My Cold and Beautiful Wife

Chapter 2605

"Interesting. Despite being so weak and in control of the laws of the plane, you are actually able to fight me."

Apart from the emperor level sword intent, you have also mastered a law of another plane.

Unfortunately, your strength is still a bit too weak. If you were to fight me now, you would definitely lose. "

Ye Xuanguang's pair of azure flame eyes flickered.

Ye Fan remained silent. His cultivation was indeed not as good as Ye Xuanguang's, he had actually broken through to the Ninth Layer of Primal Chaos.

He was just a 'weak chicken' who hadn't even reached the sage realm.

What was fortunate was that he had mastered the Overlord level of sword intent and disintegration!

In order to make up for the gap in cultivation level, the Monarch level sword intent had the absolute attribute advantage of being at the Xiantian realm.

In this way, even though Ye Xuanguang's strength was even deeper, he would still have the strength to fight!

Unfortunately, if he had Chi You's body, then dealing with Ye Xuanguang would be very easy.

"I may have to fight you, but before that happens, there is one more thing I need to accomplish!

Even if you lose, I won't allow you to use your primordial resources to build a ark! "

As Ye Fan said this, he immediately broke apart his dragon wings and spread a pair of sword intent black wings on his back. He then transformed into a black lightning and explosively shot towards the northwest direction!

Seeing that, Ye Xuanguang's face immediately became overcast.

"You're courting death!"

"Heavenly Wind Dragon's Shadow!"

Ye Xuanguang pushed the power of the Azure Dragon Sky Wind to the limit, and his entire body actually turned into a blue shadow, as if he had disappeared into the wind, and turned into a green dragon that chased after him!

Ye Fan quickly flew towards the magic crystal mine, but quickly discovered that Ye Xuanguang had already caught up with him at an even faster speed.

"Dragon Crossbow!"

When Ye Xuanguang had caught up to a certain distance, he immediately released a volley of crossbows!

A green light appeared, and the crossbow that was piercing through the air arrived in an instant!

Last time, Ye Fan was completely helpless against this dragon crossbow that was so fast that it couldn't be stopped.

But this time, Ye Fan was already able to detect the trajectory of this crossbow.

While flying, Ye Fan also released waves of devil fire sword intent, tearing and distorting space itself!

After the Heavenly Dragon Crossbow's trajectory was distorted, it constantly flashed past Ye Fan's body, but it was unable to hit him accurately.

Ye Xuanguang frowned, and at the same time that he continued his pursuit, he summoned out the azure flames that filled the sky!


Cang Yan actually ignited a fire in the sky, filling the sky with countless green flame clouds.

Just like the Purgatory of Cang Yan, it had completely surrounded Ye Fan, and there was no way out!

That damnable Profound Dragon Emperor, as expected of someone who could easily destroy a continent, with a raise of his hand, he used a move that could destroy the heavens and the earth!

Ye Fan knew that dodging was useless. With the Azure Dragon Bloodline nearing limitless power, Ye Xuanguang could destroy the entire prehistoric land in one day, let alone using a sky cauterizing technique.

Destruction of the Dragonblood Battle Armor!

Ye Fan increased his defensive power once again, and plunged head first into the boundless blue flames, continuing to fly towards the mine.

Even with the protection of the Dragon Blood Armor and all kinds of energy, Ye Fan was still tormented by Cang Yan's burning pain.

He gritted his teeth and endured the searing pain.

At the same time, Ye Fan did not want to let Ye Xuanguang catch up too easily.

"Perfection like Water!"

Wherever Ye Fan passed by, a huge black lake of sword intent would be dragged out. It was like sprinkling out a large lake of ink in the middle of a blue flame!

Liquid Sword Intent, Fourth Layer Disintegration!

Ye Fan caused the entire lake to disintegrate, as if liquid hydrogen was ignited in the air, forming a spectacular black flame!

