the store, I can see goods that are slightly more expensive than the peddlers. Even though the goods are cheaper at the peddlers, and might even have something that is a great buy, the store's goods are more diverse and the quality is assured.

    Also, there are more varied sizes, since we're wearing children sized clothes.

    Right now I am helping Eris pick out armor. There are many different types when it comes to the chest size.

    [It's best to pick a better armor to protect the heart...]

    [This will do.]

    Eris wears an armor that is about the same size as her and asks, [Is this fine?].

    I will not pass up any chance to look at her chest.

    ....... Hmm, it is definitely growing.

    [You should buy a bigger sized one.]

    [Why's that?]

    You want to ask why?

    [We're at the age where we're growing. If you buy something that just fits now, you won't be able to fit in it after a while.]

    Saying this, I pick an armor that is bigger by one size.

    [Isn't this loose?]

    [It's okay, it's okay.]

    Eris complains at the same time while she buys protective gear for other various parts.

    After the recent battles, she is also clear about the areas where it is easy to get hurt.

    Leaving the various joints and vitals aside, what about the head?

    If it's too heavy the speed will decrease, but the head is also a vital area, what should she use?

    [How about this helmet?]

    I try recommending a helmet that looks like it belonged to an end-of-the-world tyrant king's younger brother.

    Eris bluntly shows a repulsed expression.

    [That looks horrible.]

    I get refused.

    The youths nowadays don't seem to have a taste for the finer things.

    After trying a few more helmets, with the reasons of too heavy, too unfashionable, too smelly, the field of vision is too narrow, we ended up choosing something like a headband.

    The headband seems to have an iron plate sewn into it, and it seems to be called a Hachikin[40]. [41]

    Just to add on, the hood is just used to cover the red hair, and it's useless to use it as a defensive armor.

    [And that's it. How is it, Rudeus! Do I look like an adventurer?]

    Eris spins around quickly with the attire of an adventurer's light armor, along with a sword that looks like a cutlass received from Robin.

    To be honest, it looks like cosplay, although the size of the chest armor doesn't fit at all.

    [It looks very well-matched on you. Ojou-sama, no matter where I look at, you're like a veteran warrior.]

    [Is that so? Ohoho.]

    Eris places her hands onto her waist, looking at herself while smiling.

    During the time when Eris is smiling, I bargain and lower the price to 1 metal coin.

    As expected, a full set is expensive.

    [Rudeus is next!]

    [I don't really need it right?]

    [No! You need to buy a robe! Robe! Like a magician!]

    Becoming a swordsman, while adventuring with her childhood friend magician.

    Eris seems to yearn for such a scenario to become adventurers like that.

    Even though there are days where it seems she cannot sleep at night, the Eris in the daytime is actually quite bold.

    Well that is fine. I'll go along with her.

    [Oji-san, is there a robe that suits me?]

    Hearing that, the old man in the armor store silently opens up a closet.

    [These are for the Hobbit race.]

    There are various colored robes, and every one of them has a subtle difference to them.

    There are 5 colors ---- Red, yellow, green, blue, gray. They are very lightly colored.

    [Are there any differences in the colored robes?]

    [The robes are made from Monsters' fur, and they have a little resistance in them.]

    [Red is fire, yellow is earth..... how about the ash colored one?]

    [That's just ordinary cloth.]

    I see. No wonder the ash colored is at half price. There are some slight differences in pricing for the other colors as well, it probably has something to do with the difference in the materials.

    [Rudeus is suited for blue!]

    [Why's that.....]

    If it's close combat I might get blown away by the explosion's shock wave, perhaps red or green is better.

    Is it going to be the fox or the raccoon?

    [Lad. What magic do you use?]

    [I can use all types of attack magic.]

    [Hoh. That's impressive. Even though you look so young... Well, even though you need to add a little money...]

    The old man says this while taking out a relatively darker gray robe, almost like a rat's color.[42][43]

    [This is made from Mackey rat's hide.]

    [Mickey mouse?]

    [It's not mouse, it's rat.]

    My mind has an image of a guy with red short pants and black color on him, and I quickly brush away that image.

    That's really dangerous--

    Even though it feels like a cloth to the touch, it is actually made from an animal's hide?

    [Are there any effects on it?]

    [Even though it's not magic resistant, it's very durable.]

    I try wearing it.

    [It's a little big, is there anything smaller?]

    [This is the smallest.]

    [There should be something for children right?]

    [There's nothing like that.]

    Why do I feel like the judo practitioner who tries wearing a Normal Suit[44] for the first time.

    Well, since my body is still developing, this size might be fine.

    The quality is quite good as well, and it's durable like he said, which might have some slashing resistance.

    And the rat-color is pretty good, the name and the appearance match each other.

    [Well, I'll buy this.]

    [You like that? I'll sell it for 8 iron coins.]


    I try lowering the price and buy it for 6 iron coins.

    I also bought a different colored headbands for Ruijerd and me. If it's necessary, the headband can be used to cover the Magic stone on Ruijerd's forehead.

    Why did I buy my own headband?

    Because I do not like to be out of place with my friends.

    I let Ruijerd observe Veskel at the same time when we went to buy our things.

    Even though I did not expect much from them, based on the work they do there is a possibility that our reputation drops.

    Thus I let Ruijerd observe them.

    He said, [If you're so worried, you shouldn't party up with them in the first place].

    You are right.

    But thanks to them, we have a surplus of money, and our position is at a neutral standpoint.

    Based on the conclusions, they seem to be doing an earnest job. Even though it's F rank, but they did not show any signs of disliking it, and had placed their full efforts into it.

    Veskel received a quest to eliminate bugs today. It's a request to eliminate these disgusting things in the kitchen.

    She is from the Zumeba's race, and there is poison in her saliva.

    That saliva has the capability of luring and killing bugs immediately, or paralyzing them to become the Zumeba's food.

    To sum it up, getting rid of bugs is her forte.

    The person who made the request is an old woman. She's an eccentric old woman whose lips are in a へ shape.

    Ruijerd feels that one will be chased out if she's just a little displeased.

    But Veskel did not have any conflicts with her, and quickly exterminated the bugs.

    Ruijerd confirmed it as well, and there were no bugs left in the house.

    After that she fills the gaps with a thread like thing, and blocks the areas where the bugs could enter.

    [Thank you very much Veskel, those bugs had been bothering me for a long time.]

    [There's no need to thank me, if you have any other requests, please leave it to 『Dead End's Ruijerd』.」

    [『Dead End's Ruijerd』? That's your party name now?]

    [Something like that.]

    Veskel converses with the old woman.

    [If the bugs come again, please use these.]

    She finally gave a few vials of her saliva to the old woman and bid farewell.

    The request was completed.

    She met up with us in the adventurer's guild and collected the payment.

    [So from how you described it, they are working hard.]

    [... Ah.]

    She did her job perfectly, far beyond my imagination. She became acquaintances with the old woman, and even did a service job. Compared to me who blindly imitates others to do things, she had done a better job of impressing others.

    [It seems like they are not completely bad people.]

    [So it seems.]

    Well, even though I'm a little suspicious of them too.

    But they should not have any burdens just bringing up the name Ruijerd.

    They probably have the mentality of "earning money without any worries", and the probability of betraying us is lowered.

    [But the truth that they did bad things cannot be erased.]

    [But they are trying hard now like Ruijerd-san.]


    Even criminals will not continue to do bad things. Just like them, like myself, like Ruijerd.

    I did not specifically warn them about kidnapping pets, but they have already stopped doing that.

    Well it has only been three days. It's still early for them to forget about the bad memories where they nearly died after their deeds got exposed.

    [But the only praiseworthy thing might only be now. If there's another chance it's better to observe them.]

    Ruijerd frowns when he hears me saying that.

    [You... don't trust the people you work with?]

    [Of course not. The only people I trust in this town are you and Eris.]

    [... Is that so.]

    Ruijerd seems to stretch out his hand to put it on my head, but he did not do so.

    Even though I trust Ruijerd, I feel like I have lost his trust.

    Well, even if it ends up that way it is fine.

    My goal is to return to the Asura's kingdom with Eris, and repair the Superd race's reputation.

    Gaining Ruijerd's trust is not my goal.

    [Let's go.]

    We slowly walk back to the inn under the Magic-illumination stones' light.


    I think the start of our adventurers' lives is progressing smoothly.

    After 3 weeks, we reached Rank D.

    I feel that we went up really fast so I checked it out.

    The conditions for raising ranks is as stated below.


    F > E

    Clear 10 F rank jobs.

    Clear 5 consecutive E rank jobs.

    E > D

    Clear 50 F rank jobs.

    Clear 25 E rank jobs.

    Clear 10 consecutive D rank jobs.

    D > C

    Clear 100 E rank jobs.

    Clear 40 D rank jobs.

    Clear 10 C rank jobs.

    C > B

    Clear 100 D rank jobs

    Clear 50 C rank jobs

    Clear 20 consecutive B rank jobs

    B > A

    Clear 300 C rank jobs

    Clear 100 B rank jobs

    Clear 20 A rank jobs

    A > S

    Clear 100 A rank jobs

    Clear 20 S rank jobs.

    There is also a rank demotion if one repeatedly fails to clear the jobs.

    Failing 5 consecutive jobs of a lower rank will result in a demotion.

    Failing 10 consecutive jobs of the rank will result in a demotion.

    Failing 5 consecutive jobs of a higher rank will not result in a demotion, but you will not be able to receive higher rank jobs anymore.


    Because we relied on Veskel and Jaril to do the F and E rank jobs, we easily raised our ranks.

    Now we are D rank, which also means we can receive C rank jobs.

    C rank requests are easy enough, so we should be able to easily raise to C ranks. It is about time to stop our partnership with Jaril and Veskel.

    Even though they won't do any more things like kidnapping, I don't know what sort of bad influences will happen from exchanging our requests.

    We came to this town for the sake of earning money, and now might be a good opportunity to leave and bid our farewells.

    But there are things that we can still make use of before Rank C. Even though there are no problems from the current situation, it is a little regrettable to put down our current status quo.

    When it concerns money, it's better to have more of it.

    Our current wealth consists of 1 Green Ore coin, 7 iron coins, 14 scrap iron coins, and 35 stone coins.

    If you convert everything to stone coins, we have 1875 stone coins.

    1875 yen......

    If I count everything that we have it's not even 2 Asura Big Copper coins.

    No, I should stop thinking about the prices of another continent.

    Once we reached Rank C we will part with Jaril and Veskel, then leave this town.

    We should progress in this direction.

    I find a particular request.



    Job: Search/Destroy the mysterious Monsters.

    Reward: 5 scrap iron coins (2 iron coins if they are killed)

    Job Contents: The search/destroy for Monsters.

    Location: South forest (Forest of petrification)

    Time duration: The end of next month.

    Time Limit: As soon as possible.

    Name of the requester: Roaming merchant Bellver [45]

    Notes: I saw squirming shadows deep in the forest, and I want to investigate the true identity of the shadows. If they are a dangerous entity, please eliminate them.


    Jaril and I are both holding our chins at the same time, troubled by it.

    The mysterious creatures.

    This request is really unclear.

    In fact this Monster might not even exist.

    Even if they do exist, how do you prove it's the creature that he saw?

    But the rewards are quite good, even if you do not kill them we can still receive 5 scrap iron coins, so that is not bad at all.

    [Is this request on your mind?]

    [Even though the reward is quite good, it is a little suspicious.]

    Jaril also nods.

    [It is likely that even if you do this request you can't get anything out of it, it's better if you don't.]

    Something like this also happened once, about 2 weeks ago.

    A request of "Please help me gather the Acid Wolf".

    We did the same things as usual, and gathered the fangs and tails of the Acid Wolf.

    But we were told that they needed the entire body of the Acid Wolf.

    Even though the contents of the contract were not detailed, we still paid the penalty for breaking off the contract.

    If I think about it I feel humiliated.

