My Cold and Beautiful Wife

Chapter 29


Xu Linshan had been rubbing her hands together since a long time ago. Her heroic, willowy eyebrows were raised as she playfully looked at Ye Fan, "Don't worry, Director Su. I know what I'm doing."

Su Qingxue thought about it again. Although this place was temporarily empty, if there were employees passing by and they saw that the head of the security team was acting as the CEO's assistant, it wouldn't affect them too much.

Therefore, he continued, "Wait a moment, let's go to the security training room on the second floor. We'll just treat it as a sparring session."

"Exchange pointers?" Ye Fan said with a bitter face, "Is there really a need for that?" "Director Su, what grudge or hatred?"

Su Qingxue thought that the man was afraid and felt pleased in her heart. She expressionlessly said, "I heard from Minister Feng that you helped her drive away the White Shark Gang's people in the embroidery apartment. I think you should have some skill."

"Him? Drive the White Shark Gang's people away? Xu Linshan laughed mockingly, "That day when he went to rent his own room to pick up his luggage, he met a group of hoodlums like a mouse meeting a cat. If it wasn't for me, he would have already been beaten half to death, I don't believe that!"

When Su Qingxue heard that there was such a thing, she looked at Ye Fan with even more contempt, "No matter what, go practice a bit and you will know."

Ye Fan didn't have any other choice. He couldn't just run away first, so he reluctantly followed the two women up to the second floor.

The Embroidery Group was a large group of females and needed special protection. Therefore, the security training was very strict. Although most of the female security personnel were retired soldiers or special police officers, and they all had some skills and skills.

The training facilities for these "women" were also very perfect. There were all kinds of fighting techniques, Taekwondo, boxing, and traditional martial arts. Half of the training facilities on the second floor were for the security guards.

It was time to get off work, so there weren't many people around.

Xu Lingshan forced Ye Fan to stand on one of the arenas, and assumed a military fighting stance. With this posture, it was especially evident that her figure was exquisite and graceful, with a well-rounded upper body, yet also valiant and imposing, full of imposing aura.

"You really want to fight?" Ye Fan looked troubled.

"Hmph, don't worry. I will help you loosen all your bones, but I won't take your life!" Xu Linshan said.

Ye Fan grinned, "Okay then. Fists and feet have no eyes. Captain Xu, each of you be careful."

"Coward, you should still worry about yourself!"

As soon as Xu Linshan finished her sentence, she rushed up with a single whip punch, aiming for Ye Fan's shoulder!

But right at this moment, Ye Fan, with just that little bit of speed, squatted down and dodged Xu Linshan's punch.

At the same time, Ye Fan's left hand turned around without anyone noticing...


Xu Linshan shouted. She felt her body being touched by a hand on the left side.

"Stinky stream." "Hooligan!" Xu Linshan scolded, looking at Ye Fan with a murderous look on her face.

Ye Fan hid to the corner of the stage, his face full of innocence, "Captain Xu, why are you scolding me again?"

"Touch me!"

"Touch? Hey, you can hit me, but I can't even touch you? You might as well just let me die in the arena! "

"Nonsense, I mean touch mine!" Xu Linshan's face turned red.

"Where is it?" Ye Fan pretended not to understand and was secretly pleased in his heart!

Of course, he could not possibly touch her. That would be too much. It would be enough to punish this fierce female security officer.

Su Qingxue, who was below the stage, didn't understand what was happening. Because Ye Fan acted too fast and hid his angle, she couldn't see clearly either.

Xu Linshan found it hard to say anything, so she could only continue to rush forward. This time, she switched to her long legs and kicked towards Ye Fan.

The heck, didn't he just touch her a little? This woman wanted me to die without descendants!? Isn't this way too cruel?

Ye Fan muttered in his heart, but his body was not slow. Seeing that he was about to be kicked, he just happened to move sideways and then rushed forward.

Xu Linshan kicked out, only to discover that her shadow had disappeared. Turning around, she found that Ye Fan was already behind her!

How could this guy escape so fast? Xu Linshan was surprised.

However, she was too angry to care too much about it at the moment. She turned around and followed up with a few moves, her fists were like a tiger and the wind; her attacks were even fiercer.

Ye Fan pretended to be very nervous, running back and forth on the stage. He looked to be in a very sorry state, but in reality, it was like he was taking a stroll in a courtyard, and was not touched at all.

Xu Linshan chased him back and forth dozens of times. On the contrary, she was the first one to get tired.

