My Cold and Beautiful Wife

Chapter 2604

Seeing the chance, Su Wangfei did not dare to stay any longer, and immediately flew away.

A deep laugh came from the depths of the palace.

"Interesting. It's only been a month, but you've actually made significant progress. You are indeed worthy of being the strongest person in this civilization. It seems that I have underestimated you."

A spatial door opened and Ye Xuanming walked out, bringing along his subordinate, Du Brick.

"Your Majesty!" All the obsidian warriors in the city saluted in midair.

Ye Xuanguang waved his hand, "All of you should leave. He is no longer a mediocre person that you can hurt."

The Obsidian soldiers were eager to see this. They could already feel that Ye Fan's attack just now had long since surpassed the scope of the Chaos Laws. Otherwise, they wouldn't have been unable to detect it.

"Dubrick, you too."

"Yes." Du Bu Ke had an unwilling expression, but he could only teleport away.

Above the Imperial City, only Ye Fan and Ye Xuanguang were still looking at each other from afar.

After a moment of silence, Ye Xuanguang sighed and said, "You are indeed a bit special. Perhaps in your body, there are some special characteristics that can allow you to bring out miracles at critical moments.

All people have potential. I would never have thought of your potential.

However, the more it is like this, the more conflicted I get. I admire those with potential, but … I have to deal with the unstable factors in advance.

Before you killed my subordinates, I still had a glimmer of hope that you would be able to help me achieve something if you were to join my Obsidian Empire.

"It seems like you have already made your final decision. You will have to come and finish this before the apocalypse."

"You've misunderstood, from the beginning to the end, I have never considered joining you. Previously, I did not, and will never do so in the future." Ye Fan said lightly.

"Really, that's a pity."

Ye Xuanguang waved his hand, and in the imperial flower garden, a stone table and two stone stools flew like lightning into the air between the two of them.

He strolled like the clouds to the stone table, sat down, and took out a jug of wine and two cups.

"If you want to fight, then don't be in such a hurry. Why don't you accompany me for a drink?"

Ye Fan looked calm as he walked to the stone bench and sat down.

In the sky, the two of them acted as if they were old friends, drinking wine and reminiscing about the past.

However, this scene caused the other members of the Obsidian Army to feel a sense of tension as they watched from afar. The situation was extremely bizarre.

Ye Xuanguang poured a cup for himself, and then poured another cup for Ye Fan.

"In these hundreds of thousands of years, I have met countless so-called geniuses, geniuses, emperors, and nobles.

However, other than my father, no one else is qualified to drink with me.

Today, it will take more than a month to master the Heartsword, and you, who have comprehended the Laws of the plane, can just barely be considered one. "

Ye Xuanguang raised his cup, a look of admiration in his eyes.

"From a human point of view, I don't want that kind of treatment.

However, from the perspective of cultivators, I admit that this is an honor. "

Ye Fan said, raising his glass.

They touched glasses.

He finished it in one gulp.

Ye Xuanguang's eyes flashed with a trace of regret, "I thought you were the person who would understand me the best.

"After all, you've comprehended the Overlord's level of sword intent. Logically speaking, you should understand what it means the most."

"I don't know what you think about the Emperor Power, but in my opinion, your understanding of the Emperor Power is a bit biased." Ye Fan shook his head and said.

"For the sake of the countless living beings of the Primal Plane, I, the Profound Dragon Emperor, traverse the countless planes of the universe in a conquest of the east and the west.

After hundreds of thousands of years, the number of creatures that died in the void of primal chaos was saved in the tens of thousands.

Compared to the creator who founded the plane of Taisu but ignored life, the heavenly gods and devils who accept faith are far superior!

If I can't even be called an emperor, then who can be called one? " Ye Xuanguang said proudly.

Ye Fan smiled, "Look, in your eyes, there are only those people you saved, but..." You never look at the people you killed. "

"They would have died anyway."

"Everyone will die. Is it because of this, that I can wantonly kill them in advance?"

"I don't want to argue with you about these meaningless words. It is difficult for a woman to accomplish the great cause of an emperor."

Ye Fan sighed and said, "Emperor, with a single word, you can shake the universe and shake the four seas. It can save tens of thousands of people from fire and water, and it can also trap corpses for thousands of miles.

In my opinion, every decision made by the emperor was aimed at the whole world, and did not contain any selfish desires.

As for you, you will forever only look at the people you have saved, but you will never be willing to face the reality that you have killed many more.

The true Overlord would not abandon any side just because of the strength of his subjects. Instead, he would think of all sorts of ways to save his subjects.

The reason for that was because they knew very well that their subjects were emperors. They were not the first emperors to choose their subjects.

You think you have found the right path, but this so-called 'moving empire' path, in the end, is just a group of people with high cultivation bases. They have found a dignified reason to rely on killing the weak to survive!

"How are you different from the rest of you in the void of primordial chaos, the people who clung to life and plundered for a living, the bandits?"

Ye Xuanguang's eyes flashed, and his expression fluctuated.

"This is a stage that we must go through. It is not strange that you have misunderstood me."

Ye Fan smiled, "What do you think? It's your problem." "I also don't hope for you to change your mind with just a few words."

Ye Xuanguang did not say anything, but continued to pour wine for Ye Fan, and then poured himself a cup.


The two clinked their glasses and drank it all in one gulp.

"How's the taste?"

"The smell of blood is too strong …"

"It's a pity that you can't taste such a good wine."

With that said, the wine glasses, stone tables, and stone benches under them were all turned into dust!


Without any warning, a huge explosion occurred between the two of them!

Ye Xuanguang's entire body was enveloped by the power of the heavenly wind and azure flames, and instantly possessed a frightening speed and destructive power.

The cyan colored flame suddenly exploded, dyeing the entire sky with cyan light!

Ye Fan's body split into three parts, his sword accidentally released, and he broke into four parts!

The Unparalleled Sword Intent on his body was like a blazing black sun, instantly unleashing all of its firepower!

After a period of training, Ye Fan was able to steadily control his sword intent. Although it could still only disintegrate at the second stage, he could still release sword intent at the fourth or even the fifth stage.

Once the Unparalleled Sword Intent was broken into four levels, the power of the explosion would be vastly different from that of the second level.

But even so, it was still not a match for Ye Xuanguang's attack, and was sent flying for more than a hundred meters!

But! In the end, Ye Fan was still able to block this charge, and was not injured!

Ye Fan let out a breath of relief, feeling quite confident in his heart.

In fact, Ye Fan's cultivation didn't increase much after the last battle.

The biggest difference between him and the previous time was the realm!

When he raised his realm to the level of a plane, and no longer looked at the form of energy, he could naturally understand the form of Ye Xuanguang's Azure Dragon power.

Just like back when he was looking at a bunch of profound scientific formulas, even though he could recognize the letters and numbers, he was still unable to understand their meaning.

Now, Ye Fan had truly begun to understand the meaning of the formula. This way, the basic knowledge he had mastered could also be of use.

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