    In order to prevent something like that again, it's better to not accept this request...... But.

    I am dazzled by the money.

    [Hm, but this is 2 iron coins..... Even if we paid another [Studying fees] it might still be worth it.]

    [Aren't you shy already of being bitten once?]

    [In this situation, the penalty is still 5 scrap iron coins right?]

    [Yes, because the brackets there would indicate it's a special reward.]

    Just to add on, because I find it irritating to have Nokopara bothering Ruijerd, and the other adventurers bothering Eris, I let both of them wait outside.

    Veskel is not at the guild as well.

    So there is no one who can stop me.

    [Well, if it's the forest of petrification, even if we can't complete this request, we can still get something that can be sold. If it's you guys, you can still break even from breaching the contract, isn't that good?]

    [Alright, then we will work hard on our end.]

    When I go back and think about it, no matter how I think about it I feel that I had a lapse in judgment.

    Because I have gotten used to things, I have become complacent.

    Due to things progressing smoothly, I have underestimated the risks.

    I have gone too far in pursuing rewards.

    It could have done better, but contrary to that thought, I merely did things till that extent.

    I assessed myself that way.

    The forest of petrification.

    It is about a day's journey away from the town Rikaris.

    The side of the road leading to the forest is filled with sharp bone-like trees growing everywhere, appearing as if the forest has been turned into stone.

    There are also very dangerous B rank Monsters, called Almond Anaconda and Executioner, residing in the forest.

    Even though it's a shortcut to reach the next town through this forest, only urgent roaming merchants will use this route, and they will hire many skilled guards.

    In this world the forests are dangerous without exception, but the Magic continent's forest is exceedingly so.

    At the entrance of the forest, there are three parties gathered there.

    A rank B party [Super Blaze], a Rank D party [Trouble village hooligans], and a Rank D [Dead End].

    The leaders of the team meet with each other.

    It seems to be common sense amongst adventurers to meet with each other, if the parties run into each other at places like the forests.

    Even though I want to ignore them, it will be troublesome if we run into each other in the forest.

    In any case, we should show ourselves now.

    [Hey, what are you bunch doing here.]

    The first line that comes out from him.

    The irritated face of [Super blaze]'s leader Blaze.

    I still have an impression of his face, it should be the pig-head person who laughed at us on the first day.

    Ah, I'm not insulting him.

    It's because his face is really a pig.

    He's the same race as the gatekeeper who looked at Eris with a lascivious expression.

    What is his race name.....

    Indeed, I classified it as pig-faced race "orc".

    They seem to be comprised of many races in their 6 men party. There's a Lamia, a sprite like person, centaur, etc.

    To level up to Rank C requires the skills of hunting the surrounding Monsters.

    If one reaches Rank B, they are veterans with assured skills.

    [We're here to do requests!]

    [Trouble Village Hooligans]'s leader Kurt says with a sullen expression.

    He's a charming handsome youth with 2 horns.

    [We're here to do the same.]

    [Dead End]'s leader nods just like the party on the right side.

    Well, that's me.

    Blaze scoffs with his tongue after listening to the 2 Rank D people.

    [Are there people who reserved this? There's something bad about it.......]

    Blaze irritatedly scratches the back of his neck.

    [R, reserve what?]


    Kurt asks timidly, and that pig suddenly snaps.

    [Well, well, calm down, calm down, please teach us beginners.]

    I rub my hands together and go closer, and Blaze spits onto the ground.

    [It means that different people doing the same request at the same time, and the guild didn't manage it properly.]

    I see.

    Double booking.

    There are 3 people who made a request. There are 3 people who are doing the requests. Even though the request looks different, but they are one and the same.

    Something like this does indeed happen.

    [May I know what everyone's request is?]

    I ask.

    Blaze's request: [To kill the White-Fang Cobra within the Forest of Petrification].

    Kurt's request: [To collect the mysterious egg in the Forest of Petrification]

    Rudeus's request: [To search for the mysterious Monster].

    [Search? Ara? There's a request like this in the D rank?]

    Kurt asks.

    Of course, I have thought about ways to handle this.

    [This is a C rank request which is posted after you have left the guild.]

    [I see...... Your request is really good.....]

    I cast a sidewards glance at the grumbling Kurt, and begin to think.

    These requests seem to have an overlapping feel to it.

    First of all, there is no White-fanged Cobra in this forest. Since a request has been made, that will mean one has been found.

    That is to say, the mysterious creature may possibly be the white snake cobra.

    The mysterious eggs.... may possibly be the white-fanged cobra's egg.

    Of course, it's possible all these mysterious are unrelated to the white-fanged cobra. It's too early to conclude it as a double booking.

    [Leaving this aside, why would something like this happen?]

    [Who knows, there are times where things like this happen.]

    Well it can't be helped, since they are not using a computer to manage things.

    [And? How do we settle this?]

    [Nothing to it, the fastest person wins.]

    Blaze says that and Kurt yells with surprise.

    [What! If you kill the Monsters, then what about our request!]

    [Huh? You're gathering the eggs? If we see that we will destroy it. It's very troublesome if the White-fanged cobra breeds.]

    Blaze laughingly mocks at Kurt.

    [Hey, Rudeus, say something! If they defeat the Monsters our requests will....!]

    Kurt passes the baton onto me.

    Indeed, if they defeat the Monsters we will also fail.....

    No, our mission is to search, if we report [The White-fanged cobra is in the forest], I think the mission will be completed.

    If this is still not counted, we will hunt for Monsters in the forest, and pay the penalty for breaking the contract.

    [It's still too early to decide our requests are repeated, it might not be a White-fanged cobra but some other Monster.]

    Blaze shows a disgusted expression after hearing me say that.

    [You mean you want us to look for it together? You want us to protect children?]

    Huh? How did things turn out this way?

    While I am in confusion, Kurt jumps up at the words "to protect children".

    [Who said we need you to take care of us!]

    [Even if you say that, isn't it better with our protection? It's very harsh for D ranks in this forest.]

    Ah, so that's how it is, I see.

    With two additional parties, Kurt and I, are like goldfish dung sticking to him. He probably does not want to complete the request easily by bringing us along.

    This will only contribute to Blaze's party's burden.

    Of course, I don't want to move with them either, because I don't wish anyone to see Ruijerd use a spear. He's really too strong, and may easily divulge the truth that he is a real Superd.

    So we will have Kurt take the opportunity.

    [Indeed, it will be unpleasant. We don't need any protection, 『Dead End』 will work independently.]

    I say that and walk out of the circle formed by the leaders.

    I go back to Ruijerd and Eris. Ruijerd is looking over the forest while Eris waits idly at his side.

    [What happened?]

    Eris asks, her appearance almost as if she is saying [I can't wait any longer].

    [The contents of the request have been double booked.]

    [Double booked?]

    [It means our requests have overlapped each other.]

    [Then what should we do? Give it to them?]

    [How can that be possible? The one who is the fastest is the winner.]

    [I see, it's about whose skills is better.]

    Eris is full of spirit. It seems that she's sick of the hunting that does not feel like being an adventurer.

    Rather than say it is hunting, it is more like [Homework].

    At the same time right now, Blaze and Kurt seem to finish talking. Kurt says a few words to his two other allies and they walk into the forest.

    『Super Blaze』 goes a different way and enters the forest.

    [Hey, what should we do now?]

    [Hm...... We should let Ruijerd search for the enemy like how we do it usually, and go into the direction of that mysterious Monster.]

    But Ruijerd shakes his head as I say that.


    [What's wrong?]

    [I'm worried about the three children.]

    The 3 children probably refers to the Hooligans.

    [With their abilities they cannot survive in this forest.]

    [That is to say?]

    [We should help them.]

    [...... But if we stay too long together, you will reveal that you're a Superd.]

    [That's fine.]

    I dang say that it darn matters![46]

    [But if you reveal that you're a Superd, things will become troublesome.]

    [Do you mean that you want to let them die without helping them?]

    [I didn't say that. We will follow them from behind, and if anything happens we will help them.]

    There is no helping it, I'll change the strategy. I will forgo the 2 iron coins and demand gratitude later.

    But is it fine to just help them out? The chances that his identity as a Superd will get revealed is very high.

    Even though I considered they might not discriminate if we saved them, the existence of Dead End is special in this Magic Continent.

    I do not know how things will progress.

    If there is anything that happens, why not recruit them just like Jaril and Veskel.....

    Just like that, we started following Kurt and the rest.

    Kurt's party spiritedly enters the forest, and Ruijerd frowns after seeing that.

    [What should we do?]

    [Is this their first time entering the forest?]

    [Haah, I'm not sure either.]

    [They are too careless.]

    Just like we have worried, Kurt failed to find the enemy, and encountered an Executioner.

    Executioner is a humanoid enemy. They are adventurers that turned into zombies.

    I do not know why this zombie is equipping a huge sword and very thick armor.

    Even though it is not very fast, it is very determined and has sword techniques.

    Based on the danger level, it is a Rank B.

    It works on its own, and it's not overly big.

    Even so, he's still Rank B.

    A strong enemy.

    Just to add on, the armor and sword will disappear once it dies. It's an annoying enemy that cannot be turned into money.

    Kurt's party runs away with everything they have when they encounter this Monster.

    [Go help them out!]

    [No, the timing isn't right.]

    I stop Ruijerd who's prepared to jump out.


    [It's not that dangerous yet.]

    Even though the Executioner's speed is faster than what it looks with the armor on, it is still not faster than Kurt's full retreat.

    The distance is gradually lengthened, and if they keep running they can escape.

    But Kurt's party's luck runs out here.

    To the front of where they are escaping, are Almond Anacondas.

    They are monsters that move in a group of 3-5, and they have almond tattoo shape on their bodies.

    So they are classified as B rank.

    They are strong foes.

    They are the representatives of the Forest of Petrification, the top 2 monsters that no one wants to encounter.

    They are actually surrounded by these two types of Monsters at the same time.

    Kurt's party displays expressions of half-crying and half-smiling.

    They probably think they can simply just run away if they encountered something.

    In truth, I feel they can indeed outrun the Executioner.

    How things turned out is their lack of consideration.

    They can clearly not attempt things that do not suit their abilities.

    But I can also understand why they want to do things beyond their capabilities.

    Their thoughts are shallow.

    [Go help them!]

    [No, just wait a little longer.]

    I stop Ruijerd who is immediately about to help them.

    A play to create danger right in front of their noses.

    The greater the danger, the more gratitude they'll have. When their bodies are full of injuries, I only need to use Healing Magic to treat them.


    My plans are perfect.


    Eris yells.

    The youth who looks like a bird has his body cut in two in the middle of the air.

    Only a single strike.

    He was unable to evade Executioner's attack, and got killed in a single strike.

    My evil smile spasms.

    I realize later that I am wrong, they are already at death's doorsteps.

    The one who is superficial, is me.

    [That's why I already said!]

    Ruijerd's voice is mixed with irritation.

    I immediately use a stone cannon, and at the same time Ruijerd rushes out.

    After receiving my Magic attack, the Executioner is still alive. It is still standing after receiving my stone cannon that can take down a stone treant in a single hit.

    This bastard is too strong, I think of that, but once I look closely his right hand has been blown off.

    I missed the target.

    It picks up the sword with his left hand, and runs towards here. Even though it feels slow when looking at it from afar, if it runs here at that speed, I feel that it is a speed that completely cannot be judged from its heavy appearance.

    I calmly set up a soft marsh in front of its feet. It steps one leg into it, and falls downwards.

    I then summon a huge boulder on top of it, and smash it forcefully.

    At the same time, Ruijerd and the rest killed the Almond Anacondas.

    [...... Haa, haa...... That's...... Haa, haa...... a really big help.]

    Kurt trembles with a paled face, but he earnestly thanks us.

    [Y, you're......... really strong.....]

    Executioner has turned into a cushion for the boulder, and the Almond Anaconda's head is cut off beautifully.

