My Beautiful Teacher

Chapter 12 Delicious Tomato Ketchup

“This is the school’s forums; it’s yesterday’s post.”

Hu Lili tilted her laptop so Qin Chao and Fang Wen can see it, then pointing to the screen said, “You see this post. ‘Campus security act violently, angrily hit innocent students.'”

When Hu Lili point to that post, Qin Chao immediately saw a big picture of him. In this image, it showed him lifting his leg, kicking a student to the ground.

Under the picture there is a great article with impassioned words, Qin Chao took a cursory glance and found out that it said, among other things, that he as a security guard, being coarse and unreasonable, beating several innocent students. Moreover, there’s also many follow up comments. Most of it criticize him, very few comments that refute the article.

There are -all kind of curse- comments, for example.

“Securities are too aggressive right now, are there any peaceful place in this society right now? ”

“Letting stupid shit be security guard is stupid! My campus are more civilized! ”

“The parents said they are extremely worried about this campus management. They suggest immediate expulsion of this security guard. Otherwise, they will consider transferring the student to other campuses.”

“F*cking your mother’s c*nt, a security dare to beat a student, there’s no justice here anymore?”

There are sporadic rebuttal posts.

“Fang Hua, with your reputation, you have the gall to made such posting.”

“Lanzhou biscuits (thread starter is stupid), evaluation completed.”

(TL: biscuits = shaobing, can be abbreviated to SB, which is slang for Stupid Boy; Lanzhou = capital of Gansu province, sounded similar to Lou Zhu = thread starter)

“Fang Hua, f*ck your uncle, you stole someone else’s girlfriend, also beat Liu Chuan badly, now you’re spouting out nonsense!”

Such postings, most of them are anonymous. Perhaps, if their name is revealed, with such a diverse student background, even Fang Hua wouldn’t dare to provoke.

The rest of the comments come from the viewers that have no business to be there to begin with.

“Strong crowd in the front row. ”

“posting here just to add post count.”

“Bullshit!” Qin Chao is fuming with anger. He slapped the table hard, making the foods and fries on the table to jump up about a chi (~ 1 foot or ⅓ meter) high then fall back on the table.

Such a loud noise, the entire KFC suddenly all quiet down, everyone is stunned to see the man in a security uniform.

Qin Chao couldn’t care less being stared at by so many people; he is burning with anger this time, “this Fang Hua really want to distort the facts, the other commenters must also collude with him. Ahem, if not for me, Liu Chuan would have been made disabled by them!”

After saying this, Qin Chao’s brow suddenly wrinkled up. He remembers last night situation, looks like he really was surrounded by a group of hoodlums who tried to beat him up. This student named Fang Hua is really vicious!

“Ssshh!” Hu Lili quickly covered Qin Chao’s mouth, “dage (big Bro), you don’t want your life anymore!”

Then, she lowered her voices, said, “this KFC is full of people, who knows if one of them is Fang Hua’s friend. If you let him hear you now, it will certainly bring bad luck.”

“So what if he hears!” When Qin Chao is full of anger, he won’t regard anything, he just coldly said, “he just knew a few bums, let them come, I wanna see what they’re gonna do to me!”

He now knew that the few hoodlums that attacked him last night were expelled by himself, making him confidence, he’s not afraid of some thugs anymore, if anyone come, with his power alone, he can beat them.

Thinking about this, Qin Chao calmed down, his face showed more disapproval look, disdainfully thinking about that Fang Hua.

“You come to school only one day, already offended electric baton Wang, and Fang Hua, what’s your background really?” Fang Wen, who was holding the laptop on the side, could not help but ask.

“Me?” Qin could not help but smile, “I am just a graduate loser who couldn’t find work! Only because of the blessing of Guangyuan School Director who helped me, so now I become a security guard. Otherwise, I would be a beggar on the street by now.”

“Haha, you’re talking half truth here.” The two little girl giggle amusingly. “So, you really do know our school’s director? No wonder you are so arrogant, turned out you have someone big as a backer! ”

“Where would I know her!” Qin Chao threw up his hands, “I only helped her once, she doesn’t owe me anything anymore.”

Qin Chao didn’t mention his heroic deed in saving and met Su Ji for the first time; that’s his own unforgettable memory….

“Oh, that’s right, your school’s director Su, what is her background?”

“Already known her for quite a while, you don’t even knew about her history!” The two girls even rolled their eyes, “in this Suzhou city, who doesn’t know about Su Family! ”

“Su Family?” Qin Chao had a blank look. He’s not a citizen of this southern Jiangsu area, after graduation, he only come here just looking for a job.

Initially thought there were many job opportunity here. Who knew, there are indeed many job opportunity here, but it also had many more requirements, so that he was repeatedly rejected.

“Certainly, Su Xianqin the head of Su Family, is our southern Jiangsu famous big financial group leader! Su Fei is his eldest daughter, the Princess of Su Family.”

“No wonder such a young age already have so much money!” Qin Chao shrugged his shoulder, “turn out it was her family’s wealth.”

The two girls laughed again, this time, Hu Lili said, “Director Su is actually a nice person, she’s really good towards the students. Oh, that’s right, she also has a sister, our gym teacher named Su Ji! ”

“Su Ji?” Qin Chao suddenly remembers the day when that beauty called him ‘my husband,’ he became emotional, “I still think Su Ji is more lovely.”

