My Beautiful Teacher

Chapter 13 Mysteriously Appear and Disappear

Qin Chao hurriedly fled to the bathroom. This KFC bathroom has always been immaculate. On the inside, it doesn’t have any smell, and the sink is a black- marble, it appears a bit luxurious.

There is a giant mirror above the sink, directly facing the toilet. Qin Chao is bending over one of the sinks, washing his face with both hands, wanting to suppress his urge to vomit.

On the other side the bathroom, a cleaning woman wearing blue uniforms, was bending over on the ground, trying to clean the already very clean ground. This cleaning woman’s face couldn’t be seen from Qin Chao’s view, but what really stand out was her ass, it curls upwards, both appears perfectly round, making people can not help but want to pinched it.

Qin Chao suddenly had this desire for women, there seems to be something like a beast inside of him, roaring and struggling in his body, trying to escape.

Qin Chao rest his body for a while, he lies his body on top of that icy cold black marble to cool himself, his mind is in a trance, feeling his body becomes hotter and hotter.

This time, he saw himself in the mirror, on his face suddenly appears some very strange black scales, it’s extremely fierce.

His black hair has become fiery red. Moreover, his eyes, unexpectedly emitting out a green flame.

“What’s this!” Qin Chao become alarmed, he touched his face, suddenly he saw his arms covered with black scales and his fingers turn into claws, he see it becomes longer and longer, it looks like a terrible creature’s paw.

While his heart becomes panic, Qin Chao didn’t notice that his body temperature kept rising, suddenly his mind becomes fuzzy, many memories flashing back and forth in his mind.

It seems to be another man’s memory. That memory is very strange, suddenly inside his mind emerge out a shadow that is really frightening, its body wrapped in black scales, truly a terrifying human-beast.

“Roar!” The beast roared out a cry, Qin Chao suddenly becomes alarmed and open his eyes, his two hands slap the top of that sink. Suddenly two big holes appeared on this marble sink, broken marbles are flying around, one of it flew across Qin Chao’s cheek, it brought out a stinging bloodstain.

But looking at the mirror, Qin Chao found out the blood dissipates very quickly out of sight, his wound rapidly healing, like it’d never happened.

“Make way, make way! “The cleaning woman said to Qin Chao, she seemed not to know about Qin Chao changing appearance, steadily move closer to him, while mopping the floor, with her back facing him.

Qin Chao sniffed with his nose, suddenly frown.

“Rosy?” Qin Chao uttered a sound; he found his voice become hoarse, it’s like his changing appearance also affect his voice.

“Your nose is really useful…” the cleaning woman suddenly straightened up, turned, revealing Qin Chao a very familiar face.

This devil woman’s beauty is really human-like (she’s actually not a human), especially her tempting mouth, making Qin Chao remember the sweet memories that happened on his sofa, his mouth suddenly felt a burst of fragrance.

That devil woman did not seem to be afraid of Qin Chao’s present appearance, she move closer to him, her body leaning on Qin Chao’s arm, while her cold finger, gently brushing the scales on Qin Chao’s face.

“This look is really handsome; this is your natural appearance….”

“What natural appearance!” Qin Chao suddenly frowned, he thought, this beautiful woman, seems to admit that she is a devil. So, Qin Chao did not hold himself, grabbed Rosy’s arm, coldly asked.

“I become like this, is it because of you?”

“Aw, why are you so rude, you’re hurting me…” Rosy said, her blue uniform has been torn, revealing a pair of white thighs, rubbing against the scales on Qin Chao’s leg, “Ow, it really hurts…”

Qin Chao’s face although full of scales, suddenly becomes red. He pushed Rosy away; his face becomes two shades redder.

When this devil woman appears, the bathroom’s light were flashing. Moreover, the surrounding temperature suddenly decreases, the two holes on the marble sink that made by Qin Chao, suddenly emitted a white fog.

The mirror also becomes slightly frosted.

Rosy is indeed a charming devil woman, Qin Chao’s whole blood has entirely gone south.

This devil woman, coquettishly look at him, smiles tenderly and said, “right, you’re really so innocent!”

Then, she took off her blue uniform, revealing leather clothes, wrapped around her delicate and hour like figure. Then she bent over, leaning against the wall, curving her hip, assuming a very seductive pose, batting her eyes toward Qin Chao, she said.

“Don’t be so heartless toward me, in hell, I’m thinking about you all the time. Also, what happen to you now is not because of me, this is the awakening moment of your devil nature, it will naturally occur. You know, there was once an old powerful evil spirit residing in your body.

“Powerful evil spirit?” Qin Chao gawk, what’s this bullsh*t. Although his grandfather was a fortune teller plus Feng Shui expert, seldom he says things about God or ghost to him, Qin Chao also doesn’t believe it.

“Oh, I know you don’t believe in this ghost and spirit things. But you’re now already entered the realm of a cultivator, and if you start practicing the “Nine Secret Law” book that I gave you, your strength will quickly increase. Now you’re just a beginner; you can’t control your devil power yet. But in the future, I believe you will become a great devil.