    Well, this is an easy victory.

    Even though it was so easy to defeat them, we did not save him.

    [No, not being able to rescue you in time..... I'm sorry.]

    Kurt's eyes are full of respect.

    My chest feels really hurt and I avert my eyes away.

    The eyes that turned away face the youth whose body got cut into half.

    A face with a bird's beak, and I think his name is Gablin. If I did not think of unnecessary stuff, he probably would not have died.

    As I contemplate to myself, Ruijerd grabs the front of my shirt, juts his chin out to point at the body and says.

    [This is your fault.]

    Without any reservation, to gouge at my heart.


    [The three of them could have be saved immediately!]

    I know.

    I know it.

    I did not want things to turn out that way too!

    I feel cheerless.

    I really did not want to have this result.

    I'm reflecting.

    I'm regretting.

    Why are you reproaching me even though I'm trying to repent.

    [I'm trying my hardest too! I'm trying to get the best results from the best timing! Why are you trying to put the blame on me!]

    [Because someone died!]

    I unintentionally raise my voice, and Ruijerd's retort comes back perfectly at me.


    I am unable to refute.

    It certainly feels like he was killed by me.


    Eris is still quiet till now.

    She probably has her own thoughts, as she is staring ahead at Gablin's body.

    She probably has nothing to say to me.

    That's because I have indeed failed. Under the circumstance where it concerns lives, I only place my priority on my gains and failed to rescue someone in time.

    [Hey, hey, don't fight amongst yourselves.]

    In the end, the one who comes to stop us is Kurt.

    [It has nothing to do with you, it's this guy's fault.]

    Ruijerd did not pay attention to him, but Kurt did not stop.

    [Even though it has nothing to do with me, I know that you are fighting over whether to abandon us or help us when you saw us fighting right!?]

    No. Rather than say that we fought amongst each other, I arbitrarily made the judgment to abandon you on my own.

    [You're indeed very strong and the circumstances were dire for us, but you didn't have the obligation to help us!]

    Ruijerd's hair seems to stand up.

    [What do you mean by obligation! Helping children is an adult's responsibility!]

    Kurt immediately jumps up when he hears this line.

    [We're not children! We're adventurers! Rudeus has made the right judgment as the leader!]


    Ruijerd stops talking.

    However I did not feel that my judgment is right.

    [But your comrade is dead?]

    [Anyone who sees it understands that! Indeed, the three of us had hoped to continue doing this all the way! But we also have the resolution to accept death! An adventurer, regardless of being young or old, will have this resolution!]

    My chest is burning in pain.

    I do not have that resolution.

    In my eyes, the job as an adventurer is merely a method of earning money.

    [I'm very grateful that you helped us! But the things about our members are our own problems..... No, it's our responsibility that we did not think clearly on how difficult the request is.]

    Kurt's words are full of naivety.

    One can see it as the youth's sense of justice, or one can view it a brat who hasn't been polished by society.

    But one can see the desperation in his efforts.

    It's something that I clearly lack recently.

    In my eyes there are only the money in my hand and our ranks in the guild. I treat the request like a game, and thus I did not put effort into it.

    [You over there...... You're Kurt? I'm sorry for treating you like a kid. You're a warrior who has come of age.]

    He seems to have understood something from Kurt.

    [And, Rudeus, I'm sorry.]

    Ruijerd puts me back onto the ground and apologizes.

    This incident today. Ruijerd has no reason to apologize.

    [Please don't apologize. It's the truth that I made a mistake.]

    [No, it's not a mistake. You were protecting their pride as warriors. I had thoughtlessly wanted to go in and rescue them immediately.]


    I have not thought about this point at all.

    [It's the same thing when we encountered the group of the two small villains......]

    Ruijerd comes to an understanding on his own.

    I have not understood it yet.

    I need to reflect on this matter without fail.

    My bad points are going to be immediately revealed, and in order to prevent this from happening again for the next time, I have to consolidate everything.

    That should be what I am thinking, but.

    I am so lucky that Ruijerd comes to a mistaken understanding of his own.

    Since the conclusion of everything is OK, is it not fine?

    I have this shallow thought arising in spite of myself.

    I am starting to hate myself a little.

    Kurt says he will carry the body back to town, and we guard him till we reached the forest's entrance.

    Even though I think Ruijerd wanted to say [Let me send you back to town].

    He did not say it.

    That is probably because he has recognized Kurt's party as warriors.

    [Even though we might not be able to return to town because we lost someone, we are prepared to die.]

    Eris spontaneously runs up when he says that from his lonely back.

    『Good luck!』[47]

    She says that to them.

    Even though they are unable to communicate with each other, Kurt seems to understand what she is trying to convey.

    [Thank you...... Erm, how does that work?]


    He kissed the base of her thumb.[48]

    And he left smiling.

    Eris is stunned.

    I do not know what to do either.

    Eris turns her back at me, and then wipes the part where she has been kissed on her armor's cuff with a shuffling sound.

    『I, it's not like that!』

    Eris does it with a frantic expression.

    Even though she was kissed, the reality is that she was kissed on her glove.

    Even though I do not feel the need to do it so desperately....

    『T-this isn't needed anymore!』

    Eris takes down her glove, and carelessly throws it into the forest's interiors.

    Hey, hey, the glove is not free of charge.

    『Don't throw your equipment away!』

    『It's wasteful to buy a new one!』

    Ruijerd and I rebuke Eris with overlapping voices.

    Even though it's my mind's reflex, at this point in time I'm still thinking of money.


    『Shut up!』

    Eris stomps on the ground with tears in her eyes.

    I have not seen this Eris for a long time.

    What is it.

    The meaning of kissing the thumb.

    『Rudeus! Here!』

    She brings out her hand to me.

    I lick it involuntarily.


    I, I'm sorry Rudeus, but you can't lick it!

    Eris' face is painted crimson red, and she gives me a punch.

    A serious punch that is designed to strip my consciousness away.

    I feel like my bones are breaking.

    If one has this punch, one can obtain the world.

    I fall onto the ground in an unsightly manner.

    What should I do?

    At the same time I see Eris staring at the part I licked. She then licks it with her tongue.

    After which the blush goes all the way to her ears, and she wipes her hand on the clothes.

    『I, I'm sorry Rudeus, but you can't lick it!』

    Her actions are too cute, so I completely forgive her.

    That earlier failure which brought about my dispirited feelings has been cleared slightly.

    I consider the things about Ruijerd when we walk in the forest.

    - Likes children

    - Has a sense of justice.

    That is what I knew about Ruijerd in the past.

    But today I have a new vocabulary word for him.

    - Warrior.

    [Ruijerd-san, what is a warrior to you?]

    [A warrior is one who protects children and treasures his allies.]

    He replies immediately.

    But I finally understand the reason why Ruijerd is angry.

    He has never once thought about having a sense of justice, but he has only pursued the goals of a warrior's pride.

    A warrior must never hurt children.

    A warrior must always protect children.

    A warrior must never abandon his allies.

    A warrior must always protect his allies.

    He has only considered these things.

    Therefore he must have decided that the kidnapper who kicked me must be a bad person.

    The 2 people who did not fight their enemies but begged for their lives are bad people.

    Kurt's party was most likely seen as children. To leave them alone, Ruijerd must have considered me as a bad person.

    But after Kurt refutes him, he changed his views. He has now seen them as children who became warriors.

    And thus, he has forgiven my actions.

    Or perhaps he must be reflecting from before, that he did not treat them as warriors.

    I really have no idea how he draws the line between warriors and children.

    Even though Eris is considered a child, what am I considered?

    Should I ask, or not?

    [There's a battle going on.]

    Ruijerd suddenly utters a sentence of caution when I am having an inner conflict.

    [That is...... Blaze's party?]


    It seems to be Blaze.

    I don't know how Ruijerd's third eye is able to see things. Even if it's covered with a hood, he's able to see.

    Also, it's not just a radar, he can differentiate individuals.

    That is really convenient, I also want one.

    [Should we help them?]

    [There's no need.]

    As expected of a Rank B, Ruijerd seems to have regarded them as warriors.

    In the front of the forest, a huge snake is coiled there. And then surrounding it are four bodies.

    But they are dead.

    Oh, so it is unnecessary to help them refers to this?

    I am unable to find Blaze's body, perhaps he ran away.

    [What about the other two?]

    [They died.]

    It appears they have been completely wiped.

    I place my palms together.[49]

    [But what is that Monster?]

    The Monster that wiped out Blaze's party is incredibly huge.

    [That's a Red-fang Cobra.]

    The body of the red snake cannot be covered by both my arms and Eris arms, its body is about 10 meters long, and its neck is opened up as if to threaten us.

    In the center of its body is a huge lump, I'm afraid it's that pig.

    Come to think of it, isn't it a white snake?

    [To think this forest actually has a Red-fang Cobra, and it's so big too.]

    [You mean that it usually doesn't have one?]

    [Usually. But there's a small chance that one might appear.]

    A Red-fang Cobra is a higher ranking species.

    It has a bigger body than the White-fang Cobra, and it's much more agile. Its body is fully covered with fire-resistent scales, and their sharp fangs also contain lethal venom.

    I'm not sure what a White-fang Cobra eats to become a Red-fang Cobra, but there is a small chance one will appear amongst the White-fang Cobra.

    Even though White-fang Cobra is a rank B, but a Red-fang Cobra is a strong enemy that's Rank A.

    A B rank party will probably get killed immediately.

    It is in the middle of enjoying its meal, and did not appear concerned about us. It seems that it is about to eat its third meal.

    [We can do it?]

    Eris confidently pulls out her sword.

    [Should we do it?]

    Ruijerd asks for my opinion.

    [...... Are you sure you want to let me decide?]

    [I'll leave the decision to you.]

    [Who else can decide?]

    I'm entrusted with the decision.

    After a slight consideration, the request is to discover or eliminate the mysterious Monster.

    Perhaps they have mistaken a Red-fang Cobra for a White-fang Cobra.

    It seems there isn't a White-fang Cobra here.

    Now that we've discovered something like this, even if we go back this request will be considered as a success.

    But if we beat it we get 2 iron coins as the reward.

    If we can defeat it, I still want to beat it.

    But even though I want to do it, there are words to describe situations like this.

    He that fights and runs away may live to fight another day[50].

    Just then someone died in front of my eyes.

    If we lose we will die.[51]

    We should not cross this dangerous bridge.

    [If you want to do it, I can kill it on my own.]

    Ruijerd suggests that when I'm in conflict.

    [Ruijerd-san wants to defeat it alone?]

    [I am sufficient to kill it.]

    That's a sentence that is really reliable.

    He feels a little like Dash-san.

    He is capable of dealing with Rank A creatures.

    Well, since Ruijerd already says this, it should be fine.


    [Then let's do it.]

    I make a decision.

    The two of them fight in close combat, while I fight in ranged combat with Magic.

    It's the usual combination, so I use the Stone Cannon like normal.

    This time since the opponent is a Rank A Monster, so I increased the power and make the ammunition into a wedge shape, in order to make an explosive effect after it hits, as well as adding Fire Magic in it.


    The bullet shoots out at super speed, aiming towards to the Red snake, and ends in a huge explosion.

    That is how I visioned it in my mind.


    The Red-fang Cobra twists its body, and evaded the bullet.

    It evaded the attack.

    This is not a coincidence. It has clearly seen the attack and avoided it.

    The bullet flies off to a distant place and explodes.

    [That's a lie right.......]

    The preemptive strike has failed.

    But our special force will not stop. Ruijerd leads the vanguard, while Eris trails behind.

    It's a little different from the usual formation, usually it is Eris who is in front.



    Ruijerd fiercely aims for the head, using the short spear as always to stab at it. The Red-fang Cobra twists itself to avoid his attack, and then makes use of the recoil to bite at Ruijerd.

    Ruijerd easily knocks the attack away with his spear, and the ground is torn asunder with a big hole from the fangs.

