My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 2179

Chapter 2179: Zombie?

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“Dammit.” Hall Master Gong cursed, and he turned to the two subordinates who had just been carrying the bald woman. “Are you both dead? Hurry and go stop her.”

The two subordinates wanted to pour out their grievances.

This first-stage superior-level zombie had extraordinary strength and abnormal speed. It really wasn’t something they as minor spiritual cultivators could deal with.

They had no idea what had happened for her to suddenly go berserk. It really caught them off guard.

Even though they were spouting inward grievances, they dared not say anything.


Since the hall master had given the order, they quickly pursued the bald woman to stop her.

However, they were unable to find the bald woman after chasing her outside.

That bald woman was much faster than them. She had already flown to who knows where in the span of several seconds.

Meanwhile, Qiao Mu and company had flipped those bamboo houses upside down.

To avoid waste, everybody collected anything that caught their fancy into their inner worlds.

The Peony Immortal even said earnestly, “I didn’t expect to actually have gains on this trip into the mountains.”

This truly was out of expectations!

There was a lot of spirit stones piled up in these bamboo houses. Since they were useless to Feng Chen and the others, Qiao Mu swept them all up.

In the end, when Qiao Mu looked at some of the sturdier wood furniture in the bamboo houses, she thought about how there would be more people in Paradise Planet in the future. She might build some houses there too, and those needed furniture. Thus, she swept all of them up too!

Everybody looked at her like she was a divine being.

This little fellow truly didn’t leave anything behind wherever she went!

After making a clean sweep of these row of bamboo houses, every person in their party had collected something.

For example, the Gingko Immortal and them had collected a batch of good medicinal pills, which were things that Qiao Mu didn’t really need.

If she wanted them, she’d just refine them herself.

Another example was that Dao Wuji had taken all the spiritual weapons inside the bamboo houses.

This chap had decided to listen to his little sister-in-law’s advice. In the future when he fought, he’d detonate these spiritual weapons instead of wasting his own energy.

By the time everybody came out from the bamboo houses, each of them had made considerable gains. Just as they planned to continue walking further inside, they suddenly heard a raspy roar.


Qiao Mu abruptly turned around, and the first thing she saw was a bald head with countless bulging green veins.

So ugly!

Qiao Mu creased her brows and decisively made a sweep with her palm.

The wood spiritual energy she exerted unceasingly gave that lunging bald woman a hard strike.

*Bang!* The bald woman practically dodged like a thunderbolt.

Qiao Mu’s strike thus hit the ground behind the bald woman instead.

The smashed stone fragments flew out, and the raised dust caused everybody to squint out of reflex.

“Roaar! Roar!!” The bald woman was giving Qiao Mu a death stare. She quivered her purplish-red lips and roared raspily with great difficulty, “Qiao! Mu!”

Her voice was extremely weird, humanlike yet not human. It took her great effort just to say these two simple syllables.

Qiao Mu sized up her up with icy eyes. She questioned with knitted brows, “A zombie?”

“What?” Dao Wuji looked over in shock.

At first glance, he had thought that this bald woman just looked a little ugly. He did not expect for Qiaoqiao to actually call her a zombie.

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