My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 2178

Chapter 2178: Going Berserk

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“I will give you a final piece of advice. There are some enmities that you cannot avenge. You may be able to save your life if you leave this place as soon as possible.

“Right now is not the best time to clash head-on with Qiao Mu and her group.”

“Why??” Feng Lan looked up and questioned loudly.

She could sense the air about Hall Master Gong turning heavy. He seemed to be very displeased.

“Feng Lan, pay attention to your identity! Weigh over what you should ask and what you shouldn’t.” Hall Master Gong looked at her coldly. He flicked his sleeves as he turned around, about to leave.


Suddenly, a maidservant rushed in and hastily bowed to Hall Master Gong and Feng Lan. “It’s awful, Madam. That Qiao Mu has attacked our gorge with a group of people!

“Right now they have entered the bamboo houses. After not finding anyone, they are currently plundering our supplies!”

Feng Lan clenched her fists and glared at Hall Master Gong, who was intent on looking on with a cold eye. “Hall Master, that girl is so arrogant. Why do we have to tolerate her again and again?”

“This is the order from the higher-ups. You just follow it.” Hall Master Gong started walking and then turned to look at the bald woman beside him. “Ah-Li, why aren’t you going?”

That bald woman called Ah-Li was acting like a robotic marionette. She was doing all she could to turn and leave with the hall master, yet her body did not move, seemingly not under her control.

Hall Master Gong scoffed. “A defective product will always be a defective product. She can’t control her body again. Bring her away.”

His two subordinates following behind him lifted up Ah-Li from either side. They carried her like she was just a clay statue.

This was completely treating her like an item. As the bald woman possessed complete consciousness, this position caused her immense humiliation.

“Hall Master Gong.” Feng Lan couldn’t resist raising her voice, stopping that hall master with a demon mask. “Do we have to abandon this base then?”

“Otherwise what?” Hall Master Gong glanced coldly at Feng Lan. “If not for the fact that you were eager for instant success and alerted that girl, would we have to retreat completely now?”

Feng Lan couldn’t stop gritting her teeth. “I do not understand. With the lord’s powers, could we not just kill that little stoic? She is only a little girl from a Lower Star Domain. Could it be that Qiao Mu has another unknown identity?”

Hall Master Gong stared coldly at Feng Lan. “This is not something you decide on your own!

“I will warn you again once last time. Do! Not! Act! On! Your! Own!” Hall Master Gong reiterated.

After saying this, Hall Master Gong turned around. Suddenly, he heard an intense roar come from next to him.

His expression changed drastically, and he whipped his head over.

That bald woman abruptly charged over in the maidservant’s direction, as if berserk.

“Ah!!” The maidservants yelped and got knocked back onto the floor.

Hall Master Gong shouted angrily, “Ah-Li!”

Yet that bald woman was not heeding orders at all, roaring as she galloped outside.

Feng Lan was taken aback, but she then became delighted.

This superior-level zombie already developed its own consciousness, and it also possessed the memories while still alive as a human.

The fact that she went berserk upon hearing Qiao Mu’s name showed that she must have had an irreconcilable conflict with the little stoic.

“Roaaar!!” That bald woman called Ah-Li had gone berserk and ran out with her teeth bared.

It was too late for the men Hall Master Gong sent after her to stop her.

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