    At the same time, Eris goes around the snake and swings her sword to chop its tail, but it did not get cut off.

    That is because either the scales, the flesh or both of them are very hard.


    The snake brings its attention onto Eris, and at the same time, Eris and Ruijerd move away from the snake body.

    Using the opening in this instant, my Magic flies at the Red-fang Cobra.

    1. Me

    2. Eris

    3. Ruijerd

    Even though 2 and 3 are reversed, this signalling still follows the earlier combination that we set up before hand.

    [I missed again!?]

    But the Red-fang Cobra avoids the attack again.

    This time the front of the bullet has a sharp tip so the speed is increased, but it streaks past the side of the Red-fang Cobra and snaps several trees behind its back.

    It did it again, evading the attack after seeing it.

    Even though things turn out this way, it doesn't really matter if it does not hit.

    Ruijerd and Eris attacks are like a wave. Ruijerd resolutely aims for its brain and heart, while Eris keeps cutting on the tail to distract it.

    The magic that occasionally grazes it only inflicts a little damage.

    Although this formation is simple, it's not something that can be easily handled.

    Even though there might be an opening for it if it aims at Eris carefully, Ruijerd's control has been perfect, making it unable to ignore us.

    Ruijerd's attacks are unable to hit it, but the Red-fang cobra gradually starts to get tired and its movements slowly dull.

    And then, the Stone Cannon finally hits the Snake's body.

    When the Red-fang Cobra has finally been cut up, the sun has already set.

    On that day our evening meal is the Red-food Cobra's meat.

    Even though I do not know where it can be sold, we pulled out the fangs and rolled up its skin like a carpet.

    The eggs that Kurt wanted to find has also been found, but they are really too big to be transported. After thinking for a long time we decided to destroy them.

    That's because it is forbidden to increase the population of Monsters.

    After relieving Blaze's party of anything that can be sold, we burned and buried them.

    If we will leave them alone they might become Executioners.

    I really do not understand how they revive as zombies.

    (But I must say the Red-fang Cobra is really amazing.)

    I think about the fight we had earlier. I remember how it kept evading my magic attacks.

    It evaded.

    It evaded countless times.

    Until the last moment, there were almost no attacks that struck it.

    Thinking it through, the Executioner did the same thing.

    I thought that it should have hit, but it only lost a single hand.

    So Monsters that reach Rank B and above can evade magic attacks?

    Red-fang Cobra.

    It can even avoid Ruijerd's spear......

    But that should be Ruijerd not being serious. If he is serious, he probably can finish it in one blow.

    It didn't avoid Eris' sword because the threat was too low, so it didn't need to evade it.

    But this world's creatures are all crazy monsters.

    Even a human can avoid magic attacks, so Monsters can also evade them.

    It could be possible that S ranked Monsters might not even be hurt from the Stone Cannon.

    That's awfully frightening.

    It's best that I do not approach such dangerous places.


    With that, we accomplished the request.

    And then, this request became our final request in this town.

    After we slayed the Red-fang Cobra, we returned to the guild. As usual we met up with Jaril outside the guild. We exchange our cards, then pass the Red-fang Cobra's fangs and skin over to him and collaborate our stories.

    Because there are too many items this time, we enter the guild with Jaril and everyone else. As expected, Nokopara comes over to us. This person really does reside in the guild all the time, and he will always come over.

    [Woah, you hunted something interesting didn't you. Hey, isn't this the Red-fang Cobra's scales? Ah?]

    I make an eye-signal to Jaril, and let him talk about what we had discussed earlier.

    [Ah, indeed. We were lucky as we met it when it was weak.]

    [Hah~ Just you few only ~]

    He smiles as if he saw something interesting. Nokopara condescendingly looks at Jaril.

    What's wrong? This feels different from the norm.

    [A, all the Super Blaze's members died. They were the ones who injured it.]

    [What? Blaze...... died?]


    [Well, it can't be helped if they met the Red-fang Cobra.....]

    Nokopara sighs with a bored expression.

    [But, no matter how weak it is the two of you cannot possibly kill a Red-fang Cobra.....]

    [About it being weak, it was actually close to death. No, it won't be wrong to say it's already dead. Even if it is still breathing, it is no different from it being dead.]

    Jaril hurriedly runs off after talking at a high speed. Nokopara's face is full of disbelief and changes his target to us.

    [You went to search for pets today again?]

    [Yes, Jaril-sensei's technique for searching pets is too good, and we earned a few coins today.]


    I want to leave as soon as possible. I feel that there is something wrong.

    However, Nokopara brings his arm around my shoulders with a broad smile and whispers.

    [Then, how did you search for the pet outside the town?]

    I subconsciously stop my movements for a moment, but I think I managed to keep a poker face. This development is within my expectation, he just saw us going out of the town.

    [We just went outside by coincidence.]

    [Hoh~, what did you do outside?]

    The conversation is heading off in a terrible direction. Nokopara grabs Jaril's shoulders.

    [Is the Red-fang Cobra in the city too?]

    I see, he saw Jaril moving about in the city, which is to say the cat has been let out of the bag.

    [Ara, this is really such an incredible incident, don't you say?]

    Progressing to this stage is within expectations. There are several methods to escape from this situation.

    In example, we can sell out Jaril and solve this problem. We can state that we were forcefully given this request and we were having a huge headache over this.

    But I am unable to use this solution. If I do I might get stabbed by Ruijerd because this is not what a warrior should do.

    [Hey, hey, you should stop pretending if I already state things to this point.]

    [What do you mean by pretending? What exactly, did we do?]


    [P-Hunters helped us with our request, and we helped P-Hunters with their request. That's it.]

    I continue to act ignorant, and turn the conversation to a serious direction. I had to check the rules again, and I shouldn't be wrong about this. But things are not exactly what the rules state. This world is not one where you can do as you please if you just follow the rules. But to be exact, I do not know how to differentiate the lines, so I drag the conversation in a logical direction.

    [Are you being serious, what happens if idiots follow what you just did?]

    [Then what will happen?]

    [If you are able to use money to buy requests, then there's no meaning to the adventurer's guild.]

    Hm, we did not do a money exchange...... This line of forced argument isn't going to work. But, certainly, classifying the requests and doing transactions on it.

    I see. This guy's clever.

    Indeed, if what we do is going to be widespread, there will be people who will use money to do transactions with these requests. For example, receiving all the rank D requests, and then selling them to the D rank teams, and the people who sell them can use money to raise their ranks, even when they did nothing.

    But using this method will cause the requests to fail if they cannot sell them.

    [Nokopara, why are you taking notice of this? We're not bothering you right?]

    [Hoho, be careful of what you're talking about. The only roads you have now are two. Oi, Jaril, listen up.]

    He grabs the front of my shirt and lifts me up. Behind me Ruijerd's and Eris' faces are wrought with anger. In any case, hold it in, the conversation is not over yet.


    I am unable to read Nokopara's expressions because he has a horse face. But since his smile is a tasteless one, I should be able to understand it.

    [If you want to keep your adventurer's qualifications, give me 2 iron coins every month.]

    How troubling.

    This is the first time I've met someone like this after coming to this world.

    Recently there are people who are neither good nor bad. It is easy to handle people who are bad because there is no need for further considerations.

    But this Nokopara, no wonder he's always in the guild. He is constantly watching out for people who do illegal things. Once he finds out he will proceed to threaten them, and that is a pretty sweet deal.

    If this fellow reports us we will be finished. No, if he does that, the person who reports it will also be found out to be doing illegal actions.

    [You lot must have earned a lot of money right? Hehe, you can spend it freely right?]

    [M, may I ask a few questions?]

    I pretend to lose my composure, while calmly progressing in the conversation.


    [This is indeed classified as buying and selling requests right?]

    [Yes, if you're discovered you will be fined and lose your qualifications to be adventurers, you don't want that right?]

    [I don't, I don't.]

    Calm down, there's no need to panic yet, I have also considered this situation.

    No problem, there's no problem yet.

    [N, no matter what I have no money, can Jaril and I report our requests?]

    [No problem. But don't think of escaping, yeah?]

    [Certainly, my lord~]

    This fellow is stupid after all.

    I walk to the encounter as I think about it.(!)

    [H, hey...... what should we do, what should we do!]

    [Calm down, please relax.]

    I handle the panicking Jaril and beckon Veskel to come over.

    After we finish collecting the rewards we will disband P hunters and bring Jaril and Veskel into Dead End. This is a meaningless solution, and I don't know how detailed the Adventurer guild's logbook is.

    As I turn back to look, Ruijerd's anger status bar is at MAX, while Nokopara is standing right in front of him. Even though we broke the rules, this underhanded method of threatening us seems to be forbidden for a warrior.

    In any case, I send a signal to stop Ruijerd.

    Eris does not seem to understand what is going on, if she does, I am afraid the one who will hit Nokopara first will be her, and she will not use her fist but her sword.

    [Oi, give today's money to me.]

    After walking back, Nokopara wraps his arm around my shoulders with a broad grin, and just as Jaril is about to hand the 2 Iron coins with a strained smile, I grab that hand.

    [Before that I have a question.]

    [What is it. Ask quickly, I'm busy.]

    I breathe deeply in my heart and pray everything is successful.

    [Do you have evidence of us doing illegal things?]

    Nokopara smacks his lips with anger, and the sound echoes throughout the building.

    Dead End's finished request was selected from the guild's logbook. The staff at the guild did not ask for the reason. Looks something like this is not Nokopara's first time.

    We head back to the person's place who originally made the request.

    [I suggest you not kill me in the alleys, alright?]

    Nokopara says that while looking at Ruijerd and Jaril.

    Ruijerd is releasing copious amount of killing intent, is he unafraid of him?

    Or perhaps he is already used to that kind of killing intent.

    [If I die, my partners will report to the guild, and I'm different from you C rankers. I'm one who can rise up to B rank.]

    That last line is an obvious bluff. Nokopara also does not believe he is capable of winning against 5 people alone. No matter how much he tries to corner us, he also does not wish to die.

    Even so, his thinking is too shallow. If it is me, I would at least bring in one guard.

    [We're here, we're here.]

    The first house.

    It is a dwelling that I have not seen before. After knocking on the door, a seemingly obstinate-looking old Oba-san walks out from the house. She has an eagle-like nose, and she wears a black robe. There seems to be a sweet smell emitting from the interiors of the house, and most likely she's making a Neruneruneru candy.[52]

    She shows a suspicious expression upon looking at Nokopara, but displays a smile when she sees Veskel.

    [Ara, isn't this Veskel? Why did you bring so many people here? Ah, are these the members of "Dead End's Ruijerd"?]

    Ruijerd looks at us in shock. He sees the Oba-san's glances are looking towards Veskel.


    He laughs.

    [Oba-san, you have been deceived. These aren't the people of Dead End.]


    Oba-san shoots Nokopara's an eye, and scoffs through her nose.

    [How did they deceive us?]

    [How, huh.]

    [Veskel has killed all the bugs in my home. As expected of one from the Zumeba race, after that I have not seen a single bug.]

    Looks like this Oba-san is a home that Veskel had serviced. Come to think of it, Ruijerd has mentioned this when he was spying on them.

    [As long as you do things thoroughly, I don't mind if you're the real "Dead End".]

    Nokopara is not the only one who is surprised, the real deal himself also shows a surprised expression.

    [B, but.]

    [I am not going to live for much longer, if I can meet him before I depart, I really want to do so.]

    You already have.

    Nokopara's eyes open wide in shock and turns around in annoyance to face Veskel.

    [Veskel! You bastards, bring out your Adventurer's identifications!]

    Veskel looks a little taken aback, but grins broadly. In her hands is a card that has "Dead End" written on it.

    [What! Y, you damn bastards, are you f*cking with me......!]

    Too late, "P hunters" does not exist anymore.

    If you check it out, it might still be in the guild's logbook, and you take a further step in checking things out, there might be some rule violation somewhere. But Nokopara doesn't seem to have thought of that.

