My Beautiful Teacher

Chapter 3 Arrogant Security

Qin Chao looked strangely at his own hands, which had clearly changed drastically. It now looked like a dark beast’s claw. It made him astonished. He used this hand just a moment ago, in order to hold down a speeding sports car! Moreover, the bumper of the car was smashed by his arm.

“Whisss…” Although they had been running for several blocks, Qin Chao himself did not seem to feel very tired, it was that beauty who was tired and out of breath. She bent over and started to breathe heavily.

“Finally, finally able to escape.” She was glad and began to pat her own chest. Qin Chao observed her. With his years of experience, he estimated that her size is B+. Not big, but not small either.

“Why are you running? Clearly, he’s the one who ran his car into people. He also was the one who punched first. What right does he have!?” Qin Chao unhappily said.

“He certainly has the right, because, his father is Li Fumin!” The girl gave him a glare. She suddenly seemed to remember that this man had just saved her life. A grateful look suddenly appeared on her face.

“Who is Li Fumin? US President?”

“Compared to the US president, he may have been even more powerful….he is the deputy director of the city police….” The little girl rolled her eyes. The level of Qin Chao’s political ignorance was laughable.

“In any case, thank you very much. If not for you, I’d be dead!” At this point, the little girl looked as if she had remembered something. Her face suddenly changed. She looked at Qin Chao with a concerned look.

“I think I saw that you were hit in the arm. Are you injured?”

“Nothing significant, not even a scratch on the skin.” Qin Chao pulled up his sleeves and noticed the bruises on his arm. It seemed that getting hit by a sports car didn’t really matter to him.

“It’s a miracle!” The little girl’s eyes glowed. Her two small tender hands were checking Qin Chao’s left and right arm, “Your hands were definitely forged from iron!”

“Ahem….” being groped on the arm by a beautiful girl made Qin Chao a little excited. He quickly pulled back his arm.

“Oh, I’m sorry ……” The girl was shy. For a moment, she did not know where to put her hands. She carefully looked at the comrades in front her. When she saw the big gauze that wrapped around his head, she could not help but laugh.

“Your costume is fascinating. Are you going to a COSPLAY convention?” The little girl’s laugh grew more and more cracked up. She eventually clutched her stomach and started to shed tears of laughter.

Qin Chao soon became embarrassed, thinking ‘What’s so funny about this?’

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. ” The little girl also felt that laughing was impolite. She looked up while trying not to laugh, rubbed her stomach, and asked, “My name is Hu Lili. What’s your name?”

“Hello, Fox students. My name is Qin Chao. ”

(TL: fox = húlíjīng, her name is Hu Lili, different character but similar sound)

“Fuck you, you’re the fox!” Hu Lili stomped her foot and rolled her eyes, “This great aunt is a genuine human being.”

“Oh, really? Are you sure you don’t have a long tail? ”

“It’s forbidden to laugh at other people’s name.”

“So what? I was also called Qin Shou a long time ago.”

(TL: remember Shou = suffer)

“Qin Shou ……” This Hu Lili started to laugh out loud again. She crouched on the ground while clutching her waist. She couldn’t stand up because of laughter.

Qin Chao was helpless. No matter what, that Hu Lili’s laughter became more and more cracked up. When he looked around, he actually surprised to discover that there was an open school gate to his right.

“Guangyuan International School of Economics!” Qin Chao was surprised to find out that, after being drawn all over the place by Hu Lili, they unexpectedly arrived at this location. This school is big; It was a hundred times larger compared to that third-rate university that he had attended. He can’t even see the back side of the building. At the front side of the campus, there was an eight-story building. The school also adopted the Western-style architecture, making the classroom building look like a church.

At the school gate, a guard, who dressed in blue uniforms, was standing straight upright. Qin Chao didn’t know whether he’s real or just a puppet.

“Damn, this is a real University! ” Qin Chao eyes glowed. He could not help but praise. He saved Su Ji’s life, and her sister turned out to be this school’s Director! Who knows, she might even make me a college teacher! Hey, hey, hey. Qin Chao recalled the university teachers and student’s romance. With so many cute and innocent girls on campus; he could not help but shed a drop of saliva.

“I’m sorry, I love to laugh, don’t get angry ok.” Hu Lili finally straightened up, rubbed her pained waist that was caused by laughing, and said while she removed the tears.

“Lili, there you are!” At this time, a girl dressed in a typical white dress, with a very pretty face, bounced over and came running, with a bear doll and a pair of small black boots.

That bear doll was almost as tall as that girl. It looked like it was rubbing her chest. Qin Chao suddenly imagined himself to be that bear doll.

“Oh, where have you gone? You worried me.” The girl ran and gasped for breath, “Dong Street had a traffic accident, they said that someone was almost hit by a car. Li Fumin’s son was surrounded by people, quarreling fiercely!”

“HA HA, Fang Wen, you don’t know it? The one who almost got hit by the car was me! ” Hu Lili exclaimed unashamedly. Instead, she looked really proud of herself, making both Fang Wen and Qin Chao helpless.

“Really brave a……” Comrade Qin Chao could not help but sigh.

“Don’t talk nonsense……” Fang Wen gave her friend a look, and then suddenly noticed Qin Chao that stood beside her. She could not help but gawk.

“Who is this?”

