My Cold and Beautiful Wife

Chapter 2481

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Delia's face was unsettled. She had never imagined that Ye Fan would have this sort of fighting style.

Generally speaking, true essence and the power of chaos were unable to harm the ark. Sword intent was also the energy of the world, so it was naturally within this realm.

But if he used brute force, the magicite mine's ark would no longer be safe.

However, for such a pure magicite mine, generally speaking, it was extremely hard for cultivators to use brute force to destroy it.

He never thought that Ye Fan's physical fitness would be so terrifying, and he just slashed open such a big gap.

If he let Ye Fan draw a few more sword strokes, injuring some of the important facilities of the ark, then it would really be too late to repair it.

"Miss Ayer, it's in a storehouse in the harbor." Delia said with a helpless look on her face.

Ye Fan didn't waste any time, and directly used his sword to cut a few holes on the roof of the cabin, and then rushed out!

Seeing how he was still destroying the Ark, Delia ground her teeth, a cold look in her eyes.

Ye Fan left the ark and used his spiritual sense to search the area. Sure enough, he found a warehouse with a translucent cube.

With a flash, Ye Fan directly charged into the warehouse, not caring about what was inside.

In the dark space, Ai'er was unconscious in the cube.

"Ai'er!" Ye Fan called out, but the girl inside did not respond.

Ye Fan waved his huge black sword, intending to shatter the cube.

The sword slashed forward and landed on the cube barrier. However, there was a "clang" sound!

There was only a tiny white mark left on it, and it was not broken?!

However, this kind of vibration woke Amie up from her stupor.

Ai Er raised his head and saw Ye Fan standing outside, revealing a trace of pleasant surprise.

She quickly stood up and opened her mouth to say something, but no sound came out!

"Ai'er!" What are you talking about? I can't hear you! " Ye Fan frowned.

Ai'er seemed to realize that her voice could not be transmitted out, and she became anxious.

"Lord Sword God, this is the perfect cube for an ether civilization. It was created using the toughest material I have ever seen.

Even if you wanted to destroy it with your Overlord level sword intent, you would need a lot of time.

And if you were to forcibly destroy it, then Miss Aelle inside would probably have to suffer a cruel, cruel punishment. "Delia had just appeared at the entrance to the storehouse.

Behind her, the long-eared elf-like old man McGrath, the beast-like stone axe, and the other Chaos Realm crew members all had unfriendly sneers on their faces.

Ye Fan turned around and glanced at them, "Release Ai'er, or else, with you people, don't think about stopping me from destroying the ark."

"Heh heh... "It seems as though you haven't figured out the current situation." Delia said, pressing a button on her ear and saying a few words that she didn't understand.

Very soon, within the perfect cube, as if she had been struck by lightning, Ai'er held her head and rolled on the ground in pain.

Ye Fan hit the cube with all his might. His heart was burning with anger, but he was powerless.

Only after a while did the spiritual shock wave stop.

Ai'er's face was pale and her hair was wet. She panted as she looked at Ye Fan, shaking her head. Obviously, she didn't know what to do either.

"Ark of the Ark... We might not be able to kill you, but if you want to destroy the Ark, that is just a dream.

We've put on more than a hundred Chaos Realms, and we're surrounded by our own men.

If you know what's good for you, you'd better obediently cooperate with us and put this on first. "

Delia tossed a silver-gray device that looked like a headband to Ye Fan.

"Put this on your head, I can guarantee that I won't torture you and your beloved again.

When we leave this world, you will be free again. "

Ye Fan looked at the toy in his hand, knowing that it was definitely some kind of technology.

Although he might not be trapped, the key point was that once he was affected for a short period of time, he would be in danger of becoming the scapegoat for this group of Chaos experts.

This headband wasn't imprisoning him, it was looking for an opportunity to kill him...

His heart could be destroyed!

Ai'er, who was within the cube behind them, clearly realized the severity of this matter. He beat the cube with all his might, but couldn't make a sound.

Ye Fan's face was very gloomy. He looked at Ai'er, who was behind him, and then said to Delia, "Give me a bit of time. I need to think about it."

"No problem. We have plenty of time." Delia had an amiable look on her face. "We don't wish for a bloody conflict to occur. After all, we are just passersby at the end of the world."

Ye Fan turned around to face Ai'er, his hand resting on the perfect cube.

"Ar... It seemed... "I can't think of any other way. After knowing that you've come here, I knew something big might happen …"

Ye Fan said some nonchalant words from Earth, while quietly winking at his hand that was attached to the cube.

Ai'er's face was full of sadness and anxiety, until she saw Ye Fan's eyes, and noticed that one of Ye Fan's fingers was clicking on the cubic wall.

Ai'er was stunned for a moment. His expression was especially sorrowful, and he also placed his hand on the cubic wall …

"Ar... "I'm sorry, it seems like I can only take the risk once …"

After about a minute, Ye Fan turned around.

"Have you decided?" Delia smiled confidently.

Ye Fan's face was full of grief and said, "I hope..." You can keep your promise and don't hurt Aelle. "

"Don't worry, what good will it do us to kill you?" Delia had a calm look on her face.

Ye Fan didn't say anything more, and silently put the silver equipment on his head.

A hint of viciousness was in the depths of Delia's eyes. She held her breath, awaiting this moment …


A violent sword intent pressure exploded from Ye Fan's body!

The sword intent disintegrated! Second stage!

The golden flames were like an erupting volcano, shooting up into the sky from Ye Fan's body, directly piercing through the ceiling of the warehouse!

With one hand, Ye Fan crushed the silver-gray instrument, and with a sudden turn of his body, he gripped the huge black sword with both of his hands, and chopped out a huge light sword that was as if it could tear through rotten weeds!


A crack appeared on the surface of the ground. Dozens of meters deep, a mass of fiery electric currents was pulsing as a set of equipment was directly blown up!

"Damn it!" They used the communication signal! " Delia was both shocked and angry.

Within the perfect cube, without any mental interference, Ai'er made the best use of this opportunity. Her eyes flashed with countless colorful lights.

All the elemental particles in his body surged, and spiritual waves engulfed the entire cube!

With the release of the Particle Disintegration spell, the barrier within the perfect cube began to disappear!

As long as there was no mental interference, no matter how tough the material was, it would be hard to say how strong it was in front of Ai'er.

Ai'er smiled at Ye Fan. Now, she could finally use her magic to escape.

When she saw the man use the Morse code, she immediately reacted.

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