    [Shit! To the next house!]

    We did not return to the guild.

    I smile with conceit and follow Nokopara.

    After finding dozens of people who made requests, Nokopara's face turns from red to green.

    [Fuck, what the hell is going on.]

    Everyone who made a request views Jaril and Veskel as members of "Dead End". And the Adventurer's card is also reflected as "Dead End".

    On top of all that, we head towards the little girl who made the first request that we did. She hugs Ruijerd's leg with delight, and has a happy reunion with him. [53]

    [Nokopara-san, I'm sorry, if you don't have any proof I can't give you money.]


    Now the tables have been turned, and we can report him for interfering with our requests or something.

    [He, he, he.]

    I subconsciously laugh in an evil manner.

    At the time when I am laughing, we reach the place of the final person. That is to say, the "Wolf's paw pavilion". Jaril and Veskel seem to have worked there before, and it might be difficult to cover up if someone recognized us.

    But I don't remember what that owner said. Well, just like before, there should be a way to handle things.

    [These are the final people.]

    The two people are coming out of the "Wolf's paw pavilion". I freeze instantly when I see this sight.


    My mind is blaring siren alarms up.

    This is an emergency.

    This is an air strike.

    The enemy planes have invaded us.

    An unexpected situation.

    This has distinctly shown off where my thoughts are lacking, and how badly my mind adapts.

    [Ah, Rudeus, you're back...... Thanks for your hard work work. I say, what's wrong, you brought so many people.]

    Kurt welcomes us with an exhausted expression.

    Nokopara has probably discovered my anxiety.

    Or perhaps he has planned this from the start.

    [Hey, the people who saved you are "Dead End" right?]

    Ah. Damn it. The current "Dead End" is rank D, while P hunters accepted request is rank B. This means that we cannot accept this, and if one investigates it everything will fall apart.

    Damn it, this is trouble.

    Kurt looks at Ruijerd and me, while I shake my head hard to stop him.

    (Brag about it, that you don't need help. You retreated from a bad place all by yourself, right.)

    I think of that in my mind. At least, I am praying that Kurt will brag and say [I don't know about that, no one helped us] and refute him.

    Kurt looks at me and nods forcefully.

    [Of course, I have never seen someone so strong.]

    Oh my dearest mother of...... this person is so honest~!

    Kurt describes how strong we are, stating we buried the Executioner and Almond Anaconda, and edits the plot with voice-over and visual colored explanations.

    Rudeus-san is so amazing.

    Even though the Executioner is strong enough to frighten people, it should not clash with Dead End.

    Do you know what happened when it picked a duel with Rudeus?

    Instant K-O!

    It's true, it was crushed with a single blow.

    Ruijerd-san is also strong to the level of being absurd.

    He dances across here and there, and that anaconda dies!

    Even though he did something so unbelievable he does not break a sweat!

    Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps!

    Nokopara listens to that while saying, hoh, hoh, is that so, hmm hmm, that's really amazing, while grinning. And then.

    [Strange~~ Oi, the people who received the request in the town, why did you go to the Forest of Petrification to save people?]

    [No, that, is, we are with Jaril.....]

    [Jaril and Veskel have been staying in the town all along right?]

    This cannot be hidden any longer, Nokopara must have a way to checkmate us.

    Calm down! There should be some way, quickly think of it, first of all I have 3 choices. Very good, I have thought of them.

    1) Kill Nokopara.

    If I believe he has a companion, then this option will head into a bad direction. But perhaps it might head into a good direction too. This is completely based on luck.

    This is a poor plan.

    2) Blame it all on Jaril and Veskel.

    We're new. They are veterans.

    Insist that we have been deceived and treated as prey, perhaps that might work.

    But we will lose Ruijerd's trust. We cannot betray our allies.

    This is a poor plan.

    3) Hand over the money obediently and think of something later.

    This is all based on luck, and even if we can quickly find a solution later, Nokopara got to know our fighting strength.

    In order not to let us go, he might set down a double layered, or even triple layered trap so we cannot escape from the city or him.

    This is a poor plan.

    No good. Every plan is a poor plan.

    These bad ideas might as well be from a sleeping person.

    What should I do?

    The easiest is option 2, but this is probably the worst move. If we use this there will not be any next move. Betraying them means cutting off Ruijerd's trust, and Ruijerd will never believe in me again. Option 2 is not possible, it absolutely must not be used.

    Option 1 is not possible. There is no meaning to it, and we will destroy all our efforts that we have done so far. Even if this is the merciful Magical continent where killing someone is not a big deal, killing someone this once, will end up history repeating itself in the future for similar incidents.

    I do not want to walk down this bloody road.

    I do not have that determination.

    Option 3 is even worse off. Giving that bastard money will mean that we have acknowledged our misdeeds. This is something that absolutely cannot be done. And during the time where we are blackmailed might end up with two or three additional crimes added on. And we will be forced with even more unreasonable requests.

    If it's me, I will demand Eris's body.

    If that happens, it will ultimately end with killing Nokopara.

    That's not right, the only option left is 3? No, no, if I pick option 3 I might as well pick option 1.

    I can only kill Nokopara and his gang?

    Can I do it.......

    Is that the only option.....?

    I, am going to kill someone?

    What about the others who are lurking somewhere? Let Ruijerd search for them? How? Even if it's Ruijerd, if we do not know who to search for, we probably cannot find them.

    Perhaps we should stop being adventurers? Even if there's no qualification we can still survive. I still know how to save money on this continent.

    No, if I decide on this, what about Jaril and Veskel? If they investigate it, the pet kidnappings might possibly be divulged. We have earned enough to leave the city, but they are different. They are residing in this city, and if people know they kidnapped pets, they will be chased out of the city right? They are not capable of living in the plains, so in the end it will end up as betraying them right?

    How about helping them out if they are chased out of the city?

    Impossible. We are already driven to edge ourselves. We are unable to do that

    No, now that things have ended this way, I need to have the determination to walk down this bloody road.

    Quickly think back on your goal. It's to send Eris back. For her sake, even if it's Ruijerd or Jaril or Veskel, everyone must be betrayed. Even if Eris despises me that is fine, even if I am unable to face Paul or Roxy that is fine!

    I will use Water Saint Magic to flood this city. During the chaos I will take Eris and escape from here, give up on being Adventurers. Even if I have do all sorts of bad things I will fulfill my goals.

    I will do it.

    After setting my heart down, I gather Mana into my hand, when I suddenly notice Nokopara's expression change.

    [Hey........ Ah.......]

    The horse-face instantly becomes pale, and his legs shiver.

    He is not looking at me but behind me. I turn back and discover Ruijerd's figure. He is drenched, and the vase that's placed in the inn's window has fallen on its side.

    [R, Ruijerd-san?]

    My eyes are presented with glittering emerald-like colors.

    The blue dye has been washed off by the water, and the wet emerald-like hair is glittering.

    He has released the hook from the hood covering his forehead.

    The red Magic stone on his forehead is exposed.

    Standing there with a raging expression, the Devil warrior exists.

    [Su, su, su, Superd......]

    Nokopara falls on his butt.

    [I am Dead End's Ruijerd Superdia. Since my identity has been revealed it can't be helped. I'll kill everyone.]

    His terrible acting is done in a monotone voice.

    But, the killing intent is the real thing.


    Someone screams.

    Girls, boys and old people,everyone drops whatever they're doing, then screams and scatters.

    In the chaos, Jaril is the first to betray us, yelling, [I was threatened! It has nothing to do with me! We're not allies!], and runs off with Veskel.

    In the chaos, Kurt is unable to move because of the fear. He recalls the memories where he spoke sharply at Ruijerd, then pales and pees on the ground.

    I am unable to understand at all why these people are so frightened, just because his hair colored changed.

    Also, were you guys not fine earlier? Kurt too, you just praised Ruijerd, and wanted to become like him. Were you not looking at him with respect just then?

    And yet, why is everyone frightened from looking at his hair color?

    Looking at Eris, she clearly does not know what happened. She is the same as usual carrying her signature pose, and completely calm. She's quietly looking with her eyes opened wide.

    She's completely calm.

    Some of the people around us run away, some collapse onto the floor, some pull out their swords with their legs trembling.

    There are all kinds of people, and everyone is frightened.

    The figure of the [Dead End]. That is merely it.

    His mere change in hair color has frightened everyone to this degree. This situation where fear has been struck into everyone's heart.

    Hah. I feel like laughing. What have I been doing up to this point? Just looking at his hair ended with things becoming like this. What is the use of my own efforts?

    My thinking is just stupid. Just because Eris is fine with it, the Migurd's race is also fine with it, and thus everyone will be fine with it?


    The Superd's bad reputation is not about reputation.

    They are a symbol of fear.

    How is one going to change this?

    Useless. Hopeless.

    It cannot be done.


    Ruijerd walks to Nokopara amongst the screaming voices.

    [You cur...... Your name is Nokopara right?]

    He grabs the front of his shirt and easily lifts Nokopara who appears relatively heavy.

    [Ruijerd-san! You mustn't kill him!]

    I am still calling him out even though things have turned out this way.

    You must not kill him. If you kill someone under this situation, you will inflict a wound on the Dead End's name that will never be healed for the rest of your life.

    But have things finally reached the boiling point?

    To persuade him now is already too late.

    That's enough.

    Kill him, Ber-ser-K*r![54]

    [S..... Sorry...... I..... I didn't think you're the real deal! S.... Spare me! Please spare my life! I beg you!]


    The furious Ruijerd.

    The trembling Nokopara.

    『Hey, what happened?』

    Eris suddenly asks me and I calmly reply.

    『The worst situation has happened.』

    『Do something!』

    『My apologies, I am unable to do anything.』

    『If you are unable to do anything, then it means we can't do anything else!』

    Eris easily gives up. I too have given up. There is nothing else that can be done.

    This is all my fault. I thought I could settle this even if I got found out. With this superficial thinking, I thought it would turn out fine no matter what happens.

    In the end, everything crumbled into pieces.

    Now that things have turned out this way, I can only act on my original plan, treat everything as if nothing has ever happened, use Water Saint Rank Magic and wash everything away[55].

    Just kidding. Ha ha ha.

    [P... Please help me.... I.... I still have 7 starving kids who are 3 years old!]

    Nokopara has turned incoherent. No matter how you look at it, it's a bunch of hogwash. If it is me who's doing it, I would have done it better.

    [........ I will leave this city. So you should forget all of these things.]

    But Ruijerd forgives him. As expected talking about kids is very effective.

    [T... T.... Th, thank you.]

    Nokopara's face has "I'm saved." written all over it, but convulses when he hears the following words.

    [But, try stripping us of our Adventurers' qualifications, when we get to the next town.]

    Ruijerd uses the tip of the spear to cut across Nokopara's face.

    Nokopara's pants instantly become wet and the area behind his butt quickly grows in size.

    [Don't think that I'm unable to enter this city...... Understand?]

    Nokopara nods with his life on the line, and Ruijerd lets go of his hands.

    Nokopara falls onto the ground with a disgusting squelch.

    In the end Ruijerd got chased out of the town, carrying all the blame with him.

    That's too harsh.

    Ruijerd left us behind. The guards came over to ask what happened, and I argued that this was not Ruijerd's fault, but they made their own conclusion that because we are children we were coerced.

    Ruijerd had made evil plans, and we were used by him. They were uncertain about the contents of those plans, but in any case they made the conclusion they had avoided the worst case scenario.

    The people surrounding us cast sympathetic looks, gazes that treated us as children who did not know anything and got used.

    This made me furious. What did Ruijerd do wrong? Everything was my doing right? All of these outcomes were created with my own hands right?

    We went back to the inn and immediately packed our things, then left with what little luggage we had.

    If we did not hurry, perhaps Ruijerd would leave. In any case, we were unable to stay in this town.

