My Beautiful Teacher

Chapter 5 Snitch Fail

“Can’t you hear? Stretch out your face!” Seeing Qin Chao’s astonished look, Wang Wenkun felt extremely satisfied. He then proceeded to happily shout. Which caused spittle to fly everywhere, nearly hitting Qin Chao’s face.

Seeing this fatty Wang’s arrogant appearance, Qin Chao’s brows wrinkled.

“Fuck, I spoke to you, didn’t you hear! “Wang Wenkun pulled out his stick and waved it. As he shouted in a loud voice, “Let me slap your face, or else immediately put down your uniform, and leave! ”

Originally, Qin Chao wanted to exercise patience, but he finally could not help but be furious, and coldly talked back.

“I, Qin Chao have a teacher, have a parent, it is not your turn to hit me.”

“Well, not to mention you, even if your mother came, it would also be right for me to hit her!” Wang Wenkun’s arrogance seemed to go a bit too far, but he also wanted to maintain his own power and prestige in front of other security guards.

As the saying goes, don’t insult a family member; instead you happily curse. The curses caused Qin Chao’s eyes to turn red. At that time, a beast-like sound roared inside Qin Chao’s head.

‘Kill him, Kill him!’

Murder was impossible, but to beat the hell out of him was definitely an option. Especially since he couldn’t run. Qin Chao took a step forward, his foot seemed to shake the ground like a migrating elephant. Qin Chao’s stomp gave off a dull but earth-shattering sound. When the ground shuddered, the nearest security guards immediately thought that there’s an earthquake.

While Qin Chao simultaneously shot out a palm to slap that Wang Wenkun’s bloated face. This one slap, without a bit of noise, was able to make the 200 pound fatty Wang’s body fly. Incidentally, flying higher than a man next to the file cabinet.

This cabinet was cast iron. It would usually need four or five security guards just to lift it. So when Wang Wenkun was smashed directly into the cabinet; he was lying on top of the counter, like a slaughtered pig, whining in pain.

“Oh …… homicide ……” that Wang Wenkun mouth moaned, grimacing in pain. His left cheek was swollen up, the words all vague.

After sending that fat man flying, the violent desire within Qin Chao’s heart began to disperse. He was shocked, Holy cr*p, he made his own boss go flying.

But Qin Chao was not stupid, he knew that he could not give up at this time. Therefore with a cough, Qin Chao drew out his allocated rubber stick. He then hit the filing cabinet, and with a loud bang that Wang Wenkun trembled. He did not dare to even make noise for quite a while.

“I’m telling you; Director Su Fei is my friend. I’m not afraid if you go to complain, you are free to go. But hear me out, if I know that you reported me, I will find you, and I will hit you again!”

Then, seeing that Wang Wenkun in a daze, Qin Chao didn’t know what to say anymore. He thought quickly and bang, he smashed the cabinets, causing fatty Wang to wake up in fear.

“Are you listening to me!”

“Listen, heard ……” Fatty Wang hastily said that, then crawled down trembling; his eyes were staring at that Qin Chao secretly. Qin Chao pretended to wield the rubber stick, which easily frightened Wang Wenkun. Forcing him to flee like a scared rat, and run hurriedly out from the security room.

“Really formidable….” the security guards around him look at each other, their eyes bright. Then they quickly raced over to Qin Chao, in order to start kissing his ass.

This was especially true for that Yang Guang, who holding onto Qin Chao thigh, insisted on becoming his followers like all the others.

Qin Chao coldly snorted, these people without even investigating whether or not he actually befriended that Director Su, already started to curry favor with him.

“This Wang Wenkun is but a school bully!” The one named Chen Yingyang, a security guard with a wretched appearance next to Qin Chao, said flatteringly, “He claims to be a distant relative of Director Su and has been lording over the school. We, security guards had been bullied by him too much. Because he likes to use an electric baton, people like to call him the King of the Electric Baton.

Chen Yingyang said, teary eyed, as if he lived in the olden days, “And that King of Electric Batons is bisexual, and often takes advantages of his power, groping people …hiks..hiks. ”

Hearing this, Qin Chao was shocked. WTF, this electric baton Wang turned out to be bisexual? He saw Chen Yingyang’s ugly and wretched appearance and could not help but whisper. Heavy taste, ah, heavy taste.

(TL: Wang in Wang Wenkun means King, heavy taste a slang for weird)

“Brother Qin Chao, I see that you have graduated recently.” This Chen Yingyang was wiping his tears. As he was trying to sit beside Qin Chao, he squeezed onto his arm. Qin Chao broke into a sweat, the whole fine hair of his body instantly stood straight. Like receiving an electric shock, he hastily jumped toward the side, annoying Chen Yingyang.

“What, Renjia has no virus, what’re you afraid of?”

(EN: Renjia basically means “I” in a I’m really cute kinda way)

“Oh, sorry, I recently caught a cold, so I have a fear of spreading my infection to others.” Qin Chao did not want to offend a person from the Security Office, so casually said an excuse.

“Oh, why didn’t you mention that earlier.” Comrade Chen Yingyang slid like a snake, and moved closer to him, “Brother Qin Chao is really considerate. That’s okay, I’d like to catch a cold, especially if it’s your’s.”

Qin Chao was drenched in cold sweat, causing his whole body to become numb. Seeing this scene, the nearby security guards could not help but cough up to look sympathetically at Qin Chao.