“His name is Qin Chao …hmph…” Hu Lili, who probably remembered Qin Chao’s previous name again, could not help but laugh. Seeing Qin Chao’s eyes, she held back a smile, saying, “he saved my life. Otherwise, you would not see me anymore.”

“Really?” Fang Wen sized up this head-wrapped-like-a-mummy-man. She could not help but look at that man’s bruised left arm, causing her heart to tremble. On that Dong Street, the front part of that official’s son’s car was crashed. He was acting crazy, looking around to find someone to compensate it.

Is this person the one who was responsible? Fang Wen could not help but be suspicious.

At that time, a short and fat person, who wore a security uniform, came out from the Guangyuan campus. He swung his paces up and down in a flash. When he suddenly saw the three people, he immediately frowned.

“What are you guys doing here, setting up a stall? This is the school entrance, not your playground!”

This fat man’s attitude was very arrogant, making Qin Chao’s heart unhappy.

“Ah, director Wang!” The two little beauties quickly lowered their head. They apprehensively said, “We are students here. ”

“Students? Where’s your student id card? ”

Both quickly checked their purses. Without saying, they took out their id card. Fatty Wang pretended to look at their student id. In fact, his eyes carefully swept both girl’s breasts a few times, then said with satisfaction. “Yes, indeed the students of this school. Don’t just stand and gossip in front of the gate, quickly get inside! ”

Qin Chao cursed in his heart, ‘You can recognize the students by looking at their breasts?’

“Yes, yes…” like defeated people, they had to bow their head. The two girls hurriedly said goodbye to Qin Chao, and then started to enter the campus ground.

“Who are you? If you are not a student, quickly get lost.” Compared to when he talk to the two girls earlier. That fatty Wang’s attitude was really different when he spoke to Qin Chao.

“Director Wang, Hello, I came to a job offering.” Qin Chao quickly put out a smile. He thought that they would become colleagues in the future. So, they will frequently meet. He would, at least, try to build a relationship.

“Job offering? You?” That fatty Wang squinted his eyes, exclaimed ‘bah,’ and said, “looking at your appearance, you think you can get a job here? Quickly leave, an undocumented person can’t be allowed to enter.”

“I’ve been called here by Director Su. My name is Qin Chao. This afternoon is my appointment time!” Qin Chao anxiously said. He was still waiting to pay his rent. He does not want to leave.

“Hahaha, people like you can’t be a candidate to work here!” This fatty Wang unexpectedly pulled out an electric baton from his waist and started to wave it around, “Quickly go. If you don’t, I’m going to beat you! Can’t you see that I am a professional? Quickly go, our school is a respected school. We don’t accept an idle person.”

“Fuck it!” ‘You looked down at me? You want me to be angry?’ Qin Chao quickly became furious, “Fuck your uncle, scold me one more time?”

“I’m not just going to scold you, I’m also going to beat you!” Fatty Wang can clearly see that Qin Chao is a nobody; The electric baton started to smash down. It clearly looked like it’s going to hit Qin Chao’s face.

If this hit were to smash into him, Qin Chao definitely would not feel better. Perhaps the wound on his head would crack. Qin Chao stepped back one step, “How can you just casually hit people?”

“Why can’t I? I have money, so, I can afford to kill you!” That fatty Wang was very arrogant. He started to wave his stick again.

“Humph!” Qin Chao could not contain his anger anymore. The power that was surging inside his body suddenly burst out. He saw the incoming fatty Wang’s baton, and subconsciously he reached out with his left hand. He firmly grabbed the electric baton in his arm.

Fatty Wang was shocked. He felt that his baton was clamped together by a pair of iron clamps, it could not be moved. He made a determined effort to pull it; he even pressed the electric switch on his baton.

Electric current quickly ran up Qin Chao’s left arm. But, he only felt a little numb, no big deal.

“Fuck your uncle, you even tried to electrocute me?!” Qin Chao made a determined effort. He pulled out his hand to snatch that electric baton from fatty Wang and then threw a backhand kick. Qin Chao kicked that fatty on his belly, making him rolled over his stomach.

“Ah!” That fatty cried. His body was thrown out for several meters until he crashed into the school door’s pillars.

Hearing this noise, the security in school ran out. Altogether, they were ten men. They started to encircle Qin Chao.

“You little bastard!” The fatty Wang’s stomach was severely hurt. His head that knocked on the column become a bit swollen. He grimaced in pain, “You fucking don’t see who own’s this place? You even dare to make trouble here?! Fuck him! Beat him for me! If there’s an accident, I’m responsible! Whoever the fuck does not get involved, stop being a security and get lost! ”

When the fatty Wang started to shout, the other security guards originally did not want to get involved, but, upon hearing his last words, they immediately began to rush toward Qin Chao.

Qin Chao became cold with anger, ‘This so-called director was too ruthless. Was he really the security director in this school? He was no different than the triad!’

“Go!” Several security guards rushed to hold Qin Chao, and then wait for other people to beat him up. With a roar, Qin Chao shook himself. Unexpectedly, all the security guards around him went flying.

He rushed forward two steps, stood in front of that fatty Wang, and looked at his horror-filled face; he could not help but sneer.

“You want to kill me? I’ll kill you first!” Then, he stretched out his left hand and lifted up that more than two hundred pounds fatty Wang.

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