My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss

Chapter 842 - In Chapter 842 She Decided To Be Lenient And Tell Him About The Two Children (IX)

Chapter 842: In chapter 842 She Decided To Be Lenient And Tell Him About The Two Children (IX)

The butler paused for a moment. Seeing that Chu Wuyou did not have any reaction, he continued, “I wonder what the president of the Ye Corporation intends? Some people say that the president of the Ye Corporation wants to take this opportunity to monopolize the Chu Corporation.”

Chu Wuyou was stunned. She did not understand business matters, but she believed in Ye Lanchen. Moreover, Ye Lanchen of the Chu Corporation was nothing to her.

“I’m not even worried about this matter. Do you need to worry about it?” Elder Chu looked at the butler. There was no anxiety on his face. Instead, there was a slight smile on the corner of his lips. He knew about this long ago, the fact that Ye Lanchen could make a move meant that his relationship with Wuyou was not ordinary.

Therefore, he was not worried about this matter at all. Instead, he was quite happy.

“Alright, I’m not worried. However, I heard that a major incident happened in Jin city yesterday. Almost all the newspapers today are reporting about this matter.” The butler was obviously a little talkative at this moment.

“You’re talking about the Tang family’s matter, right? I’ve also heard that the Tang family has found their granddaughter.” Elder Chu pointed to the newspaper at the side. “I saw a photo of that child from the newspaper. She’s really beautiful. I heard that she’s especially capable.”

Chu Wuyou’s eyes flashed as she thought about this matter. She wanted to make things clear to Elder Chu. She could hide this matter from other people, but she could not hide it from Elder Chu.

At this moment, the phone in the house suddenly rang. The butler quickly picked up the phone and answered several times.

“Miss, Doctor Zhou called. He said that we should hurry over to get the medicine. He said that there’s going to be a surgery shortly.” The Butler put down the phone and looked at Chu Wuyou.

“Okay, I’ll go over now.” Chu Wuyou’s heart sank. Doctor Zhou was urging them to go over, so something must have happened. Therefore, Chu Wuyou did not want to waste time. “Grandfather, I’ll go to the hospital to get the medicine for you.”

When Chu Wuyou walked into the hospital, Zhuo Annan happened to come to the hospital for something. She looked at Chu Wuyou’s back, and her eyes flashed.

She heard about the acquisition of the Chu Corporation by the Ye Corporation this morning, and she also knew that Ye Lanchen was going to transfer the entire Chu Corporation to Chu Wuyou.

She also heard that Elder Ye was looking for Chu Wuyou.

Zhuo Annan stopped in her tracks. After seeing Chu Wuyou enter the elevator, she picked up her phone, she quickly dialed a number. “Grandpa Ye, this is Annan. The last time you came to the hospital to look for me, I wasn’t there. How have you been recently? Do you want to come over for a check-up?”

Zhuo Annan’s words sounded very casual at the moment. There was nothing strange about it, but her hand holding the phone was obviously a little tight.

“Annan, Grandpa Ye has been busy these few days, so I’ve been delayed. Thank you for specially calling to ask about me.” Elder Ye was obviously quite comfortable listening to Zhuo Annan’s words, so his tone was quite good.

“Elder Ye, nothing is more important than your health. Actually, I’ve been quite busy these few days, so I forgot about this matter. I just happened to see Wuyou, so I thought of giving you a call.” Zhuo Annan’s tone was still very casual.

“What did you say? You saw Chu Wuyou?”However, Elder Ye’s voice suddenly raised a few notches.

“Grandfather Ye, What’s wrong? Is there a problem?” Zhuo Annan’s eyes flashed, and there was a hint of astonishment in her voice.

“Where did you see her? Quickly tell me, where is Chu Wuyou?”Elder Ye’s voice was obviously more anxious at this moment.

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