    Nokopara was still alive, and he said he had allies. We were still people who did illegal things. If things cooled down, Ruijerd would be unable to help us the next time.

    [I say, Rudeus......]

    Kurt addresses me when we walk out of the inn. He carries a perplexed expression, as though he has no idea what to talk about.

    [Why are you together with that?]

    [What do you mean by "that", think about who saved you. You even wet your pants because you're afraid, how are you going to become famous?]

    [No....... that...... Sorry......]

    No, I cannot be angry at him. This guy did talk good things about us.

    [My apologies, Kurt. I went overboard.]

    [No, that's fine. I did wet my pants.]

    Kurt is really a good person.

    Eris hides her hands behind her back and glares at him.

    [Kurt, I have a request, and I'll treat it as payment for saving you.]

    [Go ahead.]

    Kurt nods earnestly.

    [Ruijerd is not a bad person. Something happened in the past that caused him to be feared, but he's a good person. After we leave this town, advertise that.]

    [Ah, alright. I understand, he's the one who saved my life.]

    Arriving at the Adventurer's guild, we remove Jaril and Veskel from 『Dead End』, and at the same time requested the staff to give them a message.

    [Since things have turned out this way, thanks for helping us. 『He』 also thanks you. Please tell them this.]

    They betrayed us at the final moment, but that is something that cannot be helped. With how things turned out, the only way for them to be safe is this. At the end of the day, we have indeed been helped out by them.

    On the way to the entrance of the town, I buy a reptile that looks like a lizard used specifically for transport.

    This is a charming lizard that has 6 legs and a pair of sharp eyes. It is used in the Magic continent with the purpose of pulling carriages. It easily allows two grown adults to ride on it and costs 10 Iron coins, which is about half the wealth we possess now.

    But we had already decided to buy it before leaving town. (!)

    We had heard before the difference of using it and not using it when moving around the Magic Continent. After hearing from the owner on how to control it, we pack our luggage onto it and ride it out of town.

    There are many soldiers gathered at the entrance. Perhaps they are planning to venture outside the walls to eliminate Ruijerd.

    Amongst them are the familiar Lizard-faced and Pig-faced guards. Their faces are pale and at the same time show signs of excitement.

    After greeting them, we receive the warning "『Dead End』 had just exited town", and we needed to be careful.

    After that, they said Dead End is the devil, and is planning something in town.

    They clearly have not seen Ruijerd, but declared him as evil with the ambiguous talk about him.

    [That man has walked freely in this town for 2 months, and nothing happened.]

    I am unable to stop myself and say that.

    The guards' faces are written with [Huh?].

    I glare at the two of them, scoff and walk out of town.

    My heart feels like it has been stabbed.

    We need to meet up with Ruijerd again. He should be nearby, no, he is definitely nearby.

    If his pride as a warrior is real, he should not abandon us....... No, he should not abandon Eris.

    [Here will be good enough.]

    We walk a distance far enough till we are unable to see the town, and I release a firework Magic into the sky.

    The sound roars through the air, the heat scattering in waves, and the light shines everywhere.

    After a while, Ruijerd still has not appeared.

    [Eris, please call for Ruijerd.]

    Eris calls out for Ruijerd with her loud voice.

    After a while the Pack Coyotes appear. The frustrated me vents my frustration on them. The surrounding boulders disintegrate into dust and become a pretty flat land.

    The Pack Coyotes turn into scraps of meat, and they will probably turn into zombies.

    Hmph, who cares.

    Those people are in the town after all.

    [Look, it's Ruijerd.]

    After the battle we see Ruijerd's figure.

    He shows an uncomfortable expression.

    Please do not show that kind of face.

    [Why didn't you appear when we called you? Are you planning to leave us without a word?]

    But what comes out from my lips is an accusatory tone.

    Even though I have not planned to do that.


    His first word is an apology, and I feel there is no place for me to retreat to.

    No matter how I think about it, everything is my fault. I had conceitedly coerced Jaril and Veskel into becoming our allies, and believed that I was able to progress with a simple method.

    In the end when our misdeeds were revealed, I still believed that we were able to somehow get out of it. We were driven into a corner and at the very end of it all, Ruijerd covered things up for me. [56]

    If Ruijerd did not take the blame, we might still continue to be bound in that town doing requests.

    No, Nokopara is an expert. Even without Kurt and the rest, we would still probably be cornered.

    [Why are you apologizing? The one who should apologize is me.]

    I am unable to endure any longer.

    [No, you have done everything that you should do.]


    [Plans are always accompanied with failures. You spend effort day and night on thinking things through. I know of this.]

    Ruijerd smiles and place his hand on my head.

    [Well, I don't know what you're thinking about. Until now I have always thought that you're thinking about planning something bad, so there are many times I am unable to control myself.]

    Ruijerd glances at Eris, nods and continues.

    [You have something to protect which you would do so desperately. Earlier, you let me see your determination when you were about to kill that bastard.]

    Earlier, ah, the moment where I wanted to flood the town.

    [The you who has something to protect, is a warrior.]

    He said I am a warrior.

    My tears are about to spill from me when I heard that.

    I am not so splendid. I am shamelessly planning on how to earn money, single-mindedly thinking about gains and losses, and even considered abandoning Ruijerd.

    To abandon a reliable ally at the final moment.

    [Ruijerd-san, I...... no, I[57] am.....]

    My sincere words. My own words.

    I cast off the armor of Keigo[58], and to use my own words --

    But I have no idea what to say.


    Ruijerd interrupts me.

    [You do not need to mind me.]


    [Don't worry. Even if I can't restore my reputation, I will protect you. Trust me. No, please give me your trust.]

    I trust you.

    I believe you.

    It's fine even if I don't do it.

    I see, restoring Ruijerd's reputation is indeed difficult. Currently if there are two goals, our actions will become unclear and illogical.

    Recently I have been stressed a lot, and there are things that I did not consider. They are plans that I could have thought about, but the resulting conclusion is today's failure.

    Therefore there is no need for me to do this.

    But this is something that I cannot agree upon.

    I have witnessed that scene. If they were not so afraid, it would have been a scene where they picked up stones and hurled them at us.

    But I am unable to say something like, oh is that so, then please wait outside the next town.

    [No, I must clear Ruijerd-san's infamy.]

    Instead of this, I should renew my determination.

    At least let me repay this debt of gratitude.

    [You're really obstinate. Do you really have this little faith in me.]

    [I believe you. That is why I'm repaying you.]

    Concerning me, I had been bullied in the past. I had suffered the pain of being stuck with a hateful tag, leaving me alone in a world where I had nobody else for decades.

    If Roxy did not bring me out, I would not have met Sylphy and Eris.

    Ruijerd's case is different from mine. The scale is completely different. I understand that.

    But that cannot be the reason I forsake him.

    I am unable to do something like Roxy by accomplishing it unconsciously; the only thing that I can do is to crawl ahead through this mud of failures.

    Perhaps Ruijerd might feel troubled over this, and result in today's failure again, or perhaps it may aid Ruijerd.

    But doing something is always better than doing nothing.

    [..... You're really stubborn.]

    [I cannot be compared to Ruijerd-san.]

    [Hah. Then, please treat me favorably.]

    Ruijerd smiles wryly, and quietly nods.

    I don't know why, I feel that now I have truly established mutual trust with Ruijerd.

    The next morning.

    I find Ruijerd has turned into a baldie after waking up.

    I'm dumbfounded.

    Or should I say scared?

    Coupled with the scars on his face makes him look like a Yakuza.

    [After this incident, I understand that people are afraid of my hair.]

    It seems like he has set forth a great deal of resolution.

    To my own common sense, shaving one's head represents reflection and determination.

    In this world, this common sense does not exist.

    But even though there isn't......

    I feel like I need to shave my own hair off, to reflect upon my actions.

    Since Ruijerd has done so, should I make myself bald too?

    No, yet, but......

    [Hey, Eris. Should I do something like that?]

    [You can't, I like Rudeus' hair after all.]

    I use Eris as a refuge.

    I laugh at the useless me.

    The Magic continent.

    If it was me in my previous life I would've thought that it was slang for Demon world[59].

    Where the demon king rules,

    small villages where demons live,

    a small shrine of a forgotten tribe,

    where powerful demons with confidence are everywhere.

    That's the demon world I know.

    However, it's different in this world.

    First off, there is no demon king who rules the continent.

    That doesn't mean that they don't exist.

    Right now there are about 30 demon kings.

    Also each one of them has their own territory.

    They're demon kings in name only though, who just act bossy.

    There are also demon kings who have a special unit.

    But actually they're just warriors with special powers and cool names.

    The Special Guard in the town of Rikaris was also one of them.

    The people in special units are actually pretty similar to adventurers.

    They exterminate monsters like them,

    they catch criminals in town,

    and they also guard the town they live in.

    Rather than a soldier they're more like vigilantes.

    I do not know about the relationship between the vigilantes and devils in this continent.

    Whether the demon king named them,

    or whether the vigilantes just call themselves that without the permission of the demon king.

    If a demon king is determined to start a war, they would become the demon king's army.

    I wonder if they have some sort of agreement on this.

    Right now, there aren't any demon kings trying to start a war, so it's peaceful.

    But that's only in the areas governed by the demon kings.

    Most of the magic continent is a lawless area.

    In other words, the areas around the Southern Cross and Holy Emperor's Cross Mausoleum are at peace, but the roads between them are rampant with self-ruled mohawks[60]...

    By the way, the demon king who rules the town of Rikaris is called 'Badigadi'.

    Possessing six arms, black skin and a bulging body of muscles, that's the kind of demon king he is.

    Well he's currently missing since he's on a journey where he's just wandering around.

    The true definition of freedom.

    The Magic continent is infested with powerful Monsters.

    In the Adventurer's Guild, elimination requests for these kinds of Monsters are for C rank and higher.

    In other words, it's like this:

    In this continent, there are only enemies of C rank and higher.

    The Stone Treant was barely D rank though.

    That said, the Demon Race is fundamentally stronger than the Human Race.

    Moreover, because of the characteristics of each race, they're abnormally good with wars between races.

    There is a wall between C and B rank,

    therefore the prowess of different continents' B ranks are different.

    Those who don't try to raise their rank are simply guys like Nokopara or Jaril.

    If you think about it like that, Ruijerd is abnormal.

    He boasts that he can beat an A rank magical beast on his own.

    Well the ability between him and 6 to 7 B rank adventurers is fundamentally different.

    His nickname "Dead End" isn't just for show.

    Having obtained the trust of such a person, I feel truly happy.

    Since we have left the town Rikaris three days have passed.

    Perhaps because I was relieved at having earned Ruijerd's trust, my appetite has grown recently.

    Even if I say that the food isn't that good.

    Since our only food is the Great rock turtles' meat.

    It isn't delicious at all.

    It tastes bad.

    So, I decided to cook it.

    It's not smart to grill it.

    So I should just change the recipe.

    Earth ware pot that was created with magic,

    delicious water produced by a Greyrat's magic.

    steam powered stove that was created with magic (manpower).

    Using these three I decided to cook the meat.

    Water is precious, but I can infinitely create more.

    Actually I wanted to use the stove to cook the meat,

    but I decided to stop after it exploded.

    Although it takes time, the water bill and gas bill is free after you learn enough magic.

    I should just take my time and shower it with my affection to cook it carefully.

    The cookware made from earth magic was easily disposable, how handy.

    I should also try smoking some meat.

    A chip of the Stone Treant.... It didn´t seem tasty at all.

    Anyway, the meat of the Great Rock turtle tasted better after that.

    Tough meat always tastes bad,

    but the soft meat also tasted bad.

    Yeah, it tastes bad.

    Even after it was boiled, the scent didn't change, well it's not like I could suddenly make it tasty.

    It's a funny story.

    It was more delicious that time I ate it at the Migurds' village.

    Just what does it miss…?

    And, then I remembered.

    The plants and vegetables the Migurd-tribe was growing.

