My Beautiful Teacher

Chapter 6 Going To Tell Your Wife

“Open the door, open the door!” Qin Chao had just returned home when a pounding sounded on his door. Qin Chao tiptoed and moved closer to hear. The one who knocked turned out to be his wretched landlord, an unemployed man called Xie Wenjun.

Even though this man was also unemployed, he had real estates. Moreover, he had several of them. Every month, just by relying on the house rent, he earned enough to live comfortably. Oh, this society is so unfair.

At this time, Qin Chao was only wearing short pants, the kind that was very trendy and very fancy. So he hesitated, and wanted to change clothes, but outside the landlord was howling once more.

“Quickly open the door! I know you’re in here! Don’t think, if you don’t open the door I would leave. You owe me rent, you can’t escape!”

“Stop shouting, I’m coming!” Qin Dynasty was helpless; he had to wear these short pants to run and opened the door.

Outside, it really was the large landlord; his face twisted.

“Mr. Landlord, can’t you extend the deadline for two days, I’ve got a job ……” Living in another person’s house, even if Qin Chao hated the landlord, he still had to maintain cordiality.

“Move aside, I did not find you today for rent.” Xie Wenjun glared at him while smoking a cigarette in his mouth, and then he pushed Qin Chao to the side. This made Qin Chao stunned, ‘Hey, change habits, ah, did the sun rise from the west?’

But following behind the landlord, also came a more than 40-year-old man. The man looked like one who had too much sex; his back hair already turned white.

His hand was embracing a very fashionable young woman. The woman, at the most was 20 years old, wearing slightly flirtatious makeup. She turned her own extremely slender waist, with her chest entirely plastered on the body of that man. Meanwhile, since she leaned forward, her hips slightly tilted and formed a very provocative angle.

Qin Chao was dumbfounded, ‘Shoot, I’m only wearing short pants, how come there’s also a woman who comes in.’

The woman began to casually looked at Qin Chao, who seemed to look almost naked – but not interested in the body. Soon, she noted Qin Chao’s face and was slightly stunned for a moment.

After Qin Chao had gone home, he opened the gauze to change it in front of the mirror only to find his forehead wound had somehow gotten better. Moreover, his slightly fatter shape, has leaned down a bit. His pot belly was eliminated, and the contour of his abs showed slightly.

Qin Chao’s face was not ugly. After losing weight, his face showed a rugged, chiseled appearance. Coupled with his temperament he looked really wild. After seeing this, the woman’s eyes suddenly lit up.

“Mr. Zhang, although this room is small, there’s also a kitchen and good feng shui. The natural lighting is excellent. If you rent a year, it will ensure success in your career, earning you plenty of money!”

This Xie Wenjun flatteringly said towards the couple.

Talking about feng shui, Qin Chao rolled his eyes. ‘You have the nerve to say this room has good feng shui,’ this room is near the subway line, a typical place for inviting evil spirits. If his grandpa was not a geomancer and had not taught some superficial knowledge to Qin Chao, it is estimated that he would have met a violent death on the streets due to evil spirits.

To this day, in his window, Qin Chao put two basins of potted plants, relying on them to resist the evil spirits coming from the outside. But this will not solve the fundamental problem. Qin Chao had always felt that he could not find work, precisely because of these evil spirits.

But because this place is cheap, Qin Chao still choose to rent here. If this man rents down, it is estimated that within a year, he would certainly go bankrupt.

But Qin Chao soon figures out a problem, if this place is leased to that Mr. Zhang, where would he live?

“Landlord, I don’t like this. I owe you nothing but half a month’s rent, and now I got a job, I can pay you with my salary.”

“Counting on you, might as well be counting on a dog. Hurriedly pack your things, and get out of my house.” That Xie Wenjun cried, “This Mr. Zhang, is my honored guest, he wants to rent for a year!”

Listening to his words, Qin Chao was annoyed. You don’t know when this house will get demolished, at most, he can only stay for six months. Why do you want to give a year’s rent to other people. Qin Chao also intended to hold for half a year, to save money, after that he would find a better apartment.

But if the landlords drove him out now, this evening, he will have nowhere to live. He only has some small money, not even enough to pay for an inn.

“You are heartless.” The woman rolled her eyes, twisted her hips, slumped on the sofa that Qin Chao just sat on before, took a few look, and snappily said, “You gave me a shitty place to live, I don’t want it, tomorrow I will look for your wife! ”

“Oh, my ancestor!” that male prostitute (TL: Mr. Zhang) was shocked. He quickly pleaded with a wry smile, “This can’t be helped, you also know my wife is a tigress, she’s the one who controls my money. This place is not far from our company, so it’s easier for me to come and look for you. You bear this inconvenience for a while, once I leave that Tigress, I’m going to take you to live in a big house.”

“Hmph, by the time you get a divorce, my hair would already be white.”