"Ye, don't you have to be so timid!?" Running around, are you a mouse!? If it's a man, then let's spar fair and square! " Xu Linshan gritted her teeth.

Ye Fan spread out his hands and laughed, "Captain Xu, aren't you trying to force me to do something? How would I have any formal martial arts?" I can only run! "

"Don't you have a man's pride!?" Xu Linshan shouted.

Even Su Qingxue, who was below the stage, couldn't stand it anymore. This guy was really good at dodging, so she said, "Ye Fan! Can't you be more brave? "

Ye Fan shook his head, "No, being brave cannot be eaten. I am afraid that if an accident occurs, I will lose all of my descendants."

"You coward, I'll fight it out with you!" Xu Linshan could not contain her anger. She rushed forward and threw another long punch.

It was a pity that in Ye Fan's eyes, the woman's boxing style was not only lacking in power, but also extremely slow.

Each time, Ye Fan would dodge ahead of time, just like a slippery eel, unable to be caught!

Xu Linshan gradually realized that this guy must be hiding something. How else would an ordinary person have this kind of stamina? After running for so long, he can't even breathe!?

What was even more hateful was that this fellow was just putting on an act and refusing to show any of his strength! This made Xu Linshan feel even more humiliated!

After having failed once again, a plan appeared in Xu Linshan's mind. She suddenly dropped to her knees on the stage, her hands covering her face as she started to sob.

The woman's cry was aggrieved and helpless, like a young wife who had been abandoned by a man. Anyone who saw it would feel heartbroken, and anyone who heard it would shed tears.

In this way, Ye Fan became embarrassed. He gloomily thought, sparring with a woman is meaningless, if I can't beat her I'll cry. How can I play?

When Su Qingxue saw this, she was shocked beyond belief. This was the first time she saw Xu Linshan cry from a "beating".

The key was that Su Qingxue didn't see Ye Fan hit Xu Linshan. On the contrary, Xu Linshan had always been very brave and fierce, so Ye Fan was just dodging around.

But as a woman, Su Qingxue naturally helped Xu Lingshan and scolded loudly: "Ye Fan! Why aren't you apologizing to Ling Shan!? As a man, do you not know when to stop!? "

Ye Fan felt wronged, he hadn't even hit her!

However, Ye Fan was afraid that the woman would cry, so he could only walk over to Xu Linshan, squatted down and comforted her, "Captain Xu, don't cry anymore, I was wrong, okay? "I …"

Without waiting for Ye Fan to finish, Xu Lingshan suddenly slapped Ye Fan on the left cheek!

"Pa!" After a crisp sound, Xu Linshan punched Ye Fan's stomach again!

Ye Fan let out an "oh" of pain, holding his stomach and rolling on the stage.

"It hurts, it hurts …" Captain Xu, spare our lives! "

Xu Linshan gave a cold humph and stood up. She let out a sigh. "You scumbag! Coward! I'll make you hide!"

Su Qingxue, who was below the stage, frowned. So Xu Linshan was purposely showing weakness and finding an opportunity to ambush Ye Fan.

These two punches seemed to hurt Ye Fan a lot, and he wondered how that man was, and if he was injured.

Thinking about it, Su Qingxue immediately shook her head and cursed herself for thinking about that guy. Who asked him to be so lecherous. Why are you looking at women like that!?

After finally defeating Ye Fan, Xu Linshan did not feel the slightest bit of happiness or accomplishment. She clearly knew that she had actually lost.

This man was becoming more and more out of the ordinary. Perhaps Su Qingxue had also discovered this point and accepted him as an assistant …

Xu Lingshan thought to herself as she walked down the stage, "Director Su, I'll be off work now. Goodbye."

Su Qingxue nodded, "Yes, it's been hard on you."

Very quickly, Xu Linshan left the training room, and Ye Fan was still lying on the stage, with a half-dead look on his face.

Su Qingxue looked at him coldly for a while and said: "Are you okay? If you're not dead, get up quickly. "

Ye Fan said weakly, "Xiao Xue, I seem to have internal injuries..."

"Stop pretending. If you don't get up soon, I'll drive back myself!" Su Qingxue said in a bad mood.

Ye Fan turned his head, looked at the woman and said: "I need a girlfriend's kiss to get up..."

Su Qingxue was stunned for a moment. She immediately bit her lips and a captivating blush appeared on her face.

But instead of getting angry, she asked with twinkling eyes, "Where are you going to kiss?" Section error, click on this report (no registration), after reporting the maintenance personnel will correct chapter content within two minutes, please wait patiently, and refresh the page.

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