My Beautiful Teacher

Chapter 2 Heavenly Beauty

Qin Chao has a dream. The scene in that dream was very chaotic. He saw himself as if he was dressed in all black. He was looking across a lot of people with unfriendly expression. His hand was holding a strange bell. Before he even got the chance to let the bell go, a sharp treasured sword drops from the sky. It pierced directly into his body.

Then, a loud curse resounded throughout the sky.

“Damn, brats. If you don’t pay the rent now, I’ll throw out your bedroll!” Then, Qin Chao saw his landlord. A wretched man, who wore a tank top and underwear, was pushing through the crowd. He was clutching a cucumber while rushing toward him.

“No, my rent is not due until tomorrow!” Qin Chao shouted out in scare. He directly sat up from the bed. At this time, he discovered that he was not in his more than 40 square meters own apartment. Instead, he was now laying on the bed inside of a squeaky clean hospital room.

“I went to the hospital?” Qin Chao recalled about last night. He seemed to be a mighty hero. He touched his head, who was wrapped in a thick bandage, until his hand ran on top of the wound, and then he started to whine because of the pain he felt.

“What are you crying about? Horny aren’t you?” In front of Qin Chao, stood a more than 40-year old female nurse, who is staring at him, “Your head is alright. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to change the bandage! Also, quickly goes downstairs to pay, this is your bill! ”

After saying that, the senior nurse pulled out a paper bill and put it on Qin Chao’s bed. Qin Chao grabbed and took a look at it. Including all the miscellaneous, it amounts to more than two thousand yuan!

“There has to be a mistake!” Qin Chao didn’t have that much money. He immediately lifted that payment bill and roared, “You look at this. I was only getting hit on the head, so, there was no need to take the ultrasound! You were clearly trying to cheat me!”

The senior nurse rolled her eyes, saying, “Your wound might be having an adverse effect on your prostate. Thus, we check it up for you! Now quickly pay the bill!”

“No money!” Qin Chao thought in his heart. ‘Anyway, my money doesn’t even amount to one hundred, much less one hundred gold, let’s see what are you going to do about it.’

“Humph, no money? I knew it! You, this trash has no money!” The senior nurse suddenly pinched her waist, angrily said, “I have seen much trash like you. You are unemployed jobless migrants from rural areas. Well, no job, no girlfriend, and even hospital bill can’t afford to pay. I’d say, you and the beggar on the streets are no different! If you don’t pay the money today, don’t even think to walk out the hospital door! ”

“You!” Qin Chao whole body was trembling in anger, ‘Damn, this old nurse is having a period. Her speech was too toxic.’ Moreover, this hospital was stealing the patients money. If the patient can’t pay the bill, they can’t go out.

While the senior nurse kept staring at him, a stunningly beautiful woman suddenly came. This beautiful woman, when she came in, the whole noisy ward was suddenly silenced. A patient, while drinking water, seeing this beauty, the glass fell on his bed. He didn’t even realize that the water has spread on his bed.

“My husband, don’t worry about the bill. I’ll pay it.” Then, that beauty suddenly snatched the bill from Qin Chao’s hand. Then she looked around, frowned, and said, “Oh, the place here was too messy. I am going through the formalities. We’ll go to the intensive care unit.”

With that, the senior nurse looked stunned. The beauty then enchantingly walked outside, leaving behind a room full of silly looking people.

Qin Chao clearly saw that, just before leaving the room, that beauty secretly winked at him.

Qin Chao’s heart suddenly felt warm. He can not help but smile. This girl Su Ji is fascinating.

That senior nurse felt helpless. She bitterly leaves the room. Soon, that Su Ji came back, sat beside Qin Chao’s bed and started peeling an apple.

“This money that you give, I’ll give you back…” Qin Chao finally said, after staring the beauty for a long time.

“Comrade Qin Chao!” Su Ji gave him a glance, and then put a piece of the apple that she cut to his hand, “You were wounded in action. The organization was very satisfied with you. How can make we make you pull out the medical expenses?”

“This….can’t be, I’ll still pay you back.” This 2000 yuan is not a small money for Qin Chao. But, he was a typical macho guy. If he let a girl paid his hospital bill, he would rather die.

“You, such a stubborn man. Very well, you can pay me back when you become rich.” This girl watched Qin Chao with a complex look, and then she gave him a big smile, “Oh yeah, the doctor said there’s nothing wrong with your head. You can be discharged already. Moreover, listening to what the nurse said, you are also unemployed. Fortunately, my sister is the director of Guangyuan school. I’ll talk to her to gave you a job there. You’re going to work for her, okay?”

“This can’t do. I can look for a job myself…” Qin Chao was a little bit embarrassed. After all, he saved Su Ji, completely because of a hot-blooded impulse. He was not hoping to be paid back.

“What can not work? Now, I am your creditor. If you don’t work, how can you pay my money back!” Su Ji said, then she took out her black Apple phone, and went outside the ward to make a phone call.

Soon, she came back and said to Qin Chao.

“Get out. You’re going to Guangyuan school to report for your job. I have some matter to do. I must take a trip to Jingyang by plane. So, I cannot accompany you. After you arrive at the school, mentions my name to the people there!”

With that, this little girl took up her coat and hurriedly ran out. At the door, she did not forget to look back to Qin Chao while grimacing.

“Bye-bye, my fake husband!”

Holding the apple core, Qin Chao felt as if he was dreaming. By saving a girl from a wealthy family, his work problem already resolved?

