My Crown Prince Consort Is a Firecracker!

Chapter 2180

Chapter 2180: Wifey, Don’t Be Scared

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Mo Lian also furrowed his brows.

It indeed seemed to be a zombie, and one with a complete human form.

Its outer appearance did not look pleasing to the eye, and its expression was rather stiff, but compared to those zombies with twisted bodies and rotting flesh, this one in front of them was considered very outstanding…

However, why would this zombie with a human form suddenly rush out from behind the bamboo houses and attack Qiaoqiao?

She seemed to know Qiaoqiao and even called out her name!


However, evidently, neither Mo Lian nor Qiao Mu recognized this bald woman in front of them.

The Peony Immortal blocked her attack and turned her head to shout, “Hey Qiaoqiao, this zombie seems to be aiming for you.”

Qiao Mu nodded. She naturally could tell that too. This zombie with a human form had clearly been calling her name just now. Besides, the hatred in this bald woman’s eyes was extremely incisive.

The bald woman hated her?

But she had no impression at all of when she interacted with this bald woman?

“Roaar!” The bald woman clenched her fist.

Her finger bones were extremely large, and her hands were double or triple the size of a normal woman’s hands.

Looking at them closely, her hands were also covered in thick calluses, which made them more thickset than other people’s hands.

Even after her body mutated and stopped rotting, it was still that ugly.

“Qiao! Mu…” The bald woman called out sinisterly. She abruptly charged toward Qiao Mu and flung out her arms. They suddenly turned long and noodle-like and slammed toward Qiao Mu’s head.

At this turn of events, Mo Lian promptly tossed out a purple flame while scooping Qiao Mu up to the other side.

“Wifey, don’t be scared.” Mo Lian composedly rubbed the little fellow’s chest. “Hubby is here.”

Qiao Mu: ?

Qiaoqiao was not scared at all okay?

Hubby was taking advantage of this to eat her tofu!

“Qiao… Mu.” The bald woman’s resentful voice rang out again, and her bloodshot eyes were fixed on Qiao Mu and Mo Lian.

“Kill! You.” The bald woman uttered these two words with great difficulty. Her long arms swung in a circle in the air before attacking Qiao Mu once again.

“Yaa.” The bald woman let out an extremely grating roar, and two short, black wings shot out from her back.

“Yaaa, yaa!” The bald woman flew up into mid-air and looked viciously down below. She flapped her pair of short wings and dove straight down from a hundred meters up in the sky. It seemed as though she wanted to knock Qiao Mu to the ground and tear her to shreds.

“I wonder what level this zombie is.” The Peony Immortal was concerned. “It looks like they have evolved to a certain extent.”

“Compared to those lesser monsters previously, this zombie that can fly and alter part of its body… doesn’t seem to be an advanced-level zombie.”

As they were discussing, the clusters of purple flames in Mo Lian’s hands had already erected a wall of fire in front of them for defense.

Thus, when the bald woman dove down and crashed into the flames, she recoiled while screeching in pain.

“Kill them! Don’t leave any of them alive.” Madam née Feng led over several hundred personal guards and ordered this while pointing at Qiao Mu and company.

Several hundred spiritual cultivators thus swiftly charged over. Yet before they could reach Qiao Mu and Mo Lian, they were stopped by the Little Despot and the rest.

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