My Cold and Beautiful Wife

Chapter 19

At the house in Egret County, no.6.

Because it was the weekend, Su Qingxue didn't go to work. She sat in the restaurant downstairs and ate a fruit platter for breakfast while watching the morning news.

Aunt Jiang took out some dry clothes. Looking at the clothes that Ye Fan left at home, the old woman sighed.

"Miss, Ye Fan was driven out by you last night, and didn't come back last night. He didn't even bring his luggage, could he be sleeping in the streets?"

Su Qingxue was stunned and asked with a frown, "He really didn't come back?"

"That's right. I saw that the room was empty early in the morning. Could something have happened?" Miss, why don't you make a phone call and ask? "

"Such a big person. It's not winter outside, so nothing will happen. He might have gone back to sleep at his place." Su Qingxue didn't want to take the initiative to call him.

Aunt Jiang hesitated for a moment and said with emotion: "Miss, don't you resent my old woman for talking too much. Ye Fan mentioning the Master to you last night actually had something to do with his own experience..."

Su Qingxue looked at Aunt Jiang with suspicion, "What do you mean?"

"Miss, think about it. Ye Fan has already passed away from childhood. He grew up by himself, and lives by himself. He must be very eager to have his own parents..."

"He must have had a bad taste in his heart when he saw that you and the lord were arguing, Miss. Even if he wanted to have a father, he wouldn't get a chance to argue!" Aunt Jiang said sorrowfully.

Su Qingxue, on the other hand, widened her beautiful eyes. After a moment of absent-mindedness, she said, "Auntie Jiang, you're saying that he … …. An orphan? "

This time it was Aunt Jiang who was puzzled, "What? Miss, you don't know?"

Su Qingxue bit her lower lip and a complicated expression flashed across her eyes. She recalled what Ye Fan said last night and suddenly understood something.

"Let me make a call and ask …" Su Qingxue picked up her phone and added, "Tell me clearly first, this is something that Aunt Jiang wanted me to call. It has nothing to do with me."

When Aunt Jiang heard this, she covered her mouth and smiled. She narrowed her eyes and said, "Yes, that's what I meant. Miss, you are really magnanimous."

Only then did Su Qingxue clear her throat and make a call.

The call was picked up not long after. Su Qingxue tried her best to ask in a gentle tone, "Where are you?"

"Outside." Ye Fan's reply was very cold.

"Of course I know you're outside." Su Qingxue said snappily, "I'm asking you, where are you now?"

Ye Fan asked back, "What's the matter?"

Su Qingxue frowned. She wanted to care about where the man slept last night, but Ye Fan's cold tone made her give up on this idea.

"Nothing much... "I'm just asking..."

"If there's nothing else, I'll hang up first."

Without waiting for Su Qingxue to say anything, Ye Fan had already hung up.

The woman's pretty face slowly turned cold. She slammed her phone down on the table, picked up her fork and stabbed it into a Hami melon, as if she had a grudge with that melon.

"Auntie Jiang, stop caring about him, just let him …"

The old woman at the side had a helpless look on her face. If she knew things would turn out like this, she might as well not call him!

In the alley, Ye Fan put his phone back in his pants pocket and smoked a mouthful of smoke. His gaze swept across the dark, skinny man in front of him.

This man was dressed in ordinary street clothes, with a ponytail and cap. Judging from his facial features, he was clearly not Chinese.

"How did Mr. Ye discover me?" The man spoke in English with a trace of doubt in his eyes. He was well aware that his tracking skill was at the top, and he had been able to see through it in such a short amount of time.

Ye Fan exhaled a mouthful of smoke, and expressionlessly said, "You?" It should be you guys … You've been followed three times, including you and two men, with an accent from the Samar area.

If I'm not wrong about the tattoo on the back of your hand and the eagle head ring on your hand, you are the bounty hunter of the [B] Class organization 'Monkey Eating Eagle', right? "

The man with the braid opened his mouth and was stunned for a moment. He then said with a taut face and a smile, "It seems that Mr. Ye is not ordinary. No wonder you are friends with Dr. GANESHA."

Hearing the name GANESHA, Ye Fan basically guessed the other party's intention, and said in a deep voice, "I don't care what your 'Monkey Eating Eagle' is thinking, you shouldn't have come here."