Qin Chao tidied himself up and left the hospital. He could not afford additional hospital expense. Along the way, he keeps remembering what happened before. From the moment he was born, he has never received such treatment. Because, although he is not fat, he is absolutely not thin either. He is 1.75-meter tall and weighs 150 pounds.

With such height and body weight, even if Qin Chao was good looking, he cannot use it to show off. It was alright in the summer. Dressed in a baggy shirt and short pants, his plum can be concealed. But when winter came, dressed in a cotton-padded jacket and cotton-wadded trousers set, Qin Chao looked like a ball.

At this time, Qin Chao suddenly felt his body was a little different. His nearsightedness was gone. Moreover, his body also felt strong and powerful. It was obviously different from the guy who was just graduated.

Did that brick make him like this? Qin Chao mused.

“Mom, look! A mummy!” A pink lolita child, who was tugging her mother’s hand, pointed at Qin Chao and said in a baby voice.

“Ssh, do not talk nonsense!” Other adults started to talk when her mother’s hastily patted her little daughter. She pointed at Qin Chao, saying “That is Uncle mummy. Next time, remember the polite expression.”

“I know, Uncle mummy.” The little loli is very sensible. She immediately changed her tune.

Tears suddenly started streaming down Qin Chao’s face. Touching the gauze that wrapped around his head, he bitterly walked down the street. Right at this time, his cell phone ringtone suddenly started ringing.

“Master, your grandson is calling again ……” This phone’s sound was so loud! The ‘made in China’ speaker is exquisite! Almost the whole street who have heard this tone, continue to stare at Qin Chao.

Qin Chao took out the phone awkwardly. It’s from an unknown number. Maybe it’s from the landlord, trying to ask for rent money.

“Mr landlord, can’t you give me two more days? If you force me, I’ll hang myself in your house!”

“Is….is this Mr. Qin Chao….” Who knows, unexpectedly, a sweet female voice was heard coming out from the phone, scaring Qin Chao. Holy crap! As the saying go, fortune comes one after another (left eye jump out Sakura, right eye jump in Daisy). Heavenly beauty came twice in a row. Since when my luck is this good?

“Yes, yes, I am Qin Chao.”

“Hallo, I am Qin Ling, the Secretary of Miss Su Fei, Director of Guangyuan Institute for International Economics. This afternoon, when you came to our school, we will handle your work formalities.”

Then, without giving Qin Chao a chance to say anything, she hung up the phone. Qin Chao became depressed, ‘Dammit! That Secretary’s temper is so big. May she got her period every day! May she married an impotent husband!’

But, anyway, his work problem was finally solved for the time being. This guy took a look at his cell phone. It’s already around twelve o’clock. That Qin Ling said the appointment was this afternoon. There’s still plenty of time. But, since it was him that needed the job, he better not be late.

Guangyuan Institute is far away from where he stood. The distance is about more than ten blocks. Qin Chao touched the green notes in his pocket, he was not willing to take a ride. He intended to walk for more than an hour.

After he walked for two blocks, he saw a very lively beautiful girl that stood in the middle of the street. Although she was in the middle of the road, currently, the pedestrian light is green. Therefore, the vehicles stop by the path.

The girls looked around as if she was looking for someone. At this time, a red sports car, like a runaway horse, suddenly rushed out of the group of parked car. Like a madman, it rushed toward the woman.

That sports car came with a whistling sound. It also had loud heavy metal music.

The girl apparently did not react. Her hand was still clutching a very elegant phone. It looked like there was an incoming call. By this time, the sports car has roared to her side.

At this moment, Qin Chao had no time to think. Life was at stake here. Power was suddenly surging up inside of him, and he rushed toward the street. At this moment, his speed was godlike. It was as if he was a gust of wind, he immediately arrived at the girl’s side.

At a time when the sports car was near, Qin Chao subconsciously reached out his hand. He blocked that sports car. An enormous power transmitted to his arm. He felt his arms trembled, then began to grow a black scale piece by piece. His arm looked like an arm of a monster. He succeeded in stopping that car.

Meanwhile, with a loud thud, the whole front of that car was smashed. Its whole body stopped moving. The car tail has curled upwards, but was very fragile. The surrounding pedestrian has not paid attention.

And, this time, the car also blasting out heavy metal songs. It roared, making people’s hearts skips a beat.

Then, a drunk young man climbed out of the car and lied in front of the car. He suddenly gave his fist to a somewhat startled and uncertain Qin Chao.

“Fuck you! You damn walking without looking around!”

“You!” Qin Chao, who was almost hit with that fist, was getting angry. He frowned and stared at the man in the eye. Finally, the opposite party spurted liquor and gas, scolded.

“Fuck your own mom! Do you know who my father is! I tell you. My dad is Li Fumin! ”

“Your uncle, my dad was Li Shimin!” Qin Chao was furious. ‘What’s wrong with this guy? He’s the one who hit people, yet, he’s also the one who gets mad!’ Qin Chao estimated that the man did not see his tragic car bumper, if he sees it, it is expected that he will be crying out loud.

(TL: Li Shimin = famous emperor from Tang Dynasty)

“Hurry! “Just when Qin Chao mused his theory, that beautiful female student, who was beside him, was suddenly alarmed. She pulled his hand and rushed off to run away. While the onlookers were coming around to look, the drunk man started to curse.

Qin Chao ran while being pulled by the girl. His ear still heard the drunken man’s voice, who was still shouting. He felt exhilarated.

“Out of my way! Do you know who my dad? my dad is Li Fumin! ”

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