My Beautiful Teacher

Chapter 21 Southern Jiangsu Rising Star

Following Su Fei’s requests, Qin Chao stares at his lucky old bike, that is carrying a large sign with big Su Ji’s name on it. Meanwhile, Su Fei had told him through Qin Ling that Su Ji loves flowers, so on his way he bought a bucket of flowers, put it around his neck, and rushed to the airport.

Standing in the waiting hall like this may make a lot of attention to Qin Chao.

“Hey, buddy, you’re waiting for Chen Xin too, right!?”

“Look at this guy, he’s more devoted than all of you, he even brought fresh flowers!”

A group of fans is waiting for a star, seeing Qin Chao’s appearance, suddenly startled, and begin to reflect on their own devotion. Qin Chao with flowers and them who only bring at most, a poster, cannot be compared at all!

When Qin Chao raises up his large sign, with Su Ji’s name and photo on it, these fans are even more shocks.

Holy Cr*p, who is this star, heavenly beauty. Comparing her beauty and the singer called Chen Xin, the differences are quite big.

“Dude, who is this star, never heard of her!” One of the gathering fans asks.

“Wow, gorgeous, I want her autograph.”

“Friend, who is this star?” A nosey fan ask.

“This is a rising star in southern Jiangsu!” Qin Chao was tired being asked, rolls his eyes and shout.

They all shock, and become silent. The nosey one wants to continue asking, but after seeing Qin Chao complexion, they all choose to concentrate on waiting for their own star.

Thus, Qin Chao stood holding that large sign in the airport waiting hall all afternoon.

According to Su Fei’s instruction, Su Ji’s flight might be having a delay, so she told Qin Chao to wait for a while. Qin Chao stood motionless like a sculpture, holding a large sign above his head, with a bucket of flowers on his neck, in the airport waiting hall, waiting for Su Ji, until the sun sets on the outside.

“Mom, look!” A very innocent child’s voice drift down, “a flower fairy!”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” A mature female voice said, “you must say it politely, call him uncle flower fairy.”

“I know, Uncle flower fairy.”

Qin Chao turns away; he could not help but burst out into tears. This is the second time he met with that Lolita, who previously had called him uncle mummy. How could there be such a coincidence in life, Qin Chao wish he could rush to her, to hug, to take a liberty with her, and said.

“Little sister, the two of us are fated to meet with each other, why don’t we get married.”

Of course, by the end of it, he would be crippled by an angry mother.

Unable to withstand the attention of the other people in the waiting hall anymore, Qin Chao goes to the information desk, look at the beautiful lady in uniform, and said.

“Excuse me, when will flight XXX arrive at this airport?”

“Wait a moment, Sir.” That young lady’s voice is really sweet, making people feel their whole body melt. She knocks the computer keyboard several times, then look up, with a professional smile, said, “Sir, I’m really sorry, there is no flight XXX today.”

“Oh?” Qin Chao immediately gawk, “are you sure, please help me check it out again, you see me wearing this COSPLAY costume, is to meet with someone.”

“Sir, I’m really sorry, there really is no such flights today. Although, there was this flight yesterday, are you sure you do not remember the date wrong?”

“Wrong date….” These words keep echoing in Qin Chao’s mind, he suddenly claps his thigh, and said, “F*ck me, I’m being played by that girl Su Fei! D*mn it!”

Qin Chao’s vigor circulation suddenly come to a stop, it almost tear the fresh flowers in three parts, then look at the young lady in front of him in a daze.

“Pretty girl, this is for you!” Qin Chao put all the flowers that he bought on top of that information desk and slipping away while still carrying his large sign.

The remaining lady at the information desk become stunned, staring at the desk full of flowers.

“That man is really interesting.” The nearby lady in the uniform chuckle while covering her mouth, “Liu Chang, this time, you get a lot of fresh flowers, you can bring it back to take a flower bath.”

“Little Mei, you’re making fun of me.” That Liu Chang gave her a look, frown, and said, “so many, quickly help me clean it up. That guy is really hateful, next time I see him, I must teach him a lesson.”

“Hehe, our beautiful Liu Chang really mad now. But that guy is quite handsome, especially his long nose, are you sure you’re not interested?

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Liu Chang roll her eyes, “Before reaching 30 years old, I’m not going to find a boyfriend!”

“Oh? Could it be you like***? Looking at that guy rugged and manly appearance, he certainly not a wussy in bed.”

“Go to hell, you dirty girl…”

Qin Chao doesn’t know that he’s been the subject of the talk of two beautiful women, when he is riding his lucky bike, carrying the large sign, hurrying back to Guanyuan School. As a subordinate, he can’t do anything about being played at by his superior. However, the money to buy flowers surely must be reimbursed by the superior.

As this was getting dark, more and more people come off from work, crowding the street, Qin Chao also slows down his bike. At this time, a telephone booth beside the street caught his attention. Right beside the booth, he saw two men wearing strange clothes. One wearing black clothes, the other wearing white clothes, their faces cannot be seen clearly.

