My Cold and Beautiful Wife

Chapter 2479

"That's right. To King Arthur, the Odin Empire, the name Arthur has been passed down for over ten thousand years."

"Arthur XIII will definitely not tolerate this. During his term of office, the power of the Emperor falls alongside with him."

"But my husband doesn't want to seize power. If my husband wants to be the emperor, then just kill him!" Ning Zimo said speechlessly.

"That's right, this emperor is too blind!" Do you really think that everyone would covet being an emperor? "

Xiao Xin'er said with disdain.

Ye Fan sighed and smiled, "It's precisely because you guys also know that I want to become the Emperor. It's fine if you just kill him..." King Arthur, of course, was not at ease.

As far as King Arthur was concerned, my existence would make it so that he would no longer have the power to rule.

He could not tolerate it. His throne was reserved for him because other people were too lazy to be one, or because they were not interested.

"What he wants is the supreme, unquestionable throne."

"That's right, especially with your relationship with Ai'er, boss. It makes him feel even more threatened."

Ai'er was an oracle. The Holy Church said that they had nothing to do with the Odin Empire, but a large number of the Odin Empire's citizens were all believers of the Holy See.

If ordinary people wanted to usurp power and seize power, in order to protect these believers and not cause war, the Holy Church would certainly try to maintain the stability of the imperial power.

But boss, you're different. You saved the Divine Court, and you even have a good relationship with Ai'er.

That means, the Holy Church is no longer an ally of the royal family, and has become a potential enemy... " Xie Linfuan sighed and said, "I've done some detailed analysis these past few days. If I were King Arthur, I wouldn't be at ease either.

After all, King Arthur is not one of us. He doesn't understand your temperament.

"Even if boss swears that you won't seize the throne, he won't believe you."

"So he deliberately picked a fight to let our husband go to the Sinless City to die?

This King Arthur, I didn't expect him to be this kind of person, damn it! "

Feng Yueying said angrily.

"Hubby, what are you going to do next?

"If everything is true, then I'm afraid King Arthur will not cooperate well." Su Qingxue said with a cold gaze.

Ye Fan said, "Wife, I know what you are thinking, but there is no evidence, and I cannot jump to conclusions. Let's just wait until I see King Arthur first."

After all … He is also Lao Xie's father-in-law, the grandfather of his child. "

Xie Linyuan said gratefully, "Boss, even though you're still thinking for me at a time like this, the bigger picture is still important."

If it was really King Arthur's doing, then you don't have to leave me any face! Over at the princess' place, I'll say. "

Ye Fan nodded, "We should head back to Odin first. If Old Xie doesn't go back now, the princess and the child should be worried to death."

After thinking for a while, Ye Fan felt that he still had to make some preparations, so he took out pen and paper and wrote a letter.

"Little Gold!" Come here! Don't eat anymore! "

Ye Fan shouted at the gluttonous snake on the tree.

Xiao Jin burped and slowly floated in front of Ye Fan, "Master, what's the matter?"

"Go!" "Go to the masterless land and deliver a letter to Liu Qing Hou!"

Ye Fan said.

Xiao Jin said, "Master, I think it's better if I protect the matriarchs. Let me, a dignified fire dragon, gift …" Ye Fan immediately took out a sword, his eyes unfriendly.

"Gift … Sent … Sending a letter was obviously the best choice for Xiao Jin! Leave it to me, Master! "

Xiao Jin hurriedly took the letter and slipped out.

The girls couldn't help but laugh as they stared at the dejected silhouette.

Very quickly, after Ling Yuwei had finished tidying up the array, the girls returned to their spatial rings.

As Ye Fan flew back to Odin Imperial City, he also talked to Chu Yunyao on the way back, telling her about the events that had occurred in the Sinless City.

He also hoped that from a scientific point of view, Chu Yunyao would see if there was any way to change the current situation.

As for Ai'er, because she had temporarily left, he did not know where she was going and was unable to contact her.

Ye Fan was somewhat worried in his heart, but thinking about Ai'er's strength, there shouldn't be any problems.

After returning to the Imperial City, he thanked Lin Yuan's Prince Consort's Mansion.

When Princess Florence saw that her husband had returned, her worries of the past few days were released, and tears welled up in her eyes.

Seeing his brothers reunited with their families, although Ye Fan was in a complex mood, he had no choice but to get back to proper business as soon as possible.

After calming the princess down, Xie Linyuan accompanied Ye Fan into the palace to report on his mission.

However, as soon as they entered the Odin Empire's meeting hall, they didn't see King Arthur.

A white man with a generous face and a purple and gold noble robe and a tall official's hat was waiting for them.

"Prince McKinsey?"

Xie Linyuan was puzzled.

McKinsey smiled and greeted Ye Fan, "Sir God of Swords, it is an honour to meet you here together with Prince Consort Xie. I assume that you have already investigated the location of the magic crystal mine?"

Xie Linyuan quickly introduced him. "Boss, this is His Majesty's younger cousin, Prince McKinsey. He is also one of the Empire's Three Great War Gods, the number one mage in the imperial family."

Ye Fan had long since sensed that this guy had the Holy Spirit's aura, and was a bit stronger than the Duke Jenkins.

"The investigation has led to a conclusion. Where is King Arthur?"

Ye Fan asked.

McKinsey said regretfully, "You two arrived a little late. Three days ago, a mysterious black battleship appeared at sea.

The imperial brother was worried that an intruder would order an attack, but he was stopped by the Lord Prophet.

The Oracle claimed to know that it was an ark with a large number of experts on it. They could not act rashly.

After his imperial brother learned of this, he was not very at ease. Thus, together with the Divine Overseer, he went to negotiate, wanting to find out the other party's purpose in coming.

After the two of them left, they had yet to return. Therefore, Little Wang was left here to represent the imperial court.

As this matter involves some key secrets, no one would dare to spread it. "

Ye Fan's heart sank, "You said Ai'er and King Arthur went to the Ark together?"


Xie Linyuan's face also changed as he nervously looked at Ye Fan.

"Yes, Sir God of Swords, could it be that you know about the Ark as well?"

McKinsey asked curiously.

Ye Fan looked thoughtfully at McKinsey and said, "Let's talk about this later. I'll go check out the area where the ark appeared."

McKinsey hesitated. "Well. "I'm afraid it's inconvenient, since it involves secrets."

Ye Fan's figure flashed and appeared in front of McKinsey, grabbing him by the collar! McKinsey subconsciously wanted to use his cultivation base, but when he saw Ye Fan's gaze, he held it in.

"I don't care if you're a Three Great War God or something like that, you'd better obediently tell me everything." Ye Fan's eyes flashed like lightning.

He knew that it was very likely that the Armageddon Race would be the ones who ate people without spitting out their bones.

The fact that he could leave the Ark didn't mean that others could as well.

Although he had already warned Ai'er what was on the ark, in the end, she was kind and innocent, and could very likely be plotted against.

Especially since the one who went with him was King Arthur, the plan to go to the Ark was most likely suggested by him. How could Ye Fan not be anxious?

McKinsey forced a smile and said, "Sir God of Swords... Even if you are the number one expert in the world, doing this … "Isn't he looking down on our Odin Imperial Family too much?"

"I'll count to three. If you don't explain, I'll show you …" Are you sure I don't put it in my eyes … " Ye Fan said coldly.

"Three... "Two …" McKinsey clenched his hands, flushed, and finally cried out, "Port Karen Booker! The ark appeared there! "

Ye Fan immediately let go of his hand, turned around, and walked out of the hall.

Xie Linyuan looked at the grim-faced McKinsey, sighed, and quickly followed him out.

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