My Cold and Beautiful Wife

Chapter 20

Ye Fan returned to Feng Yueying's residence in Crescent Bay, and pressed the doorbell.

Very quickly, Feng Yueying opened the door, and saw Ye Fan standing there safely. The woman was both happy and surprised.

"Ye Fan, did they do anything to you?" Are you hurt? "

Ye Fan turned in a circle, spread out his hands and smiled, "Do I look like I'm injured?"

Feng Yueying let out a long sigh of relief, patting her chest, "Come in quickly and tell me what happened. I was worried to death at home, I don't know if I'd make a fool of myself after calling the police."

Ye Fan felt a wave of warmth in his heart. When Feng Yueying called the police, it was actually because she took the risk. No matter what, this was still a part of her heart.

Entering the living room and sitting on the sofa, Ye Fan casually made up an excuse, saying that the Defense Bureau would help him. After warning the Zhou father and son, he let him go.

If he really told her about those bloody things, Feng Yueying would probably be afraid, and Ye Fan felt that there was no need.

"Really? I thought the police were useless, but it seems like the security in Hua Hai is pretty good. "Feng Yueying said with a face full of concern," Ye Fan, don't be so impulsive in the future.

I know you have some skill, and you're good at fighting, but there are some things that can be done with just a bit of patience. Many people in society are desperate and there is no need to clash with them. "

Ye Fan smiled as he looked at the woman, "Ying Ying, since you care about me so much, could it be that you've fallen in love with me?"

Feng Yueying's face immediately flushed red. She picked up a pillow from the sofa and threw it over, "What are you thinking? You are in danger because you want to protect me, isn't it normal for me to care about you? "

Looking at the shy look of the woman, and her beautiful face, Ye Fan felt his heart itch. It has been so long since he has touched a woman, and it is rare for him to meet such a mature woman, which suited his needs.

Ye Fan grabbed Feng Yueying's hand, and pulled her from the other side of the sofa to his chest.

"Ah!" Feng Yueying exclaimed, and when she raised her head, she found that Ye Fan was looking at her with a fiery gaze.

"You … "Ugh!"

Without waiting for the woman to speak, Ye Fan had already kissed her heavily.

"Mmm..." Thanks to Ye Fan's skillful skills, Feng Yueying's delicate body quickly heated up. She felt herself to be quite strange, and it was difficult to suppress her.

However, the conservative personality deep in her heart still kept her awake.

She gently pushed Ye Fan away, and her beautiful eyes sparkled as she softly said, "Ye Fan, don't be like this, we have known each other for a while … …" However, we don't know much about it yet. At the very least, we should have a reasonable relationship with each other … "

Ye Fan also stopped what he was doing, feeling a little sorry in his heart. That's right, Feng Yueying was not one of the women he played with abroad, and to those women, the thing between a man and a woman was the same as singing and dancing.

But Feng Yueying was different. She felt that this was a very sacred and solemn ceremony, and she couldn't easily hand over her first time.

"Sorry, Ying Ying, I was too reckless, I won't do it again." Ye Fan let go of the woman and suppressed his own flame.

Seeing that Ye Fan respected her thought, Feng Yueying felt very satisfied. After all, this showed that Ye Fan cared about her.

Feng Yueying's beautiful eyes turned bright as she reached out her arms to hug Ye Fan's neck, proactively giving him a kiss, "As long as you treat me well, I'll be yours sooner or later. Just give us some time, okay …."

"Hiss …" Ye Fan sucked in a breath of cold air. Being hit by such a sudden sweet response, he felt his whole body go soft.

This woman seemed like she had a dignified and knowledgeable personality, but deep down, she had the potential to be a fox spirit!

She quickly got up and straightened her clothes, saying, "Alright, you came back safely, so I'll be at ease now. Next time when I have time, I'll go buy some delicious dishes and make some good dishes for you to try."

Ye Fan still wanted to hug the woman more and was puzzled, "Why do you want to do it again?" Isn't today the weekend? We can eat together at noon. "

Feng Yueying said apologetically, "It's the weekend, but my boss has something he needs to talk to me about. I was worried about you, but now that you're fine, I need to get out of here quickly."