“No, I will act as soon as possible, as quickly as possible.” the male prostitute said while bowing. The woman rolled her eyes, said.

“All the furniture here must be changed, it must be European imports! Also, the painting must change, and I want the pink color. Oh, it stinks here, I want to hire a maid to clean every day!”

“Yes, yes……” The male prostitute promised it all, looks like he really had money. Landlord secretly smiled, rubbed his hands, it appears that the deal had been negotiated.

Qin Chao naturally could not accept this; his eyes rolled and suddenly said.

“Beauty, you are really going to stay here?”

“What’s wrong, isn’t it good?” The woman took a look at his eyes, said in her heart secretly, ‘this young and handsome fellow, why don’t we live together?’

“Ehm, the landlord didn’t tell you, but there’s a woman who died in this place.”

“What! That woman and the male prostitute were dumbfounded, Xie Wenjun was startled, then start to shout.

“Brats, what nonsense are you spouting…”

Qin Chao stared back at him; Xie Wenjun saw a pair of deep eyes, suddenly covered with a cold feeling as if a knife was resting on his neck. Scared, he couldn’t continue the rest of his curse.

“There’s people died….in here?” That woman’s voice was trembling; this was one of the things that she was the most afraid of.

“Yes, a couple lived here before. Later, her husband had an affair, and then he killed the woman. The corpse was hidden under the very sofa that you sit on today.”

“Ah!” The scared woman stood up, turned pale, and then threw her purse at the male prostitute as she cursed.

“Zhang Zhongcheng, f*ck your ancestors. I know you’re not good, getting me such place, trying to kill me right! I’ll find your wife now, and I will make you suffer!”

Then turning her ass, she ran out of the room. The male prostitute looked scared then quickly went after her.

“My little precious, don’t do that, there’s a misunderstanding, this was a mistake! ”

Seeing that, the landlords face was white with anger, looking at Qin Chao’s eyes, with a murderous look.

“Good kid…” biting his teeth, suddenly roar out, “Pack your things, get out now! ”

“Xie Wenjun!” Qin Chao become angry, ‘This guy already took my notebook, it worth thousands, enough for me to live for four or five months!’ He reached out and grabbed Xie Wenjun collar, unexpectedly he picked him up, “I even gave you my notebook, just for a month you already send me away? ”

Xie Wenjun being scolded by Qin Chao, became frightened and lost confidence, but still tried to be brave, and said.

“Your broken computer is only worth hundreds; you want to live here forever relying on this?”

“Fart” Qin Chao’s eyes continued to stare at him, “I spend five thousand last year to buy that notebook, since when it’s only worth hundreds?”

“So what!” The landlord struggled up, “The room I gave rent is to be paid by cash, not scrap metal! Do you want to threaten me? Then just hit me! I’ll go to court to sue you. Come, hit me, hit me on the head, see if I don’t sue you** I’ll change my surname to yours!”

With that, Xie Wenjun stretched his head, his mouth shut.

Qin Chao frowned, he then threw the landlord onto the ground.

“Give me a month, all my rent, I’ll pay it in full!”

With that, afraid that the landlord would not believe, he took out his work permit, “You see, I am now security guards in Guangyuan School, 4,000 a month’s salary, I’ll pay your rent okay? ”

The landlord held Qin Chao’s work permits, and carefully read them several times. Fearing that the boy was getting a fake ID to spend a month here.

“Well, I’ll let you live a month!” the landlord took a bite, then said, “But I may have to change the rent price. That Mr. Zhang, willing to pay a thousand for a month, a year’s rent. Your monthly rent was only eight hundred, too little! ”

“This shitty house, you have the nerve to rent it for a thousand!”

“If you don’t like this place, you’re free to leave!”

See this arrogant landlord look, Qin Chao angrily said. “Well, so be it, a month later, come collect the rent!”

With that, he simply picked up the landlord directly by the collar, and threw him out, then slammed the door.

“Damn it, he really made me mad.” Qin Chao growled, while lying on the sofa. Stay here for a month, a month later I’ll change places. Who would be willing to remain in this room with bad feng shui. When I have money, I’ll buy two villas one is for a human, the other one for a pig!

While Qin Chao was being cranky, suddenly from the bottom of the sofa came a sorrowful woman’s voice.

“Give me back my life…”

“What?” Qin Chao was shocked, thinking that he got it wrong, he looked toward the sofa.

He put his head on the ground to see what’s under the couch, suddenly a rotting hand came out.

“WTF!” Qin Chao was scared shitless, his scalp ripped, his body numb, and tumbled back. The whole person along with the sofa overturned and fell to the ground.

This time, there’s nothing below the couch, nothing at all.

D*mn! Qin Chao wipes his cold sweat; it seems he was exhausted today, making him hallucinate.

“Hey, I’m a human, not a ghost!” But then, a sweet female voice sounded behind him.

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