My Beautiful Teacher

Chapter 20 To Be Promoted and Gain Wealth

“Mr. Yu almost died back then during the Korean War; he is truly a war hero. He has no other child, suddenly at his old age receiving the news about Yu Qian’s death, making him aggrieve…I hope you can understand…I on behalf of him is asking you now for your forgiveness.”

Then, Liu Chuan’s father directly bowing in front of Qin Chao.

“But we just want to know why Qianqian died, we want the school to make all things clear for us. They said that the cause of death is by suicide, we do not believe it, Yu Qian is a good student, how could she commit suicide? ”

“What you said is right, we owe you an explanation.” Qin Chao is somewhat ashamed, although he is the security director, this is only a recent development, many things he still does not understand.

“Who’s making trouble here?

At this time, the police that are maintaining order at the suicide scene suddenly came.

“This is the school’s ground, you guys do not make a scene here, quickly go back.” A middle-aged man who looks like the police captain, glance at these farmers, then said.

Seeing the police, the previously ferocious farmers suddenly become wussy, they all squatted down on the ground and became silent.

“Apologize, these people are Yu Qian’s relatives, they only want to learn about the situation.” Qin Chao points out, this is the first time he spoke so close to a police officer, he suddenly becomes less confidence.

“Oh? Who are you?” The middle aged police officer surprised for a moment, then looks at Qin Chao.

“I am the security director of this school, Qin Chao.” Qin Chao is only now discovering the importance of his position.

“Oh, so it’s director Qin.” That middle aged police officer immediately reaches out and shook hands with Qin Chao, “my name is Xie Jun. Your school’s psychological education to students needs to be strengthened.”

“Captain Xie, since they are the student’s relatives, then we should discuss this with them.!” The nearby female police officer immediately said.

“Okay.” That captain Xie nod, then turn around to look at those farmers, “which one of you is Yu Qian’s parents?”

“It’s me!” Yu Xinghua raises his hand.

“Are you Yu Qian’s grandfather?”

“No, I’m her father. Qianqian was conceived when we were already over forty years old; she’s our precious child….but now she’s dead, how could the two of us, old husband and wife, survive…” after saying that, this old war hero, his tears starts to pour freely out again.

“Mr. Yu, be strong…” several police officers on the scene could not help but sigh. Indeed, Yu Qian is too young.To die so young, who will not help but feel sorry.

To console this farmer, Xie Jun made a signal with his face toward that nearby policewoman. The latter immediately understood, and said.

“Mr. Yu, although your daughter commits suicide, her circumstance is not completely clear. Because during the inspection, we discovered that Yu Qian has been pregnant. Moreover, her pregnancy is not recent, but it’s already two months old. We now want to know, who is the father.”

After the policewoman’s voice quieted down, all the people’s murderous eyes immediately fell on Liu Chuan.

“Not me!” Liu Chuan immediately shouts, “Me and Qianqian have never done that, she said she wanted to wait until we married! If you guys don’t believe it, the police can test it!”

While Liu Chuan was shouting, his eyes turned red, “no wonder…I, I remember now…two months ago, Fang Hua is having a birthday party. Yu Qian and her female friend went to that party together,…could it be, could it be that time….”

“Fang Hua…..” Qin Chao clenches his fists; it seems that all this matter circle back to that one person. According to Liu Chuan, Yu Qian love for money is not something new, but it’s also not that serious. It seems like something happened two months ago, that completely changed Yu Qian’s worldview.

“I will investigate it.” Xie Jun thought for a moment, then said, “Comrade Yu Xinghua, I like you to come with us, also this Liu Chuan, both of you will come with us to help the investigation. The other’s can go home now; we will surely give you all an explanation.”

After that, Xie Jun took Liu Chuan and the old man Yu Xinghua, in the police car. Liu Chuan’s father and the other’s farmer start to disperse, all they can do now, is to go home and wait for the result of the investigation by the police.

“You think they will investigate this case to the bottom of it?” Su Fei look at the receding police car, asks Qin Chao. She doesn’t understand why she

implicitly trusts this man. She also has some doubts about this suicide case; Yu Qian clearly is a good student with a bright future, why did she choose to follow this road of no return.

“Fang Hua’s background is big, I bet that halfway through Xie Jun’s investigation, there will be pressure from his superior to close this case, in the end, Yu Qian’s case will be concluded as pure suicide.”

Qin Chao turns his head, take a look at this beautiful principal. Her eyes look deep, making any man who looks into it feel compelled to do something for her.

“What you said is right.” Qin Chao suddenly sneered, “If the police cannot solve this case, according to my liking, then it would be up to me to investigate it. If Fang Hua goes without trial, then it would be up to me to judge him.”

Su Fei, hearing Qin Chao’s words, become shocked and quickly said, “what do you want to do, I’m telling you, don’t do something stupid! You have zero relationships and zero debt with her whatsoever, besides, you already tried very hard to help her. Now you are a security director, and your future is bright. This society is unfair, you’re just a security officer, not Superman. ”

“Beautiful principal, what do you think.” Su Fei words are fast and furious, her chest rises up and down dramatically, making Qin Chao look at her provocatively, “aren’t you a D cup?”