Seeing that, Ye Xuanguang did not dare to be careless. He immediately used the power of profound ice and transformed into armor, protecting his entire body!

After all, Ye Fan's sword intent had already reached the level of the law of the world and already had the destructive power towards him, so he didn't dare to casually take it head on like in the past.

This defense immediately opened up the gap that Ye Xuanguang had just closed in on him once more.

Ye Xuanguang gnashed his teeth as he once again used the heavenly wind dragon's shadow and swiftly gave chase.

But on the way, Ye Fan constantly set up layers of obstacles, and after snatching countless crossbows, various kinds of Cang Yan and lightning, he was unable to catch up.

With their speed, it wouldn't be long before they reached the Ancient Devil Abyss.

Seeing the already bustling magic crystal miner's land in front of him, Ye Fan's eyes flashed with a cold light.

He could already see piles of corpses from afar, rotting in a mine.

It was obvious that the laborers who had expended their last breath had been abandoned just like that.

There were a total of four enormous ark that were being built, and they were all made from countless amounts of fresh blood!

"Lord Di Tianzhao!" "That is …"

Inside the mine, a few obsidian soldiers were gathered around Di Tianzhao as they cried out in alarm.

They saw Cang Yan, who was still imprinted on the horizon, and the figure of black flames. They could feel the frightening pressure getting closer and closer.

"The Emperor of the Profound Dragon Empire's Cang Yan!?"

Di Tianzhao frowned. When he realized something was not right, he immediately ordered, "Everyone, evacuate!"

Without waiting for the people in the mine to react, Ye Fan had already arrived!

Ye Fan summoned his flying sword and ignited the plane level sword intent black flame!

"Burning Heaven Dragon King Spear!"

Tens of thousands of flying swords turned into countless black lightning bolts and landed on the boats that were still unfinished.

The sound of the explosion shook the earth!

Although the magicite mine was able to block the power of primordial chaos, it wasn't able to block the destructive power of the Laws of the plane!

Ye Fan's sword intent and energy seemed to be formed from the power of chaos, but there was a qualitative change!

With the addition of the physical damage the flying sword could inflict, the four huge Arks were all blown into ruins!


Ye Xuanguang's angry roar resounded through the skies!

Di Tianzhao and the group of Obsidian Warriors stared at him with eyes that almost popped out of their sockets. They couldn't believe that all of their hard work had been completely destroyed!

Ye Fan didn't stop at all. He turned around and flew in the direction of the innocent city!

"God of Swords!" It's useless for you to run! Today, I shall slaughter the innocent city! "

Ye Xuanguang burned with anger and chased after him once more.

He knew that as long as he continued to chase, Ye Fan would definitely be unable to bear it.

Because Ye Xuanyin did not consume any energy at all, while Ye Fan was constantly in pursuit, being burnt by Cang Yan.

The key point was that the recovery ability of the Golden Dragon Bloodline was on a completely different level from the Azure Dragon.

They continued their pursuit from the Ancient Devil Abyss and soon arrived at the Sinless City.

At this moment, the Sinless City had been completely evacuated without a trace.

Ye Fan, with a body full of wounds, aimed in the direction of that black hole and flew directly towards it!

"Ye Xuanguang! Before them is the primal black hole! "

"God of Swords, you don't think that a mere black hole can trap me right? Do you think that hiding inside will prevent you from dying? "

Ye Xuanguang was disdainful because for experts like them, entering and exiting black holes was not a difficult task.

"If I go to the Primal Plane, would you dare to follow me?"

"It won't be too late to come back after I kill you!"

"That will depend on whether you have the ability or not!"

Ye Fan didn't say anything, directly entering the black hole!

The space seemed to have warped in an instant, and Ye Fan disappeared.

Ye Xuanguang's eyes were already bloodshot from killing so he was not afraid at all. Transforming into a green light, he instantly flew inside. Chapter error, point this report (registered free)

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