The two men are eyeing a woman who is walking toward the phone booth, the woman is wearing a trench coat, a wool scarf around her neck and covering her face. Wearing small leather boots, walking very briskly, while her face is down looking at her cell phone, she seems to be complaining about something.

Vaguely, Qin Chao feels the two white and black clothes is not normal, he suddenly accelerates his cycling speed, rushes to the sidewalk. While passing that woman, he snatches her cell phone.

My goodness, it’s the new Apple phone! Qin Chao doesn’t even look carefully at this instrument; he keeps on cycling away.

“Hey, you, give me back my phone!” The woman was shocked, she immediately turns and starts to pursue Qin Chao.

At the exact time as that woman leaving the phone booth, a big truck suddenly comes racing from the corner of the street, like a drunken bull, it crashes into the corner of that phone booth, smashing that small pavilion. The broken glasses are spreading all over the ground, making that woman thoroughly scared.

After crashing that booth, the truck finally stopped, leaning crookedly there. The people nearby look at it curiously; they saw a drunken man at it’s driving seat, with the forehead covered in blood.

“It’s ok now, time to return the phone.” Qin Chao was relieved, with a flick, he stylishly stops his lucky old bike, turns and throw the phone back to that somewhat dazed-looking beautiful woman.

“Who, who are you?!” That beautiful woman, seeing her phone thrown back to her, suddenly wake from her daze, looking at Qin Chao’s back, shout.

“Lei Feng!” Qin Chao smugly waves his hand, while continuing to cycling his lucky old bike.

(TL: Lei Feng)

“Puchi ……” That beauty could not help laughing, who is willing to be a Lei Feng these days, this boy is really funny. But how could he know that there will be an accident on that booth, also, using this method to warn me?

Looks like he is practicing cultivation, could it be that he has reached the Buddhism breakthrough-from-karmic-cycle state, making him able to predict the future?

Moreover, she vaguely remembers, this guy’s back feels familiar to her, it seems that she has seen him somewhere.

This sparks her curiosity.

“Hmph, I’ll certainly find you!” This little miss stretches out her fist, shout at Qin Chao’s direction.

After saving that beauty, Qin Chao actually encounters a problem.

While he’s cycling, he suddenly feels something is wrong, turning his head, he sees a man wearing white clothes, sitting on the back of his bike.

“F*ck!” Qin Chao is shocked, right away, he’s trying to pull over his bike to the side. That white-clothed man waves his hand, suddenly the bike actually is not in Qin Chao’s control, it’s as if there is an invisible hand that guiding it, the bike continues to move forward.

“Who are you!?” Qin Chao greatly surprised by this turn of event, ask the man in white clothes.

“I’d be more curious about who you are.” That man in white clothes sits firmly in the back seat, his hand outstretched, seems to be controlling the bike. This man’s voice is really cold, like a fish out of a freezing water, “unexpectedly able to see me.”

“You are….” Qin Chao’s eyes suddenly emit a spooky green fire, “no wonder that woman didn’t see you, so you are a ripper from hell.”

“Devil sect’s devil god Luo De!” That man in white’s expression, suddenly changes, from curiosity turn into fear, and hostility, “you prove to be that terrible guy!”

Devil green eyes, is the unique skills of Luo De. The legend is, it can see through all kinds of ghosts and spirits.

He waves his hand, suddenly the bike makes a turn, it enters a dark alley at the back of a build. This alley is deserted, piles of garbage are everywhere, it seems like it’s in the back of a hotel.

After the bike enters this alley, the man in white suddenly leaps in the air, he lands on top of a nearby wall, on his hand appears a long black chain, his eyes coldly looking at Qin Chao.

“Devil god reappears, three realms will soon face disaster. No wonder many cultivator that had been sent out to find you all return empty handed, turns out you are hiding inside a human’s body.”

“Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m not that Luo De.” Qin Chao put his bike away, then shrugs his shoulder toward that man in white, said, “so, you are the ghost messenger.”

(TL: white and black messenger = Chinese soul ripper)

“Hmph, actually possesses a human’s body, devil god, come out and die!” The white messenger simply ignores Qin Chao’s words; he threw out the black chain from his hand, there’s actually an iron thorn that tied at the front end of the chain, like a snake bite, trying to bite Qin Chao.

“Hei! Why are you so unreasonable!” Qin Chao becomes somewhat unhappy, he easily dodges to the side, that chain suddenly pierces the wall behind him. In that Luo De memory, he found out that this ghost messenger level is actually the lowest among the Hell’s servant, responsible only for collecting ordinary human soul. Their strength is very weak, if they are facing with the real Luo De, with his flying immortal method, killing them is as simple as a hot knife cutting butter.

Even now, when Qin Chao is nearing the tempered vigor phase, to kill this messenger actually is not difficult. But if he does so, it would mean a declaration of war between him and hell.

“Dealing with a devil god from the devil sect, there’s nothing to say.” This ghost messenger is obviously unreasonable, shaking his hand; the chain is pulled out from the wall, then sweep over Qin Chao.

“Since you don’t like communicating with words.” Qin Chao stretches out his covered-in-scales-hand, staring with his green eyes, coldly grab that black chain, “then I’ll communicate with you using my strength…”

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