“Go to hell!” Su Fei rolls her eyes and angrily look at him, her heart feels foolish to worry about this guy, nothing to worry about this pervert! She picks up her folder, make an angry sound, turn around and leave.

“Go to the clinic, deal with your hands, it’s bloody and disgusting.” After taking two steps, Su Fei turns around, coolly drop a sentence, and then walk away.

“Thanks for the concern!” Qin Chao let out a two hollow laugh, but when Su Fei figure disappears from his sight, he suddenly put away that smile, his look suddenly becomes icy.

“Hmph, Fang Hua, even if you can escape the law, you can’t escape the devil’s punishment.”

“Director Qin Chao, do you really think yourself a superhuman?” At this time, Qin Chao suddenly heard a sweet voice coming from behind him, he look back and see a female student wearing a very fashionable clothes, smiling at him.

“Rosy?” Qin Chao is too familiar with this devil woman’s scent.

“Oh, really boring, so quickly to be discovered.” That female student’s hand trace her own face, it immediately changes back to the beautiful face that is familiar to Qin Chao. “Listen to me, my cute little devil, your current ability is not enough to save the whole world, this hero thing, don’t let it get into your head.”

Rosy’s voice was sweet, but it could not hide the cold irony within it. Qin Chao sneers, crosses his arms, look at the devil woman in front of him, said.

“I’m certainly not a hero. Although I have no ability to save people, the ability to kill people, I certainly have.”

Then, ignoring Rosy, he turn around and walk away.

“Hei!” Rosy shout, Qin Chao ignore her and keep walking.

“Really an obstinate client!” Rosy tore off her clothes, change back to her attractive devil uniform, twist her waist, look back at Qin Chao, “You don’t even know you’re being targeted by a snake demon, oh, really troublesome. Hmph, I’m not going to help you this time, let this be a lesson to you. Next time, you’ll have to come to beg me to help you.”

Regardless whether this thinking out loud can be heard by Qin Chao or not, after a while, this devil woman then turns into black smoke and disappeared into the air.


Qin Chao returns to the security room, electric baton Wang former office has been reorganized by two clever security guards. This more than 20 square meters of space, now belong to Qin Chao. He looks at the well lit room, the desk, the director’s seat, he suddenly feels a thrill of emotion.

I cannot imagine that one day, I, Qin Chao can also sit in such position.

“Qin Chao gege…” While Qin Chao was lying on the boss’s chair and fantasizing his future, Chen Yingyang is beaming with joy, suddenly come in, and directly moves to sit on top of Qin Chao. Qin Chao was shocked, he kicks the desk, making his chair slips away. Chen Yingyang sits on the empty space, suddenly looks at Qin Chao with resentment on his face.

His hand, pointing to the side of the sofa, and then pointing to the desk, and then pointing at Qin Chao’s boss chair, said.

“You’re really bad, before, electric baton Wang really likes to do it with me in this room. Now that that guy finally out, this place belongs to the two of

us, hey…what do you think, where should we start, what position should we use first?”

“Go to hell!” Qin Chao could not resist not to use a heavy hand, he kicks out Chen Yingyang from his office and lock the door. Looking back, he thinks about the two naked men rolling around this room, he wants to cry.

“Oh god, how could I let this happen to me…”

Qin Chao feel helpless, he organizes the office, according to feng shui, making it more auspicious, he then sits on the boss’s chair. As for that sofa, he absolutely not going to touch it.

At this time, Qin Chao’s inner qi continuously circulating, over and over, making him more powerful. But for Qin Chao, this is not enough.

“I want to be more powerful…” He stares at his hands, “Fang Hua, let me come to judge you…”

At this moment, the office phone suddenly starts to ring, Qin Chao feels strange, could it be looking for electric baton Wang?

“Hello, hello, who are you looking for.” Qin Chao picks up the phone and politely ask.

“Is this director Qin Chao?” The phone rang a familiar female voice, Qin Chao remembers her, “Hey, it’s the beautiful secretary, what matter do you want to ask me? Are you asking me to dinner? I’ll think about it.”

“Go to hell, why don’t you have decent manner! It’s still office hours now!” Qin Ling charmingly scolds, “careful I’ll tell Director Su, let her fire you.”

“Hey, how could it be, you and Director Su both are good people, kind and beautiful. Moreover, Qin Ling is so beautiful and good, definitely not like that electric baton Wang, who likes to snitch on people.”

“Hmph, don’t try to goad me. Director Su wants me to tell you, that you must immediately go to the airport to meet with her sister Su Ji, she has just come back from Jingyang.”

“Huh? Want me to go?” Qin Chao stunned, although he also looks forward to meeting again with this beautiful girl who called him ‘my husband,’ he just got this position as a security director. Already forcing him to do things, isn’t this a bit inconsistent, “as a director, I can order my subordinates to go in my place can I?”

“You certainly can. But, if something bad happens to teacher Su Ji, Hmph hmph…”

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