My 100-Day Secret Marriage With The Boss

Chapter 843 - Chapter 843 She Decided To Be Lenient And Tell Him About The Two Children (X)

Chapter 843: Chapter 843 She Decided To Be Lenient And Tell Him About The Two Children (X)

He had been looking for Chu Wuyou everywhere, but he could not find her. Now that there was finally news, how could he not be anxious?

This was a major matter that concerned Lan Chen.

“Grandfather Ye, are you asking about Wuyou? Are you looking for Wuyou? Is there something you need?” Zhuo Annan’s eyes flashed quickly, but she did not directly answer Elder Ye’s question.

“Yes, yes. Tell me, where is she?” Elder Ye answered hurriedly, his voice even more anxious.

“Elder Ye, why are you looking for Wuyou? Actually, I saw her in a flash just now and didn’t look too closely. Maybe I saw wrongly.” Zhuo Annan still did not answer Elder Ye’s question, and she even deliberately avoided it.

“It’s Annan, right? Did Annan see Wuyou? That child, Annan, has always been cautious and has her own principles. If you ask her directly, she definitely won’t say.” Granny Ye understood what was going on and softly reminded Elder Ye, “Why don’t you just ask where Annan is?”

“Annan, where are you now?” Elder Ye asked again.

“I’m at First People’s Hospital. I just came over to take care of something.” This time, Zhuo Annan answered rather quickly.

“Okay, then you go ahead. I’ll come over to look for you for a check-up another day.” Elder Ye got the answer he wanted and said a few more words before hanging up.

“Chu Wuyou is at First People’s Hospital. That old man from the Chu family was hospitalized there a while ago. She went to the hospital probably because of old man Chu’s illness. If we hurry over now, we’ll definitely be able to stop that ugly girl.” Elder Ye put down the phone and quickly walked out.

“Is it really appropriate for us to look for her like this? To be honest, I quite like that girl.” Granny Ye was still a little hesitant.

“You like her? Alright, then let Lanchen marry her. If he marries her, our Ye family will have no descendants.” Elder Ye stopped in his tracks and glared at her with slight dissatisfaction. “Why aren’t you leaving yet?”

Granny yYe secretly exhaled and followed closely behind. She did quite like Chu Wuyou, but she could not have children with Chu Wuyou, so Chenchen definitely could not marry Chu Wuyou.

Granny Ye knew Elder Ye the best. She was very clear that Elder Ye would definitely not let this matter rest when he went to look for Chu Wuyou this time. He would definitely do something outrageous to Chu Wuyou, but she had no choice.

Elder Ye immediately called for a driver and rushed to the hospital as quickly as possible.

In the hospital, Chu Wuyou inquired about Elder Chu’s condition in detail. Doctor Zhou said that Elder Chu’s health was indeed not very good. After all, he was old, and his current condition could only be preserved with medicine.

Chu Wuyou’s mood was a little heavy. In fact, for so many years, her grandfather had really treated her very well, but she had never been able to accompany her grandfather properly.

Chu Wuyou walked out with her head lowered. Because she was in a bad mood, she was thinking about something, so she did not notice anything else.

It was not until Granny Ye walked in front of her that she realized.

“Wuyou, can I talk to you?” Granny Ye looked at Chu Wuyou with a determined expression. Since she had already made up her mind, this was the only way.

“What’s the matter?” Chu Wuyou had a good impression of Granny Ye. In the past, Granny Ye had been quite protective of her.

However, she felt that Granny Ye’s expression was not right at this moment.

What did Granny Ye want to talk to her about when she suddenly saw her?

“Wuyou, come with me. Let’s find a place to have a good talk.” Granny Ye did not say it directly. Instead, she reached out and pulled Chu Wuyou to the balcony.

Chu Wuyou did not think much at first, but when she saw Elder Ye standing on the balcony, her eyes narrowed slightly. She could tell that Elder Ye was waiting for her.

So, they came prepared! And it definitely was not a simple conversation.

Elder Ye’s gaze when he looked at her at this moment was really complicated!!!

Chu Wuyou still had some understanding of Elder Ye, so she knew that the next thing to happen was…

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