My Cold and Beautiful Wife

Chapter 28


Ye Fan was very curious. Such an icy female CEO, what would the scenery be like under her skirt?

Involuntarily, Ye Fan fell to the side and looked over from afar, from a slanted angle...

Since the three sides of the office were windows, and the water dispenser was in front of the windows, the windows could now reflect the scene inside the office.

Although it wasn't very clear, Su Qingxue had always been meticulous. She subconsciously looked through the window and saw that the man behind her was leaning over, opening his mouth and staring at her … …


Su Qingxue tenderly called out, straightened her body, pressed down the corner of her skirt, and turned around!

A pair of cold eyes stared at the man. The thought of killing this fellow flashed through his mind!


Su Qingxue cursed. She didn't even care about being a lady or a beauty!

Ye Fan had already returned to his usual sitting posture at lightning speed and still had an innocent look on his face. He asked, "Director Su, what's wrong? Why are you scolding me?"

At this moment, Ye Fan felt that he could take down an Oscar.

"Have you never seen a woman before?! Are you crazy!? " Su Qingxue was so angry that her eyes turned red. She had never seen such a shameless man before.

Ye Fan pitifully said, "CEO Su, if you want to scold me, at least tell me the reason. I didn't do anything."

"I've never seen a man as brazen as you! Just now, you peeped … "Peeping at me..." At this point, Su Qingxue could not carry on.

Ye Fan continued to play dumb, "What did I peep at?" "I was just enjoying the scenery of Hua Hai City. You must have misunderstood."

"You still want to argue!?" Su Qingxue turned around and poured a cup of hot water into her cup. Then, she turned her head and rushed in front of Ye Fan.

"Director Su, what are you doing!?" Ye Fan was puzzled.

"Do you believe that I'll throw hot water in your eyes right now? to make you blind! " Su Qingxue held a cup of hot water and was about to treat this bad guy ruthlessly.

Ye Fan said with determination: "Chief Su, you really misunderstood me. If you really want me to be blind to make you satisfied, then I can only … …" "Flee!"

"You still want to escape!?" Su Qingxue was excited and her hand trembled. She actually accidentally spilled the hot water!

Seeing that hot water was about to splash onto Su Qingxue's delicate arm, Ye Fan suddenly extended his hand!

With lightning speed, Ye Fan blocked all the hot water with his hand.

Su Qingxue was shocked as she stared blankly at the man. When she regained her senses, she hurriedly put down the cup and asked, "How are you?!"

Ye Fan grinned and shook the water off his arm, saying, "My skin is rough and my flesh is thick, so this little bit of water temperature is fine."

Su Qingxue looked at Ye Fan's arm and felt slightly more at ease as if it was not burned.

She hadn't expected that Ye Fan would take action at such a crucial moment to block the hot water for her. She felt a bit touched, but it would be difficult to rekindle the anger of a man.

"Sorry, I didn't do it on purpose." Su Qingxue whispered, but she didn't dare to look at the man with her eyes.

Ye Fan simply smiled, "What's wrong with that? I can't let a beauty burn me. As long as CEO Su don't misunderstand me, everything will be fine."

Seeing Ye Fan being so calm and honest, even Su Qingxue wondered if he was wrong about the man.

"Are you really not peeping?" Su Qingxue hesitated and asked with a frown.

Ye Fan sighed, "CEO Su, since you don't believe me, I can't explain anything either. I'll go back to the office first."

With that, Ye Fan walked out of the office, leaving Su Qingxue in the office deep in thought.

When Ye Fan was about to leave the house, he cleared his throat and said, "Chief Su, before we go, I want to ask you something."

Su Qingxue stared blankly for a moment. She thought it was a problem with her work. She nodded and said, "Go ahead and ask."

Ye Fan asked seriously, "Do you like the pink fabric or the little strawberries on it?"

After asking this question, Ye Fan immediately closed the door and left.

Almost at the same time, Su Qingxue, who was in the office, picked up the cup of water and threw it at the office door!


A loud crash echoed!

"Ye Fan!"

Su Qingxue screamed as her entire face turned red!

She felt that her previous thought of being able to train this man was just too stupid. Just now, she just had a good impression of Ye Fan and it was definitely an illusion. This guy was truly abnormal! Colour. Wolf! Beast!

At the same time, Ye Fan, who had snuck back into his office, happily lit a cigarette, tapped his leg and laughed merrily on the chair.