“Of course, it is, the both of them had an entirely different personalities.” Hu Lili clicking on her laptop’s keyboard, it’s screen suddenly showed a smiling face of a stunning girl.

This girl’s face is smiling, a smile that could melt away any evil intention, as if making someone forget that just before, intend to do wrong things.

This girl looks to be made from the same mold as her sister, aside from wearing glasses and a cheerful personality, from the outside, she look exactly like her sister Su Fei.

The other difference is on their hair, Su Fei’s hair was dyed light blonde while Su Ji’s hair is dark red. This dark red hair is long, covering her head, is making her look more lovely, it ripples on both of her ears.

Both sisters eyes were pale blue; they indeed seem to be mixed-race.

“You see, this is our gym teacher!” Hu Lili said.

“Comparing to our Director Su, I also think teacher Su Ji is more lovely.” Fang Wen giving her opinion, also said.

“Right right, she also likes to dance with us! Teacher Su Ji likes to dress as a man, putting on a mustache, and doing the Jazz dance! Oh, it charmed many young female students at that time!”

Then, this Hu Lili pulls out a photo. This makes Qin Chao’s eyes light up.

On the photo, a person is wearing a tall black hat, there is a black mustache attached at the top of her sexy lips. This beautiful girl, playing a man’s role, wearing a man’s clothing, making her look really handsome and heroic.

“Oh? your School’s director and teacher are indeed gorgeous, fascinating ……” Qin Chao could not help laughing, he suddenly looking forward to meeting with this beauty again.

“Of course!” Hu Lili face suddenly showed a strange smile, said, “Our school is very interesting. Oh yeah, you know, recently the school is haunted.”

“Oh? Haunted?” Qin Chao immediately becomes interested; he likes to hear ghosts story. But on the side, Fang Wen’s face become strange, obviously, there’s something wrong with her, she’s holding Hu Lili’s hand, her face become somewhat pale.

“Certainly, many students know this.” Hu Lili said, “it is said that in the male student dormitory, a female ghost, frequently coming out in the midnight ……”

Qin Chao found out that, when Hu Lili was telling her story, Fang Wen become even more scared. Her face was deathly pale, and she clasped her hand until her joints become white.

“Don’t talk nonsense, you’re scaring Fang Wen.”

“I don’t talk nonsense!” Hu Lili rolled her eyes, said that “Wenwen have also seen this matter, that’s why she’s afraid.”

“Fang Wen, have you seen this ghost?” Qin Chao’s curiosity immediately pick up, he’s staring intently at Fang Wen from the side, thinking. This weak little girl, shouldn’t be capable of lying, right.

“Yes, one day when I was studying alone at night ……” Fang Wen hold Hu Lili’s arm, forcefully calming herself, but her complexion is still pale, she

looks really scared, she seems to be trying to recall what happened that night, “I saw, in a room on the 2nd floor of the male dormitory, a white shadow, jumping from that floor to the floor above it……”

“Maybe it’s a cat.” Qin Chao guessed although he likes a ghost story, he didn’t really believe that there are ghosts in the world.

“Baby cat!” Hu Lili quickly retorted, “the second floor of that building has been sealed for a long time. Usually, there’s a big iron lock on its door. I heard that this floor was used to be a female student dormitory, but afterward, there’s a female student that committed suicide there, her story is unknown. The entire floor then has been sealed ever since, until this year’s freshman year it was reopened to be used as the male dormitory. But for a long time there was never lived a single life there, where’s the cat coming from, it’s such a big cat!

“Hahaha, perhaps Fang Wen study too hard until she became so tired and started to hallucinate….” Qin Chao thought of another reason.

“No It’s not that…” Fang Wen shook her head, “my eyesight is excellent, besides, many people have seen it too…”

“I still can’t believe it….” Qin Chao shrugged, “Gods and ghosts, they’re all human imagination!”

“Hmph, what do you know, wait until you see it for yourself, see if you’ll still talk like this!” Hu Lili rolled her eyes, staring at Qin Chao with a contempt look.

“Yeah, right!” In order to refute her, Qin Chao deliberately make Hu Lili disgusted, “do you really think you’re dipping that fries in the ketchup, doesn’t it look like blood?”

“So what!” Hu Lili very quickly picks up a pack of ketchup, tore it and put it in her mouth, she intentionally suck all of it into her mouth, then said, “even if you said it’s menstrual blood, this lady would still eat it!”

“Smack!” At the same time, the entire tomato ketchup that’s on his hand fall straight down to his shoes. Qin Chao quickly put up a white flag; this Hu Lili is too fierce and swift, he is not her match.

“What, you want some?” Hu Lili said, her hand suddenly reach out and put her greasy hand, smeared with tomato ketchup, in front of Qin Chao’s lips, “it’s delicious! The smell is good too!”

Qin Chao looks at that tasty and smelly tomato ketchup, his stomach rolls.

“Excuse me, I’m going to the bathroom!” He pushed the stool, covering his mouth and flee. Behind him comes the sound of Hu Lili’s heartless laughter.

“Hahaha, fighting against this lady, you’re not even close!”

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