"Our organization is searching all over the world for Dr. GANESHA. In the lab of the Elephant Head God, there is a piece of information about the address of your apartment in the city of Hua Hai.

To be able to get the Elephant Head God to write down the address, he must be someone he cares a lot about. Mr. Ye, do you know where the Elephant Head God is … "

Ye Fan frowned. This elephant's nose still left such a clue. He hoped that the monkey eagle didn't spread this information out.

"He's already dead, this is not a secret." Ye Fan said.

He thought for a moment and said, "That is true, but he is an elephant god, so …" Anything is possible. "

"I repeat, GANESHA is dead!" Ye Fan's tone became a bit more serious, and his gaze became even colder.

Mendoza subconsciously swallowed, an invisible pressure causing his body to stiffen.

Who the heck was this guy? After all, as a bounty hunter, he had a keen sense of danger.

"Then, do you know where Mr. Ye left ANKH before Dr. Elephant died?" asked Dodo tentatively, bravely.

Ye Fan lightly said, "It's just an illusory rumor, that nobody has ever seen something like this before."

"Really …" There are rumors that Dr. Elephant left his inheritance in the custody of some mysterious friend … " He carefully looked at Ye Fan's eyes and expression, trying to figure out what it was.

Only, Ye Fan's face was unperturbed, he was just a little impatient.

"I've already said it clearly, I will only give you five seconds to get lost, five … "Four …"

The doorman was frightened and his heart skipped a beat. He immediately turned around and ran!

In the blink of an eye, they had already run far away from this block with many doors as fast as the wind.

Ye Fan finished smoking and stepped on the tip of his cigarette. His eyes flashed with a touch of helplessness as he muttered to himself, "Elephant nose, you said that even after you died, you still left me with these trashy things …"

Ye Fan shook his head and sighed. Although he had thought that he would be found by someone sooner or later, he didn't expect it to be so fast.

He originally wanted to live a peaceful life as a small fry and earn some small money. But now, it seemed that his wish would come to naught …

Even if I keep a low profile, I can't solve the problem. Could it be that big brother is like a firefly in the dark night? Ye Fan thought to himself in self-mockery.

He wasn't afraid of involving himself in any more disputes, but he was afraid of some scheming, desperate criminals targeting the people around him. As such, he couldn't help but feel a bit worried.

Thinking about all this nonsense, Ye Fan continued to walk towards Feng Yueying's home.

… ….

Two blocks away, in a small white car, Mentor and two of the Monkey-Eating Eagle's bounty hunters were discussing with a frown on their faces.

"What did you say?" Did he discover us long ago? " a gaudy woman asked.

"This person looks very ordinary, could he be intentionally bragging to scare you?" another fat man guessed.

Mentor shook his head and smiled bitterly. "Impossible, this person is definitely an expert. Standing in front of him, I didn't even dare to breathe.

He was clearly standing there with a weak point all over his body, but I felt like I couldn't defeat him at all … "I have a feeling that as long as I dare to attack, I'll never come back."

The two companions drew in a breath of cold air. The woman could not believe it, "It can't be, can it? "Your strength is one of the top five in our organization."

However, the fatty snorted and said, "So what if you're in the top five? Although our Monkey Eating Eagle is a B-class organization and has some status in the underground world, this is China, a place where there are hidden dragons and crouching tigers. We should still be cautious!"

Many and the woman nodded their heads. Indeed, it would be more difficult for them to sneak into China. They couldn't be too careless.

Fatty continued, "I believe in the sect. Someone who can be friends with the Elephant Head God is definitely not ordinary. He should be an expert …"

"Is he giving up just like that? It wasn't easy to find the information about ANKH. The Guild Leader trusted us, which was why he allowed us to carry out this mission and let others deal with it.

"We are bounty hunters. We can't give up such a big cake just because the other party might be an expert, right?" The woman was unwilling.

"Although he may be stronger than us, he is still a citizen after all. He may have a lot of restraints around him. Earlier, I heard him talking to a woman on the phone, maybe …" We can investigate the people around him. "

When the woman and Fatty heard this, they both nodded in tacit understanding … Section error, click on this report (no registration), after reporting the maintenance personnel will correct chapter content within two minutes, please wait patiently, and refresh the page.

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