If the people in the company knew that the CEO of Ice Mountain in their eyes was wearing a pink cotton dress full of strawberries, they would probably be very surprised.

While humming a small tune, Ye Fan started up the computer and started to fiddle with the program inside.

If he wanted to play the game, he had to avoid the company's online surveillance, so he had to set up something.

Just as he was busy with his work, his assistant, Chen Ya, walked in. At the same time, she brought a huge pile of information with her. It was like a small mountain.

"These materials will be translated into French and English. I have to finish it today!" Chen Ya coldly said.

Ye Fan's chin almost fell to the ground, "No way, Assistant Chen, there's so many!?" "One day!?"

"Director Su said that since your ability is so outstanding and you have so many capable people, you can't let your talent be wasted." Chen Ya pushed the glasses on her nose with a trace of pride.

She could probably guess that Ye Fan had offended Su Qingxue. She had heard Su Qingxue's shout from the office next door.

Of course, she didn't think it was just a job issue, but her boss had let men see the panda pup.

Revenge, from the beginning to the end!

Ye Fan's heart was bitter, but under the roof, he had no choice but to lower his head, worrying that his salary would be deducted, and had no choice but to work.

If only he had known earlier, he wouldn't have said anything. He would have just pretended that he didn't see anything. However, it was too late for Ye Fan to regret it.

Working until the evening, with Ye Fan's efficiency, he still managed to translate half of the information.

Ye Fan's entire face turned green. How was this going to work, this was a torture, he had to think of a way to escape from this suffering, but he was unwilling to accept the idea of his salary being withheld.

When it was finally time to get off work, Chen Ya pushed open the office door and said, "You can get off work now. You need to go to the underground parking lot, start the car, turn on the air conditioner, and wait for CEO Su."

Ye Fan couldn't wait to leave this damn place and take the elevator to the underground parking lot.

When he was about to go to the car to turn on the air conditioner, he found Xu Linshan, in a uniform, staring at him with her phoenix eyes. She had her hands in front of her chest, looking majestic and waiting for him.

"You scum, you're finally here!" Xu Linshan laughed coldly.

Ye Fan smiled foolishly, "Captain Xu, you also got off work?" "Hehe, farewell!"

"Who is bidding you farewell?!"

Xu Linshan walked up and stopped Ye Fan, "You don't think that we can just forget about this morning's matter, do you?"

Ye Fan thought about it and said, "What happened this morning?" I don't remember what happened. "

"You shameless and despicable man, you still refuse to admit it? If you make me lose face in front of so many people, I won't beat you until you cry, then I won't call you Xu Linshan!"

After saying that, Xu Linshan fiercely swung her long and long leg, which was as fast as lightning, towards the crook of Ye Fan's leg!

Ye Fan took a step back, and calmly dodged it, "Captain Xu, if you keep doing this I'll get angry! If a good man does not fight with a woman, then I am a decent man! "

"Are you a good man? You're a coward! A scoundrel! If you have the guts, come and hit me, you coward! " As she spoke, Xu Linshan was about to step forward and make her move.

Coincidentally, the elevator door opened and Su Qingxue walked out.

Seeing this scene, Su Qingxue was stunned. She frowned and asked, "Lingshan, what happened?"

"Chief Su," Xu Lingshan did not retreat and boldly said, "I seriously suspect that this man has a problem with his character.

He was in the dining room at noon, squinting with color. He stared at me with narrowed eyes. I was about to make a fool of myself. I was about to teach him a lesson! Otherwise, it would spoil the company's mood! "

Ye Fan thought this was the end. This woman really dares to say that, so he hurriedly tried to defend himself: "I don't have it, CEO Su, don't listen to her blabbering! I just sat across from her and ate! When I said she was beautiful, she got angry. Who are you trying to reason with? "

Unfortunately, at this moment, Su Qingxue and Xu Linshan were "in the same boat". She hated Ye Fan so much that her teeth were itching, but she didn't expect that this man would not only spy on her, but would also not spare the company's security women!

For a moment, Su Qingxue had the thought of joining hands with her enemy.

Such a bad guy should be punished, let him take care of his own eyes!

When Su Qingxue thought of this, she immediately nodded. "Since that's the case, then I won't interfere with your personal grudges. Just don't let him into the hospital, he still has to work tomorrow."

"Huh?" Ye Fan sucked in a breath of cold air, the most poisonous thing in a woman's heart, was also possible!?

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