"Is that so … "Alright, I'm leaving too." Ye Fan remembered that Su Qingxue had also called him. Coincidentally, his kit was also in Egret County, so he should go back and tidy it up. Even if he was kicked out of the house, he couldn't lose the guy who ate.

Feng Yueying had a red Audi S3, which was parked right on the side of Crescent Bay.

The car was small and exquisite, and the price was just right for Feng Yueying, who was a company executive. She lived in an apartment close to the company, so she didn't drive much.

The woman originally wanted to send Ye Fan off, but since it was very convenient for Ye Fan to take the subway, she didn't force him. They just left each other their phone numbers so that they could contact each other another day.

After sitting on the subway for half an hour, Ye Fan once again arrived at Egret County's # 6.

After pressing the doorbell, Aunt Jiang immediately opened the door. The old woman's face revealed a happy smile, "Ye Fan, you're finally back! I'm really worried for you, come in! "

Ye Fan looked at Aunt Jiang, who was genuinely happy, and felt somewhat ashamed in his heart. It seemed that the old man regarded him as one of his own. He really should give her a call to reassure her.

However, just as he was about to enter, he heard a familiar female voice asking a question — —

"Ye Fan?" "Why are you here?"

Ye Fan was surprised for a moment, he raised his head and looked at the living room, only to find that Feng Yueying was sitting on the sofa!

"Err …" Ye Fan was a bit confused. Thinking about what the woman had said before, that the superior was looking for her. So the superior was Su Qingxue!?

Su Qingxue, who had a cold expression, quietly sat there as she sipped her black tea. A few thoughts flashed across her limpid eyes as she calmly asked: "Department Head Feng, do you know Ye Fan?"

Although Feng Yueying was puzzled, she answered honestly, "Yes, I've known him for a while. When I was in the apartment, I was almost held hostage by the White Shark Gang, and it was even Ye Fan who helped me …"

Feng Yueying did not dare to say that they had just left her residence. After all, the relationship between the two of them was rather ambiguous, so it was inconvenient to say.

"Oh?" Su Qingxue did not expect that Ye Fan would be the man who saved Feng Yuying. She could not help but feel surprised. "How did you know each other?"

"Director Su, you don't know? "He is a water and water repairman hired by our brocade apartment. His repair skills are really good." Feng Yueying did not forget to praise the man.

However, when Su Qingxue heard this, the woman immediately felt that she had been fooled again!

No wonder this guy had a toolkit at home, no wonder he could fix television, so his identity wasn't just "home tutoring"!?

Ye Fan, on the other hand, had an honest smile on his face, pretending as if nothing had happened.

Feng Yueying, on the other hand, curiously asked, "CEO Su, are you asking Ye Fan to repair some kind of electrical appliance?"

"Ugh …" "Actually, I …" Ye Fan was thinking about how to explain, but didn't know how to start.

Su Qingxue also felt a headache coming on. Actually, she didn't want too many people to know about this matter because she only signed a three-month contract with Ye Fan. After this special period, they would no longer have any relationship.

Therefore, this kind of relationship between a man and a woman only needed to let the necessary people know that many of the subordinates in the company actually didn't need to know about it.

To put it bluntly, if he found a man to impersonate his boyfriend, it would cause him to lose face, and he might even become a laughingstock.

Su Qingxue maintained her calm. After thinking for a while, she said, "Minister Feng, let's talk in my study. There are some materials that I need you to look at again."

After all, Feng Yueying was a strong woman in the workplace, so she had to prioritize her work. She nodded and said, "Alright, let's go upstairs …"

When the two women went upstairs, Ye Fan let out a sigh of relief, ran to the kitchen, and asked Aunt Jiang for two cups of ice water. He gulped it down, and felt his mood ease up a bit.

Aunt Jiang looked at him with a profound look. These eyes revealed a special meaning, making Ye Fan's expression very awkward.

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