    What I thought when I saw it at first, was that the crops were dying.

    However, it wasn't like that.

    That was probably a kind of herb.

    It was their knowledge of herbs that removed the bad smell and made the meat tastier.

    I had been completely fooled by Roxy's words "It's bitter and tastes bad."

    That's a vegetable, but it's not something you eat just like that.

    Honestly my Shisho is such an airhead, I'm troubled about her.

    When we arrive at the next town I should buy a stock of herbs.

    Also if there are different spices I'd like to test some things out.

    [But... Will it be worth the effort?]

    Basically in the Magic continent, spices are expensive.

    Perhaps because the land isn't that fertile, the vegetables even more so.

    Because they are used for the spices they're expensive.

    For example something like a little ginseng would be bartered for 5kg of meat.

    Great Rock Turtle is really cheap.

    It can be said it's common food here.

    That turtle who has a body bigger than a 5 ton truck, can feed a household for a few days even if it's only one of them.

    Even I must say that it couldn't possibly feed every single household inside a town though.

    Sometimes eating Pack Coyotes,

    sometimes eating bugs who live in treants.

    Even Eris had refused to eat the bugs when she saw them.

    Even I don't want to eat something like bugs.

    The food culture in this continent doesn't fit me.

    I can still eat the meat of the Great Rock Turtle if it's cooked.

    Among the low level of food culture here, well, it'd be classified as delicious though.

    Saying it's tasty if you just cook it, I was barely able to nod to these words from Ruijerd.

    Even so I still need spices.

    Those two don't find it necessary, however for me it's necessary.

    In other words, I arbitrarily chose to buy it.

    However, being arbitrary isn't good.

    Because we're a team.

    Let's put the talk about spices aside for now,

    I should find the right time to consult the right person about this.

    [Everybody gather up!]

    Eris who was trying to use a lump of cloth as a pillow,

    Ruijerd who was searching for enemies with his eyes closed.

    I called for them to group up.

    [I would like to hold meetings from now on.]


    Eris was puzzled.

    [Yes, if we're going to keep on traveling like this I think that some problems will occur.

    If a problem were to arise, then at that time I think the three of us should discuss what we should do about it, this should be done so we can prevent fights occurring because of different opinions.]


    Eris made a puzzled face.

    As I thought, she probably doesn't like participating in something specific like this.

    Better yet I could just discuss everything with just Ruijerd,

    but to leave someone out isn't good.

    She isn't some deadweight who slows us down.

    So I have to let her join in the discussions like this.

    [It's that right?

    What Rudeus and the others did once a month right?]


    Once a month?

    Oh, she's talking about the staff meeting.

    Come to think of it, I did do something like that.

    [Yes it's the adventurers' version of that.]

    Eris suddenly closed her mouth and began sitting in front of me like a stone.

    When I thought she was making a serious face, she had a big grin across her face.

    I wonder why.

    There shouldn't have been anything funny about it...

    Well it's better than having her hate it.

    [Do I also participate in that?]

    Ruijerd's question.

    Rather, what would you do if you weren't participating, Is the tsukkomi I made to myself.

    [Of course.

    Didn't you hold meetings like this when you were in your warrior group?]

    [We didn't. It was just me giving orders, something like that.]

    So it was a 'The leaders words are the law' kind of thing.

    But I live in a democracy.

    [Starting today, we discuss it with the three of us and make decisions with the three of us.]


    Ruijerd nodded obediently and sat down.

    Beside the campfire the three of us sat in a circle.

    All right.

    [Now, we'll start the first "Dead-End strategy meeting." Applause]

    Clap, clap, clap, clap, the three of us began applauding.

    [Rudeus, why do we do something like applauding?]

    [That's the kind of thing you have to do.]

    [Even though you didn't do it that time with Ghyslaine, well not that I mind it.]

    [Because it's our memorable first meeting we have to applaud like this.]

    Well I didn't do this at the staff meeting.

    But now we're adventurers, we have to make it a little more exciting like this.


    Well last time, I failed big time.]

    [No, that wasn't your fault but-]

    [Shut up! Ruijerd-san when you make a remark wait until the person talking is done,

    after that please raise your hand.]

    Hysterically with triangular glasses, that's how I would've said it.

    [I understand.]


    Ruijerd looked as if he didn't understand any of it, well I just went on with what I wanted to say.

    [Let's think about the reasons we failed.]

    Failing to gather information,

    Only thinking about making money,

    Failing to get two birds with one stone,


    Well, we have to be careful of them all respectively.

    [As a precaution I would like us to follow the next three points; 'reporting', 'communication' and 'consultation', these are the most important.]

    [Consultation.... I see.]

    This is of great importance,

    With this even if there's an enemy in front of us we'll be able to send him flying.

    [Yes consultation, before you do something you should consult the others!]

    [Hmmm, what do we do specifically?]

    [If you ever have something that bothers you, please tell each another about it.]

    In reality I don't know how society has people consulting others...

    Well let's leave the difficult stuff aside for now.

    We should do whatever we can.

    [I shall also ask you two for consultation.

    The one who was asked for consult, please think about what has been said, even if you don't agree.

    If you do it like that you might find a great plan the others may not have thought about.]

    When I think, I decided things without consulting Ruijerd about it first.

    Even though I said I trust him,

    in the depths of my heart it may've been different.

    [And contact.

    If you notice something in the area, please say something immediately.

    Please tell one another things like that.]

    Eris just kept nodding yes with a difficult face. (!)

    I wonder if she understands.

    [As for last, reporting.

    Progress may be important,

    however if a plan fails or succeeds please tell me its result.]

    Well it's because I'm still the leader.

    Let's have some awareness about that.

    [Any questions for now?]

    [I don't have any, go on.]


    Ruijerd shook his head, while Eris raised her hand.

    [Yes, Eris.]

    [The three of us will consult, but in the end Rudeus will decide right?]

    [In the end it'll probably end up like that.]

    [Then isn't it fine if Rudeus decides everything?]

    [There is a limit to how much I can think about.]

    [Like I'd be able to think of something Rudeus couldn't think of!]

    I'm thankful you're saying that,

    but let me say it clearly, even I want some peace of mind.

    I want you guys to say, it's all right or you'll be fine, something like that.

    [Even if you can't think of anything, something Eris might say may give me a hint.]

    [I wonder...]

    Eris had a face that looked like she didn't understand.

    Well in the beginning it can't be helped,

    since it's important to use your head.

    [For the time being there is something I want to decide on for the future.]

    At this moment,

    even though we couldn't make enough preparations, our journey began.

    It'll be a journey from one place to another, but we don't have another choice apart from doing our best.

    [First is the destination... of course,

    the final destination will be the Asura kingdom.

    In the west of the central continent.

    This is okay right?]

    The two of them nod.

    However it isn't possible to cross over to the central continent from the magic continent.

    Because there is no route.

    In this world, the sea tribe dominates the sea.

    Except for the planned route it's not possible to travel through it.

    [Ruijerd-san how can we cross over to the Milis continent?]

    [In the southernmost town of the magic continent 'Windport' there's a boat that leaves from there.]

    Therefore if you want to go to the central continent, you need to take the following route;

    southern tip of the magic continent to center of the Milis continent.

    From the center of the Milis continent to the Southeast end of the Milis continent.

    From the southeast end of the Milis continent to the western part of Central continent.

    This is the route we need to take.

    However, there is also a route from the opposite direction.

    It's a route that goes from the Northwestern part of the Magic continent to the Heaven's continent.

    This way we'll be able to go to the Central continent without going through the Milis continent.

    If you just want to go to the Central continent then this is logically a few months shorter.

    However, it's not as easy as it sounds.

    The Heaven continent is a continent at the top of a mountain range of cliffs.

    Without wings there are no means to get up.

    I also think it isn't possible to reach it by climbing.

    There isn't a foothold and it's infested with magical beasts.

    It's a harsh route with a fatality rate of 95 percent.

    Moreover even if we passed that, what would be waiting for us there is the most dangerous place of the Central continent, its northern part.

    It's a place infested with criminals running from bounty hunters.

    However, that's just a theoretical plan.

    In reality it would probably take the most time.

    Looking at the result both of them are very time consuming,

    though there's no need to purposely endanger ourselves.

    In other words the route which we'll take will be the south one.

    [Do you know how much the boat fare costs?]

    [I do not know.]

    [How long would it take for us to get there?]

    [It'd take pretty long..... if we walked without rest wouldn't it take about half a year?]

    Even if we walked without rest it'd take half a year..... That's far.

    [Isn't there a way to move instantly, like a magic teleportation circle.]

    [Teleportation magic circles were forbidden after the Second Great Magic War.

    If we looked around we could probably find one;

    however, using it is difficult.]

    I just tried asking it but to think it really exists.

    [In the end, we can only travel on foot, right?]

    [That's right.]

    There doesn't seem to be a way to move at high speed.

    Ugh...... to keep walking for half a year.

    No, it's wrong to think of moving for half a year.

    We'll travel bit by bit.

    From town to town.

    I should think like that.

    It's going on a journey at your own pace, like that.

    [For the time being we should aim for the southernmost port town "Windport".

    How long will it take before we reach the next town?]

    [In 15 days we should be able to reach the next town.]

    Two weeks.

    I wonder if it's something like that.

    The distance from town to town.

    [I wonder if they have an Adventurers Guild.]

    [I assume they do.]

    Ruijerd tells me,

    different tribes came together in a town in the old days,

    and the place where they exchanged information and more, a town should be there.

    Something like that.

    Therefore, even if a small town does not exist,

    the warriors of an Adventurers' guild of various tribes get together there as an everyday thing.

    Apparently an Adventurers Guild didn't exist in the past.

    The one who protected the town were warriors from the different tribes who were chosen as representatives.

    In addition, for the sake of the tribes who didn't fight much,

    the tribes that were skilled in fighting went to these tribes to help them out.

    The relationship between the Superd tribe and the Migurd tribe was also like that.

    In order to strengthen the relationship between these tribes,

    there were also those from different tribes who married each other.

    No wonder the Magic continent has so many different tribes.

    There were mixed tribes with different kinds too.

    Wait, we're not talking about the main point anymore.

    [Now then I think we should move through towns with Adventurer Guilds in them.]

    We'll stay there for about 1 or 2 weeks.

    As long our Adventurers qualification hasn't been revoked,

    we can keep receiving requests.

    While also selling the "Dead End" name.

    Basically, nothing bad.

    And, when our travel expenses are covered we'll leave the town.

    [That's the kind of flow we should go with,

    does anyone have any questions or opinions maybe?]

    Ruijerd raises his hand.

    [You don't have to sell my name,

    for that reason I also cut my hair. The me now is no longer of the Superd tribe.]

    [Well, selling your name is just an extra while doing requests, just an extra.]

    I discovered that from working with Veskel and Jalil.

    There isn't any need to do anything special.

    Just trying your hardest completes the job.

    If it goes well, we'll say "Ruijerd of Dead End" name.

    If it doesn't go well I'll just say my own name.

    I'll be troubled if they heard the name "Dead End" and begin to panic.

    However that will be a secret from Ruijerd.


    Deciding something like this on my own right after deciding we'd consult each other?

    It'll be fiiine.

    [Now that we've decided that,

    any other questions?]

    Aren't we going to check the prices of things, like you did long ago?


    [Yes, Eris-kun.]

    This situation takes me back,

    It's like being in class again.

    [Aren't we going to check the prices of things, like you did long ago?]

    [You mean market research?]


    Come to think of it, I did not bother with this in the town of Rikaris.

    That town was a place where we really got ripped off.

    Even the lizard used for travelling could've probably been found somewhere in the wild.

    [Let's do that, because knowing the price of things is the first step to handle money better.

    Does anyone have an idea about how we're going to do this?]


    There don't seem to be any ideas...

    I guess it'll be like this for the time being.

    Problems will probably appear on our journey from now on.