The so-called soft can subdue the hard, even a tough masculine man, would struggle to withstand this soft onslaught.

“What are you looking at!?” Chen Yingyang rolled his eyes, staring at the several security guards, then shouted, “Hateful, why haven’t all of you left yet!”

Being reprimanded like this, all the other security guards quickly scattered in panic, pretending to do their own stuff.

“Why do they all listen to you?” Qin Chao could not help but be surprised.

“Of course, I’m the security team leader!” Chen Yingyang was saying, glancing back at Qin Chao to throw him a coquettish look. His weird ugly face, coupled with such enchanting winks, is definitely a killer look.

Qin Chao was speechless towards this is security team leader. Thinking about the relationship between him and Wang Wenkun, Qin Chao finally understands, what “nepotism” means.

“Brother Qin Chao, later on, we must look after each other.” This Chen Yingyang said, while his mouth is talking to Qin Chao, his hand also moved, groping on Qin Chao’s body.

Qin Chao sat toward the side calmly, then asked. “Team leader, what are the rules of our security guards unit?”

He remembers that, Electric Baton Wang said he had to memorize the thick stack of paper that he put on top of the table, and said “Do you really want me to recite all of those?”

“Bah!” Chen Yingyang spat, rolled his eyes and said, “You listen to his nonsense. Before anyone becomes a security guard here, you have to be tortured by him. Well, everyone has to work in order to put food on the table.”

Qin Chao looked at Chen Yingyang’s ugly face, and suddenly remembered two South Korean books that are very popular in the past. ‘Chrysanthemum Fragrance’ and ‘To smell the Chrysanthemum Fragrance.’

‘Its torture, really torture.’ He shivered with fright and quickly said in his heart.

(TL: chrysanthemum is a slang for butthole)

“Yes…” Chen Yingyang went on to say, “In fact, this job, is not as difficult as you might think. We only have to play safe, with proper conduct, don’t mess around, don’t make decisions, don’t make a mistake. These three don’t-, is our security code.”

“Wait a minute! ” Qin Chao makes a hand signal, “This ‘don’t mess around, don’t make a mistake,’ I understand. But what it means to ‘don’t make decisions?’”

Qin Chao is not quite clear. When security is inadequate, can it still can be called security?

“Oh, my silly brother.” This Chen Yingyang with a graceful hand movement, pushed the forehead of Qin Chao to rebuke him and said, “The students in this school, all are hidden dragons and crouching tigers. How do you know which student family background is bigger? If you managed mistakenly, it would put you and the school into trouble instead!”

Then, he rolled his eyes and said, “Besides, the school gave me 4,000 a month, just to let me stand guard, not to let me go all out. We are security, not the police.”

Qin finally understand, the reason this school pays so much money to hire security, is just for show, cosmetic only. When it comes to critical time, these security guards are useless. It is no wonder that when he had just madly beat that Electric Baton Wang, no one was willing to come to help.

While Chen Yingyang was hesitating, whether or not to sit on Qin Chao’s bosom, using his body to curry favour with this friend of Director, when the door suddenly sounded a knocking sound.

It turned out to be the beautiful Secretary Qin Ling, standing there, looking at a Qin Chao with a sneer.

“Qin Chao, you come out here.” Although she was only the Director’s secretary, this chick has power larger than most of the security guards. Hearing her command, Qin Chao hastily got out of the door.

“You are good, on the first day, you already beat up that Electric Baton Wang.” This Qin Ling wass making a statement to Qin Chao with her eyes, but Qin Chao had to admit, these eyes, this beauty, makes one’s body tingle. It’s as if he was being massaged from head to toe, it was really comfortable.

But that Chen Yingyang’s eyes …Holy crap, his eyes…, are a nightmare.

You see this Qin Ling, these thighs, this small waist, as well as ……well, this**, all are parts that attracted Qin Chao.

“I’m talking to you, what are you looking at!” Qin Ling was scared to see this pervert. So she could not help but throw the folder in her little hand, hitting on top of Qin Chao’s mummy head.

“Ah ……” This Qin Chao’s wound felt like it was being hit with a hammer, causing him to grimace with pain.

“Hmph, I won’t let you look randomly.” Although Qin Ling was feeling a bit embarrassed, her mouth still spewed strong words.

“Yes yes yes, Miss Qin Ling, I made a mistake earlier, in the future I will not look randomly. But, sister Qin Ling has a good figure, hehe….”

“Fuck you”! “Qin Ling gave him a look, “why didn’t you act more serious, speak properly! I told you, the Director was angry, you better pay attention.”

“Angry?” Qin Chao had a blank look, “Why is she angry?”

“Well, you’re the one who talks nonsense. ” Qin Ling beauty gave him a stern look, “You beating that electric baton Wang is alright, but you also said that you are Director Su’s friend. Is this not a slander? Can’t she get angry? ”

“Damn, this Electric Baton Wang, really went snitching!” Qin Chao became furious, “Next time I see him, I must kill him!”

“Hey!” Qin Ling wielded the folder, which changed direction in the middle of the air, hitting Qin Chao’s shoulder, “You, how can you behave like a hoodlum! This time, I’ll let it pass, but next time I will not permit you to speak irresponsibly.”

“Thank you sister Qin Ling, thank you Qin Ling sister……” Qin Chao’s mouth uttered thank you again and again but said in his heart.

‘Hmmm, Me being a friend of Su Fei, is a discredit to her? Let’s see, one day I will let her take the initiative to discredit me!’

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