My Cold and Beautiful Wife

Chapter 2480

"Boss, are you leaving now?"

Xie Linfuan hastily asked as soon as they arrived outside.

Ye Fan's face was gloomy, "The longer we drag it out, the more accidents will happen. Although Ai'er is very strong, but the people on that ship are not easy people."

"But these are only McKinsey's words. There's no guarantee that there will be an ambush in Karen Booker Harbor," reminded Mr Xie.

"Even so, I have no other choice." Ye Fan said, "Notify the blacksmith and the others, and be careful."

Xie Linyuan nodded. "Understood, boss. You must be careful as well."

Ye Fan gave Xie Linyuan a profound look. After patting his brother on the shoulder, he flew off in the direction of the sea.

Before the sky turned dark, Ye Fan had already arrived at the Karenbuk Harbor recorded on the map.

In the distance, Ye Fan could already see that huge black ark, floating in the air above the abandoned port.

As soon as Ye Fan arrived outside, a beam of light immediately shot out.

"I didn't expect to see you again so soon, Ye Fan."

The violet-haired woman who had appeared was, astonishingly, the captain, Delia.

"King Arthur of Odin Empire, and the oracle of the Church of God, did they go to your Ark?"

Ye Fan also couldn't be bothered to exchange pleasantries.

"They have indeed come. Do you want to see them?"

Ye Fan nodded, "Take me in."

"Alright, Lord Sword God." Delia lowered her head.

Ye Fan gave a faint smile, "It seems..." You have already investigated some of the information in this world. "

As they flew into the ark, Delia replied, "Yes. After all, we aren't very familiar with this civilization."

However, an investigation has found that you have a great place in this civilization.

"Indeed, an Emperor level expert with sword intent at the Chaos Realm should be considered one of the top experts in any civilization."

Entering the ark, Ye Fan discovered that compared to the last time he came, it was much emptier and there weren't many people.

Even the strange creature he had stepped on last time was gone.

"There seems to be some change?"

Where did you go? "

Delia shrugged. "Since everyone is in a new world, they naturally need to go replenish their supplies. Thus, they are allowed to go out and do their own activities."

Come with me, King Arthur, the oracle you are looking for, is in the meeting room. "

Ye Fan followed Delia all the way to a spacious meeting room.

But it was empty.

"Where is he?"

Ye Fan frowned.

Delia laughed as she stretched her hand out and made a slashing motion, causing a reaction on one of the screens.

Very quickly, an image appeared in front of Ye Fan.

He saw a dark, gloomy space. Within a transparent cube, a long woman with amber hair was lying unconscious! "Ai'er!?"

Ye Fan's heart soared with flames! What did you do to her?


Ye Fan's eyes revealed a fierce look.

Delia laughed merrily. "Calm down. The Sword God, Miss Aelle, is not in any danger. She was only imprisoned within the perfect cube created by the Ether."

In there, due to the interference of her superhuman mind, her elemental particle magic could not be used smoothly.

Thus, while she is only a weak woman in there, there is no danger to her life ".

Ye Fan instantly disintegrated three times in the conference room! He took a single stride forward, intending to reach out and control Delia! However, the figure turned into countless shadows. It was as if they had turned transparent, and a ghostly movement technique disappeared! In another corner, Delia suddenly appeared and whistled. "Truly dangerous. Your agility has instantly increased by so much. It's just a pity …" "If you don't use sword intent, you might not be my match."

Actually, Ye Fan was also mentally prepared. This Delia's strength was not inferior to the innocent city's Kui Xin or Eloman. She was probably only slightly better than Lan Ting.

Therefore, he wanted to rely solely on the triple disintegration to restrain his opponent. He knew that it was impossible, and it was purely a test.

"Even if you have the ability to imprison Ai'er, it won't be so easy to capture her. What methods did you use?"

Ye Fan asked.

"There's no need for Sir God of Swords to inquire too much about this matter. The most important thing should be whether or not you want to save her, right?"

Delia laughed evilly.

"What do you want?"

"It's very simple. As long as Sir God of Swords agrees to one thing, we will definitely let Miss Ai Er off as per our agreement."

"What is it?"

Ye Fan asked expressionlessly.

Delia laughed. "Next, no matter what we do in the Wasteland, you don't need to ask."

We can guarantee that we will not harm you or your family or even your friends.

"When we finish replenishing ourselves in this world, we will naturally leave and release Miss Aelle."

Ye Fan sneered and said, "I knew that your so-called 'spiritual energy bomb' was obtained by killing people.

Do you want to start a massacre in the Wasteland and turn the cultivators here into your storage of Ark materials?

I don't think it's too much to call you a group of civilized bandits, right? "

"We are just following the rules of this plane of existence. After all, there is no faster way to gather spiritual energy than killing cultivators.

"Compared to finding those demon beasts that are good at hiding, human cultivators can kill a large number of them."

Delia said nonchalantly, "If an evil spirit comes, sooner or later, it will die.

Rather than getting killed by the evil spirits, it would be better for us to help them.

We have investigated, Sir God of Swords, and you are the hero of this world.

So our ideas, which you don't agree with, we fully understand.

In fact, we don't need your approval. There's no need to convince you.

We only need your cooperation. Stay by the side and watch obediently, don't move an inch …. It's good for everyone.

After all, even if you really want to fight to the death, you might not necessarily be our match, don't you think? "

Delia laughed as she spoke.

"So... King Arthur has already tacitly agreed to the slaughter that you are about to carry out? "

Ye Fan coldly asked.

"King Arthur is a true Emperor. He knows that the greater picture is important.

When we show our strength, of course, he will know what to do.

We have also agreed to let him leave the world with us when this civilization is destroyed.

Right, if His Excellency God of Swords wanted to come with us at that time, we would have welcomed him.

Why follow this world and die together? "

Delia spread out her hands.

Ye Fan sneered, "I haven't even personally witnessed it, so if it's Ai'er or not, and even more so, I don't know if she's safe or not, but you want to negotiate conditions with me?"

"God of Swords, if you want Miss Ai Er to live well, you should understand that you are not qualified to negotiate conditions with us!"

Delia said sarcastically.

Ye Fan lowered his head and smiled, suddenly summoning his huge black sword, "You think that since the ark is made from magic crystal, I can't destroy it?

I'm sorry... I have nothing but brute force! "

As soon as his voice fell, Ye Fan held his sword with both hands, his whole body muscles knitting together, and suddenly launched a flurry of attacks and slashes! " "Clank! Clank!"

The huge screen shattered, and a crack appeared on the wall behind it! Ye Fan placed the greatsword on his shoulder and looked at the dumbstruck Delia. With a fierce look on his face, he said, "If you don't let me see Ai'er, I will tear down this broken boat of yours!" If we want to die together, no one can escape! "

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