    At that time, it'll be great if we can calmly discuss things without fighting.

    [Well then I look forward to working together with you guys from now on.]

    While saying that I bowed my head to the other two.


    Thus our journey began!

    Inside the town:

    There's nobody who was able to recognize that Ruijerd was from the Superd tribe.

    I wonder if it might´ve been because he has even shaved his eyebrows,

    it seems the Magic continent doesn´t have a culture of firmly affixing a hairstyle.

    It might´ve been important to recognize the different tribes, but I guess it isn't.

    The gatekeeper greeted us politely and lets us pass through the gate.

    Ruijerd´s appearance was like a monk or rather,

    no matter how you look at it, he looks like mafia or Yakuza.

    Probably because there are other dangerous looking guys in town.

    [Greetings, town!]

    Like I thought it really does feel different being dressed like an adventurer.

    I'm truly happy that we're wearing these clothes now.

    Before this, I was wearing nobleman clothing.

    It was truly suspicious.

    Even Ruijerd was happy since it was the first time he was happily greeted like this.

    When I told the guild our party name was "Dead End",

    they just asked:

    [Is that really okay?]

    When I tell them that we're the real thing so it's alright, they began to laugh.

    This method seems to be effective as ever.

    Accepted easily even at unknown places.

    It makes me want to bow down to the value of the "Dead End" name.

    When we got to the inn we began our war council.

    The one who brought up the topic was Eris.

    [Rudeus, I want you to stop sniffing my panties while you're doing the laundry.]

    I was told that with a straight face.

    I was banned from touching Eris's panties from then on.

    However, if it becomes like that the only one who can do the laundry is Ruijerd.

    How can I let a lolicon bastard like him who always tries to pat a child's head wash the panties of the cute Eris.


    I taught Eris how to do the laundry.

    From today onward the laundry was under Eris' supervision.

    But she secretly sniffed the scent of my underwear.

    But, under no circumstances did I want her to stop.

    Isn't that the magnanimity of a man?

    Information gathering was not so difficult.

    By using the Adventurer's Guild, we got to gather a lot of information.

    Pretending to be a child, I just listened to other adventurers.

    It was seriously too easy.

    Thinking because a child was with them, I had them tell me everything I wanted to know.

    Getting carried away I tried asking a female adventurer her three sizes,

    Eris mounted me after hearing that.

    In this world, the concept of tapping out didn't exist.

    I thought I'd die.


    While traveling from town to town,

    we steadily headed southward.

    In the middle of our journey,

    There were those who came to challenge Ruijerd to a duel.

    [For I am Rodriguez, the third disciple of North god style Kalman's personal disciple, "Peacock Blade Auber"!]

    At first I thought they were bounty hunters.

    I thought some random person put a reward on Ruijerd's head.

    [That demeanor, you must be a famous swordsman no doubt about it!

    I wish for us to cross blades with each other thus I challenge you to a duel!]

    However, it seems to be somehow different.

    He must've traveled to the Magic continent to continue his warrior training.

    [What are you going to do Ruijerd-san?]

    [It's been a while since I've done this kind of thing.]

    Ruijerd explains that there seems to be a lot of people with the warrior job in the Magic continent.

    Monsters are strong in the magic continent,

    and the adventurers who eliminate them are also strong.

    It's seems like most of these fellow's think it's a great place to advance their training.

    Most of them probably think they can get stronger this way.

    [I could just accept it, but what should I do?]

    [I could tell you what I want, but what do you want to do?]

    [I'm a warrior. If someone challenges me I'll accept it.]

    If you're going to accept it, say so from the beginning.

    Is how it turned out.

    We decided to agree on some rules.

    1. Not killing each other, or severely injuring each other.

    2. This side (Ruijerd) names himself after the duel ends.

    3. Whether you win or lose no tough feelings.

    And, Ruijerd won.

    With movements that reflected the opponent who went in at full power, he won.

    Well it didn't feel as if he held back.

    However, with low risk movements he won while completely sealing his opponent's movements.

    [It's my complete loss, to think there was still someone this strong; this means the world's really wide!

    And what's your name?]

    [It's Ruijerd Superdia, I'm also called "Dead End".]

    [What do you mean? That "Dead End?!

    In the magic continent I have heard rumors of a fearsome male from the Superd tribe walking around!]

    After the fight ended, he was shocked.

    Surprisingly, those of the human race don't know much about the characteristics of the Superd tribe.

    That the Superd tribe uses spears,

    or that they have a red gem on their foreheads.

    There seem to be many of them that don't know of it.

    For the human race the only characteristics they have to look out for is the Superd's emerald green hair.

    Emerald green hair.

    Even after 400 years have passed, that was the only reason for their persecution.

    Bullying him only because his hair color is green, this is something that goes beyond my reasoning.

    [However he doesn't seem to have any hair?]

    [I shaved my hair off.]

    [It seems like it'd be better if I don't ask the reason for it...]

    The opponent is clearly strong,

    in the face of a symbol of fear like the Superd tribe,

    who were known for their heinous actions.

    It's such an opponent, where being afraid of him is totally natural.

    But, still, between warriors.

    Apparently there is something that connects them.

    For people that use their strength in order to survive,

    someone like Ruijerd should be a symbol of respect and admiration.

    [No way, I got to have a match with a historical legend....!

    I'm going to brag about it in my home town!]

    Most of the opponents were happy about it.

    It's like when you meet someone for the first time on the street,

    they look like they'd be unfriendly.

    But surprisingly he's a nice guy you could talk to.

    It was a joy like that.

    [That's why we---]

    Starting with this guy, Ruijerd continued to be challenged.

    And the farther we got south the more challengers came forth.

    Within the warriors that challenged him there was a guy who knew his history.

    Four hundred years ago the time when Ruijerd was in the Superd tribe's warrior group.

    There was someone who had the same name as him.

    When we said that it was the same person, he was very surprised.

    About that person, Ruijerd, filled a whole night of stories of that person's past.

    Gramps Ruijerd's story was long, but it seems like a story like this without any exaggeration was exciting for a warrior.

    In particular, the siege against a thousand men, it was a long battle, but they were able to deal a serious blow to Laplace, as unmanly as it was I shed some tears after hearing this warrior's story.

    If I turned this story into a book it might be able to change people's view on the Superd tribe.

    [True Story! Battle on the magic continent without justice first chapter!]

    Or something like,

    [The truth about the Superd tribe nobody knows!]

    Something like that.

    I wonder if I can print them with some earth magic.

    In addition I can write in the languages of 4 different continents.

    However I could get caught for breaking the law of the continent....

    I'll leave it as a thought for now.

    [See you, thank you, I learned a lot.]

    These warriors all left happily in the end.

    There wasn't even one guy who ran for his life even once.

    That's also thanks to Ruijerd shaving his head.

    Actually, wouldn't it be alright if every one of the Superd tribe became a skin head?


    Onward to the South,

    And even farther to the South.

    Thus our journey continued.


    Of course, it wasn't just a smooth journey.

    There were problems that happened many times.

    Also Eris who came to understand the language became seriously pissed off and started a fight.

    There were also some cases where Ruijerd's identity as someone of the Superd tribe was found out.

    In addition to that there was a time I tried to peek at Eris bathing, however Ruijerd grabbed me by my neck and pulled me away.

    Similar problems happened many times over.

    First time around, I became worried over every little problem.

    I thought I had to make sure it didn't happen again.

    But, if you think about it.

    Whenever Eris started a fight she never drew her sword.

    Also whenever Ruijerd was found out it didn't turn into a mayhem like the first time.

    And we were very friendly towards the guards saying [Sorry but since there are also a lot of scary guys in the Superd tribe we need be cautious.]

    Something like that.

    In the end I couldn't peek at Eris taking a bath even once.

    All of these were small problems.

    They never developed into bigger problems.

    That's why I stopped caring after a while.

    Eris is violent,

    Ruijerd is from the Superd tribe,

    And I'm a pervert.

    It was something decided from birth.

    Now I believe it more than ever, it isn't something that can be changed.

    Well, I'm doing whatever I can.

    But even if I fail I should just deal with situations.

    Let's go at a relaxed pace, a relaxed pace.

    Partway through I began to think like that.

    But I certainly won't treat failure lightly.

    However we should loosen our shoulders,

    I just became able to put the things I wanted to try into practice.


    A year has passed since we started travelling.

    And before we noticed we had already become A rank adventurers

    And thus we arrived at the southern end of the Magic continent.

    We reached the port town Windport.

    Note: this chapter and map were drawn by the original author including the note below, not a part of the Light Novel but the Web Novel, the map image has been edited to English by the translator.

    Author's Note:

    After attempting to give various explanations and hearing back "it's hard to understand the shape", or "it's hard to imagine the routes", since that's the case I thought of making an image as reference, I thought of the world map in my head and attempted drawing it. A rough shape of the world and a rough showing of the major landmarks and cities.The author does not have much skill with drawing as you can see, so the continents and regions are sometimes bigger or smaller than they should be, please go on easy on him.

    World Map

    End Simple Explanation.

    Central Continent

    It's split into three parts by the Red Dragon Mountain Range.

    The poor and needy Northern areas with many wars, Asura Kingdom in the West one of the worlds most abundant and rich regions, a number of large countries are always struggling for power and rioting in the Southern area.

    Human race makes up the majority of the population.

    Demon Continent[61]

    A poor place with strong monsters.

    There are Demon Kings ruling over various places.

    Demon (Magic) Race make up the largest portion of the population.

    Milis Continent[62]

    In the north there's the Great Forest, in the south there's the Holy Milis Kingdom.

    Splitting those two regions is the Blue Dragon Mountain Range, with the Holy Sword Highway going straight through them from top to bottom with not a single monster on the Highway.

    Population is roughly 50/50 of Human Race and Beast Race.

    Begaritto Continent[63]

    A large number of labyrinths, a place of many strange occurrences in terms of magical power.

    The strength of the monsters is equal to those of Demon Continent.

    A variety of races live here. The majority of them are Adventurers or ex-Adventurers.

    Heaven Continent[64]

    A level ground 3000 meters above sea level.

    The place where the Heavenly Race live.

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    4. Means Human God but is a personal name. ((Note from a reader: "Human God" here is written as 人神, same as in the listing of gods in chapter 17. This might be pronounced differently? Hitokami? Hitoshin? Someone smarter than me please check this. But the name "Hitogami" is written in katanana, ヒトガミ, and this is the name Rudeus uses to refer to the character. Some of the translations do translate the katakana name so the distinction is lost, so be mindful of that.))
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    15. Ruijerd says in katakana, Rudeus says in kanji.
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    23. (TL: 大王陸亀(グレートトータス) Lit, Great King Land Tortoise followed by katakana.)
    24. A reference to Dragonball.
    25. (TL: Demon God, if you can't remember who he is.)
    26. Using rough values, not realistic exchange rates for our world currency.
    27. This is not necessarily hyperbolic. Research a few years back found that some memories are recorded in DNA aswell but process of extracting them is quite expensive
    28. Hello Work is an employment agency in Japan.
    29. Said in English as a title.
    30. I have no idea what this is referencing, some character/ability parody?
    31. I didn't completely get part of this line, but he was expressing a mental image part of it.
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    53. TL: 嬉しいハプニングもあった。 - Lit. happy happening > happy reunion
    54. A Fate stay/night reference.
    55. Has the double meaning of wiping the slate clean while hinting that Rudeus wants to wash the town away.
    56. TL: 尻拭い - Ruijerd wipes my butt/covers up for me. Well, the author used that description...
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    58. Polite language
    59. Demon/Devil and Magic are written the same.
    60. A Hokuto no Ken reference.
    61. The word Ma can mean both Demon and Magic, that is why you will see it translated different here and there, just try to think of them as Magic Demon people/continent.
    62. Mirisu is another spelling as well as Millis
    63. Also spelled as Begaritt and Begalitt
    64. the word Ten means Heaven as well as ceiling

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