“I, I become a devil….” Qin Chao fell back a step, hit the sink. When he saw the hole in it, his heart suddenly becomes startled.

“Hehe, you’re born with natural devil body, you’re bound to learn the devil path, to become Devil God. What you’re practicing is devil path, devil path is divided into nine stages, to correspond with nine layers of heaven. These stages are devil chief, devil spirit, devil intelligence, devil catcher, devil witch, devil lord, devil king, devil emperor, and devil god. You’re now just a little devil chief.

“Practicing devil path?” Qin Chao is feeling out of his depth, all the things he knows has been turned upside down.

“I have something to do, can’t accompany you to talk any longer….” Rosy collected herself, bringing a fragrance aroma, gently passing through the front of Qin Chao’s face.

Suddenly, Qin Chao’s black scales slowly disappear, revealing his human appearance. “You’re now in the first stages of devil way, you can not control your power yet, so your condition is still unstable. When you practiced to the next stages of devil way, which is devil spirit, your changing appearance will stabilize, you can even control it, change at your will. Hehe, someone’s coming, see you next time!”

Finished talking, she suddenly turned into a black smoke and quickly disappeared. The cleaning woman’s uniform is still on the ground, forcing Qin Chao to believe all the thing that he had just seen are real.

With the disappearance of Rosy, the bathroom lights become regular again, the room temperature also began to rise.

Then a man wearing a suit come inside the bathroom, he casually took a glance at Qin Chao and entered the toilet, without knowing that something unnatural has happened just before.

Qin Chao is feeling somewhat confused, he left the bathroom in a daze, walks toward Fang Wen and Hu Lili. He is dragging his footsteps, feeling his head is really heavy.

Devil path? Devil woman? Cultivator? Hahaha, if he said these things to Hu Lili, she would indeed say that his head was hit on the toilet door.

“What’s up with you, are you vomiting too much and become unwell?” Hu Lili is still surfing the net, Fang Wen sees the appearance of Qin Chao, quickly asked.

“It’s ok, might be having a little cold.” Qin Chao waves his hand and slump on his chair.

“Your hamburger has become cold, quickly finish it.” Fang Wen very gently put down the hamburger in front of Qin Chao. Qin Chao shook his head and said.

“Can’t finish it, I lost my appetite.”

“Ch!” While surfing Hu Lili put out her middle finger and said, “you’re such a faint-hearted, just this little matter already made your appearance devastated like this.”

“Hehe….” Qin Chao smiled bitterly at those two, ‘this is a little thing? Try to change your appearance to become like a monster.’ But Qin Chao dare not said it because he doesn’t want people to treat him as a monster.

“Forget it, I’m not feeling well, I’m going to ask electric baton Wang for a leave this afternoon.”

“Wow, you just come to work for a few days, already asking for a leave. Your relationship with electric baton Wang is not good, be careful he will deduct your attendance.

“Let him do what he wants.” Qin Chao doesn’t care; he have bigger things to think. What would electric baton think of him taking a leave, is such a trivial matter comparing the problem that he now faces.


While Qin Chao is having his cultivation problem, Fang Hua also has his own headache.

“Where is that Hou Tian? I already fucking waited for him for a day, even his shadow doesn’t show up, did he failed his job?” Fang Hua sits in a KTV (karaoke place), his arm is hugging the yesterday’s girl, a bottle of beer fell to the ground, crassly said.

“Youngster Fang, we already wait for a day and night, never found him.” Another man standing in front of him looks to be a hotel manager, respectfully and carefully answering him.

“F*ck, even this little thing he can’t accomplish, what’s the use of me having him!” Fang Hua pinched the chest of the woman beside him, hard, because of it, that woman’s face became distorted, but she still not dare to utter even a single word.

“Youngster Fang, don’t get angry, you should not be angry!” The manager quickly said, “he did went to do as you said, but when his men came back, they all shouting some crazy thing, like a lunatic. But he himself didn’t come back with them, listening to what his men said, they all said that he has been eaten by a ghost.”

“F*ck his mother’s d*ck!”, Fang Hua is furious, he pick up a beer bottle on the table and slammed it hard until it break on the head of that manager, the woman screams and fall on top of the large and luxurious sofa, the manager seems to be a martial arts master, he just act as if nothing happened, even though his head is bleeding and blood pouring his face, he just pick up a white towel, and press it on top of the wound.

“F*ck your mother’s c*nt, they think that I, Fang Hua, was a fool to believe their excuses?”

Fang Hua was shouting inside the KTV room, this time, the door suddenly opened, a woman wearing a very fashionable clothes rushes in.

She is followed by a man in a suit; his face is pale with fright while his mouth keeps apologizing again and again.

“Youngster Fang, really sorry, this woman don’t heed my do-not-come-in warning, she just rushes in, she claims to be your girlfriend.

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